Adair County Deeds

Nancy Fletcher

Contributed By: Bonnie Sutton Hayes


State of Kentucky Adair County Sct Pursuant to an order of the worshipful county court of said county bearing date Oct term 1835 appointing Manoah Stone, Hiram Lurk and Thomas Stoltz and Willim McNeely commissioners to allot, lay of and assign to Nancy Flectcher Widow of Green C Fletcher dec'd her the `said Nancy

dower in the lands of which the said Green C Flertcher....
also Kentucky Adiar Count Sct County Court Oct Term 1835
The foregoing list of sales of the estate of Alexander Gilnier ? dec was this day returned ino court examined approved and ordered to Record.
James Giliner Administrater
a few names, mentioned Jon A Mitcherll, HMGill, Ben Wheeler, Jno Stotts, Jno Rice James Stott.
 (This is only a partial estate record)