Adair Co, KY Early Marriages

Compiled by Barb Rice

Elizabeth Hendrickson - Alexander Breeding 4/12/1816 Adair Co
Polly Hendrickson-David Breeding 9/9/1813 Adair Co Ky
Nancy Rice-Thomas Bristoe 11/13/1802 Adair Co Ky
Martha Ann Rice-Levi Burbridge 6/5/1845 Adair co Ky
Sally Meredith-Nathaniel Coffey 11/11/1806 Adair co Ky
Lucy Ann York-Robert Field 4/16/1839 Adair co Ky
Drucilla York-Richard Forbes 3/9/1821 Adair Co Ky
William Hendricksn-Louisa Hendrickson 9/20/1846 Adair Co Ky
George Hendrickson-Lucinda Sharp 11/13/1822 Adair Co Ky
Isaac Hendrickson-Polly Knifley 8/14/1817 Adair Co Ky
John Hendrickson-Elizabeth Breeding 8/4/1827 Adair Co Ky
John Hendrickson-Nancy Whaley 7/19/1804 Adair Co Ky
John Hendrickson-Nancy White 11/14/1819 Adair co Ky
Levi Hendrickson-Betsy Sander 2/23/1841 Adair Co Ky
Michael Hendrickson-Nancy Sharp 12/27/1819 Adair Co Ky
Felix Hendrix-Mary Monday 12/28/1837 Adair co Ky
Anderson Hill-Jane York 1/19/1831 Adair Co Ky
John Hurst-Elizabeth Hendrickson 4/5/1803 Adair Co Ky
Cellas Loy-Minerva Rice 5/13/1845 Adair Co Ky
Jesse Luttrell-Frances Shelton 6/16/1806 Adair Co Ky
Samuel Meek-Milly Meredith 12/19/1806 Adair Co Ky
William Northriss-Mahala Meredith 2/21/1822 Adair Co Ky
William Peters-Keziah B Meredith 10/10/1810 Adair Co Ky
Abraham Rice-Elizabeth Stapp 7/29/1802 Adair
Aron H Rice-Eliza Watson 2/15/1849 Adair
Benjamin Rice-Nancy Walker 10/14/1802 Adair
William Rice-Mary Stone 2/24/1825 Adair co Ky
William J Rice-Angeline Walkup 4/25/1849 Adair
John Shirley - Mary York 8/14/1830 Adair Co Ky
Aaron Skaggs - Susannah Merida 12/24/1812 Adair Co Ky
John Smith - Nancy Hendrickson 11/18/1846 Adair Co Ky
Anthony Swift - Malinda York 9/7/1824 Adair Co Ky
David Swift - Nancy York 7/8/1825 Adair Co Ky
Cliff Thomas - L Hendrickson 1/31/1839 Adair Co Ky
Nathaniel Wilson - Sarah Ann Yorke 11/3/1845 Adair Co Ky
Isaac N Wren - Caroline Taylor 12/18/1850 Adair Co KY

Caffee & Williams

Adair County Marriage Records  

Submitted By Betty Caffee

Sarah Caffee & James Alfred Barnett Nov 16,1871

John P. Caffee & Cella Jane Bryant Oct 2,1879

Catherine Elizabeth Caffee & James H. Pike  Dec 1, 1881

Mary J. Williams & Thomas B. Fitzpatrick  Oct 13,1888

Samuel L. Williams & Hennrietta Hardwick  Dec 24,1891

Louretta R. Williams & Nathan B. Dillingham  Sept 26,1889

George B. Williams & Nancy Adkins  Dec 18,1979           

James Madison Williams & Margaret Ann Neat [bond] Sept. 7,1855


Adair Countians Married in Cumberland County

* Nancy F. Bristow, res. ADAIR CO. m. George Back, res. Cumberland Co.,
10/10/1855 (Also recorded in Adair Co. marriages; date give is 12 August

* David B. Turner, res. ADAIR CO. m. Catharine F. Thurman, res.
Cumberland Co., 10/4/1855

* Milton S. Hurt, res. ADAIR CO., m. Rebecca J. Dillin, res. Cumberland
Co., 5/3/1853

* Mary Thomas, res. ADAIR CO., m. James O. (or D.) Thomas, res.
Cumberland Co., 8/25/1853 (Also recorded in Adair County marriages.)

* Richard P. Breeding, res. ADAIR CO. m. Mary Francis Williams, res.
Cumberland Co., 12/21/1854 (The groom was Richard Patterson Breeding; an
abstract of his death certificate appears under the 'Mortality & Death
Records' section of this site.)

* John W. Scott, res. ADAIR CO., m Lucy Bowe, res. Cumberland County,

* Tenny Walbert, res. ADAIR CO., m. H.B. Branham, res. Cumberland Co.,
10/16/1854 (Bond recorded Adair Co.)

* Matilda Moran, res. ADAIR CO., m. Samuel Brooks, res. Cumberland Co.,
6/4/1854 (Bond recorded Adair County.)

* Milton S. Traw, res. ADAIR CO., m. Nancy E. Garmon, res. Cumberland
Co., 11/1/1856 (The Traw surname appears as Trough in the 1850 Adair Co.
census record.)

* Nancy Lurner, res. ADAIR CO., m. Wm. R. Young, res. Cumberland  Co.,
10/15/1856 (Lurner should be Turner; the marriage is also recorded Adair

* Robert Marshall, res. ADAIR CO., m. Sarah Cromeans, res. Cumberland
Co., 4/9/1857

* Marion Garmon, res. ADAIR CO., m. Susan Garman [sic], res. Cumberland
Co., 2/5/1857

* Nancy Walker, res. ADAIR CO., m. Jas. T. Norris, res. Cumberland Co.,
3/9/1859 (Also recorded Adair Co.)

* G.A.J. Wilkerson, res. ADAIR CO., m. (?) A.D. Haden, res. Cumberland
Co., 12/4/1859 (In the transcription, the bride's name is given as
'A.DHaden'; in the 1860 Adair census record, it's given as Sally A.L.)