Submitted By: Angella Watson

Here is a list of the members of the first Fire Company organized and established in the Town of Columbia, February 1822.  Transcribed from the book Early Columbia by Ruth Paul Burdette (1959), page 38.  (She sited County Court Order Book D, page 287 as her source for this information.)


Lewis Lampton

Cyrus Walker

Milton P. Wheat

Benjamin Selby

John Field

Daniel Suddarth

Samuel B. Robertson

Daniel Trabue, Jr.

William Owens

E.T. Willis

James G. Gow

Benjamin Wyne

John M. Clemens

Greensby Waggener

D.H. Field

Ben Bell

R.H. Burton

Elijah Cravens

Joseph Loving

Hugh S. Beard

Joseph Burton, Jr.

Joseph E. Lowden

William S. Patterson

John Miller

Dr. Cravens

John Montgomery

John Breen

Samuel B. Field

George Wagley

Daniel Trabue

Francis Montgomery

Goodrich Lightfoot

Robert Cravens

James Lowden

Daniel Dulaney

E.S. Taylor

Willis Stapp

Thomas Creel

James McCrosky

 Williamson Pittman

James Walker

William Minter

Charles Jones, Jr.

Othey Wheat

Thomas Rowe

William Trabue

Ben McDowell

Asa Pitman

Joseph McCrosky

William Suddarth

Stephen Scott

Alex Miller

John D. Burton

William P. Montgomery

David S. Rayburn

John Tyler