Gradyville Destroyed By Flood

The Wayne County Outlook, Wayne County KY, 13-June-1907

Submitted By: George Cassady
Date Submitted: 14-Nov-2001

20 Lives Lost, Town of Gradyville, Adair County, Almost Entirely Destroyed by a
Cloudburst Which Swells Big Creek into a Roaring Torrent. State Senator L.C.
NELL's Family Among Those Killed. Gradyville, a town of 300 situated about 12
miles west of Columbia in Adair County, was partially destroyed by a cloudburst
last Friday night at 12 O'Clock. A hard rain began to fall about 10 O'Clock
which caused the creek to soon overflow its banks. As this had happened a
number of times, no one thought of danger. Just about 12 O'Clock, the
cloudburst and a wall of water said to have been about 10 feet high rushed down
the valley sweeping everything before it. Senator NELL'S residence was the
first struck and it was carried four miles down the creek killing Mrs. NELL and
four of their children. A number of other houses were totally or partially
destroyed, which will amount to between $75,000 to $100,000. Many harrowing
stories are told of narrow escapes from death in the flood and it is almost
miraculous that no more lives were lost. W.L. GRADY's large stock barn, in which
he had a fine string of blooded horses, remained intact but a dwelling house was
hurled against it with such terrible force that one side was partly wrecked.
When Mr. GRADY heard the roar of the storm, the water was then in his residence.
He first carried his wife and children on his back to safety, then ran to his
barn to see after his horses but was compelled to wade in water almost chin deep
to get them out. Dr. L.C. NELL, who is State Senator from this (the sixteenth)
District and who lost his entire family with the exception of one little girl
who was not at home on the fateful night, had his home carried away by the
flood, except the well which was not moved out of its position. Dr. NELL was not
at home when the destructive wave swept away his family and home. He had gone
into the country to visit a patient. Mr. Harfield MOSS, whose wife and five
children met death in the deluge, was also absent from his home. Mr. Lum HILL
was also away from home when his wife and little baby, whom he loved so well,
were carried to their death by the mad waters of the raging stream. The
following is a list of the dead, all of whom had been found by Sunday except
Mrs. NELL and one of her children and the infant child of Mrs. Ada WILLIAMS -
Mrs. A. MOSS; Mrs. N.H. MOSS; Paul, Wilson, Pearl, Carrie, Dewey, Irene, and
Alfred MOSS, all children of Mrs. N.H. MOSS; Mrs. Carrie WILLMORE; Mrs. Ada
WILLIAM(S); Mrs. Melissa HILL, and two year old son; Mrs. J.W. KERTNER; Mrs.
L.C. NELL and four children. Relief parties from Columbia and Greensburg were
sent out early Saturday and did all in their power to help the suffering.

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