In the Adair County News, August 21, 1946, page one


J.M. Janes' Family Have Homecoming


  Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Janes, well-known couple of the Toria community, celebrated a belated golden wedding anniversary with a homecoming on Saturday, August 17. They had been married for fifty years November 11, 1944, but postponed any celebration until after the war as they had three sons and three grandsons in the Armed Forces.

  They are parents of fourteen children and all twelve of the surviving ones were present and together for the first time in their lives. Thirteen of their seventeen grandchildren and two of their three great-grandchildren were also there. One of the grandsons, Ernest England, Jr., of Alcoa, Tenn., is older than three of Mr. and Mrs. Janes' children. Thirty-nine persons in all attended the homecoming.

  The children are:

  Mrs. Ernest England, Sr., of Toria; Mrs. L.C. Reece, of Mission, Texas; Mrs. Leslie Beasley, of Clarksville, Tenn.; Mrs. Clarence Harvey, of Hardinsburg, Ind.; Mrs. Harlin Moore, of Chicago, Ill.; Buford and Duluth Janes, of Detroit, Mich.; Arthur Janes, Maywood, Ill.; Autry Janes, of Columbia; Joe and Russell Janes, Louisville, and Wildon Janes, of Chicago, Ill.

  They presented their parents with a beautiful living room suite as a token of their love and esteem.

  Mr. and Mrs. Janes are both natives of Adair County and before her marriage she was Miss Ethel Wooten, of Sparksville. They have lived at Toria their entire married life. Friends throughout the county hope that they will enjoy many additional anniversaries together.


Mr. and Mrs. Janes celebrated fourteen more anniversaries. Mrs. Janes died on November 25, 1960, two weeks after their sixty-fouth anniversary. Mr. Janes died January 24, 1966.