Adair County Lookups

These records are lookups that have been done for other visitors, but perhaps they can help you too!

Lookups for Glover Surname

1. There are NO Glovers at all in any of the cemetery books.

2. I found a marriage for a Harrison Glover to a Tabby Powell on 27
September 1825; attest Robert Powell. (Marriages in Adair County, Kentucky,
1802-1840).  [There were no other Glover marriages in either marriage book.

3. In the book, Death Records of Adair County, Kentucky, Prior to 1900, by
Michael Watson (p. 57) was this: Pvt. Joab Glover died at Bryantsville, Ky. 
20 Oct. 1861 of Typhoid.  Company G, 3rd Ky Vol Inf

4. No other book had any mention of Glovers

Dooley - Gibson Marriage

DOOLEY, ISHAM B., of Adair, 52, born Bedford Co., Va., widower, to MARY JANE GIBSON, 18. born Adair, single, her father present, on 15 Aug 1853 by Roach, surety James Gibson.

Source:         Watson, Michael C ., compiler; Adair County, Kentucky Marriages: January 1, 1840 to January 1, 1870, Kentucky: South Central Printing, 1986; p. 26


Jones  Cemetery Search by Volume

Vol. 1:  Bradford E., Pere L., Henry L., Edwin, Marshal, Russell, Mary Lec.

 Vol. 2:  Abraham B., Alex, Anna J., Bessie L., CS, Charlotte, Claude, Cordeila, Creola, David E., Dicie A., Edna W., Elizabeth, Eller, Eugene E., Forest, Ina A. Dr. JT, JW, James A., Joe L., John D., John R., Julia, Kate, Kelly, LC, Rev. Lucian H., Luther C., Maggie S., Malinda J., Mary, Mary f., Mary J., Mattie B., Mitchell, Nancy M., Nona, Robert, Samuel L., Sarah I., Susan, TB, Terry, Will, Willard L., William H., Winston, Zanie M.

 Vol. 3:  Harry, Nolan, Samuel C.

 Vol. 4:  A. Judson, Bertha, Calvin, Davis, Dellis, Dinah, Elizabeth [2], Hattie, Infants [2], JB, James L., John H., LA, LD, Leonard, Lou, Lula, Mamie, Robert, Sara, Wallace, Welby, William, William D., William H., William W.

 Vol. 5:  Alice S., Amanda W., Buell, Buell, Charles, Celesie, Dollie, Dori, AL, Ezra, Effie, Eugene, Ellen, Elizabeth, Fina, Flounder, Howard, Infant, Infant, James W., Joe, Janice, James A., John W., James D., John, Johnny, John D., J. William, Lucian, Lena, Lovern, Lucy A., Luther A., Mary, Martha, Maty W., Mahala, Marjorie, Nayce, Nancy E., Nannie E., Ora M., Opal, Robert, Rufus, RT, Roy, Rosa, William, William H., Welby T., Willie, William R.

 Vol. 6:  Allyene, George W., Glen [2], Harlan, Ida H., Ida F., JW, John J., JJ, Louisa, Leonard G., Lula M., Gouvina, MR, Nancy, Rissie, Roy L. Thomas, Wiley, WD, Wilford

 Vol. 7:  Arvin, Elizabeth, Elizabeth S., Infant, JT, JW, James, Jefferson, Jerri, John J., Joseph, ME, Mary B., Mary E., Mary R., Naoma, Rebecca, Richard, SH, Thornton, WH


Campbell Surname by Volume - Cemeteries

Campbell Surname Cemetery Lookup

Vol. 1:  Lula M., Faskett, Estill, Alvis, Teresa, Dollie G., Gilum, Grover Cole [?], Hagard, Charles B., Josiah, Arrena, Avis, Bertie, Virgil

Vol. 2:  Bessie, Carrie C., Ceola, Dan, Earl E., GT, George, Gerald, Hershel, Ivy R., JW, James M., Jane, Jim, Joanna, John H., LC, Linda G., Lucy, Manda, Mary, Melvina, Mollie, Ova, Pearl, Pobert L., Rufus, Sallie A., Samuel M., Rev. TJ, Tause E., Tilford, Victoria

Vol. 3:  Asa, chester, Garfield, JW, John N., Leslie, Mary A., Molly L., Marie, Otis, Pearl, Pearl, palphus

Vol. 4:  Audrey, Charlie, Mae, Nannie

Vol. 5:  Arlie T., Charles, CW, Leonard S., Rutha B., Stella

Vol. 6:  Burto E., Charles W., Etta, Josie, Lena M., William J

Vol. 7:  Bessie, Carrie, Ceola, Cynthia, Earl, Gerard, Hershel, Iva, JW, James, Jane, John, LC, Lucy, Ova, Robert, Sallie, Tause, Tillford


Deeds & Cemetery Listings for Benjamin W. Bristow

(p.1) 23 Aug 1802--Benjamin Bristoe & wife Sarah of Adair County to Joel Coffee (sp?) of Adair...200 acres on Indian Creek in Cumberland County, Ky near Moses Beck.  He signed, she marked with "X".  Witnesses: John Woolford, Nathan Coffey, Ely Coffey     [deed bk A, p14]

(p.31) 30 Nov 1807--Sarah Bristoe of Shelby County, Ky appointed Warner Yates of Adair County as her lawful attorney "to rent out the plantation whereon my husband, Benjamin Bristoe, died" in Adair County.  Recorded in Franklin County also.  Signed     [deed bk B, p78]

I did not find a cemetery record for him

1850 Census Lookup - Dooley


795          Dooley, Isam B.                   50                Va                farmer                $300

                                Dicy                        48                Ky

                                M.F. (f)                   17                Ky

                                Willím                    14                Ky

                                Stephen                 12                Ky

                                America                   9                Ky

                                Sarena G.              7                Ky



309          Dooley, Milton                    22                Ky                farmer

                                Amanda                 18                Ky

                                Sarah                        3                Ky


Cheatham Cemetery

Cheatham Cemetery - located on the Charles Taylor property on Highway 55, north of Columbia
Listing from Vol. 7 of the Cemetery book...

*Cox, Harriett, died 16 May 1899, aged 69, wife of James Cox
*Wilson, Ludinda, 8 Mar 1823--13 Mar 1903
*Wilson, Ermin S., 12 Sept 1880--13 Sept 1882, dau of J. & R.
*Cheatham, Elizabeth, 10 Nov 1832--16 Oct 1886
*Cheatham, Chapman, 9 Mar 1853--9 Apr 1876
*Cheatham, William H., 28 Mar 1829--6 May 1864
*Cheatham, Shadrack, 2 Mar 1812--23 Dec 1887
*Murray, Hattie A., 18 July 1859--8 Dec 1909
*Six unmarked graves
*East, Joseph - 22 Feb. 1793 - 29 Sept. 1858


John Townsend and Elizabeth Bachelor Marriage

Lookup For: John Townsend and Elizabeth Bachelor (their marriage was too early to have been in Adair Co.)  It was in the Roots & Branches book which is a compilation of 5-generation trees from various researchers.  This chart was done by Dorothy Martin, 2408 Evans Drive, Plano, TX 75075.  She lists John Townsend: born ca. 1761; married to Elizabeth Bachelor, 4 Oct 1785; died 4 Aug 1834.  She has Elizabeth born ca 1757 and died after 1845.  She
then traces her line on down through their son William Townsend, Sr., born ca 1790 in VA, died 10 June 1861 in Johnson Co., MO; married to Mary "Polly" ??? born ca 1788 in PA.   The only Townsend marriage I found was in the 1802-1840 book and it was a Thomas Townsend to Nancy Simpson, 1822.  The 1850 Census lists the following Townsend head of households: William, Sr.; William, Jr.; and H.C.  I found no deeds (1802-1811), no bible records, and civil cases.  There were only 2 Townsends in any of the cemetery books.  They were Andrea and Byron.

Yates Marriages

The following male Clark marriages are listed in the 1802-1840 Marriage
book, page 17:

**Clark, Drury and Betsey Estes.  Attest Peter Estes. 7 Oct 1817.

**Clark, Jesse and Prudence Rutledge, dau of Nancy Rutledge.  Attest Philip Nell and Job Fletcher. 9 Mar 1813.

**Clark, John or Jeh and Polly Malone.  Attest George Garmon. 1 Mar 1815.

**Clark, Roderick and Eliz. Naylor.  Attest Benjamin Selby.  Married 20 Aug 1820 by Winfrey.

**Clark, Solomon and Eliz. Hopkins.  Attest Stephen Stone.  Married 3 Sept 18180 by Manoah Lasley.

**Clark, Solomon and Elizabeth Armstrong, dau of Nancy Rutledge.  Attest William Horrell.  Married 4 Feb 1817 by Abell.

**Clark, William and Jane Briggs, dau of John and Sally Biggs.  William son of Solomon Clark.  Married 9 Nov 1813 by Abell.  Consent witnesses by Nancy Roe.  Other records give Sally and Jincy Biggs for bride.

**Clark, Wilson or William and Nancy Redman. Attest John Redman.  Married 3 Mar 1824 by S.B. Robertson.  Note Bond gives year as 1825, Ministers return gives 1824.

The following female Clark marriages are also recorded in the book:
p. 23: Davis, Zachariah, over age 60, and Matty Thompson or CLARK, age about 30.  Attest William S. Patterson and William F. Grady.  Married 25 Oct 1820 by Thomas J. Douthet.  Min. ret. gives Matty Clark.

p. 25: Dunbar, William and Mary Colly(sp?) Clark, John Ballinger is
guardian.  Married 22 Jan 1823 by James Warriner.  Consent witnessed by B. Ballinger and J.H. Kean.

p. 30: Garmon, George and Polly Clark, dau of Solomon Clark.  Married 9 Feb 1815 by Abell.

p. 42: Horrell, William and Elizabeth Clark, dau of Solomon and Esther
Clark.  9 Apr 1808. Witness Robert Simpson and Brownley D. Simpson.

p. 43:  Hughes, Thomas and Nancy Clark, dau of William Clark.  18 Apr 1816. Attest John Yates.  Witness to consend Jacob Hinkla.

p. 74:  Simpson, Robert ands Easter Clark, dau of Solomon and Esther. Attest Jesse Clark.  Bond dated 20 Mar 1808.  Witness to consent James Breeding.

p. 94:  Yates, Alpheous and Polly Clark, dau of William.  Bond dated 17 Apr 1820.  Attest John W. Shieley.

p. 94:  Yates, Charles and Sally H. Clark, dau of Sally Clark.  Attest James G. Estes and Alpheous Yates.  Bond dated 14 Apr 1828.

Gabbert Cemetery Records

Here is a list of the Gabberts that are in the cemetery books:

Vol. 1--Forrest & Sarah A.
Vol. 2--none
Vol. 3--Fannie, Jake, & John C.
Vol. 4--none
Vol. 5--Emma J., Lee A., & Nona P.
Vol. 6--Aprel M., Anthony R., Bettie J., Clarence M., EL, Eline, Ewing, Everett, George M., Gilbert, Hary L., infant, Irene, James A., James H., Laura, Louisa F., Lucy C., Leona, Linnie, Mary E., Myrtie L., Minnie M., Mamie, Myrtle, Manvell B., Otis R.,  Oakley, Pearl E., Roger D., Roy W., Randal F., Travis P., Terry L., Vinia G., WJ, W. Earl, William H., W., & William Henry

Vol. 7--None