Metcalfe Co. Marriages with Connections to Adair Co.


Reposted from Sandi Goren's South-Central List

BARTON, Willis to SMITH, Nancy. He 44, 2nd marr, blacksmith, born
Barren, parents both born TN; she 41, 1st marr, all born Adair Co,
md 7 Jan 1875.

BLAYDES, George W to PENDLETON, Keziah. He 31, 1st, merchant, he and
parents born Adair; she 20, 1st, she & father born Adair, mother born
Hopkins Co MO, 29 Apr 1875.

BRAGG, Nathaniel to YATES, Mary E.He 24, 1st, farmer, he born Adair,
parents born unknown; she 19, 1st, she & father born Adair, mother born
Cumberland, 15 June 1875.

BRAGG, W E to SHIRLEY, N W. He 24, 1st, farmer, resides Adair, he &
parents born KY; she 16, 1st, all born KY, 9 Dec 1906.

BRYANT, John M to WILSON, Martha J. He 19, 1st, farmer, resides Adair,
all born Adair; sh 18, 1st, born Russell Co, parents born Adair - nodate.

CALLAHAN, Henry to ---, Nellie. He 24, 1st marr, farmer, resides Hart,
born Adair, parents both born Barren; she 28, 1st, born Adair, father
born VA, mother born TN, 15 June 1875.

CLARK, W O to KINNIARD, Jennie: He 30, 2nd, farmer, all born Barren; she
25, 1st, she & father born Adair, mother born Barren, June 1877.

CLEMMONS, William B to COOKSEY, Edner (Edney?) He 23, 1st, born Monroe,
father born Mercer, mother born Monroe; she 20, 1st, born Barren, father
born Cumberland, mother born Adair, Oct 1875.

COOKSEY, James B to CLEMMONS, Sallie B:He 21, 1st, farmer, born Adair,
father born Cumberland, mother born Adair; she 23, 1st, all born Monroe,
Sept 1875.

DOOLEY, James C to ENGLAND, M J. He 21, 1st, farmer, born Adair
Co, father b VA, mother b Adair; she 120, 1st, she & father b
Adair, mother b IN, 19 Sept 1876 at J O England's house.

ENGLAND, W R to SMITH, Nancy J, Aug 1876 in Adair Co.

FANCHER, Charles to RODGERS, Susan F, he 22, 1st, farmer, res of IL,
or born IL, father born KY, mother b Metcalfe; she 20, 1st, resided
Crail Hope, born Met, father b Adair Co, mother b Metcalfe, md 11 Oct 1906.

FORGE, John W to ENGLAND, Rachel. He 18, 1st, farmer, he & father b
Cumberland Co, mother unk; she 16, 1st, all born Adair Co, md Dec 1876.

GIBSON, Calvin to JESSEE, Minnie. He 22, 1st, farmer, resides
Adair, all born KY; she 17, 1st, all b KY, md 11 Feb 1907.

JAMES, William B to FUDGE, Obedience. He 19, 1st, he & parents b Adair;
she 18, 1st, all born Cumberland, md May 1875.

JESSE, John S to COMPTON, Myrtle. He 16, 1st, farmer, all b KY; she 17, res
Adair, 1st, all b KY; md 2 Jan 1907.

JESSE, Joseph to SKAGGS, Lou Ann. He 21, 1st, farmer, all b Adair; she 19,
1st, all born Adair - no date.

JONES, P C to PENICK, C C. He 26, 1st, farm, she & mother b Green, father
b VA; she 16, 1st, born Metcalfe, father b Barren, mother b Adair, md
20 Sept 1877.

JONES, Sampson  to KINNIARD, Martha S. He 22, 1st, farm, all b Barren; she
22, 1st, she & father b Adair, mother b Barren; md 18 Jan 1876.