Nathaniel Wilson, SR.


NATHANIEL WILSON SR. made a will in Adair County, Kentucky, 6 Apr 1848. Adair County Kentucky Court Records. Will Book E-277.


In the name of God Amen, I Nathaniel Wilson, of Adair County, Kentucky, being in perfect mind to make this my last will and testament.
First I wish all my just debts to be paid. I give my wife Susannah Wilson the farm whereon I now live and the following slaves, Pomp, Fillis and John, also as much of the stock, farming tools, household and kitchen furniture as she may need.
I have made some advancements to my children and take notice of it. To my son Daniel Wilson at death of my wife, the slave named Pomp, one horse and gun valued at $440. My son William has received $115, also to have negro boy John at the death of my wife. To son Nathaniel Wilson one negro boy named Frank at $200 and 200 acres land of Price's Creek at $200. My son James Wilson has received $60. My son Meredy Wilson has received a boy named Dick and horse at $550. My daughter Nancy Robertson has received $222. My daughter Parthenia McGlasson $12. My daughter Dorcas Whitely has received $115. To my daughter Jane Estes $70, and negro boy Andrew at $200. At her death he is to fall back to my heirs. To daughter Hester Bragg one negro girl Mariah at $150 and one tract of land on Harrod's Fork of 60 or 70 acres at $123. To my daughter Letty Hamilton one negro girl named Cynthia at $150 and 100 acres of land where I now live at my wife's death, at $100. 50 acres of land on the East Fork of Big Creek at $50. The balance to be equally divided among my heirs except my son Meredy has got his part. The division to be made agreeably to what each has received.
My son Nathaniel and John Hamilton to be executors. In addition to the above Thomas Bragg has received $30 more in a horse.
Signed April 6, 1848 Nathaniel X Wilson (his mark)
Witnesses: G. C. Elliott, Bethel Compton, Meredy Roach, Thomas Rowe
Codicil: If Pomp or John shall die before my wife's death my estate shall lose them, and sons Daniel and William come in for an equal share. My woman Fillis at my wife's death to daughter Letty Hamilton at $150. as I do not wish her sold out of the family. My little girl (Betty) to my daughter Betty Bragg at $100 and they to pay the estate if it comes to more than their part. My son Daniel a boundary of land where he lives willed to him at .25 cents. My executors to sell any of my estate necessary to make a settlement.
Nathaniel X Wilson (his mark)
Will was Probated Monday, December 4, 1848.

Nathaniel's will was probated in Adair County, Kentucky, 4 Dec 1848. Will Book F-154, Settlement of the estate of Nathaniel Wilson by his executors.
Cash: $1630.66
(1851) out of the estate of Susannah Wilson, decd. $231.25
Interest on two items makes total: $2,013.24
For distribution: $217.35
Amounts paid Whitely and others each $40
Amounts paid Joshua Robertson $178
Paid Joseph Whitely and wife $138
Paid Joseph Whitely and wife $104.50
Settled May 5, 1852
Page 486, June 2, 1855
More distribution
By Thomas Whitely's receipt: $8