Deaths noted in the Adair County News, 1918 (January 2nd through December 25th; all 52 issues extant.)



I.             Introduction and notes

II.            Deaths noted in the Adair County News, 1918

III.           Index (by full name & issue date)

IV.           Death certificates issued in Adair County, 1918 (alphabetical order, not included in Index.)


I.                Introduction & notes

The preponderance of deaths noted herein were those of residents or former residents of Adair County, and nearly all the deaths occurred in 1918. However, a scattering of deaths from earlier years were also mentioned, as were a number of deaths in surrounding counties. The edition in which the information appeared is noted by a bold headline; e.g., Wednesday, January 2, 1918.

As with any transcribed records, these death abstracts from the 1918 Adair County News should be approached as a preliminary source of information. Both errors of fact in the original newspaper entries and errors of transcription -- regardless of the care taken to prevent such -- did occur!

Specifically omitted from the deaths noted in the News are 1) those to which Judge H.C. Baker referred in his Sketches of Adair County, and 2) those which had no bearing on Adair County or Adair Countians (e.g., persons of state or national importance, sensational deaths, and the like.)

Many deaths weren't reported in the News, due in part to the custom of the time of charging for obituaries. According to the "Advertising Rates" in the December 4, 1918 edition of the News, "Obituaries, 5 cts., per line up to 20 lines. More than 20 lines 20 cts per inch single column."


II.            Deaths noted in the Adair County News, 1918

Wednesday, January 2, 1918

Hardin, ------, wife of Henry Hardin, "of color, of this place," d. "last week." [Possibly Kate Hardin, 40, who died 12-17-1917 in Adair Co.]

Blair, Estelle, a soldier, son of Mr. & Mrs. J.C. Blair, d. Fort Menning, New Mexico, date not stated. Remains arrived Columbia "last Thursday;" burial City Cemetery. Another article in this edition stated the funeral was held Thursday, Dec. 27; that he enlisted in the armed service in Sept., 1917 from the state of Iowa; that he died in Camp Cody, New Mexico on Dec. 20 [1917]; & that he was survived by parents, brothers & sisters.

Hash, John, 50, resided two miles from Campbellsville, Taylor Co., killed by his 12-year-old son on Dec. 26 [1917.] [Kentucky death record abstract not found.]

Brown, Abraham, 82, resident of Pellyton, d. Dec. 20 [1917.] He had served in the Union army and was the father of Mrs. J.C. Blair, "who lives near Columbia." Another article in this edition of the News stated he was the grandfather of Estelle Blair, above.

Toomey, Elizabeth, "ninety-odd" years old, d. "last Thursday" in Louisville. Widow of John Toomey and grandmother of J.C. and Elmo Strange, and Mrs. H.W. Depp, "this place." Remains removed to Greensburg for burial beside those of her husband.

Montgomery, Claud_, "had he lived until March he would have been thirty-four," son of Mr. & Mrs. Scott Montgomery, d. (apparently) Friday, Dec. 28, [1917] in Wardsworth, Ohio. Survived by widow, parents, son, and a sister. Remains returned to Adair Co.; burial City Cemetery. A resolution of respect in the 01/09 edition stated he died Friday, Dec. 28th. [Ohio death record abstracts include an entry for Claud C. Montgomery, d.12-28-1917, Medina County.]

Phipps, Jesse, a soldier (Knifley community newsletter): "Jesse Phipps who was in the training camp in New Jersey died one day last week and was brought home and buried." [This newsletter apparently delayed; other records indicate he died 12-09-1917.]

McFarland, John, "about seventy-five," d. Saturday, Dec. 22, 1917, in Rowena, Russell Co. Served in the Union army. Survived by nephews W.T., John & Solomon McFarland, of Adair Co. & and a niece, Mrs. J.T. Goodman, a former resident of Columbia.


Wednesday, January 9, 1918

Mays, James R. (legal notice): "I will...receive and hear proof of claims of all creditors of James R. Mays, deceased." /s/ W.A. Coffey, Master Commissioner, Adair Circuit Court. Allie Mays (relationship not stated) mentioned as admrx. [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for James R. Mayes, 42, d. 08‑13‑1917 in Adair Co.]           

Passing of Old Soldiers: "We learn from Will Dohoney, who keeps a record, that the following old ex-Federal soldiers answered their last call during the year 1917 [dates in italics are from the Kentucky death record abstracts]: Dan Polston [Kentucky death record abstract not found], John W. Graves [d. 07-05-1917], John R. Cundiff [d. 04-17-1917]; T.F. [Timothy] Collins [d. 06-25-1917], Lawson Janes [d. 03-07-1917], Wm. Perryman [d. 08-20-1917], Abe Brown [see 01/02 entry]. Their ages were from seventy-odd to eighty- odd." An entry in the 06/12 edition gave T.F. Collins' widow's name as Elizabeth.

Yates, Jim Cager, a "tardy tribute" to his memory in a letter from Melvin L. White. Lived in Bradfordsville [Marion Co.] "four years ago." No other information given. [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for James C. Yates, 76, d. 11-15-1917 in Marion Co.]

Snow, Sid, " are embalmed in precious memory..." (in a letter from Melvin L. White.) [No other information.]

Akers, Mrs. Williams (Denmark, Russell Co., community newsletter) d. "last week." [Kentucky death record abstract not found.]


Wednesday, January 16, 1918

Russell, Susan A., 84, widow of Judge W.E. Russell, d. at her home in St. Louis, Mo., "Tuesday of last week." A son, S.A. Russell, and "several of his sisters" born in Columbia; the family removed to Lebanon [Marion Co.] "soon after the close of the civil war."

Strange, infant of Mr. & Mrs. Ray Strange (Glensfork community newsletter), d. on the 3rd. [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Lucile Strange, under one year of age, d. 01-04-1918 in Adair Co.]


Wednesday, January 23, 1918

Acre, Kitty J. (in "Personals" column): "Jo Acre, who came home to see his sick mother, and who died before he got here, returned to his headquarters the first of the week." Another 01/23 entry states "The wife of the late Wm. Acre died near Roy, this county, last Thursday [Jan. 17] afternoon. She was buried in the Acre graveyard." Yet another 01/23 entry stated "It was quite a shock to hear [of] the death of Mrs. Kittie Acre... She leaves a large family, with two boys in the service." [Ky. death record abstracts include an entry for Kitty J. Acree, 60, d. 01-16-1918 in Adair Co.]

Holt, Frank, "The most important criminal case to be called at this term of court is the one against Jeff Jones, charged with murdering Frank Holt." [Jones was acquitted by jury in the May term of court. Ky. death record abstracts include an entry for Frank Heolt, 67, d. 09‑15‑1916 in Adair Co.]

Melson, Carnie Gilliam, "aged seven years last November," d. "last Friday night" at the residence of his parents in the Hancock rooming house, Columbia. Burial at Crocus.

Chandler, Nettie, age not stated, d. in Hillsboro, Texas, death date not stated (message received in Columbia "last Monday.") Native of Adair Co., the daughter of I.C. & Matilda Winfrey, and the wife of Tyler Y. Chandler. Had lived in Texas since about eight years after her marriage at at an early age. Survived by husband, two sons & a daughter. An entry in the 06/12 edition named her daughter as Miss Anna Mildred Chandler & noted that one of the sons "is fighting for his country."

Gaither, Nat, 73, d. January 16 at his home in Hopkinsville, Ky. Son of Dr. Nicholas Gaither and grandson of Dr. Nathan Gaither. "While in Columbia he lived with his grandfather..." Served in the Confederate army & was captured with Gen. Morgan in Ohio. Predeceased by first wife, who was a daughter of Gen. Zollicoffer. They were married in 1869; she died 1871. He remarried two year later. Survived by two sons and two daughters from second marriage; and a son, Felix, a Ft. Worth, Texas, merchant, from the first marriage.

McClister, Little [apparently a nickname] Ol, 67, death date not given; funeral held "Thursday." Survived by wife, three married daughters & four grown sons. [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for O.H. McClister, 67, d. 01‑16‑1918 in Adair Co.]

Johnston, Mrs. Fellie, nee Atchley (Hatcher, Taylor Co. community newsletter), d. "Thursday morning" at home on Meadow Creek. Survived by husband and six children. Funeral service at Liberty Church; burial in the church cemetery.


Wednesday, January 30, 1918

Wethington, Laura, "about 35," d. "last Thursday" at Clementsville, Casey Co. Wife of Omby Wethington & sister-in-law of Eugene & Robert Wethington, "the latter being a citizen of Columbia."

Sinclair, Lottie, nee Barbee, "about seventy-five," d. Monday, January 21, at home, Elizabethtown. Native of Columbia; sister of John T. & A.R. Barbee & Mrs. Martha Meader; also an aunt of S.D. & J.B. Barbee & Mrs. J.B. Jones, all of Columbia. Survived by husband of over 50 years, Geo. W. Sinclair; & "four or five sons and daughters."

Breeding, "Uncle Jimmie" (Breeding community newsletter), a local Methodist minister, who "has long since been in the glory land..."


Wednesday, February 6, 1918

Leach, infant of Mr. & Mrs. Howard Leach, d. "last Thursday," age two months. The 02/18 edition (Ozark community newsletter): "Born to the wife of Howard Leach Dec. 9th, a son."  [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for James R. Leach, under one year of age, died 01-31-1918 in Adair Co.]

Wilson, Maud_, 16, d. "last Thursday" at her parents' house in the Milltown community. Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Bud Wilson. [See 11/13 entry for Mrs. Bud Wilson.]

Milam, Ben, about 28, "well-known colored man," d. at home in Columbia "last Thursday." Survived by wife. Burial in "the colored cemetery near town."

Prewitt, Geo. A., 66, d. Dec. 29 [1917] at home, Casey Co. Burial Hustonville [Lincoln Co.]

Stotts, Ed, "about seventy," native & resident of Bliss, d. "last Sunday." Survived by wife & several children, including Miss Clarice Stotts; and a brother, Creed Stotts.

Cabell, Lewis H., "in his sixty-fourth year," d. the previous Tuesday in Green Co. Oldest son of Fred Cabell, dec'd., also of Green Co. Survived by wife, the former Miss Florence Whitlock, several children and three brothers. Funeral Wednesday; burial Cabell grave yard. Also mentioned in the Milltown community newsletter in the 02/06 edition; death date given as Dec. 29th.


Wednesday, February 13, 1918

Dean, -------, & Dean, -------: "Miss Esther Dean...was recently bereft of her father, who died suddenly in Indiana. She also had two brothers who entered the army, and one of them recently died." Miss Esther Dean mentioned as a daughter & sister, respectively.

Dunbar, Earl, 23, son of Mr. & Mrs. E.M. Dunbar, Rowena [Russell Co.], d. "last Thursday" at base hospital, Camp Zachary Taylor [Jefferson Co.] He was a member of Co. C, 336th Infantry. The 02/20 edition mentioned a brother, Dr. G.S. Dunbar, of Cleveland, Ohio.

Davis, Alice, "about fifty," d. "Tuesday of last week" at Coburg. Wife of Hop Davis; sister of J.J. Biggs, dec'd. Burial at Mt. Carmel.

Bryant, Susan, "79 years and a few months old," d. "last Wednesday" in the Ozark community. Widow of James Clayton Bryant. The 02/27 edition (Ozark community newsletter) referred to her as "the widow of J.B. Bryant."

Turner, Tom, about 44, shot by Dan Hatcher [next entry] in Campbellsville [Taylor Co.] "last Saturday night." Son of Dr. Turner, dec'd. Survived by wife & five children. Burial "last Monday."

Hatcher, Dan, about 30, shot to death by Tom Turner  [previous entry] in Campbellsville [Taylor Co.] "last Saturday night." Son of Junious Hatcher (a native of Adair Co.) & Bettie Hatcher, & a grandson of Joshua Hatcher, "who lived four miles from Columbia." Survived by wife "to whom he was married about one year ago." Burial "last Monday."

Tarter, Rev. D.T., death date & place not stated. Former minister at Jamestown [Russell Co.];  resident of Smith's Grove, Warren Co."About three weeks ago he left home...for a point in Minnesota, to undergo, an operation." Funeral in Smith's Grove; burial "Sunday, the 3d inst."


Wednesday, February 20, 1918

Stephens, Howard, a resident of Caney Fork, Russell Co., d. "a few weeks ago." [Kentucky death record abstract not found.]

White, Mrs. Ann, 81, d. "in the upper edge of the county last week." Sister of Tim Bradshaw, dec'd. [Kentucky  death record abstracts include an entry for Ann L. White, 81, d. 02-09-1918, Adair Co.]

Taylor, Clarence, 25, resident of White City [Adair Co.], d. "last Thursday."

Hunter, George, 64, resided Columbia, d. "last Tuesday." Burial Wednesday "in the colored cemetery."

Stults, infant son of Mr. Count Stults, b. & d. "last Thursday." Burial Friday. [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Harold T. Stutts, under one year of age, d. 02-14-1918 in Adair Co. See 11/27 entry for Stults infant.]

Ramsey, Lena (Hatcher, Taylor Co., community newsletter), 16, d. "Friday." Dau. of C.W. Ramsey. Funeral Sunday; burial in "the cemetery at Bethel."


Wednesday, February 27, 1918

Murray, Otha, a soldier, age not stated, native of Cumberland Co., d. Nov. 23 [1917] in Glasgow. [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Otha Murry, 21, d. 11-23-1917, Barren Co.]

Murphey, infant of Mr. Logan Murphey, d. "last Tuesday." (Rugby community newsletter.) [Kentucky death record abstract not found.]

Bryant, John (Cane Valley newsletter), "Mrs. John Bryant, of Spurlington [Taylor County], was here...last week. Her husband [died] last month. He was a son of Sam Bryant, who lived bear Egypt during the Civil War." [Kentucky death record abstract not found.]


Wednesday, March 6, 1918

[Emerson, Patsy], 78, mother of Gordon Emerson of Fonthill, Russell Co., d. "recently." [Ky death record abstracts include an entry for Patsy Emerson, 78, d. 01-25-1918 in Russell Co.]

Borders, Hallie, nee Rice, 70, d. "Sunday of last week" in Arlington, Ga. Widow of George Borders, who ran a hotel in Campbellsville [Taylor Co.] Survived by "a number of sons and daughters," including Robert Borders, who sales territory included Columbia.

Graham, -------, female, "five or six years old," burned to death "last Tuesday" at her home, Merrimac, Taylor Co. Mr. F.H. Durham, Columbia, was a cousin. [Ky. death record abstracts include an entry for Frances J. Graham, five years, d. 02-26-1918 in Taylor Co.]

Romine, Mrs. J.R., 77, resident of Romine [Taylor Co.], d. "last week." Survived by husband & 10 children.[Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Martha D. Romine, 76, d. 02-22-1918 in Taylor Co.]

Butler, Houston, age not stated, killed in Washington Co. "several months ago." Harlan Christie, son of Adair Co. native Capt. Norman Christie, was acquitted of the crime "last week" in Springfield [Washington Co.] [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Huse E. Butler, 42, d. 09‑22‑1917 in Washington Co.]

Cheatham, Geo. A., 69, d. by suicide "evidently...during the forenoon Saturday." He was a native of Cumberland Co. but had lived "just outside the corporate limits of Columbia" for 30 years. Widower of the former Miss Abbie Vaughan, a Columbia native, who died in June, 1917. Burial in the City Cemetery "by the side of his wife."

Burton, Nancy Ann, age not stated, d. Friday, March 1 at her home, Purdy, Adair Co. Wife of Lee Burton and a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Cyrenous Cowen. [Kentucky death record abstract gives her name as Annie and her age as 30.]

Buchanan, Dr. J.B. "Jim Brack," of Campbellsville, age not stated, d. "last Saturday week" Stepson of Dr. W.T. Chandler. Survived by his wife and "several sons and daughters." [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for James B. Buchanan, 68, d. 02-22-1918 in Taylor Co.]


Wednesday, March 13, 1918

Meader, Wm. Isaac, "born about 60 years ago," death date not stated (the news reached Columbia  "last Friday"), d. near Campbellsville. Born in Campbellsville but the family removed to Columbia shortly after his birth, and he resided in Columbia until he was 26. His parents, Daniel Meader, a native of Scotland, and Miss Martha Barbee, were married about 1854. Survived by wife, the former Miss Laura Gaines, a dau. of Mr. & Mrs. F.P. Gaines, of Taylor Co.; two daughters; a son; and a sister, Mrs. Delia McGee, of Somerset. Burial in Brookside Cemetery [Campbellsville.] An announcement in the 11/06 edition noted that Mrs. Fannie G. Taylor, "a daughter of the late W.I. Meader," & Robert Walker Wilson had married "last Saturday" in Louisville.  [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for William I. Meader, 59, d. 03-08-1918 in Taylor Co.]

Stearman, R.T., 74, "of the Russell Springs [Russell Co.] section," d. "Monday night of last week." Father of W.L. (Bud) Stearman, a former student at Lindsey Wilson.

Howell, Mrs. J.M., nee Leachman, d. "Sunday night of last week [March 3rd.]." Wife of J.M. Howell, of Greensburg [From Kentucky death record abstract: Is this Mildred E. Hamele, 41, d. 03-04-1941 Green Co.?]

McFarland, J.E. (Hatcher, Taylor Co. community newsletter), 74, d. "last Sunday night" at his home, at Hobson [Taylor Co.] Survived only by two grandchildren, Ernest & Sheldon Willock, of Campbellsville.


Wednesday, March 20, 1918

Absher, -----, five years, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Jas. Absher, Russell Springs [Russell Co.], d. "last Thursday." [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Mary B. Absher, two years, d. 03-14-1918 in Russell Co.]

Melson, W.O., a soldier, d. "last week" at Hattiesburg, Miss. Remains returned to Adair Co. for burial "near Inroad, this county." The Glensfork community newsletter in the 03/20 edition referred to him as Will Ol Melson; stated he was stationed at Camp Shelby, Miss.; that he died from spinal meningitis; & that his remains were accompanied home by Vernon Grant "of the same camp."

Garnett, George G., "about forty-five," a native of Adair Co., d. in Indiana "last week." Remains returned to Adair Co. for burial "on the farm which was owned by Mr. J.J. Hancock in his life time." The 03/20 Russell Creek community newsletter stated he had lived in Indiana for 10 or 12 years; he died "last Saturday;" that burial was in the Perry Hancock cemetery "last Tuesday evening;" & that he was survived by his wife, a son & a daughter.


Wednesday, March 27, 1918

Young, Wm., "an aged man" who resided at Gadberry, d. "last Saturday night." [Ky. death record abstract: William Young, 74, d. 03-23-1918 in Adair Co.]

Greer, Blanche Follis, a resident of Elkhart, Ill., d. February 10. Daughter of Short Follis, a native of Adair Co. "The deceased had only been married a short time." [Ill. death certificate abstracts include an entry for Blanche Avada Greer, female, white, age not stated, d. 02-07-1918, Elkhart, Logan Co., Ill.]

Kelsey, Stella, age not stated, d. "Sunday morning of last week" at the home of her father, Dr. O.M. Kelsey, Elkhorn, Taylor Co. Her parents were natives of Glenville but had removed to Taylor Co. some 30 years earlier. "Her mother died several years ago." [Ky. death record abstract: Kelsay, Stella M., 22, d. 03-17-1918 in Taylor Co.]

Schooling, Ada, 66 ("would have been sixty-seven had she lived until next September"), death date not stated (news of her death arrived "Friday afternoon" via telegram), d. in Salt Lake City, Utah. She was a dau. of H.G. & Eliza Atkins & was a native of Adair Co. Married D.J. Schooling of Marion Co.; he died when their two daughters were quite young. Survived by daughters, Mrs. J.M. Silvers of Salt Lake City, & Mrs. Dr. V.G. Logan, of Idaho; & a sister, Mrs. Kinnie Murrell, Columbia. Mrs. Schooling was Mrs. Murrell's only sister.

Arnold, Pauline, nine years, d. "last Monday." Daughter of Rev. & Mrs. O.D. Arnold, of Columbia. Burial in Columbia City Cemetery. [Ky. death record abstract gives her name as Della P. Arnold.]

Pruett, Susan, "about 68", d. "last Tuesday" at home, Merrimac [Taylor Co.] Wife of J.W. Pruett and mother of J.G. Pruett.

Smith, Job F., date of death not stated, killed in a cotton gin accident in Honey Grove, Texas, where he resided. Native of Adair County; he was "a grandson of Job Sharp and a nephew of John D. Sharp, who lives at Amandaville [Cumberland Co.]" [The 1880 Adair Co. census indicates he was born c.1872, the oldest child of George A. & Josephine Smith.]

Harden, Charlie, 25, a soldier, d. March 15 in Colorado. Son of Mr. & Mrs. J.A. Harden. Volunteered for military service "last June;" died from tuberculosis. Remains returned to Adair Co.; burial March 21st in Tabernacle Cemetery. The 04/03 edition (Eunice community newsletter) referred to his father as Joseph Harden.

Biggs, Jake, 23, a soldier, d. "Wednesday morning" at Camp Taylor [Jefferson Co.] from pneumonia. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Johnson Biggs & a nephew of the late J.J. Biggs. Remains returned to Adair Co.; funeral "Thursday" at Mt. Carmel.

Parson, ------- (Gradyville community newsletter), d. on the 23rd. Mother of George Parson. [Ky death record abstracts include an entry for Seally Parson 66, d. 03‑22‑1918 in Adair Co.]


Wednesday, April 3, 1918

Lyon, Jane, infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W.R. Lyon, Campbellsville [Taylor Co.], d. "Tuesday of last week."

Calhoun, Bettie, "about 72," found dead at home, Greensburg [Green Co.], "last Monday morning week." Wife of A.H. Calhoun.

Carnes, Mrs. Luther, "about sixty," d. "last Wednesday night." Resident of Pollard Chapel neighborhood. [See April 10 entries, below, for Luther & Ewing Kearns. Ky death record abstracts include an entry for Sarah Karnes, 60, d. 03‑27‑1918 in Adair Co.]

Giles, Hettie, age not stated, d. March 26th. Wife of Deroy Giles, resident of Ella community. Survived by husband & eight children. [Ky. death record abstract gives her age as 44.]

McKinley, Ottie, nee Ballinger, d. "recently" at Cartwright, Clinton Co. Native of Russell Co.; wife of George McKinley & sister of Frank M. Ballinger.

Bradshaw, Sallie A. (legal notice): "...The residence property of Mrs. Sallie A. Bradshaw will be offered for sale..."

Chapman, Jennie, "about fifty-four," a resident of Glenville, d. "last Saturday." Dau. of Bart Helm; her brother & niece, Dr. W.B. Helm & daughter, both of Greensburg [Green Co.] were at her bedside when she passed. "...she will be greatly missed, not only by her children, but by everyone who knew her."

Conover, John "Bant,""about forty-seven," d. "last Monday night" in St. Anthony's Hospital, Louisville. Remains returned to Louisville on Tuesday. Survived by his wife & a son, about 15 years old, & a brother, William Conover. [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for John R. Conover, 46, d. 03-26-1918 in Jefferson Co.]

Willis, Anthony "A.G.," 81 ("Had he lived until the forth of next August he would have been eighty-two years old"), d. "Wednesday morning." Son of Judge Edmund Willis. Survived by his wife; "several sons and daughters;" a brother, H.P. Willis, of near Joppa; and two sisters, Mrs. Caroline Jeffries & Miss Harriet Willis, of Columbia..


Wednesday, April 10, 1918

Kearns, Luther, a resident of the Cool Springs country, d. "last Saturday morning." [See 04/03 entry, above, for Mrs. Luther (Sarah) Carnes; and entry immediately below for Ewing Carnes. Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Will L. Karns, 60, d. 04‑06‑1918 in Adair County.]

[Kearns, Ewing], "...and a son of his [Luther Kearns, above entry] died in the afternoon, same day." [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Ewing Kerns, 23, d. 04-06-1918 in Adair Co.]

Moore, Jim Ed, 22, a resident of Cane Valley, d. "last Friday." Son of Ed Moore, dec'd. Survived by his mother, one brother and one sister. Religious services Friday morning; burial Turner Cemetery. A resolution of respect in the same edition referred to his mother, Charity Moore; sister, Miss Julia Moore; and brother, Henry Moore.

Hudson, Wm., age & death date not stated ("A dispatch received here Monday afternoon..."), killed by a train near Bowling Green [Warren Co.] He was a nephew of Mrs. RW. Shirley, of Adair Co.; and he & wife, the former Miss Myrtle Sagerser, of Louisville, were former Lindsey Wilson students. [Kentucky  death record abstracts include an entry for N.L. Hudson, 22, d. 04‑08‑1918 Warren Co.]

Moss, Chapman, a soldier, "about 22," death date & place not stated ("A message received here last Sunday...") Son of Tom Moss, "who lives below Gradyville." The remains reached Columbia Monday night, "and his old home Tuesday where the interment and funeral took place." The 04/24 edition (Gradyville community newsletter) mentioned his "father, mother and devoted sisters" as survivors. [Kentucky  death record abstracts include an entry for Chapman Moss, 25, d. 04-07-1918 in Jefferson Co.]

Newby, Mamie, 32, "of color," d. "last Wednesday night." Wife of Adolphus Newby. Burial in the colored cemetery.


Wednesday, April 17, 1918

Reynolds, Lucy, 87, d. "last week" in Junction City [Boyle Co.] Native of Adair Co.; sister of Mr. Elzy Damron, of Adair Co. A contributed entry in the April 24 edition gave a great deal more detail: she was born February 28, 1831 & died April 6, 1918; survived by a son, W.A. Reynolds, Junction City; two sisters, Sallie D. Banks & Mrs. Mattie Judd, Cane Valley; & four brothers: Elzie Damron. Columbia; Samuel Damron, Mt. Salem; & George & John Damron, Oklahoma. Burial "city cemetery" (apparently refers to Junction City Cemetery.)

Chumley, Hester, 35, d. at Font Hill, Russell Co., "Tuesday of last week." Daughter of A.R. Foley, dec'd., and wife of Dr. Charles Chumley. "She and her husband had only been in, from Kansas, a few days when the end came." [The Kentucky death record abstract gives her name as Hester B. Chumbley & her age as 34.]

Baker, Dorothy, nee Cole, "about seventy-five," native of near Cole Camp & resident of Amandaville [both in Cumberland Co.], d. "the first of last week." Survived by husband, Dr. T.T. Baker.

Gaskin, John, age not stated, a resident of Adair Co., shot to death by Paul Acree in Russell Co. [Acree was acquitted in his examining trial. Kentucky death record abstract not found.]

Phelps, Mrs. J.Q., age not stated, a resident of Esto, Russell County, d. "last Thursday [April 11]." Survived by husband and several children. Burial in the Phelps graveyard [near Esto, Russell Co.] [Ky. death record abstracts include an entry for Nancy J. Phelps, 60, d. 04-12-1918 in Russell Co.]

Chelf, Mary (Hatcher, Taylor Co. community newsletter), 14, d. "last Saturday" in Fort Wayne, Ind. Daughter of Luther Chelf; "She was the last member of Mr. Chelf's family..."). remains returned to Campbellsville; burial in Brookside Cemetery.

Brakes, 11-day-old infant of Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Brakes d. "last Saturday;" burial Antioch Cemetery. (Rugby community newsletter.) [Kentucky death record abstract not found.]


Wednesday, April 24, 1918

Wilson, stillborn daughter, born April 15 to the wife of W.E. Wilson. [Ky. birth record abstracts include an entry for Elsie Wilson, b. 04-15-1918 in Adair Co.]

Wesley, infant of Mr. & Mrs. Virgil Wesley, Glenville, d. "a few nights ago." [Ky. death record abstracts include an entry for Francis G. Wesley, under one year, d. 04-15-1918 in Adair Co.]

Parnell, Bradley, a soldier "who went to the army, from Keltner" d. at Hattiesburg, Miss."last week." The 05/15 edition (Rugby community newsletter) gave his rank as that of private & stated he died in camp in South Carolina & that the funeral was held at Marshall's Chapel.  [Other sources give his death date as 04-19-1918  & his home address as Pyrus.]

Traylor, Elizabeth, "about 75," d. April 11 in Elida, N.M. Wife of Jo Traylor. They had at one time resided near Columbia.

McLean, infant, three weeks old, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. McLean, d. "last Saturday night." The 04/10 edition announced that a daughter had been born to Mrs. Geo. McLean on April 7th.  [Ky. death record abstracts include an entry for Maxicie McClain, under one year of age, d. 04-21-1918 in Adair Co.] A card of thanks in the same edition gave her name as Maxine.

Jones, Jim, age & death date not stated, a resident of Cumberland Co., d. by suicide. (The original entry gives his name as "Jim Janes or Jones.")  [Ky. death record abstracts include an entry for James G. Jones, 31, d. 04-16-1918 in Cumberland Co.]

Andrew, Mary C., age 71 years, two months & 25 days, born January 17, 1847, d. April 12, 1918. Widow of H.B. Andrew, who "died 29 years ago and was buried in the State of Washington." Survived by a sister, Mrs. Nelson, and a brother, W.H. Hamon, both of Fairplay. Funeral at the Concord church; burial in the "nearby cemetery." Submitted by D.L. Vance. [The Kentucky death record abstract indicates she died in Adair Co.]

Cabbell, Alma, "about thirty," d. "last Thursday" at her home, Joppa, Adair Co. Wife of R.M. Cabbell & daughter of Lafe Blair of Russell Co. [Kentucky death record abstract: is this A.R. Cabbell, 25, d. 04-16-1918 in Adair Co.??]

Turner, Roy, "about 25," d. "last Saturday night" at the home of his brother-in-law, Evin Strange, on the Glasgow pike. Had resided in Breeding before removing to Columbia; the remains were returned to Breeding for burial. [The Kentucky death record abstract gives his middle initial as "E."]

Grady, Eld. John, "about seventy," "of color," a resident of the suburbs of Columbia, d. "Thursday morning of last week." Survived by his wife & several children. Burial in "colored cemetery."

Wilson, Willie, a soldier,  (in a letter written by Gresham Ford and Velmer Aaron, Adair Co. soldiers stationed at Fort Shelby, Miss.): "We only have account of the death of two Adair county boys here, namely: Willie Wilson and Will O. Melson." [Other sources state William "Willie" Wilson died 11-19-1917 & that his remains were interred in the Columbia City Cemetery.]

Smith, Maggie (a tribute), age not stated, d. April 3, 1918 at St. Joseph Hospital, Logansport, Ind. Widow of the late Joseph Smith. Submitted by a niece, Josephine Smith. (The tribute was headlined "Death of a Colored Woman.")


Wednesday, May 1, 1918

Hamilton, Ed Lee, age not stated, of Metcalfe Co., d. April 20. Survived by wife, the former Miss Kate Walker, of Nell, Adair Co., & a little son. The Nell community newsletter in the May 8 edition stated that he lived near Wisdom, Metcalfe Co.; that he was also survived by his father, two sisters and several half brothers; that his remains were "brought here and buried by his mother; that his son's name was Garnett; and that his widow and son would come to live with her mother, Mrs. Carrie Walker. [The Kentucky death record abstract gives his age as 32.]

Martin, R.A.C. (historical note): "Forty-six years ago last Monday, between 12 and 1 o'clock in the afternoon, the Bank of Columbia was robbed and its cashier, R.A.C. Martin, killed."

Holladay, John "The remains of John Holladay, who died sixteen years ago, and who was buried on the farm he owned at the time, were disinterred last Wednesday...and buried by the side of his wife, in the city cemetery." [Cemeteries of Adair County, Kentucky, Volume 4, page 37, has this entry: John Holladay 1 Dec. 1843 - 18 Oct. 1900. Buried beside him is Ellen Waggener Holladay.]

Wednesday, May 8, 1918

Hindman, Harlan C., age not stated, d. "last Thursday" at Bloomfield, Nelson Co. (Ky.) Native of Milltown, Adair Co. Nephew of former Ky. Lt. Gov. J.R. Hindman, dec'd. Survived by his father, W.A. Hindman; & "brothers" & a sister, Mrs. Harris. Also mentioned was cousin, Dr. R.Y. Hindman. Remains returned to Columbia; burial in the Columbia City Cemetery "by the side of his mother." A card of thanks in the same edition mentioned Mr. & Mrs. E.P. Harris, of Cattlesburg. An entry in the 05/01 edition named "Messrs. L.C., Curt, and W.C. Hindman" as brothers [Ky. death record abstract gives his age as 39.]

Walker, J.D. (Gradyville newsletter), "J.N. Coffey, Robert Young, H.A. and J.L. Walker, of Columbia, were surveying some land in this section, one day last week, that was conveyed to the Cole Bros., from the heirs of J.D. Walker, deceased." [Ky. death record abstracts include an entry for James D. Walker, 65, d. 02-10-1913 in Adair Co.]


Wednesday, May 15, 1918

Simpson, Lou, "close to eighty," a native of Jamestown [Russell Co.], d. "last Sunday week [May 5]" in Cincinnati at the home of a daughter. She was a daughter of Abner Jones & the widow of A.P. Simpson. She was survived by "several daughters and two sons." Remains returned to Jamestown; burial "Tuesday of last week." [Ohio death certificate abstracts include an entry for Lou Siipson, age not given, d.  5-3-1918, Hamilton County, Ohio.]

Winfrey, Bill Tom, "about 32," killed in Oklahoma when he fell from an oil derrick. death date not stated; father arrived in Okla. (from Indiana) Saturday night (May 11.) Son of Dr. F.N. Winfrey and his first wife, "a Miss Elliott...[who] died many years ago. The Elliott family was prominent in Cumberland Co." The remains were returned to Bakerton, Cumberland Co., for burial. Another entry in the same edition stated:  "Mrs. D.E. Phelps and daughter, Verlie, went to Cumberland County  one day last week to attend the burial of W.T. Winfrey, a relative of Mrs. Phelps whose remains were brought to Bakerton, Ky., from Healdton, Okla."

Allen, -------, wife of Candor Allen, "a colored man," d. "Wednesday night." [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Maggie Allen, 27, d. 05-08-1918 in Adair Co.]

Pardue, Rev. Robt., age not stated, "pastor of the colored Baptist Church, this place," d. Sunday. Native of Montgomery Co., Tenn. Survived by wife & two children. [Kentucky death record abstract not found.]

Scholl, Herman (Ozark community newsletter), "little son" of Mr. & Mrs. Meldrum Scholl, d. April 25. Survived by parents and a brother. [Kentucky death record abstract gives age as "under one year."]


Wednesday, May 22, 1918

Brockman, William L., "in his 79th year," a resident of Glenville, d. "last Sunday." Predeceased by first wife "who sleeps in yonder cemetery" [Columbia City Cemetery]; survived by second wife and several children. Had served in the Union army, "a valiant soldier." Burial Monday; remains interred beside those of his first wife. A note of thanks from "Mrs. Annie Brockman and children" appeared in the May 29 edition. The Glensfork community newsletter in the 06/05 edition stated he was 78; that he was survived by his wife & two children; and that "Mrs. Hattie Upton and son, William, of Bowling Green, and Mr. George Brockman, wife and daughter, of Amandaville [Cumberland Co.], were at the bedside of Mr. W.L. Brockman, several days before his death."

McKee, Sarah Speake, 88, d. May 1 in Kansas City. She was the widow of Dr. John L. McKee, a former pastor of the Columbia Presbyterian Church & a former principal of the Columbia M. & F. High School. Mrs. McKee had taught in the latter. She was a native of Danville, Ky.

Turner, W.G., "about sixty-seven," d. "last Friday night." Lived near town on the Glasgow road. Survived by wife & several sons & daughters.

Sutton, -------, "Mrs. Sutton, mother of John Sutton, who lived near Jamestown, died a few days ago." [Ky. death record abstract not found.]

Squires, six month old infant of Mr. & Mrs. Claud_ Squires, of Exie [Green Co.], d. "last Thursday." (Miami community newsletter.)

White, [Martha], 67, "my beloved mother," d. March 26, 1918. Born Nov. 20, 1850; married Willis G. White "of this county" on Jan. 30, 1873. Predeceased by a daughter, Maggie N. Shepherd "about ten years ago;" survived by two sons. Funeral conducted at her home by Rev. J.O. Wolford. Obituary submitted by a son, Owen White.  [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Martha R. White, 67, d. 03-26-1918 in Adair County.]


Wednesday, May 29, 1918

Stephens, -------, "about 17," a daughter of Mr. C.C. Stephens, "who lives near Miami" [Green Co.?], d. "last Thursday" [May 23.] [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Annie Stevens, 23, d. 05-23-1918 in Green Co.]


Wednesday, June 5, 1918

Edmunds, J.N., 26, d. May 26. Survived by wife & children. Part owner & managing editor of the Russell County Advance.

Conover, Marvin, "News has reached here that Albert Burton, who shot and killed Marvin Conover, who was a deputy jailer, fifteen years ago..." [This information from the 1903-04 Adair County Vital Statistic Records: Marven M. Conover, white, 26, male, single, deputy jailer, died March 30, 1904; cause of death: "gun shot in making arrest;" born, resided & died Adair Co.; parents S.B.M. & Sarah J. Conover, both born Adair Co.]


Wednesday, June 12, 1918

Taylor, Mary, age not stated, d. "last Tuesday night." Wife of W.E. Taylor, "who lives near the Simon Wheat spring, in the Southern portion of town." Burial Columbia City Cemetery. [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Sis Taylor, 65, d. 06-04-1918 in Adair County.]

Cox, Loucinda, wife of Albert J. Cox & daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Geo. W. Ewing, d. "about twelve years ago." She "was partly reared in Columbia."[See next entry.]  Mr. Cox was a native of Adair Co. but had been "a resident of Drexel, Mo. [for] forty-two years."He was a brother of Mr. A.B. Cox.

Ewing, Jo, & Ewing, Frank, apparently brothers of Loucina Ewing Cox [see above entry]: "Jo and Frank are both dead. Jo was the first to die, and Frank was killed in a railroad wreck, at some place in the South, twelve years ago. Other sibling mentioned were Ike [see 11/17 entry for Isaac Ewing], Jeffersonville, Ind.; & Mrs. Mattie Ewing Parr, an employee at the Masonic Home, Louisville.

Hudson, Austin (Roy community newsletter), 19, "who lived near Sano,"death date not stated, buried May 31 in the Bailey grave yard. [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Austin Hudson, 24, d. 05-30-1918 in Adair Co.]


Wednesday, June 19, 1918

Clark, Evelyn Marie, 20 months, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Dan Clark of Santa Paula, Calif., d. June 3. Burial in the Santa Paula City Cemetery. [Connection to Adair Co. not stated.]

Wethington, Wolford, "of Casey County, was recently killed in action in France. He was related to Robert Wethington, this place." [Other sources give his name as Wilford Wethington. His death occurred on or before June 13th; it was on that day that his death was officially reported.]

Grissom, Grover, "about thirty-four," d. "last Wednesday." Native of Breeding but had lived in Columbia for about 27 years. Son of Dr. W.R. Grissom, dec'd., and Mrs. Rachel Grissom. Survived by mother, wife, two sons & a brother. Burial "beside his father" in the Columbia City Cemetery.

Campbell, Hogard, 21, a resident of near Dirigo, d. "Sunday night." Son of Joseph Campbell. The 06/26 edition (Gradyville community newsletter) stated the funeral was in the Sparksville community; the 07/10 edition (Rugby community newsletter) stated that he "died here...and was buried at the family grave yard on Monday" & extended sympathy to his parents, brothers & sisters; & the 04/24 edition (Sparksville community newsletter) mentioned by name a sister, Miss Valeria Campbell.

Caldwell, Robt. ("Personals" column), mentioned in passing as "Robt. Caldwell, deceased," father of William R. Caldwell, who had been visiting kinfolk in Columbia. The younger Caldwell "was born and reared at Portland, this county."


Wednesday, June 26, 1918

Dohoney, J.P., Jr., "70 years old last March," d. "Monday morning [24th]" at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Sam Shreve, in Columbia. Native of Milltown; had spent the past twelve or fifteen years in Texas and Oklahoma but had recently returned to Adair Co. from Elreno, Okla. Son of Chapman Dohoney, "the wealthiest man in all this section at the time of his death." Survived by eight children: Mrs. Eugene Montgomery, of Texas; Mrs. Ed Bradshaw & Mrs W.H. Edsall, of Louisville; Forest Dohoney, of Texas; Mrs. Tossie Willis, Mrs. Sam Shreve, Will Dohoney & Miss Winnie Dohoney; and a brother, Frank Dohoney. Burial Monday in Milltown "by the side of his parents and other members of his family." An entry in the 07/03 edition ("Personals" column) reads thus: "Mrs. Eugene Montgomery, of Pilot Point, Texas, arrived last Wednesday for a few weeks' visit. She stopped  with her mother, Mrs. Priscilla Dohoney. Mrs. Montgomery had hoped to get here in time to see her father, but he was buried on Monday." [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Jack C. Dohoney, 70, d. 06-25-1918 in Adair Co.]

Hunn, George, & Hunn, ------- (five others): "Mr. George Hunn, wife and four children...were struck by a southern passenger train and all were killed..." last Monday near Moreland, Lincoln Co. "Two other persons were also killed. "Mr. Hunn was a first cousin of Mr. A. Hunn, this place..." [Ky. death record abstracts include the following five entries; the death date for each was 06-17-1918, the place of death for each was Lincoln Co., & the surname for each was given as Hum: Geo. W, 54; Ambras W.; 8 years; Randolph, six years; Frank, 4 years; & Geo. W., 3 years. Another entry, in nearby Boyle Co., was for Sarah Humm, 35, also on 06-17-1918.]

McCaffree, Nona, 60, a resident of near Columbia, d. "last Wednesday." Widow of R.T. McCaffree. Survived by two sons, two daughters & one sister "to our knowledge," Mrs. C.M. Hindman. Burial in the Columbia City Cemetery.

Brown, ------, 10-year-old son of C.M. Brown ("a merchant near the Sand Lick Spring"), accidentally killed by Nannie Brown, his 12-year-old sister "a few days ago." [No other details given; Ky. death record abstract not found.]

Gadberry, Sarah, nee Loy, 63, resident of Gadberry, d. "last Monday night." Survived by sisters Mrs. J.V. White & Mrs. Gaither Bryant, of near Fairplay; & a brother, Austin Loy. Burial "near Gadberry."

Ingram, J. Ike, "seventy-odd years old," d. the previous Tuesday [18th] in Fancy Prairie, Ill. Native of Adair Co.; had left there "many years ago." Predeceased by wife, a sister of Mrs. H.B. Ingram, "about one year ago." Only survivor mentioned was a brother, H.B. Ingram of Adair Co. [Ill. death record abstracts include an entry for James I. Ingram, male, white, age not stated, d. 06-19-1918 in Shipman Twp., Macoupin Co. Ill.]


Wednesday, July 3, 1918

Dunbar, Martha J., "about sixty-five," d. "last Tuesday" at home, on Green River. Daughter of Col. John Tupman & widow of W.P. Dunbar. Survived by "several sons and daughters, all grown." "Her remains were conveyed to the home of T.P. Dunbar, this place, Wednesday, and there buried by the side of her husband in what is known as the Dunbar graveyard."  [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Mattie J. Dunbar, 71, d. 06-25-1918 in Adair County.]

Gilmer, Cornelia, 72, a resident of Honey Grove, Texas for nearly 50 years, d. "Sunday morning." Native of Columbia & a daughter of Captain James Murrell. Predeceased by her husband (name not stated), "a prominent citizen of Honey Grove;" he died "ten or twelve years ago." Survived by two daughters & two sons, all of Texas, and "many relatives" in Adair Co. Only survivor mentioned by name was a niece, Mrs. J.W. Coy, of Adair Co.

Trabue, Mary, 81, d. "last Thursday night" at her home, one mile from Columbia. She was a daughter of William & Elizabeth Trabue, & a niece of George Alfred, Dr. W.B., Junius, & Isaac Caldwell. "On the Trabue side some of her relatives served with distinction in the war of the revolution." Survived by one sister, Miss Tillie Trabue; they had lived together on their farm.

Frazer, Felix, d. "many years ago," mentioned as father of J. Olie Frazier in the wedding announcement of J. Olie to Miss Mary Whitfield.


Wednesday, July 10, 1918

Paull, Richard F., "sixty-five years old last March," d. Tuesday morning (July 9) at home, Columbia. A native of Cumberland Co. but had resided in Columbia for over 40 years. Survived by his wife, the former Miss Rena Walker, dau. of W.H. Walker. They were married soon after he removed to Columbia. They had no children; the only other relative mentioned was a nephew, Fred Hill, of Columbia. The July 17 edition stated: "When services at the [Baptist] church closed the Knights Templar took charge and the procession moved to the cemetery." A will probate entry in the 08/07 edition  named the following devisees: wife; Fred Hill; H.F. Hill; children of T.E. Paull; his sister, Katie McClusky [also referred to in the article as Hattie]; Crockett Paull; the issue of C.H. Paull; the issue of Jas. R. Paull; & Hattie Furgerson.

Wilson, Bettie, "in her sixty-seventh year," d. "last Saturday night" at home, on the Russell Springs road, a mile from Columbia. Daughter of W.D. & Sallie Murrell, & widow of Geo. E. Wilson, who died "about thirty-five years ago." Survived by three children, Mark Wilson, Mrs. Bud Vaughan, & Lena Wilson; a sister, Mrs. Mollie Triplett; & a brother, W.W. Murrell, Oklahoma. An entry in the "Personals" column, same edition, stated she lived "near the old Wilson mill site."

Mann, Jesse, 89 ("he lacked only a few months being ninety years old"), d. "last Sunday" at Milltown. He had served in the Union army. [Ky. death record abstract gives his age as 87 & his death date as 07-06-1918.]

Rowe, Aba, "about sixty-two," d. "last Sunday" at home, Rowena, Russell Co. Survived by husband, Albert Rowe. Also mentioned was a daughter, "Mrs. Ballou, who lived in Columbia two years ago." [Ky. death record abstract gives her name as Abical A. Rowe & her age as 58.]


Wednesday, July 17, 1918

Bryant, Verna, 18 ("had she lived until next November show would have been nineteen"), d. "last Friday." Oldest daughter of Walker Bryant; survived by her father, step-mother, four sisters & two brothers. Burial in the Columbia City Cemetery.

Alexander, W.F., "about sixty-seven," a citizen of Burkesville, d. "last Monday night." An entry in the 06/19 edition ("Personals" column) mentioned a brother, H.K. Alexander, of Burkesville.

Blair, Mattie, 76, d. "the first of last week" near Glenville. She was the widow of James Blair. Burial in the Helm graveyard. [Ky. death record abstracts include an entry for Minton Blair, 76, d. 07-08-1918 in Adair Co. "Mattie"/"Minton" most likely was Arminta "Mintie" Blair.]


Wednesday, July 24, 1918

Wilkerson, Joel, d. "about one year ago." Mentioned as the father of Olie Wilkerson in the marriage announcement of Olie to Ella Miller. [Ky. death record abstracts include an entry for Joel Wilkenson, 44, d. 07-31-1918 in Adair Co.]

Troutman, John, "about sixty-five," a resident of the Zion community, d. "last Thursday." Never married; survived by two sisters, Mrs. Elizabeth Murrell, of Joppa, & Mrs. J.W. Morris.

Monday, W.H.C., 89 ("had he lived until the 14th day of next December he would have been ninety years old"), a resident of Casey Creek, d. "last Sunday night." Formerly a citizen of Columbia & was married there to the former Miss Margaret Alexander, a native of Cumberland Co. He had served in the Union army. In the August 28 edition (Knifley community newsletter) he was referred to as "uncle Billie Monday."

McCallister, infant of Mr. & Mrs. Alex McCallister of Milltown, d. "last Sunday." [Ky. death record abstracts include an entry for Pauline Mcallister, one year old, d. 07-21-1918 in Adair Co.]

Rose, Jefferson (Gradyville community newsletter), 72, died "the evening of the 11th." Survived by a wife and daughter. Burial in "the family cemetery, near where he lived." [Kentucky death record abstract not found.]


Wednesday, July 31, 1918

Barnett, infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Herman Barnett, 36 hours old, d. July 21 (or possibly, July 22), St. Louis, Mo. "Mrs. W.R. Myers was called to St. Louis last week. Her daughter, Mrs. Herman Barnett, gave birth to a girl child on the 20th, but it only lived thirty-six hours..." A brief entry in the 04/17 edition mentioned another child, "her [Mrs. Barnett's] little daughter, Nancy..."

Sinclair, James, 12, drowned in the Ohio River "at the foot of 23rd street, Louisville,""last Thursday morning." Son of Alvin Sinclair, of Louisville, & nephew of E.L. Sinclair, of Columbia. Body was recovered on Friday, 15 miles below where the drowning occurred. Burial was in Louisville.

Chandler, W.A., sixty-six, d. at home in Campbellsville [Taylor Co.] "Monday of last week." Survived by wife & children. Burial in St. Augustine Cemetery, Lebanon [Marion Co.] [Kentucky death record abstract gives his name as William A.] The Hatcher [Taylor Co.] community newsletter in the July 31 edition stated he was survived by his wife, three sons & five daughters.

Flanagan, -------, "close to eighty," d. "the first of last week at home on Wolf Creek [Russell Co.]

Mother of Dr. W.G.D. Flanagan, of Jamestown. [Ky. death record abstracts include an entry for Elizabeth Flanagan, 84, d. 07-22-1918 in Russell Co.]

Drye, J. Blane, age not stated, a native of Bradfordsville [Marion Co.], d. "last week" in Lewisburg, Kansas. Remains returned to Bradfordsville.

Williams, Dr. L.E., "about forty-four," d. "Monday morning" in Glasgow [Barren Co.] Native of Montpelier & a son of Eld. Z.T. Williams.  Survived by his father, his wife, a son & a daughter, & several brothers and sisters. A brother, J.A. Williams, &  a sister, Mrs. Bert Epperson, were the only siblings mentioned by name. Funeral & burial to take place in Glasgow. A lengthy obituary in the 08/28 edition, first printed in the Glasgow Times "at the time of his death," gave much additional information: born Montpelier, 1875; his mother was "a Miss Wheat [Clemmie Wheat, d/o Cyrus & Sallie Murrah Wheat]; & in 1906 he married Miss Minnie Depp, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J.P. Depp, "of this place" [Glasgow]. Survived by his father & his wife; a daughter, Miss Jane Armstrong Williams; a son, Loren E. Williams; two sisters, Mrs. Bert Epperson, Columbia, & Mrs. Kirby Smith, Jamestown, Tenn.; & three brothers, Lawrence Williams, Texas; Luther Williams, Cave City, Ky.; & Joe Williams, Columbia. Burial in the Glasgow City Cemetery. [Ky. death record abstracts include an entry for Loreen Williams, 43, d. 07-29-1918 in Barren Co.]

Sprindle, L.W., "quite an old man," of Louisville, d. "last Wednesday morning" He was an uncle of Mr. R.W. Shirley, of near Milltown. [Kentucky death record abstract not found.]

Franks, Amanda, 84, of Burkesville [Cumberland Co.], d. "last Wednesday."

Sharp, stillborn infant of Mr. & Mrs. Boss Sharp. (Rugby community newsletter.) [Ky death record abstracts include an entry for an unnamed male infant, his father Boss Sharp, under one year of age, d. 08-03-1918 in Adair Co.]

Miller, Mrs. Mercina Gilliam (Owensby, Russell Co., community newsletter), 68, d. June 20, 1918.Predeceased by her husband and a son "some years ago" & by a brother, John M. Sims, who "died at this place some six years ago." "After the death of all the other members of the Sims family, caused by chills and swamp fever, Mrs. Miller and sister Mary and brother John, left Arkansas and came to Kentucky, about 50 years ago." Survived by six sons and "some grandchildren."

Coffey, Sam (Owensby, Russell Co., community newsletter), 66, "was found dead in the bed on the morning of July 8th." Survived by wife, two daughters, & three brothers, who live in Texas & Illinois. [This gentleman was called "Blind Sam," & was a son of Anderson & Mary Wheat Coffey.--ed.]


Wednesday, August 7, 1919

Loy, Martin, "less than forty years old," d. "last Friday." Unmarried; survived by "several brothers and sisters." including Asa Martin of Columbia. [The Ky. death record abstract gives his name as J.M. and his age as 29.]

Nell, Pearl, age & place of death not stated, d. "last Saturday" in Frankfort. She was a daughter of Dr. E.M. Nell, dec'd., & a half sister of Mrs. G.W. Staples and Mrs. J.G. Eubank, of Columbia. Also mentioned: "brother and sisters."  [Ky death record abstracts include an entry for Pearl Nell, 34, d. 08-03-1918 in Franklin Co. See entry for Anna Nell, 10/16 edition.]

McQueary, John F., a soldier, killed in action. "A message reached here Monday afternoon from the Adjutant General, and directed to James McQueary, stated that his son, John F. McQueary, had been killed in action. This evidently occurred in the last week." [Registration of Veterans' Graves for Adair Co. gives two entries for John S. McQueary/McQuery: 1) birth date 1898 (month/day not given), death date  7-18-1918,  burial Cross Road Cem. @ Christine; & 2) birth date 1-27-1900, death 7-18-1918, burial Cross Road Cem. @ Christine.]

White, Guy, 16, "colored," died August 2nd from a beating delivered July 26 by Rollin Anderson, 19, "colored,"on July 26th in Green Co. Son of Pete White.


Wednesday, August 14, 1918

Bryant, Melvin, 45, d. "last Thursday" in Campbellsville. Son of J.W. Bryant, who was a native of Adair Co.

Napper, Thos. N. "is reported killed on the Western front. His address is given as Big Creek, Ky., and thinking perhaps he is a Gradyville, boy, we make the above announcement as there are Napiers living in that locality." [Other sources give his name as Thomas H. Napier and indicate he was from Big Creek in Clay Co., Ky., not Adair Co.]


Wednesday, August 21, 1918

Hurt, Eliza A., nee Bradshaw, 76, d. August 10 in Russell Springs [Russell Co.] Native of Adair Co.; wife of Geo. J. Hurt. Survived by her husband of 50 years, two sons & several daughters. Remains interred in the Montgomery grave yard, Adair Co.

Harvey, Amanda, 80, d. "one day last week" in the Breeding community. Widow of Piner Harvey & "mother of twelve children, all living."

Burbridge, Rollin, a soldier, "The remains of Rollin Burbridge, whose home was near Fairplay, this county, arrived last Saturday night. The coffin was marked 'suicide'..." Stationed at Fort. Oglethorpe, Ga. A letter from him, to his people, dated Aug. 12, 1918, stated that he was well." [Cemeteries of Adair County, Kentucky, Vol 2, pg 57, gives his death date as August 16, 1918.]

Bailey, Eli, 69 ("He would have been 70 years old had he lived until next February"), death date not stated. Lived "on the Russell Springs road, five miles from Columbia." Burial Friday at White Oak.

 [Ky. death record abstracts include an entry for Elz Bailey, 69, d. 08-15-1918 in Adair Co.]

Warrener, Jannie, 36, d. "last Wednesday night" near Milltown. Wife of Wm. Warrener. Survived by husband & three children. [Ky. death record abstracts include an entry for Fannie Warner, 36, d. 08-14-1918 in Adair Co.]


Wednesday, August 28, 1918

Waggener, E.P., "the late E.P. Waggener," mentioned as the father of Paul H. Waggener in the wedding announcement of Paul to Miss Ocey Epperson.

Groves, June, age not stated, "colored,", shot & killed "Monday of last week"  by "a colored man named Anderson" "at Cedar Top School-house, near Camp Knox, Green County." [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Jim Groves, 45, d. 08-26-1918 in Green Co. Is this the same man??]

Beard, Owen, 29, d. "last Friday afternoon" at his home near Neatsburg. No children; survived by wife. Also mentioned: a brother, Wallace Beard. Funeral & burial at Tabernacle.

Pike, Pearl (Knifley community newsletter), age not stated, d. August 21. Wife of Sam Pike. Burial at Carmel Grave yard. [Ky. death record abstracts include an entry for Pearl Pike, 21, d. 08-21-1918 in Adair Co.]

Butler, D.H., "News of the death of Mr. D.H. Butler, which occurred in Louisville Monday afternoon, reaches us as we go to press." A great deal more information appeared in the September 4, 1918 edition: Age 68 "(...would have been sixty-nine had he lived until the 23rd of November"); was a native of near Mt. Pleasant, Adair Co.; & was the youngest child of Mr. & Mrs. Champ Butler. Predeceased by a brother, Judge J.W. Butler. Survived by his wife; a son, Will Butler, of Iowa; two sisters, Mrs. Sallie Smith & Mrs. Nellie Conover, both of Adair Co.; & two brothers, Josh & James Butler, both of Adair Co. Burial Tuesday in Cave Hill Cemetery, Louisville. [Ky. death record abstracts include an entry for David H. Butler, 68, d. 08-26-1918 in Jefferson Co.]

Jones, infant twins of Mrs. P.K. Jones, of the Knifley section, d. "a few days ago." "One was born dead and the other lived but a few minutes..." [Ky. birth record abstracts include an entry for Allene Jones, b. 08-18-1918 Adair Co. to Phillip K. & Lula Knifley Jones in Adair Co. Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Allene Jones, under one year of age, d. 08-18-1918 in Adair Co. Most likely, neither a birth nor death record would have been filed for the stillborn twin.]


Wednesday, September 4, 1918

Smith, Lee S., 62 ("...would have been sixty-three had he lived until the 12th of this month"), d. "last Saturday" at the home of a brother-in-law, J.N. Coffey, "this place." Survived by two sisters, Mrs. J.N. Coffey & Miss Kittie Smith. Burial in Columbia City Cemetery.

Pike, Green, "about fifty," d. "last Monday" in the Mt. Carmel area,  by suicide. [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Green Pike, 53, d. 08-26-1918 in Adair Co.]

James, Ollie M., 47, Kentucky's senior Senator, d. August 28 at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Md. Born Marion, Crittenden Co., Ky., July 27, 1871. Only survivors mentioned: his wife; & a brother, E.H. James. Funeral in Marion, Crittenden Co., Ky.

Montgomery, Garnett, 41, death date not specified (family members had received telegrams from him "two days before the message came announcing his death;" that message came "last Thursday morning"), a resident of Conroe, Texas, d. Houston, Texas, following surgery. Native of Adair Co., the second son of Mr. & Mrs. J.F. Montgomery. Survived by his wife & two children, of Texas; & parents, four brothers and a sister, of Adair Co. The only siblings named were the sister, Mrs. Ben. E. Rowe, & two brothers, George & Gordon Montgomery. Burial in Conroe.


Wednesday, September 11, 1918

Gowen, Charley, age not stated, of the Sparksville community, d. "last Thursday night." The same edition (Gradyville community newsletter) stated the shingle machine was set up "near Mr. Gowen's house; in the Weed community;" that he was survived by his parents, wife & two children; that the funeral was held at Big Creek church; burial "in the family cemetery, near by the church." The 10/16 edition (Nell community newsletter) stated Mrs. Gowen & children had "moved to her father's, Mr. John Yates of near here." [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Charley L. Gowen, 28, d. 09-05-1918 in Adair Co.]

Combs, Mrs. Thomas, a resident of Nell, Adair Co., d. "last Saturday" by suicide. She "was a Miss Kinnaird, a sister, we are told, of Judge Kinnaird, of Edmonton."[See 12/18 entry for Vallie Combs. Kentucky death record abstract not found.]

Harvey, Mary T., nee Turk, "died this Tuesday morning at 2 o'clock. Obituary will appear next week." September 18 edition: Age not stated; predeceased by husband "many years ago." Survived by a son, John Harvey, of Boston, Mass., & a daughter, Mae. Another son, Harry Harvey, "if living, is somewhere in the far west, but no word has come from him for several years." Also survived by a sister, Mrs. Rice, of Adair Co., & a brother, W. Turk, of Bagnell Station, Texas. Burial beside her husband; cemetery not specified.  [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Mary F. Harvey, 72, d. Adair Co. 09-10-1918.]

McElroy, Mettie (Ozark community newsletter), d. "last Sunday [August 25]" at the home of her mother, Mrs. Conover. Survived by her husband, who "is in France," & a small son. [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Mettie L. McElroy, 18, d. 08-24-1918 in Adair Co.]

Combest, John (Ozark community newsletter), d. "last Thursday" at home, near Craycraft. Survived by wife; several grown children, including a son, Willie, in the army; & brothers & sisters.  [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for John Combest, 53, d. 08-22-1918 in Adair Co.]


Wednesday, September 18, 1918

Jackman, Clarence, a soldier, reported missing in action. A report in the 12/04 edition erroneously stated "...he is evidently alive, as the Louisville Herald published his name some days ago, as being wounded and in a hospital. He is supposed to be in a British hospital." [An announcement of Pvt. Jackman's death never appeared in any edition of the 1918 Adair County News. Information found at the American  Monuments Commissions give his rank as Cpl.; that he served in the 26th Inf. Regt. of the 1st Inf. Division; that he was killed in action on July 28, 1918; & that he was buried at Plot B, Row 21, Grave 17,Oise‑Aisne American Cemetery, Fere‑en‑Tardenois, France.]

Antle, Luther, a soldier, was erroneously reported as having died from battle wounds.

Hendrickson, U. Green, age not stated, d. "last Wednesday" in Casey Creek. Married first Miss Mariah Jane Sanders "and to this union were born four children, one son died several years ago and four daughters survive; Mesdames Mollie Keiger, Ella Bland and Myrtie Brumley of Kansas and Mrs. Elizabeth Mitchell, Oklahoma." He married second, Mrs. Elizabeth Sanders; no children from this marriage; & he married third, Mrs. Woodrum Roso. Survived by third wife; above-named daughters; three sisters: Mesdames Mary Chelf, Nancy Stayton of Missouri & Mrs. William Belton of Kansas; & three brothers: Joe, of Casey Creek; Felix, of Missouri; & former County Judge W.T. Hendrickson, of Adair Co. [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Urbin G. Hendrickson, 76, d. 09-11-1918 in Adair Co.]

Powell, Ben, a soldier, son of Mr. & Mrs James Powell, of Vester, was reported as missing in action, and "Mr. Powell had gotten no word of his son since July." [[An announcement of Pvt. Royse's death never appeared in any edition of the 1918 Adair County News. In  Cemeteries of Adair County, Kentucky, Vol 3 p 9 (Bryant Cemetery), is this entry: Powell, Benjamin 8-3-1892 - 7-23-1918, "killed in action of W.W. I."]


Wednesday, September 25, 1918

Goode, Bob (Casey Creek community newsletter), "Uncle Bob Goode died of paralysis last Sunday. The body was embalmed and kept until the following Wednesday, until the arrival of one of his daughters who had a position in a hospital, near Enid, Okla. The remains were taken to Owensboro for burial." [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Robert F. Goode, 70, d. 08-25-1918 in Adair Co.]


Wednesday, October 2, 1918

In this edition of the News came the first mention of the flu epidemic. One entry stated there had been 262 "mild" cases of flu reported at Camp Zachary Taylor (Jefferson Co., Ky.) & another entry reported that the draft call for 142,000 men for the week of October 7-12 had been canceled.

Chilson, John A., 57, d. "a few days ago" in Louisville. Survived by wife; also mentioned was a brother, H.G. Chilson, of Adair Co. Burial in Cave Hill Cemetery [Louisville.] [The Kentucky death record abstract gives his death date as 09- 20-1918.]

Russell, Mrs. O.C. (Fonthill, Russell Co., community newsletter), "Mr. R.L Walters attended the funeral of his sister, Mrs. O.C. Russell, of Phil [Casey Co.]  [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Bettie Russell, 45, d. 09-03-1918 in Casey Co.]


Wednesday, October 9, 1918

Grant, Robert, "Robert Grant of Crocus died of Spanish Influenza on Sunday. Mr. Grant had been at Greenwood, Indiana, for about two months." [Also see 10/30 entry.]

Rice, Nannie, "in her 87th year," d. Tuesday, October 1, at the home of a daughter, Mrs. Braxton Massie. She was a resident of Cane Valley. Preceded in death by her husband, Frank Rice, & a son, Joseph Rice, who "died several year ago." Survived by two daughters: Mrs. Massie, & Mrs. J.W. Sublett, Cane Valley; & by two sons: Eugene & Frank Rice, of Campbellsville. Also mentioned were her grandchildren, the children of her deceased son Joseph. An entry in the October 23 edition noted "The remains of Mr. Frank Rice, who was buried near Cane Valley, were removed to Corubia [should be Columbia] cemetery last Tuesday and deposited by the side of his wife, who died three weeks ago."

Grasham, Bettie, age not stated, d. "last Sunday night [Oct. 6.]" She lived near Columbia. [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Elizabeth Grashaw, 77, d. 10-07-1918 in Adair Co. A card of thanks in the 11/06 edition was /s/ Eliza, Lizzie, & James Graham & Mrs. Tinie Sharp.]

Edrington, Junius, age & death date not stated, d. at Cane Valley. [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for William J. Edrington, 64, d. 10-07-1918 in Adair Co.]

Holladay, James, 84, d. "last Monday." Resided four miles east of Columbia. Survived by "wife and several children." Funeral & burial "will take place today (Tuesday)..." A public auction of livestock & farm implements to be held "at the farm of James Holladay deceased," was announced by Mrs. Mattie Holladay in the 10/16 edition.

Wellendorff, Theodore, age not stated, d. Sept. 25 at Great Lakes Naval Training Station [Ill.], from influenza. Son of C.A. & Elenora Wellendorff. Funeral at the residence [other sources state the family lived in Louisville]; burial St. Louis Cemetery [Louisville, Ky.] [Connection to Adair Co., if any, not stated.]

Clark, Edmonia (Mrs. W.O.), age & death date not stated ("News of the death...reached here last Saturday"), d. Knox Co. Ky. Native of Columbia & daughter of W.T & Mary Price, deceased. [Kentucky  death record abstract not found.]


Wednesday, October 16, 1918

McCreary, James B., 80, two-term Governor of Ky., d. Oct. 8, 1918, at Richmond, Ky.

Gentry, Laura, 24; Genty, Ivy Lee, 21; & Gentry, Basil, 16, d. from influenza "Wednesday of last week...within a few hours of each other, and were buried the following day in one grave." Daughter & sons of Ed Gentry, "who lives at Sano, fourteen miles from Columbia." [Kentucky death abstracts note that Bassie U. Gentry, 17, d. 10-09-1918; that Iva L. Gentry, 20, d. 10-09-1918; & that Laura H. Gentry, 24, d. 10-08-1918, all in Adair Co.]

Blankenship, George, "about 75," a citizen of Milltown, d. "last Tuesday."  [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for George Blankenship, 70, d. 10-08-1918 in Adair Co.]           

Miller, Rev. Samuel M., age not stated, d. "Monday of last week" at Owensboro [Daviess Co.]. Native of Taylor Co. Survived by his wife and one child. Burial at Campbellsville [Taylor Co.] [The Ky. death record gives his age as 46.]

Ingram, [Karl], a soldier, d. "in Camp one day last week." Brother of Robt. Ingram, cashier at the Bank of Russell Springs [Russell Co.]. Remains conveyed to Owen Co. for burial. [Information at Rootsweb, Owen Co., Ky., website gives his first name as Karl; his death date & place as October 6, 1918 in Camp Oglethorpe, Ga.; & the place of burial as Owenton, "IOOF Soldier's Circle."]

Humphress, Walter Lee, a soldier, age not stated, d. "at Camp Taylor [Jefferson Co., Ky.] last Friday [October 11]." Remains returned to Knifley, Adair Co., for burial. [Cemeteries of Adair County, Kentucky, Vol 7 p 16 (Cane Valley Cemetery) has this entry: Walter E. Humphress 24 Nov 1894 - 12 Oct 1918, Co F, 50 Inf.]

Mitchell, J. Arthur, a soldier, of Ote, Green Co., Ky., d. August 29 in Europe. Son of J.A. Mitchell. Memorial service to be held October 27th. [Other sources give his name as John Arthur Mitchell & state he was killed in action.]

Nell, Anna, 23, d. "one day last week" in at her home Frankfort. Survived by two Adair County sisters, Mrs. G.W. Staples & Mrs. J.G. Eubank. Burial in "the Frankfort cemetery." [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Anna T. Nell, 26, d. 101-10-1918 in Franklin Co. See entry for Pearl Nell, 08/07 edition.]

Barger (aka Smith), John Lee,  a soldier, "of color, this county, died at Camp Taylor [Jefferson Co.] Thursday morning, a victim of pneumonia. His remains were shipped to this county."[Other sources, including both World War One memorials in Columbia & his grave maker, give his name as John L. Smith. Cemeteries of Adair County, Kentucky, Vol 5 p 93 (Columbia Community Cemetery) has this entry: John L. Smith, April 30, 1897 - Oct. 10, 1918. Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for John L. Smith, 21, d. 10-10-1918 in Jefferson Co.]

Gowen, Thos. (Gradyville community newsletter), "one of our oldest citizens," d. Oct. 5. An entry in the October 2 edition (Gradyville newsletter) noted that "Mr. and Mrs. John Gowen, of Edmonton, were the bedside visitors of their sick brother, Thos. Gowen, one day last week."  [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Thomas F. Gowen, 76, d. 10-05-1918 in Adair Co.]


Wednesday, October 23, 1918

Simpson, ------- (Mrs. Dr. J.C. Simpson), "Dr. J.C. Simpson, who removed from Burkesville to Texas five years ago and who lost his wife in that State, married the second time three or four weeks ago and last week the couple landed in Burkesville on a bridal tour. On the way Mrs. Simpson contracted the Flu, dying a few days after her arrival. Dr. Simpson is a nephew of Judge J.J. Simpson, this place." [Ky. death record abstract not found.]

Brummett, Cecil, a soldier, "The war department announced on Monday the death of Cecil Brummett of Rowena [Russell Co.] killed in action on the front in France. Date not given." [The Registration of Veterans' Graves for Russell County noted that he d. 9-12-1918, & that his remains were (eventually) interred in the Chattanooga Nat'l. Cem, Chattanooga, Tenn.]

Wilmore, Elbert [Robert], a soldier, d. at Camp Furgerson, Kan. Son of L.M. Wilmore. Remains returned to Bogard, Mo. for burial. "His parents and also the deceased formerly lived near Gradyville, Adair County." A letter from his father, Luther M. Wilmore, of Bogard, Mo., which appeared in the November 6 edition stated that his son Robert died October 14 at Ft. Riley, Kas. (Mr. Wilmore was with his son when Robert died.)

Dunbar, -------, son of Mr. & Mrs. Ben Dunbar, recent visitors in Adair Co., d. "a day or two" before his parents reached home in the state of Washington. An entry in the 10/09 edition ("Personals" column) noted that "Messrs. Ben and Virgil Dunbar, natives of Adair, who live in North Dakota, are here, visiting relatives." Yet another entry in the 10/23 edition ("Personals" column) mentioned Ben Dunbar & wife, of Montana, and Virgil Dunbar & wife, of Washington.

Garvin, [Bessie], Mrs. Ernest "Pete" Garvin, age not stated, d. "last Sunday" in Columbia. Native of Green Co.; married "three years ago in Campbellsville [Taylor Co.]" [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Bessie V. Garcia, 22, d. 10-20-1918 Adair Co.]

Burton, -------, infant of John Burton, death date not stated, d. in Greenwood, Ind. Remains brought to Adair Co. for burial at Bearwallow.

Stotts, Martha Ann, age not stated, "died recently in the Breeding community." Wife of Hiram Stotts.

 [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Martha A. Stotts, 67, d. 09-27-1918 in Adair County.]

Cravens, Matha E., a soldier, "of Eller, Russell County, died in France from wounds." [The Registration of Veterans' Graves for Russell Co. indicates he d. 9-17-1918 & that his remains were (eventually) buried in Clear Springs Cem., Russell Co.]

Goulet, Erest, a soldier, "of Bakerton [Cumberland Co., Ky.], is reported killed in France."


Wednesday, October 30, 1918

Miller, Sarah A., "in her eightieth year,"a former resident of Crocus [Adair Co.], d. October 26 at the home of her son-in-law, Henry Miller, in Columbia. Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Nathan McClure, who lived "near the mouth of Greasy Creek," Russell Co. Married when she was "quite young." Predeceased by husband, James P. Miller, "ten or twelve years ago." A brother and sister were also mentioned, but not by name & no indication given if they predeceased or survived. Survived by six children "To the writer's knowledge:" N.B. Miller, Buffalo, N.Y.; S.P. Miller, Columbia; Albert & Bryan Miller, Crocus; Mrs. A.H. Ballard & Mrs. Henry N. Miller, "this place." Mrs. Miller was noted as being the youngest of the children. Funeral & burial Sunday afternoon at Crocus.

Chandler, Mrs. [Annie], age not stated, d."one day last week," from flu. Daughter of Scott Stapleton, of Knifley. [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Annie B. Chandler, 30, d. 10-24-1918 in Adair Co.]

Burton, Oscar, "about nineteen," d. "last Sunday" in Akron, Ohio, of "the prevailing epidemic." Son of Mr. & Mrs. James Burton, "who live on the farm of Mr. C.S. Harris." Survived by parents, brothers and sisters. An entry in the November 6 edition noted that his remains had been returned to Adair Co. for burial in Bearwallow Cemetery. [Ohio death record abstract not found.]

Coffey, Sidney, "about twenty-one," a resident of Esto, Russell Co., d. "Friday night, about 12 o'clock" in Columbia. On Wednesday, he was en route home from Stithton but upon reaching Columbia, he became too ill to continue. "A nephew and a brother came at once, and later, his mother." [The Kentucky death record abstract gives his age as 22; his death date as 10-26-1918, and his middle initial as "R."]

Brockman, Wilmer, age & death place not specified, d. "Tuesday of last week" after contracting flu at Stithton. He made his home with Ras McKinley. [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Wilmer Brockman, 32, d. 10-20-1918 in Adair Co.]

Vaughan, Herman "about twenty-one," d. "Monday night of last week," place of death not stated. Survived by parents, Mr. & Mrs O.C. Vaughan. [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Herman Vaughan, 21, d. 10-21-1918 in Adair Co.]

Taylor, Dr. Eugene, age & place of death not stated, of Greensburg, d. from flu. He was "distantly related to the people of that name in Adair County." [Kentucky death record abstract not found. Is this Dr. Jas. Taylor, whose death was noted in the 11/27 edition??]

Chelf, Jake, age not stated, d. Monday [October 28] from flu, at his home on Casey Creek. He was a brother-in-law of O.P. Willis of Columbia. [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Jake Chelf, 39, d. 10-27-1918 in Adair Co.]

Pendleton, Fred, age not stated, d. "a few days ago" at Knifley. Son of Lon Pendleton; he was a former student "at the High School, this place."  [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Fred Pendleton, 20, d. 10-28-1918 in Adair Co.]

Shepherd, Mary, age & death date not stated ("About ten days ago word was received here...), d. in Nashville, Tenn. Daughter of Dr. & Mrs. Shepherd. Mrs. Shepherd. Before her marriage, Mrs. Dr. Shepherd was "Miss Lula Breeding, of this county, a sister of Mrs. G.W. Dillon, and an aunt of Mrs. N.T. Mercer, this place." A lengthy article in the 11/13 edition (reprinted from "a Nashville paper") stated her father was Dr. J.R. Shapard; that she was survived by her mother; a brother, Aubrey Shapard, Portland, Ore.; & two sisters, Mrs. Hugh Scudday of Nashville & Mrs. W.S. Tipton. "The deceased was a granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.P. Breeding, of Breeding, this county."

Sanders, Charles, a soldier, "The Louisville Times last Monday published the pictures of two Taylor County boys, Private E.M. Tungate, and Private Charles Sanders. The former is reported as having been seriously wounded in France, and the latter having died from wounds." [The American Battle Monuments Commission site has this information: Charles Sanders, Private, 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division. Died July 26, 1918. Buried Plot A, Row 31, Grave 28, Oise‑Aisne American Cemetery, Fere‑en‑Tardenois, France.]

Lasley, Virgil, a soldier, age not stated, d. "Friday night [October 25]" at Camp Taylor [Jefferson Co. Ky.] Son of Thos. Lasley, "a well-known and respected colored man, who lives in the Flat Woods section..." Remains returned to Columbia; burial on Sunday. [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Virgil Lasley, 21, d. 10-24-1918 in Jefferson Co.]

[-------, -------], nee Wilson, "A daughter of Mr. George Wilson, who lives on Allen Walker's farm, on Glasgow road, died Monday night..." [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Rosa B. Wilson, 21, d. 10-28-1918 in Adair Co. Is this Mr. Wilson's daughter??]

Grant, Robt. [also see entry for 10/09]; Biby, [Lanis]; & Grant, infant (Montpelier community newsletter), "There have recently been three death in the Coffey's School house section [Russell Co.] a few miles south of this place resulting from influenza. The victims were Robt. Grant, a young man by the name of Biby and an infant child of Albert Grant's." [Kentucky death record abstracts includes entries for Robert Grant, 32, d. 10-06-1918; Lanis Biba, 19, d. 10-14-1918; & Dorthea Grant, one year, d. 10-18-1918. All three deaths were recorded in Russell Co.]

Reece, Mrs. J.M. (Fonthill, Russell Co., community newsletter), "died near Fonthill a few days ago, a victim of influenza." [Kentucky death record abstract not found.]

Bennett, Carol (Basil community newsletter), "Mr. Dewitt Moss received a telegram Wednesday that his son-in-law and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Carlis Bennett, were on their way back to Ky., with the remains of their little son, Carol, who had died with pneumonia."

Cabbell, Ethel, (Basil community newsletter), age not stated, d. October 14. "Her husband, who was in camp at Louisville, was summoned and reacher her bedside 48 hours before her death." [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Ethal Cabbell, 27. d. 10-14-1918 in Adair Co.]


Wednesday, November 6, 1918

Wilcoxsin, N.J., 89 ("...if he had lived a few hours longer he would have been ninety years old..."), d. "last Saturday night [Nov. 3]" at his home at Fry, Green Co. Father of Mrs. W.R. Myers, Columbia, & Tilden Wilcoxsin, "who lives near town." An obituary in the November 20 edition had additional information: born Green Co., near Liletown, on Nov. 3, 1828; married Miss Margaret Squires in 1850; they had nine children. Predeceased by two children, "one having died quite young," & a daughter, Mrs. Tilford Rogers, of Dickson, Tenn., who "died twenty-two years ago." Survived by four sons & three daughters: Al, Cragg, Douglas, & Tilden Wilcoxson; & Mrs. W.R. Myers, Columbia; Mrs. Ed Rogers, Springfield, Ill.; Mrs. Lum Flowers, New Mexico. Died Nov. 2, 1918 at home, near Summershade.  [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Newton Wilcoxson, 90, d. 11-11-1918 in Green Co.]

Wood, Laura, age & death place not stated, d. "Wednesday of last week." Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J.R. Smith, wife of Chandler Wood, of Campbellsville, & "Her mother and Mrs. Rollin Hurt, this place, are first cousins..." Burial in Brookside Cemetery [Campbellsville, Taylor Co.]  [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Laura Wood, 26, d. 10-30-1918 in Taylor Co.]

Sneed, -------, age not stated, wife of Nell Sneed, d. "last Saturday" on the Claycomb farm. [Kentucky death record abstract not found.]

Rupe, Dock, age not stated, d. "Thursday night of last week. He lived on what is known on the Mack Coomer farm."  [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Richard Rupe, 38, d. 11-01-1918 in Adair Co.]

Burton, -------, age not stated, "a grown daughter of Mr. W.H. Burton who lives in the White Oak section," d. "last Wednesday night." [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Effie Burton, 25, d. 10-30-1918 in Adair Co.]

Dye, -------,  age not stated, "a daughter of Thos. Dye...died in the Gentry Mill section last Saturday night." [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Ines P. Dye, one year, d. 11-02-1918 in Adair Co.]

Barnett, ------- ," infant of Oscar Barnett died in the Gentry Mill section last Saturday night." [Kentucky death record abstract not found.]

Sanders, Sohn, "about twenty years old," d. "last Monday [November 4]" near Gradyville on the farm formerly owned by J.A. Diddle. The 11/13 edition (Gradyville Community newsletter)  extended sympathy to his "father, brothers and sisters." [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for John O. Sanders, 17, d. 11-03-1918 in Adair Co.]

Taylor, [Ethel M.], infant of Alex Taylor, "who lives on the pike, below the cemetery," d. Sunday night [November 3rd.] [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Ethel M. Taylor, three years, d. 11-04-1918 in Adair County.]

Ballou, Charley, a solider, "who lived a few miles north of Columbia, was killed in action September 29th." [Other sources state his given name was Carley. Information found at the American Battlefield Monuments Commission web site gives his rank as Private and states he was buried Plot A, Row 6, Grave 8, Somme American Cemetery, Bony, France.]

Ballenger, Mrs. [Sophia], age not stated, a daughter of Mike Grant, d. "last Sunday night" in the Glenville area. In the 11/20 edition (Glensfork community newsletter): "Mrs. Sophia Ballinger, wife of Marvin Ballinger, died the 3rd of November..." [Kentucky death record abstract not found.]

Bunch, [Eva], age not stated ("a child"), d. "Sunday." [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Eva Bunch, three years, d. 11-03-1918.]

Harrison, Lisle, a soldier, "in his 23rd year" "met death in France October 3..." Native of Lebanon [Marion Co.] and a cousin of Judge H. C. Baker. [His full name was Waller (or Walter) Lisle Harrison. Information found at the American Battlefield Monuments Commission web site gives his rank as  2nd Lt. & states he was buried at Plot A, Row 28, Grave 15, St. Mihiel American Cemetery, Thiaucourt, France.]

Burton, four children, ages & names not stated, "...were buried at Bearwallow last Sunday. Gid Burton was the father of one, Wheeler Burton the father of the second and Tom Burton the father of the third. We could not learn the names of the parents of the fourth." [Kentucky death record abstracts found for none of the four. Entries found in Cemeteries of Adair County, Kentucky, Vol  (Bearwallow cemetery) possibly are for two of the four:  Sarah A. Burton, 1913-1918, & Macie Burton, May 1, 1917 - Nov. 2, 1918.]

Smith, Deed, a soldier, "whose home is on Pelham Branch, near Columbia," reported killed in action. A lengthy tribute written by "a sister, Ida," appeared in the December 4, 1918 edition & gave the following information: born Nov. 5, 1885, died September 29, 1918; & served with the American Expeditionary Force, Co. H, 120. [Information found at the American Battlefield Monuments Commission web site gives his rank as Private First Class & states he died September 29, 1918 & was buried at Plot A, Row 19, Grave 9, Somme American Cemetery, Bony, France.]

Caldwell, Miss Louise, age & death date not stated, d. in New York. Her mother "before her marriage was Miss Annie Read, of this place..." Related to a number of Columbians. Remains returned to Campbellsville; burial at Bethel.

Kinnaird, Jas. H., Jr., age not stated, a resident of Red Lick [Metcalfe Co.], killed in action in France. An article in the 12/18 edition gave additional information: age 25; killed September 12, 1918; father S.L. Kinnaird; survived by parents & two sisters, Mrs. James Menzies, Columbia, & Miss Annie Kinnaird; & a brother, E.B. Kinnaird, of Red Lick. [The American Battlefield Monuments Commission web site gives his rank as Private & states he was buried at Plot B, Row 14, Grave 35, St. Mihiel American Cemetery Thiaucourt, France.]

-------, ------- "We desire to thank most sincerely the friends who so kindly assisted at the death and burial of our dear daughter and sister, Bessie. /s/ D.L. McCubbin and family." [Is this Bessie V. Garvin, entry under 10/30, above?]

-------, -------, a sister of J.P. Godzer, of Campbellsville, d. "recently" in Chicago, Ill.

Ford, Herschel, a soldier, d. Oct. 15, 1918 at Fort Niagara, New York. "[He] was a selective service soldier from Adair county..." Survived by "aged and infirm parents.." A letter to his parents from Sgt. Charles M. Sabins, his company commander, gave his rank as Private & was addressed to Mr. O.G. Ford, Dunnville [Casey Co.] Ky. One paragraph of this article apparently was misplaced. It appears several lines below the rest of the article (with four brief news entries between), and reads: "His remains were shipped home and laid to rest at Antioch church, in Casey county..." A transcription of the grave markers of Antioch cemetery includes his name and gives his birth year as 1892 & his death year as 1918. His name appears on a list of World War One Casey Co. casualties.

Harrison, Ben, age & death date not stated, "...received a message [here] last Thursday.." d. Milwaukee, Wis. Remains were shipped to Ashley, Ill. for burial. Brother of Mrs. W.A. Coffey, of Columbia. An obituary in the November 20 edition, reprinted from the Washington Co., Ill Gazette, gave more detail: his full name was James Benjamin Harrison, born in Ashley, Ill., on May 19, 1877 & was the eldest son of J.P.M. Harrison, "this city." Died October 30, 1918 in Wauwatosa, Wis. Survived by five sisters & two brothers: Mrs. S.G. Berry & Mrs. Harry T. Peeck, of Ashley; Mrs. D.C. Palmer, Du Quoin, Ill.; Mrs. Edw. McKee, St. Louis, Mo.; Mrs. W.A. Coffey, Columbia, Ky.; Edgar E. Harrison, U.S. Army, France; & Lt. W.A. Harrison, U.S. armed service, Brookings, S.D. Burial in the Odd Fellows Cemetery.

Corbin, Lillie (Knifley community newsletter), age not stated, d. October 21st. Wife of Mont Corbin. Burial "at Carmel cemetery." [See entry for Zidney Willis, 12/18 edition, below. Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Lillia M. Corbin, 28, d. 10-21-1918 in Adair County.]

-------, ------- (Glensfork community newsletter), "Henry Wells attended the burial of his sister, on Cumberland River last Sunday."


Wednesday, November 13, 1918

Royse, Bryan, a soldier, "son of Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Royse, who live a few miles from Columbia, has been wounded, in the hip, in France. He is now in the base hospital, and his wound is said not to be dangerous." [An announcement of Pvt. Royse's death never appeared in any edition of the 1918 Adair County News. Information  at the American Battle Monuments Commission states he died 10-10-1918 and was buried at Plot A, Row 26, Grave 10, Somme American Cemetery, Bony, France.]

Wilson, -------, age not stated, wife of Bud Wilson, d. "Monday."  [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Olie Wilson, 27, d. 11-11-1918 in Adair Co. Is this she?? See 02/06 entry for Maud_ Wilson.]

Fitzpatrick, "infant of G.L. Fitzpatrick (Ozark community newsletter), d. "a few days ago." [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for John L. Fitch, under one year of age, d. 10-14-1918. Is this he?? Fitch was a common diminutive of Fitzpatrick. KY birth record abstracts indicate John L. Fitch was born 10-14-1918.]


Wednesday, November 20, 1918

Hughes, Madison, a soldier, age & death date not stated, killed in action in France. "If we mistake not he was a son of a former sheriff of Russell county." [His given name was Edison; the  Registration of Veterans' Graves for Russell County gives this information: b. 10-1-1895, d. 9-29-1918, bur. Square Oak Cemetery, Ono, Russell Co.]

Huddleston, -------, "A son of Pleas Huddleston, who lived on the U.N. Whitlock's farm, died last Wednesday." [Kentucky death record abstract not found.]

Bradley, Emily, 77, d. "last Sunday morning." Native of Russell Co. but had lived near Columbia for several years. Survived by one son, L.E. Bradley, and grandchildren. [The Kentucy death record abstract gives her age as 76.]

Wilson, ------- (four deaths), & -------, -------, "The family [of W.E. Wilson, of near Milltown] was violently attacked with the flu [last week.] Mr. Wilson's wife was the first to die, and the deaths of three of his children followed, only a few hours difference in the times of death, and on Wednesday night Mr. Wilson's sister-in-law died. These deaths all occurred in the same building." The December 4 edition (Gradyville newsletter) states "The family of Walker Wilson have been in serious condition with the flu for the past week or ten days. There has been two deaths in his family and others dangerously sick." Is this the same family??

McDaniel, W.L, 36, death date not stated, editor of the Commonwealth Weekly, d. in Somerset Hospital [Pulaski Co.] Survived by wife & four children. [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for William L. McDaniel, 37, d. 11-12-1918 in Pulaski Co.]

Jesse, Myrtie, 25, d. "recently" at Nell. Wife of Stewart Jesse. [Kentucky death record abstract not found.]

Burbridge, [Lula], age not stated, "A child of Lucein Burbridge, of color, died last Tuesday night."  [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Burbridge, Lula, 6, d. 11-12-1918 in Adair Co.]

Stalley, Wm. M., "of Hugria, Cumberland County, is reported to have been killed in action before cessation of fighting in France." [Other sources give his surname as Stailey and his rank as Cpl.]

Pile, ------- (Gradyville community newsletter), age not stated, a son of Kenneth Pile, operated on "last Thursday...and the young man died the next day [November 15.]"  The December 4 edition (Pyrus community newsletter) gave his name as Bell Pile and stated he died on the 14th. [Kentucky death record abstract not found.]

Banker, Georgia, age not stated, wife of Jo Banker, "of color," d. "in the suburbs of Columbia last Sunday morning." Survived by husband and three children. [Kentucky death record abstract not found.]


Wednesday, November 27, 1918

Taylor, Dr. Jas. ("Greensburg notes" column), "The sad loss of Dr. Jas. Taylor..." No other information given. [Kentucky death record abstract not found. Is this Dr. Eugene Taylor, whose death was noted in the 10/30 edition??]

Moody, Henry H. ("Greensburg notes" column), 86, d. "one day last week" at his home in Green Co. Well-known in Adair Co. [The Kentucky death record abstract gives his death date as 11-14-1918.]

Collins, Sammie, 22, a soldier, killed in action in France on September 26, 1918.Born at Montpelier; he had lived in Columbia about "twelve years ago...and about that time he removed with his parents to Missouri, where he enlisted." Survived by his mother, Mrs. Lottie Collins, one sister & three brothers.

Ewing, Isaac, "The paper announcing his death gave his age at 60 years which was a mistake. He was born in 1848," d. "one day last week" in Jeffersonville, Ind. Native of Columbia, a son of Geo. W. & Nancy Ewing, natives of Adair Co. First cousin to Mont Cravens & was also related to N.M. Tutt & J.R. Tutt. [See entry for Jo & Frank Ewing, 06/12 edition.]

Pike, Robert, 63, d. "last Thursday" at his home at Ella. [Kentucky death record abstract not found.]

Dohoney, Frank P., 65 (''He would have been sixty-six years old had he lived until next January"), d. "last Sunday" at his home in Milltown. Predeceased by his wife "some years ago." Survived by children. A will probate notice in the 12/18 edition named these legatees: daughters, Mrs. Cora Caldwell, Etta Caldwell, Dollie Harrison, & Ann Dohoney; & son, C.H. Dohoney.

Stults, infant son of Count Stults & wife, born November 21 and "lived only a few hours." "This is the second child Mr. and Mrs. Stults have lost..." [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Count I. Stults, Jr., under one year of age, d. 11-21-1918 in Adair Co. See 02/20 entry, Stults infant.]

Janes, Mrs. Tom (Rugby community newsletter), d. of flu. No other information given.  [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Mary Janes, 26, d. 10-28-1918 in Adair Co. Is this the same person??]


Wednesday, December 4, 1918

Larimore, James Henry, age & place of death not stated, d. November 10. "The deceased was one of the best citizens of Green county."  Survived by sons, including Leslie Larimore, of Green Co., & a daughter. [Kentucky death record abstract not found.]

Kearns, Ermine, nee Bennett, "between seventy-five and eighty years old," d. "Saturday." Resident of the Fairplay community. Sister of Chas. & Tim Bennett, "who died many years ago." [The only Kentucky death record abstract that comes close is that for Mary E. Carnes, 74, d. 11-22-1918. Is this Ermine??]

Hudson, -------, age & death date not stated, d. in Campbellsville [Taylor Co.] son-in-law of C.C. Holt. "The remains of a young married man named Hudson...passed through here last Saturday, en route to his former home, Esto, Russell County...."   [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Dirl Hadson, age not given, d. 11-30-1918 Taylor Co.]

Curry, Mrs. William, age not stated, d. "last Monday night week [November 25]." Dau. of Zach Franklin; resided "on the Grissom farm, north-east of Columbia." [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Ellen Curry, 35, d. 11-26-1918 in Adair Co.]

York, Guy, a soldier, resident of Breeding, reported killed in action in "last Wednesday's daily papers." No other information given. [According to Smith's Cumberland County, KY Cemetery Records, p. 1, White Hill Cemetery, located just off Highway 61 near Adair County line, Melvin Guy York of Bat. B. 323 FA was killed in France on 16 Oct 1918. He was born 16 Apr 1895.]

O'Bannor, Leslie R., a soldier, resident of Burdick [Taylor Co.], reported killed in action in "last Wednesday's daily papers." No other information given. [Another source gives his name, rank & residence as Cpl. Leslie R. Obannon, Burdick, Taylor Co; & another gives his surname as O'banion.]

Rowe, Mamie, 20, "of color," d. "last week." Granddau. of 'Uncle' Reuben Frazer, dec'd. [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Mannie Rowe, 20, d. 11-23-1918 in Adair Co.]


Wednesday, December 11, 1918

Wheat, Jo, "a colored soldier," resident of Flat Woods community, near Columbia, reported dead in France from disease. No other information given. [The Registration of Veterans' Graves for Adair County gives his name as Joseph T. Wheat, b 2-13-1887, d. 10-7-1918, buried Allen Farm Cemetery at Sparksville.]

Piercy, Sam F., a soldier, resident of Horse Shoe Bottom, Russell Co., d. in France from disease. No other information given.  [The Registration of Veterans' Graves for Russell County has this: b. 11-18-1889, d. 10-10-1918, buried  Jamestown Cem.]

Montgomery, Logan, "died in Adair county a number of years ago." (This from anentry about his daughter and son-in-law, Mattie Montgomery Custer & E. Custer, of Cincinnati, Ohio.)

Turner, G. Wesley, "in his 31st year," death date not specified ("A dispatch received...last Friday morning...), d. Mayfield, Ky. Native of Adair Co.; son of Mr. & Mrs. Jo Green Turner of Harmony. Survived by parents and his wife, the former Miss Helen Upton, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. T.L. Upton, formerly of Glenville. They had been married about three years. Remains returned to Columbia; burial in the Columbia City Cemetery.  [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for George Wesley Turner, 30, d. 12-06-1918 in Graves Co.]

Sidebottom, Simeon, a soldier, resident of Greensburg [Green Co.], Ky., killed in action. [No other information given. The American Battlefield Monuments Commission site gives this information: Entered service from Kentucky; died November 7, 1918; buried Plot G, Row 21, Grave 5, Meuse‑Argonne American Cemetery, Romagne, France.]

Wade, James H., a soldier, resident of Fry [Green Co.], Ky., killed in action. [No other information given.]

Sanders, Ollie, a soldier, resident of Clementsville [Casey Co.], Ky., killed in action. [No other information given.]

Donan, John E., a soldier, resident of Campbellsville [Taylor Co.], "reported as having died in France." [No other information given.]

Hagan, Ben W., a soldier, resident of Lebanon [Marion Co.], "reported as having been killed in action." [No other information given.]

Wise, Kent T., a soldier, resident of Lebanon Junction [Bullitt Co.], "died of disease." No other information given. [The American Battlefield Monuments Commission site gives this information: Curt T. Wise, Pvt., d. November 1, 1918; buried Plot B, Row 4, Grave 8, Somme American Cemetery, Bony, France. Soldiers of the Great War also gives his name as Curt T.]

Lowhorn, Fannie, age & death date not stated ("A dispatch...received Wednesday morning...), d. Lynch [Harlan Co.] Wife of Ed Lowhorn ("...married about one year ago...) Survived by husband and "the Sandusky Brothers." Remains returned to Adair County for burial at Glenville. [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Fannie Lowhorne, 27, d. 12-03-1918 in Harlan Co.]   McQuown, Louis, age not stated, d. "two weeks ago" in Denver, Colo. He was "some years ago a prominent lawyer of Glasgow [Barren Co.]..." [The 1880 Barren Co., Ky. census indicates he was born c. 1869.]

Thomas, infant of Mr. & Mrs. O'Troy Thomas, "of this place, died last Wednesday night. It was only seven days old." [Kentucky death record abstract not found.]


Wednesday, December 18, 1918

Thomas, Elizabeth ("Personals" column), age & death date not stated, "Mr. and Mrs. N.R. Waggener, of Springfield, came down and attended the funeral and burial of Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas, who was the mother of Mrs. Waggener." Another entry in the 12/18 edition, same column, stated, "Misses Nellie and Pearl Waggener, Springfield, attended the funeral and burial of their grandmother, Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas, at Milltown." Elsewhere in the 12/18 edition it was stated she was 77; that she was found dead "last Tuesday;" that she resided near Milltown; & that she was the mother of Mrs. W.S. Chapman, "of this place." [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Lizie E. Thomas, 75, d. 12-09-1918 in Adair Co.]

Nelson, Andrew, a soldier, resident of Fairplay, reported killed in France. [No other information given. [No additonal informaion given; no additional information found in other sources.]

Baker, Dollie M., age & place of death not stated, daughter of Thomas W. Lisle of Greensburg & wife of Judge Herschel C. Baker, d. 1904. She & Judge Baker were married in 1867. (From a biographical sketch about Judge Baker, written by James Garnett.)

Holt, Bradford, 17, date of death not stated ("The remains...reached here last Wednesday...), d. " the home of the deceased's brother, who reside[s] a few miles from Campbellsville, on the Lebanon Pike..." Son of Mr. & Mrs. C.C. Holt, of Esto, Russell County. Survived by parents, brothers and sisters. [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for John B. Holt, 17, d. 12-11-1918 in Taylor Co.]

Willis, Zidney, "The remains of Mr. Zidney Willis, who was a brother of Mr. Luther Willis, this county, suicided in Ohio [the article is headlined "Suicided in Texas"] and his remains were brought to Adair county, last week, and buried at Mt. Carmel. Some months ago the deceased lost a daughter, the wife of Mont Corbin [see 11/06 entry for Lillie Corbin] and later one of his sons was killed in France..." [Ohio death record abstracts include an entry for William Z. Willis, d. 12-05-1918, Medina County. 12-05-1918 is the death date on Mr. Willis' grave marker. The Gradyville community newsletter in the 02/27 edition made reference to "Zidney Willis, the successful merchant of Keltner..."]

Willis, -------, son of Zidney Willis, killed in France. [No other information found. See entry for Zidney Willis, immediately above.]

Barger, Susan (under "Sale of Land For Taxes," District No. 7, Colored: Susan Harger's heirs 4 acres joins Mary Strader taxes and costs [$]1.10." [Kentucky death record abstract not found.]

Burton, Jesse, "about seventy," a resident of near Purdy, d. "Saturday night of last week." [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Jessey L. Burton, 56, d. 12-07-1918 in Adair Co.]

Brockman, Ab L., 61 ("...he would have been sixty-two years old had he lived until January), d. "recently." Resided at Egypt; brother of W.L. Brockman, dec'd. [See 05/22 entry for William L. Brockman. Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Abner Brockman, 71, d. 12-02-1918 in Adair Co.]

Pike, Iven (in Court of Claims listing from the "Regular October term of the Adair County Fiscal Court," October, 1918), "J.W. Sublett & Bro. burial clothes furnished Iven Pike (deceased.)" [Kentucky death record abstract not found.]

Combs, Vallie,  (in Court of Claims listings from the "Regular October term of the Adair County Fiscal Court," October, 1918), "L. Akin for holding inquest over dead body of Mrs. Vallie Combs, [paid] $6. [See 09/11 entry for Mrs. Thomas Combs. Kentucky death record abstract not found.]


Wednesday, December 25, 1918

Furgerson, Champ, "It will be remembered that Champ was hanged at Nashville in 1862 or 63 for murder."

Vaughan, Finis, 36, "a colored man," death date not stated, d. in the Breeding community. [Kentucky death record abstracts include an entry for Finis R. Vaughn, 36, d. 11-24-1918 in Adair Co.]

Dean, Mrs. C.R., nee Antle, age and death date not stated ("A message was received here Thursday..."), d. in New Albany, Ind. Wife of Rev. C.R. Dean. Remains to be removed to Russell Co. for burial.


III.           Index (indexed by name & the issue date in which the death announcement appeared)


Absher, Mary B. 03/20; Acre, Kitty J. 01/23; Akers, Mrs. Williams 01/09; Alexander, W.F. 07/17; Allen, Maggie 05/15; Andrew, Mary C. 04/24; Antle, Luther 09/18; Arnold, Della Pauline 03/27; Bailey, Eli / Elz 08/21; Baker, Dollie M. 12/18; Dorothy Cole 04/17; Ballenger, Sophia 11/06; Ballou, Carley / Charley 11/06; Banker, Goergia 11/20 Barger, John L. -- see Smith, John L.; Susan 12/18; Barnett, infant 07/31; Bennett, Carol (male) 10/30; Beard, Owen 08/28; Biggs, Jake 03/27; Blair, Arminta -- see Mattie; Estel(le) 01/02; Mattie / Mintie 07/17; Minton -- see Mattie; Blankenship, George 10/16; Borders, Hallie Rice 03/06; Bradley, Emily 11/20; Bradshaw, Sallie A. 04/03; Brakes, infant 04/17; Breeding, "Uncle Jimmie" 01/30; Brockman, Abner L. 12/18; William L. 05/22; Wilmer 10/30; Brown, Abraham 01/02; unknown (child) 06/26; Brummett, Cecil 10/23; Bryant, John 02/27; Melvin 08/14; Susan 02/13; Verna 07/17; Buchanan, James B. 03/06; Bunch, Eva 11/06; Burbridge, [Lula] 11/20; Rollin 08/21; Burton, children (four) 11/06; Effie 11/06; infant 10/23; Jesse 12/18; Nancy Ann 03/06; Oscar 10/30; Butler, David H. 08/28; Houston 03/06; Cab(b)ell, Alma 04/24; Ethel 10/30; Lewis A. 02/06; Caldwell, Louise 11/06; Robt. 06/19; Calhoun, Bettie 04/03; Campbell, Hogard 06/19; Carnes (also see Kearns), Sarah 04/03; Chandler, Nettie 01/23; William A. 07/31; Chapman, Jennie 04/03; Cheatham, George 03/06; Chelf, Jake 10/30; Mary 04/17; Chilson, John A. 10/02; Chum(b)ley, Hester B. 04/17; Clark,  Edmonia 10/09; Evelyn Marie 06/19; Coffey, Oscar 10/30; "Blind" Sam 07/31; Collins, Sammie 11/27; Timothy F. 01/09; Combest, John 09/11; Combs, Mrs. Thomas 09/11; Vallie 12/18; Conover, John "Bant" 04/03; Marvin 06/05; Corbin, Lillie M. 11/06; Cravens, Matha E. 10/23; Cundiff, John R. 01/09; Curry, Ellen 12/04; Davis, Alice 02/13; Dean, Mrs. C.R. 12/25; ------- 02/13 (father); ------- 02/13 (son); Dohoney, Frank P. 11/27; J.P., Jr. / Jack C. 06/26; Donan, John E. 12/11; Drye, J. Blane 07/31; Dunbar, Earl 02/13; Martha J. 07/03; ------- (male) 10/23; Dye, Ines P. 11/06; Edmunds, J.N. 06/05; Edrington, Wm. Junius 10/09; Emerson, Patsy, 03/06; Ewing,

Frank 06/12; Isaac 11/27; Jo 06/12; Fitch -- see Fitzpatrick; Fitzpatrick, [John L.??] 11/13; Flanagan, Elizabeth 07/31; Ford, Herschel; Franks, Amanda 07/31; Frazer, Felix 07/03; Furgerson, Champ 12/25; Gadberry, Sarah 06/26; Gaither, Nat 01/23; Garnett, George G. 03/20; Garvin, Bessie V. 10/23; Gaskin, John 04/17; Gentry, Basil / Bassie U. 10/16; Iva / Ivy L. 10/16; Laura H. 10/16; Giles, Hettie 04/03; Gilmer, Cornelia 07/03; Goode, Robert F. "Bob" 09/25; Goulet, Erest 10/23; Gowen, Charley L. 09/11; Thomas F. 10/16; Grady, John 04/24; Graham, Frances J. 03/06; Grant, Robert 10/09; 10/30; Grasham, Elizabeth 10/09; Graves, John W. 01/09; Greer, Blanche Follis 03/27; Grissom, Grover 06/19; Groves, June / Jim 08/28; Hagan, Ben W. 12/11; Hamilton, Ed Lee 05/01; Harden / Hardin [Kate?] 01/02; Charlie 03/37; Harrison, James Benjamin 11/06; W. Lisle 11/06; Harvey, Eliza 08/21; Mary T. / F. 09/11; Hash, John 01/02; Hatcher, Dan 02/13; Hendrickson, Urbin Green 09/18; Hindman, Harlan C. 05/08; Holladay,  James 10/09; John 05/01; Holt, John Bradford 12/18; Frank 01/23; Howell, Mrs. J.M. -- see next entry; [Mildred?] 03/13; Huddleston, ------- (male) 11/20; Hudson, Austin 06/12; [Dirl] 12/04; Wm. [N.L.?] 04/10; Hughes, Edison 11/20; Madison -- see Edison; Humphress, Walter 10/16; Hunn / Humm / Hum, Ambras W. 06/26; Frank 06/26; Geo. W. [Jr.] 06/26; Geo W. [Sr.] 06/26; Randolph 06/26; Sarah 06/26; Hunt, Amanda 08/21; Hunter, George 02/20; Ingram, James Ike 06/26; Karl 10/16; Jackman, Clarence 09/18; James, Ollie M. 09/04; Janes, Lawson 01/09; Mrs. Tom 11/27; Jesse, Myrtie 11/20; Johnston, Mrs. Fellie 01/23; Jones, Allene (twin) 08/28; Jim 04/24; unnamed twin 08/28; Kearnes (also see Carnes) Ermine 12/04; Ewing 04/10; Luther 04/10; Mary E. -- see Ermine;  Kelsey, Stella M. 03/27; Kinnaird, Jas. H., Jr. 11/06; Larimore, James Henry; Lasley, Virgil 10/30; Leach, James R. 02/06; Lowhorn(e), Fannie 12/11; Loy, Martin 08/07; Lyon, Jane 04/03; Mann, Jesse 07/10; Martin, R.A.C. 05/01; May(e)s, James R. 01/09; McCaffree, Nona 06/26; McCallister, Pauline 07/24; McClister, H.O. "Little Ol" 01/23; McCreary (also see McQueary) James B. 10/16; McDaniel, William L. 11/20; McElroy, Mettie L. 09/11; McFarland, John 01/02; J.E. 03/13; McKee, Sarah Speake 05/22; McKinley, Ottie 04/03; McLean / McClean

Maxine 04/24; McQueary (also see McCreary), John F. / S. 08/07; McQuown, Louis 12/11; Meador, Wm. Isaac 03/13; Melson, Carnie Gilliam 01/23; Will O. 03/20; Milam, Ben 02/06; Miller,

Mercina 07/31; Samuel M. 10/16; Sarah A. 10/30; Mitchell, John Arthur 10/16; Monday, W.H.C. 07/24; Montgomery, Claud_ C. 01/02; Garnett 09/04; Logan 12/11; Moody, Henry H. 11/27; Moore, Jim Ed 04/10; Moss, Chapman 04/10; Murphey, infant 02/27; Murray, Otha 02/27; Napier / Napper, Thomas H./N. 08/14; Nell, Anna T. 10/16; Pearl 08/07; Nelson, Andrew J. 12/18; Newby, Mamie 04/10; O'banion / O'Bannon / O'bannor, Leslie R. 12/04; Pardue, Robt. 05/15; Parnell, Bradley 04/24; Parson, Seally 03/27; Paull, Richard F. 07/10; Pendleton, Fred 10/30; Perryman, Wm. 01/09; Phelps, Nancy J. 04/17; Phipps, Jesse 01/02; Piercy, Sam F. 12/11; Pike, Green 09/04; Iven 12/18; Pearl 08/28; Robert 11/27; Pile, [Bell] 11/20; Polston, Dan 01/09; Powell, Benjamin 09/18; Prewitt / Pruett, Geo. A. 02/06; Susan 03/27; Ramsey, Lena 02/20; Reece, Mrs. J.M. 10/30; Reynolds, Lucy 04/17; Rice, Nannie 10/09; Romine, Martha D. 03/06; Rose, Jefferson 04/24; Rowe, Aba / Abical 07/10; Mamie 12/04; Royse, Bryan 11/13; Rupe, Richard "Dock" 11/06; Russell, Mrs. O.C. 10/02; Susan A. 01/16; Sanders, Charles 10/30; John O. 11/06; Ollie 12/11; Scholl, Herman 05/15; Schooling, Ada Atkins 03/27; Shapard -- see Shepherd; Sharp, infant 07/31; Shepherd, Mary 10/30; Sidebottom, Simeon 12/11; Simpson, Lou 05/15; Mrs. Dr. J.C. 10/23; Sinclair, James 07/31; Lottie Barbee 01/30; Smith, Deed 11/06; Job F. 03/27; John L. 10/16; Maggie 04/24; Sneed, ------- (female) 11/06; Snow, Sid 01/09; Squires, infant 05/22; Sprindle, L.W. 07/31; Stailey / Stalley, Wm. M. 11/20; Stearman, R.T. 03/06; Stephens / Stevens, Annie 05/29; Howard 02/20; Stotts, Ed 02/06; Martha Ann 10/23; Strange, Lucile 01/16; Stults, Count I., Jr. 11/27; Harold T. 02/20; Sutton, Mrs. ------- 05/22; Tarter, Rev. D.T. 02/13; Taylor, Ethel M. 11/06; Dr. Eugene 10/30; Dr. Jas. 11/27; Clarence 02/20; Mary "Sis" 06/12; Thomas, Elizabeth 12/18; infant 12/11; Toomey, Elizabeth 01/02; Trabue, Mary 07/03; Traylor, Elizabeth 04/24; Troutman, John 07/24; Turner, George Wesley 12/11; Roy E. 04/24; Tom 02/13; W.G. 05/22; Unknown (three entries), 11/06; Vaugh(a)n, Finis 12/25; Herman 10/30; Wade, James H. 12/11; Waggener, E.P., 08/28; Walker, James D. 05/08; Warrener /Warner, Jannie / Fannie 08/21; Wellendorff, Theodore 10/09; Wesley, Francis G. 04/24; Wethington, Laura, 01/30; Wolford 06/19; Wheat, Joseph T. "Jo" 12/11; White, Ann Bradshaw 02/20; Guy 08/07; Martha R. 05/22; Wilcoxsin, Newton J. 11/06; Wilkerson / Wilkenson, Joel 07/24; Williams, Loren E. 07/31; Willis,

Anthony G. 04/03; William Zidney 12/18; ------- (male)12/18; Wise, Curt T. 12/11; Kent T. -- see Curt T.; Wilmore, Elbert -- see Robert; Robert10/23; Wilson, Bettie 07/10; Elsie 04/24; Maud_ 02/06; [Olie??] 11/13; [Rosa B.??] 10/30; William "Willie" 04/24; Winfrey, W.T. "Bill Tom" 05/15; Wood, Laura 11/06; Yates, James Cager 01/09; York, Melvin Guy 12/04; Young, William 03/27.


IV.           Death certificates issued in Adair County, 1918 (alphabetical order, not included in Index.)

A digit (1, 2, or 3) in place of the middle initial indicates an unnamed infant. "1" indicates male; "2"  indicates female; and "3" indicates gender unknown (generally, the attending physician or midwife failed to note the gender.) The name given is that of a parent, usually the father. Examples: Bennett, Noah 2 means an unnamed female infant, father Noah Bennett: Sharp; Boss 1 Sharp means an unnamed male infant, father Boss Sharp. "U/1" in the age column means under one year old.

 From information found at <>.


 1918 Deaths in Adair County

Surname                Given name        MI                Age                Death date

ACREE                   KITTY                   J                 060                 01‑16‑1918             

ALEN                     ELBERT                 L                 002                 12‑11‑1918             

ALLEN                   MAGGIE                                   027                 05‑08‑1918             

ALLISON               JOHN                    D                 U/1                 10‑12‑1918 

ANDREWS             MARY                  C                 071                 04‑12‑1918 

ARNOLD                DELLA                  P                 009                 03‑25‑1918             

AYERS                   GEORGE               2                 U/1                  07‑17‑1918 

BAILEY                  ELZ                                          069                   08‑15‑1918 

BALLINGER          NANCY                 J                 U/1                 10‑31‑1918 

BANKS                 BENJAMIN                                U/1                 10‑30‑1918 

BANKS MARIE                                                        U/1                 09‑30‑1918

BARNES                ROY                       R                  019                 10‑16‑1918 

BARRETT              INES                                           U/1                 01‑14‑1918 

BAUET*                 HERBERT                                  U/1                 02‑22‑1918            *Bault

BEARD                  J                              O                 029                 08‑23‑1918 

BEATY                  ADA                        B                 001                 10-12-1918       

BEDWELL             ALEX                     D                 001                 07‑23‑1918 

BEDWELL             JOHNNIE                                 012                 08‑04‑1918

BENNETT              NOAH                    2                 U/1                 09‑06‑1918 

BLAIR                    MINTON*                               076                  07‑08‑1918            *Mintie

BLANKENSHIP    GEORGE               W                070                 10‑08‑1918 

BOHANNON         CORA                                       038                 09‑19‑1918 

BRADLEY              EMILY                                     076                 11‑17‑1918 

BRADSHAW          HENRY                 L                 U/1                 04‑02‑1918             

BROCKMAN         ABNER                                    071                 12‑02‑1918 

BROCKMAN         BERNICE                               U/1                 11‑05‑1918 

BROCKMAN         LESLIE                 L                 020                 09‑03‑1918

BROCKMAN         WILLIAM            L                 078                 05‑19‑1918

BROCKMAN         WILMER                                032                 10‑20‑1918 

BROCKMAN         ZELIA                                    036                 10‑19‑1918 

BRYANT                 BESSIE                 L              008                 03‑26‑1918 

BRYANT                 CLAUD                                 U/1                 10‑18‑1918 

BRYANT                 JAMES                 C               032                 03‑22‑1918 

BRYANT                 SUSAN                 S                 079                 02‑06‑1918 

BRYANT                 VERNA                                    018                 07‑12‑1918 

BRYANT                 WALKER                                  001                 10‑25‑1918

BUCKNER                 BELL                      N              ----                11‑04‑1918

BUNCH                       EVA                                       003                 11‑03‑1918             

BURBRIDGE                DELCIE                                 001                 10‑31‑1918             

BURBRIDGE                 DOTTY                 N             001                 10‑30‑1918

BURBRIDGE                 LUSHIN                               018                 11‑27‑1918  

BURBUDGE                 LULA                                    006                 11‑12‑1918 

BURIS                          ED                          L              018                 10‑20‑1918  

BURRIS                     BERTHA                  P               003                 11‑02‑1918              

BURRISS                 ED                          1                   U/1                 06‑05‑1918  

BURTON                 ANNIE                                    030                 03‑01‑1918  

BURTON                 ASBURT                              001                 10‑19‑1918 

BURTON                 DAEPHOD                           002                 10‑17‑1918  

BURTON                 DORCIE                                  001                 11‑30‑1918             

BURTON                 EFFIE                                      025                 10‑30‑1918  

BURTON                 ESTELL                                    U/1                 07‑09‑1918              

BURTON                 FRANK                                    001                 07‑11‑1918              

BURTON                 GERTIE                                    016                 10‑04‑1918  

BURTON                 JESSEY                 L                 056                 12‑07‑1918  

BURTON                 MARGIE                                    001                 10‑30‑1918  

BURTON                 MARY                                       001                 12‑04‑1918  

BURTON                 MURTIE                                     031                 03‑22‑1918  

BURTON                 NICHIE                                      030                 11‑11‑1918  

CABBELL                 A                            R                 025                 04‑16‑1918  

CABBELL                 ETHAL                                      027                 10‑14‑1918           

CAMPBELL                 HOGARD                              021                 06‑16‑1918  

CAMPBELL                 MARY                 E                 004                 11‑07‑1918   

CAMPBELL                 MOLLIE                 L              008                 11‑04‑1918   

CAMPBELL                 PERRY                 W                002                 11‑05‑1918   

CAMPBELL                 PERTELA             L                 006                 11‑09‑1918   

CAMPBELL                 ZANDY                 L                 001                 11‑09‑1918   

CAPE                          WOODY                 2                 U/1                 10‑14‑1918   

CARNES                    MARY                 E                     074                 11‑22‑1918   

CARNEY                     MAHALA             J                 038                 09‑23‑1918  

CHANDLER                 ANNIE                 B                030                 10‑24‑1918   

CHAPEL                      JOSEPH                                   010                 02‑05‑1918   

CHAPMAN                 JENNIE                                   051                 03‑30‑1918  

CHEATAM                 GEO                        A                 070                 03‑02‑1918   

CHECK*                 STELLER             F                 U/1                 06‑16‑1918                    *Cheek??

CHELF                   JAKE                                          039                 10‑27‑1918   

COFFEY                 SIDNEY                 R                 022                 10‑26‑1918 

COMBEST                 JOHN                                      053                 08‑22‑1918   

COOK                    COY                       C                 U/1                 04‑09‑1918  

COOK                    E                             W                 069                 12‑03‑1918  

CORBIN                 LILLIA                   M                 028                 10‑21‑1918

COWENS                 MARVIN                                 001                 04‑21‑1918  

COWENS                 MARY                                    001                  11‑20‑1918   

COWENS                 NONIE                   B                 035                 11‑18‑1918   

COWENS                 THOMAS                               U/1                 11‑19‑1918  

CURRY                    ELLEN                                    035                  11‑26‑1918               

CURRY                     LENA                                      030                 10‑20‑1918

CURRY                    LUCY                     E                 037                 11‑06‑1918   

CURRY                   MERTIE                 M                 011                 10‑27‑1918   

CURRY                   VIGNIA                                      U/1                 09‑08‑1918  

DAVIS                   MARY                   A                 051                 02‑04‑1918  

DOHONEY                 JACK                     C                 070                06‑25‑1918 

DOHONLY*             F                            P                065                 11‑24‑1918    * Dohoney   

DOWNEY                 MARTHA             A                 078                 08‑19‑1918  

DRY                        CURT                                      035                 07‑23‑1918  

DUNBAR                 CHARLES           D                 019                 11‑05‑1918  

DUNBAR                 MATTIE              J                 071                 06‑25‑1918  

DUNN                    LOYD                     M                 032                 09‑18‑1918   

DYE                        INES                       P                 001                 11‑02‑1918           

EDRINGTON                 WILLIAM            J                 064                 10‑07‑1918           

EDWARDS                 MAY                      P                 U/1                 04‑14‑1918 

ENGLAND                 NANCY                 M                 077                 12‑21‑1918 

ESTES                    CURTIS                 O                 U/1                 01‑06‑1918  

FEESE                    ELSIE                                      U/1                 11‑21‑1918 

FERRELL                 LIZZIE                                                    09‑12‑1918

FITCH*                 JOHN                   L                U/1                 10‑14‑1918      *Fitzpatrick??

FLOYD                   JOSEY                    E                 002                 08‑20‑1918 

FOSTER                 ANNA                   A                 062                 01‑12‑1918  

FOSTER                 MAGGIE              P                 017                  02‑11‑1918 

FUCE*                   MILDRED                              U/1                 05‑12‑1918            *Feese 

GADBERRY            SARAH                                  063                 06‑17‑1918

GARCIA *            BESSIE                 V                 022                 10‑20‑1918            *Garvin  

GARNETT                 SALLIE                                055                 02‑25‑1918 

GENTRY                 ARVEL                                  007                 10‑27‑1918  

GENTRY                 BASSIE                 U                 017                 10‑09‑1918 

GENTRY                 IVA                        L                 020                 10‑09‑1918 

GENTRY                 LAURA                 H                 024                 10‑08‑1918  

GENTRY                 NORMA                 G                 U/1                 08‑09‑1918  

GILES                     HETTIE                                      044                 03‑26‑1918  

GOODE*                 ROBERT              F                 070                 08‑25‑1918            * Two certificates filed

GOWEN                 CHARLEY           K                 U/1                   09‑09‑1918 

GOWEN                 CHARLEY           L                 028                 09‑05‑1918   

GOWEN                 THOMAS              F                 076                 10‑05‑1918  

GRADY                   JOHN                                       070                  04‑16‑1918   

GRANT                   ELCA                     M                 U/1                  12‑26‑1918  

GRANT                      SOPHIA                                  023                  11‑04‑1918 

GRASHAW*            ELIZBETH                           077                10‑07‑1918                 *Grasham

GREER                   LAWRENCE        L                      U/1                  03‑06‑1918  

GRILES                  SHAGIL                                        089                  05‑15‑1918  

GRISSOM                 GRAMES              C                 033                  06‑12‑1918   

HAMON                 BESSIE                                       008                  10‑30‑1918   

HANCOCK                 ANNIE                   R                 002                 11‑06‑1918

HANCOCK                 JOSEPH                                  U/1                 10‑13‑1918   

HARDEN                 HUBERT             L                 001                  11‑19‑1918  

HARDEN                 LOUISA                 A                 044                  02‑20‑1918   

HARDWICK                 DORIA                 B                 002                  11‑03‑1918   

HARMON                 LEONARD                             019                  10‑19‑1918   

HARMON                 LILBUM                                  016                  10‑20‑1918    

HARMON                 SARAH                 A                 042                  05‑18‑1918 

HARRIS                 RUBY                                      001                  02‑26‑1918 

HARVEY                 MARY                   F                 072                  09‑10‑1918 

HENDRICKSON GARFIELD                            037                 05‑09‑1918 

HENDRICKSON URBIN                   G                 076                  09‑11‑1918  

HILL                       RAYMOND                           U/1                  03‑29‑1918   

HOLLEDAY                 JAMES                                  084                  10‑07‑1918   

HOLT                     CHARLES           E                     U/1                 06‑01‑1918   

HOVIANS*           HALLIE                 E              034                   08‑09‑1918            Hovious   

HUDSON                 AUSTIN                                  024                 05‑30‑1918   

HUDSON                 EMMA                 G                 028                  10‑19‑1918   

HUDSON                 JOHN                     M                 026                  10‑15‑1918   

HUDSON                 MELVIN                 B                 017                  10‑19‑1918  

HUNTER                 GEO                        A                 064                  02‑12‑1918

HUNTER                 GEORGIE                               036                  11‑17‑1918  

HUNTER                 OTIS                                       020                  09‑21‑1918  

JANES                   MARY                                    026                 10‑28‑1918  

JESSE                     CHESTER                              U/1                 11‑13‑1918  

JESSE                     MARTHA             A                 U/1                  08‑18‑1918 

JONES                    A                            J                 065                  12‑23‑1918 

JONES                    ALLENE                                  U/1                  08‑18‑1918

JONES                    EARL                                      002                  07‑28‑1918 

JONES                    HOWARD          L                 006                  12‑27‑1918   

JONES                    MYRTIE                 E                 003                 11‑22‑1918   

JONES                    PETRESS              H                 U/1                 10‑17‑1918   

JUDD                     MARTHA                              023                  09‑10‑1918   

KARNES                 SARAH                                  060                  03‑27‑1918   

KARNS                 WILL                     L                 060                  04‑06‑1918   

KEARNS                 ISIE                        E                 034                  01‑16‑1918               

KELLTNER                 CECIL                    C                 U/1                  08‑26‑1918  

KELTNER                 WILLIARD                                U/1                 04‑30‑1918  

KERNS                   EWING                                      023                  04‑06‑1918

KERNS                   HARLAN             W                 018                  10‑23‑1918  

KING                      GARFIELD           K                 U/1                 10‑20‑1918   

LASLEY                 VIRGE                    2                 U/1                 11‑16‑1918  

LEACH                 JAMES                 R                 U/1                 01‑31‑1918  

LOY                        J                              M                 029                 08‑02‑1918  

MANN                   JESSIE                                       087                  07‑06‑1918   

MARTIN                 GEO                        W                 014                  03‑27‑1918  

MATHERLEY      ELIGA                    M                 073                 10‑17‑1918  

MAY                      JESSIE                   B                 006                  09‑28‑1918   

MAY                      LESTER                                      007                  11‑17‑1918 

MCALLISTER                 PAULINE                               001                  07‑21‑1918  

MCCAFFRE                 SONORA             J                 060                  06‑19‑1918  

MCCLAIN                 MAXICIE                               U/1                  04‑21‑1918  

MCCLISTER                 O                             H                 067                  01‑16‑1918  

MCELROY                 METTIE                 L                 018                  08‑24‑1918

MCELROY                 WILLIS                  U/1                 11‑26‑1918  

MCQUEARRY                 JULIA                    A                 024                  06‑15‑1918 

MCROY*                 WILLIS                                  U/1                  12‑01‑1918                *McElroy??  

MELSON                 GILUM                                  007                  01‑19‑1918  

MILLER                 SARAH                 A                 079                 10‑26‑1918

MILLER                 SIMEON                 P                 001                  10‑20‑1918  

MILLER                 VONA                    E                 027                  10‑20‑1918 

MITCHESON*                 LILLIE                                    027                  12‑14‑1918                  *Hutchison??

MONDAY                 W                           H                 089                  07‑22‑1918  

MONTGOMERY MARY                   A                 U/1                  06‑01‑1918 

MORGAN                 LLOYD                 R                 U/1                  06‑29‑1918  

MORRISON                 FRANK                 2                 U/1                 03‑13‑1918 

MORRISON                 JAMES                                  074                 12‑02‑1918 

MORRISON                 LAWRENCE        F                 U/1                 03‑13‑1918  

MORRISON                 NORMAN             3                 U/1                  03‑12‑1918

MURRELL                 HORACE                               011                 11‑25‑1918 

NEWBY                 MAMIE                                  031                 04‑04‑1918

PARSON                 SEALLY                                  066                  03‑22‑1918 

PATERSON            LUCY                     A                 063                  01‑20‑1918  

PAULL                   RICHARD             F                 065                  07‑09‑1918

PENDLETON          EULA                                      013                  11‑23‑1918  

PENDLETON          FRED                                      020                  10‑28‑1918 

PENTICUPP            ROBERT                                                          12‑31‑1918  

PERDUE                 R                             B                 038                  05‑12‑1918  

PICKETT                 LAWRENCE        E                 U/1                  07‑03‑1918  

PICKETT                 LAWRENCE        E                 U/1                  07‑03‑1918 

PIERCE                  OSCER                                    019                  04‑28‑1918

PIKE                       ELSIE                                      U/1                  11‑01‑1918

PIKE                       GREEN                                   053                  08‑26‑1918 

PIKE                       JAS                        W                 U/1                  08‑21‑1918

PIKE                       PEARL                                    021                  08‑21‑1918

PIKER                    R                             L                 066                 11‑21‑1918 

PILES                     CLARENCE                            U/1                  05‑02‑1918

POFF                      PEARL                                    017                  11‑14‑1918 

RECTOR                 STEWART           S                 U/1                  01‑13‑1918 

REECE                    MABEL                                  U/1                  11‑06‑1918

RENFRO                 NANNIE                 E                 063                  12‑06‑1918

RICE                       NANCY                 E                 086                  10‑01‑1918 

ROGERS                 PEACHY             E                 007                  05‑24‑1918 

ROWE                    MANNIE                               020                 11‑23‑1918

ROWE                    SIDDIE                                  035                  04‑20‑1918              

RUPE                      RICHARD                              038                  11‑01‑1918              

SANDERS             JOHN                     O                 017                  11‑03‑1918              

SAPP                      MATILDA                           064                 04‑14‑1918              

SCOLL*                 HIDIN                                     U/1                  04‑25‑1918            * Scholl?    

SHARP                 BOSS                     1                 U/1                  08‑03‑1918              

SHAW                   LILLIE                    G                 031                  10‑14‑1918              

SHAW                   M                            H                 061                  05‑25‑1918              

SHEETS                 MARY                                    U/1                  06‑14‑1918              

SHIRLEY                 CHARLES           H                 U/1                  11‑21‑1918              

SMITH                   LEE                         S                 063                  08‑31‑1918              

SMITH                   LUTHER                 3                 U/1                  10‑10‑1918              

SMITH                   MARY                   E                 059                  11‑09‑1918              

SMITH                   V                             B                 034                  11‑16‑1918              

SNEED                   RICHARD             C                 001                  11‑17‑1918             

SPARKS                 ADELLA                              021                  12‑22‑1918              

SPARKS                 CHARLIE                               043                  12‑22‑1918              

SPORES                 ELMER                 1                 U/1                  10‑28‑1918              

SPRADLIN                 AMBRUS                               058                  04‑13‑1918              

STAPLES                 J                              E                 071                 02‑03‑1918              

STOTTS                 ALEC                     J                 U/1                  09‑29‑1918              

STOTTS                 MARTHA             A                 067                  09‑27‑1918              

STRANGE                 LUCILE                                 U/1                  01‑04‑1918             

STULTS, Jr.                 COUNT              I                 U/1                  11‑21‑1918               

STUTTS*                 HAROLD             T                 U/1                  02‑14‑1918            *Stults  

TARTER                 IRINE                     M                 002                  09‑24‑1918             

TARTER                 MYRTLE                                   008                  06‑17‑1918               

TARTER                 P                             M                 068                  08‑11‑1918               

TAYLOR                 CLARANCE                         024                  02‑14‑1918               

TAYLOR                 ETHEL                   M                 003                  11‑04‑1918               

TAYLOR                 JASPER                                  U/1                  07‑10‑1918               

TAYLOR                 NELLE                   E                 005                  11‑19‑1918             

TAYLOR                 SIS                                           065                  06‑04‑1918               

THOMAS                 LIZIE                      E                 075                  12‑09‑1918               

THOMAS, Jr.        O                             J.                U/1                  12‑04‑1918             

TRIBUE*                 MARY                   A                 081                  06‑27‑1918            *Trabue

TROUTMAN                 JOHN                                      063                  07‑18‑1918               

TUELL                   LIZZIE                   U/1                  05‑10‑1918             

TURNER                 CLYDE                 O                 001                  10‑20‑1918               

TURNER                 ROY                       E                 025                  04‑20‑1918               

TURNER                 W                           G                 064                  05‑17‑1918               

VAUGHN                 FINIS                     R                 036                  11‑24‑1918               

VAUGHN                 HERMAN                              021                  10‑21‑1918               

WADE                   NANCY                                  050                  06‑02‑1918               

WADE                   S                             L                 019                 10‑11‑1918               

WAGGONER                 LILLIAN                 E                 017                02‑24‑1918             

WARD                   LUCIAN                                  016                  01‑14‑1918             

WARNER                 FANNIE                                  036                 08‑14‑1918             

WESLEY                 FRANCIS              G                 U/1                  04‑15‑1918             

WHITE                 ANN                      L                 081                  02‑09‑1918             

WHITE                 LIZZIE                                    052                  09‑10‑1918             

WHITE                 MARTHA             R                 067                 03‑26‑1918             

WILEMS*                 BEN                                         029                01‑31‑1918                 *Willens??

WILLIAMS                 MONT                   2                 U/1                  03‑28‑1918             

WILLIS A                            G                 081                  03‑27‑1918             

WILSON                 BELL                      J                 071                  11‑18‑1918               

WILSON                 BETTIE                  066                  07‑06‑1918             

WILSON                 CECIL                                     006                  11‑12‑1918             

WILSON                 CLARENCE                         004                  11‑13‑1918             

WILSON                 ELSIE                                      U/1                  04‑16‑1918             

WILSON                 F                             1                 U/1                  10‑02‑1918               

WILSON                 LAURA                 F                 047                  10‑29‑1918               

WILSON                 MARY                   M                 015                 11‑20‑1918               

WILSON                 MAUDE                 L                 014                 01‑31‑1918             

WILSON                 OLIE                                        027                 11‑11‑1918               

WILSON                 ROSA                    B                 021                  10‑28‑1918             

WILSON                 WALDO                                  001                  10‑02‑1918               

WILSON                 ZONIE                                    024                  11‑13‑1918               

WINGLER                 DORA                    E                 U/1                  11‑14‑1918               

WOODRUM                 MAY                                       U/1                  10‑31‑1918               

YOUNG                 WILLIAM                             074                  03‑23‑1918