Deeds from "The Line"

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Cary Phelps

Contributed By: Marilyn Phelps

Have found no death date, a grave or
anything beyond 1810.......Cary/Carey is a brother to Shadrach Phelps of
Russell Co., KY, Esto Rd., Jamestown.......Farm is on the National Register
and has a marker.........

(Carey Phelps Deeds - Adair Co. from Marilyn Phelps, given to me by Carol

27 Sept 1802 - Cary Phelps to David Bellou/Bellow...54 acres in Adair on
waters of Renold's (sic) Creek...borders Bryant's line, Lewis Morres.
Phelps signed

2 May 1803 - Cary Phelps of Adair to Nathaniel Coffee/Coffey of Adair...5
3/4 acres in Adair on Renolds Creek.  Bounds James Lapsley's line.  He

2 Sep 1805 - John Cox of Adair to Abraham Phelps of Adair...56 1/2 acres in
Adair on Reynold's Creek.  Bounds:  Corner to Cary Phelps.

14 April 1806 - Cary Phelps of Adair to Davil Ballew (?) of Adair...49
acres in Adair on Reynolds Creek... Bounds:  Lewis Mores (sic) one...Signed

14 April 1806 - Cary Phelps of Adair to John Brockman of Adair ... 50 acres
in Adair on Reynolds Creek.  Bounds:  Corners David Ballew... Signed.

6 July 1807 - Abraham Phelps of Adair to Thomas Karns of Adair...56 1/2 cres
in Adair on Reynolds Creek...Bounds:  Corner to Cox and
Turnbough...corner to Cary Phelps...part of a 7,110 2/3 acre survey
patented to Banks and Roberts.  Signed.

2 May 1808 - John Stapp, Sr. of Adair to Shadrack Phelps of Adair "for and
in consideration of the natural love and affection which I have and bar
(sic) unto the said Shadrack Phelps"  114 1/4 acres on Greasy Creek in
Adair.  Bounds:  Beginning at an old oak in the division line between
Thomas Stapp and John Stapp and corner to James Stapp.  Signed.

Any others that mentioned Phelps were between other people who mentioned his
line as a boundary.