Parker Cemetery

Contributed By: Shannon Davis  


Located in Adair County . From Highway 551 at the Knilfey crossroads take a left onto highway 76 approx 3.0 miles to  Hovious Ridge Road on the left.  Go approx 3 miles to ,

a gravel road identified as Parker Cemetery Road on the right.  Continue on this raod about 1 mile , go up a steep hill and the cemetery is located on the right atop the

hill. This area was know as White Oak. The cemetery was  well maintained .  This cemetery was  recorded by Shannon & SamanthaDavis on April 2004. Info in ( ) is added info know about

the person .  There are about 25 Unmarked stones and rock markers. We have in earnest effort tried to be as accurate as possible.  We have photos of most of the graves if anyone would like a copy.


Joe H. Barnett 1882-1974

Lim Ewing Barnett October 18,1910---November 26-1967

Ky PFC  Co A 2832 ENGR. C BN  WWII

James W. Bault 1863-1941  ( OSSW Nancy S. Bault)

Nancy S. Bault 1867-1939  ( OSSW James Bault)

Ellis Horn born and died 1921

Ralph Overstreet 7-17-1920---7-3-1972   PFC US Army WWll

Alta Parker  1932-1948   (dob 6-8-1932) ( daughter of William J. and Eliza Pike Parker)

Coy E. Parker 1926-1943   (dob 6-13-1926)( son of William J and Eliza J. Pike Parker)

Dona Parker  1923-1949  (dob 7-14-1923)( daughter of William J. and Eliza Pike Parker)

Eliza J. Parker 1894-1974  ( Daughter of William B. &Elizabeth Pike)

John E. Parker 1859-1924

Joseph Eugene Parker  9-3-1936----9-27-1985

Mary B. Parker 1863-1927

Maude Parker  Septmeber 20, 1893--April 18,1926

Shelby Parker August 21, 1883--Feb. 26,1963

Sylvester Parker March 26,1893--September 10,1931

William Parker  1892-1959

Howard Redford Born & Died 1-19-1923

Millie  J. Redford 6-24-1864---4-9-1930

Margie B. Perkins 12-27-1929---1-24-1930

Nora L. Perkins 1901-1923

Wilbur Perkins 1922-1923

Della Ann Pike 10-20-1892---3-25-1952  ( Daughter of William B.& Elizabeth Pike)

William B. Pike  1861-1937 ( son of John R. Pike and Savannah Roach Pike; Married Elizabeth Curry)

Joe Tupman  May 20, 1862--May 30,1930
Howard W. Watson  5-30-1923---12-20-1923

Nellie Watson 8-17-1900---3-24-1924  ( ossw Howard Watson inscription below her name says “wife of Walter G.”)

Howard Wheeler Born and died March 4, 1931