Shepherd Cemetery

Submitted By: Tim & Lesley Goodin

Submission Date: 02-Jan-2000

The cemetery is located in the Sano Community of Adair County. From the intersection of Highway 1729, Mount Olive Road and Sulfur Creek Road, travel down Sulfur Creek Road approximately 0.75 miles. The road will fork. Take the right fork (Shepherd Road). In approximately 0.25 miles, turn down a gravel lane to the right, The Shepherd Family cemetery is on the right.

Headstone of Nancy E. Shepherd

Submitted By: Morris Shepherd 

Row 1: Double Stone: Ella B. SHEPHERD (spouse of William Ray,  picture) 18-Dec-1896 to 02-Dec-1983 William SHEPHERD (spouse of Ella B, picture) 14-Apr-189? to 16-Dec-1984 Single Stones: Garnett SHEPHERD (son of Ray & B.) 08-Apr-1934 to 05-Sep-1980

Row 2: Single Stones: Mattie SHEPHERD 03-Jul-1880 to 28-Feb-1960 Melvin SHEPHERD 15-May-1882 to 04-Nov-1954 David G. SHEPHERD 16-Sep-1942 to 23-Sep-1988 Douglas M. SHEPHERD 03-Jul-1943 to 10-Sep-1943 Mary L. SHEPHERD 19-Feb-1919 to 04-Oct-1923 Unmarked

Row 3: Single Stone: Montra C. WHITE (daughter of Owen & Cora) 28-Sep-1913 to 16-May-1980 Double Stone: Cora Shepherd WHITE (spouse of Owen) 21-Aug-1889 to 11-Apr-1967 John Owen WHITE (spouse of Cora) 18-Sep-1881 to 14-Nov-1940 Edwin WHITE (infant son of Owen & Cora) 17-Feb-1924 to 19-May-1924 Single Stones: SHEPHERD (baby of John M.) 01-Apr-1876 to ??? John M. SHEPHERD 15-May-1873 to 08-Feb-1959 Lee SHEPHERD 29-Jan-1897 to 14-Dec-1932 Bet SHEPHERD 23-Aug-1879 to 13-Nov-1941 Aubra D. BROCK 24-May-1914 to 04-Nov-1988 Double Stone: Velma V. SHEPHERD (wedding 11-Apr-1935, picture) 25-Sep-1918 to ??? Nolan SHEPHERD 28-Oct-1904 to 05-Jun-1990 J. Thomas SHEPHERD 04-Jan-1858 to 02-Apr-1914

Row 4: Single Stones: Mary F. SHEPHERD 29-Apr-1862 to 16-Dec-1924 Nancy E. (Nannie) SHEPHERD 22-Nov-1834 to 09-Jul-1903 D. C. SHEPHERD 23-May-1832 to 18-Aug-1913 Mary S. SHEPHERD 19-Jan-1865 to 04-May-1950 E. W. SHEPHERD 01-Jun-1860 to 31-Jun-1944 John SHEPHERD (Kentucky PFC 226th Company, WW I) 26-Jan-1891 to 09-Jan-1949 J. T. SHEPHERD no dates Unmarked

Row 5: Unmarked

Row 6: Double Stone: Fred WHITE 20-Sep-1905 to 15-May-1986 Joyce WHITE 21-May-1945

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