Family Bible of Lewis Sheppard

Contributed By: Jim Kirk

This branch of the Sheppard family moved to the Adair/Russell County area of KY about 1810 but most of Lewis' family moved on to the Morgan/Greene County area of Illinois about 1830.

A copy of the following 99 year old newspaper clipping was in the Lewis Sheppard bible photocopies:

An Old Relic.

Miss Nina Borrow of Patterson, is the recipient of an old family Bible willed to her by an aged great aunt, Palmyra Sitton, who died near Waverly, Sangamon county, Illinois, April 28, 1905.

This Bible was purchased by Lewis Sheppard in the year of 1838 and at the time of the purchase Mr. Sheppard was 67 years of age. And now the Bible is in the hands of the fifth or sixth generation.

January 25, 1906

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Page One

Family Record.
Births Births

Lewis Sheppard was
born Decr 25 1771

Lewis J. Sheppard was
born Decr 26 th 1801

Ali Sheppard was born
July the 13 th 1766

Thes Sheppard was
born Decr 30 th 1803

Jane Sheppard was born
March the 15 th 1778

Stephen Sheppard was
born Feby 7 1806
Rachel Sheppard was
was born June 2 nd  1794
Ali Sheppard was
born June 5 th 1808
Thornton Sheppard was
born Augt 9 th 1795
John O Sheppard was
born Octr 7 th 1810
Nancy Sheppard was
born Feby 6 th 1797
Martha Sheppard was
born Decr 18 1774
Polly Sheppard was
Novr 5 th 1798

Nancy Sheppard wife of Lewis
J. Sheppard was born
Octr 15th 1796
Sally Sheppard was
born March 6 th1800

From Maxine Simmons
via copy from
Peg & Bob McCoy


Page Two


Family Record
Births Births

John Sheppard senr was
born August the 10 th 1734
& died June the 11 th 1810
Aged 75 years ten months
& 1-day 1

Polly Spencer deceased
March the 8 th 1852
Aged 67 years & 18 days2
Jessie Sitton born
March the Eleventh 1783
Terrell R. Sitton born
May the 11th 1838
Sally Sitton born
Oct the 24 th 1788
William T Sitton born
July the  19 th  1840
Sally Sitton born
Oct the 24 th 1788
James H Sitton born
November the 1st 1842

Jehu Sitton born
March the 4 th  1815

Robert R Sitton
March the 10 th  1845
J??? Sitton May the 20
Samantha J Sitton born
August the 11 1847

Sarah S Sitton
??? the 4th 1821

John H Sitton
Feb the 7 1858

Transcribed by Jim Kirk 3/25/2003


Page 3

Family Record.
Marriages Marriages
Lewis Sheppard was
married to Ali Johnson on
Augt the 29th 1793
Jehu Sitton was
Maried to
Palmira Barrow
January the 19th1863
Lewis Sheppard was
married to Jane Murphy
Augt 12th 1827
Joseph P Fisher and
Samantha J Sitton
Was Married
June the 16th 1865

Lewis Sheppard was
married to Martha
Rafferty June the 20th 1840

John H Sitton
and M. O. Landrith
Was Married March
the 29th 1881

Jessie T Barrow
was Maried to
Nancy Sheppard
Sept. the 13th 1820
Jehu Sitton
Nov. 29. 1882
Aged 68-Y-7-M-25-D
Transcribed by Jim Kirk 3/26/2003 Palmyra Sitton died
April 28th 1905 Aged 80
Years 2 Months and
23 days.


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