Troop G, 13th U. S. Cavalry


This is a photograph taken on 20 May 1903 of Troop G, of the 13th U. S. Cavalry. On the back of the photo are the following notes:
"This leaves me well an injoying my self fine. We go on board the Transport Logan tomorrow. To day is our last day in the U. S. for a while. As ever yours, Phillip H. Ingram"

"This is mine. You can take your choice of others and give the two that is left to Walter and Ella. These was taken in our field uniforms 2 days before we sailed from San Francisco Enrout to the Philipines. Troop "G" 13th U. S. Cavalry, May 29, 1903"


My grandfather, Phillip Henry Ingram is the 8th man on the front row, with his hat over his heart. If you can identify any of the others, I will be glad to list their names. This is from the Spanish-American War. Although I am not sure, I would think some of these men are from Adair Co., KY. Are they yours?

Photo, Troop G., 13th US Cavalry