Viola Mae Bryant

Contributed By: Julie Sullivan (d/o Mary Walker Bryant Sullivan)


I'd like to clear the record on my grandmother's name.  She is listed wrong in every place I have found her. Her name is Viola Mae Bryant, but she is recorded as Mary Bryant.  My grandfather's first wife was Mary Etter Cravens, (buried in Cravens Cemetery, Gentry's Mill, Adair Co, KY). In the Census records of 1910 & 1920, Mary Bryant appears with Joe, but she passed away in 1921.  I'm assuming that when people see his wife as May in the 1930 Census, that they assume it is a mistake and that he is still married to Mary.

Then to confuse it more, the obituary for her own mother listed Viola Mae Bryant as Mary Bryant.  Her mother's obituary.  Her mother was actually named Rutha Belle, but the children who buried her misspelled it in her obituary and on her tombstone.
Viola Mae Bryant is buried at Free Union Cemetery as Mae Bryant.  She is beside her husband who is buried as Joe Bryant.
Additional Information:


Descendants of Josephus "Joe" Bryant



1.  JOSEPHUS "JOE"5 BRYANT  (ALEXANDER MONROE "CHICK"4, CHARLES HENRY "SQUIRE"3, PETER2, JOHN1)1,2,3,4,5 was born 24 Dec 1877 in Adair Co, KY6,7,8,9,10, and died 24 Apr 1960 in Adair Co, KY11.  He married (1) MARY ETTER CRAVENS11 15 Dec 1898, daughter of SYLVESTER CRAVENS and ANGELINE POWELL.  She was born 13 Jan 1870 in Adair Co, KY11, and died 30 Aug 1921 in Adair Co, KY11.  He married (2) VIOLA MAE (aka May) BRYANT12 08 May 1925 in Sano, KY, daughter of JOHN Austin BRYANT and RUTHA Belle BROCKMAN.  She was born 27 Jan 1892 in Russell Co, KY, and died 04 May 1976 in St. Francis Hospital, Indianapolis, IN.



Burial: 30 Aug 1921, Cravens Cemetery, Gentry's Mill, Adair Co, KY


Children of JOE BRYANT and MARY Etter CRAVENS are:

2.                i.    EMER6 BRYANT, b. 07 Oct 1899, Adair Co, KY; d. 09 May 1929.  (name might be Emmer)

                  ii.    MARVIN BRYANT, b. 08 Feb 1902; d. 08 Jan 1924, Chicago, IL.

                 iii.    NORA BRYANT, b. 07 Nov 1903; d. 12 Jul 1971, Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY.

                 iv.    EFFIE BRYANT, b. 17 Jan 1905; d. 23 Oct 1967.

                  v.    NONA BRYANT, b. 31 Dec 1906; d. 05 Dec 1988.

3.              vi.    OWEN BRYANT, b. 10 Jun 1908; d. 21 Nov 1984, CA.

                vii.    ARTHUR BRYANT14,15, b. 25 Jan 1910, Adair Co, KY16; d. 10 Dec 2002, Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN16.

               viii.    LUCIAN BRYANT, b. 16 Jan 1912; d. 24 Dec 1950, Canton, OH.



Children of JOE BRYANT and  MAE BRYANT are:

4.               ix.    MARY WALKER6 BRYANT, b. 04 Apr 1926, Adair Co, KY; d. 02 Jan 2006, Danville, Hendricks Co, IN.

                   x.    HAZEL BRYANT, b. 21 Sep 1927, Adair Co, KY; d. 18 Feb 1928, Adair Co, KY.

                  xi.    HELEN BRYANT, b. 21 Sep 1927, Adair Co, KY; d. 16 Feb 1928, Adair Co, KY.

5.              xii.    Living BRYANT, b. private  Adair Co, KY.



Descendants of John Austin Bryant


1.  JOHN AUSTIN4 BRYANT  (PERKINS3, WILLIAM2, JOHN1) was born 01 Mar 1870 in KY, and died 25 Mar 1947 in Russell Co, KY.  He married RUTHA BELLE BROCKMAN 25 Jan 1888, daughter of JOHN BROCKMAN and CATHARINE BLAIR.  She was born 20 Aug 1871 in KY, and died 12 Oct 1963 in Mahomet, Champaign Co, IL.



                   i.    PEARL ION5 BRYANT, b. 12 Mar 1890, KY; d. 29 Jul 1957.

2.               ii.    VIOLA MAE "MAY" BRYANT, b. 27 Jan 1892, Russell Co, KY; d. 04 May 1976, St. Francis Hospital, Indianapolis, IN.

3.              iii.    IDA ELLA BRYANT, b. 11 Jan 1894, Russell Co, KY; d. 31 Jan 1972, Mahomet, Champaign Co, IL.

                 iv.    IVA BRYANT, b. 20 Jan 1896; d. 07 Mar 1980.

                  v.    ROSA LEE BRYANT, b. 30 Apr 1898; d. 17 Apr 1980.

                 vi.    VIRGIL BRYANT, b. 10 Jun 1900; d. 10 Jul 1983.

                vii.    WELBY BRYANT, b. 21 Jul 1902; d. 23 May 1923.

               viii.    OCIE BRYANT, b. 15 Oct 1904; d. 26 Dec 1993.

                  ix.    VONA NELL BRYANT, b. 20 Apr 1907; d. 13 Sep 1909.

                   x.    LUCIAN BRYANT, b. 29 Jun 1909; d. 03 Dec 1991.

4.               xi.    OLA BRYANT, b. 31 Oct 1911; d. 13 Dec 1991.

                 xii.    TRESSIE DORTHA "DOROTHY" BRYANT, b. 06 Oct 1914, Sano, KY; d. 04 Sep 1986, Cincinnati, OH.