Adair County Marriage Records

1822 - 1845 (partial)

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1822, Ann PATTERSON, Barnett THOMPSON 1822, Jame PAXTON, Daniel TRABUE 1823, Nancy PATTERSON, Benjamin WILCOX 1823, Polly PATTERSON, Elijah M. MAYS 1823, Polly PAUL, John McCLEATH 1824, Elizabeth PATTERSON, James BREEDING 1825, Elenner PATRICK, Uriah ROGERS 1826, Sally R. PARISH, Sinclair STAPP 1828, Nancy D. PATTERSON, David WALKER 1828, Permelia PATTERSON, George BEARD 1829, Eliza PAXTON, Thomas T. BOTTS 1830, Elizabeth PATTERSON, James SMITH 1831, Polly PATTERSON, Emanuel REED 1832, Fanny PATTERSON, Martin GRIDER 1832, Polly PATTERSON, James FINDLEY 1833, Isyphena PATTERSON, Stewart H. KINNAIRD 1835, Elizabeth PARSONS, F.G. HURT 1835, Matilda PATERSON, John C. SMITH 1836, Milly PATTERSON, Moses T. SCOTT 1837, Elizabeth G. PARRISH, James G. GILMER 1840, Huldah PATERSON, Samuel SMITH 1840, Aure PATTERSON, James READ 1841, Martha J. PARISH, Paschal WILLIS 1842, Sallie M. PATTERSON, James WHEELER 1844, Elizabeth A. PATTESON, Martin N. THOMAS 1845, Basheba PATTESON, Nathan W. CURRY .

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