Adair Co. Marriages, Estep - Ewing

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ESTEP, Joseph to HAMMONDS, Jane, 11 Jan 1812.

  ESTEP/ESTUP, Samuel to TERRY, Susanna, he s/o of Sherard, 11 Sept 1813 or 18 Sept 1813. 

Two different entries. ESTES, James G to NAYLOR, Debora, d/o Benjamin, 13 Jan 1831. ESTES, John Y to HOUELL/HORRELL, Jane, 18 Nov 1832. 

ESTES, Littleton to HICKS, Sally Ann, d/o Joseph, 24 Sept 1`834.

 ESTES, Peter to KINNAIRD, Frances, 10 Mar 1835. 

ESTES, Warfield to McKINNEY, Mary Ann, he s/o William, 23 July or 19 Sept 1840. Both dates shown. 

ESTES, William M to BUTLER, Jane, d/o James, 24 Nov 1820. 

ESTES, Yelverton to ESTES, Lucy, d/o Peter, 19 Oct 1831. 

EUBANK, Joseph to SMITH, Nancy, d/o John G, 22 Dec 1824. 

EVANS, Benjamin to WINFREY, Polly, d/o Philip, 8 Mar 1814. 

EVANS, John to POWELL, Sarah/Sally, d/o Elizabeth, 27 Apr 1810. 

EVANS, Thomas to PRICE, Barbary, 16 Sept 1824. 

EVANS, William to HERRIFORD, Sarah Ann, 16 Feb 1838. 

EWERS, Hardin E to SETTLES, Amanda E, d/o Benjamin, decd by W W SETTLES, guardian, 7 Dec 1840. 

EWERS, James B to WILLIS, Sally, d/o William, 29 July 1823. 

EWING, James to MILLER, Elizabeth, 19 Feb 1823.