Adair Co. Marriages, 

Grant - Hanson

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GRANT, Sarah Jane to BRADSHAW, Gallitan, November 16, 1853. Submitted By: Alene Bradshaw.

GRIFFEN, HENRY to CRAWLEY, Sarah, d/o Washington, 3 Apr 1838. 

GRIMES, James to WHEELER, Patsy/Polly, 15 Mar 1814. 

GRIMES, Jonathan to WHEELER, Polly, d/o Archles, 14 Mar 1814 ????? 

GRIMES, Simeon to ISAAC, Emeliza, d/o John, 13 Apr 1833. 

GRISSOM, Thomas J and CARTER, Mary Elizabeth, d/o Benjamin, 15 Apr 1840 

GRISSOM, William M to ORR, Martha Jane ORR, 28 Dec 1831 o4 1837. 

GROVES, Henry to SETTLES, Nancy, d/o William, 31 Dec 1806. 

GUTHRIE, Beverly to GRIDER, Elizabeth Patience, d/o Martin, he s/o Levi, 19 Dec 1803. 

GUTHERIE, Beverly to HAMILTON, Nancy, 23 May 1815. 

GUTHRIE, Stephen to GRIDER, Betsey, 5 Jan 1804. 

GUY, George G to TINSLEY, Angeline, d/o David, 21 Feb 1833. 

HADLEY, Charles to HELMS, Polly, d/o Henry, 26 Aug 1805. 

HADLEY, William to HELMS, Elizabeth, 10 Mar 1814. 

HADLEY, Zachariah to CORBIN, Jane, d/o James, he s/o Charles, 17 Sept 1833. 

HAINS, John to ANDERSON, Jane, 28 Oct 1828. 

HALE, Charles M to SETTLE, Nancy, d/o Lewis, 21 Dec 1829. 

HALE, Micajah to VAUGHN, Elizabeth, d/o Samuel, 10 Feb 1821. 

HALL, Barnett to ATKINSON, Mariah, 18 Mar 1819. 

HALL, Charles M to SETTLES, Nancy, 27 Dec 1829. 

HALL, Fielding to FINN, Anny, d/o Peter, 6 Mar 1836. 

HALL, James to NORTHCUTT, Sally, 12 Sept 1815 

HALL, Thomas to ALFORD, Sarah, d/o WIlliam HANDY, 24 May 1808. 

HALL, William to DOUGLAS, Peggy, d/o Samuel, 12 Dec 1824, she also shown as LAWLESS.

HALTON, James to FREEMAN, Elizabeth, 12 Mar 1818. 

HAMILTON, Benjamin to BUTLER, Margaret, d/o James, 4 Sept 1817. 

HAMILTON, John to PORTER, ELizabeth/Betsy, 28 Mar 1816. 

HAMILTON, John to BRIMBERRY/BRAMBERRY, guardians of both were James & Rachel MILLS, 10 Jan 1827. 

HAMILTON, John to WALBERT, Elizabeth, d/o David, he s/o William, 1 Sept 1836. 

HAMILTON, Joh to WILSON, Letty, d/o Nathaniel, 28 Feb 1837. 

HAMILTON, Levi to CREEL, Malinda, d/o Durham, 24 Oct 1825. 

HAMILTON, Merritt to MUSSER, Susan, d/o Barbery, 15 Oct 1823. 

HAMILTON, Thomas to MILLER, Mary, d/o James, 15 Feb 1816. 

HAMMOND, John to WILSON, Peggy, 25 Oct 1810. 

HAMMONDS, Thomas to PARK, Polly, d/o William, 6 Mar 1806/7. 

HAMPTON, Henry to CUMPTON, Nancy, d/o Baanard, 4 Jan 1817. 

HANCOCK, George to SHIELDS, Mary E, d/o David, 19 July 1834 or 20 Aug 1834. 

HANCOCK, Hiram to ECHOLS/EKHOLZ, Rebecca A, d/o William, 28 Mar 1815. 

HANCOCK, John Perry to CUNDIFF, Emerilla, she ward of John J CALDWELL, 6 Apr 1836. 

HANCOCK, Simon to CLEMENS, Permelia, 25 May 1809. 

HANCOCK, William to SETTLES, Alsey, d/o William, 10 Mar or Apr 1839. 

HANCY, Jonathan to WATSON, Nancy, 13 Jan 1817. 

HANDLEY, Thomas to LISLES, Polly, 29 July 1807. 

HANDY, Robert to DOYLE, Rosy, he s/o Jesse, 1 Feb 1821. 

HANSON, Elisha to HARDIN, Elizabeth, 13 July 1825.