Adair Co. Marriages, 1802 - 1840

Bolen - Bryant

BOLEN, Andrew to WILSON, Nancy, 14 Sept 1835.

BOLEY, Fielding to McDOWELL, Elizabeth, 7 Dec 1830. BOLEY, James R to GENTRY, Jemima W, d/o Robert, 3 Sept 1827.

BOLLIN, Isham to WILSON, Lydia, 29 Sept 1824.

BOLLING, John to SHARP, Celey, d/o Isham & Mary Sharp, 17 Mar 1821. BOMAR, William to BRYAN, Eliza, d/o Judith, 10 Feb 1817.

BOOHER, John to CRAIG, Mildred, 14 Jan 1823. BOOHER, Reuben to BAIZE, Catherine, step-d/o David WALKER & d/o Hannah WALKER, 27 Aug 1805.

BOTTS, John to CRAIG, Susan B, d/o Joseph; he s/o Thompson, 26 July 1841. BOTTS, Thomas T to PAXTON, Eliza, d/o Jane, 24 Dec 1829.

BOWLES, John S to FITZPATRICK, Coriller, d/o Lucy, 21 Oct 1841.

BOWMER/BOWMAN, John to GOODMAN, Phebe, 25 Jan 1810. BOYD, Robert to LANE, Esther, d/o Dutton, 17 Aug 1823.

BOYER, James to NEAT/NEAL, Mary, 2 Dec 1824. BOYER, John to SUTHERLAND, Anne, 4 Apr 1815. BOYER, John to SUTHERLAND, Polly, 8 May 1823, he is also shown as BOOHER. BOYER, William to SMITH, Sarah, d/o William, he s/o Joseph, 10 Feb 1823.

BRADBERRY, William to ROWE, Betsey, 6 June 1826. BRADLEY, Terry to DUNCAN, Sarah, d/o James, 30 Oct 1806.

 BRADLEY, William to NORTHCUTT, Sealey, d/o William & Disey, 4 Nov 1805.

BRADSHAW, Alben and ROBERTSON, Calpurnia, 1 Apr or 1 Sept 1836. Azure and ABRELL, Polly, 24 Mar 1829. Elyah BRADSHAW (*this name should be Elijah BRADSHAW) to MURRAY, Mary, step d/o John CARTER, 28 Sept 1815. Isaac to WILLIAMS, Polly, d/o Aaron, 14 Dec 1817. ISAIAH to MILLER, Sally,d/o JOhn, 29 July 1816. John to WHEELER, Milly Ann, d/o Achilees, 4 Dec 1838. Obediah to BRADSHAW, Ann, 10 May 1819. William to WILLIAMS, Lucinda, he s/o Isiah, 6 Oct 1835. (Nathaniel and Simeon's marriage bonds show their surname as Bratcher. Nathaniel, John and Simeon were all in Adair county when they wed the Wheeler girls. Information given by Brice Bratcher  See Bratcher surname below)

BRAGG, James M to HICKS, Eliza, d/o Joseph, 25 Jan 1833. Thomas M to WILSON, Hesther, d/o Nathan, 20 Dec 1832.

 BRANNON, Thomas to NEWMAN, Mary, 15 Jan 1811.

BRASFIELD, Riley to TRAMMELL, Rachel, d/o Petr. Marriage return shows his name as William Riley BRASFIELD, 19 Sept 1837.

BRASHEAR, Joseph to NOBLE, Eliz., 12 Aug 1813.

BRATCHER, Nathaniel to WHEELER, Matilda, d/o Archelus, 10 May 1836. SImeon to WHEELER, d/o WIlliam, 21 Oct 1841. Nathan & Simeon Bratcher Marriage Bonds

BRAWNER, John to ATKINSON, Polly, also shown as Margaret Atkinson, 27 Feb 1817.

* This information changed and verified by Joshua Bradshaw, descendant, 08/2009

BREEDING: Abraham to RICHARDS, Hannah. Her elder bro ws John. 18 Aug 1804. Alexander to HENDRICKSON, Elizabeth, d/o Isaac, he son of John Breeding, 12 Sept 1816. David to HENDRICKSON, Polly, d/o Isaac, 9 Sept 1813. George to PERRMAN, Milly, d/o William Sr, 25 June 1821. George to BEARD, Betsey, 17Apr 1830. George to BLAIR, Lavinea, infant of Alex Blair, decd; consent given by James BREEDING her next friend, 15 May 1831. James Jr to BIRD, Jane, d/o Thomas, 28 June 1818. James to COX, Nancy, d/o James, 8 Oct 1835. James to PATTERSON, Elizabeth, 18 Mar 1824. John to HARDIN, Lydia, 8 Apr 1824. John to STONE, Lucy, 30 July 1833. Peter to HOPKINS, Jane, 27 Oct 1819. Robert to LEFTWICK, Sarah A, d/o Robert, 17 Sept 1840. William to THOMAS, Eliza, 11 Nov 1829. William to ESTES, Mary, 6 Jan 1831.

BRENT, John to PHEMASTER, Patsey, 23 Mar 1829.

BRENTS, John to JONES, Lucy, 6 May 1826. BRENTS, Joshua to WORLEY, Rebecca 25 Nov 1815.

BREWER, Richard to PIKE, Lucinda, d/o Thomas, 9 Apr 1819. BREWER, Richard to PEMBERTON, Elizabeth, her parents were dead, he the s/o William, md either 1 March or 27 May 1815.

BRIANT: David to SMITH, Lucilla, 4 Feb 1833. (The previous marriage has been corrected and should read: BRYANT:  Daniel, [s/o John and Elizabeth Bryant], to SMITH, Lucilla, [d/o George and Jane Smith], 4 Feb 1833). David to GRIDER, Sally, d/o James, 14 Jan 1834.

BRICKEN: Alex to WORKMAN, d/o William, 16 Mar 1837. Thomas J to DAMRON, Sinderila, d/o Robrt T, 25 Aug 1832. William A to HARDIN, Cyrena, 28 May 1835.

BRIDGEWATER: John F to GROVES, Elizabeth, 5 Nov 1832. Seaton H to BARNETT, Eliza M, 7 May 1825.

BRILEY, George to SIMPSON, Lucinda, d/o John, 5 Sept 1833.

 BRISTOE: Henry to PATTERSON, Peggy, d/o Samuel, also shown PATISON, 22 Mar 1804. Payton to PRICE, Mary, d/o William H, 16 Sept 1803. Thomas to RICE, Nancy, 13 Nov 1802. Thomas to SPARKS, Elizabeth, d/o William & Mary, either 16 Sept or 6 Oct 1816. Thomas to MOSBY, Lucy, d/o William, 26 Jan 1808.

BROCKMAN: John to PHELPS, Sarah, d/o Cary, 30 Dec 1803. Samuel to BROWN, Charlotte, d/o Richard, 26 Nov 1827. Thomas to ALLEN, Martha, 15 May 1815. Thomas to COUNOCER, Hannah, d/o Dominicus & Rachel, 17 Mar 1835.

 BROOKS, William to WHEELER, Rebecca, 12 Feb 1817.

BROWDER, James to SMITH, Harriett, d/o William, 22 June 1825.

BROWN: Daniel to BROCKMAN, Nelly, 16 July 1826. Elisha to WILLIAMS, Phillis widow of Drury Sr., 23 Sept 1818. Isaac to HILL, Sarah, 11 Oct 1824. Jacob to REXROAT, Betsey, d/o John, 17 Mar 1820. Jacob to HILL, Sally, 8 Oct 1824. See Isaac above. James to HORRELL/HOWELL, Nancy, d/o Clever C, 8 Jan 1821. John to CRAIG, Sally, 4 Feb 1828. Kenyon to WHITE, Matilda, 23 Nov 1820. Patterson to LEACH, Nelly, d/o Matthew, 23 Jan 1841. Other records shown them as Joh P. Brown and Nelly Leach. Stephen to HALL, Martha, d/o John, 30 May 1822. Walton to STULTS, Eliza B, 25 June 1838. Zachariah N to TILMAN, Polly, d/o John & Anne, 30 June 1823 or 1825.

BROWNER, John to ATKENSON, Marg, 27 Feb 1817.

BROWNING: Charles to YATES, Sally R, d/o Polly C, 23 Jan 1836. James to YATES, Julia, d/o Francis G, 3 Jan 1830. William to KINNAIRD, Francis, d/o Frances, 24 Nov 1834.

BRUMMETT, George to FRENCH, Mary, d/o John & Delana, 22 July 1802. BRYAN, Edmund to PIERCE, Lettice, d/o James, 15 July 1823.

BRYANT: Alexander to ALLEN, Betsey, d/o John, he s/o John, 7 Aug 1811. Charles to WOMACK, Harriet, d/o William, he s/o John, 19 Dec 1825. James to POWELL, Ellender, d/o Ben, 18 Nov 1823. John to YOUNG, Elizabeth, d/o Samuel, he s/o John Sr, 3 Mar 1814. John to McALLISTER, Hannah, d/o John, 17 Jan 1821. Peter to McALLISTER, Ann, d/o John, 13 Feb 1821. Samuel to SMITH, Jane, d/o George, 28 Jan 1830. William to HARDIN, Rhoda, d/o Joseph, 12 Feb 1818. William to BENNETT, Sally, d/o John, 15 Feb 1838.