Kearns - McClain


KEARNS, Adam to ANTLE, Polly, d/o Jacob, 17 Apr 1824. KEARNS, Alexander to PIERCE, Elizabeth, d/o William, 12 May 1811 or 1810. Also shown KARNS. KENEDY, Thomas to DUNCAN, Sarah. 5 July 1813. KENNETT, Benjamin to KENNET, Polly, 18 Aug 1825. KERNS, John to PENDLETON, Polly, 28 Apr 1820. KERNS, SIlas to MOORE, Sarah, d/o Lewis, he s/o Elizabeth, 28 Aug 1820. KERR, John R to POWELL, Frances, 19 Oct 1818. KIMBLER, George to ESTEP, Polly, d/o Samuel, 25 May 1812. KING: Aylett to TURNER, Elizabeth, 29 June 1830. Also shown Ellett King. Eli to CRAWFORD, Nancy, 18 Nov 1813. Elijah to McDONALD/McDANIEL, Nancy, 26 Feb 1824. Ellett to TURNER, Betsy, 25 June 1831 or 6 July 1830. See above. James to REDMAN, Matilda, d/o Aaron, 27 Nov 1826. John to ARMSTRONG, Nancy, d/o William, he s/o William, 26 July 1802. Robert to STONE, Sally, d/o William, 30 Nov 1820. Robert to ROGERS, Melvina, 19 Feb 1828. Robert to VAUGHN, Sally, 25 Sept 1829/1839. Stephen to MAUPIN, Jane, d/o William, 14 Dec 1840. KINNAIRD, Stewart H to PATTERSON, Isaphenia, d/o John, 31 Oct 1833. KINNAIRD, William to MORAN, Dicy, d/o John, 1 Aug 1831. KIRKPATRICK, James to GILMER, Ann, d/o Alexander, 7 Feb 1806. KNIFLEY: John to STEPHENS, Elener, 1 Dec 1834. Joseph to MARTIN, Sally, d/o James, 16 Feb 1832. Joseph Sr to JONES, Sarah, 25 June 1838 - also shown Sally. Sampson to HUMPHREY, Mary S, 11 Dec 1837. KNIGHT, Jesse to RIPETOE, Delila, 25 Oct 1828. KNIGHT, Posey to HAYNES, Sally, d/o James & Sarah, 7 Mar 1822.

BURTON, Little to WORKMAN, Betsey. It is also shown as Burton SUTTON, 12 Sept 1811 and Litton BUTTON. LEWIS: Berry to TURNER, Sally, d/o John, 17 Dec 1840. Daniel to HURT, Ceany, ward of Manoah STONE, 6 Aug/Apr 1823. John B to TRABUE, Emily, d/o William, 28 Oct 1836. William to GROVE, Mary, ward of Jordon OWEN, 28 Aug, 1834. Wilson to TURNER, Mahala, 11 Apr 1839. LIGHTFOOT: Henry to JONES, Polly, d/o Robert, 21 Feb 1811. John J to BENNETT, Martha A, d/o Charles (decd), ard of John W. SHIRLEY, 3 June 1822. Reuben to ELLIOTT, Susan, d/o Alex, 24 Feb 1820. LINK, Andrew to KELSOE, Jane, d/o Andrew, 23 Jan 1817. LISLE, Thomas W to CREEL, Elizabeth, d/o Simeon, 25 Nov 1828. LITTRELL: Jess/Jesse to SHELTON, Frances, d/o Ezekial & Jean, 7 June 1806. Lot to BREEDING, Sarah, 12 June 1802. LIVELY, Henry P to PAGE, Polly, 2 Nov 1818. LOBB, William to BAXTER, Annis, 13 Aug 1830. His name also shown as William DOBB. LOBBAN, William G to MONROE, Elizabeth, d/o Benjamin, 7 Jan 1840. Another record shows her as Elizabeth MORRISON. LOCKE, Thomas W to SELBY, Polly, d/o James, 28 July 1808. LOCKETT: Richard to COFFEY, Nancy, d/o Nathaniel, 15 Feb 1823. Solomon to WILLIS, Julianne Bell, d/o Alex, 23 Nov 1829. LOGAN, William to HASKINS, Sally, d/o Robert, 29 July 1802. LONG, William H/Henry to MOURNING, Jane, 25 Mar 1834. LOVEALL: Peter to SMITH, Malinda, d/o John, 23 Jan 1840. William to SMITH, Hester Emily, d/o John G, 5 Mar 1840.

LOVING, Joseph to McGINNIS, Scinthy, d/o Malinda, 11July 1833. LOY: Jacob to WHITE, Jane L, d/o Thomas, 30 July 1833. Jeremiah to BURBRIDGE, Mary, d/o Jeremiah he s/o of Mary, 6 July 1837. John to GRANT, Martha Ann, 23 Feb 1837. Martin Jr to BROWN, Mary, d/o Christopher, 29 Dec 1829. Willis to TURNER, Levisa, d/oThomas, 17Dec 1829. LUTTRELL: Jesse to SHELTON, Frances, 16 June 1806, also shown LITTRELL. Thomas to REATHERFORD, Tabitha, d/o John, 9 Apr or Aug 1808. William to WINFREY, Polly, d/o John, 11 Dec 1806. LYON: David to McCLURE, Lucy, d/o Ann, 10 Mar 1829. John to MOURNING, Margaret, d/o John, 20 Mar 1825. John to GRISSOM, Nancy M, d/o Thomas, 14 Jan 1841. Robert to KIRK, Jane, d/o Dickson KIRK of Washington Co KY, she was living in Adair Co with her uncle John KIRK, 30 May 1833. Thomas to BAULT, Catherine, d/oWilliam, 5 Apr 1824. MAGINNIS, Greento DILLINGHAM, PollyAnn, d/o Nancy TURNER, step-dau of William TURNER, 4 Apr 1836. MAJORS, James to SETTLES, Lidea, 22 Oct 1838. MAJOR, Milton to KELTNER, Peggy, 9 Dec 1835. MAGERS, Thomas to KELTNER, Polly, 21 Aug 1823. MALONE: Bannister to MILLER, Patsey, d/oJoseph, 13 Aug 1804. Bannister to DILLINGHAM, Delina, 8 Sept 1823. MANN, Thomas to CONOVER, Elizabeth, d/o Jesse MURRELL and widow of William CONOVER, 2 Mar 1830.

McCLASKY, Levi to WALKER, Nancy, 16 June 1811. He also shown as McCROSKEY. McCLURE, William to WARRINER, Polly, P, d/o James; he s/o James. His name also shown as McLURE, 19 Mar 1833 or 1823. McCLUSKY: James to HAYS, Sally, 5 Sept 1820. He also shown McCROSKEY. John to BIGGS, Sally, d/o John & Sally, he s/o Peter, 11 Sept 1819. McCROSKEY: Joseph to RICE, Mary H, 26 July 1831. Levi to WALKER, Nancy, 16 June 1811. See above. McDANIEL: Charles to JESSE, Betsey, d/o Mary. 6 June 1811. His name could be McDONALD. James to SELVEY, Rachel, d/o James, he s/o Ellender, 23 Dec 1806 Samuel to KING, Elizabeth, d/o Robert, 15 Feb 1806/1807. Walter to BAIZE, Jean, 21 July 1802. Walter to SHULTS, Jenny, d/o William. Same as above it appears. William to STAPP, Polly, 24 Aug 1810. William to WOOTEN, Louisa, d/o Nathan, 25 July 1833. William to MORRIS, Lucinda, d/o Samuel. She also shown as Lucinda ARMSTRONG, 19 Feb 1817. McDONALD, William to MORRIS, Lucinda, 19 Feb 1817. See above. McDOWELL, George to SANDERS, Nelly, d/o John, 15 Jan 1827/8. McELROY, Francis to BAILEY, Rachel, d/o William, 18 Dec 1818. McELWAIN, Samuel to ABELL, Penelope, d/o Jreemiah, 6 Jan 1816 or 1815.

MARTIN: Brice to BREEDING, Lucinda, 21 Aug 1828. Brice to NAYLOR, Lidia, 7 Dec 1837. Hartwell to WATSON, Sarah, d/o Joel, 21 Jan 1839. James L to MORRISON, Martha J, d/o Lucinda, 9 Juy 1841. John to GRIMES, Mary, 4 Dec 1827. Also shown John MARVIN. Lewis to HARDIN, Sharlotta, d/o Joseph, 27 Apr 1827. William to YATES, Belinda, d/o William, 3 Oct 1823. MARVEL, Painter to SMITH, Liddy/Lydia, 31 Dec 1822. MARVIN, John to GRIMES, Nancy/Mary, 7 Sept 1827 or 1828. MASSIE, Nathan to STEELE, Elizabeth, d/o William, 29 Jan 1822. MASSIE, Thomas Jr to SETTLES,Polly, d/o William, 31 Aug 1815. MATHENY, Michael to RUBY, Rachel, he s/o Richard, 8 Apr 1803. MATNEY, John to FIGGOT, Elizabeth, d/o Coty, 27 Apr 1820. MATTINGLY, John to HILL, Mary E, 20 Oct 1831. MAYFIELD, John F to MILLER, Lucinda, d/o Susan, 5 June 1837. MAYS, Elijah M to PATTERSON, Polly, d/o William, 20 Mar 1823. MAYS, Henry to ALLEN, Ann, d/o John, 25 July 1833. McALLISTER, John to SMITH, Sally, d/o William, 30 Jan 1816. McALARY/McLERRY, Hugh to WALKER, Eliza, d/o Jane, 9 July 1807. McALLARY, Isaac to DOWELL, Adeline (both underage), 22 Dec 1836 McBEATH, George M or W to PRICE, Durinda, 22 Jan 1837/1839. McBEATH, John to PAUL, Pollyl, d/o Samuel, 23 Jan 1823. McCAMMON, John to DUDDLESTON/HUDDLESTON, Milly, 20 Dec 1812 or 1813. McCARTA, John J to HAGANS/HAYNES, Lucy Ann, 17 Aug 1841. McCLAIN: Isaac to STAPP, Catherine, 6 Oct 1824. Jefferson G to POWELL, Marticia, d/o John, 28 Aug 1834. Joseph to HURT, Susannah, 11 Oct 1827. Robert to HARDEN, Judith, ward of Anthony GARNETT, 24 Dec 1833. Robert to NOWEL, Nancy, 23 Apr 1840.