Adair County Marriages

Humphrey - Hutcherson

Donated by Sandi Gorin

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HUMPHREY: James to Polly Ann ATKINSON, 16 July 1836. 

John to COOLEY, Isabella, 24 Nov 1813. 

Stephen to PAGE, America, d/o Robert, 10 Dec 1840. 

William to MONDAY, Elizabeth, 15 Jan 1835. 

HUNTER, Josiah to HURT, Marietta S, d/o William Sr, 17 Sept 1836. 

HURST: Campbell to SHARP, Sallie, d/o John, 6 Feb 1832. 

John to HENDRICKSON, Elizabeth, d/o Josiah, 5 Apr 1803. 

HURT: Achleyberry to CARLILE, Sally, d/o James, 8 Oct 1807. 

Albin to MONTGOMERY, Martha/Meka?, d/o Francis, 14 July 1814. 

Bird to DAVIS, Elizabeth, 1 Oct 1841. 

Charles to WHEELER, Sarah, Mar 1807. 


CURRAN 0., over 21, to MISS MARTHA ANN RODGERS, dau of Joseph East, bond dated 20 Nov 1852, surety William D.Montgomery.


F G to PARSONS, Elizabeth, 7 Sept 1835. 

Isaac to PEEK, Olive, d/o John, 22 June 1825/1826. 

James to SHAW, Catherine Ann, d/o Anguish, 28 Oct 1825. 

Joel to HURT, Susan Jane, d/o Charles, 14 Aug 1838. 

William to BEARD, Betsey, 6 Jan 1806. 

William to PEEK, Mary Patton, d/o John, 26 May 1825/1826. 

William Jr to HANCOCK, Pamela, d/o John, he s/o Sr, 28 Jan 1807. 

William B to WHITE, Elizabeth S, d/o John C, 16 Apr 1837. 

Young E to MORRISON, Susanna R, 10 Dec 1840. 

HUTCHERSON: George to CONOVER, Catherine M, d/o Peter T, 29 Jan 1829.

 James to RUCKER, Ellen, d/o Rueben, 2 June 1828. 

James to WHEAT, Lucinda, 17 June 1830. 

Willis to MARTIN, Jane, 8 Jan 1825.