Adair County

"Last Will & Testament"


                                 ADAIR COUNTY, KY  WILL BOOK D, VOL. I & II

Contributed By: Sharon Bell Fuller


                              Abstracts of Wills and Index to Inventories & Settlements


Page 1        Thomas SHIRLEY        Administrative Settlement


Page 5       Newton WILKINSON   Administration


Page 7      Charles MOORE

                 Written:  Nov 3 1834

                 Children: Henry & Robert Moore, Mary Jameson, Eliza Jane Walkup,

                                 Samuel, George, James & Thomas Moore.

                 Ex: Manaah Stone

                 Recorded:  Jul 5 1836


Page 8     William COWNOVER   Infants settlement of guardian


Page 9     Melford YATES     Inventory & Appraisment


Page  10  Melford YATES      List of Sales


Page 12    John  MCDANIEL     Widows Dower


Page: 13  Charles MOORE     Inventory & Appraisment


Page 14   Charles MOORE     List of Sales


Page  17   John ROSS      Administrative Settlement


Page 19   Thomas PEMBERTON

                Written:  Jun 2 1835

               Heirs: wife and sons William & Thomas Pemberton

               Legatees: Pemberton Caves, Levi Hendrickson

               Ex: William & Thomas Pemberton and Robinson Kirk  

               Recorded:  Oct 3 1836


Page  20    Benjamin GREY     Inventory & Appraisment


Page  22     George HENDRIXON    Settlement


Page  24    E. D. MORRISON    Administrative Settlement


Page 25   Hiram HANCOCK 

               Written:  Oct 18 1836

               Wife: Rebeckah Hancock

               Children: Greed, Hyram, Sylvester. Robert, William, Anna, Eliza, James

                          and Sophia Hancock

              Ex: Simon & Edward Hancock and Henry Cheek

              Recorded:  Dec 5 1836


Page  25    Isaac STAPLES      Administrative Settlement


Page  26    Lewis ROBERTSON  

                  Division of  slaves

                  Heirs: Calphurnia Bradshaw, John, Mary, Joseph, George, Lewis,

                             & Octavia Robertson, Betsy Vaughn, James, F. A. W.

                             & Julia Robertson

                  Recorded: Jan 15 1837


Page 28   Martin LOY Sr. 

               Written: May 4 1836

               Wife: Mary Loy 

               Children: John and Martin Loy

               Ex: Mary, John and Martin Loy

               Recorded: Jul 4 1836


Page  29    Elizabeth TODD           Inventory & Appraisment


Page: 30  Hiram HANCOCK        Inventory & Appraisment


Page  31    Lewis ROBERTSON    Inventory & Appraisment


Page  33    Lewis ROBERTSON    List of Sales


Page  35    Benjamin GREY     List of Sales


Page  36  Thomas PEMBERTON    Inventory & Appraisment


Page 37      Dudley HUGHS

                  Written:  jan 7 1837

                   Wife: Betsy Hughs

                   Children: William, John and others

                   Ex: Betsy, William and John Hughs

                   Recorded: Apr 13 1837


Page  38    Nancy ATKINSON     Inventory & Appraisment


Page 39     George ROSS

                  Written:  Jan 30 1837

                  Wife: Alley Ross

                  Children: William, Elizabeth, Mary, James, Frances,

                         Henry, Benjamin, Samuel, Louisa & John Ross

                   Teste: Thomas Stephens and John Ellis

                  Recorded: Apr  1837


Page  40    James NAYLOR   Administrative Settlement


Page  41    Sidney WILLIS        Administration


Page  42    Francis J. MONTGOMERY   Administrative Settlement


Page  44    Solomon W. BAILEY      Inventory


Page  46    Nancy ATKINSON         Administrative Settlement


Page  47    Thomas  SQUIRES              Guardian Settlement


Page  49    Thomas  SQUIRES           Guardian Settlement


Page  51    Francis J. MONTGOMERY   Guardian Administration


Page 60      William BURBRIDGE

                   Written:  Jan 6 1837

                   Wife: Susanna Burbridge

                   Brothers: Jerimiah & Elijah Burbridge

                   Sister: Polly Bowmar

                   Children of dec. sister Milly Creel: Nancy Yates, Jefferson & Cager Creel

                   Children of Joseph McClain, dec.: Sally M., Mary S. & John W. McClain

                   Legatees: Alban, James T. & Elizabeth E. Hurt, Sally Morris,

                                   Locky S. & Clementina Montgomery, Susan Virgus

                                   Zion Baptist Church.

                   Ex: James Allen

                   Recorded: Jul 3 1837


Page 63      Joshua  ATKINSON

                   Written:   Jun 25 1831

                   Children: Thomas W. Atkinson, Betsey Ann Watkins, Shearwood W.

                          Atkinson, Betsey Hill Hatcher, Margaret Brawner, Mary Goode Smith,

                          Frances H. Hill, William Atkinson

                   Ex: Wm. Caldwell

                   Recorded: Jul 3 1837


Page  63   Thomas  MANN        Guardian Inventory


Page  66    Joseph  MCCLAIN   Guardian Report


Page  67    Green GOODE         Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  68    Thomas MANN       Guardian Settlement

                  Jesse Murrell, guardian to Mary Ann, Jemima Jane, James B.,

                  William H. & Alfred L. Mann

                   Recorded: Jul 3 1837


Page 70      John WILSON

                   Written:  Jan 29 1837

                   Children: Andrew & David Wilson,  Dicy Vinzant

                   Granddaughter: Sally Marrell Wilson

                   Legatee: Eliza Perreman

                   Teste: Andrew Ewing & Archelis Wheeler

                   Recorded: Aug  10 1837


Page: 70     Martin LOY Sr.              Inventory & Appraisment


Page  71    Zachariah  COLLINS      Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  73    Zachariah  COLLINS    List of Sales


Page  75    George SMITH               Inventory & Appraisment


Page  76    Sarah  PEMBERTON     Inventory & Appraisment


Page 76    Robinson  KIRK  

                 Written:  Sep 24 1837

                 Wife: Mary Kirk

                 Children: Elizabeth Marion Kirk, Ann Horton Kirk, Ellen

                                Underwood Kirk & Nancy Kirk

                 Ex: Mary Kirk and Edward Kirk

                 Recorded:  Nov 6 1837


Page  77    John PENDELTON      Administrative Settlement


Page  80    Vandiver BANKS         Administration


Page  82    John S.  MORRISON   Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  83    John S.  MORRISON   List of Sales


Page  85    Alec. COX                    Inventory & Appraisment  


Page  87    Alec. COX                    List of Sales


Page: 89    William BURBRIDGE    Inventory & Appraisment


Page  94    Joseph  TURNER            Inventory & Appraisment   


Page:  95   Dudley HUGHS              Inventory & Appraisment


Page  96     Joseph  TURNER          List of Sales


Page  97     Zachariah  COLLINS   Land Divided among Heirs


Page  100    C. W.   YATES            Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  101    C. W.   YATES           List of Sales


Page 103     Robinson  KIRK         Inventory & Appraisment


Page 105     Robinson  KIRK         List of Sales


Page  109    William  STONE        List of Sales


Page  109    Robert  CASKEY       List of Sales


Page  112   Robert  CASKEY        Inventory & Appraisment


Page  114    Charles MOORE        Administrative Settlement


Page  115    Elijah  KING                Guardian Settlement

                    Nancy King, guardian to Eliza Jane King, heir of Elijah King

                    Recorded: Nov 11 1837


Page  117   William  STULTS      Administrative Settlement


Page 118     John  PATTERSON

                   Written:  Feb 7 1837

                   Wife: Sally Patterson

                   Children: Avire, John N., Blackmore, Amanda, Monnie, Nancy, Polly,

                          Thomas & James Patterson

                   Ex: Sally Patterson, John Beauchamp, Pleasant Whittow, William

                         Frazer and James Patterson

                   Recorded: Feb 5 1838


Page  121    Elijah  KING                    Guardian Settlement


Page:  124    John  PATTERSON     Inventory & Appraisment


Page  127     John  PATTERSON     List of Sales


Page  128    Haskins HATCHER     Division of slaves

                    Heirs: Elizabeth H. Hatcher (widow), Joshua Stepney, Josiah

                               Westley, Thomas & Haskin Hatcher (sons)

                    Recorded: Apr 2 1838


Page  129    William MOSS            Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  131   William  MOSS            List of Sales


Page  135    Lewis ROBERTSON   Administrative Settlement


Page  136   Alex  GILMER             Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  138   Alex  GILMER            List of Sales


Page 139     John  ALLEN

                   Written:  Jan 25 1835

                   Wife:  Nancy Allen

                   Granddaughter: Mary Ann Mays

                   Eli Wheats children

                   Ex: Clayton and Madison Miller

                   Recorded:  Jul 2 1838


Page  140   Joseph S. MILLER       Inventory & Appraisment


Page  142   Joseph S. MILLER      List of Sales


Page  143   William COWNOVER      Guardian Settlement


Page  144   Green  GOODE            List of Sales


Page  145   James B. EWERS         Division of slaves

                   Heirs: Araminetta Genetta & Mary E. Ewers

                   Recorded: Oct 2 1838


Page  149   James TAYLOR          Inventory & Appraisment


Page  152   James TAYLOR          List of Sales


Page 154    John  SMITH

                   Written:  May 17 1833

                   Children: Charles A., Nathan, John & Polly Smith, Elizabeth Shields,

                                   Wyatt Smith

                  Grandson: Charles H. Hatcher

                    Ex: Charles, Nathan, John & Wyatt Smith

                   Recorded: Oct 1 1838


Page  156   Phillip NELSON       Administrative Settlement


Page  157   Harvey HUGHS      Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  158   Harvey HUGHS      List of Sales


Page 158     John  ACRE  

                   Written:  Jun 16 1838

                   Wife: Nancy Acre

                   Teste: Green B. Acre & Elizabeth Carter

                   Recorded: Nov 5 1838


Page  159   James MORRISON    Guardian Settlement

                   Elizabeth Morrison, guardian to Ellen (dec.), Susannah, Oliver,

                   Estes & James Morrison, heirs of James morrison, dec.

                   Recorded: Oct 1 1838


Page  161   Charles THOMAS      Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  162   Charles THOMAS      List of Sales


Page  163   Joseph TAYLOR       Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  164   Joseph TAYLOR       List of Sales


Page  165   Joseph TAYLOR       Administrative Settlement


Page  167   Francis J. MONTGOMERY    Administrative Settlement


Page 167     John  BREEDING  

                   Written: Dec 8 1838

                   Wife: Elizabeth Breeding

                   Legatees: dec. son David Breeding's children

                   dec. daughter Susan Martin's children; Elizabeth Jane, Sally Ann,

                               Kitty Maria & John Martin

                   Children: William Breeding, Kision Curry, Alexander & John Breeding,

                                   Elizabeth Hendrixon, Nathan Breeding, Melinda Judd

                   Ex: George Breeding and James Breeding

                   Recorded: Jan 7 1839


Page:  169  John  SMITH                 Inventory & Appraisment


Page: 176  John  ALLEN                 List of Sales


Page  177   Francis J. MONTGOMERY   Guardian Settlement


Page  178   William COWNOVER   

                   Division of land among children, Sarah Ann & William Garret Conover


Page  179   James GILMER               Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  180   James GILMER              List of Sales


Page  182   James GILMER             Land divided among  Heirs

                   Martha Gilmer (widow), Alexander & Esther Gilmer, Hugh G.

                   Atkins and wife Eliza

                   Recorded: Dec 3 1838


Page  184   Benjamin SETTLES      Slaves divided among Heirs

                   Heirs: Emily Edrington, late Settles; Amanda, Nancy, William

                              & Benjamin Settles, children of benjamin Settles, dec.

                   Recorded: Jan 7 1839


Page  185   Benjamin SETTLES     Administrative Settlement


Page  186   Benjamin SETTLES     Heirs Settlement


Page 188     David T.  MOSS

                   Written:  Dec 23 1838

                   Wife: Martha Moss

                   Children: Elizabeth P. Moss

                   Ex: William Rogers

                   Recorded: feb 4 1839


Page  189   James B. EWERS      Guardian & Inventory


Page: 189  John  BREEDING     Inventory & Appraisment


 Page 191   John  BREEDING      List of Sales


Page 194    John  SMITH            Division of slaves among Heirs


Page  196   Joseph KNIFLEY     Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  198   Joseph KNIFLEY    List of Sales


Page  199   Henry CHECK        Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  201   Henry CHECK       Widows Dower


Page 202     Josephus  WALKER

                   Written:  Mar 8 1839

                   Children: Lysander, Marean, Sophia, Polly, Ann Eliza, Hugh K.,

                         Tunstee Q. & Jane Walker

                   Ex: Marean Walker

                   Recorded: Apr 1 1839


Page:  203  David T.  MOSS               Inventory & Appraisment


Page  204   Thomas  PEMBERTON    Inventory & Appraisment


Page: 205   Josephus  WALKER     Inventory & Appraisment


Page  206   John W.  SHIRLEY       Inventory & Appraisment


Page 209    Benjamin NAYLOR  

                   Written:  Apr 1 1834

                   Wife:  Deborah Naylor

                   Children:  Deborah Naylor, Elizabeth Clarke, Samuel, Benjamin, William,

                                    James, Reason, Alexander & Otha Naylor

                   Ex: William Naylor

                   Recorded: May 6 1839


Page  209   William GILMER         Administrative Settlement


Page  211   William JONES                 Guardian Settlement

                    Children: Cythia Ann, John R. & William P. Jones

                    Thomas Johnston, guardian

                    Recorded: Apr 1 1839


Page  212   Francis J. MONTGOMERY   Guardian Settlement


Page  213   James GILMER          Guardian Settlement


Page  214   James GILMER          Administrative Settlement


Page  215    Melford YATES        Administrative Settlement


Page: 216  Benjamin NAYLOR     Inventory & Appraisment


Page  217     John W.  SHIRLEY    List of Sales


Page  222  John  SMITH                 List of Sales


Page 222    Isaac  INGRAM           Administrative Settlement


Page  224   Benjamin HAMILTON   Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  226   Benjamin HAMILTON   List of Sales


Page  228   William  YOUNG        Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  230   William  YOUNG        List of Sales


Page  231   William CALDWELL   Widows Dower


Page 234   Stephen WHITE v Eli WHEAT    Administration of

                 G. C. FLETCHER settlement


Page  236   William CALDWELL    Inventory & Appraisment


Page  237   William CALDWELL    List of Sales


Page  241   Henry CHECK               List of Sales


Page  243   Francis J. MONTGOMERY    Inventory & Appraisment 


Page 243    James  ALLEN               List of Sales


Page: 244   James  ALLEN               Administrative Settlement


Page:  244  Isaac  INGRAM            Inventory & Appraisment


Page 246    James  ALLEN

                   Written:   Jan 20 1840

                   Wife: Sally Allen

                   Children: Willie Stapp & Elizabeth Frances Allen.

                   Granddaughter: Mary Jane Waggener

                   Ex: Clayton Miller, John W. Garnett, Geo. Carico

                   Recorded: Apr  6  1840


Page  248   Samuel  TAYLOR            List of Sales


Page  249   Samuel  TAYLOR          Inventory & Appraisment 


Page 250    Felix G. HURT 

                   Written:  Feb 27 1840

                   Wife: Betsy Hurt

                   Ex: Betsy Hurt

                   Recorded: Apr 6 1840


Page  252   Zach.  TAYLOR               Administrative Settlement


Page  255   Francis J. MONTGOMERY   Guardian Settlement


Page 256     John S. SHIRLEY

                   Written: Mar 19 1838

                   Wife: Florance Shirley

                   Children: George, John, Nancy, Polly and Betsy

                   Ex: Joseph H. Coleman and George Shirley

                   Recorded:  May 4 1840


Page:   257  John S. SHIRLEY             Inventory & Appraisment


Page  256   Phillip NELSON              Guardian Settlement

                   Children: Susan, Elizabeth, Cager & James Nelson

                   Recorded: Aug 1 1838


Page  259   William CALDWELL     List of Sales


Page 260    William MONTGOMERY   Administration


Page 261   David T.  MOSS                 List of Sales


Page  262   Francis J. MONTGOMERY   Administrative Settlement


Page 265    John K. F. MORRISON

                   Written: Sep 12 1840

                   Wife: Lucy Morrison

                   Ex: Lucy Morrison

                   Recorded: Oct 6 1840


Page: 265  Felix G. HURT          Appraisal


Page  266   Isaac  INGRAM        Administrative Settlement


Page  267   Charles THOMAS    Administrative Settlement


Page 267   Elizabeth TODD        Administrative Settlement


Page 268   Elizabeth TODD        Heirs Guardian Settlement

                  Children: Samuel, William, Robert & Catherine Todd

                  John D. Winston, guardian

                  Recorded; Aug 1840


Page  269  David T.  MOSS         Appraisal


Page  270  David T.  MOSS         Administrative Settlement


Page  271   William  YOUNG     Administrative Settlement


Page  272   Harvey HUGHS        Administrative Settlement


Page  274   Rich  WETHERINGTON    Inventory & Appraisment


Page  275   Rich  WETHERINGTON   List of Sales


Page  276   William MCCLAIN       Widows Dower


Page  278   James A. MORRISON    List of Property 


Page  279   John MILLER                Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  281   John MILLER             List of Sales


Page  283   John  SAUNDERS      Inventory & Appraisment 


Page 283     Charles JONES  

                   Written:  Nov 22 1838

                   Children: Thomas and  Charles Jr.

                   Heirs: Lucy Winfrey, Levi & Sary Jones, Frances & William Taylor,

                     Sally Neat, Betsey Ann White, William T.  & Catherine Jones

                   Ex: Levi Jones and Wm. Jones

                   Recorded: Apr 5 1841


Page  286   John  SAUNDERS          List of Sales


Page 289     Jacob W. BANKS

                   Written:  Mar 15 1841

                   Legatees: Wife & others (unnamed)

                   Ex: Clement Banks and Marten Banks

                   Recorded: Apr 5 1841


Page  290   Lewis  SHEPHERD      Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  291   Lewis  SHEPHERD      List of Sales


Page  293    Ed  WHITE                  List of Property


Page  294   Dudley  WHITE           Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  296   Dudley  WHITE           List of Sales


Page  299   E.  SMITH                    Widows Dower


Page  300   Polly  ATKINS              Widows Dower


Page:  301  John K. F. MORRISON    Inventory & Appraisment


Page  303   William COWNOVER         Guardian Settlement


Page: 304  Jacob W. BANKS           Inventory & Appraisment


Page  306   Samuel  TAYLOR         Administrative Settlement


Page 308   Joseph S. MILLER          Administrative Settlement


Page 309    Johnson WATSON

                   Written:   Apr 3 1841  

                   Legatees: Archibald Watson (son), wife & heirs (unnamed)

                   Ex: wife & son

                   Recorded: May 3 1841


Page  310   Benjamin SETTLES           Heirs Guardian Settlement


Page  317   William COWNOVER     Guardian Settlement


Page: 318  Johnson WATSON          Inventory & Appraisment


Page  320   Marner WILLIAMS        Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  322   Charles JONES                Inventory & Appraisment


Page 323   Charles JONES               List of Sales


Page 323   John  ALLEN                 Administrative Settlement


Page 325  Jacob W. BANKS            Widows Dower


Page  326  Robinson  KIRK            Administrative Settlement


Page  328   Thomas MANN            Guardian Settlement


Page  329   Lewis  ROBERTSON    Guardian Settlement


Page 330      Elisha  BAILEY  

                   Written: Oct  26 1841

                   Wife: (Hannah). Children: Betsy Blaine, Benjamin Bailey

                   Legatee: Cornelius Gay

                   Ex: Betsy Blaine and Benjamin Bailey

                   Recorded: Dec 7 1841


Page  331   John BRIANT                   Appraisal


Page  332   John BRIANT                    List of Sales


Page  343   William MCCLAIN          Guardian Settlement


Page  345   Francis J. MONTGOMERY   Administrative Settlement


Page  346   Logan HARDIN                Inventory & Appraisment  


Page  347   Logan HARDIN                 List of Sales


Page: 348  Elisha  BAILEY                Inventory & Appraisment


Page  349  Elisha  BAILEY               List of Sales


Page  353   Thomas MANN          Guardian Settlement


Page  354   Jacob W. BANKS           List of Sales


Page  359   George HUGHS               Inventory & Appraisment


Page  360   Rebecca CRAVENS        Inventory & Appraisment


Page  361  William BURBRIDGE     List of Sales


Page 364     Jesse MURRELL

                   Written:  Feb 11 1842

                   Wife: Sarah Murrell

                   Children: William Jesse, Andrew & Elijah Murrell

                   Grandsons: William G. Conover, Alfred Mann

                   Ex: William Rogers

                   Recorded: May 2 1842


Page  371   Edwin F. WHITE           Administrative Settlement


Page  373   Charles THOMAS         Administrative Settlement


Page  375   Thomas HATCHER     Administrative Settlement


Page  376   Rebecca CRAVENS     List of Sales


Page  380   William  MOSS            Administrative Settlement


Page  382   George  ROGERS        Administrative Settlement


Page  384   Francis J. MONTGOMERY    Administrative Settlement


Page  385   William JONES              Guardian Settlement


Page  386   Joseph  MCCLAIN         Guardian Settlement


Page  388   George HUGHS               List of Sales


Page  390   Parthenia CALDWELL  Inventory & Appraisment   


Page  391   Parthenia CALDWELL   List of Sales


Page  392   Martin BANKS               Inventory & Appraisment


Page  394   Martin BANKS                List of Sales


Page  400 John S. SHIRLEY              Administrative Settlement


Page   406  Thomas PEMBERTON Administrative Settlement


Page 408    William HURT Sr

                   Written:  Sep 23 1842

                   Wife: Elizabeth Hurt

                   Children: Young, Marietta, Boon, Rosand, Archeberry, Sally, Locky,

                                   Clementine, William, Albion & James Hurt

                   children of deceased daughter Midloe Douglas

                   Ex: Josiah Hunter & Young E. Hurt

                   Recorded: Dec 5 1842


Page  412   Stephen  MURPHY    Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  413    Stephen  MURPHY    List of Sales


Page  415   William  DIDDLE       Administration


Page 422     Burrell INGRAM  

                   Written:  Sep 16, 1842

                   Heirs: Susan E. Ingram (wife),  James G. Ingram (son),

                             William & Henry Ingram (brothers)

                   Ex: Jordan Owen, Thos. Penick & John Cowherd

                   Recorded: Oct  1843


Page 423      Joseph HICKS  

                   Written:  Apr 11 1842

                   Wife: Elizabeth Hicks

                   Children: Sally Ann Estes, William Hicks, Mary E. Yates

                                   Eliza E. Bragg, Louisa Walkup

                   Ex: Elizabeth Hicks

                   Recorded: Apr 1843


 Page 424    Jeremiah LEACH

                   Written:  Apr 26 1843

                   Heirs: Elizabeth Leach  (wife), son and daughters

                   Ex: Elizabeth Leach

                   Recorded: Jun  1843


Page 425    Thomas GILMER  

                   Written:  Jan 30 1843

                   Wife: Sarah Gilmer

                   Legatees: Thomas Gilmer, son of Robert Gilmer

                   Robert, John, Campbell & Alexander Gilmer (brothers)

                   Easter Atkins (sister)

                   Patsy Gilmer, widow of James Gilmer

                   Heirs of William H. Gilmer (brother) and  Jane Scott (sister)

                  Ex: Thomas and Jane Gilmer

                  Recorded: Nov  1843


Page  427   William CALDWELL       Administrative Settlement


Page  429   Archer WINFREY            Widows Dower


Page:  433  Joseph HICKS                  Inventory & Appraisment


Page: 434  Jesse MURRELL              Inventory & Appraisment


Page  436   Stephen  ROGERS           Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  439   Phillip NELSON              Guardian Settlement


Page 441   Joseph A. MORRISON

                   Written:  Sep 8 1840

                   Wife: Rebecca Morrison

                   Children: Walton, Patsey, Juliet, Virgil, Amanda, William Logan,

                   Ellen Ann, Joseph James & Rebecca Morrison

                  Ex: Rebecca and Virgil Morrison

                  Recorded: Oct  1843


Page 442     John BRAWNER

                   Written:  Nov 9 1842

                   Wife: Nancy Sparks Brawner

                   Children: Kitty Ann  Frazer, Mary Carlisle, Elizabeth Smith

                                   John S. Brawner, Sophia Page

                   Grandchildren: James H., Catherine & Ann Berkley Brawner, children of

                                            deceased son, Henry Brawner

                   Legatee: Melinda Brawner, widow of deceased son William Brawner

                   Ex: Wyatt Smith and Wm. Carlisle

                   Recorded: Dec 4 1843


Page  444    Stephen  ROGERS            List of Sales


Page  447   G.  QUESHENBERRY     Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  451   Nicholas HARDIN            Inventory & Appraisment 


Page:  453  William HURT Sr             Division of slaves

                   Elizabeth Hurt (widow), Marrietta Hunter, Rosina Hurt


Page  455   William  ROGERS            Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  456   Joseph  NELSON             Inventory & Appraisment


Page 457    Phillip  WINFREY           Appraisal


Page  459   Phillip  WINFREY            List of Sales


Page  461   William  ROGERS           List of Sales


Page  462   John  ALLEN                 Division of slaves

                  Heirs: Eli Wheats children: Sarah Ann, Elizabeth E. & John R.

                             Mary Ann Mays, daughter of Henry Mays

                  Recorded: Nov 18 1843


Page  465   Nathan  SMITH             Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  467   Nathan  SMITH             List of Sales


Page  469   Joseph HICKS               Appraisal


Page  470   Joseph HICKS               List of Sales


Page  471   Elijah  STILLWELL    Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  472   Isaac  INGRAM           Inventory


Page  473   Nancy  ALLEN           Inventory & Appraisment


Page  475   Nancy ALLEN            List of Sales


Page 477    Archer WINFREY       Inventory


Page  479   Elijah KING                   Guardian Settlement


Page  482   Thomas  PELLY          Administrative Settlement


Page  487   Dudley WHITE            Administrative Settlement


Page  490   William JONES           Guardian Settlement


Page  493   Archer  WINFREY       List of Sales


Page  493   Dudley WHITE     Guardian Settlement


Page  494   Mathew BUSLY           Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  497   Mathew BUSLY           List of Sales


Page: 504   Burrell INGRAM          Inventory & Appraisment


Page  507   Burrell INGRAM          List of Sales


Page  513   C. H. CORBIN            Inventory & Appraisment 


Page 514    William EWERS  

                   Written:  Mar 9 1844

                   Children: William T. Ewers, Harden D. Ewers, Malinda Bridgewater

                   Test: Thomas Massie, Pleasant Horton & Mary Page

                  Recorded: Apr 1 1844


Page 514    Josiah L. STONE  

                   Written:  Mar 6 1844

                   Heirs: Rachel Stone (wife), Stephen Stone's children, George Breeding,

                              William King, Elizabeth Cantrell, Spencer Stone (brother),

                              Stephen Stone (brother)

                   Ex: James & George Breeding

                   Recorded: may 6 1844


Page 516     Nathan MURRELL  

                   Written:  Apr 25 1844

                   Heirs: Margaret Murrell (wife) and Children

                   Ex: John Mitchell

                   Recorded: May 6 1844


Page  517   Samuel  INGRAM             Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  518   Samuel  INGRAM            List of Sales


Page  519   Mahalia CARTER            Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  519   William  MORRISON     Inventory & Appraisment


Page  520   John  BELL                      Inventory & Appraisment


Page  521   Mathew BUSLY              Division of  slaves

                   Heirs: Dolly Busley (widow), David, Betsy Ann & Polly Busley,

                              Spotswood Lucker, James Fitzpatrick, William A. Drake,

                              Matilda Banks, Tilford, Edward, Milton & William D. Busley

                    Recorded: Apr 5 1844


Page  524   David KENNAIRD          Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  525   David KENNAIRD          List of Sales


Page  527  William HURT Sr            Inventory & Appraisment


Page  533  Isaac  INGRAM             Estate Settlement


Page 536     Francis G. YATES

                   Written:  Dec 25 1843

                   Wife: Susannah Yates

                   Children: Lucy Elliot, Julia Browning, Emily R. Johnson,

                                   & Isaac P. Yates

                   Grandchildren: America E. & Milford G. Yates, children of

                                     deceased son Milford G. Yates

                   Legatee: Katherine Wallace (dau. in law)

                   Test: Alex. B. Nelson & John W. Shirley                           

                   Recorded: Oct 7 1844


Page  539   Martin BANKS                  Administrative Settlement


Page  541   William HURT Sr             List of Sales


Page:  547  Josiah L. STONE              Inventory & Appraisment


Page  550   Josiah L. STONE             List of Sales


Page  554   Martin BANKS                Widows Dower


Page  557  Josiah L. STONE              Widows Dower


Page  559   Elisha  BAILEY               List of Sales


Page 561   John W. SHIRLEY           Division of slaves


Page  566   Joseph  MCCLAIN          Widows Dower


Page 568    John PATTERSON        Division of slaves

                   Heirs: James M. Read, Stewart H. Kinnard, Amanda &

                             Maury Patterson, 4 youngest daughters (unnamed)

                   Recorded: Apr 1844


Page  569  Josiah L. STONE            Administrative Settlement


Page  570   Lewis  SETTLES           Heirs Guardian Settlement


Page  572   John  MURRELL         Inventory & Appraisment 


Page:  573  John  SIMPSON           Inventory & Appraisment


Page  574   John  SIMPSON           List of Sales


Page  575   Nancy CHECK             Administrative Settlement


Page  578   Francis J. MONTGOMERY   Administrative Settlement


Page  578   William MONTGOMERY    Administrative Settlement


Page  579  John  SMITH                  Administrative Settlement


Page  585   Robert  TODD                Heirs Settlement


Page  587  Jacob W. BANKS           Administrative Settlement


Page  590   George HUGHS             Division of Estate


Page  591   James B. EWERS        Guardian Settlement


Page  592   Thomas  WHITE            Widows Dower


Page  594   David  KENNAIRD       Widows Dower


Page 595    John  BROWNING

                   Written:  Nov 25 1844

                   Wife:  Ann. Browning

                   Children: Elizabeth Ann Mitchum, William D.Browning,

                          John S. Browning, James Browning, Mary H. Banks,

                         Absolum D. Browning

                   Ex: William D. Browning

                   Recorded: Feb  1845


Page  596   Charles  THOMAS           Widows Dower


Page 597     John  SIMPSON

                   Written: Oct 10 1835

                   Brothers: Frank, Winslow & Daniel Simpson

                   Test: H. M. Lauring/Lanning

                   Recorded: Feb 1846


Page: 598  Nathan MURRELL          Inventory & Appraisment


Page  600   Mahalia CARTER          List of Sales


Page  601   George BLAIR               Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  603   George BLAIR               List of Sales


Page  605   David KENNAIRD         List of Notes


Page  606   George HUGHS             Administrative Settlement


Page  608  John  BREEDING          Administrative Settlement


Page 616     Thomas  STOTTS  

                   Written:  Apr 18 1845

                   Wife: Patsey Stotts

                   Children:  William Stotts, Pauline Paxton, Ursela Nelson,

                                    Elizabeth Morrison Montgomery, Mary Jane Young,

                                    Martha Motts, Pamelia Atkins & Rebecca Stotts

                   Sons: Oliver & Thomas Montgomery

                   Son in Laws: William G. Paxton & Benjamin Motts

                   Ex: Hiram K. Luck

                   Recorded:  May 5 1845


Page  618   David KINNEY            Inventory & Appraisment 


Page  619   David KINNEY            List of Sales


Page  620  Charles JONES              Administrative Settlement


Page  622   Jackson  ATKINS          Inventory & Appraisment


Page  624  Burrell INGRAM          Administrative Settlement


Page  626   Mathew BUSLY           Administrative Settlement


Page: 629  Francis G. YATES         Inventory & Appraisment


Page  631   John  SHARP                Appraisal


Page  633    John  SHARP               List of Sales


Page 634    John BENNETT

                   Written:  Jul 13 1842

                   Wife: Polly Bennett. Children: unnamed

                   Ex: Polly Bennett and Geo. Young

                   Recorded:  Jul  1845


Page  636   Joseph HICKS               List of Sales


Page 639     William COLEMAN  

                   Written:  Jun 28 1845

                   Wife: Sally Coleman

                   Children:  Elizabeth Walton, Thomas Coleman, John Coleman

                              and Nancy Jane Coleman

                   Other: Lewis Moulton

                   Ex: James B. Craig, Alex. Hindman and Chapman Dohoney

                   Recorded:  Oct 6 1845


Page  640   John MILLER                   Administrative Settlement


Page  640   Thomas  WHITE              Appraisal


Page 643     Thomas  WHITE             List of Sales


Page:  763   John BRAWNER           Inventory & Appraisment