Ballard County, Kentucky

Antioch (Antiock) Baptist Cemetery
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Antioch Baptist Cemetery

Armstrong, Jerry T. & Audie P. ( Jerry  was the son of Isaac A. Armstrong and Martha Mobena Mayberry)

Armstrong, John H.  1888-1972  Lillie Armstrong  1896 - 1986  (John H. was the son of Isaac A. Armstrong and Martha Mobena Mayberry)

Armstrong, John T.  1910-1966

Armstrong, Martha (Mayberry) 1856-1933 and husband Isaac A. Armstrong 1853-1928

Carter, Billie Joe, son of Martin Luther Carter Jr. and Cue K.?, Martin was the son of Martin Luther Carter Sr. and Ella Louise Boston.  Martin Luther Carter Sr.'s parents were William Carter and Martha Robena Mayberry, twin sister of Mary Robena Mayberry Tippy.

Carter, Cue Carlisle, Jan. 6, 1908 to Jan. 26, 1987 (Cue was the wife of Billie Joe Carter)

Carter, Howard Edgar   Sept. 30, 1910 - Aug. 4, 1996.  (Howard Edgar Carter was the son of Lokey E. Carter and Jewel S.Steinbeck according to the 1930 census.  Lokey and Jewel S.Steinbeck children were Howard Edgar, Orville, Edith, Effie May, Estelle).

Carter, Lokey E. and wife Jewel S.Steinbeck.  Lokey and Louise Carter were children of Robert Carter and Nancy Ann Mayberry, her parents were William Mayberry and Sarah Tennessee Lee.  Jewel S.Steinbeck was the daughter of  David Gibson Steinbeck and Mary Bell Unsell.

Carter, Louisa

Carter, Orvel Gibson  Kentucky  Private, Co. L,  60 Infantry, World War II BSM - PH  July 4, 1912 - Feb. 22, 1966

Church, Patricia, Mar 12, 1937 - Sept. 6, 1978, wife of Billie Joe Carter,

Doty, Hazel, Dau of J.C. & Nellie McNeill  Feb. 19, 1921 - May 12, 1921

Griffith, Lloyd A. & Mary E. (Mary E. was his 2nd wife and Minnie Mayberry, daughter of George Mayberry and Martha J. Dennis, was his 1st wife)

McNeill, Dallas M.  Sept. 1, 1907 - Jan. 8, 1983

McNeill, Nelle D. Nov 6, 1887 - Apr. 2, 1984 and Jewel C. McNeill  Jan 13, 1886 - July 22, 1969

Mizell, Harriett Apr 1, 1842 - Mar. 24, 1911 and Josiah, MIzell  Jan 15, 1845 - June 23, 1909 (Co. D 131 Ill Inf)  Gone but not forgotten

Stanfill, Star Carter "Bright Shining Star"  Sept. 6, 1917 - Feb. 2, 1999

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