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Crystal Dingler, County Coordinator
James McMullin, of Ballard county, Ky., was a friend and companion of Davy Crockett, Crockett, and went on many a bear hunt with the famous pioneer. McMullin is now 1012 years old, having been born in the year of the Declaration of Independence. He is still a man of some vigor and his faculties are well preserved.

Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, the Evening News
(Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)
09 May 1888, Wed  Page 4
ARRESTED BY OLD COMPANION. Eli LHutcliinson Captured at Rector, Ark. REPUBLIC SPECIAL. Pnducah. Ky.. July I8. Eli Hutchinson who is charged with murdering his brother-in-law in this county on May 13. was captured at Rector. Ark., and brought here by Hobert Stalls of that place. Stalls and Hutchinson were formerly Constables in  Ballard County, Ky., and he knew the latter when he first saw him. Knowing that Hutchinson was dangerous he hired a man to buy Hutchinson's revolver and then arrested him. There was a reward reward of $250 for him.

The St Louis Republic
(St. Louis, Missouri)
19 Jul 1902, Sat  Page 14
In Ballard county. Ky., on the l0th inst.. of dropsy of the heart, Mr. W, N. (Segg) Trice aged about 51 years.

Clarksville Chronicle
(Clarksville, Tennessee)
26 Jul 1873, Sat  Page 3
Alfred Shelby, member of the noted Shelby Shelby faction in Ballard county, Ky., 20 miles from Paducah, shot George Jenklm to death with a Winchester rifle Wednesday. Wednesday. Jenkins headed the opposition faction. faction. .. '

Daily News-Democrat
(Huntington, Indiana)
16 Dec 1897, Thu  Page 2
T. K. Hiwm, T. K. Hawes, 36 years old, of Argenta, died at a local hospital at 1:20 o'clock yesterday afternoon. He is survived by his wife, his father, J. A. Hawes of Ballard, Ky., five brothers, E. E. and William Hawes of Melbourne, Melbourne, Ky., Q. E. Hawes of Lovelaceville, Ky., Cleve Hawes of Bardwell, Ky., and S. P. Hawes of Little Rock; three sisters, Mrs. Fannie Ellington and Mrs. Llxzle Steinbeck of Bardwell, Ky., and Mra. L B. Miller of Bandana, Ky. Funeral services will be held from the First Baptist Church, Third and Locust streets, Argenta, at 2:30 o'clock Thursday afternoon. The Rev. F. De Baars will officiate. Burial will be In Oakland cemetery.

Arkansas Democrat
(Little Rock, Arkansas)
26 Jan 1916, Wed  Page 3
In Ballard county, Ky., on Saturday, Mrs. Staggs and Mrs. Pully quarreled about their children, and Mrs. Staggs cut Mrs. l'ully in the fight that followed so that she died.

The Palmyra Spectator
(Palmyra, Missouri)
05 Sep 1884, Fri  Page 2
Three persons confined in the Ballard county (Ky.) jail effected their escape last week, by cutting a hole in the floor and undermining the foundation. Onc was a Methodist preacher, confined last winter on a charge of murder.

New York Daily Herald
(New York, New York)
05 Apr 1853, Tue  Page 8
An inexplicable loss is that in Ballard county, Ky., where a population of 14,000 two years ago has dwindled to 8,000, So far as I am able to recall, Arkansas is the only state in the Union, leaving out the new states, in which every county has gained since 1880."

The Morning Democrat
(Davenport, Iowa)
01 May 1891, Fri  Page 2
Wanted to be : Sure of Death Paducah, Ky., April 23. Standing on rafter in his tobacco barn-with a rupe around his neck, attached to another another rafter, George L. Beardon, of Gege, Ballard county, Ky., shot himself through the head, and fell off, breaking the rope in his fall. He was found an hour later by his family, lying dead on the floor. He left a note saying that he was dressed for burial. He was a well-to-do farmer about 60 years old. There Is no known cause for the suicide.

The Leaf-Chronicle
(Clarksville, Tennessee)
23 Apr 1908, Thu  Page 7
Kentuckian Busy Big Dairy Herd. Richard Cocke, eldest on. of the late John F. Cocke, of Ballard County, Ky., was in the Port Royal neighborhood, buying Jersey dairy cows. He closed a deal today with B. F. Rosson for forty fine Jersey heifers. These will be shipped from Guthrie to his fine farm in Ballard County where he will start a dairy.

The Leaf-Chronicle
(Clarksville, Tennessee)
06 Feb 1913, Thu  Page 4
Resolutions on the Death of Dr. C. E. Martin. Dr. C. E. Martin was born in Ballard county, Ky., on the 13th day of Auguet, 1869, and graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons in St. Louis March 23d, 1898. He located in Wickliffe, Ky., aud stayed a short time, aud came to Caruthersville in 1899, where he began began the practice of medicine. He was a charter member of the Pemiscot County Medical Society aud an Ex-President of the same. He was also a member of the Missouri State Medical Association when he was called away. Dr. Martin was taken sick Sunday night, Jan. 2lst at ten o'clock, of apoplexy, and died Monday night, the 22nd, at eleven o'clock. He was buried the following Wednesday by the Masonic order, of which he was a member. Whereas, Dr, C. E, Martin, a member member of the Pemiscot Medical Society and of the Missouri State Medical Association, has been one of the most faithful, consistent and efficient members of our County Medical Society, be it Resolved: By the members of the Pemiscot County Medical Society that we extend to the bereaved family our sincere sympathy aud grieve with them in their great loss. Be it further Resolved: That these resolutions be made a part of the record of the Society and be published in the report to the State Medical Association, and in the county papers, and that a copy of the same be sent to his bereaved family. G. W. Phipps. Committee B. D. Crowe, H. T. Byars.

The Democrat-Argus
(Caruthersville, Missouri)
30 Jan 1917, Tue  Page 2
Murder. A man named Patrick, wat stabbed bry another named Wm. Child, in Picket's precinct Ballard county, Ky., opposite Cairo, on Tuesday last! A fracas took place at the polls, in the course of which Childs, who is a large and quarrelsome man, thrust a knife between the neck and shoulder of Patrick, giving him a mortal wound. Child was in Cairo the following day before the circumstance was known, and proceeded up the Ohio on the Gondolier. He is being pursued. He was formerly jailor at Blandsville.

The Evening Post
(New York, New York)
28 Aug 1848, Mon  Page 2
A Child Crushed to Death. Cairo, Ill., June 9. Mr. and Mrs. Winn, of Ballard county, Ky., were riding out in a wagon accompanied by then child, 1 year old. A sudden jolt of the vehicle partially overturned it, throwing the mother and child to the ground. The heavy wheels ran over the breast of fhe child; crushing its life out instantly. The mother escaped with three broken ribs and several severe bruises.

Lincoln Evening Call
(Lincoln, Nebraska)
10 Jun 1887, Fri  Page 3
A few days ago as Miss Rndolph was returning to her home, in Ballard county, Ky., with the wedding clothes she hud just bought, she was waylaid by some unknown party and killed. It now turns out that there is a strong probability that McCarty, whom she was to marry, is the murderer, but be has wisely left for parts unknown. Should he be caught Judge Lynch will be but few minutes deciding his fate.

Interior Journal
(Stanford, Kentucky)
10 Dec 1880, Fri  Main Edition  Page 2
Ballard County Merchant Dead. Paducah. Ky, Sept. 9t (Special): Mr. Robert Northington, a prominent merchant of Ballard county, died to day at Creal Springs. Ill. of typhoid rever, alter an illness of several weeks. He was thirty-eight old and leaves a family.

The Courier-Journal,  10 Sep 1896, Thu,  Page 2
COUPLE TO WED HERE John Harrington of  Benton County, Tenn, age 23 and Ruby Leight of Ballard county Ky age 16, were today licensed to wed. It will make the first marriage of both.

The Paducah Sun-Democrat,  19 Mar 1904, Sat,  Page 1
Mr. David O'Conner, of Ballard county, Ky., was killed on Thursday week by a tree falling on him. He. had felled she tree, and it had lodged, and whilst moving it from its lodgement it suddenly fell and caught him under it, crushing him to death.

The Louisville Daily Courier,  21 Feb 1857, Sat,  Page 2
CAIRO. Fatal Affriay Between Circus Men and Citizens. August 24. A fracas occurred last night at Blandville, Ballard County, Kentucky, eight miles from Cairo, between the employees of Noyes' Circus and citizens of  Blandville in which Robert Lowrv. a citizen, was wounded slightlv in the arm; J. Honray, a eitizin, mortally wounded with a pistol. A circus man, unknown, from Washineton City was shot dead. The. performance had closed and the employees were drunk and insulting people in the streets. They had beaten severa and taken possession of the town, when the citizens rallied and the above fight occurred. The circus men retreated.

The Tennessean,  25 Aug 1870, Thu,  Page 1
UNION MEETING. CAIRO, Aug. 28. men of Ballard county, Ky. gave a barbecue yesterday, at Blandville. General Mcredith addressed the assembly. Resolutions were adopted favoring the suppression of the rebellion. It is believed Ballard county will give a large union majority in the coming election. Similar meetings are to be held in other counties or Kentucky and Missouri contiguous to Cairo. The steamer McGill, from New Orleans 22d, has arrived. News from the fleet in Mobile Bay was rendered valueless by the announcement through Richmond papers of the fall of Fort Morgan.

Cleveland Daily Leader,  29 Aug 1864, Mon,  First Edition,  Page 1
Alfred Shelby, member of the noted Shelby Shelby faction in Ballard county, Ky., 20 miles from Paducah, shot George Jenklm to death with a Winchester rifle Wednesday. Wednesday. Jenkins headed the opposition faction. faction. .. '

Daily News-Democrat
(Huntington, Indiana)
16 Dec 1897, Thu  Page 2
A NEGLECTED HIGHWAY A Kentucky tourist, returning from a Western trip, writes interestingly to one of the Western Kentucky papers of the conditions he found in one short stretch of road on his return home. Of his impressions after ferrying from Cairo over to Wickliffe, Ky., he writes:
  We got a surprise then. We had gone West to see scenery, but like Sir Launfal, and all that bunch of grail hunters, we came back home and found it right here in the back yard. Wyoming has a strip of road which it calls the most scenic seventy miles in the world, but I'll stack up the seven miles between Wickliffe and Bardwell, Ky., against any other lightweight scenery this side of Batang. There should be a movement started to make a national park out of this.
  The old road is unequaled in the United States. There are places where the front of your car will be going north and the back end south, while the middle moves westward and both sides are going up. There are cascades in the road unequaled in Yellowstone, and there is one sheer drop that would put Bridal Veil Falls to shame. The bridges are miracles of Carlisle County architectural genius. There is one which has 457 planks in it, and no two of them in the same place. Ed Morrow says, "God rested when he made the world he' smiled when he made Kentucky." He laughed out loud when he finished this part of it. Ballard County should be renamed Wart County. The pleasure of a drive from Wickliffe to Bardwell is further enhanced by the broad acres of dog fennel, of persimmon bushes and the prehensile sawbriar.
  The road which runs from Wickliffe, through Bardwell, Arlington and Clinton to Fulton is a Federal highway, U. S. 51. In Kentucky it is an unfinished stretch in what should be one of the most important north and south highways in the Middle West. From Chicago to Cairo, U. S. 51 is a splendid paved highway. From Union City, Tenn., to Memphis it Is practically completed. South of Memphis the traveler has a choice of several roads to the Gulf.
  If this road through Kentucky were put in good condition, an enormous amount of tourist traffic would be diverted diverted through this State. U.S. 51 affords the most direct route from Chicago to New Orleans. Traffic now is diverted at Cairo through Missouri and Arkansas, returning to the east bank of the Mississippi at Memphis. This neglected Kentucky road probably will be among the first to be given attention by the State Highway Commission under the new Administration in 1928.

The Courier-Journal,  03 Sep 1927, Sat,  Page 6
By JAMES COBLE, SIDNEY  "Hootin Jim" Lovelace no longer has a private bridge. For 14 years he was about the only person to use the imposing, $80,000 span across a slough at the end of a gravel road about two miles from Blandville in Ballard County. At the other end of the bridge was nothing but roadless, swampy country. Hootin' Jim used the bridge to get to his cornfield. But the State has finally finished a road through the swampy land, and the bridge no longer leads to nowhere. It's now on an extra link between Wickliffe and Mayfield. Does Hootin Jim mind all the traffic and dust? No, sir. He's graduated to a truck to drive on the road-bridge-road, instead of the mule-drawn wagon he used on the road-bridge-swamp. That caper, from The Paducah Sun-Democrat, tops the unusual happenings found in our weekly peek at Kentucky newspapers.

The Courier-Journal,  18 Oct 1955, Tue,  Page 9
J. H. Sublett, a blacksmith of Blandville, broke open a big lump of coal Tuesday and out jumped a live frog.

The Leaf-Chronicle,  19 May 1894, Sat,  Page 4