Ballard County, Kentucky
Misc. Marriages
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Some LANE and BLANKS Marriages

Ben A. Lane Jr.
Hallie Hinkle
PRIN: J.R. Moss
DATE: Dec. 16 - Dec. 19
AT: Hinkleville
PRES: M.W. Williams, J.J. Grace
SOL: Eld. W.W. Morris
CLERK: Ben Flint

Robert Newton
Sallie Terrell
PRIN: Frank Terrell
DATE: Nov. 30 - Dec. 1
AT: bride's mother
PRES: J. M. Blank, J. H. Tisdal (?)
SOL: William Powell, JPBC
CLERK: Ben Flint, dc

A. F. Newton
Lulu Terrell (by her brother)
PRIN: T. T. Terrell
DATE: Dec. 17 - Dec. 18
AT: bride's mother
PRES: J.M. Blanks, B. Tisdale, others
SOL: W.M. Powell, JPBC.
CLERK: Ben Flint, W.G. Husbands, dc.

J.T. Busby
M.L. Lane
PRIN: R.A. Blanks
DATE: Dec. 24 no date on cert.
AT: her father's
PRES: Ed Jackson, Ella Joiner
SOL: W.H. Elliott, JPBC
CLERK: Ben Flint, W.G. Husbands, dc.

R. B. Crouch
J. E. Williams
PRIN: W. R. Lane
DATE: Dec. 20 - Dec. 20
AT: Her home
PRES: I.B. Grubbs, B.A. Lane, Jr.
SOL: Eld. W.W. Morris
CLERK: Ben Flint

J. H. Atkins
Luella Joyner
PRIN: J.H. Atkins
DATE: June 15 - June 16
AT: W. M. Joyner
PRES: C.M. Hall, Thos. Bean, C.W. Elloitt
SOL: W.H. Elliott, JPBC.
CLERK: Ben Flint, W.G. Husbands,dc.

A. E. Grubbs
L.A. Blanks
PRIN: R. A. Blanks
DATE: Mar. 10 - Apr. 10
AT: Buck Blanks
PRES: Esq. John Lane, Rich B
SOL: T.J. Owen
CLERK: Ben Flint

T. F. Bean
Kate Joyner
PRIN: J.A. Atkins
DATE: May 7 - May 7
AT: W. H. Elliott
PRES: Annie E. Elliott, Ella, J.A. Adkins, Luella Joyner
SOL: W.H. Elliott, JPBC
CLERK: Ben Flint, W.G. Husbands

J. W. Tisdale
Addie McNeill
PRIN: W. H. Pace
DATE: Aug. 24 - Aug. 25
AT: J. W. McNeill
PRES: J. A. Blanks, W. H. Pace
SOL: T. B. Rouse
CLERK: Ben Flint

B. F. Tisdale
Florence Davis
PRIN: J. A. Blanks
DATE: Dec. 17 - Dec. 18
AT: John Davis
PRES: Link Blanks, Wm. Stahl
SOL: T. J. Owen
CLERK: S. J. Moore

F.M. Talley
Magalee Blanks
PRIN: A.T. Blanks
DATE: Dec. 9 - Dec. 10
AT: Court House
PRES: T.F. French, T.M. Daughty, W.G. Husbands
SOL: J.H. Tharp, JBCC
CLERK: S. J. Moore

A.J. Huffman
Blanche Lane
PRIN: G. B. Lane
DATE: Aug. 24 - Aug. 24
AT: B. S. Bailey
PRES: W. R. Lane, B.S. Bailey
SOL: Wm. Powell, JPBC
CLERK: S. J. Moore

Frank Terrell
Ida Lee Blanks
PRIN: John L. Blanks
DATE: Mar. 4 - Mar. 5
AT: John Blanks
PRES: John Newton, Rube Phillips
SOL: M.F. Rollins, Min.
CLERK: S.J. Moore, R.L. Scott

Henry J. Martin
Sarah M. Blanks
PRIN: John Duvall
DATE: Mar. 22 - Mar. 23
AT: mother's house
PRES: J.D. Harrington, Mary E. Dunn
SOL: W. H. Elliott, JPBC
CLERK: _______

E.T. Blanks
Fannie Roach
PRIN: B.S. Bailey
DATE: Apr. 16 - Apr. 16
AT: J.J. Nave
PRES: J.J. Nave, Geo. Nave, W.W. Dunn
SOL: W.H. Elliott, JPBC
CLERK: Moore, Gibson, dc.

J.W. Blanks
Mina Pace
PRIN: Chas. Birney
DATE: Apr. 15 - Apr. 15
AT: W. C. Pace
PRES: Chas. BVirney, V. B. Rudolph
SOL: B.F. Hyde
CLERK: Moore

J.J. Lane
Hallie Blanks
PRIN: Lozo Bailey
DATE: July 1- July 1
AT: B. S. Bailey
PRES: Mrs. W. O. Shelbourne, B.S. Bailey
SOL: J. H. Tharp
CLERK: Moore, Gibson,dc.

J. B. Lane
Rosa Lee Jones
PRIN: Thos. Thompson
DATE: Dec. 11 - Dec. 12
AT: Wickliffe, Thos. Thompson
PRES: Lizzie Jones, A.M. Gibson
SOL: J. H. Tharp, JBCC
CLERK: Moore, Gibson,dc.
Groom res.: Ballard, age 18 1st marriage, farmer, b. Ballard
Bride res.: Ballard, age 20 1st marriage, b. TX

W. B. Lane
Miss G. N. Adams
PRIN: W. N. Howle
DATE: Jan. 5, 1898 - 1-5-1898
AT: B.S. Bailey, Wickliffe
PRES: R.C. Whitis, A.M. Gibson, J.C. Dunn, J.W. Blanks
SOL: S.J. Moore, JBCC
CLERK: J.J. Grace
Groom res.: Ballard, age 20 1st marriage, farmer, b. Ballard father b. VA
Bride res.: Ballard, age 19 1st marriage

G. B. Darden
Pearl J. Lane
PRIN: ______
DATE: Oct. 12 - Oct. 12
AT: Wickliffe
PRES: Mrs. M.B. Rollins, Zula K. Rudolph
SOL: S.J. Moore, JBCC
CLERK: ______
Groom res.: Slater, KY, age 29 1st marriage, farmer, parents b. TN
Bride res.: Slater, age 21 1st marriage, bride & parents b. Ballard Co.

from Ballard Co., KY Marriages-1885-1899
submitted by: j <>

Some GOINS Marriages

Willie Ann Goins, George Wessley Goins, and Louella Goins
were the children of Permelia Cather "Haggard" Goins and
Armstead Goins, my g-g-grandparents.

These are their marriages:

W. E. (William Edward) Parker (g-grandfather)
Miss Willie A. Goins (g-grandmother)
PRIN:  E. (Edward) P. Hopper  (Husband of Willie's sister Luella)
DATE:  December 3, 1891
AT:  Home of George Goins (Willie's brother), Wickliff, Ballard County
PRES:  George Goins, George W. Parker (William Edward's father), and E. B. Penn
CLERK:  S. J. Moore
SOL: Rev. J. H. Mattlock B M  (Baptist Minister?)

Source:  Marriage Bond found at Wickliff Courthouse-Also found in the book "Ballard Co. KY Marriages, 1885-1899.

NOTE:  George Goins raised Willie's children (one of which was my maternal grandmother) after she died at the age of 30.

Source:  Ballard County Kentucky Marriages, 1878-1884

G. E. (should be G. W.) (George) Goins (my g-grandmother Willie's brother)
Katie Gibson
PRIN: (Surety):  J. O. Gibson (Katie's brother)
DATE:  February 8, 1883
AT:  Home of George Gibson (Katie's father)
PRES:  D.E. Porter, Bonnyman Vaughn, and David Mix
SOL:  Rev. J. A. Graves, Baptist Minister

George Wessley Goins was the son of Permelia Catherine "Haggard" Goins and Armstead Goins

Source:  Carlisle County, Kentucky Marriages, 1886-1892

E. (Edward) P. Hopper
Lou E. Goines (Goins) (My g-grandmother's sister)
DATE:  Feb 20, 1887
AT:  Baptist Church in Burkley
PRES:  Congregation, J. L. Tribble, J. E. Jackson

Goins Marriages submitted by Terry M. Strick