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Ballard County,
Wickiffe Postcards
Submitted by Kathleen

This postcard was mailed from Cairo, IL. July 20, 1909. The stamp cost 1 cent.
Addressed to Miss Ruth Conannt, Villa Ridges, (Pulaski Co.) IL
"Hello Grandmother,
Wish you could have come down for the picnic.  Will write soon.
Have not had this much fun since 67."
Signed T. D??? (last name very hard to read, could be Doak or Dent or D???)

Greetings from Wickliffe Series

These postcards are an example of postcards printed in the 1930s called
"NYCE" Qualtiy Colored Landscape Locals
Printed on paper with a high content of linen and have a very "nice" feel to the touch.
Backs state:
Place postage here
Domestic one cent
Foreign two cents
{divided by lines into sections titled Correspondence and Address}

no date, never mailed

Front of card reads:
Main Entrance, Ancient Buried City, Wickliffe, Kentucky

Back of card reads:
A Revelation of Prehistoric Man and His Works
        On U. S.Highways 51, 60, 62
            Near Cairo, Illinois
        Just Across the Ohio River

dated 1936,

never mailed

Front of card reads:

3 States, 2 rivers, and 3 bridges, near Wickliffe, KY

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Personnel Evacuation Hospital No. 49
Coblenz Germany, March 1919
Picture originally owned by Harriett Blanche Lane Huffman.  I believe her son, Edward Homer Huffman, is in this picture.  If you know anyone in this picture please contact me.

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