Blandville Sawmill, owned and operated by Charles Allred of Blandville.

Charles Allred, his son, Theo O. Allred Sr. and his wife, Mattie Hall Allred.

Mattie Hall Allred's parents, Theo Hall and Martha Gunter Hall.  Martha was a full blooded Cherokee Indian.

     Martha Gunter Hall
The story is that when Theo was a little boy his mother asked him to load the gun because she was going to kill a chicken for supper.  He did what she said and then she took the gun and shot her head off.  He was never quite the same after that.  He was a very quiet man.  She is buried in the Watwood Roach Cemetery at Slater. 

Submitted by:  Debbie Allred Golightly  <>

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Ben B. Morris

The courthouse at Wickliffe with my granddad, Ben B. Morris (center), county judge for a while and the son of William Wilson Morris. (Left of Ben B. Morris is Jesse L. Sullivan. See info at bottom of page.)

Submitted by Teresa
Ballard County,
Lee, Presley and Stone

Submitted by  Jerry Griffith
John Jessmond Lee
born 22 Jan 1895 in Wickliffe, Ballard Co., KY
died 01 Sep 1967 in Wickliffe, Ballard Co., KY
Thomas William Stone b.1857, his wife Mary Alice ( Presley ) Stone, b.1871. To the left of Thomas is Virgil Thomas Stone, b.1903 On the right of Mary is William Henry Stone, b. 1907 just above Mary is Cordie Mae Stone, b.1900 and to her left is Unknown Stone.
Submitted by Beverly

Sidney Preston Reeves was the brother of William Harrison Reeves whose biography is listed herein and Perlina Hall was a sister to David Hall and Charles Morgan Hall, whose bios are also on this site. Sidney & Perlina Reeves lived in Blandville.

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The Perkins family came to Ballard around 1878.  In the mid 1500's in Nottingham (a century or so after Robin Hood) England in Bunny Park / Bunny Hall, it was spelled Parkyns. They were among the members of the Virginia Colony (Jamestown).

Submitted by  Harry Gish <>

See Gish family trees at  (a pay site)

Here's a picture of the family either Thanksgiving or Christmas 1965.

Back row are Harry L. (Lillian's son and Casper L.'s nephew) and Dotty Bea Meyers Gish, me, Lillian and my sister Harriet (not twins).
Front row Casper L. ("Uncle Cap"), Mary Lane Perkins next to her sister Zulema Lane Stahl, William Everett (known as Everett rather than WIlliam) Stahl and their daughter (and my father's first cousin) Sallie.

Lillian Laura Perkins Gish (though she died in 1978. I'll bet that even today there are plenty of members of Antioch "Babtist" Church who will remember "Miss Lillian" through her activities with the Sunday School classes.
Vera (on a penny postcard but verified by my mother and grandmother [Lillian Laura Perkins Gish, Uncle cap's younger sister]). Vera is the Granddaughter of Tennessee Wilson Armstrong Lane, known as "Aunt Tennie." Aunt Tennie had sisters:
Louise Bonnie (Mrs. Leonard Buchanan) whose sister Mattie Bell had been married and divorced from Leonard Buchanan, with no children (Louise Bonnie and Leonard had 9 children, the youngest being Vera - pictured below);
Emma Vallandingham, Mrs. Will Buchanan of Paducah. Will was Leonard's brother; and,
Mattie Bell "Miss Matt" married a Land and had 3 sons and daughters Mary & Zulema. "Uncle Cap" married Aunt Tennie's son Asa Lane's daughter Lida, b. 1892, against the family's objections because Lida had TB. After Lida's death at 19, Cap later married Mattie Bell's daughter Mary.  Mary's sister Vera married a nice guy named Rex Stahl and Rex's older brother, William Everett Stahl married Mary's sister Zulema.

Casper (11) holding Lillian (under 1).

Harry Atwood & Lillian Laura (he was 18 years older, had a first marriage without children, first wife died)

See Buchanan-Ross and Buchanan-Thompson-Capps
Lillian Laura Perkins Gish
PERKINS FARMHOUSE - now gone, built around Civil War, expanded several times. Was on KY 358 about a mile north of KY 286. Ezekiel and his 3 sons and 2 daughters came from VA around 1878.

(see family history)

Jesse L. Sullivan
One-armed Sheriff of Ballard County

submitted by Harry Gish <>

Jesse Sullivan born in about 1897 and died on February 7, 1961.  An article that reads as follows: 

"The late Jesse Sullivan, who was sheriff of Ballard County and married to Opal Perkins, used to brag that he was kin to almost everyone in Ballard County.  His mother was Allie Jones Sullivan and came from a large family.  He was the son of Uriah Edward Sullivan who was the son of Joseph Franklin Sullivan who was born in 1834 and died here at the age of 93.  Uriah Edward Sullivan was a brother to Dr. Jesse Cox Sullivan, sheriff and town doctor, who was born in 1865 and the father of Miss Irene Sullivan of Wickliffe.  Bid Sullivan of Bardwell, Bowd Sullivan, sheriff and judge of Graves Co, and Rube of Morley, MO, are in this line, but they are very distantly related to the other Sullivans."

The house Jess and Opal had is now owned by the president of the chamber of commerce.  Jesse is also in the county courthouse picture at the top of this page, just left of Ben B. Morris, who is center, in the photo Teresa sent. He was tall and large as well.
Jesse L. Sullivan, right.
The photos below were in the possession of my great aunt, Ollie Sullivan Hall, who was the sister to my grandmother Anna Pearl Sullivan.(Jesse L. Sullivan was their brother).

Below, from the left, Robert Henderson, who was Ollie's Great Grandfather.  (He is also listed on the Carlisle County site under the Henderson title.)    Jesse Sullivan as an infant, Allie Jones Sullivan with daughters Pearl and Varah Sullivan.  My GG grandparents  Miram Halsell and Joseph Franklin Sullivan,  Joseph's son Uriah Sullivan, who is my Great grandfather and father to Jesse, Pearl, Ollie and Varah,  and Allie Jones mother Mary Henderson.
  Doug Travis  <>
Below, from the left: My grandfather Sturgill Travis, Sturgill Travis and Pearl in Detroit MI at Belle Isle, my grandmother Pearl with father Raymond and Grandfather Sturgill, Ollie Sullivan, my father Raymond with Ollies husband Joe Hall, and Jesse Sullivan with wife Opal Perkins Sullivan.                                                                                          Doug Travis  <>

The following are, from the left: Grandfather Sturgill Travis with his airplane, my Great Grandfather Edward Ellis Travis with wife Jennie Legg Travis, my grandfather's run for political office in Ballard County.

The last three gentlemen are sons of Joseph Franklin Sullivan, Reuben, Bauden, and William "Bid" Sullivan.                                                                            Doug Travis  <>