Teresa Morris Salonimer Photos
of Lucy, Holt, Payne, Bugg, Prince Families
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Ballard County,
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Grantmother Hettie in side back yard of house in Wickliffe

Grandmother Payne, Myrtie, Lora, and Granddaddy Payne.
Grandmother Hettie & sister Maybelle
Hettie Holt Payne
Grandmother Payne, Granddaddy Payne (Ganpapa), Aileen & Jesse
Hettie Payne, Dorothy Ann, Sherrie, Regina, Janet, Tommy Prince, Lora B. and Huie's children.
Flossie, Lora, Myrtie, Thomas Walter, & Hettie Lee
Walter, Hettie & Myrtle
Huie, Daddy Payne, Duane, Lora, Hettie, Jesse, & Aileen
Uncle Harry (Harrison Jewell) Payne and Thomas Walter (Daddy) Payne
Walter Payne stiring molasses; Uncle Harry in background
Uncle Harry and his Family
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