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Top Row:  Miss Scottie White, Teacher; Mollie Steinbeck; Nora Steinbeck; Ed Rose; Arthur Rials; Second Row: Tom Cumbee; Annie May Howcraft; Ethel Cumbee; Jettie Rose; Lizzie Atherton; Hallie Rials; Josie Steinbeck; Ida Rose; Third Row: Henry Cumbee; Carrie Cumbee; Geneva Rials; Hallie Fraser; Ben Fraser; Maud Rose; Lura Melton; Bertha Melton; Bottom Row: Vester Rials; Henry Steinbeck; Ralph Howcraft; Will Howcraft; Harry Melton.
School Photo ca mid-1890's
Photo from: Gene
  Top row left to right - Cordia A. Sams, Ophia Rye, Rosie Dennis Girlene Holt, Mary Alice Moore, Lucy L. Cumbee, James Allensworth, Hubert Carpenter, Eldon Luck, Burley Carter, Paul A. Carpenter, Lester McIntosh.
  Second row - G.H. Cumbee, Nelson McIntosh, Ollie Holt, Edith Moore, Pauline Sams, Dorthy Jones, Cozette Stovell, Josie Freeman, Mable Vance, Gertie B. Sams, Ethyl McIntosh, Mrs. Effir Duncan Rollins, Lola McIntosh, Edd Carter, Merler Vance.
  Third row - Viola Carpenter, Lucille Estes, Harry Hearn Cumbee, Rubie Lee Carpenter, Angie M. Clark, Mrs. Ada Hern, James Lindsey, Richard Lindsey, T.J. Cumbee, Archie Todd Sams, John L. Beardsley, Cecil Beardsley
  Fourth row - Inez Sullivan, Sybil Jones, Velma Lee Doublin, Gladys Day, Lorene Doublin, Cecilia Mangrun, Johnnie Stovall, Crystal Lee Clark, Frances M. Rye, Roberta Freeman, Pernia McIntosh, Hazel Williams, Mamie McIntosh.
   Fifth row - George Carter, Robert A. Carpenter, Robert Freeman, J.P. Freeman, J.L. Carpenter, Herbert Vance, Elton Holt.
This picture is the property of Mrs. Harry Sullivan of Route 1, La Center.
Bethlehem School 1922-1923
Photo from: Gene
1910 Antioch School - - Teacher Leroy Childress. Lower L. to R.  Haywood Grubbs, Harris Grubbs, Abner Nance, Herbert Dunn, Marshall Baines, Willie Abanatha, Nellie Hall, Mabel Dunn, Gracie Travis, Lucille Travis.   Second row - Allie Travis, Sturgill Travis, Lillian Bearden, Shelton Abanatha, Jim Word, Ray Abanatha, Ovie Pace, Gobel Baines, Benjiman Hinkle, Nolan Criswell. Third row - Ruth Edwards, Bulah Pace, Lillie Boston, Ocie Bone, Marjorie Stewart, Beatrice Bone, Kittye Mae Hall, B. Allie Hall, Ernest Nance, Rutherford Hall, Ed [El]roy Childress - Teacher, Bryan Shelton, Howard Murra[y], Myrtle Baines.  Picture sent in by Roy Abanatha.
Provided by: Doug at
1910 Antioch School
CANE CREEK SCHOOL - 1914 - back row, left to right - Lillian Sullivan, Goldie Sullivan, Pearl Knight, Charlie Poole, Johnny Adams, Beckham Phillips, Samuel Rollins, Mona Sullivan, Jerry Dennis, and teacher Roscoe Overby. Inset - John Buchanan, Alvin Weaver, Oma Adams and King Poole. Second row - Bea Sullivan, Ruth Buchanan, Annie Adams, Mable Rollins, Else Rollins, Vera Mae Burkhart, Daisey Poole, Emma Sullivan, Mary Bea Garrett, Anna Hughes Garrett, Louanna Burkhart and Anna Sullivan. Bottom row - Otto Beardsley, Clint Sullivan, Roy Shockley, Arthur Adams, George Poole, Hugh Shockley, Antimus Sullivan, John M. Burkhart, and Lewis Garrett. This picture is the property of Mrs. Ruth Rollins. (published Sept 6, 1969)
Cane Creek School 1914
Cane Creek School
CANE CREEK SCHOOL - Left to right, top row - Hays Merrill, Teddie Mayberry, Hillery Dennis, Bryant Phillips, Johnnie Adams, Larry Beardsley, Sadie Myers, Ruby Mayberry, Claud Dennis, Pearl Rollins, Ruth Mayberry, Muad [Maud (?)] Merrill, Golda Sullivan;
Second row - Effie Morgan, Willie Morgan, Rushie White, Dalva Rollins, Elta Rollins, Belle Dennis, Myrtie Merrill, Ada Sullivan, Mary Rascoe;
Third row - Clint Sullivan, Eddie Myers, Edward Myers, Beckham Phillips, Samuel Rollins, Arthur Adams, Zack Dennis, Harry Sullivan, Oril Adams, John Beardsley, Raymond Dennis, Jonnie Adams;
Fourth row - Louis Garrett, Bertram Dennis, Otto Beardsley, John Buchanan, Setta Sullivan, Nancy Beardsley, Ione Dennis, Flora Pace, Mabel Rollins, Della Mae Engel, Grace Rollins, Annie Adams, (unknown), Ruth Buchanan.
This picture is the property of Mrs. Dalva McElya of Wickliffe. (published in the 1960's).
Cane Creek School photos from Carole
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  This is the senior class of 1944 at "Old" B.C.H.S. except for myself, Mrs. James T. Shelby. I took the picture. They are left to right, front ernest Berry, Cloys Henderson, Jean (Hinkle) Riley, Louis Bruce, Julia (Moore) Cobb, Herbert Martin, Laura (Samples) Henderson, Jack Morgan, Faithie (Giles) Guffy, Ronald Earl Terrell, Glenda Sue (Grey) Piper, Junius Lewis, the school principal and our class sponsor and Leslie (Wingo) Strange.  Renault Martin, James Shelby, Calvin Crowe were absent. Calvin being in the Army. More than half of us with husbands and wives added the class reunion in 1969 at the Alumni banquet on the 25th anniversary of our graduation.
Senior Class of 1944, "Old" BCHS
LaCenter residents, Ballard Co. HS Seniors 1945
LA CENTER RESIDENTS among the 1945 graduates of Ballard County High School were (bottom row,   l. to r.) Paul Henry Strickland, Helen Jones - - Mrs. Hurchel Dennis, Huell Tilly, Jean Hendrickson (top row, l. to r.) Mary Frances Boulton - - Mrs. J.M. Hunt, Jr., Iris Ellis - - Mrs. Juitt Deweese, Ann Shepard - - Mrs. William Jones, W. H. Ewers, Jr., Mary Ann McElya and George Lanier.  Mrs. Annie Hinkle was the group's teacher at the 7th grade level and later sponsored the class for four years of high school.  Twenty-five members of the class graduated of a group of 32 who had begun high school together.
Ballard Memorial High School Class of 1958 Reunion
1958 Class Reunion of Ballard Memorial High School was held in July. Shown left to right: front row, Neil Lawler, Gary Chandler, Glen Owen Adams, Dale Parham, Rodney Leigh, Bobby Renfrow.  Second row, Sanna Lee (Laudermilk) Yellow Robe, Lena (Alvey) Sanders, Patty (Bailey) Rich, Deloris (Romaine) Halter, Shirley (Bennett) Counterman, Abbie (Hammonds) Smith.  Third row, Bobby Lanier, Peggy (Dexter) Sullivan, Sue (Bailey) Kinsey, Lana (Shelby) Laster, Sylvia (Dennis) Moore, Dot (Ladd) Iues, Mayetta (Moss) Leigh, James Allen Smith, Jimmy Rasco, Rena (Turner) Mujus, Faye (Beard) Hutcherson. Back row, Gene Poole, Aubrey Gordon, Nancy (Stahl) Howle, Carolyn (Piper) Haggard, Mena (Lawrence) Harp and Gene Dean.
  Graduates of Ballard Memorial High School, class of 1961, held a ten year reunion at the Ballard County Country Club on July 17. . . .
   Classmates attending were:  Front row left to right, Sponsor, Mrs. Jim Frank, Linda Dulworth Brinkle, Patsy Dixon Bowen, Judy Kinsey Lawler, Henrietta Smith Ross (?), Sandra Kinsey Shelton, Anne Steele Foster, Melanie Morton Burchett, Joyce Powell Pulley and Brenda Thruman Ashley.
  Second row, left to right:  Mary Catherine Stafford Armstrong, Judy Holley Ryan, Carol Wolfe Coryell, Lana Trice Jennings, Pat Tisdale Strong, Marie Polivick Case, Ann Owens Yarbrough, Linda Moss Cherry, Bettye Leigh Polivick, and Marilyn Watson Sullivan.
  Back row, left to right:  Joe Culver, Buddy Petty, Billy Wayne Owsley, Kenneth Trice, William D. Ryan, Gary Thompson, Danny Cooper, T.H. Vincent, Jr., Ted Cherry, Thomas Campbell, George Hanrahan and John Wyatt.
Ballard Memorial High School Class of 1961 Reunion
Unless otherwise stated, photos are from Teresa
More School Photos
1939 Barlow Basketball Team
  Barlow 1939 - First row, B. Owens, N. Wallis, R. Cummins, M. Harlan, J. Howle;
Second row, F. King, L.J. Gay, F. Wiggins, A. Wyatt, J. Stapleton.
Basketball Boys and Coach of 1940
BARLOW HIGH SCHOOL - 1929 - Freshman Class - botom row, left to right - Thomas Newman, Beulah Solomon, Lillie Rsco, Mrs. Ruth Owsley (teacher), Jessie Lee Eidson, Edna Earl Reeves, Fannie Horn, Margaret Gila Wilford, Lots Warren, Burle Johnston, Howard Atkin.
   Second row - Marton Duley, Carl Butts, James Tribble, C.B. Newton, J. E. (Bunk) Page, Harry T. Capeland, James Howle, Calvert Compton, William T. Dodson, Roy earl Harlan.
   Third row - Carmer Lee Epperson, Clara Mae Epperson, Dotty Mills, Gladna Negley, Elizabeth Webb, Theda Viets, Frances Hoyner, Thelma Stewart, Lots E. Darden and Dors Belle Baird.
Barlow High School 1929
BETHLEHEM SCHOOL - 1911 - 1912 - Back row - Jimmie Carpenter, Bertie Rials, Myrtle Sams, Gertie Carpenter, Russell Williams, Gertie Reeves, Robert Carpenter, teacher - Mrs. Mollie Andrews, Nick Carpenter, Laura Hunter, Maud Sams, _ara Williams, Charlie Reeves, Ruby Goins, Blanche Williams. Second row - Jessie Doublin, Bud Reeves, Fladella Hughes, _ozette Clark, Bryan Reeves, Erwin McIntosh, Burnley Same, Charles G. Andrews, Lee Sams, Willard Madden, Fannie Sams, _illie Goins.  Third row - Vinnie Williams, Hinkle Allensworth, Gracie Carpenter, Lillian Hammonds, Elmer Edwards, _arney Edwards, Corrie Dennis, Laura Dennis, Annie Williams, Only Rials, Either Rials, Ruthie Cullens, Ruby Sams, Luther Carpenter, Frank Sams, O. T. Chaffin, William Jake Chaffin, Rufus Hammonds, Bill Hammonds, Vic Hammonds. Fourth row - Willie Haynes, Luther Haynes, Orville Haynes, Odell McIntosh, Adolphia Williams, Motelle Cook, Robie Rials, Eurah Sams, Sophia Sams, Laura Lee Hughes, Ajis Williams, Bertie Lee Anderson, Susie Cullen, Emma Goins, Mary Doublin, Edd Sams, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown, Jesse Rye. Front row - Anne Madden, Catherine Hughes, Lee Roy Madden, Allene Cullen, Ora Same, Mollie Rye, unknown.
  This picture is the property of Mrs. Frances Chaffin of El Cajon, CA.
First Year of Four-Year High School in Blandville - 1923
Blandville High School 1926 - 1927
Blandville High School Class of 1931
Bandana, KY  High School
Sophmore Class, Oct. 1933
Bethlehem School 1911-1912
Blandville School Grades 5-6 - Nov., 1939
Blandville Basketball Team - 1939
   Blandville - 1939 - Principal, Lester Goheen; Thomas Bean, Ralph Maxey, Edward Byassee, Billy Brooks, Charlie Stigall, Arthur W. Purkel, coach Tom watson; Bottom row - "Babe" Nelson, Jesse Leigh, Brownie Talley, James Harris, Jack Garner.
  BLANDVILLE SCHOOL - 1939 - First row - left to right - Eloise Jones, Jimmy Burke Howcroft, Laree Martin, Junior Gray, Mary L. Ashbrooks, teacher;  George Wiley Hagood, Bobbie Jean Polivick, Billy Hutcherson, Crystal Byassee. Second row - June Bug Doublin, Mary Ellen Doublin, Stanley Blackman, Virginia Wilcox, Kenneth Hammonds, Glenda Doublin, Ben Ray Bean.  Thrid row - Donald Hutcherson, Ruth Leigh, Ernest Stigall, Joan Talley, Clois Viniard, Joan Allred, Tommy Freeman, Martha Allen, and Eugene Ogden.
   This picture is the property of Mrs. Crystal Byassee Brown of Route 1, Wickliffe.
   BLANDVILLE HIGH SCHOOL - 1926 - 1927 - First row, left to right - Albert Byassee, Bill Hall, Roy Steele, J.D. Terrell, Homer Lee Jett, Joe Owsley, Taft Dickerson;  Second row - Rozell Jett, Ruby Ellis, Elizabeth Hall, LaVelle Cumbee, Mary Alice Stigall, Evelyn Ellis, Frances Terrell, Dathel Jones, Maggie Downs; Thrid row - Mr. Ulsh, teacher; Estelle Harris, Virginia Watson, Georgia Harris, Hallie Davis, Girlene Holt, Naomi Downs, Leona Blanks, Lucy Blanks, Prof. Edgar Thompson, teacher; Fourth row - Vera Mae Leigh, Mona Rials, Norene Harris, Essie Wyman, Elbert Lane, Laverne Holt, Melton Rials, Burnham Kinderman, James Crouch and Claude Hawes.
   This picture is the property of Mrs. Lena Ryon.
  Bandana Sophomore Class 1933. Top row, left to right, Katherine Grief Northington, Eugene Ransom, Jessie B. Davenport Barnhill, Yelda Mae Walters Gough, Mildred Northington, Paul Pugh, Mildred Hawkins, Avita Cooper Hines.
  Second row, left to right - Ethel Swope Cumber, Raymond Davis, Kthleen Hayden Henderson, Alline Barrow Tilford, J.M. Baxter, Mary Louise Simpson.
  First row, left to right - Burah Neil Reid, James Edward "Dink" Morrow (deceased). Martha Frances Fondaw, Evelyn Kinsey Weigg, Mary Thompson Beaman, sponsor, Dorothy Colvin, Pauline Pervis Burnette, Melvin Tilford and Flora W. Davenport Howle.
  Also in this class at different times were Martha Lou Burnley Wolfe, Clayton Overby, Lynnard "Jiggs" Thompson and Billie Simmons Jacobs. Picture property of Kathleen Henderson.
First year of 40year High School at Blandville - 1923. Front Row (seated) - Nina Jones, Frances Burrow, Mary Myers, Bessie Watson, Bonnie Rye, Frances Terrell, Maggie Downs.
2nd row - Dona Hutcherson, Evalynn Biggs, E. L. Thompson, principal, Nettie Faulk, Virginia Burrow (deceased), Miss Evalynn Wyman, teacher.
3rd row - Edwin Hagood, Dixie Lemons, Charlie Hall, Orianna Hagood, Runee Howcroft, Imogene Walker, Ray Steele, William Hall.
Back row - George Austin, Mary Anna Carpenter, Louis Hutcherson, Earl Hall, Thomas Wyman, John Steinbeck (deceased), Elmer Watson and Sam Wakefield.
.... The Blandville High School Class of 1931 was as follows: Mrs. Nell Small Bondurant, Mrs. Lucille Bean Garland, Mrs. Tommye Harper Moore, Mrs. Mary Sue Gilbert Moss, Robert M. Watson (deceased July 1979), Thomas W. Watson....
  Shown in the front row (Mrs. Moore was absent) large picture left to right front row, Lucille Bean Garland, Nell Small Bordurant, Mary Sue Gilbert Moss, Sarah Austin Travis, Robert Dickerson, Clifford Austin, Thomas Watson, Principal- Jesse M. Hunt (deceased), Homer Lee Jett (Sophomore deceased), Bill Lemons, G. H. Cumbee, Rogers Ransom, and Robert Watson, deceased.
  Second row others in High School Taft Dickerson, Lucy Blanks Leigh (deceased), Evelyn Ellis Thompson, Mary Stigall Watson, Laberne Holt, Naomi Downs Lane, Dathel Jones Stacey, Cleavle Sheperd, Leona Blanks Moss, Denver Rollins, Georgia Harris Parham (deceased), Edgar L. Thompson, teacher (deceased).
  Third row - Joe Owsley, J.D. Terrell, Essie Wyman Lane, Elizabeth Hall Vance, Vera Mae Leigh Byassee (decesed), Mona Rials Arterburn, Virginia Watson, Estelle Harris Rollins, Albert Byassee, Burnham Linderman (deceased), Brooks Lane, and Melton Rials.