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Ballard County,
James Labron "Labe" Allensworth, son of John and Henrietta (Hopson) Allensworth, both born in Chistian Co., KY, son Robert Lee  Allensworth b. Dec. 31, 1905 and wife Iva Ann (Wills) Allensworth, holding baby Arvil James Allensworth b. July 15, 1908,  (Capannah was born some 5 yrs later)

Capanah (Allensworth) Bowman married Roy Bowman
Betty Ann Allensworth
June 16, 1930 May 19, 1932
Robert Lee "Bob" Allensworth, Jr. (as a child
& in uniform - Korean War)
Betty Ann with father, Robert Lee, Sr.
Robert Lee Allensworth, Sr.
Robert Lee Sr. with wife, Awdra (Audrey) Elizabeth (Hackney) Allensworth
Robert Lee Sr. (left) holding Gene. Bill Lowe setting on table. Standing in back Bob Jr.  Bill Lowe and his wife still live in Wickliffe Top of hill on curve
Robert Lee and son
Harold Gene Allensworth.
GrandPaw Howcroft
Audra, in chair, works for Wal-Mart and Bob in back of her. The others in Red Cross vest are all of Quincy Chapter. Front center is Senator Jill Tracy of Illinois.
Robert Lee Jr. & Donna Jean
John C Hackney (1877-1931) son of Ed & Mary (Stigall) Hackney & Annie May Hackney (1886-1929) dau. of William & Rachael (Weaver) Howcroft
Mary R.- Married  Marshell R. Heflin (both deceased)
Jess - (deceased)
Virgie - Married Auther R Adams (deceased)
Bill  - Married Cleo, both deceased
Audrey (Audra) - Married Robert L Allensworth (both deceased)
John Henry - Married Nettie (both deceased)

John C Hackney
Annie May Hackney
Virgie M. (Hackney) Adams on her 100th Birthday w/Audra
John Henry Hackney (on right) w/Bob Lee Allensworth, Jr.
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Submitted by Bob and Gene
Submitted by Bob and Gene
Annie May (Howcroft) Hackney
Awdra (Audrey) Elizabeth (Hackney) Allensworth
Robert Lee Sr. & Jr., and Awdra (1937 Atlanta, Ga.)