Ballard County, Kentucky

Ballard County Will Book 1
1880 - 1918

Extracted to page 503


After the Court House burned with all records, the County began collecting and re-recording documents. Many Wills were apparently brought in, with copies of associated court documents, and recorded again. In other cases, the County appointed individuals who gathered evidence from witnesses and others who had reason to know of the Will, and made a determination as to the evidence. Such statements and determinations were recorded in Will Book 1, as well as new wills.

The Will Book is difficult to read and I have probably misspelled many names. Please email me know of such errors when you find them and I will make corrections so that other researchers may benefit.

The page numbers and names on the untranscribed parts of the list below may be incorrect. I do not have copies of the pages after 503. If you have copies of any of these wills, please share. Thanks. Crystal

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Crystal Dingler, County Coordinator
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