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These records are from a series of microfilmed Kentucky vital records transcribed from the original County Court registers. Bracken County vital records are on Roll #994029. The series includes:
  • Birth Records 1852, 1854-1859, 1861, 1875-1876, 1878, 1893-1894, 1904
  • Marriage Records 1852, 1854-1859, 1861, 1875-1878, 1893-1894, 1903-1904
  • Death Records 1852-1859, 1861, 1875-1878, 1893-1894, 1903-1904

Similar microfilmed records exist for most Kentucky counties and are available for purchase. For ordering information, visit the Kentucky Department for Libraries & Archives website.
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1854 Births - Bracken County, Kentucky

Records contributed by Bonnie Snow - June 10, 2005

Surname Given Vitals Parent or Owner Date of Birth/Res
(Unnamed) - female, black father/owner Noble Thomas 10/__/1854
(Unnamed) Narrow male, mulatto father/owner Lewis Thomas -
(Unnamed) Tom male, black father/owner Wm. W. Orr 11/__/1854
(Unnamed) Tom male, mulatto father/owner John M. Holton 7/11/1854
Adams Martha Ann female, white parents Emanuel Adams & Elizabeth Blackburn 12/26/1854
Anderson Hoard male, white parents W. B. Anderson & Ann E. Brooks 7/07/1854
Anderson John James male, white parents Henry C. Anderson & Martha Ann Holton 4/13/1854
Anderson Sarah female, white parents Wm. Anderson & Martha Bassett 7/08/1854
Askins Amanda Malinda female, white parents A. A. Askins & Mary J. Northcutt 7/21/1854
Atwell Sarah Elizabeth female, white parents Hugh Atwell & Maranda Bouy 11/18/1854
Bailey Elizabeth Francis female, white parents George Bailey & Elizabeth F. Watson 1/15/1854
Bando G. C. male, white parents D. P. Bando & M. A. Ditts 11/30/1854
Berry Margaret Jane female, white parents George Bissy/Berry? & Miranda Jett 3/22/1854
Best M. E. male, white parents J. W. Best & Lucy Ware 2/04/1854
Beths Eliza Ellen female, white parents Wm. M. Beths & Nancy W. James 4/13/1854 Born in Medford County, Kentucky
Biggers Mary Virginia female, white parents Wm. T. Biggers & George Ann Handsford 3/24/1854
Blackade J. O. male, white parents J. O. Blackade & A. A. Holton 5/18/1859
Blythe George male, white parents B. F. Blythe & Minerva Watson 7/15/1854
Blythe Mary Catharine female, white parents S. B. Blythe & Eliza J. Sanders 4/24/1854
Boraine Elmira C. female, white parents Wm. Boraine & Mahala Spees/Spiess 11/28/1854
Bowels Nancy Anderson female, white parents Wm. H. Bowels & Isabella Bledsoe 11/05/1854
Bradbury Margaret Ann female, white parents G. W. Bradbury & L. Jolly 4/22/1854 Residence Indiana
Bratton Elnora Francis female, white parents G. W. Bratton & Sarah Ann Asberry 5/12/1854
Briarly Susan Mariah female, white parents R. Briarly & Virginia Summer 7/26/1854 Residence Gallapolis, Ohio
Brierly Reubin/Neubin? Buckley male, white parents T. J. Brierly 6/17/1854
Browning James H. male, white parents Wm. T. Browning & Matilda Anderson 10/22/1854
Browning Sarah female, white parents S. F. Browning & Elizabeth Johnson 6/25/1854
Browning Thomas Madison male, white parents Nathaniel Browning & Mary Holton 5/28/1854
Browning Wm. Thomas male, white parents Wm. G. Browning & Ellen Tucker 10/02/1854
Carr George M. male, white parents Joseph Carr & Nancy Behmyer 1/20/1854
Casey Daniel male, white parents Hancock L. Casey & Louisa Maines 7/03/1854
Casey Wm. Thomas male, white parents David Casey & Judith Blackburn 3/06/1854
Caylar Noah Bell male, white parents John Caylar & Hannah V. Scott 11/03/1854
Clark Virginia B. female, white parents Wm. Clark & Mary Lytle 8/20/1854
Clarke John Thomas male, white parents Elijah Clarke & Nancy J. Linville 8/03/1854 Residence - Mason County, Kentucky
Cooper Polly female, white parents Mason Cooper & Eliza Grigson 5/_/1854
Croswell Mary E. female, white parents Wm. Croswell & M. A. Thomas 10/27/1854
Crupper Sarah Matilda female, white parents R. F. Crupper & Amanda L. Sanders 9/__/1854
Curtis Catharine female, white parents J. G. Curtis & Clarissa Shepherd 9/09/1854
Curtis George W. male, white parents Wm. F. Curtis & Cynthiana Thurman 12/30/1854
Dawson Reubin C. male, white parents James Dawson & Amelia Farmer 9/09/1854
Day Caroline female, white parents Ameriah Day & Mary Ann Blythe 12/20/1854
Day Lorain female, white parents J. W. Day & ? 5/18/1854
Dickens Malinda Catherine female, white parents J. E. D. Dickins & Elizabeth R. Gaderal 1/18/1854
Dickins Lewis Jacob male, white parents A. C. Dickins & Catharine Dickins 10/03/1854
Dora John male, white parents W. R. Dora & Sarah A. Boots 9/09/1854
Dryden Sarah Jane female, white parents J. R. Dryden & Amanda J. Linville 12/06/1854
England Melvina female, white parents David England & Martha Moreland 11/12/1854
Fagan Olive female, white parents Sanford Fagan & Mary F. 7/16/1854
Feagan John Jacques male, white parents Edward Feagan & Mary Brierly 12/08/1854
Feagan Martha Ellin female, white parents Wm. Fegan & Elizabeth McClanahan 4/14/1854
Folia? Lucretia female, white parents J. W. Folia? & Elizabeth Black 9/26/1854
Frank unnamed female, white parents M. L. D. Frank & Anna Eliza Flores 8/12/1854 Born at Brooksville
Freeman Anderson T. male, white parents George Freeman & Nancy Kiscaden 3/20/1854
Fuller Joseph S. male, white parents Saliman Fuller & Lucinda Dugan 4/26/1854
Fuller Mary Lucinda female, white parents Stephen Fuller & Letitia Robertson/Robison 12/07/1854
Fuller Wm. Amiziah male, white parents M. M. Fuller & A. Robertson 9/10/1854
Galloway Covey male, white parents Elijah Galloway & Margaret J. Casey 12/06/1854
Gill A. B. male, white parents J. M. Gill & Sarah A. Buckner 4/02/1854
Ginn Harriet female, white parents Benjamin Ginn & Elizabeth Gill 8/04/1854
Gleason John W. male, white parents Wm. Gleason & Ann Melony 3/__/1854 Residence Ireland. Born in Ireland
Graham Margaret Ellen female, white parents John Graham & Nancy Gill 5/26/1854
Hamilton Alexander C. male, white parents George Hamilton & Mary Kidder 10/20/1854
Hamilton Cece Ellen female, white parents Cass Hamilton & Eliza Hamilton 4/__/1854
Hamilton Eliza female, white parents Edward Hamilton & Charlotte Hamilton 12/09/1854
Hamilton Laura female, white parents Geo. Hamilton & Dobia Jane Owens 6/10/1854
Hamilton Laura A. female, white parents John A. Hamilton & Mary Smith 6/15/1854
Hamilton Lucy Mary female, white parents Edward A. Hamilton & Sarah Guard 11/23/1854
Hamilton Shelton male, white parents Samuel Hamilton & Palina E. Hamilton 5/17/1854
Hannah Eli Chamber male, white parents Wm. Hannah & Jane V. Hewitt 5/29/1854
Hanson Sarah Ann female, white parents C. W. Hanson & Amelia E. Linville 9/23/1854
Hargett Riley Francis male, white parents J. H. Hargett & Mary M. Tegarden 12/09/1854
Harmon Noreallis female, white parents A. R. Harmon & Elizabeth Wells 5/13/1854
Harris John James male, white parents Thomas L. Harris & Martha Fields 4/28/1854
Hatfield Martin male, white parents Wm. Hatfield & M. J. Jeats 2/16/1854
Havson David P. G. male, white parents Thos. Havson & Cordelia G. 10/08/1854
Hedges Aaron male, white parents B. F. Hedges & Mary A. Bradley 11/13/1854
Hedges George H. male, white parents Samuel Hedges & Amanda J. Williams 7/01/1854
Henderson Jacob A. male, white parents R. N. Henderson & Elizabeth Pettit 10/08/1854
Henderson Josephine female, white parents Wm. Henderson & America Biggs 10/11/1854
Hester John male, white parents Willoby Hester & Permelia Ann Mitchell 10/__/1854
Hobbs James H. male, white parents John Hobbs & Mary McMath 4/20/1854
Hook Cynthia Ann female, white parents John Hook & Mariah Regan 9/04/1854
Houston Charles E. male, white parents Augustus Huston & Caroline Wilson 5/12/1854
Hughbanks Elizabeth female, white parents Geo. W. Hughbanks & Sarah Chandler 8/18/1854
Hull Unnamed female, white parents John Hull & Elizabeth Catharine Lea 12/25/1854
Hunter Mary A. female, white parents Wm. J. Hunter & Elizabeth Wilson 7/09/1854
Hutchinson John W. male, white parents W. D. Hutchinson & Nancy Love 5/01/1854
Insko Lucinda female, white parents Harrison Insko & Elizabeth Ashcraft 9/__/1854
Jett James Porter male, white parents Porter Jett & Brazilla Dunn 4/28/1854
Jett Rebecca Ann female, white parents John Jett & Catherine Mann 10/27/1854
Johnson Lewis N. male, white parents Geo. F. Johnson & Judith S. Woods 10/29/1854
Johnson Wm. male, white parents J. D. Johnson & Parthina Dimmett 6/211854
Jones Elizabeth female, white parents Jacob Jones & Mary Hitt 10//15/1854
Jones Joseph male, white parents Asbury Jones & Elizabeth Woodward 10/02/1854
Kainellen? Sophia female, white parents Hanor Kainellen? & F. C. Black 7/17/1854
Kendrick Patrick Henry male, white parents Daniel Kendrick & Lucinda Day 11/18/1854
Kincaid/Kincord? Matilda Jane female, white parents Lebon Kincaid/Kincord? & Evaline McEntire 11/05/1854
King Henry male, white parents Abernathy King & Lidia Jackson 11/23/1854
Lacke Priscilla female, white parents Benjamin B. Lacke & Rachel M. Davis 4/23/1854
Landen George Albert male, white parents George W. Landen & Rebecca Maxwell 9/03/1854
Laughlin James William male, white parents F. B. Laughlin & Martha Ann Doran 2/02/1854
Lee Unnamed male, white parents Alexander H. Lee & Elizabeth Bradford 12/28/1854
Lee Unnamed male, white parents H. S. Lee & M. J. Lloyd 1/28/1854
Lennord? Morton male, white parents S. B. Lennord? & Rachel Raymond 4/06/1854
Lewis Samantha/amtha? female, white parents J. B. Lewis & Elizabeth Thompson 9/03/1854
Lindsay Kate female, white parents R. T. Lindsay & __ Williams 3/26/1854
Lytle State Ira male, white parents James Lytle & Charity Hiles 12/12/1854
Maxfield Ela male, white parents Samuel Maxfield & Sarah A. Cooper 5/17/1854
McCane James A. male, white parents Thos. McCane & Nancy D. Anderson 3/03/1854
Twin McCane John T. male, white parents Joseph McCane & Mary A. Redden 12/15/1854
McCane Samuel H. male, white parents Thos. McCane & Nancy D. Anderson 3/03/1854
Twin McElfrish Nathan male, white parents J. W. McElfrish & Juditha Davis 12/18/1854 Residence Ohio
McEntire Samantha J. female, white parents E. J. McEntire & Mary E. Kiscaden 4/10/1854
McKinney Pallard male, white parents G. W. McKinney & Glarissa Monson 8/04/1854
McMillin Anderson male, white parents George McMillian & Cornelia Field 8/01/1854
Miller Mary Eliza female, white parents Oscar Miller & Martha A. Mitchell 9/08/1854
Mingo Mary Eliza female, white parents J. N. Mingo & Mary Ann Boothe 9/01/1854
Mockoby Henry male, white parents Greenbury Mockoby & Delpha Orich 2/09/1854
Monson Mary Jane female, white parents Joel W. Monson & Elizabeth Vanhost 4/19/1854
Moore Artimetia female, white parents Elijah Moore & Jane Kinney 6/28/1854
Moreland Joseph male, white parents B. F. Moreland & Mary England 2/03/1854 Residence Bath County, Kentucky
Morford Caseam A. male, white parents James W. Morford & Elizabeth Routt 11/05/1854
Morris Eliza Jane female, white parents J. F. Morris & Mary A. McClanahan 8/13/1854
Murray Thomas male, white parents John Murray & Malinda Meeks 3/25/1854
Myers Mary M. female, white parents John Myers & Catherine Close 2/04/1854
Myers William male, white parents Charles Myers & Cantarine Sindeo 7/08/1854 Resident of Germany. Born in Germany
Norris Edward male, white parents Edward Norris & Ann Pickard 12/27/1854 Residence Mason County, Kentucky
Orme Emelia/Amelia female, white parents Thomas Orme & Catharine Orme 9/06/1854
Orr Elizabeth female, white parents V. B. Orr & Permlia A. Robertson 4/24/1854
Orr John Phillip male, white parents Wm. W. Orr & Amanda G. Lyon 9/__/1854
Owens Unnamed male, white parents George W. Owens & Eliza Teagarden 11/27/1854
Patterson Lilly female, white parents Hiram Patterson & Susan Day 6/16/1864
Perkins James Robert male, white parents L. M. Perkins & Elizabeth A. Watson 11/28/1854
Poe Matilda female, white parents Thos. Poe & Sophia Frank 9/03/1854
Poore Amelia female, white parents James Poore & Mary Shepherd 10/25/1854
Rankin Blackstone J. male, white parents Wm. J. Rankin & H. J. Silverthorn 11/23/1854
Reese Lucy Mary female, white parents John Reese & Mary M. Gibson 4/22/1854
Routt Joseph Nimrod male, white parents Wm. Routt & Sarah Routt 2/04/1854
Rufinict? Barley male white parents H. Rufincint? & Jane Bakke Residence Germany. Born in Germany
Rye John R. male, white parents Rodney Rye & Elizabeth Boothe 9/22/1854
Sanders Winette Francis female, white parents G. W. Sanders & Nancy Grigson 8/08/1854
Schoolfield C. J. female, white parents J. B. Schoolfield & Harriet Hazard 9/01/1854
Sellers Sarah Jane female, white parents Robert Sellers & Mary Mains 9/05/1854
Shaver Wm. male, white parents Washington Shaver & Martha Hughbanks 1/19/1854
Sidells George F. male, white parents Robert Sidells & Mary Cooper 4/07/1854
Silby Minor W. male, white parents Charles Silby & Margaret McCarty 10/02/1854 Residence Fleming County, Kentucky
Snodgrass John Y. male, white parents W. D. Snodgrass & Malinda Jordan 10/07/1854
Snow Elijah A. male, white parents Daniel T. Snow & Mary Hughes 8/05/1854
Snow James E. male, white parents J. N. Snow & Elizabeth Cooper 7/16/1854
Stroube Thadon? male, white parents E. W. Stroube & Louisa Gates 8/10/1854
Tallernan Mary J. female, white parents Wm. Tallernan & Nancy G. Dora 5/05/1854
Taylor Eliza Lilly female, white parents Samuel Taylor & Samantha Hicks 3/11/1854
Thompson Mariah Margaret female, white parents Samuel Thompson & Susan Walton 6/05/1854
Thurman Louisa female, white parents T. J. Thurman & Catharine Cole 7/06/1854
Toleman Charles H. male, white parents Geo. W. Toleman & Martha E. Coleman 8/16/1854
Tucker Mary female, white parents Nelson Tucker & Elizabeth Browning 11/25/1854
Tully, Tilly Clay female, white parents J. B. Tully & Matilda Anderson 8/05/1854 Residence Mason County, Kentucky
Vandike Elizabeth Jane female, white parents Thos. Vandike & Ann Weldon 6/15/1854
Ward Mary female, white parents S. Ward & Mary Reese 8/11/1854
Ware George M. male, white parents Wm. Ware & Nancy Reddon 2/04/1854
Washburn America female, white parents Squire Washburn & Mary Casey 10/04/1854
Watson Laura J. female, white parents Wm. Watson & Mary Earnest 5/30/1854
Weaver Joseph male, white parents Phillip Weaver & Eliza Black 1/16/1854
Weldin Wm. male, white parents Vachel Weldin & Elia N. Furber 5/21/1854 Residence Augusta County Born in Mass.
West Cordelia female, white parents Lemuel West & Nancy Story 8/24/1854
West Emma female, white parents Samuel West & H. A. Davy 4/14/1854
Williams America E. female, white parents Wm. Willams & Elizabeth West 8/31/1854
Wilson Harrod male, white parents Richard V. Wilson & Amanda Hamilton 3/22/1854
Wood Ann Eliza female, white parents H. A. Wood & Malinda Bratton 4/09/1854
Wood David G. male, white parents N. Wood & Susan Watson 6/28/1854
Wood Mary Ann female, white parents Samuel Wood & Elizabeth Maines 4/18/1854 Born in Pendleton County, Kentucky
Wood S. G. male, white parents J. Wood & Francis Hooper 12/28/1854
Workman Angeline female, white parents Peter Workman & Ellen F. Lee 8/18/1854
Worthington George W. male, white parents Martin L. Worthington & Ann Mariah Baldwin 6/14/1854
Yelton Augustus male, white parents W. A. Yelton & Mariah L. Pepper 1/12/1854
York Nancy Catherine female, white parents David York & Mary Jane Insko 5/28/1854
Young Elijah Wm. male, white parents Francis Young & Sarah Walker 5/06/1854

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