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Genealogical References in The Bracken County News
'From Our Files' - Index of Old Obituaries
Compiled by Marla McCullough, Coordinator - Bracken County KYGenWeb

EXPLANATION: The Bracken County News publishes a weekly feature entitled 'From Our Files.' It is a summary of what was in the newspaper the same week 10, 30 and 45 years earlier. 'From Our Files' includes a list of the names of persons whose obituaries were published in those older editions. Please note: It is only a list. The actual obituaries are not re-published, but knowing the approximate date of death makes it easier to request a death certificate from the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives or Vital Chek, a nationwide vital records service utilized by government agencies in many states including Kentucky. If you wish to have a copy of the actual obituary, you must go back to the original edition.

Newspapers are superb research tools, but please be mindful that the Bracken County News is not in the genealogy business. Their staff time is limited so please do not contact them with research questions or requests for lookups.

A better source for old newspapers is the University of Kentucky Newspaper Archive Project. The project website has a search tool to find which newspapers have been filmed. You can view the microfilm on-site at the UKy Young Library, Contact the project librarian for information on how to purchase the roll, or borrow it by contacting your local library's interlibrary loan program.

Also, please do not contact me about the obituaries. Only the names are published in the 'From Our Files' column, and they are transcribed in full below. I have no additional information.

All materials on this website are displayed with the express written permission of The Bracken County News.
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2017 Editions

'Files' Edition Original Edition Names In Obituaries
January 5, 2017 January 5, 1967 Dr. Edgar W. Northcutt; Mr. James Waller Stroud; Mr. Joseph E. Dryden; Mr. Albert M. Figgins.
January 8, 1987 Mr. Joseph E. Clinger; Mrs. Anna Lee White; Mr. Elwood Hedges "Jack" Walton; Mrs. Lena Henson Feagan; Mrs. Rhoda Wilder Hanson; Mrs. Ruthe Mae Fryman; Mr. Charles William Clos; Mr. Marshall Ray Teegarden.
January 11, 2007 Mrs. Willa Mae Bush; Mrs. Norma Jean Reeves; Mrs. Dorothy Jean Cummins; Mr. Walter Kenneth Dargavell; Miss Marjorie Allen Lea; Mrs. Emogene Boyd.
January 12, 2017 January 12, 1967 Miss Lizzie Belle Wood; Mr. James H. Mardis; Mr. Robert M. Craig; Mrs. Tillie Boston Lawrence.
January 15, 1987 Mrs. Hettye Williams Boone; Mrs. Ruth Enoch; Mrs. Irene Traylor Pugh; Mr. Harry Lee Jones; Mr. Ira E. Massie; Mr. Dewey W. Day; Mr. James Capek Sr.
January 18, 2007 Mr. Robert Allen Moorhead; Mr. James A. Sharp; Mr. Johnny Campbell Berry; Mr. Clarence Woodrow Wood; Mrs. Alice Dryden Vice; Mrs. Alma Lee Ellis; Mrs. Addie Ellen Porter; Mrs. Marjorie Mullikin Montgomery.
January 19, 2017 January 19, 1967 (Infant) Angelia Marie Tucker (8 mo. old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Daryl Tucker); Mrs. Lenora Shelley Kinney.
January 22, 1987 Mr. Albert D. Sharp; Mrs. Edna Mae Malone; Mrs. Wanda Lee Brierly; Mr. Chester "Chess" Poe.
January 25, 2007 Mrs. Mabel Tucker Case; Mrs. Kathleen Frances Haley; Mr. James A. Sharp; Mrs. Nellie West; Mrs. Elizabeth H. Delano Bertrand; Mrs. Laura Ann "Quinlin-Twin" Layman; Mr. Fred Edward Davis; Mrs. Myrtle Ewing Bolden.
January 26, 2017 January 26, 1967 Mrs. Christine Woodruff Trester; Mrs. Albert Woodward; Mrs. Ida Florence Pearce; Mr. Joe B. Adkins; Mr. Melvin Highlander; Mrs. Adelyn Edgington Joyce; Mr. Clay Nelson Orme; Mr. John J. Perkins; Mrs. Lucy Vermillion Wilson; Mr. Charles Fletcher McDowell; Mr. Roger N. Swartz.
January 29, 1987 Mrs. Violet Ralings Pugh; Mr. Andrew J. Godley; Mr. Custer Pratt; Mrs. Edna Toomey Tilton; Rev. Kirby E. Cummins; Mr. John Thomas West; Mrs. Elsie May Frey Carr; Mr. Phil Eric Parsons.
February 1, 2007 Mrs. Margaret Marie Claypool; Mrs. Anna Elizabeth Campbell Woodward; Mrs. Lucille Marshall; Mrs. Ethel Hoover; Mrs. Judith A. Shackelford; Mrs. Mary Catherine Kalb Eichner.
February 2, 2017 February 2, 1967 Mr. Harry Mart "Pop" Hamilton.
February 5, 1987 Mr. John Thomas West; Mrs. Anna Woodward Cooper; Mr. Arthur Harrison Lucas Jr.; Mr. Joe W. Ruf; Mr. Dennis Barnet Bowling; Mrs. Dorothy E. List; Mrs. Lollie M. Henson.
February 8, 2007 Mr. Buddy Lee Garvin; Mr. Earl Wayne Jefferson.
February 9, 2017 February 9, 1967 Mr. Everett Cann; Mr. Marvin Workman Courtney; Mrs. Beulah Jones Taylor; Mrs. Clara Thompson Crosby.
February 12, 1987 Mr. Robert C. Fields; Mrs. Ermah Taylor Lach; Mr. Thomas Goecke; Mrs. Anna King Brothers; Mr. James A. Henderson.
February 15, 2007 Mrs. Pauline Tackett Ashcraft; Mrs. Minnie Elizabeth McCane Brokamp; Mr. Raymond Howard Grigson; Mrs. Audrey Novenda Jones Tucker; Mr. Wendell Scott Doyle.
February 16, 2017 February 16, 1967 Mrs. Kate Duncan Jones; Mr. Shirley Galbraith; Mrs. Pauline Pallette Weaver; Mr. Joseph Scott True; Mrs. Millie Galbraith Kurtz; Mr. William A. Lancaster; Mr. Martin Lee Jones.
February 19, 1987 Mrs. Ermah Taylor Lach; Elrod Infant (3 day old son of Mr. & Mrs. Rick Elrod); Mr. James T. "Jerry" Bridewell; Mrs. Lida Bell Jolly Taylor; Mr. Walter Thomas Allen.
February 22, 2007 Mrs. Ludie Meyer Moneyhon; Mrs. Frances Poe Taylor; Mrs. Ruby Cole; Mrs. Martha Louise Combess Downard; Mr. Charles R. Pepper; Mrs. Elnora Elizabeth Conrad Aulick; Miss Irene E. Insko; Mrs. Jane Ann Colbert; Mrs. Ethel M. Foley.
February 23, 2017 February 23, 1967 Mr. Carl Hudson; Mrs. Viola Cox Hafer; Mrs. Ella Belle Runyon.
February 26, 1987 Mr. James Howard Cox; Mrs. Jennie Mae Lang; Mr. Harold E. Hargett; Mr. Richard Lynn Hester; Mrs. Catherine "Evelyn" Wallingford; Mr. Cecil R. Penrod; Mrs. Velma Elizabeth Brown Hitt; Mrs. Lula Cummins Morris; Mrs. Mary Frances Hardy Hutchison.
March 1, 2007 Mr. Ernest G. Hardy; Mr. Thomas W. "Tom" McDaniel; Mrs. Norma Pope Zoy; Jones Infant (Caroline Grace, infant daughter of Clinton & Nicole Rechtin Jones).
March 2, 2017 March 2, 1967 Mrs. Sarah Maxine Poyntz Googe.
March 5, 1987 Mr. James Thomas Teegarden; Mr. Aaron Leo Gant; Mr. Russell L. "Fuzzy" Wachter; Mrs. Theresa White Clinger.
March 8, 2007 Mr. Reynolds Hutchison; Mr. Jesse A. Mack, Sr.
March 9, 2017 March 9, 1967 Mr. Charles F. Ladenburger; Mrs. Blanche Coleman; Mr. Burdette Downard; Mr. Danny Dale West.
March 12, 1987 Mr. Bennie R. Brewer; Mrs. Lula Cummins Morris; Mrs. Stella A. Moore; Mrs. Sylvia Ott Shields; Mr. Arthur "Pete" Jones; Mrs. Marguerite Weimer Bradbury.
March 15, 2007 Mrs. Doris N. Bonar; Mrs. Laura Beth Wren; Mr. Hadley Bush; Mrs. Mary Elizabeth McDowell Moore.
March 16, 2017 March 16, 1967 Mr. Henry Thomas Fields; Mr. C. Lebus Buckner.
March 19, 1987 Mrs. Mildred Frances King Beckett; Mrs. Virgie Mae Ruf Case; Mr. Hansford Eugene (Hank) Sharp; Mr. Fleming L. Bare; Mr. Frank W. Kwaczala; Mrs. Nellie Herlin Taft Taylor; Mr. Harold L. Bay; Mrs. Madeline Staggs Murray.
March 22, 2007 Mrs. Juanita L. Mitchell; Mrs. Irene Fulton Gill; Mrs. Norma Jean Mingua; Mrs. Virginia B. Fryman; Mrs. Cathy Ann Uchtmann.
March 23, 2017 March 23, 1967 Mrs. Clara Crawford; Mr. John Buckley.
March 26, 1987 Mrs. Lorraine Hause Tully; Mr. Thurman "Little Bob" Linville; Mr. Dewey Hudson; Mr. Omer N. Chinn Sr.; Mrs. Mary L. Cooper; Mrs. Racy D. Holton Walsh; Mr. Earl "BoBo" Hunt; Mr. George W. Sparks.
March 29, 2007 Mr. Eddie "Tex" Rogers; Mr. Joe Fields; Mr. Roy Mingua; Mr. Michael Joseph Iles Jr.; Mrs. " Eddie" Thornton Collins Gallenstein; Mr. Eldridge Brenton Henson; Mr. Dennis Ray Fryman; Mr. Harold Randolph "Jack" Teegarden.
March 30, 2017 March 30, 1967 Mr. Charlie M.E. Allender; Mr. Robbie O. (Pat) Barnett; Mr. Abbie White; Mr. Harold "Tink" Schiltz; Mrs. Lutie Palmer Williams.
April 2, 1987 Mrs. Thelma Kabler Bratton; Mr. Paul C. Scolf; Mrs. Goldie Biddle Moyer.
April 5, 2007 Mr. Wayne Foster Shelby; (Infant) Alaysha Leanne High (5 mo. old daugher of Stephanie Lorin High); Mrs. Beryl Lloydine Browning.
April 6, 2017 April 6, 1967 Mrs. Minerva Dawson Hix; Mr. Albert Henry Grob; Mr. Ralph Harmon; Mr. Kenneth William Godman; Mrs. Gertrude Florence McNeese; Mrs. Carrie Bay Feagan; Mr. Stanley "Boone" Heaverin; Polly Ann Gordley (3 yr. old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gordley).
April 9, 1987 Mr. Adrian Earl Bauer; Mr. Edgar Allen Poe.
April 12, 2007 Mrs. Faye Hargett Sellers.
April 13, 2017 April 13, 1967 (Infant) Connie Sue, 1 yr. old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Earnie Courtney; Mrs. Gertrude Coughlin Ware; Rev. F.D. Swanson; Miss Jane H. Kennard; Mrs. Addie Raymond Hord; Mr. J.W. "Dock" Jacobs; Mrs. Emma Scott Hughes; Mr. Larry D. Sweet; Mr. John T. Miley; Mr. Robert Gay.
April 16, 1987 Mr. Stanley W. Barker; Mr. John Charles Ruf.
April 19, 2007 Mr. James Frank Merrill; Mrs. Crystal Ann White Ison; Mr. Adrine Lucas; Mr. Louie E. Fryman.
April 20, 2017 April 20, 1967 Dr. Benjamin F. Workman; Mr. Raymond Ernst; Mrs. Bertha Routt McDowell; Mr. Joseph McCracken; Mrs. Margaret Sampson Brooking; Mr. William Gore; Mrs. Elizabeth Blumenthal.
April 23, 1987 Mr. Charles L. Parker; Mrs. Juanita Ashbrook Perkins; Mr. J. Lytle Moloney; Mrs. Anna Burden Sosby; Mr. John W. "Buck" Gilligan; Mrs. Alberta Lucas Cracraft; Mr. Woodrow W. England; Rev. Herbert Francis Donnelly.
April 26, 2007 Mr. Gordon Hester; Mr. Alton B. Brierly; Mr. Wilbert Wilson Clark; Mrs. Ommie Smitson Gallagher; Mr. James F. "Jim" Merrill; Mr. William L. "Bill" Mullikin.
April 27, 2017 April 27, 1967 Lt. Col. Shirley H. Workman; E.A. "Ras" Tabb; Mrs. Eliza Jett England; Mrs. Arta Cottey; Mr. Maurice H. Pope; Mr. Lloyd Riggs; Mr. Abner Googe; Mrs. Phyllis Ann Lytle.
April 30, 1987 Mr. Charles C. Bush; Mr. Charles W. Johnson; Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Insko; Mr. James Paddy; Mrs. Anna Marie Morgan.
May 3, 2007 Mrs. Glendora D. "Mickey" Myers; Dr. Robert Lyman Boggess; Miss Helen L. Walton; Mrs. Doris "Nanny" Clark Ogden.
May 4, 2017 May 4, 1967 Miss Mary Collins; Mrs. Sallie Jane Shepherd; Mr. Kern Beckett Haley; Mr. Wilbur "Tom" Burriss; Miss Ella Gertrude Gibbons.
May 7, 1987 Mrs. Stella "Siter" Pribble Peoples; Mrs. Minerva Miller French; Mrs. Teresa Mae Walch; Mr. John Evan Haley; Father Joseph Daniel Wimmers; Mr. Hazel C. McCarthey; Mr. George Leslie Brooks; Mr. Oscar Johnson Jr.
May 10, 2007 Mr. Donald Edwin Clos; Mr. Russell D. Thomas; Mrs. Debbie Ann Eggleston; Mr. Richard Stehlin; Mr. William "Buddy" Swinford Northcutt III.
May 11, 2017 May 11, 1967 Mr. William Wagel; Mrs. Hazel Owens Dammert; Mrs. Reatha Barrett Boothby; Mr. Roscoe Tucker.
May 14, 1987 Mr. John Finley Jackson; Mr. William Clayborn Johnson; Mrs. Zelma Connor Reed; Mr. Clarence Dixon; Mrs. Lorraine Burns Bradley; Mrs. Mary Ellen Boots.
May 17, 2007 Mr. William Wallin Sharp; Mr. Elwood Keith Smith; Mrs. Linda Sue Tolle.
May 18, 2017 May 18, 1967 Mr. Frank Highlander; Mr. Clyde R. Taylor; Mrs. Grace Barrett Walton; Mr. William F. (Nolan) Bay; Mrs. Ola Appleman; Mrs. Belle Devaur; Mr. David Milton Brumagen; Mr. Robert T. Tucker.
May 21, 1987 Mr. James Cummins; Mrs. Amanda "Anna" Mains Best; Mrs. Mary Agnes Courtney Higgins; Mr. Roy Jett Sr.
May 24, 2007 Mrs. Sharon L. Kinder; Mr. Wilbur Gene "Bert" Travis.
May 25, 2017 May 25, 1967 Mr. Wilbur J. Eads; Mrs. Georgia Mae Cheek Roberts; Mr. Gilbert S. Hatfield.
May 28, 1987 Mrs. Madge Burton White; Mr. Harold G. Chinn; Mr. Woodrow Allen Clark; Mr. James M. "Peck" Brumagen; Mr. Tommy Norris.
May 31, 2007 Mrs. Mabel McCracken Reed; Mr. Reginald Wayne Taylor; (Infant) Peyton Samule, son of Mike & Katie Sholler.
June 1, 2017 June 1, 1967 Mr. Raymond A. Gulick; Mr. Ed Ballingal; Mr. William Harlan Cooper; Mr. Perry Cooper; Mr. Ralph Hill; Mrs. Abby Perry; Mr. Albert Thurman Teegarden; Mr. Neville Crockett; Mrs. Dorothy Wood; Mrs. Nina Robinson Collier; Mrs. Julia Brown Pelfrey; Mrs. Nellie W. Perkins; Mrs. Mollie Murray Dailey; Mrs. Eddie Riggs.
June 4, 1987 Mrs. Stella Whaley Robertson; Mr. Marvin Logan Watson; Mrs. Elizabeth Dodson Tollner; Mrs. Ann Elizabeth Miller; Mrs. Roma B. Wilson; Mrs. Elsie Dryden Ashcraft; Mrs. Audrey Patterson McDowell; Mrs. Mindie Lee Flynn; Mrs. Gladys High Howard.
June 7, 2007 Mrs. Rella Elizabeth Burton; Mr. Ashley Wayne Cracraft; Mr. John Allen Lewis; Mrs. Mildred England Durtz; Mrs. Alice Marie Barker; Mr. Larry Garland Mofford.
June 8, 2017 June 8, 1967 Judge Henry E. Wood; Mrs. Minnie Mae Case; Mr. Elbert Cooper; Mr. Donald D. Taylor; Mrs. Gertrude Abbott Linville; Mr. Alfonso Frederick; Mr. Owen Disher; Mr. Dimmitt Cracraft; Mr. Alfred Cracraft.
June 11, 1987 Mrs. Ethel Holton White; Mr. Bernard M. Christy; Mr. Ralph Clark.
June 14, 2007 Mrs. Thelma Eileen White; Mr. John Thomas "Junie" Allen Jr.; Mr. Gene B. Downing; Mr. Gilbert P. Boston; Mr. William "Bill" Lynn Polley.
June 15, 2017 June 15, 1967 Mr. Wallace Wilson; Mrs. Elizabeth "Betty" Meenach Hopkins; Mr. Albert Savage.
June 18, 1987 Mr. Michael Gasser; Mr. Todd Frazee Stapleton; Mr. William C. "Bill" Wilson; Mrs. Ludie Wood Hause; Mr. Noah Colvin England.
June 21, 2007 Mr. James Haley; Mr. Robert Thomas Mitchell; Mr. Bradley Allen Cooper; Mrs. Ruth Bell Graham.
June 22, 2017 June 22, 1967 Mr. Arthus Perkins; Mr. James I. Monroe; Mr. Rawleigh Clarence Smitson; Mr. Charlie Hatfield; Mr. James William Brewer; Mrs. Ruth Schlotz Rains; Mrs. Clara Tull Reed; Mrs. Ida F. Berry; Mr. Clarence F. Davis; Mrs. Emma E. Riley.
June 25, 1987 Mrs. Edith Martin Sosby; Mrs. Ruth DeVaughn Teegarden.
June 28, 2007 Mr. Dale Downard; Mr. Jesse Foster Curtis; Mr. Lawrence Workman; Mr. Todd E. Adams.
June 29, 2017 June 29, 1967 Mr. Robert L. Meyer; Mr. Grant Bradford; Mrs. Sarah Frances Black; Mrs. Ludie Kennel Bowles; Mrs. Mattie Steen Settles; Mr. Ralph "Abe" Warner; Mrs. Lena Rose Schweitzer; Mr. Russell Ballinger.
July 2, 1987 Mrs. Alice Kehrer Behymer; Mr. Larry Joe Fryman; Mr. Edward Bishop; Mr. Howard B. Mastin.
July 5, 2007 Rev. Paul Jackson Brewer; Mrs. Verna M. Linville; Mr. Wilbur P. Cummins.
July 6, 2017 July 6, 1967 Deborah Ann dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Edward Clos; dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Engnes; Deborah Sue, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Joe Eshman; son of Mr. & Mrs. Orfille [sic] Fetters.
July 9, 1987 Mrs. Alberta Elizabeth Insko; Mr. William J. Flannery; Mr. Gerald (Jack) McElfresh; Mr. Walter W. "Criss" Hause; Mrs. Joyce Dean Fryman; Mrs. Catherine Lee Martin; Mrs. Flora Galbraith Garrison.
July 12, 2007 Mrs. Iona Joyce Lee Linville; Mrs. Ida Elizabeth Lynn; Mr. Roy B. Downard; Mr. Jack Eugene Eder; Mr. Charis Earlywine; Mrs. Lillian J. Gibbs.
July 13, 2017 July 13, 1967 Mr. M.J. "Jeff" Woodall; Mr. Roy W. Brooking; Rev. Henry Lykins; Mr. Eugene D. Carrigan; (Infant) Elizabeth Bridgette Lacey, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lacey; Mrs. Bernice Weatherington Bauer; Mr. David L. Daugherty.
July 16, 1987 (Infant) Christopher Warren Anderson, 2 day old son of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Anderson; Mr. Andrew L. Goecke.
July 19, 2007 Mr. Lloyd Anthony Wood; Mr. Johnny Dwaine Blackburn; Miss Rebecca Jane Tucker; Mr. Albert Richard Allen; Mrs. Iris Louisa McCrosky Bates; Mr. Roy Fields.
July 20, 2017 July 20, 1967 Mrs. Margaret French Rubenacker; Mr. Harry Wilson King.
July 23, 1987 Mr. E.C. (Craig) Fenner; Mrs. Edna Louise Daniel; Mr. Ezra Harper.
July 26, 2007 Mrs. Nell Kirk; Mrs. Dorothy Jean (Cookie) Browning; (Infant) Norma Kay, 9 mo. old daugher of Mr. & Mrs. Johnathan Yoder.
July 27, 2017 July 27, 1967 Mr. Elisha Walton; Mr. Barnard Bravard; Mr. Estill Workman; Mr. Howard B. Bell; Mr. Howard Tucker; Mr. Robert Henson; Miss Mary Ann Finn.
July 30, 1987 No obits listed.
August 2, 2007 Mrs. Agnes Bell Aulick; Mrs. Novella Blanche Marshall.
August 3, 2017 August 3, 1967 Mr. James Moore Kinney; Mr. Joseph Fields; Mr. Hervey Allen Hinson.
August 6, 1987 Mrs. Myrtle M. Day; Mr. Lovell Newman; Mr. Joseph G. Simpson; (Infant) Joshua Lee Recker (son of Mr. & Mrs. William Recker); Mr. Sam Whaley.
August 9, 2007 Mr. Ivan Wayne Sanders; Mrs. Charlotte Curtis Henderson; Mrs. Ann Elizabeth Gwinn Pope; Mr. William Stanley "Chub" Dammert; Mrs. Wanda Harper.
August 10, 2017 August 13, 1967 Jones Infant (infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Lee Jones); Mrs. Roxie Flora Kabler; Mr. Parker C. Peddicord; Mr. Stanley R. Hill; Mrs. Tina Fryman Florence; Mr. Oscar L. Wells; Mr. Raymond L. Clos.
August 13, 1987 Mr. Ray Gamble; Mr. Roy Lee Linville Sr.; Mr. Broadus M. Booth.
August 16, 2007 Mrs. Betty Lou Ross; Mr. William Earl Linville; Mr. Elmo Hamilton; Mr. William Carton "W.C." Klee Jr.; Mrs. Rose Mary Haley Lawson; Mrs. Rosemary Phillips Youngman; Mr. Arnold W. McCann; Mrs. Wanda Harper; Mr. Thomas Allen Hall; Mr. Roger L. Clifford; Mr. Leo Burgess Doyle.
August 17, 2017 August 17, 1967 Mr. C.L. Ransom; Mrs. Bernice Fields Clayton; Mrs. Juanita Harris Watson; Mrs. Mabel Perkins Naugle; (Infant) Donald Wayne (son of Mr. & Mrs. Paul Grayson); Mr. Willie Curtis; Mr. Famer Sheets; Mrs. Minnie Wagoner Napier; Mrs. Emma Elizabeth Jett Wells; Mr. Norman Case; Mrs. Emma Margaret Buser Boyd.
August 20, 1987 Mr. Harold E. Sharp; Mrs. Mollie Jett Fralix; Miss Ina B. Duncan; Mrs. Ina Belle Workman; (Youth) William "Billy" Everett Earlywine; Mr. Adam Goecke; Mr. Robert M. "Bob" Ishmael; Mrs. Ruth Taylor Hines.
August 23, 2007 Mr. Strother B. Ellis; Mrs. Betty J. Garrison; Mr. Lee Cox; Mr. Scott Lippert; Miss Judith Pauline Federer; Mr. William Erwin "Bill" Hedges.
August 24, 2017 August 24, 1967 Mr. John Frederick "Freddie" Meyer; Mrs. Sudie Woodward; Mr. Leon C. Moore; Mrs. Lizzie Fryman Wiggins; Mrs. Leona List Moneyhon; Mr. James H. Leming; Mr. Edwin R. Stanley; Mr. Ethan Allen Clark; Mr. Thomas King; Mrs. Anna Mae Harmon; Mrs. Elizabeth Kemper Pickrell.
August 27, 1987 Mrs. Virginia Thornbury; Mr. Eugene Wilson Moore; Mr. Leslie Henderson.
August 30, 2007 Mrs. Daryl Janet Raymer.
August 31, 2017 August 31, 1967 Mrs. Clara Clos; Mr. Donal Lane Banfield.
September 3, 1987 Mr. Burnham Day; Mr. James O. Cracraft; Mrs. Gladys Marie Snapp French; Mrs. Minnie Chandler Wright.
September 6, 2007 Mrs. Jean Crawford; Mrs. Lila M. Bailey Hartley; Mrs. Mary Jo Scharfenberger Fryman.
September 7, 2017 September 7, 1967 (Infant) Rhonas, twin baby girl of Mr. & Mrs. Mervin R. Poe; Mrs. Katherine Weimer Ripken; Mrs. Kathrina Pinckard Mingua Unzer; Mrs. Malevia Griffith Hull; Mr. Clay Tarr; Mrs. Lettie Mae Chinn.
September 10, 1987 Mrs. Ardenia Hicks Sharp; Mr. Odfrey G. Riggs; Mr. Thorman "Buzzy" Taylor; Mr. Dexter Robert Thornsbury; Mrs. Anna E. Linville; Mr. Lewis Jarrell.
September 13, 2007 Mrs. Carol E. Ward; Mr. Elmer (Gene) Merrill; Mrs. Harriet S. Denham; (Infant) Jacob Andrew, infant son of Mr & Mrs. Anthony Wayne Teegarden Jr.
September 14, 2017 September 14, 1967 Mr. Albert Haley; Mr. William Hesler.
September 17, 1987 Mr. James W. Hutchison; Mr. Joseph Lynn Bauer; Mrs. Sudie Price; Mrs. Minnie L. Lucas; Mrs. Elizabeth Jordan.
September 20, 2007 Mr. Ralph L. DeJanette Jr.; Mr. Walter Joe Williams; Mrs. Angie McDowell; Mrs. Pauline W. Ritchie.
September 21, 2017 September 21, 1967 Mr. Brent Spence; Mr. Thomas Fabry; Mrs. Nelle Leah Jolly; Mrs. Ethel Asbury Brooks; Mr. Alonzo Ashcraft; Mrs. Alice Henry Martin.
September 24, 1987 Pvt. William Parker Simms; Mrs. Hazel Monson Hamilton; Mrs. Ida Coy Reed King.
September 27, 2007 Mrs. Dorothy Day Ruf; Mrs. Anna Pearl White; Mr. Maurice "Donnie" Hinson Jr.; Mr. Leo Staviski; Mrs. Ruth Grimes Vermillion; Mrs. Loretta Bee Mingua.
September 28, 2017 September 28, 1967 (Infant) Jerry Allen Jr., infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Alley Wenz; Mrs. Grace Story Cummins; Miss Mollie Wagel; Mr. Kit M. Best; Mrs. Lizzie C. Wood; Mr. Ernest Fraysure; Mr. Thomas E. Monson; Mrs. Lysle Chandler Cooper; Mrs. Ethel Rose; Mr. Harry W. Lancaster; (Infant) Anita Sue, infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Marion Shelton Thomas.
October 1, 1987 Mr. Anthony "Tony" Byron Commodore; Mr. Russell Hart Power; Mrs. Alma Beatrice Claypoole Gilligan; Mrs. Naoma Jefferson; Mr. Edward J. "Freck" Clos; Mrs. Mary Elizabeth "Sis" Workman; Mrs. Hazel Monson Hamilton; Mrs. Alberta Story Teegarden.
October 4, 2007 Mr. William Boyd Hormsby; Mr. Robert Perry "Free" Humphrey; Mr. James "Bill" Kiskaden; Mrs. Emma Katherine Lewis; Miss Dianne Hill.
October 5, 2017 October 5, 1967 Mr. Millard F. Tillett; Mr. George M. Crawford; Mrs. Julia Sweeney O'Neill; Mr. Ernest N. McCracken; Mr. Anderson Teegarden; Mrs. Chloe Hester Trueax; Mrs. Ethel Linville Watson; Mr. Earl Clifton Riggen; Mrs. Bessie Smith.
October 8, 1987 Mr. Irvin Withers Anderson; Mr. Leonard Schiltz; Mrs. Naoma Wood Jefferson; Mr. Jed M. King.
October 11, 2007 Mrs. Bonnie Lou Taylor Newby; Mr. Harold (Buck) Gillespie; Mr. Edward McDowell; Mrs. Lena Belle Dorn; Mrs. Virginia Mae Woods Smith.
October 12, 2017 October 12, 1967 Mrs. Nora Pollard Snider; Mr. Hugh Thompson Carpenter; Mr. Claude W. Baynum; Mrs. Ida M. Poage; Mrs. Bessie Monahon; Mr. Harold "Fritz" Wood; Mrs. Gertrude Kinder.
October 15, 1987 Mr. Russell Mattox; Mrs. Iva Cablish Rhodus; Mr. William (Bill) Halleran.
October 18, 2007 Mr. Corey Dean Woods; Mr. Alvin "Alvie" Henderson.
October 19, 2017 October 19, 1967 Mr. Tom Fields; Mrs. Bess C. Murphy; Mr. Gus Thomas Miley; Mr. Harry Jordan.
October 22, 1987 Mr. Herbert "Herb" Rumford; Mrs. Velma J. Workman; Mrs. Sylvia W. Gilligan; Mr. Hazard W. Hester.
October 25, 2007 Mr. Larry (Fuzzy) Kiskaden; Mr. William Thomas Bach; Mrs. Bonnie Spence; Mr. Paul Clark Fleeman; Mr. Billy Jo Miller; Mrs. Margaret Marie Hardin; Mr. James C. Nuxoll.
October 26, 2017 October 26, 1967 Mrs. Fannie Belle Fryman; Mrs. Helen Weimer Meyer; Mr. Howard L. Pollard; Mr. Eugene G. Mardis.
October 29, 1987 Mr. Charlie Allen "Charlie Horse" Bishop; Mr. Gene Nickerson; Mr. Raymond Lee Smith; Mr. Mimrod [sic] W. King; Mr. James Robert "Bob" Poe; Mr. Elmer L. Burton; Mr. Harvey Wendell Case; Mrs. Edith M. Smith.
November 1, 2007 Mr. Norwood Doyle.
November 2, 2017 November 2, 1967 Mrs. Nettie Moore Barnett; Mr. Clarence Day; Mr. Hervey Simpson; Mrs. Lela Gray Howard; Mr. Ezra F. Mullikin; Mr. Jerry Langdon; (Infant) Jeffrey Wayne, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Roy Lee Cummins.
November 5, 1987 Mrs. Elizabeth Appelman Weldon.
November 8, 2007 Mrs. Diane Dammert Claypool; (Infant) Nathan Thomas, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Jefferson; Mr. Kenneth Filmore Gillespie; Mrs. Stella Frances Turner; Mrs. Marian Byron Gilligan; Mr. T.A. Clark; Mrs. Wanda Wood Pumpelly.
November 9, 2017 November 9, 1967 Mr. Leslie Smoot; Mrs. Anna Reese Nancarrow; Mrs. Lottie Lee Cummins; Mr. Lee Gruelle.
November 12, 1987 Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Merrill; Mrs. Hattie Clark McKinney; Mr. Robert Joseph McNay.
November 15, 2007 Mr. Clifton Elwood Hughes; Mr. James Robert Kiskaden.
November 16, 2017 November 16, 1967 Mr. T.E. "Tim" McNamara; Mrs. Carrie McKenzie; Mrs. Edna Edgington Smith; Mr. William Markley McGill; Mr. Eugene R. Walker.
November 19, 1987 Mr. Augustus (Gus) Bruce Massey: Mrs. Nellie Malloy Ranz.
November 22, 2007 Mr. John Murray Martin; Mr. Edward "Red" Courtney; Mrs. Sharon Lynn Campbell; Mrs. Betty Lou Paston; Mr. Larry Wayne Mains; Miss Alice Faye Gifford; (Brooks Infant) Sabrina Elizabeth, daughter of Bradley and Tara Brooks; (Puckett Infant) William Alexander, son of Regan Hause and Jason Puckett; Mrs. Winona Massey Dotson.
November 23, 2017 November 23, 1967 Mrs. Ida Holler Smalley; Mr. William O'Brien; Mr. Valentine (Vally) Bay.
November 26, 1987 Father Urban A. Horstman; Mr. Robert Lee Emmons; Mrs. Vida Cummins Turner.
November 29, 2007 Mr. James A. Hiles; Mrs. Elma Pangburn DeMoss; Mr. Rondal George Singer; Mr. A.C. Graves.
November 30, 2017 November 30, 1967 Mr. Jesse Burr Feagan; Mr. Herbert Lee McKinney; Mr. Austin Durham; Mr. Marion Bachman; Mr. Millard Adamson; Mr. L.P. Purcell; Mrs. Flora YOung; Mr. Elmo B. Hedgecock.
December 5, 1987 Mr. Adrian Leroy Jestice; Mr. Harold Lee "Jack" Deadmond; Mrs. Dee Reeder Snyder; Mrs. Mary Catherine Chandler; Mr. Elbert Morton Planck; Mr. Marshall Hornbeck; Mrs. Prudye Haughey Best.
December 6, 2007 Mrs. Vicki Lynn Grigson Flaugher; (Infant) Brady Owen White, infant son of Scotty White and Amanda Prather; Mrs. Betty L. Woods Colemire Barnard; Mrs. Mary Pumpelly "Pell" Yelton.
December 7, 2017 December 7, 1967 Mr. Clayton Moore; Mr. Shady L. Shepard; Mrs. Gertrude A. Keller; Miss Margaret Ross.
December 10, 1987 Mrs. Anna M. Stormer; Mrs. Ruie Smith Elam; Miss Carolyn Roschi; Mr. Chester Jett.
December 13, 2007 Mr. Andrew Wayne Allender; Mr. Don Avery Earlywine; Mr. Donald Ray Moore; Mrs. Wanda Marjorie Brothers Youngman.
December 14, 2017 December 14, 1967 Mr. Anderson Haley; Mr. William Arthur "Jack" Moneyhon; Mrs. Pearl Fryman Moore; Mrs. Mary L. Price; Mrs. Bessie Sparks Robinson.
December 17, 1987 Mr. Roy (Dutch) Wagel; Mr. Herbert H. Stewart; Mr. William Robert Martin.
December 20, 2007 Mr. Johnny Florer; Mrs. Margaret Allen Gordley; Mrs. Eddie Ethel Schiltz; Mr. Wendell Hall; Mrs. Loretta "Snookie" Lee; Mr. Herman H. Williams; Mr. Louis Walter Distell; Miss Donna Sue Galbraith.
December 21, 2017 December 21, 1967 Mrs. Florence Houston Lenox; Mr. George Verner Howard; Mr. George W. Strausbaugh.
December 24, 1987 Bro. Buford Odor.
December 27, 2008 Mrs. Christine Woods Tucker; Mrs. Celona Bacon "Nono" Edwards; Mrs. Aldora Moran; Mrs. Sally Frances Glasscock Fitzgerald; Mr. Charles Nicholas "Nickie" Miller; Mr. Max Goldberg.
December 28, 2017 December 28, 1967 Mr. Walter D. Moore; Mr. Garnet Bell; Mr. Pollard O. Day; Mr. Charles Welch; Mr. Archie C. Poe; Mr. Jacob J. Ruf; Mr. Emery Smalley; Mrs. Tiny Lee Boyd.
December 31, 1987 Mr. John William Wagel; Mrs. Ida Grace Hinson; Mr. Russell C. Herrington.
January 3, 2008 Mrs. Robert Persinger; Mr. Gregory S. Colemire; Mrs. Christine Woods Tucker; Mr. Charles "Nickie" Miller; Mrs. Esther Moreland Reynolds; Mrs. Norma Jean Poe Curtis Johnson.

2016 Editions

'Files' Edition Original Edition Names In Obituaries
January 7, 2016 January 6, 1966 Mrs. Jennie McKibben Haley; Mrs. Lizzie Pollock Yates; Mrs. Clara Jane Clark; Mrs. Clara Barrett Norris; Mrs. Virgie Mae Blevins; Mrs. Lida King Florer.
January 9, 1986 Mr. Hillary Thomas Clayton; Mrs. Robin Denise Taylor Riley; Mrs. Lena Workman Dotson; Mr. Graydon Reese Elrod; Mrs. Geneva Elizabeth Stanley Riley.
January 12, 2006 Mrs. Katherine Boothe Fraysure Collins; Mrs. Helen W. Gifford; Mr. Owen W. Brumagen; Mrs. Ilene Kiskaden; Mrs. Mamie Emmons Duncan; Mr. Ramesh Joshi; Mrs. Kathleen C. Berry.
January 14, 2016 January 13, 1966 Mrs. Martha Ishmael Hitt; Mr. John M. Jordan; Ms. Wilma Campbell; Mrs. Bessie Flannery Brothers; Mrs. Helen Marshall Lang; Mr. Will Feck; Mrs. Orpha Shelton; Mrs. Ruby Smith Hamilton, Jr..
January 16, 1986 Mrs. Mary Weaver Hardy; Mrs. Hannan [sic] McClellan; Miss Julia Evelyn Pepper.
January 19, 2006 Mr. Darrell L. Fryman.
January 21, 2016 January 20, 1966 Mr. Samuel B. Golden; Mr. Farmer Carnett.
January 23, 1986 Mr. Ernest H. Wiggins; Mr. Floyd A. Cummins.
January 26, 2006 Mrs. Hildreth Workman Smith; Mrs. Eliabeth A. "Betty" Cummins; Mr. Donald W. Mullikini; Mrs. Marcella Charlotte Howard McDowell.
January 28, 2016 January 27, 1966 Mrs. Freda Cox O'Donovan; Mr. Joseph Oscar Mefford; Mrs. Bessie Frances Bare Lawrence; Mr. Jack Gordley; Mrs. Delta McCarty Powell; Mres. Susie D. King; Mr. Bernard Rigg; Mrs. Emma C. Browning.
January 30, 1986 Mrs. Florence Cline Monson; Mr. Anderson Downard; Mr. McKinley Hinson; Mr. George "Bud" Smith.
February 2, 2006 Mrs. Doris Thomas; Mrs. Julia Virginia Wagner; Mr. Dillard Smallwood.
February 4, 2016 February 3, 1966 Mrs. Lucy Puccini Clark; Jeffrey Allen Arthur; Mr. Stephen Fletcher Scott; Mrs. Mattie Johnson Coleman; Mr. John Adams; Mr. Thurman Bolar; Mr. Walter Sanders.
February 6, 1986 Mrs. Libbey Alice Perkins; Mrs. Helen Elizabeth Toleman; Miss Ruby Norris; Miss Alice Louise Cablish.
February 9, 2006 Mr. Elwood LaMonda; Mr. Thomas Howe Johnson; Mr. William (Dick) Black; Mr. Royce G. French; Mr. Avord Stanley Hampton; Mrs. Dorothy (Snapp) Ellis; Mrs. Marcella Charlotte Howard McDowell.
February 11, 2016 February 10, 1966 Mr. Harry W. Stein; Mr. James "Jim" Bryant.
February 13, 1986 Mrs. Lucy C. Happe; Mrs. Agnes Perkins Bay; Mr. William O. Miller.
February 16, 2006 Mrs. May Lynn Barnard Doerr; Mr. Robert Kerns Berry.
February 18, 2016 February 17, 1966 Mr. Carl Albert Marquardt; Mr. Dempsie Earl Biddle; Mr. James Orville McClanahan; Mr. Aaron Joseph Cooper; Mrs. Elizabeth Fowler Dillon; Mr. James Nickell; Mrs. Hedges Rankins Allen.
February 20, 1986 Mrs. Roxie Workman Bruin; Mrs. Sophia Agnes Frederick; Mrs. Dorothy Jones Hedges; Mrs. Rosa Hatfield White; Mrs. Freda Collins Parker; Mr. Cecil W. Mattox.
February 23, 2006 Mr. Robert Lee Perkins; Mr. Charles Thomas Nickerson; Mrs. Geneva Baker McCann; Mrs. Cecile A. Fox-Smith; Mrs. Anna Rae Hill; Mrs. Ileen J. Ruhlman Courtney; Mrs. Mildred Hawkins Commodore.
February 25, 2016 February 24, 1966 Mr. Cecil Strausbaugh; Mr. George N. Welte; Mrs. Ruth Thomas Hornback; Hamilton Infant (baby boy of Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Hamilton); Yates Infant (baby daugher of Mr. & Mrs. David Yates).
February 27, 1986 Mrs. Lillian Martin Boothe; Mr. Garrett Lee High; Mr. Joseph N. Reynolds.
March 2, 2006 Mrs. Grace Wilson Wells Bentley; Mr. Jefferson (Buck) Buckler; Mr. Chester "Buss" Dugan; Mrs. Janice Stanton Fulton; Mr. Wayne King (Cowboy) Hamilton; Mrs. Juanita Cummins Poage; Mrs. Anna Belle Cummins Hutchison; Mrs. Joy L. Smart; Mr. Charles Marvin Teegarden; Mrs. Bertha Mae Wallace; Mr. James Wachter.
March 3, 2016 March 3, 1966 Mrs. Maggie L. Edwards; Mr. Henry Doyle; (Infant) Michael Lynn Smith; Mrs. Mary DeMoss Byrum; Mr. Henry Clay Spencer; Mr. Lee Henry Jones; McGee infant (son of Mr. & Mrs. John McGee); Mrs. Lillie Peddicord Fraysure; Mr. William Sroufe; Mrs. Catherine Perraut Estell.
March 6, 1986 Mrs. Naomi (Peggy) Hamilton; Mrs. Kay Brown Chasteen; Mr. John William (John Willie) Mains; Mrs. Effie Mae England; Mrs. Fannie Mains White.
March 9, 2006 Mr. Lossie McClanahan; Mr. Billy Eugene Earlywine; Mrs. Geneva Lloyd; Mr. Jackie LeRoy Thomas.
March 10, 2016 March 10, 1966 Mr. Hery E. Childers; Mrs. Lucy Jett Moreland; Rev. Shelby Rouse Mann; Mrs. Celesta Barnett Martin; Mrs. Maude Ambrose.
March 13, 1986 Mr. John Dodson Tollner; Mrs. June Delores Burns; Mr. William A. Lail; Mr. Roxie Gillespie.
March 16, 2006 Mrs. Janet Graves England; Mrs. Irene Breckenridge Davis; Mrs. Dorothy Devon Swartz; Mrs. Rosnetta Field Donahue; Mr. Paul Edward McClanahan; Mrs. Maxine Lyons Estill; Mr. H.B. Chandler, Jr.
March 17, 2016 March 17, 1966 Miss Mary Federer; Mr. John William Crupper, Sr.; Mrs. Dorothy Marie Schiltz Burbage; Mr. Bernard Hamilton.
March 20, 1986 Mr. George E. Workman; Miss Rosa Faye Appleman; Mrs. Ruth Benedict; Mr. Kenneth Rumford; Mrs. Irene Hamm Worthington.
March 23, 2006 Mr. William Giltner Thompson; Mr. Donnie H. Padgett; Mr. James Monson.
March 24, 2016 March 24, 1966 Mrs. Minnie Hinson; Mr. Charles Albert Power; Mr. George E. Gross; Mr. Henry Boseke; Mrs. Evelyn N. Fields; Mrs. Carrie Kemper Haley; Miss Florence E. Hemberger.
March 27, 1986 Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Whitehead; Mrs. Julia Gragston; Mr. Lovell Ashcraft; Mrs. Albert Haley Lucas; Mrs. Helen R. Pugh; Mr. George Edward Workman.
March 30, 2006 Mr. Leland Earl Bowles; Mr. Paul William Lofton; Mr. Michael Herbert White; Ms. Rhonda Sue McElfresh Archibald; Mrs. Elnora McKee; Mr. Thomas P. Kelly.
March 31, 2016 March 31, 1966 Mr. Lionel Glascock; Mrs. Beulah Holton Jordan; Mr. James L. Jennings; Mr. Howard B. Burton; Mrs. Catherine Boss; Mr. Alvin "Nick" Elrod; Mr. Thurman French.
April 3, 1986 Mr. Emery Bryan Myers; Mr. Leonard Struve; Mr. Jack Henry Griffith; Mrs. Gracie Whalen Turner; Mrs. Mildred Moore Florer; Mr. Robert Lee (Bobby) Litzinger.
April 6, 2006 Mrs. Ruth Jett Fralix LaMonda; Mrs. Garnett Kabler Ward; Mrs. Elnora McKee; Mrs. Elsie R. Hollar Tuel; Mr. Robert (Bobby) Osburn; Miss Dorothy Jane Cummins; Mrs. Myrtle D. Carpenter; Mr. Stanley C. Woods.
April 7, 2016 April 7, 1966 Mrs. Elizabeth Pell; Mr. Jesse Harver; Mr. Neal H. Cropper; Mrs. Elizabeth Katherine Catrol Jefferson; Mr. Than Yates.
April 10, 1986 Mr. Clayton L. Woods; Mr. Willie Teegarden; Mrs. Anna Mary Ruf Cooper.
April 12, 2006 Mrs. Emma Elizabeth Ballingal; Mrs. Dorris Chaney Thomas; Mrs. Nora "Nonie" L. Cox; Mr. David "Pete" Gillespie.
April 14, 2016 April 14, 1966 Mr. Dallas Trueax; Mr. Bernie Ray Crawford; Mr. John L. Sellers; Mrs. Ida Carpenter McClanahan; Mr. Charles Edward Bonner; Mr. Haskell Tillett.
April 17, 1986 Mr. George N. Jones; Mrs. Mary E. (Bessie) Cooke.
April 20, 2006 Mrs. Virgie Hedges Hall; Mrs. Katherine Ann "Kitty" Cooney Hix; Mrs. Margaret Dole Fleig.
April 21, 2016 April 21, 1966 Mrs. Endora Dotson Watson; Mr. Charles Marcus; Mrs. Hazel Davis White; Mrs. Lula Power Murphy; Mr. Clifford Hammond "Tip" Keene.
April 24, 1986 Mr. James A. Hitt; Miss Elta Fay (Betty) Howard; Mrs. Louise Moran Cracraft; Mrs. Mabel Elizabeth Hatfield; Mr. John P. Toll; Mr. Floyd V. Cox; Mrs. Dudie Kate Figgins Cummins; Mrs. Emma Kalb Litzinger.
April 27, 2006 Mr. Roy Estill Poston; Mr. Pee Wee Hughes; Mrs. Avis Jones Claypoole.
April 28, 2016 April 28, 1966 Rev. Louis M. Detro; Mrs. Lucille Kramer Corlis; Mrs. Sallie Clifton Best Hook; Mrs. Gladys Darnell Cooper.
May 1, 1986 Mrs. Sallie Burden Wagoner.
May 4, 2006 Mrs. Josephine Mains Johnson; Mr. Chet Bryant; Mr. Mark David Hamilton; Mr. Jack Watson; Mr. Rossa Edmond Couture.
May 5, 2016 May 5, 1966 Mr. Thomas C. Price; Mr. Lee Osborne; Mrs. Ruth Daley Atkins; Mrs. Ida Mae Dihel; Mr. John Kurtz; Mr. Earl C. Hill.
May 8, 1986 Mr. Joseph Milton Phillips.
May 11, 2006 No obituary names listed.
May 12, 2016 May 12, 1966 Mr. W. Barrie McGill; Mr. Henry S. Hesler; Mr. Roy O'Brien; Mrs. Verlie McDowell Covert; Mrs. Alberta Woodward; Mr. Charles Frederick Ruf; Mrs. Mary Frances Fields Smitson.
May 15, 1986 Mr. William Fred Fralix; Mrs. Lottie Perkins Kalb; Mr. Ernest Darwin Jacobs; Miss Jennie H. Best; Mrs. Mabel Cox Anderson; Mr. Clark Vester Fraysure.
May 18, 2006 Mr. John Gilbert Burton; Mrs. Anna J. Glasscock Fryman; Mrs. Janet E. Meyer.
May 19, 2016 May 19, 1966 Miss Mary Julia Hickey.
May 22, 1986 Mr. Wilford Ernest DeMoss; Mr. William Avery Kidwell; Mr. Lee A. Peavler; Mr. Joseph E. Badgley; Mr. Preston R. Perkins.
May 25, 2006 Mr. Clarence E. Schweitzer Jr.; Mr. Marvin Lee High; Mr. Harold L. Jones; Mr. Bruce Kenneth Gibson; (Infant) Jarrod Bernard Hiles-Elliott.
May 26, 2016 May 29, 1966 Mrs. Ida Mae Shanks; Mrs. Isa Frances Fookes; Mr. Edward Haley; Mr. Earl Wheeler; Mr. W. Gibson Moneyhon; Mr. Edward Turner; Mr. Jesse Winkle; Mr. Clarence Thackston.
May 29, 1986 Mr. Alva Neave; Mr. Asa M. Johnson.
June 1, 2006 Mr. Charles Tongret; Mrs. Ellen Ann Sullivan; Mrs. Jeanne M. Lockhart; Mrs. Hildreth Lorraine Turner Lacey; Mrs. Lelia J. Hutchison; Mr. William Ralph Trappe; Mrs. Virginia Faris Hayes.
June 9, 2016 June 9, 1966 Mr. Minor Cleveland Hampton; Mr. C. Barbour Shoemaker; Dean Michelle Bauer (Infant).
June 12, 1986 Mr. Guerney Thomas Cummins Jr.; Mrs. Mary Sayers Riley; Mr. Ray Mullikin; Rev. Owen P. Gleeson; Mr. Julius (Dutch) Bauer.
June 15, 2006 Mrs. Murleen Ivis Jones Brierly; Mrs. Ocie Mildred Hale; Mr. Raymond Lloyd Chinn; Mr. Lowell "Scrappy" Edwards; Madison Brooke Carter (Infant).
June 16, 2016 June 16, 1966 Mr. William G. Thompson; Mr. John W. Edwards; Mr. Lawrence Beyersdoerfer; Mrs. Mary H. O'Brien; Mr. John Easton Featherston; Mrs. Virgie Lou Heaverin; Mrs. Dulcie "Ducky" Weiss.
June 19, 1986 Mrs. Helen Best Ashcraft; Mrs. Carol Morris England; Mr. Samuel Sato Sr.; Mrs. Mona Grace Linville Carpenter; Mr. Robert Truman Hopkins.
June 22, 2006 Mrs. Esther A. Kalb Tollner.
June 23, 2016 June 23, 1966 Paul Gerhard Sr.; Mrs. Sue Mary Brooks Mathews.
June 26, 1986 Mrs. Nellie Hay Rigg; Mr. John L. Dayton.
June 29, 2006 Mrs. Dorothy Jean Blades King; Mr. Harold Matthews.
June 30, 2016 June 30, 1966 Mrs. Kate Jett Trueax; Mr. John H. May; Mr. Charles Wilson; Mr. James Ward; Mrs. Agnes Mae Wagoner; Mrs. Violet Sapp Jones.
July 3, 1986 Mrs. Garnett Haley Dayton; Mrs. Ruth Utter Richey; Mrs. Philippina Marie Holland Weber; Mr. Robert Francis Hardin; Mr. Leonard Phillip Irvin, Jr.
July 6, 2006 Mr. Franklin Leo Coleman; Mrs. Ruth Ann Saylor; Mr. James Henry (Jim) Halleran.
July 7, 2016 July 7, 1966 Mr. Guerney Thomas Cummins; Mr. Hubert McCane; Mr. Frank Rubenacker; Mrs. Nettie Purcell Allen; Mr. Edward J. Ernst; Mr. Elmer R. Morgan.
July 10, 1986 Mrs. Mildred Laverne Courtney Bruin; Mr. William Joseph Meyer; Mr. John W. Banfield; Mr. Hall Sharon.
July 13, 2006 Miss Coletta Welte; Dr. Joseph H. Humpert; Mrs. Mabel Lynn Fathergill; Miss Wanta Bernell Jett; Mr. John Robinson.
July 14, 2016 July 14, 1966 Mr. Elbert Raymond Ware; Mrs. Liza Case; Mrs. Helen Austin; Combess Infant of Mr. & Mrs. Perry Combess; Mrs. Tillie Tolle Bruin; Mrs. Pauline Swartz Hall; Mrs. Martha Wilson Fields; Mr. John T. Scott.
July 17, 1986 Miss Laura Fagan; Mr. Elvin Edward "Al" Armstrong; Mrs. Velma Lovelace; Mr. James Ralph Weaver.
July 20, 2006 Mrs. Alma Ruth Moore.
July 21, 2016 July 21, 1966 Mr. Andrew J. Woodward; Mr. Lucy Mains.
July 24, 1986 Mr. Clarence M. Courtney.
July 27, 2006 Mrs. Nellie Mae Litzinger; Mr. Chester Dale Story; Mr. Stanley French; Mrs. Margaret Stitt Ellison.
July 28, 2016 July 28, 1966 Mrs. Christine Fryman Hall; Mrs. Elsie A. (nee Price) Heaverin; Mrs. Bessie Browning Penn; Mr. William Tucker.
July 31, 1986 Mrs. Kathleen Kelty Kelsch; Mrs. Carrie Perkins Youngman.
August 3, 2006 Mr. Sidney Allen Ware; Mr. Joseph F. "Joey" Reynolds, Mrs. Cora Stribling Curtis; Mr. Bobby L. Lucas; Mrs. Diane Ernest Meadows; Mrs. Carole Ann Dimmitt Myers; Mrs. Mary Biddle.
August 4, 2016 August 4, 1966 Mrs. Mayme Louise Yates; Mrs. Bertha Mae Welsh Lucas; Mr. Eddie Given Woodward; Mr. Clifford D. Graham; Mrs. Frances Cochraine Norris; Mr. Clarence E. Roberts; Mr. Harry G. Lewis; Mrs. Anna Butler.
August 7, 1986 Mr. Clinton Jett; Mrs. Ann Hull Ware; Mrs. Mary Louise Litzinger Meyer; Mrs. Kay Craghead Beeler; Mr. Arthur (Hoonie) Hull.
August 10, 2006 Mrs. Carole Marsh Guthrie; Mr. James Thomas King; Mrs. Alletha M. Bess; Mrs. Cecelia Eugenia Gibson.
August 11, 2016 August 11, 1966 Mrs. Agnes Workman Longnecker; Mrs. Sadie Poe; Mr. Pearl A. Jordan; Mrs. Lillie Mae Howell Hulett.
August 14, 1986 Mrs. Gladys Teegarden High; Mr. David Wesley Smith; Mrs. Gertrude Thackston; Mr. Jack Kiskaden; Mr. Charles Everett McElfresh Sr.; Mr. James William (Jim) Habermehl; Mrs. Anna Louise Randolph; Mrs. Janet L. Wachter.
August 17, 2006 Mr. Ray Woodward Insko; Mr. Henry Frodge; Mrs. Dorothy May Hampton Hamilton; Mr.s Eleanor Rose Wyatt.
August 18, 2016 No 'From Our Files' this week.
August 25, 2016 [1] August 18, 1966 Mr. Charles L. Hamilton; Mr. Roy Dean Berry; Mr. George F. Lail; Mrs. Minnie Eals Linville; Mr. William Galbraith.
August 21, 1986 Mr. Herbert Charles "H.C." Hedgecock; Mr. Bernard T. Appelman; Mr. Joe R. Bishop.
August 24, 2006 Mr. Calvin Lloyd Woodward; Mrs. Erma Dale Hargett Kirk; Mr. William Joseph Roberts; Mrs. Ruby White Ashcraft; Mrs. Jennifer Michele (Testa) Clayton; Mr. Leo Moore; Mr. Verner Lee Howard.
August 25, 2016 [2] August 25, 1966 Mrs. Hazel Downard McDaniel; Mrs. Fannie Bratton; Mrs. Julia McKibben Lach.
August 28, 1986 Mrs. Lilias Day Jacobs; Mrs. Helen Moran Griffith; Mrs. Nannie Yost Brammer; Mrs. Anna Bell Moran.
August 31, 2006 Mrs. Florine Clinger Lucas; Mr. Harold E. Norris; Mrs. Anna Elizabeth Moran; Mr. Robert Howard Figgins; Mrs. Rose Thornton Presley.
September 1, 2016 September 1, 1966 Mr. Willard Bayne; Mr. Henry Barnett; Mrs. Millie T. Reeves; Mr. John A. Wenz; Mr. Egbert H. Hanson.
September 4, 1986 Mrs. Mary Ellen Gillespie; Mr. Stephen Moran.
September 7, 2006 Mr. Woodrow Weaver.
September 8, 2016 September 8, 1966 Mr. Roy D. Hughes; Mr. Burns Roberson; Mr. Alfred Cooper; Mrs. Lide Boude Wittmeier; Mr. Paul King; Mrs. Lucy Dixon Taylor.
September 11, 1986 Mr. Leonard Keith Hamilton; Mrs. Betty Jo Moran; Mrs. Ruby Mae Dennie Fields.
September 14, 2006 Mrs. Carole Sue Bonfield Rechtin; Mr. Jerry Price; Mrs. Emma P. Cooper; Mr. Leon K. Fulton; Mrs. Ruth Adamson Burns; Mrs. Mildred Sharp Wagel.
September 15, 2016 September 15, 1966 Mr. Roxie C. Hicks; Mr. Louis Fields; Dr. E.G. Hester; Mrs. Lucy Florence Ruf.
September 18, 1986 Mr. Harold Kenneth Cooper; Mr. Herbert Reed; Mrs. Edith Case Bauer.
September 21, 2006 Mr. Keevil Boone; Mrs. Linda Centers; Mr. James Wesley Priest.
September 22, 2016 September 22, 1966 Mrs. Stella Florence Perkins; Mrs. Eva Belew; Gina Lynn Mains (dau of MM Richard A. Mains); Mr. Paul Harp; Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Derbes; Mrs. Ruby Mastin Haterick; Infant Hughes (son of MM Ernest Hughes); Dr. John Michael N. Riesser; McElfresh twins (daughters of MM Gerald McElfresh).
September 23, 1986 Mr. William F. Bentley; Mr. John D. Finn; Mrs. Lela Mae Tackett Blevins; Mr. Odes B. Linville; Mrs. Charlotte E. Waller; Mr. Jerry Struve.
September 28, 2006 Mrs. Inez Deane Fields; Mrs. Emma Louise Lang; Mr. W. Cole Campbell; Mrs. Janet Hester Murray; Mr. Ralph Hampton "Buddy" Reed; Mrs. Hazel D. Wood.
September 29, 2016 September 29, 1966 Mrs. Gertrude Dean Cummins; Mr. George Washington Cann; Mr. Robert C. McNamer; Mr. John Andrew Clinger; Mrs. Sarah Crupper Gillespie; Dr. Courtland L. Pollitt.
October 2, 1986 Mrs. Thelma E. King; Mrs. Margaret Hargett Bravard; Mr. Galen Eugene (Gene) Moneyhon; Mr. Carson Rumford; Mr. Robert Franklin Kelly.
October 5, 2006 Mrs. Mildred Hall Fegan.
October 6, 2016 October 6, 1966 Mr. Ryan Boone; Mr. Roy Glenn Thompson; Mr. George H. Harnell; Mrs. Margaret D. Abraham; Mr. James Phillip Lucas; Mrs. Billie Rose Scott; Rev. G.W. Haley.
October 9, 1986 Mrs. Nina Meyer Lucas; Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Kalb.
October 12, 2006 Mr. Major General Shelton; Mrs. Carol Ruggle Doyle; Mrs. Myrtle R. McCord Allison; Mrs. Naomi Simpson Turner.
October 13, 2016 October 13, 1966 Mr. Chambers P. Jett; Mrs. Margaret Miller; Mr. Floyd McGowan; Mr. Andrew Kalb.
October 16, 1986 Mrs. Ruther "Cookie" Whitaker Gifford; Mr. George Barkley Poage; Mr. Archie Merrill Poe; Mrs. Audrey Geneva Fulton; Mr. Addison Thomas "A.T." Wyatt; Mrs. Patricia Tabeling Miller & infant daughter, Katherine McGrath Miller, age 6 wks.
October 19, 2006 Mr. William Ralph Boone; Mrs. Ruth Christine Kalb Leathers; Mr. David Lee Fields; Mrs. Patsy Jean Antrobus; Mr. Charles Hamilton Jr.; Mr. David Irvin Brogdon; Mr. Robert Allen Claypool.
October 20, 2016 October 20, 1966 Mr. John Thomas Fogg; Mr. Thomas Pickett Black; Mr. William Patrick Gilligan; Mrs. Lucy Mae Workman; Mrs. Ella Ruby Howell; Mrs. Alberta Young Carpenter; Mrs. Nannie Jett Hedges.
October 23, 1986 Mr. True Mackey; Mrs. Ruth Lucas Gaunce; Mr. Robert Lynn Bach; Mrs. Ruth Ann Willhoite.
October 26, 2006 Mrs. Ruth Christine Kalb Leathers; Mrs. Sharon Ann Vickers; Mr. Donald McCracken Sr.; William Alexander "Alex" Littleton; (Infant) Jordyn Marie Johnson; Mr. Donald Lee Conley; Mr. Porter Henson; Mrs. Alice G. Applegate Rhodes; Mr. Roger J. Fricke.
October 27, 2016 October 27, 1966 Dr. E.J. Yelton; Mrs. Nellie Byar Worthington Beckett; Mr. Clarence (Joe) Jett; Mrs. Lottie Marie Hiles.
October 30, 1986 Mr. Ernie J. Cox; Mr. Eugene Franklin Royse; Mr. Duard B. Gulley; Mr. Manley McNutt Galbraith.
November 2, 2006 Mrs. Josephine Beckett Mitchell; Mrs. Gladys Frederick; Mrs. Frances McClanahan; Mr. Clarence Bennett "Buster" Burton; Mr. William Michael "Bill" Ward.
November 3, 2016 November 3, 1966 Miss Fannie Day; Mrs. Anna Belle Edwards Belcher; Mr. Bert Waters; Mr. Leslie Griffith; Mrs. Claudie Sims McConnell.
November 6, 1986 Mr. Oscar Kinder.
November 9, 2006 Mr. Robbie Lee Edwards.
November 10, 2016 November 10, 1966 Mrs. Lula Wiggins; Mr. Jackson Rye Simons; Mr. Robert L. Royse; Mr. Orlando Arnold; Mr. Jess William Dodson; Mr. Omer "Bill" Bess.
November 13, 1986 Miss Cristen Kate Vice; Mr. Luther C. Colvin; Mr. George F. Albright; Mrs. Helen Bonfield Birkenbeil.
November 16, 2006 Mr. Jerry Craig Cooper; Mr. David L. Lewis.
November 17, 2016 November 17, 1966 Mrs. Lillian O'Neill Erwin; Mrs. Matilda Bush Kalb; Mr. Lee Duncan; Mr. Willie Ward; Mrs. Stella Mae Myers Jacobs.
November 20, 1986 Mr. Frederick L. Hook; Mrs. Cathy Jean Nickerson Hargett; Mr. William "Bill" G. Linville.
November 23, 2006 Mr. Bill Traylor Jr.; Miss Gladys Marie Trueax; Mrs. Linda Sue Linville Ware.
November 24, 2016 November 24, 1966 Mr. Noel Lea; Mr. Peter R. Halleran; Mrs. Zula McCormick; Mr. Earl Andrew Young; Mrs. Ethel Cracraft Sroufe.
November 27, 1986 Mr. Charles William Fields; Mrs. Opal Kerr Ziegenbusch; Mrs. Mirtie Smitson Burton; Mrs. Minnie Perkins Wheat; Mr. Glynn William Dwyer; Mrs. Artie Jane Mineer Mearns; Mrs. Frances Jones Walker; Mrs. Audrey Kinney Scales; Mr. Theleston Keith "T.K." Poe.
November 30, 2006 Mrs. Marcella Fulton Reed; Mrs. Lula Mae Butts; Mr. Rodney Fesler Rudd; Mr. Herman Cochran Jr.; Mrs. Lida Bramel Carpenter.
December 1, 2016 December 1, 1966 Mrs. Emma J. Clos; Mr. William A. "Will" Henson; Mr. James Joseph Finn.
December 4, 1986 Mrs. Jewell Taylor Hays; Mr. Russell (Bill) Dimmitt; Mrs. Essie Persinger Wachter; Mr. Shirley Eugene Tucker.
December 7, 2006 Mrs. Terry Lee Hutchison Goff; Mr. Everett J. "Jiggs" Cordra; Mr. Harold W. Downard; Mrs. Eloise Garrison Mastin Honican; Mr. Cecil Edford Luman; Mr. Karl Kendal Walton; Mr. Louis Parker Mathews; Mr. Lawrence Eudell Fields.
December 8, 2016 December 8, 1966 Mrs. Elizabeth Weissmann Sutton; Mrs. Ida Rose Hanley; Mrs. Velma Redden Poage; Mr. Sherman Konkright; Mr. McKinley "Rip" Howard; Mrs. Grace Thompson Mulligan; Mr. Joseph W. Woodhead; Mrs. Ocea Wilson Rinehart; Mr. Charles F. Dryden; Mrs. Birdie Hamilton Hook.
December 11, 1986 Mr. George Earl Figgins; Mr. Fay Lovell Jett; Mr. Charles W. Lea; Mr. Hershel "Doc" Richey; Mrs. Betty Jane DeVaughn; Mr. Charles Dimmitt Fegan; Mrs. Joan Middleman Ediss.
December 14, 2006 Herbert Allen King; Mrs. Natalie Murray Kalb; Mrs. Octa Gillespie Orme; Mrs. Elizabeth Lee Hull Norris.
December 15, 2016 December 15, 1966 Clark Infant (son of Mr. & Mrs. Howard Thomas Clark); Mr. Leland Bonar; Mr. Michael Schiltz Jr.; Miss Emma L. Ross; Mrs. Elsie Greathouse Talbott; Sister Mary Augusta; Mr Elmer Workman; Mr. George Dixon; Hughes Infant (son of Mr. & Mrs. David Hughes).
December 18, 1986 Mrs. Vada Barnes Culp; Mr. Charles Bess; Mrs. Janet Frances Brewer; Mr. James Russell Lonaker; Mr. Arthur Yelton Mullikin.
December 21, 2006 Mrs. Jo Ann Beals; Mr. John Lee Lofton; Mrs. Evelyn Middleton Lukins; Mrs. Jane Schlosser; Mr. Herbert Lee "Frog" Groves; Mrs. Donna Sue Heater Poe; Mr. Willard Delbert Hardin.
December 22, 2016 December 22, 1966 Mrs. Kathern Case; Mrs. Florence Hay Landers; Dr. Bertis N. Comer; Mrs. Kate Henson Cracraft; Mr. Roy P. Hiles; Mr. Richard Holton.
December 25, 1986 Mr. Herman Carter Lail; Mrs. Irene Elizabeth Mendell Theisen; Mrs. Mayme Cummins Fausz; Mrs. Goldie Fooks Curtis; Mrs. Helena Pearl Cleat Fiske.
December 28, 2006 Mrs. Jane Keller Schlosser; Mrs. Betty Stamper Mills Welte.
December 29, 2016 December 29, 1966 Miss Hallie Jett; Mr. Orville Jones; Mr. Samuel Granville Jackson; Mr. Oral Vinson Hall; Mr. George C. Bradford; Mrs. Mary B. Chandler.
January 1, 1986 Mr. Elmer Norton Reinheimer; Mrs. Ardella Meadows Boggs; Mr. Frank Sims.
January 4, 2007 Mrs. Janice Marie Haitz Jett; Mr. Wendell Murray; Mr. Richard L. Watson; Mr. Donald Paul Smith; Mr. Harry H. Cline Jr.; Mr. Robert Earl Mastin; Mr. Cecil Calvin Henson; Mr. Early D. Rice; Mrs. Ruby Wagoner Clark.

2015 Editions

'Files' Edition Original Edition Names In Obituaries
January 1, 2015 December 31, 1964 Mr. Edward Wagel; Mr. Emerson Fannin; Mr. Herbert N. Bradley; Mrs. Nellie Johnson Burns; Mr. Albert Gillespie.
January 3, 1985 Mr. James William Bruin.
January 6, 2005 Mr. William A. "Fig" Henson, Jr.; Mrs. Janet Adelia Taylor Tackett; Mr. Donald Ray Kersey.
January 8, 2015 January 7, 1965 No names.
January 10, 1985 Mr. Marvin Woodward.
January 13, 2005 Mr. Allen W. Conrad; Mr. Beverly (J.R.) Wright; Mrs. Ruie Johnson Cummins; Mr. Edward "Buck" Cox; Mr. Jessie Earl White; Mr. George W. Ingram; Ms. Patricia Ann (Patty) Jackson.
January 15, 2015 January 7, 1965 [sic; ed. note: probably January 14, 1965] Mr. Orrin Henson, Jr.; Mrs. Gertrude Curtis; Mr. Albert Garrison; Mr. George Phillip Scheek; Mr. Virgil Boatman; Mr. Alva Rankin; Mrs. Ruth P. Hamilton; Mrs. Walter Fulton.
January 17, 1985 Mr, Cecil Case; Mrs. June Rolfes; Mrs. Carrie Purdy Clos.
January 20, 2005 Mrs. Joy Ann Coleman; Mr. Glen A. Warner; Mr. Henry Dale Hesler.
January 22, 2015 January 21, 1965 Mrs. Rosemary Lundrigan Moorhead; Mr. Arthur LaMonda; Mr. Ray N. Dryden; Mr. Joseph W. Miller.
January 24, 1985 Mrs. Leona Collins Merrill; Mrs. Rebecca Zosel; Mrs. Dorothy Rakes Yates.
January 27, 2005 Mr. George Robert Fields; Mr. Don Cornett; Mr. Charles W. "Hayseed" Jett; Mrs. Edith A. Thomas; Miss Clara Elizabeth Perkins; Mr. Alonzo Clark Berry; Mr. Neal Clayton Russell.
January 29, 2015 January 28, 1965 Mrs. Anna White Cooper; Infant Christina White; Mrs. Juanita Thackston Green; Mr. Elbert H. "Bert" Daniels; Mr. Roy C. Leming; Mrs. Minnie Bonar; Mr. Bernard (Benny) McCarthy; Mrs. Grace Basset Pumpelly.
January 31, 1985 Mr. Floyd Anderson Cummins; Miss Esther Mae Monson; Mr. Bennie F. Mains, Sr.
February 3, 2005 Mrs. Alma Louise Ashcraft Brockley; Mrs. Anna Florence (Merrill) Poe; Mr. Claude McCracken; Mrs. Julia Estella Colvin Morris; Mr. Don Cornett; Mrs. Betty Jo Wagoner; Mr. Donald Thompson; Mr. Oren Lawrence Beckett.
February 5, 2015 February 4, 1965 Mr. Sidley W. Clark; Mrs. Lillian Weisbrodt Yelton; Mr. Lloyd R. King; Mr. Albert McAtee; Mr. Elmer Parker; Mr. Denver (Mickey) Meranda; Mrs. Mayme Alice Sanders; Mr. Stanley Alfred Mingua; Mr. John Haley; Mrs. Mary Theresa Ammer Gibbons.
February 7, 1985 Mr. S. Wm. (Bill) Bay; Mrs. Hazel Hinson; Mr. William (Bill) Humphrey; Mr. Carl A. Goecke; Mr. Julian Carr Martin.
February 10, 2005 Mr. Ira Lee McNees; Mrs. Sudie Mae Dorton King; Mr. Robert James Balch, Jr.; Mr. Oscar B. McDowell.
February 12, 2015 February 11, 1965 Mr. Clarence D. Fite; Mrs. Gladys M. Case; Infant Patricia Ann Bolar; Mr. George R. Harmon; Mrs. Viola Frederick Linville; Mr. Fred R. Haley.
February 14, 1985 Mr. Raymond C. Thompson; Mrs. Anna Hazel Hinson.
February 17, 2005 Mr. Jesse James Moore, Jr.; Mrs. Myrtle Arnold Kidwell; Mrs. Catherine Goecke; Mrs. Anna Mae Tucker; Mr. Ronald Oscar Hampton.
February 19, 2015 February 18, 1965 Mr. Thomas Turner; Mrs. Pearl Case; Mr. Samuel Downard; Rt. Rev. Msgr. Leo B. Casey.
February 21, 1985 Mrs. Anna Myrtle Johnson; Mr. Raymond L. "Pat" Thomas; Mr. Marvin L. Hester; Mr. Jesse S. "Jay" Plummer; Mr. Estell Tucker; Miss Edith Markley; Mr. Raymond Bach, St.
February 24, 2005 Mr. L.D. Turney; Mr. Edward H. "Eddie" Prince; Mrs. Irene Monson Martin; Mr. Herbert T. Dotson; Mr. James Alton "Jimmy" Sims; Mr. Merrell M. Vice; Mr. Keith Tolson; Mrs. Laura Jean Purdin Mullikin.
February 26, 2015 February 25, 1965 Mr. Earl Lea; Mrs. Lewis H. Wolfe; Mrs. Charles Witemyre: Mrs. Clara H. Jewett; Miss Rose Schmidt; Mr. Charles T. Weaver.
February 28, 1985 Mrs. Gertrude Case Snapp; Mr. Carroll E. Word.
March 3, 2005 Mrs. Mary Louise List Lewis; Mrs. Ruth Ann Roberts; Mr. John Roy Peak, Jr.; Mrs. Beverly J. Price; Mrs. Irene Monson Martin; Mrs. Wilma Lee Goshorn; Mr. Barry Lynn Workman; Mrs. Martha Tucker Wachter; Mr. Ronald C. Fryman.
March 5, 2015 March 4, 1965 Mr. Herbert H. Metcalfe; Mrs. Edna Ebert; Mr. Welburn Sharp; Mr. Alva Thomas Egnew.
March 7, 1985 Mrs. Louise Putman McCarty; Mr. Birg West; Mrs. Naomi Ruth Hardy; Mrs. Velma H. Scholtz; Infant Ariel Jane Ruth Singleton; Mr. Robert Polley; Mr. Elbert Bransford Christie; Mr. Kenneth Earl Poe; Mrs. Patsy Ruth Lemons.
March 10, 2005 Mrs. Corrine Genevie (Workman) Warner; Mr. Jesse Paul Marsh; Mr. Ward Leo Clark; Mr. James W. Todd.
March 19, 2015 March 18, 1965 Mr. Roy E. Biddle; Mr. Jasper N. Gregory; Mr. Jess McBride; Mrs. Maysel Lucas; Mr. Kenneth Downing.
March 21, 1985 Mrs. Martha McGee Tatman; Mr. Charles Clayton Paynter; Mrs. Lettie LaVerne Hiles.
March 24, 2005 Mr. Carl Nichols Moneyhon; Mrs. Mary Lou Linville; Mrs. Katherine Curtis Hendricks; Mrs. Anna C. Johnson Rice; Mr. Ralph Dale Cooper; Mrs. Stella Mae Jones Workman; Mrs. Audrey Jean Poe; Mr. Paris Huddleston; Mr. Raymond Lewis Jett; Miss Margaret Elizabeth Best.
March 26, 2015 March 25, 1965 Mrs. Julia Gleason Johnson; Mr. Harry B. Best; Mrs. Callie Woodruff Lucas: Mrs. Sarah Mers McCord; Miss Anna Brown.
March 28, 1985 Mr. Floyd Corlis Meyer; Mrs. Eva Lee Hughes Polley; Mrs. Alma E. Lach.
March 31, 2005 Mrs. Nancy E. Doggett.
April 2, 2015 April 1, 1965 Mrs. Hannah E. Cummins; Mrs. Maude Crawford; Mr. Edward Vignon; Mr. Hal Commodore.
April 4, 1985 Mrs. Temple Hedges McKibben; Mr. Harry C. Hatfield; Mr. Thoedore Moreland; Mrs. Violet Marie Faul Jennett; Mrs. Lucille Fields Markwell; Mr. Odes Case.
April 7, 2005 Mrs. Laurie Ann Reynolds; Miss Tiffany Rose Reynolds; Miss Maria Ann Reynolds; Mrs. Mary Katheryn Gifford Myers.
April 9, 2015 April 8, 1965 Mrs. Janie Thompson Miller; Mr. James Roy Poe.
April 11, 1985 Mrs. Glenda Price Stone; Mrs. Clara Staggs; Mrs. Josephine Grace Lucas Sickmann; Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Case Dennis; Mrs. Mildred Woods High.
April 14, 2005 Mrs. Lila Jean McConnell; Mr. Leslie T. Hendricks; Mrs. Tina L. Downard; Mrs. Patricia Teegarden Ligon.
April 16, 2015 April 15, 1965 Mr. Frederick W. Jibb; Mr. J.A. Simpson III; Mr. Thomas C Howard; Mr. Nathan Cope; Mr. P.L. Hollon; Mrs. Ruth Walter Skillington.
April 18, 1985 Mrs. Margaret Collins Danahe; Mr. Elmer Eugene Woodruff; Mr. John Boggs, Sr.; Mr. Homer T. Teegarden; Mrs. Esther Burgoyne.
April 21, 2005 Mrs. Marjorie "Margie" Downard; Mrs. Margaret Mary Louise Moran Marshall; Mrs. Anna Mary Henderson Linville; Mr. Harold Shepperd; Mr. Robert Baxton Best; Mr. Perry Miller.
April 23, 2015 April 22, 1965 Mr. Donald Damron; Mr. Howard Freshour.
April 25, 1985 Mr. William Harrison Field; Mr. Carlie Howard Poe; Mrs. Myrtle Weaver Haley; Mrs. Geneva L. Hamilton; Mr. Thomas Delmar Moorhead; Mr. Walter Mearns; Mrs. Maude Hook Lynagh; Mrs. Oma Betty Bay.
April 28, 2005 Mr. Holton "Nunnie" Garrison; Mr. Calvin "Perk" Perkins.
April 30, 2015 April 29, 1965 Mr. Emery Lovell Poe; Mr. James William Shanks; Mr. Donald G. Brooking; Mrs. Mabel D. Browning.
May 2, 1985 Mrs. Thalia Mae Insko Hause; Mr. Donald F. Haley; Mrs. Josephine L. Weisbrodt.
May 5, 2005 Mr. David Neil Clayton; Mrs. Irene Curtis Dixon; Mr. Edwin E. "Ed" Miller; Mr. Ronald "Ronnie" Lee Fields; Mr. Dana Eugene "Danny" Hamm; Mr. Richard I. Gifford.
May 7, 2015 May 7, 1965 Mrs. Reynolds H. Lemon: Mr. Oliver Tarvin; Mrs. Stella Chappell; Mr. George Cookendorfer; Mrs. Sally Rudd Lowe; Mrs. Helen Bauer; Mr. Ora Perkins.
May 9, 1985 Mrs. Doris Strausbaugh; Mrs. Eleanor L. Poe.
May 12, 2005 Mrs. Elizabeth E. Wagoner; Mrs. Loretta Reese; Mrs. Dorothy Wallace; Mr. Fay Morris; Mrs. Pamela Courtney; Ms. Angela Graves; Mrs. Ruby Faul.
May 14, 2015 May 13, 1965 Mr. Leonard P. Grimes; Rev. C.H. Mattox; Mr. John Patterson; Mr. MIlman Staggs.
May 16, 1985 Mr. Charles C. McCarty; Mr. Rolla Clark; Mr. Robert Joseph (Bud) Parker.
May 19, 2005 Mr. James Webster "J.W." Kirby; Mrs. Lillie H. Reed; Mr. Harry Charles Rollins; Mrs. Mary Helen Kelsch; Mr. Joseph Earl Powell.
May 21, 2015 May 20, 1965 Mrs. Elsie Garrison; Mr. James Russell Cummins; Mr. Arel V. Day; Mrs. Grace Day Power; Mr. Lack Joseph Cooke.
May 23, 1985 Mr. Stanley Hicks; Mr. Howard Lacey Walton; Mrs. Clara Leona Workman; Mr. John N. Downard; Mrs. Pearl Poe Clayton.
May 26, 2005 Mrs. Ethel Pauline (List) Boothe; Mr. Jerry Lynn Gray; Mr. James Laurence Pyles.
May 28, 2015 May 27, 1965 Mrs. Ethel McClanahan Brown; Mr. Henry J. Goecke, Jr.; Mr. Louis William Clos; Mrs. Clara Ann Smith Hasler; Mrs. Maude Haley Marshall; Mr. Y.B. Linville.
May 30, 1985 Mrs. Bessie Wilson Price; Mrs. Florence Evans Ratcliff.
June 2, 2005 Mrs. Betty Cline England; (Infant) Henry Ramiro Moralis; (Infant) Zachary Charles Puckett; Mrs. Julia Louise Moneyhon.
June 4, 2015 June 3, 1965 Mr. Frank Ruf; Miss Mattie L. Hancock; Mrs. Alice Kinder.
June 6, 1985 Mrs. Jenny Rogers Walton; Mr. Clarence William Mason; Mrs. Lexa Sharp; Mr. Clyde (Pete) Youngman; Mr. Kenzie Hardy.
June 9, 2005 Mr. Earl Thomas Clayton; Mrs. Stella Irene Gallagher; Mr. Herman Dale Rees; Mr. Jerry Lee Dorn; Mr. Ora Dalton "O.D." Perkins; Mrs. Lily Hane Curtis Fite.
June 11, 2015 June 10, 1965 Mrs. Cecil Fronk Madden; Mr. William Henry Zornes; Mr. William T. (Bill) Kain; Mr. Glenn R. Gibson; Mrs. Mary Braughler.
June 13, 1985 Infant Zacchary William Baker; Mr. Harold Moran; Mrs. Mattie Mains Bradford.
June 16, 2005 Mrs. Juanita Marie Ramsey; Mr. Gilbert C. Marsh; Mrs. Anna Rigg Rawlings.
June 18, 2015 June 17, 1965 Mrs. Alta Markley McGill; Mr. William Hines; Mrs. Nancy Thompson; Mr. Clay Dennis; Mrs. Edna Pearl Nash.
June 20, 1985 Mrs. Connie Connor Sullivan; Mr. Lytle Jefferson; Mrs. Goldie Strausbaugh Case.
June 23, 2005 Mr. Gregory Michael Benedict, Sr.; Mr. Eugene "Ramrod" Insko; Mr. Everett Workman; Mr. Joe King.
June 25, 2015 June 24, 1965 Mr. Jack Browning; Miss Louise Fox; Mr. Jacob Ballinger; Mr. Leonard Taylor; Mr. Orville Wood.
June 27, 1985 Mr. Benton Joseph Wright; Mrs. Blanche Price; Mrs. Catherine Post Poe; Mrs. Elizabeth Goecke Welte; Miss Hannah Ellen Bell.
June 30, 2005 Mr. Paul W. Gerhard; Mr. Thomas A. Finn Jr.; Mrs. Virginia Condon; Mr. Tony Taylor; Mr. Ronnie Fulton.
July 2, 2015 July 1, 1965 Mr. William Stanley Habermehl; Mrs. Mary Kemp; Miss Mabel Workman; Mr. Kenzie Hancock; Miss Elsie Marie Estep; Mrs. Margaret Beckett Pollard.
July 4, 1985 Mr. Charles B. Staggs.
July 7, 2005 Mr. Walter L. Berry; Mr. Wilbur E. Riggen; Mrs. Any Boothe Berry.
July 9, 2015 July 8, 1965 Mr. A. Everett West; Mrs. Grace Hieatt Jones; Mr. Thomas Ray Johnson; Mr. Cecil Simms; Mr. Robert A. Hill; Mr. Elmer Poe.
July 11, 1985 Mrs. Lawana Myers Harnishfeger; Mrs. Alice Jacobs Puccini; Mrs. Mae McClanahan Metcalfe; Mr. Harry H. Galbraith; Mrs. Mary Ruth Follmer Gulley; (Infant) Chana Lynn Hall; Mr. James B. English; Mrs. Effie A. Reed; Mr. Dexter Meyer, Sr.
July 14, 2005 Mr. James E. Goodwin; Mr. Garland Smith; Mr. Elmer Glenn Hesler.
July 16, 2015 July 15, 1965 Miss Lula B. Reese; Mr. Thomas B. Montgomery; Mrs. Vernie Henson Case; Miss Vicie Smith; Mr. P. Dennis Weirtz; Mr. Willie F. Wallingford; Mrs. Margaret Sauer Tamme.
July 18, 1985 Mrs. Ruby A. King; Mr. John W. Sandy; Mr. Earnest E. Mains; Mrs. Garnett Kemp Wood; Mr. Ronald K. Jennett; Mrs. Alma Catheryn Mofford Ruf.
July 21, 2005 Mrs. Rachel DeLois (Kinder) Sellers; Mrs. Judith Jett Moon; Mr. Robert Ray Mix; Mrs. Frances Roberson Mitchell.
July 23, 2015 July 22, 1965 Mrs. Lucy Buckley Blades; Mr. Charles Scott Johnson; Mrs. Ethel Ross Beckett; Mrs. Leona Beagle Hampton; Mrs. Lucy Bell Kinker; Miss Lynn Schlueter.
July 25, 1985 Mrs. Ruth Terry Miley; Mrs. Goldie Holland Cracraft.
July 28, 2005 Mrs. Yvetta Nolan Burgoyne Wallin; Mr. James C. Faul; Mr. Kenneth W. McDowell; Mrs. Margie McElfresh.
July 30, 2015 July 29, 1965 Mr. Robert Eal Hay; Mr. Arthur Cummins; Mr. Charles Fox; Mr. William Kelley; Mrs. Mary M. Fryman; Mr. Hieatt Pollock; Mr. Glenn B. Smoot; Mr. Charles Fisher.
August 1, 1985 Mr. Carl Brown; Mathew Thomas Galloway (Infant); Mr. Ray F. Mitchell; Mr. Calvert Case; Mrs. Cleva Peddicord Gruelle.
August 4, 2005 Mr. Timothy Ray Roark; Mrs. Christine Overbey Jett Chandler.
August 6, 2015 August 5, 1965 Mrs. Ethel Hause Goecke; Mr. Thomas R. Hupp; Mr. Robert Spates LeForge; Mr. James Newton Sims; Mr. Wilbur Gragston.
August 8, 1985 Mr. Gary W. Snodgrass; Mr. Luther Shannon (Larry) Case; Miss Augusta E. Kelsch; Mr. Rufus A. Hester; Mrs. Berneda Browning Northcutt.
August 11, 2005 Mr. Lawrence Clifford Newman; Mr. Paul Hill Shepherd; Mr. George M. Ode.
August 13, 2015 August 12, 1965 Mrs. Teresa Connor Finn; Mr. Robert Haley; Mr. Walter A. "Cap" Curtis; Mr. Frank R. Mann; Mr. Bolivar "Bollie" Shinkle.
August 15, 1985 Mr. Albert Earl "Jim" Gordley; Mr. Manley Tull; Mr. Eldon "Buck" Jett.
August 18, 2005 Mr. Donald E. Gordley.
August 20, 2015 August 19, 1965 Mr. Kline O'Neill; Mr. James E. Bass; Mrs. Lola Jane Rigg; Mr. Russell A. Beckley.
August 22, 1985 Mr. Alfred Ernest; Mrs. Emma Jane Jurgens; Mrs. Hazel Pollock; Mrs. Susie Cummins Martz.
August 25, 2005 Mrs. Evaline Francis (Granny) Merrill; Mr. Raymond Earl Bullock; Mrs. Martha Annette (Perkins) Fryman.
August 27, 2015 August 26, 1965 Mrs. Laura Free Jett; Mrs. Bessie Love Collins Jennings; Mr. Reginald Pepper "Jinks" Jett; Mr. Emmett Wilson; Mr. Raymond E. White; Mr. Emery Mason Cooper; (Infant) Johnny Joe Colemire.
August 29, 1985 Mr. Norman B. Taylor; Rev. Wood W. Bentley.
Sept. 1, 2005 Mr. Forrest L. Hartley; Mrs. Virginia B. Clark; Mrs. Sheila (Smith) Anderson; Mr. Virgil K. Myers; Mr. Walter E. Campbell.
September 3, 2015 September 2, 1965 Mrs. Mary Jett Lucas; Mr. George McElfresh; Mr. Ralph E. Trankler; Mrs. Maude Greene Mitchell; Mr. Leslie Gibbs.
September 15, 1985 Mr. Mack Cox; (Infant) Russell Alan Riggs; Mrs. Bessie Lee Gordley Griffith; Mr. John Parker Marsh.
September 8, 2005 Mr. Gary W. Poe; Mrs. Ellen K. Chumbley; Mr. Eric J. "Richard" May.
September 10, 2015 September 9, 1965 Mr. Everett Fields; Mrs. Edna Williamson; Mr. William R. Brown.
September 12, 1985 Mr. Joseph N. Meyer; Miss Mabel C. Cole; Mr. Keith Hopkins; Major Dupert Powell.
September 15, 2005 Mrs. Edith E. Riley; Mrs. Ruth Campbell; Mrs. Mary Evelyn Lofton Warner; Mrs. Mabel Haley DeArmy.
September 17, 2015 September 16, 1965 Mr. Ernest Insko; Mr. Joseph B. Bates; Mr. Clifford D. Carnes; Mrs. Nora Lena Sims Kirk; Mr. William H. Bentle; Mr. G.W. Hinson.
September 19, 1985 Mrs. Lucille Hanson Courtney; Mr. Virgil Clark.
September 22, 2005 Mr. Robert Habermehl.
September 24, 2015 September 23, 1965 Mrs. Eliza "May" Simpson; Mrs. Carolyn Anderson Hall; Mr. George D. Stout; Mrs. Mayme Moyer Sellers; Mrs. Louise Fabra King; Mr. Clarence R. Cracraft.
September 26, 1985 Mrs. Margaret Kalb Dell; Mr. David Jessel.
September 29, 2005 Mr. Ronald Evan Hedges Sr.; Mr. Clarence E. Allen; Mrs. Mary L. Stafford; Mrs. Lelia Willis Sutton; Mrs. Cathleen Anne Cooper Free; Mr. Bobby Wayne Yates.
October 1, 2015 September 30, 1965 Mr. Andrew Thomas Lee; Mrs. Ethel A. Wells; Mr. A.G. McCarty; Mr. Stamper H. Carpenter; Mrs. Mimmi Lee Strawther Mullikin; Mr. Charles Edgar Harris.
October 3, 1985 Mr. Earl William "Bushy" Sellers; Mrs. Lucille Hanson Courtney; Miss Phoebe Slack; Mr. Harry McGee.
October 6, 2005 Mr. Carolyn F. Wilson; Mrs. Wanda D. England; Mrs. Bessie S. Conley; Mrs. Bertie Mae Fite Jones; Mrs. Garnett Miley Glenn; Mrs. Ruby Moorhead Casey Teegarden.
October 8, 2015 October 7, 1965 Mrs. Bertha Cooper Jett; Mr. Dewey Earl Perkins; Mrs. Tillie Jane Dodson Cooper; Mr. Lum Franklin Teegarden; Mr. Charles B. Cummins.
October 10, 1985 Mrs. Annabelle H. Lee; Mrs. Elizabeth Appleman.
October 13, 2005 Mrs. Christine Askin Moorhead; Mrs. Pearl (Wheeler) Jenkins.
October 15, 2015 October 14, 1965 Mr. Acie McAtee; Mrs. Elizabeth Moore Ewalt; Mr. Charles Walker Mardis; Mrs. Martha Josephine Moneyhon McDonald; Mr. Earl Bengal Allen; Mr. Edward W. Neave; Mrs. Anna Gleason Finn; (Infant) Thomas Allen Willoughby; Mr. William Russell Lea; Mr. William J. Mains.
October 17, 1985 Mrs. Joy Lynn Teegarden Keys; Mr. Lanny White.
October 20, 2005 Mr. David Lee Reeves; Ms. Sarah Jane Kemplin; Ms. Catherine Ormes Cottey; Mr. Jennings Lee Brooking; Mrs. Janet Fay Honeycutt; Mrs. Ramona Jean Marsh Bonfield.
November 5, 2015 November 4, 1965 Mr. Walter Cummins; Mr. Robert B. Pugh; Mrs. Blanche Williams Howard; Mr. Benjamin Hollis.
November 7, 1985 Mr. Freeman Mitchell; Mrs. Elizabeth Huddleston Taylor; Mr. John (Jack) R. Herfurt.
November 10, 2005 Mrs. Nina Rose Hester Gifford; Mrs. Flora Ellen Burchett Ison; Mr. Hubert Lee Rankin.
November 12, 2015 November 11, 1965 Mr. Thomas G. Grainge; Mrs. Hallie Parsons Case; Mrs. Vallie Fritts Naugle; Mrs. Lura Tillett Florer; Mr. Ernest L. McAtee; Mrs. Donna West Pangburn; Mr. Charles Browning; Mr. Clarence Galbraith; Mrs. Minnie Heniz Welte; Mr. Gilbert Utter; Mrs. Bertie Pope Hannah.
November 14, 1985 Mrs. Bessie L. Henson Merrill.
November 17, 2005 Miss Bernice Faye Wood; Mrs. Agnes S. Landers; Mrs. Marie H. Florer; Mrs. Evelyn Lucille Hamilton; Mrs. Violet Claire McGuire.
November 19, 2015 November 18, 1965 Mrs. Lou Emma Maloney; Mr. Thornton M. Sellers; Mrs. Nancy Peyton Robb Worthington; Mr. William C. Norris; Mr. Hugh H. Keough; Mrs. Beatrice Ann Flynn; Mrs. Mary A. Hargett; (Infant) Rhonda Lee Gerth; Mr. Howard W. Workman; Mr. Elmer Brockly; Mr. Harry Albert Parker.
November 21, 1985 Mr. Melvin Etchason.
November 24, 2005 Mr. David Wayne Jones; Mrs. Marjorie Lou Meadows; Mrs. Letitia Winifred Eileen Stroud.
November 26, 2015 November 25, 1965 Mrs. Mary Bower; Mrs. Mila Heaverin Taylor.
November 28, 1985 Miss Winnie Jewel Ferrell.
December 1, 2005 Mrs. Catherine Sweeney Martin; Mr. Victor Lee Reeves; Mrs. Leota Cooper Massey.
December 3, 2015 December 2, 1965 Mrs. Gertrude Thompson Poage; Mrs. Ida W. Hill; Mr. Russell J. Naugle; Mr. Excel L. Ramsey (4 yr. old youth); Jeffrey R. Hamilton; Mr. Dempsey Thompson; Mrs. Laura Bruist Zech; Mr. Gilbert Lee Kiskaden.
December 5, 1985 Mr. Oscar Thornton; Mr. Charles Edgar Boothe; Mr. Walter Ellis; Mrs. Ethel Howell Teegarden; Mrs. Thelma Bailey Crain; Mrs. Judith Irene Wagner; Mrs. Sally Buckley McClanahan; Mr. Harold E. Allen.
December 8, 2005 Mr. Herbert Moford; Mrs. Ruth Browden Humlong; Mr. Michael Wayne Cummins.
December 10, 2015 December 9, 1965 Mr. Thomas Robert England; Mrs. Anna Mae Blackburn; Mr. George Ashcraft; Mr. Thomas Spence; Mr. Robert Henry "Bob" Best; Mr. George Keene.
December 12, 1985 Mrs. Ruby Christine Ashcraft White; Mrs. Laura Burriss Hiles; Mrs. Marie Ormes; Mr. Otis L. Smith.
December 15, 2005 Mr. Alva A. Mefford; Mrs. Esther Emmalene Cooper O'Daire; Mr. Roy Michael Flora; Mrs. Marie Pierce Meyer; Mr. William "Bill" Matheis.
December 17, 2015 December 16, 1965 Mrs. Maxie Thompson Miller; Mrs. Mamie Gertrude Snapp Vermillion; Mrs. Anna Mae Golden; Mr. Lucian Garrison; Mrs. Lydia McDonald Willison; Mr. G.C. "Cleve" Henderson.
December 19, 1985 Mrs. Margaret Catherine Weiss; Mrs. Anna Showalter Kabler; Mrs. virgie Pfanstiel McKinney; Mrs. Louise Hall Pangburn.
December 22, 2005 Mr. Paul Jason Waddell; Mr. Eugene "Gene" Earl Hargett; Mrs. Albert L. Rogers.
December 24, 2015 December 23, 1965 Mr. Charles A. Holton; Mr. Estil Linville; Mr. Woodrow "Woodie" Richey.
December 26, 1985 Mr. Peyton Buckner Byrne; Mrs. Florence Ingram Wright; Mrs. Garnett Cummins Wood; Mr. Vollie Metzger Gillespie.
December 29, 2005 Mr. William Alton Wells; Mr. Kenneth "Pat" Clark.
December 31, 2015 December 30, 1965 Mrs. Marguerite Frances Moore; (Infant) Robert Lee Gillespie; Mrs. Lula Linville; Mrs. Cora Downard Pangburn; Mrs. Elizabeth Schweier McCracken; Dr. Joseph Abraham.
January 2, 1986 Mr. Vernon Busch.
January 5, 2006 Mrs. Viola Morris Fleeman; Mr. James "Jim" Gallagher; Mrs. Diana Browning Gordley.

2014 Editions

'Files' Edition Original Edition Names In Obituaries
January 2, 2014 January 2, 1964 Mrs. Jane Hamilton; Mrs. Lucy Archibald; Mrs. Birdie Thomas; Mr. Larry Williams; Mrs. Eleanor M. Teegarden.
January 5, 1984 Mr. Herb Colemire; Mr. Estil Ervin Hughes; Mr. Edward Earl Wallace.
January 8, 2004 Mrs. Frieda K. (Shugie) Teegarden; Mr. Wendell Ray "Buck" Merrill; Mrs. Elnora Georgeanna (Bowers) Braughler; Mr. Herbert England; Mr. John Martin Brown; Mrs. Elizabeth Frances (Nash) Bravard Copens; Mrs. Ethel Jane Linville.
January 9, 2014 January 9, 1964 Mr. Carrick Ware; Mr. Dempsey Barnes.
January 12, 1984 Mrs. Ada Lee Story; Mrs. Marguerite Wood Hudson; Mrs. Varina Cline Byrne; Mr. Samuel Buck Schmidt; Mrs. Serelda Bonar Ray.
January 15, 2004 Ms. Catherine Diane Hitt; Mrs. Essie Estep Welch; Mrs. Connie Simmons Sexton; Mr. Robert Lee Hesler; Mrs. Ella Mae Curtis; Ms. Carrie Lee Nickell; Mr. Regis Glenwood Insko.
January 16, 2014 January 16, 1964 Mrs. Mildred Ramsey; Mrs. Ann Nettie Carpenter.
January 19, 1984 Infant Pamela Louise Riggs; Mrs. Mabel Ramsey Johnson; Mr. Raymond Paul Tyson; Mr. Herbert Nelson Smith; Mrs. Marjorie Jett Gorman; Mrs. Margaret Hay Dwyer; Mr. Hobart Jones.
January 22, 2004 Ms. Jeanne Maree Kennedy; Mr. Eugene Warren; Mrs. Ana Thomas (Zornes) Cooper.
January 23, 2014 January 23, 1964 Infant Karen Sue Hedges; Mrs. Josephine Habermehl White; Mrs. Virginia Irene Gillespie; Mr. John W. Gerhard; Mrs. Joan Beverly Snodgrass.
January 26, 1984 Mrs. Georgia Weimerr Kennard; Mr. Timothy Greg Keough; Mrs. Ethel Poole Camery; Mr. William (Red) Tackett.
January 29, 2004 Mrs. Anna Rose Pfeffer; Ms. Frances Elizabeth Kelsch.
January 30, 2014 January 30, 1964 Mr. Oliver Sharp.
February 2, 1984 Mrs. Zelpha Orme.
February 5, 2004 Mr. Carl "J.C." Miller; Mr. Eric Courtney Davis; Mr. Raymond A. Kelly; Mr. Paul Parker.
February 6, 2014 February 6, 1964 Mrs. Elmer Collins; Mr. Stanley Willett; Mrs. Bessie Humphrey; Mr. John Hargus McKenzie; Mrs. Allie B. Fite; Mr. Andrew Strausbaugh; Mrs. Ronnie Fulton.
February 9, 1984 Mrs. Viola Kate Dotson; Mr. John A. Downard; Mr. William Dennis Bauer; Mr. George Perry Poe; Mr. Paul Elrod.
February 12, 2004 Mrs. Ruth H. Wilson; Mr. Edward N. Moneyhon; MRs. Irene C. Story; Mr. Jeffrey Keith Norris; Mr. Martin Poston.
February 13, 2014 February 13, 1964 Mrs. Eliza Workman Mains; Mr. Frank W. White; Mrs. Lucy Ann Case; Mr. Stanley P. Richey.
February 16, 1984 Mrs. Elizabeth Bravard Asbury; Mr. James R. (Jim) Colonel; Mrs. Mary Jane Owens Cooper; Mrs. Anna Fraysure Jordan; Mr. Sylvester P. Miller; Mrs. Mary Jane Hutchison; Mrs. Golda J. Sweeney.
February 19, 2004 Mrs. Mary Alice Willett; Mr. William D. "Billy" Hitt; Mr. Randy J. Brooks; Mr. A.G. Williamson.
February 20, 2014 February 20, 1964 Mrs. Willemma "Emma" Douglas; Infant Christopher Lee Browning; Mr. Harry B. Gibson; Mr. Edgar W. Bowman; Mr. Charles "Luch" McClanahan; Mr. James C. Browning; Mrs. Lena Woodward Dinsmore.
February 23, 1984 Mr. James r. Marshall; Mr. Dempsey K. (D.K.) Poe; Mrs. Mary Randa Garrett; Mrs. Esther Mason Garrett; Mrs. Anna Goecke Swanger.
February 26, 2004 Mrs. Selma Louise (Fossitt) Holleran; Mrs. Alma Jean Woods Earlywine; Mrs. Sharon Kay Lucas; Mr. Lester Nathan Darnell; Mr. John H. Rose.
February 27, 2014 February 27, 1964 Mrs. Mary A. Reynolds; Mr. Richard Anderson Welselman; Mr. Addison Laurance Everett; Mrs. Ella Mains.
March 1, 1984 Mrs. Ida Rudd Colemire; Mrs. Alma Dickson Ellis; Mr. Vernon F. Scarborough; Mrs. Martha Williams Smith.
March 4, 2004 Mr. Theodore "Bud" Curtis; Mr. Lee Roy Rodgers; Mrs. Edna Rose (Browning) Phillips; Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Hedges Abplanalp; Mr. Jerry Rhodes Asbury; Mrs. L. Ruth Moloney.
March 6, 2014 March 5, 1964 No obituaries referenced.
March 8, 1984 Mrs. Ida Lee Cooper; Mrs. Ida Rudd Colemire; Mrs. Josephine Ruf Harrison; Mr. Adrian E. Jones; Mr. Cliff Brown.
March 11, 2004 Mrs. Ruby Fowler Dryden; Ms. Hattie Louise Conley; Mrs. MIllie F. Clos; Rev. Carl Sears; Mr. Gilbert H. "Gib" Mains.
March 13, 2014 March 12, 1964 Mr. Marshall Pickrell; Mrs. Bessie Nesbitt Pritchett; Mrs. Mabel Rolfes; Mr. John J. Robinson; Colmire Infant; Mrs. Nannie Madison Hunter; Mr. Carson Mason; Mr. William Scolf.
March 15, 1984 Mr. Leland (Tubby) Moford; Mr. Ernest R. Aulick; Mr. A.J. Barnes.
March 18, 2004 Mrs. Zelda Lois Staggs Morris; Mrs. Garnett Faye Allender Townsend; Mr. William W. (Bill) Hester; Mr. George Hubert "Bunk" Plummer; Mrs. Helen Galbraith Neathery; Mrs. Mabel Dean Bruin; Ms. Geneva Mae Gallagher.
March 20, 2014 March 19, 1964 Mr. Garrett D. Parker; Miss Mae Cottey.
March 22, 1984 Mr. Herbert L. Myers; Mrs. Orpha L. Turner; Mrs. Gertrude Kinney Moore; Mr. Bernard Hiles; Mr. Clayton O. Frasier; Mrs. Jennie Kinney Hall.
March 25, 2004 Mr. Clarence Earl "Tudy" Hargett; Mr. Judge Newell "Pete" Jett.
March 27, 2014 March 26, 1964 Mr. Will Hanson; Mrs. Edith Parker Bush; Mr. Henry E. Jordan; Mrs. Stella Colvin; Miss Hulda Tolle; Mr. Grant Jacobs.
March 29, 1984 Mrs. Nancy S. Moorhead; Mrs. Marcelyn Cooper Wyrick; Mrs. Audrey Weaver McClanahan.
April 1, 2004 Mr. Davis Lee Jones; Mr. David Alvin Bradford; Mr. Bernard "Bernie" Boggio.
April 3, 2014 April 2, 1964 Mrs. Maude Mains Coleman; Mrs. Mary Katherine Buckner Boyd; Mr. Wilmont Taylor; Mr. Charles E. Linville; Mrs. Barbara Shupert Clark; Mrs. Pearl Lewis Barnes; Mmr. Bernard F. Goecke; Mrs. Grace Bach; Mrs. Carrie Vermillion; Mrs. Pearl Fields.
April 5, 1984 Mr. R.T. Palmer; Mr. Roby S. Cooper; Mrs. Minnie Caroline Bush Frey; Mr. Roscoe E. Moyer.
April 8, 2004 No obituaries listed.
April 10, 2014 April 9, 1964 Mrs. Mary Eliza Linville Floops; Mr. Irvin Teegarden.
April 12, 1984 Mr. Fred A. Grawe; Mrs. Helen Cassidy; Mr. Norleigh M. Galloway; Mrs. Margaret Kinney Rumford; S/Sgt. Larry Wayne Hurt; Mr. Stanley Fearin; Mr. Carlie Perkins, Jr.
April 15, 2004 Mrs. Opal Fern Cracraft; Mr. Thomas Kelly (Tommy) Coleman; Mr. Donald E. Ulrich; Mr. Russell Elwood Bivens, Jr.; Mrs. Mildred Hatfield; Mr. Edwin Weiss.
April 17, 2014 April 16, 1964 Dr. Frank L. Peddicord; Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth "Betty" Browning; Mr. Elias E. Rath.
April 19, 1984 Mr. Jack H. Owens; Mrs. Vella Cannon Kidwell; Mr. Robert E. Florence; Mr. Newton (Newt) Hawkins Pickrell.
April 22, 2004 Mr. John Lee Persinger; Mrs. Elaine Stevenson Cummins; Mr. Cecil Hanson.
April 24, 2014 April 23, 1964 Miss Mary Lou Hicks; Lt. Col. Fred Carpenter; Master Richard Carpenter; Mr. Benjamin F. Bravard; Mr. William M. Day; Mr. William Clarence Fite; Mrs. Odus Bradley; Mrs. Fannie Jones.
April 26, 1984 No entries.
April 29, 2004 Mr. Cecil Hinson; Mr. Howard Ervin West; Ms. Hazel Carolyn Meyer; Mrs. Mae Elizabeth Wills; Mr. Charles D. Reese.
May 1, 2014 April 30, 1964 Mr. Ollie King; Mrs. Ada Lucas Tolle; Mr. M.R. "Ray" Yelton; Mrs. Julia M. Davis; Mrs. Carrie Hall Marshall; Mrs. John J. Bay; Mr. Henry O. Wachter; Mrs. Grace Odgen.
May 3, 1984 Mr. Mark R. Jett; Mr. Virgil Ramsey; Mrs. Marilyn Joyce Zehr.
May 6, 2004 Infant Nathanial Henry Mains; Mr. Claude Elmo Wallinford; Master Mason Kieler Darnell.
May 8, 2014 May 7, 1964 Mrs. Bertha N. Lea; Mr. Charles Henry Traugott, Sr.; Mrs. Maude Wood; Mr. Charlie O. Strausbaugh; Mr. Albert R. Collins; Infant Tina Marie Davis.
May 10, 1984 Mr. Romie Lee Thompson.
May 13, 2004 Mrs. Phyllis Rumford; Mrs. Jane Myers Pinckard.
May 15, 2014 May 14, 1964 Mrs. Sally Moore Hall; Mr. Ira "Pop" Vaughn; Mrs. Amelia Clayton; Mr. George T. Karick.
May 17, 1984 Mrs. Irene Rudd Poe; Mr. Carl Thomas Howard; Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Cain Teegarden; Mr. Bennie Ray Clos; Mrs. Margaret Louise Teegarden; Mrs. Anna Mae Hancock; Infant Daniel Adam Wachter; Mrs. Cora Mae Fryman.
May 20, 2004 Mr. Harold G. Howard.
May 22, 2014 May 21, 1964 Mrs. Cyrus Perry; Mr. Vess Parker; Mr. Glen Curtis Phillips; Mr. Charles W. Hester; Mr. Marcus McClanahan; Mrs. Grace Rankins; Mr. T.E. "Gene" Mains; Mrs. Mary Alice Lane.
May 24, 1984 Mr. Eugene F. Fronk; Mrs. Audrey Askins Henderson; Infant Sarah Elizabeth Carlisle; Mr. Archie Lee Redden; Mrs. Loraine Barnes Moreland.
May 27, 2004 Master Chance Green.
May 29, 2014 May 28, 1964 Mrs. Blanche Galbraith Dryden; Infant Shelton; Mr. Ralph C. Scott; Mr. Charles M. Henize; Mrs. Johanna Hamilton; Mrs. Hallie Burke; Mr. Matthew Mullaney; Mrs. Elizabeth Purdon.
May 31, 1984 Mr. Douglas Bosse; Mrs. Sudie Brooks; Mr. Thomas Lyons; Mr. Clarence E. Beckett.
June 3, 2004 Mr. Curt Wayne Graley, Jr.; Mr. Robert George Perraut.
June 5, 2014 June 4, 1964 Mr. Reynolds R. Mains; Mrs. Margaret McIntyre Patterson; Mrs. E.B. Wiggins; Mr. Claude Wesley Stephens; Holton Infant; Tollner Infant.
June 7, 1984 Mrs. Capitola Mains; Mr. Lovell L. Groves; Mr. Paul S. Galloway; Mr. Charles M. Albrecht.
June 10, 2004 Mr. Amos Raymond Brooks; Mrs. Louise "Lou" Collins Crawford; Mrs. Catherine (Brown) Coburn Shields; Mrs. Thelma Pell Glasscock; Mr. Robert Leon Colemore.
June 12, 2014 June 11, 1964 Mr. James Kinney; Mr. Everett King; Mr. Harry A. Parker.
June 14, 1984 Mr. Leo Stanley Dorn; Mr. Alonzo. C. Berry, Jr.; Mr. Lanny Garrison; Mrs. Alta Taylor Albrecht; Mr. Everett Moford.
June 17, 2004 Mrs. Thelma Pell Glasscock; Mrs. Alma Miller Haley; Ms. Lillian Day Cox Cleaver; Mrs. Deborah Houches Gifford.
June 19, 2014 June 18, 1964 No entries.
June 21, 1984 Mr. Marcus Fury; Miss Hazel B. Jordan; Mrs. Dora Mae Kalb; Mr. Gurney Wilson Moore; Mrs. Eva Elliott; Mrs. Berndette Bach; Mr. Charles W. Moore.
June 24, 2004 Mr. Simon Smith; Mr. Harry "Scottie" Antrobus; Mrs. Delores Ann Castle Rudy.
June 26, 2014 June 25, 1964 Mr. Jed Fraysore; Mrs. Otto Chloe Blades Mardis; Mr. Joseph A. Meyer; Mr. James Roy Weaver; Mrs. Nannie W. Jones.
June 28, 1984 Mr. Maurice L. Collins; Mr. William Edward Lalley.
July 1, 2004 Mr. James William Sellers; Mrs. Amye Mae McDonald Hornback; Mr. William "Bill" Boling.
July 3, 2014 July 3, 1964 Mrs. Mary Cooper Poe; Mr. Arlo J. Taylor; Mr. Morris L. Case; Mr. Clarence Harber; Mrs. Lucy Dwelly Massey; Mr. Martin S. Cornman; Mr. Stanley Applegate; Mr. Henry Darnell; Dr. M.A. Yelton; Mrs. Nellie Mae Sorrells.
July 5, 1984 Mr. Randell Mains; Mrs. Emma Mains; Mr. Robert K. O'Neill; Mr. George Lovell Smith; Mrs. Dorothy Gregory.
July 8, 2004 Mrs. Virginia Hempfling; Mr. Virgues Field; Mr. Don Woodruff.
July 10, 2014 July 9, 1964 Mr. James Alton Workman; Mrs. Amanda Elizabeth Moore Bruist; Mr. John A. Woodhead; Mr. Quincy S. Hill; Mr. William A. Woodward.
July 12, 1984 Mr. William Hammond Scott; Mrs. Sallie Youngman Cooper; Miss Bernice Janet Bush.
July 15, 2004 Mrs. Anna Bernice Cooper Yelton; Mr. Jack R. Braunwart; Mr. Randall Reeves.
July 17, 2014 July 16, 1964 Mrs. Ruth Leavon Parks; Mr. Louis Felheim; Mrs. Carrie Rose Kalb Miley; Mr. Harold R. McClanahan; Mr. M.L. Benson; Mr. Floyd "Bud" Snapp.
July 19, 1984 Mr. George Leland Bay.
July 22, 2004 Mr. Raymond E. Jefferson; Mr. James D. Benedict.
July 24, 2014 July 23, 1964 Mrs. Beulah Hedgecock Holton; Mrs. Beulah Lee Fronk; Mr. Billy Joe Hargett; Bonfield infant; Mr. Carl William Meyer; Mr. William B. Case; Mr. Claude A. Chappel; Rev. Elmo R. Figgins.
July 26, 1984 Mrs. Martha Ann Poage Buchanan; Mr. Everett L. Bishop.
July 29, 2004 Mrs. Sandra Jane Apolloni; Mrs. Kathryn J. Tilton Wilson.
July 31, 2014 July 30, 1964 Mrs. Bertelle Case Haley; Mr. James W. Cummins; Mr. Dora K. Wagoner; Mrs. Rose Marie Cain Williams.
August 2, 1984 Mrs. Molly Gladys Fields Doerfflein; Mrs. Dorothy Wilson; Miss Mable Pumpelly; Mr. Garner McCane; Mr. Donald Leo Finn.
August 5, 2004 Mr. Tyler Ross Hargett; Mrs. Hilda Peed Turner; Mr. Miles L. Hackley; Mr. Ira C. Doyle.
August 7, 2014 August 6, 1964 Mr. John Christian Kalb; Mrs. Gladys Pecola Simms; Mrs. Rosa Meyer White; Mr. George M. Coy; Mrs. Mollie Cummins Taylor.
August 9, 1984 Miss Jennifer Lou Hinson; Mr. Stanley W. Quinlin; Miss Jennifer Eadie.
August 12, 2004 Mrs. Ruth Shofstall Flynn; Mr. Thomas Cooper; Mr. Earl T. Scheek; Mrs. Frances Burns Boyd.
August 14, 2014 August 13, 1964 Mrs. Herman Lail; Mr. Frank M. Daugherty; Rev. John L. Tilton; Mr. Robert J. Massey; Mr. J.L. Norris.
August 16, 1984 Mr. Roland Pell; Mrs. Bernadina Sweeney Miley; Mr. Albert B. (Al) Goehr; Mrs. Laura Belle Claypoole Mofford; Mr. Frank T. Harris; Mr. Wilson Clayton.
August 19, 2004 Mr. Christopher Michael Bloomfield; Mr. Gary W. Moore; Mr. Charles "Rick" Smith; Mrs. Jody Lori Dietrich Bloomfield; Mrs. Ardella June Tucker; Mrs. Helen Louise (Lang) Strange.
August 21, 2014 August 20, 1964 Mrs. Martha Tucker Mitchell; Mr. Herbert Estell; Mrs. Mary Moran; Mr. Hoyt B. Best; Mr. William Lawrence; Miss Margaret McDonald; Mrs. G.H. Fern; Mrs. Doris E. Long; Ingant [sic] Kidwell; Mrs. Virgie Shivley Archibald; Mrs. Elizabeth Hickman Hatfield.
August 23, 1984 Ruark Infant; Mrs. Blanche Ginn Fields; Mr. Roland Thomas Pell.
August 26, 2004 Mrs. Harriet Belle Fuller; Mr. Harry Rodes Kurtz; Mr. James E. May.
August 28, 2014 August 27, 1964 Mrs. Minnie E. Briley; Mr. Charles L. Myers.
August 30, 1984 Mr. Santford T. "Sant" Moore; Mrs. Temple Haley Crawford; Mr. Elmer "Left" Reed; Mr. Eugene Wayne Mullikin.
September 2, 2004 Mrs. Dorothy Lewis Burns; Mr. Allan O. Vice; Mrs. Carrie Free.
September 4, 2014 September 3, 1964 Mrs. Hatie Susan King; Mr. Willard (Brad) S. Bradford; Mr. Peter A. Pfeffer; Mr. Adolphus Marion "Doc" Moyer.
September 6, 1984 Mr. Garner (Mac) McClanahan; Mr. Steve Willard Riley; Mrs. Virgie M. Perry; Mr. Charles Robert Reed; Mr. Goebel B. Bradford; Mr. Eli Fryman; Mrs. Dora Mae Brown; Mr. Eugene Hutchison.
September 9, 2004 Mr. Danny Lee Fogle; Mr. Mark Edward Wayne Arthur; Mrs. Mary Eleanor Cummins; Mr. William Burns; Mr. Garry Lynn Howard.
September 11, 2014 September 10, 1964 Mr. Harlan Beckett; Infant Linda Jane Wagel; Mrs. Gertrude Collins Williams; Mr. John Lewis Buckley; Mr. Charles Mains.
September 13, 1984 no entries.
September 16, 2004 Mrs. Clarice Durban Dean Wagel; Mr. Jarvis Parsley; Mr. Sidney D. Sutherland.
September 18, 2014 September 17, 1964 Mr. Floyd Hull; Goecke Infant; Mr. Walter H. Rankins; Mr. Marshall Hamilton; Mr. Louis Collings; Mrs. Walter Cummins.
September 20, 1984 Mr. William Earl Barrett; Mrs. Carol Holleran Day; Infant Troy Adam Day; Mr. Robert J. Ruf.
September 23, 2004 Mr. Wilburn Reese Monahon; Mr. Gary Sherlock; Mr. James Donald Tibbs; Mrs. Ada Allender Bishop.
September 25, 2014 September 24, 1964 Mr. Bernard Coughlin; Mrs. Nora Belle Dotson Beckett; Infant Timothy Scott Kurtz; Mrs. Edith M. Lear.
September 27, 1984 Master Sgt. James B. Frazier; Mr. John F. "Johnny" Johnson; Mr. Eugene White; Mr. Earl Riley.
September 30, 2004 Mr. Raymond Johnson; Mrs. Ruby R. Moran; Mrs. Anita C. Richey; Mrs. Byna Power Staggs; Mrs. Margaret K. White; Mr. Learning Thomas; Mrs. Glada Wright Finley; Mr. Robert Orme.
October 2, 2014 October 1, 1964 Mr. Clarence A. Galloway; Mrs. Ethel M. Irvine; Mrs. Julia Wenz McEdfresh; Mrs. John Wallace, Sr.; Mrs. Ella Gertrude O'Connell.
October 4, 1984 Mrs. Jualda Jett Chamberlin; Mrs. Garnette Hedges Power; Miss Lucy Workman; Mr. Mike Collins.
October 7, 2004 Mr. Leland Roscoe Antrobus; Mrs. Naomi K. Anderson; Mrs. Josephine H. Bradford; Mrs. Ann Irvin Berry.
October 9, 2014 October 8, 1964 Mrs. Elsie B. Thomas; Mr. Harvey Wood Tucker; Mr. Edward (Peabody) Maddox; Mr. John Grainer; Mr. Charles T. O'Neill.
October 11, 1984 Mr. Steven Earl Perkins; Mr. Forest Gaylen Nickoson; Mr. George Fields; Mr. Charles Edward Hedgecock.
October 14, 2004 Mrs. Betty Ruth Fields; Mrs. Annabel Gantley McNamara; Mrs. Lillian Jo Anne Travis; Mr. Norman Monroe Zeidler.
October 16, 2014 October 15, 1964 Mr. Berlin S. Clift; Mr. Herschel Gragston; Mrs. Beryl Hamilton Meyer.
October 18, 1984 Mrs. Peggy Bay Messmer; Mrs. Frederica Browning Edwards; Mrs. Alvina McClanahan; Mr. Charles Martin.
October 21, 2004 Mrs. Edna Loraine Lenox Parker; Mr. Everett Lee Egnew; Mr. David Ridner; Mr. Ralph Earl Moore.
October 23, 2014 October 22, 1964 Mrs. Sarah A. Curtis; Mrs. Georgia Kay Harper Gleason; Mrs. Bertha Holton Dean; Mr. Lytle Metcalf (Mike) Poage; Mrs. Delia O'Brien Carrigan; Mrs. Callie Peed; Mrs. Carrie Bradford O'Brien; Mr. George W. Bosse; Mr. Carl Cummins.
October 25, 1984 Mr. Willie W. (Bill) Lucas; Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Reeves; Mrs. Nancy Elizabeth Browning Kennedy; Mr. Emmitt T. Yates; Mrs. Dorothy Gibson.
October 28, 2004 Mr. Gregory Thomas Carl; Mr. Noah V. "Jack" Reed; Mr. Louis W. Holman; Mrs. Ruth Gabriel Cummins; Mr. O.C. Fulton; Mr. James Newton Perkins.
October 30, 2014 October 29, 1964 Mr. Jesse J. Moore; Mr. Fred Marquet; Mrs. Stella Donovan; Mrs. Kate Cracraft; Mr. Grant Courtney; Mr. Southa Porter Dennis; Mrs. Mary Margaret King; Mr. Clarence Fossitt; Mrs. Elizabeth Kabler Insko.
November 1, 1984 Mr. Leo Allen (Johnny) Day; Mr. Earl Ray Fardo; Miss Mary Elizabeth Stairs; Mrs. Lucille Moorhead Haley.
November 4, 2004 Mr. Clinton Kevill Woods; Mr. Roy Barrett Griffith, Sr.; Mrs. Elizabeth Jean Hord; Mrs. Helen Gerling Hause; Mrs. Edna Mae Coleman Aulick.
November 6, 2014 November 5, 1964 Mrs. Rosa Ott Poe; Mr. Ward Rice; Mr. Arthur C. Lenox; Mr. Albert T. Jett; Rev. S.J. Bradley; Mr. William Lang; Mr. Disher McDowell; Mr. Carl Cummins; Mrs. Bertha M. Welch; Mrs. Grace K. Lane.
November 8, 1984 Mr. Robert William Tabelin; Mrs. Louise Buser Pease; Mrs. Nellie Hamilton.
November 11, 2004 Mrs. Beulah Mae Metzger Egnew; Mrs. Jane T. Swartz.
November 13, 2014 November 12, 1964 Mr. Harry Argus, Jr.; Mr. Joseph Argus, Jr.; Mr. Lostus Day.
November 15, 1984 Mr. Gary Lee McCane; Mr. Charles Sellers; Mr. Eugene Jargett; Mr. Thurman Woodward; Mr. Lem Sharp; Mrs. Jeanetta Fogle Hampton.
November 18, 2004 Mr. Thomas Randolph McClanahan; Mrs. Freda Allen White Buerkley; Mrs. Helen Louise Haley.
November 20, 2014 November 19, 1964 Mr. Orville McDowell; Mr. Walter W. Minter; Mrs. Bertha Huston.
November 22, 1984 Mr. Will King; Miss Loree Hagen; Mrs. Louella Christine Pabst.
November 25, 2004 Mr. Rollie Albert Jordan; Mr. Bruse Henry Tabb; Dr. Charles Earle Whitehead; Mr. Manning "Tim" Wells.
November 27, 2014 November 26, 1964 Mr. B.F. Price; Mr. Albet Kennard; Mr. Robert K. Claypool; Dr. H.L. Donovan; Mr. Ancel P. Hampton.
November 29, 1984 Mr. Thomas Cann; Mr. L.A. Thompson; Mr. Hervey L. Hinson; Mr. George W. Telford.
December 2, 2004 Mrs. Lela C. Todd Walton; Mrs. Naomi Jett Chaney; Mrs. Mary Florence Moran Taylor McNay.
December 4, 2014 December 3, 1964 Mrs. Emma E. Quick; Mr. Charles Lewis Konkright; Mr. John B. Carman; Miss Ross Hickman; Miss Mary Kay Jenkins.
December 6, 1984 Mrs. Nettie Fields; Mr. Charles (Mike) Hook; Mr. John Garrett Pabbst; Mr. Robert Putman.
December 9, 2004 Mr. Justin Page Smith; Mrs. Wilma Louise Schweickert Tabb; Mrs. Mary Charlotte Dodson Sledd; Mrs. Linda Ruth Norris.
December 11, 2014 December 10, 1964 Mr. Wallace Cisco Hayes; Mrs. Martha Penn; Mrs. Edith Workman; Mr. Nathan B. Hale; Miss Jessie Oldham; Mr. Floyd Brooksbank, Sr.
December 13, 1984 Mr. Bert Hamilton; Mr. W.B. "Bert" Collins.
December 16, 2004 Mr. Robert Allen Wood; Miss Eva Jewel Beckett; Mr. Wallace E. Bishop; Mrs. Harriet Martina Ingles Courtney.
December 18, 2014 December 17, 1964 Mr. Alva Leslie Barker; Mrs. Blanche Hargett; Mr. Oscar R. Boothe; Mr. John Charles Yancey.
December 20, 1984 Mr. Buford Cox; Miss Hazel E. Flannery; Mr. Frank Dennis O'Brien; Mr. James Federer.
December 23, 2004 Mrs. Mary Elizabeth "Libby" King; Mr. John Franklin McKinney; Mr. Harry Clinton Chinn; Mrs. Virginia Katherine Hause; Mrs. Gladys Coleman Poe; Mr. William Keith "Billy" Godman; Mr. Gary Fields.
December 25, 2014 December 24, 1964 Mr. Ollie Henson; Mrs. Neppie Willams [sic] Pollock; Mrs. Birtie H. Fields; Infant Glascock; Mr. James McConnell.
December 27, 1984 no names.
December 30, 2004 Mr. Gregory S. "Scrap Iron" Doyle; Mrs. Lillian Hedgecock Brand; Mr. Carl Wayne Coy; Mr. Raymond Thomas Bishop; Mrs. Gladys Coleman Poe; Ms. Mary Louise Lang.

2013 Editions

'Files' Edition Original Edition Names In Obituaries
January 3, 2013 January 3, 1963 Mrs. Elizabeth Riley; Miss Mary Sharon Flannery; Mrs. Johannah Barnett Wood; Mrs. Millie Hull Kurtz.
January 6, 1983 Mr. Frank Andrew Quinlan; Mrs. Jane Henderson Teegarden; Mrs. Carrie C. Field; Mrs. Selba Jett Haley; Mrs. Edith Faye Lewis; Mr. Robert Gerald Polley.
January 9, 2003 Mrs. Alma (Naugie) Hedges; Mr. Jack Stewart Cracraft; Mrs. Etta Mae Moneyhon; Mr. Edwin Malcolm "Eddie" McDowell.
January 10, 2013 January 10, 1963 Mrs. Lena Lilly Galbraith; Mrs. Ella Kerr; Mrs. May Walton Routt; Mrs. Florence Craig Allen; Mr. Ebb Shearer; Mrs. Mary Lou Ward; Mr. Thomas Smarr.
January 13, 1983 Mr. Orel West; Mrs. Donna Jean Adams; Mr. Rector Chinn; Mr. Clarence W. (Bud) Berry; Mrs. Evelyn Happe Cummins; Mrs. Joanne Watson Breeze.
January 16, 2003 Mrs. Ida Mae (Cooper) Lytle; Ms. Charlotte Lynrose Jefferson Beckett.
January 17, 2013 January 17, 1963 Mr. Robert H. Hochum; Mr. Eligah L. Wilson; Mrs. Lucy Godby; Miss Zida Grover; Mr. Charles R. Jacob.
January 20, 1983 Mr. Elmo Morrison; Mr. Maurice Dwyer; Mrs. Betty Rossman; Mrs. Evelyn Happe Cummins.
January 23, 2003 Mr. Hansford T. Moyer; Mr. William "Joe" Bare; Mr. Fred C. Moore, Jr.
January 24, 2013 January 24, 1963 Mrs. Florence McAtee Winter; Mrs. W.J. Mains; Infant Christopher Joseph Gibson; Mr. Ralph Wells; Mrs. Bertha Estelle Neider Reynolds; Mrs. Eliza Sparks Jett; Mrs. Rachael Gaines Waterman; Mr. John Payne "Short" Teegarden; Mr. Ernest Reed; Mrs. Mattie Strausbaugh Mitchell.
January 27, 1983 Mr. Tom Lynn Thomas; Mr. Richard Clinton Gallagher; Mr. George E. Dummit; Infant James Braadley England; Mrs. Marie C. Helvey.
January 30, 2003 Mrs. Elise May (Mofford) Perkins; Mrs. Lorraine Browning; Mr. Bennie R. Cracraft; Ms. Lila F. Brettschneider; Mrs. Emogene (King) Percell; Mrs. Hallie Johnson Coleman.
January 31, 2013 January 31, 1963 Mrs. Docia Blades Brown; Mrs. Lillie Catherine Winter Ware; Mrs. Mamie Purcell Ball; Mr. Howard Daniels; Mrs. Carrie Davis Grimes.
February 3, 1983 Mr. Everette K. Mullikin; Mr. Harvey G. Trammell; Mr. Frederick W. Winter; Mrs. Lena Weber.
February 6, 2003 Mrs. Elenora Lucas Miley; Ms. Sharyn L. Baber; Miss Bonnie Jean Clifford; Mrs. Alma B. Hill.
February 7, 2013 February 7, 1963 Mrs. Mary "Mayme" Lundregan; Mrs. Lewis F. Wright; Mrs. Blanche Haley Fox; Mrs. Iva Wilson Kearns; Perkins Infant; Miss Lucy Signal; Mrs. Lutie Washburn Fronk; Mr. Thomas M. Flannigan; Miss June Burns; Infant Sharon L. Lawson; Mrs. Wiley Hargett Haley; Mrs. Floyd Taylor; Mr. James William Hook.
February 10, 1983 --
February 13, 2003 Mrs. Rhoda Mae "Sally" Johnson; Mr. Stanley Ray "Pete" Brierly; Mr. Albert Lawrence Woodruff.
February 14, 2013 February 14, 1963 Mr. Elmer Thomas Lach; Mr. Charles F. Stamm; Mr. Willard Omar "Monkey" Combess; Miss Nora Gilligan; Mr. Elmer F. Worthington.
February 17, 1983 Mrs. Margaret Houston Morford; Mr. Charles L. Adams; Mr. Robert Mains; Mr. Samuel P. Cooper.
February 20, 2003 Mrs. Cecilia Coughlin Case; Mrs. Helen Louise Brewer Geimeier.
February 21, 2013 February 21, 1963 Mr. Joseph Carriagan; Mrs. Elizabeth Armstrong; Mr. Vannie Elmo Haley; Mr. Fred Groves; Mr. Leslie Reed; Mrs. Dora Ward; Mrs. Essie Clark Fleeman; Mr. Charles McGee.
February 24, 1983 Mr. Arthur Jones; Mr. Kenneth W. Metzger; Mr. John C. Fair, Sr.; Mr. H. Samuel Tatman; Mr. Giles C. Parsons; Mrs. Caldwell.
February 27, 2003 Mrs. Deborah Lynn Florence Gregg.
February 28, 2013 February 28, 1963 Mr. William H. Cline; Mrs. Margaret Gallagher Carpenter; Mr. William Kabler; Mrs. Ruie Christine Perkins Smith; Mr. John R. Brewer; Mrs. Nora Thomson Snapp; Mrs. Louis Dugan; Mr. John Perry Clark; Mr. Ray L. Varner.
March 3, 1983 Mr. Beryl "Wink" Moore; Mrs. Virginia Kalb Maitland; Mrs. Naomi Steiback Cooper; Mr. Larry Gene Linville.
March 6, 2003 Mrs. Nettie Birginia Poage Buser; Mrs. Mattie Workman Wilson; Mrs. Elsie Mae Biddle; Mr. Charles L. Bruin; Mr. Eugene K. Wilson
March 7, 2013 March 7, 1963 Mr. Roscoe Workman; Mr. Daniel C. McMath; Mrs. Edna Mastin; Mrs. Cleo Pickrell Thornsbury; Mr. Richard William Sheehy; Mr. Bennett McClanahan; Mrs. Mary C. Ware.
March 10, 1983 Mrs. Dora Elizabeth Mingua; Mrs. Pearl Mae Dennie; Mr. Joe Jett.
March 13, 2003 Mrs. Margaret Watson Haley; Mr. Orville Timothy Shields.
March 14, 2013 March 14, 1963 Mr. James P. Puccini; Mr. Jesse C. Thomas; Mr. Loy Raymond Moyer; Mrs. Hattie Shields McKenzie; Mrs. Clarine Buckler Frederick; Mrs. Bertha Jones Harber; Mr. Charles Sigmund Federer; Mrs. Ethel Hawkins; Mrs. Florence Munzing Osborne; Mrs. Ora P. Dailey; Mrs. Betty Bentley; Mrs. Ella McDowell.
March 17, 1983 Mr. Roy Lach; Miss Lizzie Fleeman; Mr. Hervey Gragston; Mr. Albert L. Niswonger; Mrs. Dessie Smitson Welte; Mr. Carl W. Browning; Mr. Paul Norris.
March 20, 2003 Mr. Clyde Oliver Allender; Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Powell; Mr. Orville Timothy Shields; Mr. Aaron Jay Rumford; Ms. Helen Beatrice Poe; Mr. Frank L. Carrigan.
March 21, 2013 March 21, 1963 Mrs. Catherine Bane; Mr. Burdette Case; Mr. C.E. Hedges; Mr. Thomas Rinehart; Mrs. Irene Wood Fehr; Mrs. Harriett Jones; Mr. Carl W. England; Mrs. Bertha Utter.
March 24, 1983 Mrs. Minnie Ellen Thompson; Mr. Leslie Gifford; Mr. Allen Craig Robertson; Mrs. Hildreth Woodward: Mr. Walter Blades.
March 27, 2003 Mr. John J. Massey; Mrs. Betty Ruth Elliott; Mrs. Alta Frances (Sharp) Harrison Fryman.
March 28, 2013 March 28, 1963 Mrs. Carrie Franklin Miller Meyer; Mrs. Maude Helvey; Mr. Joseph "Freeman" Todd.
March 31, 1983 Mrs. Gladys Marie Maddox; Mrs. Hildreth Casey Woodward; Mr. Henry "Jake" Hiles; Mr. Walter L. Blades; Mr. Carl W. Browning.
April 4, 2003 Mrs. Mary Mae (Fleeman) Elrod; Mrs. Florence Lyons Hill; Master Parker Wade Six;p Mr. Tony Anderson.
April 4, 2013 March 28, 1963 Mrs. Carrie Franklin Miller Meyer; Mrs. Maude Helvey; Mr. Joseph "Freeman" Todd.
April 7, 1983 Mr. Walter Thurman Clayton; Mr. Reynolds Hancock; Mr. Paul Maloney; Mr. Robert LaRue Case.
April 10, 2003 Mrs. Valeria Jean Tucker Bell; Mr. Henry S. Douglas; Mrs. Bessie (Hargett) Smith; Mr. Walter Olan Sexton; Mrs. Anna F. "Frankie" (McCane) Hunt; Mr. Terrence "Red" Hastings; Mrs. Marjorie Lee (Moran) England.
April 11, 2013 April 11, 1963 Infant Twins, Howard Moore and Denise Ann Moore; Mr. D.L. Woodward; Mrs. Jacob Kelsch; Mr. Walter Sharpe; Mr. Carl Ernest; Mr. Donald Barnes; Mr. Eugene F. Morris.
April 14, 1983 Mr. Augustus Robbins, Jr.; Mr. Elijah P. Galloway; Mr. Amos A. Pumpelly.
April 17, 2003 Mrs. Betty E. (England) Moore; Mr. Lee Roy Whalen.
April 18, 2013 April 18, 1963 Mr. Edgar Wagoner; Mr. Henry Hood; Mr. E.W. Bowman; Mrs. Gertie Wilson; Mrs. Emma Kate Fronk Lee; Mrs. Eslie Zimmerman Collins; Mr. Cleveland Smith.
April 21, 1983 Mrs. Patricia Courtney; Mr. Cecil Struve; Mr. William Woodrow McElfresh; Mr. Hamilton W. Bratton; Mr. Earl R. Cummins; Mrs. Magilee McVey Vravard; Mr. Jesse Ware.
April 24, 2003 Mrs. Betty Jean Story Hamilton; Mr. Robert Edward Moyer; Mrs. Mary Miller Strode; Mrs. Mary Margaret "Margie" Brannon; Mrs. Louise Doyle Prather; MRs. Katherine Eleanor (Galloway) Hedges.
April 25, 2013 April 25, 1963 Mrs. Catherine Thompson Carlisle; Mr. Charles Turner; Mr. Lee Lander Mingue; Infant Hamilton; Mr. Albert J. Galloway; Mr. Grover C. Smith.
April 28, 1983 Mr. Stanley Gordon "Paddle" Moore.
May 1, 2003 Mrs. Ica D. Bush; Mrs. Mildred Poe; Mrs. Kathleen Moore Hamilton; Mr. Sable Kitchen; Mrs. Marjorie Cablish Pendleton.
May 2, 2013 May 2, 1963 Mr. Arthur Dietz; Mr. Frank Hiles; Mrs. Mattie Burns; Mr. Bruce T. Dillon; Mr. Earl Charles; Mrs. Vera Markley Brockman.
May 5, 1983 Mrs. Ann Elizabeth Collins; Mr. Frank P. Litzinger, Sr.
May 8, 2003 Mr. Lester Gordon Landreth; Mrs. Frances Louise Ellis; Miss Heather Marie Hawthorne; Mr. Allen L. Bolden.
May 9, 2013 May 9, 1963 Mr. John D. Disher; Mrs. Lyna Dillon Buckner; Mr. Thomas "Tom" Reed; Mr. John Sherman Kidder; Mr. Charles F. List; Mr. Jerry Hamilton; Mrs. Maymah Disque; Mr. Earl Hicks Moyer; Mrs. E.E. Davis; Mr. William L. Merrill.
May 12, 1983 Infant Eric Stephen Carlisle; Mr. Wilson Fry; Mr. Walter Webber; Mr. N.A. Turner.
May 15, 2003 Mr. Clark D. "Hoss" Ford; Mr. Charles Allen "Frizz" King; Mrs. Margaret E. Cross; Mrs. Stella Lee Hitt Browning; Mrs. Mary Frances Mullikin; Mr. Welborn Henson, Jr.; Mr. Kervin Brindley.
May 16, 2013 May 16, 1963 Mr. Robert Franklin McDowell; Mrs. Mary Ann "Mayme" Hall; Mrs. Lucille Weiss Tollner; Miss Augusta "Gussie" Palmer; Mr. Harvey Lee "Pete" White; Mrs. Lena Record; Infant Gary Stephen Cooper.
May 19, 1983 Mrs. Laura Phoebe Ellis; Mr. Charles H. Appelman; 1st Lt. James Lynn Buchanan.
May 22, 2003 Mr. Willis Trent; Mrs. Delores Mae Buckner; Mrs. Isabella Cox; Infant Chandler Maloney; Mr. Billy Ray Duzan; Mrs. Wilma D. Weissmann; Ms. Frances Reed; Mr. Kenneth Ridner.
May 23, 2013 May 23, 1963 Mrs. Opal Cordra Klee; Mr. Hugh Hunter.
May 26, 1983 Mr. Victor Dilligan; Mrs. Marguerite H. Reed; Mr. Carl England.
May 29, 2003 Mr. Eugene Wallin Feagan; Mrs. Shirley Woods McKinley; Mr. Kenneth Lee Ridner; Ms. Etta Jeanne McCloud; Mrs. Clara Barnett Wilson; Mr. Leland Del Jennett; Mrs. Marie Williams Franklin; Mrs. Stella "Irene" Riley.
May 30, 2013 May 30, 1963 Mrs. Maatilda Fagan; Mr. James Daveson Watson; Mt. Rev. Msgr. Edward Leinheuser; Infant John David Tollner; Mr. Arthur Brough Howard; Mr. Henry Martin Schadle; Mr. Thomas Frederick Appleman; Mrs. Sarah Frances Harber.
June 2, 1983 Mrs. Zelma McDowell Cooper; Mr. Quentin Butler; Mr. Ben B. Smith; Mr. Harlan Mastin.
June 5, 2003 Bedford W. "Buck" Smith; Mrs. Mattie Tolle Dotson.
June 6, 2013 June 6, 1963 Mr. Leslie Albert Bradbury.
June 9, 1983 Miss Lois Ann O'Brien.
June 12, 2003 Mrs. Margaret Reed McClanahan; Ms. Betty Beamon; Mr. George Ray Fegan; Mr. Stephen Ray Cann; Mrs. Jewell Moorhead.
June 13, 2013 June 13, 1963 Mr. Samuel E. Hause; Mrs. Etta Johnson Field.
June 16, 1983 Mr. Carl Linville.
June 19, 2003 Mr. Joe Lee Cottey; Mr. Delphin William Ruark; Ms. Kathleen Virginia (Kitty) Barnard.
June 20, 2013 June 20, 1963 Mr. Floyd White; Mrs. Betty Linville Thaxton; Mrs. Rose Ballingter; Infant Teri Vonne Jones; Mr. Albert Tolle.
June 23, 1983 Mrs. Lydia Hamilton; Mr. Gilbert Tarvin Cracraft; Mrs. Loraine Thompson.
June 26, 2003 Mr. Howard Fraysure; Mrs. Kay Palmer Sharp.
June 27, 2013 June 27, 1963 Mr. Finnell L. Fields; Mr. Adrian C. Tarr; Mr. Carroll Wayne Burns; Mr. Arthur Brough Howard; Mrs. Lillie Elliot Insko; Mrs. Effie Redden Blackerby; Mrs. Bess Dannahe.
June 30, 1983 Mr. James Lynn Hargett; Mr. Earl Linville; Mr. Donald Sinn (Donnie) Hogle, Jr.; Mrs. Hattie Lee Meyer.
July 3, 2003 Rev. David Emmet Kirk; Mrs. Alberta L. (Meyer) Schellenberger; Mr. Otis Ritchie.
July 4, 2013 July 4, 1963 Mrs. Marie Faldwin; Mrs. Nancy French.
July 7, 1983 Mr. James Lynn Hargett; Mr. Charlie Joe Thaxton; Mr. Evie L. Ramsey.
July 10, 2003 Mr. Patrick Alan Habermehl; Mrs. Geraldine "Gerry" Boots Hull; Mr. Shelby H. Frye.
July 11, 2013 July 11, 1963 Mr. William Tom Fralix; Mr. Ernest S. Fields; Mr. Frank Teegarden; Mr. George Meyer; Mrs. Vada Tarr Haley; Mrs. Nora Adams Ashcraft.
July 14, 1983 Mrs. Mary F. Deadmond; Mrs. Gladys Irene Gibson; Mrs. Anna Gertrude Scheek.
July 17, 2003 Mr. Billy T. King; Mrs. Feddie Margaret Naugle; Miss Evelyn Allen.
July 18, 2013 July 18, 1963 Mr. Robert G. Bradley; Mrs. Vada Tarr Haley; Mrs. Catherine Moore Pickrell; Mr. John D. O'Connor.
July 21, 1983 Mrs. Mildred Insko Monson; Mrs. Virgie Insko Wood; Mrs. Burdetta King Woodward; Mr. H. Staton Colvin; Mr. Virgil Bravard; Mr. Dewey Cummins.
July 24, 2003 Mrs. Thelma C. Habermehl; Mrs. Edith Eugenia "Dena" Moore; Mr. Lawrence "Leo" Black; Mrs. Anna Louise Smitson Poe Menz; Mr. James Carlos "Nick" Golden.
July 25, 2013 July 25, 1963 Mr. Brooks A. Hall; Mrs. Lilly Jones.
July 28, 1983 Mr. John T. Wilson.
July 31, 2003 Bro. Virgil Conley; Mrs. Sherri Prather Jones; Mr. Randolf Fannin.
August 1, 2013 August 1, 1963 Mrs. Charles S. Federer; Mrs. Raymond McNutt; Mrs. Minnie Poe Schiltz; Mrs. Lynda Jones Galbraith; Mr. Henry Franklin Konkright; Mrs. Sudie DeBlurer Bruin; Mrs. Grace Burris Cline.
August 4, 1983 Mr. Gregory Howard Cummins; Mr. Wilbern Ruf, Jr.; Mrs. Lucille Dennie Palmer.
August 7, 2003 Mr. Eugene H. Quilin; Ms. Betty Louise Kelly; Mrs. Julia Mae McCraw; Mr. Richard "Dick" Feagan; Mrs. Beatrice (Insko) White.
August 8, 2013 August 1, 1963 Mr. George "Bush" Lyle; Rev. R.C. Goldsmith; Mr. Robert D. Paul; Mrs. Kathryn Mae Eaton.
August 11, 1983 Mr. Ernest A. Haley; Mr. Alex Schluster; Mr. Alfred H. Litzinger.
August 14, 2003 Mrs. Mary "Sis" England; Mrs. Anna Frances Humphrey.
August 15, 2013 August 15, 1963 Mr. Clyde Askin; Mrs. Fannie Nelson Barrett.
August 18, 1983 Mr. Leo King; Mr. Elmo T. Naugle.
August 21, 2003 Mrs. Olga Welte; Mr. Lonnie Browning; Mrs. Geneva Agnes Tarr Hedges Hopkins; Mr. Donald "Don" Robinson; Mrs. Lorraine M. Hopkins; Mrs. Mabel Imogene Colvin Moloney.
August 22, 2013 August 22, 1963 Mr. Tom Golden; Mr. Charles Demaree Wright; Mr. George Meyer; Miss Florence Parker; Mrs. Nettie Powell.
August 25, 1983 Mrs. Myrtle Clos; Mrs. Louretta Marshall; Mrs. Elizabeth (Libby) Connor.
August 28, 2003 Mr. Thomas Leo Appelman, Sr.; Mrs. Helen Jefferson Gifford; Mr. Donald Earl Fields; Mr. Selvey Clayton Mullikin; Ms. Geraldine McGeorge; Mr. Everett Hilterbrand.
August 29, 2013
August 29, 1963 Mr. C. Allen Moorhead; Mr. Henry S. Malloy; Mrs. Stella Mason; Mrs. Wallace Crawford.
September 1, 1983 Mr. J.B. Stroud; Mr. Howard A. Haley; Mrs. Myrtle Welsh Teegarden.
September 4, 2003 Mr. Ray Gordon Edwards; Mrs. Jo Anne Smith; Mr. Charles Raymond Campbell.
September 5, 2013 September 5, 1963 No obituaries listed.
September 8, 1983 Mrs. Helen King Bess; Mr. William Bonfield; Mr. James Harrison Ellis.
September 11, 2003 No obituaries listed.
September 12, 2013 September 12, 1963 Mr. Randall Thomas; Mrs. Eva Knoedler.
September 15, 1983 Rev. James H. Kelsch; Mr. Terry L. Collins; Mrs. Hilda Booshers Lundragin; Mr. Glenn E. Dixon; Mrs. Norma Meyers Miller; Mr. Clyde F. Ruf; Mr. Judar Rumford.
September 18, 2003 Mr. Norman Hobbs (Toad) Bold; Mrs. Erma Wenz; Mr. Arlie Wyatt, Jr.; Mr. William Russell "Rus" Linville; Mr. Elbert Damon Whitaker.
September 19, 2013 September 19, 1963 Mr. Robert Ogden; Mrs. Ollie B. Snapp Burton; Mr. George "Cap" Wagner.
September 22, 1983 Mr. Ben Jones; Mr. Henry Corlis Fronk; Mrs. Lillian Justine Tyree; Mrs. Flossie Moore.
September 25, 2003 Mrs. Edith Workman Brown; Mrs. Anna L. Kiskaden; Mr. Demaree "Kinddy" Linville.
September 26, 2013 September 26, 1963 Mr. Harry Bratton; Mrs. Sallie W. Graybill; Mrs. Lina Younger; Mrs. Sallie Dryden Louderback.
September 29, 1983 Mr. Thomas Edward Teegarden; Mr. H. Stanley Blake.
October 2, 2003 Mrs. Ruby M. Norris; Mrs. Vida M. Florence; Mrs. Louise Hinson; Mr. Reynolds Bell; Mr. Raymond G. "Ray" Prince.
October 3, 2013 October 3, 1963 Mr. James W. Clark; Mrs. Sallie Baynum; Mr. Gus W. Woods; Mrs. Anna Gallagher.
October 6, 1983 Mrs. Virginia Perkins Miller; Mrs. Louise Johncox; Miss Leisetta Brodt; Mrs. Louise Hillard Fryman.
October 9, 2003 Mrs. JoAnn Moran Riley; Mr. Charles F. Doll, Sr.
October 10, 2013 October 10, 1963 Mrs. Audrey Galbraith England; Mr. Thomas Cleveland Smith; Mr. McKee Pepper; Mrs. Atena French Honican; Mrs. Elsie Wagner; Mr. Thomas Florer.
October 13, 1983 Mr. Eugene Moore; Mr. Joseph Harlan Groves; Mr. Hubert Lee Hampton; Mrs. Chloe Carl; Mr. E.T. Grigson; Mrs. Maude Hedges; Mr. Fred Dorn; Mrs. May Eals Mastin.
October 16, 2003 Mr. Clifford Jarod Traylor; Mr. Paul J. Balash, Sr.; Mrs. Eula Weissman; Mrs. Betty Trisler; Mrs. Agnes Gertrude Starr; Mr. Robert Danield, Sr.; Mrs. Helen Nelson.
October 17, 2013 October 17, 1963 No obituaries listed.
October 20, 1983 Mrs. Betsy Corlis; Mr. Richard L. Bell; Mr. Boyd W. Mahan.
October 23, 2003 Mr. Charles Robert Hamilton; Mr. Arlie Teegarden; Mr. William Levin Berry; Mr. John Henry Scheek.
October 24, 2013 October 24, 1963 Mr. Howard S. Paynter; Mrs. Sallie Mack Houston Paul; Mr. Paul Nower; Mrs. Lovelace Berry Sims; Miss Janice Gail Tompson.
October 27, 1983 Mrs. Gertrude A. Gibson; Mrs. Lucille Pell Mains; Mrs. Virginia Lee Case Hampton; Mrs. Maggie Bose Moore; Mr. Clem Gilbert Slack; Mrs. Betsy Houston Corlis; Mrs. Kathleen B. Carter.
October 30, 2003 Ms. Joyce Hogle; Mr. Mark Craycraft; Ms. Edna Atherton Lippert; Mrs. Genevieve F. Daniel; Infant Deveroe Edward French.
October 31, 2013 October 31, 1963 Mrs. Matilda Sharp; Mr. Henry Moyer; Mrs. fannie Best Davis.
November 3, 1983 Mr. Harry (Shot) Workman.
November 6, 2003 Mr. Robert Meenach; Mr. Elmer F. "Goose" Mers; Mrs. Gladys Marion (Daniels) Yates; Mrs. Hallie Darnell Martin.
November 7, 2013 November 7, 1963 Mr. Andrews Johnston Mastin; Mrs. Anna Pepper Woodward; Mrs. Bessie Lee Orme; Mr. Walter Bryant; Mr. Shirley Hutchison; Mrs. Anna L. Griffith; Mrs. Grace Cooper; Mr. Frank Egnew; Mr. Stanley E. Moreland; Mr. John Elbert Tatman; Mr. Garrett McDowell; Mr. Thomas Henry Gordley; Mrs. Orlina C. Farley.
November 10, 1983 Mrs. Retta Lee Black Perkins; Mrs. Judith Lloyd Browning; Fields Infant.
November 13, 2003 Mr. Charles E. Browning.
November 14, 2013 November 14, 1963 Mr. L.V. Marks; Mr. Milton Adamson; Mrs. Mellie Wesley; Mr. John J. Dice; Mrs. Della Teegarden; Mrs. Elizabeth C. Massey; Mrs. Hattie Ross; Mr. W.D. Hanson; Mrs. Micie Kinney.
November 17, 1983 Mr. John Morgan Hiles, Jr.; Miss Ellen A. Fulton; Mr. Floyd Workman.
November 20, 2003 Mrs. Linnie White; Mrs. Deborah Kay Vance; Mr. Harold Mains; Mr. Edward Joseph Reynolds; Mr. James Gerald "Jad" Linville; Ms. Roberta (Coughlin) Quigley; Mrs. Louise Riickert, Mr.. Nolan L. Myers.
November 21, 2013 November 21, 1963 Mrs. Mary Elizabeth "Ollie" Wiggins; Mr. Charles McCarty; Mr. Albert J. Hatterick; Mrs. Garnett Courtney.
November 24, 1983 Mrs. Mollie Hester; Mrs. Hester Boothe; Mr. Charles Edward Smith.
November 27, 2003 Mr. Lawrence "Shorty" Moorhead; Mr. George T. Cummins; Ms. Marcelyne (Hitt) Altimari; Mrs. Hazel Allender; Mrs. Patsy Louise Ramsey; Mr. Eddie Ogden Adams.
November 28, 2013 November 28, 1963 Mr. Arnold Case; Mrs. Anna Margaret Hudson; Mr. George Louis "Mike" Insko; Mrs. Leonard S. May.
December 1, 1983 Mr. Taylor Asbury Brooks; Mr. William Henry Massey; Mrs. Bertha King; Mrs. Mable Martin; Mr. Roland A. Browning; Mrs. Lucille Tabb Flora.
December 4, 2003 Mrs. Mable (Monahon) Schweickart; Mr. Shirley Ellis Shepherd; Mrs. Alta Josephine Meyer Wolfe; Mr. Allen Eugene "Gene" Lawrence; Mrs. Minnie Mae Hedges Park; Mrs. Helen Deane Galbraith; Mr. Wilmer Lee "Buddy" Fields; Mr. James "Jim" Edward McGee; Mr. Earl Woodson Howard; Mr. Edgar Thomas "E.T." Gaunce, Jr.
December 5, 2013 December 5, 1963 Mr. John A. Frederick; Mr. Rex Parker; Mrs. Frances Tungate; Mr. Duane Carpenter Tolle; Mr. Millard Calvin Ward; Mrs. Georgia Messersmith Curtis.
December 8, 1983 Mrs. Esther Steg Taylor; Mr. John Richard (Dickie) Meyer; Mr. James E. Ross.
December 11, 2003 Mr. Clarence Bauer; Mr. John Charles Wesley Hinton; Mr. Robert D. Williams; Mrs. Kimberly Kay (Doyle) Cooper.
December 12, 2013 December 12, 1963 Mr. Roscoe Hardy; Mr. Philip H. Turner; Mr. Teddy Snapp; Mrs. Flora Davis Reed; Mr. Charles Hester; Mr. Joseph R. Mains; Rev. Wesley E. Jett; Mrs. Lydia Johnson Laycock; Mr. William M. Maybrier; Mr. Elmer N. Beckett.
December 15, 1983 Mrs. Vernia Herrington Applegate; Mr. Rexall (Rex) Weatherington; Mrs. Bertha Workman Haley; Mr. Wilbern Ruf; Mrs. Jewell Dean Lucas.
December 18, 2003 Mrs. Ruby Geneva Henderson Tollner; Mr. Andrew Welte; Mrs. Alma Pauline Overley Clinger.
December 19, 2013 December 19, 1963 Mrs. Ida B. Kaucher; Mr. Thoms Waits; Mrs. Lizzie Mains Meyer Daniels; Mrs. Sallie Henderson Rye; Mrs. Hilda Orme Moore; Miss Ida Bauer; Mrs. Bridget Mains; Mr. Charles W. Jennings.
December 22, 1983 Mrs. Loraine Workman Insko; Mr. Clyde S. Day; Mr. Garnet Teegarden.
December 25, 2003 Mr. Adrian Dean West; Mrs. Lona (Smith) McCormick; Mrs. Bonnie McCann; Mrs. Christone Marie Fields; Rev. Gracie Bibb Moore.
December 26, 2013 December 26, 1963 Mrs. Frazier Massey; Mr. Alfred David Hughes; Mr. John W. Monson; Mr. William C. Johnson; Mr. Glenn E. Ormes.
December 29, 1983 Mr. John Franklin Faulkner; Mr. William M. Scott; Mrs. Margaret Meyer.
January 1, 2004 Mrs. Nell A. Ulrich; Mrs. Frances (Florence) Fields; Mr. David P. Weaver; Mrs. Garnett (Downard) Egnew; Mr. Stewart B. Hedger.

2012 Editions

'Files' Edition Original Edition Names In Obituaries
January 5, 2012 January 4, 1962 Mrs. Emma Borisch; Mr. Arnold S. Post; Mr. Charlie Throckmorton; Mrs. Merchia Gosney Meyer; Mr. Winter Frazee Stapleton.
January 7, 1982 Mrs. Florence Fields; Mrs. Ida Mae Schweitzer.
January 10, 2002 Mr. Ralph Wendell Harrison; Mrs. vica Malee Hargett; Mr. Herman Overly [sic]; Mr. Hildrie Sanford Cummins; Mrs.Wilma Shepherd Courtney; Mrs. Ann Orem Parker.
January 12, 2012 January 11, 1962 Mr. Peter Hay; Mrs. Dorsey A. Hatfield; Mr. H.V. "Duke" Pugh.
January 14, 1982 Mr. Lawrence Colvin Henson; Mrs. Minnie Tollner Kalb.
January 17, 2002 Ms. Sandra "Sandy" Poe Willenbourg; Ms. Margaret Asbury Austin; Mr. Raymond Michael Cracraft; Mrs. Emma Lee Myers.
January 18, 2012 January 18 [sic], 1962 Mrs. William Devenau; Mr. Ethelbert Rice Gilchrist; Mr. Clifton Linville; Mrs. Gus Potts.
January 21, 1982 Mrs. Alice Ormes Mains; Mrs. Laura Mains Henderson; Mr. Earl W. Waits; Mr. Richard B. Wills.
January 24, 2002 Rev. Archie Wesley Allison; Mrs. Opan E.. Cox; Mrs. Bobbie Jean (Anderson) Campbell.
January 26, 2012 January 25, 1962 Rev. Leonard Wimmers; Mr. Luke Harber; Mrs. Christina Metcalfe Cummins; Mrs. Bertha Mac [sic] Franklin; Mrs. Constance McKibben; Mrs. Laura Hiles Hollis; Mrs. Eliza Murphey Dempsey.
January 28, 1982 Mr. Howard T. Kern; Mrs. Jessie Lenora Carr; Mr. Leo McDowell.
January 31, 2002 Mrs. Betty Hiles; Mr. Dalton Jesse Smith; Mr. Jack Behymer, Jr.; Mr. Hall Sharon; Mrs. Sandra Jo Browning; Ms. Lindy Kay Salley; Mr. Owen D. Insko.
February 2, 2012 February 1, 1962 Mr. John A. Woodward; Mr. Herman Edgar Stitt; Mrs. Nettie Overby Whaley; Mr. James McGee; Mrs. Lettie Gillespie Cook; Mrs. Anna Whyte Hafer Haley; Mrs. Anna Dee Pilcher; Mr. Louie Traugott; Mr. John Habermehl.
February 4, 1982 Mr. Otha Heater; Mr. Justus Brueckner; Mr. Oleum C. Benson; Mrs. Clara Mabel McGeorge.
February 7, 2002 Mr. William Thomas Smith; Mr. Jim Woodruff.
February 9, 2012 February 8, 1962 Mrs. Maude Dietz; Mr. Oscar Sharp; Mr. Charles I. Bush.
February 11, 1982 Mr. Roy F. Mitchell; Mr. James Robert Best; Mrs. Grace Mae Kennedy McCleese; Mr. William A. (Bill) Wiley; Miss Elizabeth Plummer.
February 14, 2002 Mrs. Geraldine Mae Philips Linville; Mrs. Marie Haney; Mrs. Celestia (Orme) Hanson; Mr. Herbert Ford Gilbert; Mr. James M. Gordley; Mr. James W. Browning; Mr. Ray Elmo McCane; Mr. Omer Shelton Groves.
February 16, 2012 February 15, 1962 Mrs. Bina Smith; Mr. Albert M. McClanahan; Infant Stephen Lawrence Lunsford; Mr. Patrick O'Rourke.
February 18, 1982 Twin infants Edmund Patrick Rechtin and Frederick Herman Rechtin; Miss Elizabeth Plummer.
February 21, 2002 Mr. Carl Johnson Rigg; Mr. M.P. "Bus" Courtney; Mr. Charles William Srouffe; Mrs. Bethel Helton Rees; Miss Josephine Annilee Devon; Mr. Elwood Linville; Mrs. Yvonne "Bonnie" Garrison Faul; Mrs. Dorothy Mae Vaughn; Mr. George Allen Pollitt, Sr.; Mrs. Patricia L. Fox; Mr. J. Hall Sharon.
February 23, 2012 February 22, 1962 Mr. Edward Ballinger; Mrs. Ada Ashcraft; Mr. James S. Stone.
February 25, 1982 Infant Michael Royce Katt; Mr. Robert I. Workman; Mr. Bennie Anderson Workman; Mrs. Julia F. Courtney.
February 28, 2002 Mr. Martin "Junior" Carl, III; Mrs. Elsie G. Haas; Mrs. Bessie Williams Turney; Mr. Roger Browning.
March 1, 2012 March 1, 1962 Mrs. Catherine Cook; Mrs. Alice Harbeson; Miss Jessie Bratton; Mrs. Isabella Owens; Mrs. Adda Flora Davis.
March 4, 1982 Mrs. Mary Ruf Galbraith; Mrs. Bessie Himes Donley; Mr. Audrie (Red) Poe; Mr. Timmy Carmony; Mrs. Hallie Johnson; Mrs. Anna F. McOwen; Mrs. Mary Frances Rumford; Mrs. Walter F. Holland; Mr. Lester Butcher.
March 7, 2002 Dr. Lynn Bertram; Mrs. Ollie Lee Lawrence; Mrs. Esther Perkins McElfresh; Infant Lisa Bloomfield; Mrs. Patricia Ann Poe Barker; Mr. Roger Browning; Mrs. Helen Hinson Veid; Mr. Yarnell Paris Bess.
March 8, 2012 March 8, 1962 Mrs. Laura Lloyd Pickett; Mr. Willis Workman; Mrs. Louella Collins Whaley; Mr. Benjamin S. Kirk; Mr. Walter Kemp Hamilton; Mr. Abe B. Florer.
March 11, 1982 Mr. Frederick Mains; Mr. James Floyd Tucker; Mr. Vernon F. Kalb; Mr. Adrian E. Daniels; Mrs. Bessie Orme Poe.
March 14, 2002 Mr. Jack Weiss, Sr.; Mrs. Beatrice F. Mains Jordan; Mr. Raymond Bradford; Mrs. Virginia D. Sullivan.
March 15, 2012 March 15, 1962 Mrs. Lele Grigson Case: Mrs. Thelma Reese Platz; Mrs. Selia Jane Smith.
March 18, 1982 Mr. Henry Scott (Scottie) Poage; Miss Marie L. Houston; Mr. James Gilbert Black; Mr. James (Silver) Mains; Ms. Marie Case; Mrs. Ethel B. Conroy.
March 21, 2002 Mrs. Clara Moorhead Haley; Mrs. Evelyn Hancock McKibben; Mr. Charles Raymond Daniel; Rev. Herman Meadors; Mr. David Craycraft; Infant Elianna Susana Morales.
March 22, 2012 March 22, 1962 Mrs. Corda Mae Fields; Mr. Clyde Hitt; Mr. William Clayton Browning; Mr. Leo A. Belt; Mr. Alton Garrison; Miss Ellatina Henson.
March 25, 1982 Mrs. Ruth Sparks Slate; Mr. John Tilford Sharp; Mrs. Mary E. Clifford; Mrs. Effie E. Teegarden; Miss Sudie Bell Mullikin; Mr. George Henry Meenach; Mr. Raymond Wallin Brooks
March 28, 2002 Mrs. Lillian Moyer Weiss; Mrs. Yvonne G. Bell; Mrs. Dorothy M. Rathburn; Mr. Paul H. Goecke.
March 29, 2012 March 29, 1962 Mrs. Louise Smith Porter; Mrs. Anna Nelson Woodward; Rev. Ridgley L. Hall; Mrs. Margaret Hitt Long; Mr. Verne W. Dunham; Mrs. Ollie Jane Maher.
April 1, 1982 Mrs. Laura Griffith; Infant April Marie Lawson; Mr. John L. Haley.
April 4, 2002 Mr. Marvin Earl Thompson; Mr. Edmond G. Cooper; Mr. Ray Abner Grigson; Mrs. Martha Jane Sizemore; Mr. Jesse Pearl Penrod.
April 5, 2012 April 5, 1962 Miss JoAnn Wells; Mr. Arthur H. Biddle; Mrs. Julia Pearl Sims; Mrs. Elizabeth Karshner; Mrs. Louella Tucker; Mr. Roy Gaunce.
April 1, 1982 [sic, April 8?] Mr. Bela M. Pollard; Mr. Dillard (Patty) Ellis; Mr. Lester Reule.
April 11, 2002 Mrs. Anna Belle Thornton; Mrs. Dorothy Deane Flannery; Mr. Jack Wayen Norris; Mrs. Jewell Earl (Jett) French; Mr. Harold Thomas Wagoner; Mrs. Shirley Boster.
April 12, 2012 April 12, 1962 Mr. Bela Rudd; Mrs. Clara Perkins; Mrs. Mary Linville; Mr. Arthur C. Day; Mr. Adam Wagner; Mr. Albert Workman; Mrs. Victoria Carcraft [sic] Orme; Mr. Pete Galbraith; Mr. Tony White.
April 15, 1982 Mr. Claude Berry; Mrs. Elizabeth F. Haley; Mr. Roy A. Moorhead; Mrs. Ina Honan Feagan; Mrs. Cova Mae Williams; Mrs. Katherine McAtee; Mr. Frank Robert Caldwell; Mrs. Gertrude (Trudie) Linville Gates; Miss Tina Maria McKibben.
April 18, 2002 Mr. Harry W. Hamilton; Mr. William Wayne Duzan; Mr. Bernie R. Crawford, II; Mr. Carl Starrett.
April 19, 2012 April 19, 1962 Mr. Joseph Hiegert; Mrs. Sally Parsley; Mr. Herbert William Jones; Miss Nora Laffey; Mrs. Alveratte Wright; Mr. Henry Stanfield.
April 22, 1982 Mr. Ernest Joseph Jones; Mrs. Katherine Haskell; Mr. Charles Habermehl; Mr. Roy A. Moorhead.
April 25, 2002 Mrs. Irene Cottey; Mr. Harvey Carrington; Mr. Robert "Bobby" Graham Barnard; Mr. Carl Edward Brockman; Mr. James O. Foley; Mr. Elbert Herald; Mr. Wayne Pickett "Butch" Mason; Mrs. Edna J. Gibson; Mrs. Gladys Johnson.
April 26, 2012 April 26, 1962 Mrs. Georgia Coons; Mrs. Elizabeth Mastin; Mrs. Maye Neal Clift; Mrs. Jennie O'Connor; Mr. Millard F. Knuckles.
April 29, 1982 Miss Mabel Hamilton; Mr. Alva Orin Reed; Mrs. Mary E. Best; Mr. Herbert Hayes Hamilton; Mrs. Grace Fralix Sparks; Mrs. Nellie Cox Beyersdoerfer; Mrs. Cornelia E. (Granny) Florence.
May 2, 2002 Mr. Arthur Lee Blevins; Mr. Volney "Rod" Cox; Mrs. Virginia Carroll England.
May 3, 2012 May 3, 1962 Mr. O.K. Figgins; Mrs. Ura Roberts; Mr. Martin List; Mrs. Frances Overley Weaver; Mrs. Lettie Browning Strausbaugh; Mr. Lester Vermillion; Mr. Porter Wells; Mr. Otis Berry; Infant Julie Ann Meagley.
May 6, 1982 Mr. James A. Gilligan; Rev. R.E. McElmurry; Mrs. Resa Lea Ishmael; Mrs. Rose Clos.
May 9, 2002 Ret. CMSSgt Turner; Ms. Anna Catherine Cummins; Mr. John Louis Vaughn; Mrs. Sherrie Lynn Eibeck Turner; Mr. Warren J. Shonert, Jr.
May 10, 2012 May 10, 1962 Mr. Dallas C. Ward; Mr. Henry F. Markley; Mr. Garry Lee Preston; Mrs. Verna Smitson; Mr. John Will Reese; Mr. Hubert L. Taylor; Miss Margaret Fronk; Mrs. Carrie Ott Cummins.
May 13, 1982 Mrs. Ada Ware; Mr. George Brough; Mr.Amos Prather; Mrs. Ina R. Kober; Mrs. May Harmon McNutt; Mrs. Rose Shepherd Clos; Mrs. Anna Hay.
May 16, 2002 Mr. James E. "Grounie" Gifford; Mrs. Norma Jean "Puddy" Groves; Mr. Albert E. Perraut; Mr. Kenneth D. Ekross.
May 17, 2012 May 17, 1962 Mr. James T. Cooper; Mrs. Ella Cyers Kidwell; Mrs. Florence Ethel McClanahan; Mrs. Frank Kerr.
May 20, 1982 Mr. Morford T. Langley; Mrs. Ruby Reed Colvin; Mr. Claude Stanley Whaley.
May 23, 2002 Mr. Hobert Woods; Mr. Richard L. Berry; Ms. Stella Lee McDowell; Mr. Billy Gene Woods; Mr. Clinton Yancey McGee.
May 24, 2012 May 24, 1962 Mrs. Mattie Hetterman; Mrs. Irene Boyd; Mr. Everett Glenn.
May 27, 1982 Mr. Glen Edward Buchanana II; Mr. George Edward Garrett; Mr. Ira D. Hicks; Mrs. Mattie Ruth Craig Todd; Mr. Raymod E. Rees; Mrs. Christine Coleman.
May 30, 2002 Mrs. Anna Littleton Depew; Mr. Wilford Lue Meyer; Mrs. Lynwell L. Case.
May 31, 2012 May 31, 1962 Mrs. Electa Adamson Reed; Mr. George Mingee.
June 3, 1982 Mrs. Katherine Jones Tucker; Mre. Marilyn Doyle; Sister M. Claire Bonfield; Mrs. Gladys McAtee Paynter; Mr. Gilbert Ralson Dale.
June 6, 2002 Mr. Jack Eagan; Ms. Patricia McCane Clark; Mr. Jackie Allen Moore; Mrs. Rose Burton; Mrs. Mildred Barnes Woodward.
June 7, 2012 June 7, 1962 Mrs. Emma Hause; Mrs. Annie Mae Case Woodward; Infant Turner; Mr. Jess S. Ferguson.
June 10, 1982 Mrs. Ruth Smith Bradford; Mr. William Walter Tompkins; Mrs. Fannie Elizabeth Garrison; Mrs. Iva Monahon; Mr. Willie Galbraith.
June 13, 2002 Mrs. Ruth Moore Holland Whalen; Rev. Edward E. "Gene" Duncan; Mrs. Evelyn Norene Tolle Ross; Mrs. Clara L. "Tittle" Jackson.
June 14, 2012 June 14, 1962 Mr. Walter J. Bertlesman; Mr. Eldred Cain Martin; Mr. William G. Sellers; Mr. George V. Wenz; Mr. R.C. Runkle; Mrs. Iva Moore Price.
June 17, 1982 Mr. Clyde Struve; Mr. Homer B. McClellan; Mr. Harold (Harry) Mattice Duesler; Mrs. Jane Browning Allen.
June 20, 2002 Mrs. Josephine Chowning Fields; Mr. Garry Lynn Price; Mr. Robert "Bob" Wayne Carpenter; Mr. Shawn Michael Smith; Mr. Carl King.
June 21, 2012 June 21, 1962 Mr. Charles Patterson; Mrs. Mildred Bradley Toleman; Mr. Walter Robert Curtis; Mr. Jim Sparks.
June 24, 1982 Mrs. Leslie McCarty Hancock; Mr. Harold Eugene Reese; Mrs. Debra Hornback Roberts; Mr. Roy Glen Sroufe; Mr. Fred Kalb.
June 27, 2002 Mrs. Virginia Jo Smith; Mrs. Elizabeth J. May; Mrs. Karen Lynn McGill Bentley; Mrs. Ramona James Roberts; Mrs. Carolyn Reed Brumley; Mr. Howard Phillips; Mr. Dewey R. Lewis.
June 28, 2012 June 28, 1962 Mrs. Laura Estep Young; Mr. Willliam F. Meyer; Mrs. Bettie Rice; Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Wood.
July 1, 1982 Mr. and Mrs. Howard (Boots) Clos; Mrs. Gladys Ruth Teegarden; Mr. Arthur B. Haley.
July 4, 2002 Mr. Jacob E. Moran; Ms. Rosemary Clooney.
July 5, 2012 July 5, 1962 No entries.
July 8, 1982 Mr. Delmar Rudd; Mr. Jesse Daniel Doyle; Mrs. Hazel Wells Cummins; Mrs. Stella Shelton Edwards; Mr. Broadus Nesbitt.
July 11, 2002 Mr. Elmer Ray Cummins; Rev. Lawrence W. Keller; Mr. Leslie Martin Coleman; Mrs. Grace Mae Florence Rudd; Mrs. Ruth Ashcraft Feagan; Mr. William T. "Bill" White; Mr. Charles W. White; Mr. Thornton "Shavey" Hord; Mrs. Lillian Ada Mefford Wallingford.
July 12, 2012 July 12, 1962 Mr. Elmer Lacy; Mr. John Scharfenberger; Mr. Clifford Clay Brown; Mr. Harry Turner.
July 15, 1982 Mrs. Agnes Heck; Mr. Ronald Elmo Workman; Mrs. Lillie Worthington Williams; Ms. Clara Louise List; Mr. Marshall Lee (Bus) Hamilton.
July 18, 2002 Mr. John William "Bill" Baker.
July 19, 2012 July 19, 1962 Mrs. Gladys Gleichart Haley; Mr. Richard Browning; Mrs. Ida Florence Mitchell Youngman; Mrs. Anna Chloe Ellis Shepherd; Infant Elizabeth Ann Teegarden; Mrs. Millie Jett Woods; Mr. John Franklin Baker; Mr. William Blueford Claypoole; Mrs. Gertrude Lucas.
July 22, 1982 Mr. James Stanley Cooper; Mr. Robert "Bob" Hiles; Mrs. Clara E. McCane; Mrs. Dorothy Johnson; Mrs. Myrtle Irene Groves; Mr. Clyde James Jordan; Mr. Pearl A. Hutchison.
July 25, 2002 Ms. Beverly Ann Fortin; Mr. Donald Earl Tucker; Mr. William Davis "Bill" Myers; Mrs. Alene Gifford Major; Mr. Robert L. Armstrong, Sr.; Mr. Wayne Hughes; Mr. Larry Edwin Thompson; Mrs. Pauline Howard Hedges; Mrs. Pearlie Mae (Earls) Staggs; Infant Bowen Hunter Raymond.
July 26, 2012 July 26, 1962 Mr. Walter McElfresh; Mrs. Alice Connell Cooke; Mrs. Dean Pumpelly Steen.
July 29, 1982 Mr. Paul Kincaid; Mr. Charles William Lucas; Mrs. Mollie Cummins Smith; Mrs. Lula Hull Moford.
August 1, 2002 Mrs. Emogene Gifford Myers; Mrs. Patricia McCarty Tabeling; Mr. Barry L. Hamilton; Mr. Paul Lee.
August 2, 2012 August 2, 1962 Mrs. Edna Reed Smith; Mr. Isham Courtney; Miss Anna Lee Galbraith; Mrs. Ethel Mae Lippert Ott; Mrs. Marie Kelsch Perraut; Master Charles Knapp Thompson.
August 5, 1982 Mrs. Crystal G. Sutton; Mrs. Fannie King; Miss Hazel McDowell; Mr. Eldon C. "Mitch" Stewart; Mr. Louis Sutton; Mr. Earl W. Hause; Mr. Howard Franklin Hull.
August 8, 2002 Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Hamilton Klee; Mrs. Avis Hall; Mrs. Kay Lane Katz.
August 9, 2012 August 9, 1962 Mrs. Callie Donna Brisbois; Miss Jeanie Buchanan; Mrs. Georgia Anderson Davis; Mr. John McCracken.
August 12, 1982 Mr. Joseph H. Goecke; Miss Hazel McDowell; Mr. Donald Hinson; Mr. Sidney Teegarden; Mr. C.D. Bruin; Mr. Arthur R. Lippert; Mr. Willian Rollie Jones; Mrs. Mary Lona Taylor.
August 15, 2002 Mr. Thomas Mark Sticklen; Mr. John Walter Cora; Mrs. Helen Gerhard Coughlin; Mr. Edgar Florence, Jr.; Ms. Marcella June Nicherson Bare; Mrs. Norma Dean Ross.
August 16, 2012 August 16, 1962 Mrs. Margaret Bell Williams; Mrs. Mary L. Henson; Infant Sherry Ann Brothers; Mrs. Myrta Florence White; Mrs. Meddie Thomas King.
August 29, 1982 Mrs. Nannie Hause Jones.
August 22, 2002 Mr. Donald Richard Reed; Mrs. Anna E. "Tim" Berry; Mr. Charles Allen Trankler.
August 23, 2012 August 23, 1962 Mr. Edward McClanahan; Mr. John K. Gantley; Mr. Charles England; Mr. James L. Hause; Mrs. Freddie King.
August 26, 1982 Mr. John K. McCulloh; Mr. Clarence Edward Thompson; Mr. Wiley B. Jefferson.
August 29, 2002 Mrs. Peggy King; Mr. Marvin L. Hayden; Mrs. Ella Henson Courtney; Mr. John C. Buckler.
August 30, 2012 August 30, 1962 Mr. Roy B. Kinney; Ms. Ida Gertrude Sellers; Mrs. Essie Jones Mitchell; Mrs. Joseph Mofford; Mr. Clyde W. Parsons; Mr. H.T. "Hal" Poage.
September 2, 1982 --
September 5, 2002 Mr. Lawrence Lee Campbell; Mrs. Anna Lucille Case Galbraith; Mr. Robert Evan Kelley; Mrs. Mattie D. Moore Brothers; Mrs. Rosemary S. Palmer; Mrs. Helen Sims Cleaver Gifford; Mrs. Emma M. Perkins.
September 6, 2012 September 6, 1962 Mrs. Minnie Griffeth; Mrs. Lottie Perkins Lucas.
September 9, 1982 Mr. Harry (Bill) Gibson; Mr. Robert L. Martin.
September 12, 2002 Mrs. Opal Frances Hieatt; Mrs. Mary Jane Holland Berry; Ms. Deborah Askin; Mr. Ralph Brown; Mr. Timothy Albert Butts; Ms. Jewell Carolyn Linville.
September 13, 2012 September 13, 1962 Mrs. Violet Fite Kabler; Mr. John M. Sparks; Mrs. Sophia Powell.
September 16, 1982 Mr. Harvey Dean; Mr. Theodore (Teddy) Winters; Mr. Edward B. Johnson; Mrs. Elizabeth Chaney Rodefer; Mr. Clyde L. Purdy.
September 19, 2002 Mrs. Angie F. Scott; Mr. William Arthur "Billy" Tolle; Mrs. Leona Taylor Cooper; Mr. Leonard Green; Mr. David Lee King.
September 20, 2012 September 20, 1962 Mr. Charles Simms; Mrs. Hattie D. McCord; Mr. Hezekiah Watson; Mrs. J.B. Owens.
September 23, 1982 Mr. Benjamin F. Workman, Jr.; Mrs. Lona Ball Clark; Mrs. Gertrude Galbraith Wallingford.
September 26, 2002 Mrs. Helen Turner.
September 27, 2012 September 27, 1962 Mr. Charles E. Ferguson; Mr. John Wesley McElfresh; Mrs. Imogene King Hamilton; Mr. Louis B. Haley; Mr. Hervey Grant Brooking.
September 30, 1982 Mr. Carl Mains; Mrs. Alma T. KIlgore; Mr. James L. Hargett; Mr. Harold Rumford.
October 3, 2002 Mr. Etha Elmo Chamberlin Power; Mr. C.A. Barnard, Jr.; Mr. Paul O. McNeese; Mrs. Edna Mae Cropper.
October 4, 2012 October 4, 1962 Mrs. Myrtle Dale Skinner Taylor; Mr. John Tom Martin; Jones Infant; Mr. William Abernathy; Mrs. Curley Francis Henson; Mr. Richard England.
October 7, 1982 Mr. Stanley Tillett; Mrs. Grace May Cooper; Mrs. Josephine Hamilton; Mr. Bill Johnson; Mr. Orville Frodge, Jr.
October 10, 2002 Mrs. June Lee Fryman; Mr. Homer M. Ely; Mr. Johnnie Moore; Mr. C.A. Barnard, Jr.; Mr. Donald Francis Gillespie; Mr. James Henry "Jim" Boone; Mr. James Wiglesworth; Mr. Gerald R. Wilson.
October 11, 2012 October 11, 1962 Mr. Thomas W. Cummins; Mr. Earl Brooks; Mr. Arthur Henson.
October 14, 1982 Mr. Hubert Courney [Courtney?]; Mrs. Emogene Mitchell Robertson; Mr. Raymond E. LaMonda.
October 17, 2002 Mrs. Stephana (Stevie) Cline Pickrell; Mrs. Beverly Sue Faul Lenox; Mrs. Nina M. (High) Boone; Mr. Kenneth Ashley Jones; Mr. Eugene L. Moran; Ms. Diane Gale McKeehan.
October 18, 2012 October 11, 1962 Mr. Thomas W. Cummins; Mr. Earl Brooks; Mr. Arthur Henson.
October 14, 1982 Mr. Hubert Courney [Courtney?]; Mrs. Emogene Mitchell Robertson; Mr. Raymond E. LaMonda.
October 17, 2002 Mrs. Stephana (Stevie) Cline Pickrell; Mrs. Beverly Sue Faul Lenox; Mrs. Nina M. (High) Boone; Mr. Kenneth Ashley Jones; Mr. Eugene L. Moran; Ms. Diane Gale McKeehan.
October 25, 2012 October 25, 1962 Mr. Irvin Haley; Mr. Corlis W. Johnson; Mr. Raymond O. Fields.
October 28, 1982 Mr. George R. Taylor; Mr. Garvis (Pete) Hedges; Mr. Easton F. Meyer.
October 31, 2002 Mr. Raymond King, Jr.; Mr. Howard G. "Skinney" McElfresh; Mr. Charles R. Grimes.
November 1, 2012 November 1, 1962 Mr. James E. Johnson, Sr.; Infant Larry Overby; Mr. Alex H. Bales; Mr. Emmitt Burns; Mrs. Mary Jo English Holton; Mr. Elbert McClanahan; Sp. 4 Billy Ray Puccini; Mrs. Elmo T. Buckner; Mr. Harvey B. Brayfield; Mrs. Elizabeth Buckley Moore.
November 4, 1982 Mr. Louie (Duke) Ormes; Infant Derrick Matthew Hesler; Mr. George Fegan; Mrs. Dallas Haley Teegarden; Mrs. Myrtle A. Purdy; Mr. Howard L. Showalter; Mr. James B. Rawlings
November 7, 2002 Mrs. Anna Mae Rose; Mr. Clifford Creech; Mr. Jerry Thompson; Mr. Donald Raymond McIntyre; Mrs. June Norton Hall; Mrs. Myra May Fullwood.
November 8, 2012 November 8, 1962 Mrs. Anna Mae Case Henson; Mr. Wall E. Bacon; Mr. Foster Jett; Mr. L.P. Jett; Mr. Ples Hesler.
November 11, 1982 no entries
November 14, 2002 Mr. Carl A. Kidwell; Mrs. Joyce Ann Smith Lawson; Mr. Mark H. Kinney; Infant Elijah Lee Roberts.
November 15, 2012 November 15, 1962 Mr. Albert Angel; Mrs. Mary Catherine "Kate" Metzger; Mr. William Edward McGee; Mr. William Marion "Pete" Cox; Mr. Raymond Eldon McNutt; Mrs. Mildred Casey Routt.
November 18, 1982 Mrs. Jewell Galbraith Owens; Mr. Donald G. (Chick) Casey; Mrs. Margaret E. Malloy Bonfield; Mr. Raymond McAtee; Mr. Larry Thomas Archibald, II; Mrs. Louise Moorhead Ramsey.
November 21, 2002 Mrs. Vera Wilson Dorn; Mr. Benjamin F. Sanders; Mrs. Louella Johnson Moorhead; Mrs. Agnes Clarenda Moran; Infant Brittany Faith Toller; Mrs. Alberta Elizabeth McCane Staggs.
November 22, 2012 November 22, 1962 Mrs. Minnie Duke Jefferson Hitt; Mr. H.W. Mason; Mr. Henry O. Hitt.
November 25, 1982 Mr. Wilbur Eugene Fronk; Mr. Johnny Fooks; Mr. Joseph Byar Worthington; Mrs. Leonora Daphne Robinson Boseke; Mr. Michael Wayne Jones; Mr. James Bradley (J.B.) Perkins; Mr. John T. Larimer; Mrs. Elizabeth Sweeney Bonfield.
November 28, 2002 Mrs. Deborah June Norris Egnew; Mr. Walter A. Bach; Mrs. Christine Gross.
November 29, 2012 November 29, 1962 Mrs. Elisa "Lizzie" Tollner Buser; Mr. Elmo Miller; Mr. Mason A. White; Mrs. Cora Ashcraft; Mrs. Cora Thomas Walton; Mr. Louis Ellis.
December 2, 1982 Mr. Luther French; Mr. John L. Parsons; Mr. George David Arthur.
December 5, 2002 Mr. Herbert A. French; Mr. Herbert L. Moore; Mrs. Lena Odell Fulton; Mrs. Sophronia Bryant Cracraft; Mrs. Shirley Mae Buerkley Wolfe; Mrs. Lettie Mae Spence.
December 6, 2012 December 6, 1962 Mrs. Flora Kiskaden; Infant Albert Joseph Ritchie; Mrs. Minnie Mae Jefferson; Infant Hedges; Mrs. Emma McClanahan; Mrs. Eva Hill Cummins.
December 9, 1982 Mrs. Anna McCane; Mrs. Elizabeth Habermehl; Mrs. Salome Goecke Todd.
December 12, 2002 Mr. Barry Keith Gifford; Mrs. Mattie Frances Bolden; Mrs. Nancy Elizabeth Smith.
December 13, 2012 December 13, 1962 Mr. Michael Link; Mrs. Ella Mae Clark; Mr. Nelson Browning; Mr. Lloyd Meyer; Mr. Hobert Jett; Mr. Elmer West; Mr. Earl Strausbaugh; Mr. Paul Weisbrodt.
December 16, 1982 Mr. Everett Evans; Mrs. Nellie McKibben Smith.
December 19, 2002 Mr. James T. Moran; Mrs. Dorothy Maupin Hampton; Mr. Houston (Hootie) Linville; Miss Hilda Clarke Taylor; Mr. Wilbur Lynn Gordley; Mr. Robert "Bob" Allen Moore.
December 20, 2012 December 20, 1962 Mr. Patrick Eugene Johnson; Mrs. Claudia Arnold; Mr. Worthy Lee Christy; Mr. Everett Horace Thomas; Mr. John A. Breslin; Mrs. Lutie Hamilton Fraysure; Mrs. Mollie Routt.
December 23, 1982 Ms. Hazel Monson Clark; Mr. Richard Warren Davis; Mr. James Donald Swanger.
December 26, 2002 Mr. Omer Leo Hamilton; Mrs. Crystal Florence Whitaker; Mrs. Rouketta Kehrer; Mr. Alexander "Alex" Cropper; Mrs. Martha "Mary Belle" Epeards Wadsworth.
December 27, 2012 December 27, 1962 Mr. Charles W. Claypoole; Mr. Lisle W. Insko.
December 30, 1982 Mrs. Florence High; Mrs. Dixie Marie Teegarden Slack.
January 3, 2003 Mr. Earl T. Fields; Ms. Dolores "Dody" Jean Dammert; Mr. Edgar Bush.

2011 Editions

'Files' Edition Original Edition Names In Obituaries
January 6, 2011 January 5, 1961 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated January 5, 2006, below, with these variants: Sister Mary Ann Adelgunda (omits Platz); Ethel Walter Howes (var. Walder); Warren C. Cann (var. Walter).
January 8, 1981 Mr. Clarence E. Schweitzer; Mr. Arthur A. Williams; Mr. J. Bernard Delaney; Mrs. Lillian Bradford; Miss Emma Garrison; Mr. James Holbrook; Mrs. Edith Brumley; Mr. Earnie Courtney; Mr. Omer Vest.
January 4, 2001 Mr. Jerry Allen Courts; Mrs. Louise Sayers Gibson; Mrs. Katherine H. Workman; Mr. Delbert Ray Mains; Mrs. Juanita D. England; Mr. Camilus P. "C.P." Flannery; Mrs. Helen Louis Tucker; Mrs. Nellie Chinn; Mr. Gurney Teegarden.
January 13, 2011 January 12, 1961 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated January 12, 2006, below.
January 15, 1981 Mrs. Beulah Mains; Mrs. Ruby B. Harrison; Miss Bertha M. Haley; Mrs. Hazel Edwards Woosley; Mr. George Eugene (John) Purcell; Mr. William Robert Kennon.
January 11, 2001 Mr. James Moore Marsh; Mrs. Regina Cooper Smithers; Mrs. Linda Power Ormes; Mr. Herbert Hoover; Mrs. Lynetta Joan Orme; Mr. Corlis Earl Honan.
January 20, 2011 January 19, 1961 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated January 19, 2006, below, with this variant: Infant Gene Ware (var. Glenn).
January 22, 1981 Mrs. Mildred I. Ellis; Mrs. Joyce Galbreath.
January 18, 2001 --
January 27, 2011 January 26, 1961 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated January 26, 2006, below.
January 29, 1981 Mr. Elmer "Pete" Courtney; Mr. Samuel Lewis Staggs; Mr. William Porter Haley.
January 25, 2001 Mr. William "Billy" Doyle; Mrs. Maggie Adams Cox; Miss Sylvia B. Rardin; Mr. Robert A. Palmer.
February 3, 2011 February 2, 1961 Mr. Henry L. Mofford; Mrs. Anna Hardin Hill; Mrs. Minnie J. Straus.
February 5, 1981 Mr. Henry A. Strausbaugh; Mrs. Thelma Hancock; Mr. Leslie Thompson McDowell; Miss Teresa M. Leslie; Mr. Robert M. Parker.
January 25, 2001 Mrs. Zada Rae Moore Parsley; Mr. Floyd Powell; Mr. Clyde Downard.
February 10, 2011 February 9, 1961 Mr. Aurra Garrison; Mr. Everett Chandler Brierly; Mr. James E. Sanders; Mr. James W. Uselman; Mr. William Howard Wells.
February 12, 1981 Mrs. Eloise (Dee) Weber.
February 8, 2001 Mr. Shirley James England; Mrs. Rose Moore Welzel; Mrs. Emma Lee Francis Rudd Mullikin; Mr. James Leroy Moore.
February 17, 2011 February 16, 1961 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated February 16, 2006, below, with variants noted: Mr. Benjamin Harrison Insko; Mrs. Demmie Doggett Kennon; Mrs. Mayme Bratton Hedges; Mr. Benjamin Gillespie Mains.
February 19, 1981 Mr. Ben K. Hall; Mr. James W. Hughes; Mrs. Pauline Pope Guy; Mrs. Grace Spaulding.
February 15, 2001 Mrs. Edna Zormes Cooper; Mrs. Doris Ann Haight; Mr. Thomas E. "Tom" Fay; Mr. Junior Stroud; Mrs. Jane Hammonds Luman; Mrs. Barbara Faye Toadvine; Mrs. Alice Billings; Mr. Thomas E. Coughlin; Mr. Richard Allen Hause.
February 24, 2011 February 23, 1961 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated February 23, 2006, below, with one variant: Mrs. Anna Welte Bach.
February 26, 1981 Mrs. Margaret Poe; Mr. Chester R. Moore; Mr. Judge Denny.
February 22, 2001 Mrs. Elizabeth H. King; Mr. H. Adrian Sluss; Mr. Jasper Downard; Miss Nancy Ruth Ishmael.
March 3, 2011 March 2, 1961 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated March 2, 2006, below.
March 5, 1981 Mrs. Velma Young; Mrs. Florida Moore; Mr. Albert W. King.
March 1, 2001 Brother Leland T. Ingram; Mr. Chad Allen Hesler.
March 10, 2011 March 9, 1961 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated March 9, 2006, below.
March 12, 1981 Mr. Elmer Lee Swanger; Mrs. Kathryn Louise Bedford; Mrs. Marjorie (Dee) Steen Fagan.
March 8, 2001 Mrs. Mary Jo Holleran Warner; Mr. Norman M. Prather; Mr. Donnie Ray Weisbrodt; Mrs. Sadie Sue Cummins Wright; Mrs. Evan Belle Casey Eastman; Mr. Lloyd C. Smith; Mrs. Mary Jane (Flannery) Ward; Mr. Henry Clark "Poly" Rouse; Mr. Delmar L. Story.
March 17, 2011 March 16, 1961 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated March 9, 2006, below, with name variants: Miss Beulah Jane Morris; Mr. Charles F. Hollis; Mr. Benjamin Allen Wolfe.
March 19, 1981 Mrs. Helen F. Linville Walters; Mr. Roy Lewis; Mrs. Zula Claypool; Mrs. Anna Nickoson; Mr. Clyde Allen Poe; Mrs. Lillie F. Gillespie.
March 15, 2001 Miss Agnes C. Cooke; Mrs. Mary Eva Sparks Linville; Mrs. Christine T. McCracken; Mr. Robert A. Pumpelly; Mr. Larry Marvin Davis; Mrs. Violet Faye Haley Case Blankenship.
March 24, 2011 March 23, 1961 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated March 23, 2006, below, with one name variant: Mrs. Goldie K. Spence.
March 26, 1981 Mr. Harry Ward Hause; Mrs. Lena Belle Simpson; Mrs. Mary Field; Mrs. Gertie B. Minter; Mr. Wilbur Clyde Perkins.
March 22, 2001 Mr. Price Sebastion; Mr. Larry David Youngman; Mrs. Rosalene L. Taylor; Mr. Everett Morgan; Mr. Oliver Wendell Murphy, Jr..
March 31, 2011 March 30, 1961 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated March 30, 2006, below.
April 2, 1981 Miss Anna Lou Mitchell.
March 29, 2001 Mr. Donald W. Colvin; Mr. Leslie J. Cooper; Mrs. Vivian Sue Rigney; Mr. Donald E. Wood; Miss Flossie "Turk" Moore; Mrs. Aleene Johnson Sipe; Mrs. Martha Jones; Mr. Carroll "Danny" E. Parker.
April 7, 2011 April 6, 1961 Mr. Leo Jones; Mrs. Beulah Mae Bruin; Mr. Homer Workman.
April 9, 1981 Mr. Bernard J. (Barney) Sacksteder; Mrs. Alice M. Larkin; Mr. Luther L. Cooper; Mrs. Stella M. Fardo.
April 5, 2001 Mr. Richard Abercrombie; Mrs. Alberta Margaret "Sally" Cottey; Mrs. Luise Perkins Appleman.
April 14, 2011 April 13, 1961 Mrs. Sue Oridge Barnhard Hargett; Mrs. Ella Gilligan Murphy, Mr. Orville S. Jacobs.
April 15, 1981 Mrs. Helen Moran Poe; Mr. Orland D. Lea.
April 12, 2001 Mr. Edwin E. "Eddie" Chinn; Mrs. Cora Elizabeth Turner; Mr. Ramon W;."Jiggs" Bess; Mrs. Oda Belle Woods; Mrs. Margaret Ellen Flynn Fannin.
April 21, 2011 April 20, 1961 Mrs. Retta Wertz Bravard; Mr. Henry Case; Mrs. Emma Mae Cooper; Mrs. Hattie Boseke.
April 23, 1981 Mr. Fred J. Schweitzer.
April 19, 2001 Mrs. Catherine White Holleran; Mr. Hubert Doyle; Mrs. Fannie Wachter.
April 28, 2011 April 27, 1961 Mrs. Nettie Boots; Infant Catherine Louise Meyer; Mr. Ben Poe Workman; Mr. Joseph Wells; Mr. Clifford Cummins.
April 30, 1981 Mr. Roy K. Asbury; Mrs. Margaret Mineer Moore; Mr. John William Berry; Mrs. Alice Schmitt; Mrs. Effie Insko Haley; Mrs. Kathryn Cummins Lenox; Mrs. Etta Walker Widemann; Mr. Bradley E. Perkins.
April 26, 2001 Mr. Oliver Newton Weaver; Mrs. Fannie Iola McCarty; Mrs. Mary Clickman Moore.
May 5, 2011 May 4, 1961 Mr. Emmitt Carl "Casey" Jones.
May 7, 1981 Master Denver Ray Sexton; Mr. Thomas I. Percell; Mrs. Eva Jean Ralphy.
May 3, 2001 Mrs. Margaret Hornbeck; Mr. Russell Dimmitt, Jr.; Mr. Keith White; Mrs. Irene Story Hennessey; Mrs. Mary Joan King Cundiff.
May 12, 2011 May 11, 1961 Mr. William Pearl Moorhead; Mr. William T. Allen; Mr. Walter Case; Mr. John W. Matthews; Mrs. Kate Wells Shepherd; Mr. James Franklin Hippe; Mrs. Elizabeth Hicks Hoover.
May 14, 1981 Mr. James Louis Pelster; Mr. Ernest Sharp; Mr. Daniel C. Holleran; Mr. Jesse Lee Collins; Mrs. Clara Perkins Teegarden; Mr. W. Marvin Davis; Mrs. Anna Belle Mullikin Benson; Mrs. Mabel S. Wilson; Miss Marie C. Pepper.
May 10, 2001 Mrs. Jenneth Kaye Moore Liming; Mr. Stanley Parker; Mrs. Phyllis Ann Tatman Norris.
May 19, 2011 May 18, 1961 Mr. Jesse A. Moore; Mrs. Nettie Baird; Mr. Raymond Russell Owens.
May 21, 1981 Mrs. Virgina [sic] W. Nolte; Mrs. Hazel Fralix White; Mrs. Mildred C. Crawford.
May 17, 2001 Mr. Marion Bess; Mr. Wallace B. Chumbley.
May 26, 2011 May 25, 1961 Mr. M. "Don" Blackerby; Mr. W.T. Deming; Mr. Lewis D. Price; Mr. Albert W. Clark; Mr. Fred Kurtz.
May 28, 1981 Mr. Don Montville; Mrs. Julia Reese.
May 24, 2001 Mrs. Essie Fields Hatterick; Mr. Robert "Bob" Saner; Mrs. Lettie Mae Hedges.
June 2, 2011 June 1, 1961 Mrs. Pearl Bradley; Mrs. Susie N. Guerrant; Mrs. Webster Rudd; Mrs. Annie Galbraith.
June 4, 1981 Mr. James Lundrigan; Mrs. Emma P. Poage; Mrs. Ella O'Brien Schweier.
June 7, 2001 Mrs. Elinor Finn Bess; Mrs. Estella Insko Tayor [sic]; Mr. Delbert Gibson; Mr. Glenn "Nick" Youngman, Sr.; Mrs. Myrtle Mae Florence Tuel.
June 9, 2011 June 8, 1961 Master Johnny Ray Carpenter; Mr. Harry Kehrer; Mr. Bert Insko; Mr. Edward J. Fitzgerald; Mrs. Lillie Thompson; Mr. Charles W. Jett; Mrs. Cecile V. Hall.
June 11, 1981 Mr. Charles L. "Slug" Edwards; Mr. Russell Eugene Sexton, Jr.; Miss Carrie Fredrick Ruf; Mr. Evan Griffeth, Jr.
June 14, 2001 Mrs. Cora Hazel Workman; Mr. Roe Dale "Gix" Lang; Mr. Hurley Carl; Mr. Pearcy Earl McElfresh.
June 16, 2011 June 15, 1961 Mr. Walter J. "Shorty" Neave; Mr. Robert C. O'Neill; Mrs. Clara Eberhardt Mohr.
June 18, 1981 Mr. Joseph Edmund Bonfield; Mrs. Bernice Buriss Sharp; Mr. Carl King.
June 21, 2001 Mr. Forest Dale Tucker; Mrs. Ruby Smith Dean; Mr. Bennie Wood; Mrs. Anna C. Hickman Owen; Mrs. Mildred Ruth Cummins Aulick; Mrs. Ruth Cummins Vanlandingham; Mr. James T. Alcorn; Mrs. Dorothy Ely.
June 23, 2011 June 22, 1961 Mr. Staton W. Hamilton; Mr. William S. Rankin; Mr. William Gaddis; Mr. Daniel Franklin Johnson; Mrs. Lena Reeves Buckner.
June 25, 1981 Mrs. Agnes Goecke; Mr. William B. Hall.
June 28, 2001 Mr. Bennie Wood; Mr. Ralph A. Buerkley; Mr. Carroll "Junior" Fryman.
June 30, 2011 June 29, 1961 Mrs. Ethel Young Hiles; Mr. Dennis Swinford Burns; Mrs. Mary Ellen "Molly" Coughlin; Mrs. Mary Lucy Wood Mains; Mr. Charles M. Blades; Mrs. Leona Reese Howe.
July 2, 1981 Mr. Jack Ellison Metcalfe; Mrs. Agnes Goecke; Mrs. Ruby Garnett Lyvers.
July 5, 2001 Mrs. Loraine Kalb Fields; Mr. Daryl W. Tucker, Sr.
July 7, 2011 July 6, 1961 Mrs. Nancy A. King; Mr. Orville Marshall Boone; Rev. David Nicholas.
July 9, 1981 Mrs. Virginia Hitch; Miss Kathleen Hancock; Mr. Robert C. Thompson; Mr. Harold D. Fronk.
July 12, 2001 Mrs. Adele M. Malone; Mrs. Frankie Sue Young; Mrs. Mabel A. Clark Metzger; Mrs. Florence Edna Winder.
July 14, 2011 July 13, 1961 Mrs. Sadie Whiteman Federer; Mr. Claude Mingua; Mrs. Mollie Dwyer Brothers; Mrs. Pearl Harris; Mr. Albert Meyer; Mr. William Robert Fulton; Dr. John G. Carter; Miss Edna Meier; Mrs. Elexina Shockey Winter; Mrs. Ira Belle Pollard.
July 16, 1981 Mrs. Lillian B. Rawlings; Mr. Albert Snyder.
July 19, 2001 Mrs. Frances Cann Meyer; Mr. Gary Dietrich; Mrs. Ruth Bravard; Mr. Herman Sizemore; Mr. Harlan Hatfield.
July 21, 2011 July 20, 1961 Mr. G.A. "Joe" Claypoole; Dr. Adam Lang; Mr. Paris Huddleston; Mr. John Edward McGerty; Mrs. Cora Jordan.
July 23, 1981 Mrs. Chong Wenz; Mrs. Katherine Fields DeMaggio; Mr. Charles Aaron Linville.
July 26, 2001 Mr. Robert F. Elliot; Mr. David L. Gasser; Mrs. Lillian Bruist Case; Mrs. Edna May Woodward; Mr. Kenneth Ray O'Brien; Mr. Johnny Hornbeck.
July 28, 2011 July 27, 1961 Mr. Ralph Burke; Rev. Walter Harvey Moore; Mr. Edgar Calvin Fields; Mr. John Dodson.
July 30, 1981 --
August 2, 2001 Mrs. Hattie Lonaker; Mrs. Jennie Raleigh Turner; Mrs. Shirley Lind; Mrs. Hazel Louise Hargett Gordley.
August 4, 2011 August 3, 1961 Mr. John W. Fooks; Mrs. Mazzie M. Pollitt; Mr. Derry Bradford Weatherington; Mrs. Melvie Curtis McClanahan.
August 6, 1981 Mr. Herman Gene Henson; Mr. Leo Williams; Mrs. Flora Meyer Taylor; Mr. Russell Haughey; Mr. Walter J. Lach.
August 9, 2001 Rev. Henry K. Carl; Mrs. Helen Lucille Morford; Mrs. Marjorie Bradley Reese; Mrs. Velma Lillian Sisson.
August 11, 2011 August 10, 1961 Mrs. Florence Buckley Darnell; Mrs. Bessie Louise Overturf Moneyhon; Mr. Johnathon W. Bell.
August 13, 1981 Mrs. Katie Higgins Nivens; Mrs. Mable Jett Humble; Mrs. Virginia Delisle Strum.
August 16, 2001 Mr. Paul Edward Hall; Mrs. Dean White Garey; Mrs. Dorisella Brewer; Mrs. Marshal Harbeson Franken.
August 18, 2011 August 17, 1961 Mr. John R. Flynn; Mr. Tommy Lee Gordler; Mrs. Bessie Johnson Lauderback.
August 20, 1981 Mr. John Sizemore; Mr. James Robert Martin.
August 23, 2001 Mrs. Catherine Lorca Stone.
August 25, 2011 August 24, 1961 Mrs. Ethel Rice Pope; Mr. Ray Leo Gilligan; Mr. George B. Moneyhon; Mr. John B. Brooks; Mrs. Lena Ward Mastin.
August 27, 1981 Mr. John L. Mains, Sr.; Mrs. Ethel Irene Boone; Mrs. Lida Mae Kirk.
August 30, 2001 Mr. Richard D. Featherston, Jr.; Mr. Samuel Harvey Zulager; Mrs. Agnes Jett Kinney; Mr. James P. Morgan.
September 1, 2011 August 31, 1961 Mrs. Edna Clark Dusing; Mrs. May Rankins Thompson; Mrs. Maude Thomas True; Mr. Alva Lue Courtney; Mrs. Walter Adkins; Dr. Nelson A. Jett; Mr. Alva E. Mofford; Mr.Nelson Florence; Mr. Kline R. O'Neill, Jr.; Mrs. Vada Clark; Mr. Willie Hawkins.
September 3, 1981 Mr. Cova V. Watson; Mr. Gerald Nelson Power; Mr. Everett C. Jordan; Mr. James (Dude) Jones; Mr. Edgar L. Sharp; Mrs. Ollie M. Perkins.
September 6, 2001 Mr. Broadus Earl Feagan; Mrs. Velma E. Rose.
September 8, 2011 September 7, 1961 Mr. William Leslie Reese; Mr. Andrew Humphreys; Mrs. Kelly F. Beckett; Mrs. Frances B. Anderson; Mrs. Sue A. Morford; Mrs. Christine Bush; Mrs. Edna Clark Dusing.
September 10, 1981 Mr. Eugene B. Kelsch; Mrs. Sylvia Mae Clark Sellers; Mr. H. Lee Chisholm; Mrs. Barbara Claypool Watson; Mr. Fred Strausbaugh; Miss Mary Wood Detro.
September 13, 2001 Mrs. Thelma White Welte; Mrs. Suzanne Pierette Defosse; Mr. Raymond P. Griffeth; Mr. Stanely P. Perkins; Miss Alice Kate Field.
September 15, 2011 September 14, 1961 Mr. Elmo Workman; Mrs. Bessie Hamilton; Mr. Allen W. DeLisle; Mr. Edgar Archibald; Mr. Wilford Clyde Dixon; Mr. Raymond E. Quinlan; Mr. Orville Owens.
September 17, 1981 Miss Cecile Marie Pillips [sic]; Mr. Fred A. (Fritz) Appelman; Mr. Joseph L. Figgins.
September 20, 2001 Mr. Stanley Cameron Case; Mrs. Nellie Hensley; Mr. Jeff Carnes; Mrs. Anna Mary Story; Mr. Carl Louis Black; Mrs. Erma Lee Hartgrove Estill; Mr. Joseph Lynn Jett; Mr. Eugene Wallin-Jones.
September 22, 2011 September 21, 1961 Miss Peggy Jo Fralix; Mrs. Jane Clinger Meserschmidt; Mr. Alger Francis "Sam" Weatherington; Mrs. Viola Green Hesler; Mr. Boyd Leslie Schott; Mr. Edgar Morgan; Sister M. Theodore Feldman; Mrs. Lillie Dale Askins.
September 24, 1981 Mr. Marion [sic] Amos; Mrs. Edna Elizabeth Thompson.
September 27, 2001 Mr. Stanley Lee Cannon; Mr. Kenneth Buckley; Mr. Robert Frank Wilson.
September 29, 2011 September 28, 1961 Mrs. Laura D. Hill; Mrs. Bertha Browning Insko; Mrs. Lou Tucker Spaulding; Infant Billie Jones; Mrs. Ruby Monroe.
October 1, 1981 Mrs. Elsie Jennett Workman; Mr. Willie Monson; Mrs. Ottie Mae White; Mr. George Morris; Mrs. Hester Ann O'Neill.
October 4, 2001 Mrs. Altina Lustik; Mrs. Norma Graves Ginnan; Mrs. Sybil June Ritter; Mr. Charles Gabbard; Mr. Ithel Leon Lawson; Mr. John Garrett; Mr. William Lloyd Poe; Ms. Virginia "Missie" Mae Wachter Benedict.
October 6, 2011 October 5, 1961 Mrs. Justis Bruckner; Mr. Joel Williams; Mrs. Sol F. Kinsler; Mrs. Marie M. Eibeck; Miss Estella Vanlandingtham; Mr. Gabe Preston; Mr. William C. French.
October 8, 1981 Mrs. Carrie Cracraft Fegan; Mr. Isom White; Mrs. Lola Cummins Teegarden; Mr. Henry H. Walton; Mr. Arthur Jerome McClung; Miss Frances Finn.
October 11, 2001 Mr. Kenneth H. "Pete" Jacobs; Mrs. Alma Sydnor; Mr. Davis Fury; Mr. Paul F. Linville; Mrs. Elsa Richards Hamilton; Mrs. Anna Jewell Hiles Price; Mrs. Doris Mae Ritchie.
October 13, 2011 October 12, 1961 Mr. Grover Cleveland McElfresh; Miss Theresa Kay Gibson; Mr. Robert Louis Staggs; Mr. Latimer James McConnell.
October 15, 1981 Mrs. Garnett Case Story; Mr. Logan Wheeler Tolson; Mr. Marvin Thomas Brown.
October 18, 2001 Mr. Jesse Gale Wagel; Mrs. Ruby Dean Dale England; Mrs. Betty Ruth Jones; Mrs. Wanda Frances Ross.
October 20, 2011 October 19, 1961 Mrs. Alma Jett Kinney; Mr. Frank G. Marquette; Mr. Earl White; Mr. J.M. Brandenburg; Mr. Wesley Wilson; Mr. Lemuel Lee Orme.
October 22, 1981 Mrs. Carolyn McAtee Figgins; Mr. Clarence William Holland; Mr. Emory W. Butcher; Mr. Calvin Carl Fields.
October 25, 2001 Mrs. Aldina Honan Wood; Mrs. Patricia Ann Racke; Mr. Howard B. Courtney; Mr. Steve Little, Jr.; Mr. Bobby Earl Teegarden; Mrs. Irene Spradlin; Mrs. Hazel K. Jones Estep Beckett; Mrs. Mary Evelyn Pollin Moore Stevens.
October 27, 2011 October 26, 1961 Mrs. Agnes Marie Reed; Mr. Orin Murnetta Reed; Mrs. Lizzie Buckler Strawther; Mrs. Consulo Brooks Lewis.
October 29, 1981 Infant Lucinda Ashley; Mr. Clifford Bonar; Mr. Eugene F. McDowell; Mr. Winfred W. Davis; Mr. Edward Hiles; Mrs. Bertha Marie Fields.
November 1, 2001 Mr. Roy Frank Dudenhoeffer; Mr. Leslie A. Moorhead.
November 3, 2011 November 2, 1961 --
November 5, 1981 Mrs. Mary Margaret Sharon; Mr. Charlie K. Warner.
November 8, 2001 Mrs. Constance Lyle Dean; Mrs. Grace Brooking McKibben Stevenson; Mrs. Ruth Allender; Mrs. Edna Turner; Mr. Russell S. Parson; Mr. August A. Buser; Dr. Jesse Willard Fletcher; Mr. Wallace North.
November 10, 2011 November 9, 1961 Mr. Robert A. "Bob" Poage; Mr. Albert Ware; Infant Gary Wayne Glenn; Mrs. Julia Buckley Hawkins; Infant Joseph D. Hennessey; Mrs. Lena Traugott; Mrs. Cora Bennett.
November 12, 1981 Mr. Hughie W. Rudd; Mr. Howard Merrill; Mr. Donnie Wayne Downard; Mrs. Mary Catherine (Lady) Welte; Mrs. Blanche Marie Turner.
November 15, 2001 Miss Kimberly Jo Hensley; Mr. Robert Lee (Cowboy) Johnson; Mr. Michael E. McAvoy.
November 17, 2011 November 16, 1961 Mr. Neville R. Snapp; Mr. Albert Carl Poe; Mr. James Edwards; Miss Daisy Cottey; Mr. William Anderson; Mrs. Carolyn Taylor; Mr. Hughie Ramsey.
November 19, 1981 Mrs. Esther Bonar; Mr. Eugene Pearl Day.
November 22, 2001 Mr. Donald B. Howard; Infant Stephen David Cigolotti; Mrs. Julia Irene (Rumford) McKibben; Rev. George Edward Hart, Jr.
November 24, 2011 November 23, 1961 --
November 26, 1981 Mr. James Bradbury; Mrs. Edna Burton Fegan; Mrs. Birdie Mains.
November 29, 2001 Mrs Stella M. Baker; Mr. Richard Winter "Rick" Berry; Mr. Daniel Menefee Lovelace; Mrs. Ella Louise Mains; Mrs. Denise Lynn Rachford.
December 1, 2011 November 30, 1961 Mrs. Viola Moore Marsh; Mr. Howard A. Adams; Mr. William Waits; Mr. T. Creed Carrico; Mr. Andrew Jackson Thackston; Mr. Millard Fronk; Mr. Clark Lewis; Mr. Furman W. Case; Mrs. Vernia Bach.
December 3, 1981 Mr. William H. Bach; Mr. Emmitt Lail; Mrs. Ora Mae Rawlings Jones; Mr. Sigfried Rabkin; Mr. Richard H. Poe; Mr. Hugh (Butch) Meyer; Mrs. Viola Mardis.
December 6, 2001 Mr. Donald E. Bauer; Mr. Steven D. Poynter; Mrs. Mae Thomas; Mrs. Thelma Louise Humphrey.
December 8, 2011 December 7, 1961 Mrs. Lounora Robins Taylor; Mr. Joe Bachman; Infant Faul; Infant Terry Wesley Bryant; Mr. W. Clarence Aulick; Mr. Donald E. West.
December 10, 1981 Mr. William Thurman Monahon; Mr. Henry Edward (Eddie) McElfresh; Mr. Bernice Edward Tarr; Mrs. Viola Curtis Ellis.
December 13, 2001 Mr. Ray E. Hinson.
December 15, 2011 December 14, 1961 --
December 17, 1981 Mr. Wilburn C. Haley; Mr. Donald L. Perkins; Mr. Adrian E. Perkins.
December 24, 2001 Mrs. Garnet Mae Riggs; Mr. Howard E. Cummins; Mr. Charles T. Sharp.
December 22, 2011 December 21, 1961 Mr. Hugh S. Young; Mrs. Theresa Hughes; Mr. Sherman Bloomfield.
December 24, 1981 Infant Samantha Nicole Mains; Mr. Spurgeon D. Louderback; Mrs. Violet Appleman; Mrs. Mary Blevins Smith; Dr. Jack Edgar Howell; Mr. Ed. C. Lea; Mr. Van Hook Haley; Mrs. Sudie McElfresh; Mr. Claude Haley; Mr. Harley Ryan Metzger; Mrs. Hattie Mae Rumford; Ms. Edna Kurtz Jett.
December 27, 2001 Mr. Clyde N. Jacobs; Mr. Albert Thomas Johnting.
December 29, 2011 December 28, 1961 Mr. Benjamin Franklin Johnson; Mr. Garnett Power Curtis; Mrs. Emelie K. Kennedy; Mrs. Ocie Wells; Mr. William F. Welch.
December 31, 1981 Mr. Chester Monroe Owens; Mrs. Louretta Jordan; Infant Samantha Nicole Mains; Mr. Avery C. Flora.
January 3, 2002 Mrs. Eileen Teegarden King; Mrs. Nona B. Day; Mr. Darrell Stanley Humphrey; Mr. Thomas R. Malone; Mrs. Martha L. Allison.

2010 Editions

'Files' Edition Original Edition Names In Obituaries
January 7, 2010 January 7, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated January 6, 2005, below.
January 10, 1980 Mr. Zeno William Winkle; Mrs. Rosa Lee Courtney; Mrs. E.D. Roberts.
January 6, 2000 Mr. Graham Grigson Galloway; Mr. Marvin C. Feagan; Mrs. Joyce Ann Hester; Mrs. Beatrice Mildred Hitch.
January 14, 2010 January 14, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated January 13, 2005, below.
January 17, 1980 Mrs. Jo Ann Dimmitt Threet; Mrs. Hilda Jane Kain; Mrs. Sylvia Mains Sharp; Mr. Arthur Bradley Brierly; Mrs. Alice Moreland King; Mr. Leo Curtis.
January 13, 2000 Mrs. Amo W. Teegarden; Ms. Shirley Brockely Adamson; Miss Taylor Jean Nickell; Mr. Benjamin J. 'Bennie' Moran; Master Casey Allen Jones.
January 21, 2010 January 21, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated January 20, 2005, below.
January 24, 1980 Mr. Robert G. Byersdorfer; Mr. Virgie Cliff Field; Mr. Hurley Ward; Mrs. Vada McClanahan; Mrs. Mabel England.
January 20, 2000 Mrs. Pauline Truman Carl; Mrs. Margaret Rose Fletcher; Mrs. Marcelyne Geneva Hull Haley; Mrs. Juanita Courtney; Mrs. Dorothy Neva Roberts.
January 28, 2010 January 28, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated January 27, 2005, below.
January 31, 1980 Mr. Delmar G. Vandergriff; Mr. Raymond H. Carpenter; Mrs. Louvoda Cooper; Miss Loraine Kinney; Mrs. Bessie Kiser; Mrs. Phemia Lough.
January 27, 2000 Mr. Donald Henry Hogeback; Mrs. Margaret 'Maggie' Colemire Marksberry.
February 4, 2010 February 4, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated February 3, 2005, below.
February 7, 1980 Mr. George Arnold Bradford; Mrs. Goldie Simms.
February 3, 2000 Mrs. Irene Flynn; Mr. Henry L. 'Hank' Teegarden; Mr. Raymond Darrell Poe; Mr. Archie (Bud) Ashcraft; Mrs. Mabel Mae Gallagher Tucker; Mrs. Clydia Jane Parker Kurtz; Mrs. Edythe Wilson Slack.
February 11, 2010 February 11, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated February 10, 2005, below.
February 14, 1980 Mrs. Chloe Grigson; Mr. James Harold Haley; Mr. Charles Marshall Evans; Mrs. Eva Margaret (Effie) Ferrell; Mrs. Florence Miller McClanahan.
February 10, 2000 Mrs. Jane Kathryn McKibben; Mrs. Phyllis L. Fleig; Mr. Harry C. McKenzie; Mrs. Sarah Evelyn Cummins; Mr. Donald Jimmie Welte; Mr. Cary W. Bruist; Mrs. Selma Rabkin Schneck; Mrs. Mary Ellen McKibben Schwab; Mrs. Louis Fowler McKibben; Mr. Jim Wallace.
February 18, 2010 February 18, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated February 17, 2005, below.
February 21, 1980 Mrs. Virginia Seward; Miss Mary Lois Poage; Mr. Jesse C. McKee; Mrs. Rose Hall.
February 17, 2000 Mrs. Elizabeth M. Insko; Mr. William Newell Jett.
February 25, 2010 February 25, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated February 24, 2005, below.
February 28, 1980 Mrs Lydia Bishop; Mr. Manley E. Smith; Mr. John Clayton Ratliff.
February 24, 2000 Miss Anna Laura Lenox; Mrs. Nellie Marie Ratliff Mrs. Garnetta Price Ramsey; Mr. J. Barbour Russell, III; Mr. Johnny Allen Perkins; Mr. Danny Allen Clark; Miss Kathy Stewart; Mr. Homer D. Carpenter; Mrs. Geneva Margaret Clayton Poe; Mrs. Shirley Ann Thomas.
March 4, 2010 March 3, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated March 3, 2005, below.
March 6, 1980 --
March 2, 2000 Mr. James W. (Jim) Stapleton; Mr. Estill H. Davis; Mr. James B. Fralix; Mr. Marvin R. Hatfield; Mr. Herbert W. McLaughlin.
March 11, 2010 March 10, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated March 10, 2005, below.
March 13, 1980 Mrs. Bessie Meenach; Mr. Clifford V. Lach; Mr. Charles Hamilton; Mr. Archie (Sam) Collier; Rev Chris C. Gill, Jr.; Miss Anna E. Sidell; Mrs. Donna Williams Garrison.
March 9, 2000 Miss Ruth Elizabeth Charles; Mr. Lloyd E. King; Miss Cecil Boyers; Mrs. Eloise Henderson; Mrs. Diane Bratton Pendergest.
March 18, 2010 March 17, 1960 Mr. Martin W. Flora; Mrs. Sophia McDonough; Mr. Peter Bonfield; Mr. Lemuel Johnson; Mr. George W. Cooper; Mrs. Elizabeth Disher; Mr. Alfred H. Irvine; Mr. Walter W. Monson.
March 20, 1980 Miss Mary Cooke; Mr. Robert Louis (Bob) Flaugher; Mrs. Evelyn Hill Field; Mrs. Marjorie; F. Betts; Mrs. Jewell Rees.
March 16, 2000 Mr. Stephen J. Kelley; Mr. Jerry Edward White; Mr. Virgil 'Bus' Wagel; Mrs. Goldie (Kurtz) Workman.
March 25, 2010 March 24, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated March 24, 2005, below.
March 27, 1980 Mr. Ernest Tucker; Mr. John Franklin Teegarden; Mrs. Dimmie Jones Stroud.
March 23, 2000 Mrs. Jona Craig Perkins.
April 1, 2010 March 31, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated March 31, 2005, below.
April 3, 1980 Mr. Charles Ralph Lippert; Mr. Howard Raymond; Mr. Victor (Butch) Hamilton.
March 30, 2000 Mrs. Amilda Bonar.
April 8, 2010 April 7, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated April 7, 2005, below.
April 10, 1980 Mr. John Allen Jordan; Mr. Everett E. Pfanstiel.
April 6, 2000 Mrs. Jane Reese Hutchison; Mr. Donald Winson Smith; Mrs. Catherine Georgiana Schweitzer; Mr. Kensie K. Showalter; Mr. Brent A. Norris; Mrs. Helen Gertrude Hiltibrand Cottrell; Mr. Joseph E. Brothers.
April 15, 2010 April 14, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated April 14, 2005, below.
April 17, 1980 Miss Nellie T. Askin; Mrs. Mary Jane King; Mr. Leonard Jefferson; Mrs. Effie Teegarden Clark; Mrs. Berth Hargett Smith; Mr. Eugene Collins; Mr. Jackson Cleveland Anderson.
April 13, 2000 Mr. Joseph B. Hennessey; Mr. Lowell Gifford; Mr. Eugene Thomas Litzinger.
April 22, 2010 April 21, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated April 21, 2005, below.
April 24, 1980 Mr. James A. (Jimmy) Moorhead; Dr. James M. Stevenson; Mrs. Nannie Perkins Bay; Mr. John Gordon Coburn; Mrs. Hattie Litzinger; Mr. Carlyn V. (Coosie) Hamilton; Mr. John W. Fleeman; Mr. Ernest Dale Wood; Mrs. Ora Clark Blades; Mrs. Maude Thackston; Mr. Henry N. Golden.
April 20, 2000 Mrs. Norma Jean Hinson Atha; Mr. Everett Edward Lucas.
April 29, 2010 April 28, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated April 28, 2005, below.
May 1, 1980 Mr. H. Tom Haley; Mrs. Bertha Askren Kriedler; Mrs. Violet Jean Collins; Mr. Ralph D. Moore; Mr. Elmer E. Reed; Mrs. Ann Haley; Mrs. Elva Dennis French.
April 27, 2000 Mr. Abel Asa Smith; Miss Ceil Hennessey.
May 6, 2010 May 5, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated May 5, 2005, below.
May 8, 1980 Mr. Broadus Hamilton; Mr. Thomas J. Carnes; Mr. Maurice J. Edgington; Mrs. Betty Asbury Capito.
May 4, 2000 Mr. Virgil Rose; Mr. William Mearns Quinlin; Mr. William J. Hutchison; Mrs. Cora Combs Baker; Mrs. Penny Sue White; Mrs. Anna Laura (Lenox) Reed; Mr. Donald Wayne Fryman.
May 13, 2010 May 12, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated May 12, 2005, below.
May 15, 1980 Mr. Hugh Day; Mrs. Frances Myers; Mrs. Daphane Collins; Mrs. Leona Ellis; Mr. Arlie Charles Wyatt; Mrs. Mona Redden Perkins; Mr. Charles Donald McClanahan.
May 11, 2000 Mr. David Allen 'Jonsie' Jones; Mrs. Mabel Louise Workman; Mr. Melvin W. High.
May 20, 2010 May 19, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated May 19, 2005, below.
May 22, 1980 Mrs. Georgian Orme Case; Mrs. Elizabeth Clayton Keene.
May 18, 2000 Mrs. Gertrude Morris.
May 27, 2010 May 26, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated May 26, 2005, below.
May 29, 1980 Mr. Gaylen M. Jelf; Mr. Andrews B. Hesler; Mr. Bertram Thomas (Bert) Mullikin; Master Kenneth Turner.
May 25, 2000 Mr. Richard Earles; Mr. Thomas Ray Slone; Mrs. Ruth Marion Tristchler White
June 3, 2010 June 2, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated June 2, 2005, below.
June 5, 1980 Master Kenneth Wayne Turner; Mrs. Lillian Houstan Lenox; Mr. Alva W. Aulick.
June 1, 2000 Mrs. Pickett Stapleton Day; Mrs. Margaret 'Peggy' Grange Habermehl.
June 10, 2010 June 9, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated June 9, 2005, below.
June 12, 1980 Mr. Walter C. Hedges; Miss Imogene Robertson; Miss Laura Jane Paddy; Mrs. Thorne Case.
June 8, 2000 Mrs. Beatrice Creekbaum Feix; Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Weirtz.
June 17, 2010 June 16, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated June 16, 2005, below.
June 19, 1980 Mr. Charles William Smith; Mrs. Thelma Gallagher; Mr. Edward F. Kern; Mrs. Mabel Field; Mr. John Wirsch.
June 15, 2000 Mrs. Virginia Davis Rees; Mr. Claude Estep; Mr. Elmo Haley; Mrs. Celesta Louise Askin; Mrs. Sylvia Covington Holoch; Mr. Randall L. Jett; Mr. Boyd E. Clark.
June 24, 2010 June 23, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated June 23, 2005, below.
June 26, 1980 Miss Mary Lynn Field; Mrs. Willie Hedgecock; Mr. Logan Wagoner.
June 22, 2000 Mr. Joseph C. Bauer.
July 1, 2010 June 30, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated June 30, 2005, below.
July 3, 1980 Mr. Alton Wells Simons; Mrs. Judy Elliott Cunha; Mr. Al E. Kolmorgan; Mr. John Hardin; Mr. Carl Welte; Mr. Hugh Day.
June 29, 2000 Mrs. Bertha Moreland Bratton; Rev. William Pearson.
July 8, 2010 July 7, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated July 7, 2005, below.
July 10, 1980 Mr. Thornton Thaxton.
July 6, 2000 Mrs. Gladys Lucille Abercrombie Colemire.
July 15, 2010 July 14, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated July 14, 2005, below.
July 17, 1980 Mrs. Edis Moorhead; Mr. Vernon Black.
July 13, 2000 Mrs. Christine Curtis; Mr. Walter Colvin Groves; Mr. Kenneth Earl High; Mr. Harry Dennis Boyd; Mr. William Michael Fraysure; Mrs. Laverne Cundiff Crouch; Mr. Robert Eugene Fogle.
July 22, 2010 July 21, 1960 Repeats 'From Our Files' dated July 21, 2005, below.
July 24, 1980 Mr. Fred Wagel; Mr. Ralph O. Reed.
July 20, 2000 Mr. Lloyd Hill White; Mr. Emery Lucas; Mrs. Velma Martin Burris; Mrs. Teresa L. Groeschen.
July 29, 2010 July 28, 1960 [See also 'From Our Files' dated July 21, 2005, below; repeated with variations.]
Miss Alice Hanford; Miss Margaret Wanstrath; Mr. William 'Dick' Crockett; Mr. George H. Montgomery; Mrs. Sidney Sparks' Mr. John F. McClanahan.
July 31, 1980 Mrs. Mildred Haley; Mr. Robert P. Habermehl; Mrs. Mary Massey Winter; Mrs. Pearl E. Haley.
July 27, 2000 Nrs, Ruth Malone Federer; Mrs. Minnie P. 'Mimi' Pumpelly; Mr. Broadus Edgar Nesbitt, Jr.; Mr. Kenneth John Ellis; Mr. Harry D. Perkins.
August 5, 2010 August 4, 1960 [See also 'From Our Files' dated July 28, 2005, below; repeated with variations.]
Mr. Thomas H. Kinney; Mrs. Carolyn Mains; Mrs. Bertha Lee Cummins; Mrs. Ella Porter Dice Hall; Mr. George William Stamm; Infant Taylor; Mr. Albert Sidney Whitehead; Mr. John Walch; Mr. Jack C. Bradley.
August 7, 1980 Mrs. Greta Clark Rouse; Mrs. Mildred Case Haley; Mr. Roscoe L. Haley.
August 3, 2000 Mrs. Juanita White Boone; Mr. Robert Allan Wood; Mr. Robert C. Perkins: Mrs. Elaine Allison Metcalfe; Mr. William Eugene 'Gene' Hardy; Mr. Eddie 'Hippie' Cox.
August 12, 2010 August 11, 1960 [See also 'From Our Files' dated July 28, 2005, below; repeated with variations.]
Mrs. Helen Sumerel; Mrs. Frank Meyer; Mr. John A. Foster.
August 14, 1980 Mr. Roy Myers; Mr. Louie R. Cummins.
August 10, 2000 Mrs. Nettie Burriss O'Brien; Mr. Gordon S. Haley; Mrs. Virginia May Wright.
August 19, 2010 August 18, 1960 [Repeats 'From Our Files' dated July 28, 2005, below.]
August 21, 1980 Mrs. Pearle Puccini; Miss Eva Elizabeth Kelsch; Mr. Earl Dean Estep; Mrs. Gertrude Collins Finn; Mrs. Mary Lou Jones; Mrs. Carrie Meyer Becker.
August 27, 2000 Ms. Theresa Feucht; Mr. Norman Perry Curtis.
August 26, 2010 August 25, 1960 [See also 'From Our Files' dated July 28, 2005, below; repeated with variations.] Mr. Robert Henry Fronk; Mrs. Nell Arnold; Mr. Leslie Donovan; Mrs. Merrill Stratton Thompson; Mrs. Helen Elizabeth Staggs Summeral
August 28, 1980 Mr. W. Baxter Harrison; Mrs. Hazel Case Henson; Mrs. Gladys Hedgecock.
August 24, 2000 Mrs. Alice Louise Marshall Hardy; Mrs. Irene McDowell Thomas; Mrs. Diana Rumford Labude; Mrs. Eva Doris Lenox; Miss Eleanor L. Goecke.
September 2, 2010 September 1, 1960 [Repeats 'From Our Files' dated September 8, 2005, below]
September 4, 1980 Mr. Clocus McGeorge; Mrs. Helen Starrett; Mr. William DeWayne Field; Mrs. Claudia Cobb; Mr. Gayle Redden.
August 31, 2000 Mr. George Leduc "Lee" Kelsch; Mr. John William "Jay Bird" Lucas; Mrs. Helen Poage Wood; Miss Marcella Lucilla Gordley; Mrs. Christine Jones Angell.
September 9, 2010 September 8, 1960 [Repeats 'From Our Files' dated September 15, 2005, below]
September 11, 1980 Mrs. Joan E. Pelster; Infant Timothy Allen Middleton; Mr. Raymond Earl Galbraith; Mr. John W. Buser; Mrs. Betty Stewart Dwyer; Mr. Elzey Lee Bay.
September 7, 2000 Mr. Tommy Sharp; Mr. Samuel Theodore Carr, Sr., Mr. Emery E. Perkins; Mrs. Donna Marie Reeves-Stevens.
September 16, 2010 September 15, 1960 [Repeats 'From Our Files' dated September 22, 2005, below]
September 18, 1980 --
September 14, 2000 Mr. Craig Alan Bertram; Mr. Lemuel T. Clinger; Mr. Edward A. Monroe, Jr.
September 23, 2010 September 22, 1960 [Repeats 'From Our Files' dated September 29, 2005, below]
September 25, 1980 Mrs. Catherine L. Monson; Mr. E. Dick Roberts; Mr. Woodford (Woodie) Boots; Mr. Wayne Ware; Mr. Bennie Jett; Mr. Marvin W. Williams.
September 21, 2000 Mr. Cecil Kurtz; Mrs. Mae Green Lewis.
September 30, 2010 September 29, 1960 [Repeats 'From Our Files' dated October 6, 2005, below]
October 2, 1980 Mrs. Margaret Ann Pickrell; Mrs. Rose Wagel; Mrs. Lillian Miller; Mr. Hubert B. Hill; Mr. Bennie Jett.
September 28, 2000 Mr. Robert L. Hudson; Mrs. Mary E. Starret Sluss; Mr. Harold William Cooper; Master Cody David Cracraft; Mrs. Emma Frances Stroud.
October 7, 2010 October 6, 1960 [Repeats 'From Our Files' dated October 13, 2005, below]
October 9, 1980 Miss Martha Miller; Mr. Lester Baker; Miss Karen Sue 'Susie' Howard; Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Bruin.
October 5, 2000 Mr. Peter 'Pete' Kelsch, Jr.; Mr. Bruce Evans Ramey; Mr. William Fleetwood Beamon; Mrs. Violette D. Fogle Massey; Mr. Marvin Dotson; Mr. James Ernest Harding; Mrs. Sherry Lynn Etenburn.
October 14, 2010 October 13, 1960 [Repeats 'From Our Files' dated October 20, 2005, below]
October 16, 1980 Dr. Louis E. Kidwell; Mrs. Clarica Miller Wagoner; Mr. Marvin L. Askin; Mr. Estill French; Mr. John Kiskaden; Mr. Ruth Elrod; Mr. Earl Johnson Sharp; Mr. Leonard Otto Hamilton; Mrs. Elizabeth Asbury Ward.
October 12, 2000 Mr. Robert (Tom) King; Mr. Ernest B. Hillenmeyer, III.
October 21, 2010 October 20, 1960 Mrs. Eva Gibson; Mr. Blaine Kabler; Mr. Harry Fay Linville; Mr. Charles Wallace Taylor.
October 23, 1980 --
October 19, 2000 Mr. James C. Beckett; Mr. Guerney Harold Perkins; Rep. Marvin L. 'Pete' Worthington; Mr. Arthur Lee High; Mr. Raymond Paul 'Murphy' Lyle.
October 28, 2010 October 27, 1960 Mr. Lloyd B. Montgomery; Mr. Garrett Duncan 'Dick' Jackson; Mr. Adam Faust; Mr. Benjamine F. Watson; Mrs. Agnes Merz. [same names as October 27, 2005, with spelling variations.]
October 30, 1980 Mrs. Virginia Moford Hamilton; Mr. Elmer Dillon Poe; Mr. Elmo (Mose) Thomas; Mrs. Ruth Heisel.
October 26, 2000 Mr. William H. Smithers, III; Mr. Arthur Earl Traylor, Sr.
November 4, 2010 November 3, 1960 Mr. Omar Lee Cummins; Rev . Marvin McClure; Mr. Clarence Adams; Mrs. Christine W. Moorhead; Mrs. Maude Teegarden Schweitzer; Mrs. Lily Mae Colemore. [same names as November 5, 2005, with additions and spelling variations.]
November 6, 1980 Mrs. Minnie B. Jett; Infant Walter Justin Clem.
November 2, 2000 Mr. Clyde Spencer Parker; Mr. Joe King; Mrs. Sylvia Ware Lea; Mr. James M. Moloney.
November 11, 2010 November 10, 1960 Mr. Charles Wallin Hedges; Mrs. Frank J. Bay; Miss Hattie S. Schoolfield. [same names as November 12, 2005, with spelling variations.]
November 13, 1980 Mrs. Hazel Ware; Mrs. Elizabeth Frances Foster.
November 9, 2000 Mr. Ben T. Metcalf; Infant Jenna Brooke O'Brien; Mr. Robert Norris Edwards; Mr. Joe A. Marsh.
November 18, 2010 November 17, 1960 Mr. Robert Stausbough; Mr. W.M. Peddicord; Mr. John A. Hughes; Mrs. Marie K. Fronk; Mr. Jacob C. Meyer. [same names as November 19, 2005, with spelling variations.]
November 20, 1980 Mr. Joseph Ulrich; Mr. Fanzie Morris; Mrs. Margaret C. Delaney; Dr. Don F. Kerr; Mr. Shirley Sallee.
November 16, 2000 --
November 25, 2010 November 24, 1960 Mr. John Todd; Miss Vellah Hamilton; Mrs. Emma F. Cummins; Mrs. Carrie Mahan. [same names as November 25, 2005, with spelling variations.]
November 27, 1980 Mr. Elmer Buchanan; Mrs. Anna Ruth (Annie) Held; Mr. Carlie Spalding.
November 23, 2000 Mrs. Judy Carol Colemire Bravard; Mr. Paul Wayne Lea; Miss Maxine R. Haley; Mr. Barry David Cooper.
December 2, 2010 December 1, 1960 Mrs. Sophia Higgins McTamany; Mr. George D. Gudgell; Mr. William Coleman Fryman; Mr. William Frankin [sic] Tolliver; Mrs. Lida Fraysure Colvin; Mr. Crawford Gilkeson; Mr. Marvin N. Belt [same names as December 2, 2005, with spelling variations.]
December 4, 1980 Mr. John Daniel Meyer; Mrs. Lydia B. Moore; Mrs. JoAnn Fite; Mrs. Mary Jett; Mr. Ursel Lucas; Mr. Glenn Helvey Taylor; Mr. William D. Henize; Mr. Samuel E. Welch; Mr. Anthony (Tony) Wagner.
November 30, 2000 Mrs. Catherine Cleva Grigson; Mrs. Linda Sue Adams Thompson; Mr. Donald Aaron Monson; Mr. James Edward Cummins; Mr. Larry Roscoe Bedford; Mr. James Wesley Vermillion; Mrs. Anna Katherine Butler Cummins.
December 9, 2010 December 8, 1960 Mr. James E. Cooke, Jr.; Mrs. Florence Ascarft [sic] Louderback; Mrs. Lorelle Stoekle; Mr. James Ogend [sic] Moore; Infant Rice; Mrs. Dallas Hoskinds; Infant Reed.
December 11, 1980 Mrs. Helen Nichols; Mrs. Agnes Jett; Mrs. Lillian Reed; Mr. Charles E. Hargett; Mr. Delbert Free; Mr. Freeman Bravard; Mr. Amon Cracraft; Mr. Frank G. Kilgore; Mrs. May Alma Wheat Dickson; Mrs. Edith Waits Stanley; Mr. William O. Faul.
December 7, 2000 Mr. Jesse A. Waddell; Mr. William Timothy Crotty.
December 16, 2010 December 15, 1960 Mr. Gordon F. Stone; Mrs. Lucy Taylor Marsh; Mrs. Florence Tucker; Mr. Wesley Curtis; Mr. William Rubenacker; Mr. Lloyd Chinn; Mrs. Retta Strausbargh [sic].
December 18, 1980 Mr. Jerry S. Holleran; Mr. Harvey A. Nichols; Mrs. Faye King Lee; Mr. George W. Ware; Mrs. Helen Nichols; Mr. Walter Scott Rawlings; Mrs. Ruth Ann Meyer.
December 14, 2000 Mrs. Elizabeth White Poe; Mr. George Henry Jacob; Mr. Eugene C. Johnson; Mrs. Verna Lee Woods.
December 23, 2010 December 22, 1960 Mrs. Hattie Hitt Wells; Mr. Fred Houston Miller.
December 25, 1980 Mrs. Lillie F. Faul; Mr. William Clyde Knipper; Mrs. Kate Mardis.
December 21, 2000 Mr. K.B. Haggard; Mrs. Elizabeth 'Granny' Miller.
December 30, 2010 December 29, 1960 Mr. Evan Burns Tilton; Infant Holton; Mrs. Ida Mae Colvin; Rev. J. Frank Estep; Mr. Robert Edgar 'Bob' Teegarden
January 1, 1981 Mrs. Mary Catherine (Kate) Dean; Mr. William Taylor Hill; Mrs. Birdie Elliot Kurtz; Mr. Dempsey E. Turner; Mr. Claude Marsh; Miss Edith Askin; Mrs. Retta Mae Holton.
December 28, 2000 No entries.

2009 Editions

'Files' Edition Original Edition Names In Obituaries
January 1, 2009 January 1, 1959 2009 'From Our Files' repeats the obituary index of January 1, 2004, below.
January 4, 1979 Mr. Franklon T. 'Red' Hudgins; Mrs. Jennie Miller.
December 31, 1998 Mrs. Carol Dean Cooper; Mrs. Alice Paynter Murphy; Mrs. Virginia Browning Arnold; Mr. James 'Burleigh' Grimes; Mrs. Christine L. (Welch) Miller.
January 8, 2009 January 8, 1959 2009 'From Our Files' repeats the obituary index of January 8, 2004, below.
January 11, 1979 Mr. Jacob W. Goecke; Mrs. Ada Rubenacker Jones; Mr. Harbeson Poynter; Mr. Noel Roscoe Cottey; Mr. Otho R. Gaffin.
January 7, 1999 Mr. Emery Story; Mrs. Nancy Estella Mills; Mr. Melvin Stanely Allender; Mrs. Josephine Mary (Litzinger) Fulton; Mr. James F. Free; Mr. Gregory Dean Frodge; Mrs. Lola I. Hamilton; Mrs. Avanel (Palmer) Monahon; Mrs. Virginia (Fagan) England; Mrs. Icie Fry Hardin; Mr. Harold K. 'Lum' Workman.
January 15, 2009 January 15, 1959 2009 'From Our Files' repeats the obituary index of January 15, 2004, below.
January 18, 1979 --
January 14, 1999 Mr. Robert Paul Lenox; Mr. William Thomas Fields; Mr. Bill Ray Campbell; Mr. Jack D. Williams; Mr. Jack William Monson.
January 22, 2009 January 22, 1959 Mr. Edgar Kidwell; Mr. Newell Cracraft; Mr. Harvey Pinckard; Mrs. Loretta Thompson Jordan; Rev. William Scantland; Mr. Lizzie Hannon Dwyer.
January 25, 1979 Mrs. Erma Bush Mains; Mrs. Inez Workman McGee; Mr. Myron Beyersdorfer; Mrs. Mabel Hester Linville.
January 21, 1999 Mr. James 'Pete' Frederick; Mrs. Janet Lee Burchfield; Mr. W. Dale Scott; Mrs. Oraine (Workman) Strausbaugh; Mr. Henry Earl Cottey.
January 29, 2009 January 29, 1959 2009 'From Our Files' repeats the obituary index of January 29, 2004, below.
February 1, 1979 Mrs. Marian Thompson; Infant Shawnda Jo Cooper.
January 28, 1999 Mr. Woodrow W. Nickerson.
February 5, 2009 February 5, 1959 2009 'From Our Files' repeats the 1959 obituary index in 2004 'From Our Files,' below.
February 8, 1979 Mr. Leonard Henderson; Mrs. Dolly Branham Sarver.
February 4, 1999 Mr. Benny Metcalf; Mrs. Hazel (Pope) Workman; Mr. Thomas R. Haughey; Mr. H. Clyde Utter; Mr. Roy W. Collins.
February 12, 2009 February 12, 1959 2009 'From Our Files' repeats the 1959 obituary index in 2004 'From Our Files,' below.
February 15, 1979 Mr. David Lynn Adams; Mr. Hildreth H. Harber; Mr. Kenneth Howard Beckett; Mr. Leslie Hillard, Jr.; Mrs. Grace McClanahan; Mr. Vernon Scott Lytle.
February 11, 1999 Mr. Benjamin Frank Rice, Sr.; Mrs.Deborah Kay 'Debbie' Buchanan Whittamore.
February 19, 2009 February 19, 1959 Mr. George B. Jordan; Mr. Clarence C. Kerlin; Mr. John H. Slattery; Mr. Grover C. Haley; Mr. Rolpha Jordan; Mrs. Alma Draper; Mrs. Trinna Dean; Mr. Ora Mullikin; Mr. Thomas E. Heffernan; Miss Nannie McKibben; Mr. Curran Askins Rumford.
February 22, 1979 Miss Mary Lou White; Mrs. Lelia Eloise Cobb Underwood; Mrs. Stella McKee; Mr. Obie Nickoson; Mr. Jimmie Dale Moran; Mr. Claude Hitch; Mrs. Charlotte Reynolds Worthington.
February 18, 1999 Mr. Eugene Lang; Mrs. Iris Jean Noe.
February 26, 2009 February 26, 1959 2009 'From Our Files' repeats the 1959 obituary index in 2004 'From Our Files,' below.
March 1, 1979 Mrs. Elizabeth Humlong; Mrs. Mary Lotus Kirker; Mr. Frederick M. Habermehl, Sr.; Mrs. Dorothy Fannin; Mr. Jake Roy Williams; Mrs. Nora Culp; Mr. Bennett E. Pumpelly; Mr. William 'Bill' Cooper; Mrs. Lillian B. Hamilton; Mrs. Gertrude McAtee.
February 25, 1999 Mrs. Greta (Myers) Dean; Mrs. Evelyn Louise (Hinson) Bennett; Mrs. Clarice Cummins Aulick; Mrs. Lucille Jett Dehlinger; Mrs. Mary Lou Nicherson Waddell.
March 5, 2009 March 5, 1959 2009 'From Our Files' repeats the 1959 obituary index in 2004 'From Our Files,' below.
March 8, 1979 Mr. John Robert Poe; Mr. Nelson W. Clos; Mr. Robert J. Lundrigan; Mrs. Temple Parsons.
March 4, 1999 Mr. Richard Earl Poe; Mr. Steven Douglas Work.
March 12, 2009 March 12, 1959 2009 'From Our Files' repeats the 1959 obituary index in 2004 'From Our Files,' below.
March 15, 1979 Mrs. Pauline Warner; Mrs. Henrietta Cordrey; Mr. Eschol (E.T.) Moyer Mr. Eugene Hancock; Mr. Jimmie Allen Poe.
March 11, 1999 Mr. Stanley Sparks; Mrs. Mary E. Wallace; Mrs. Ava Lou Gulick; Mrs. Helen Bingaman Melvin; Mrs. Magdalene Potts McCulloh.
March 19, 2009 March 19, 1959 Mr. Yancey M. Chapell; Rev. Henry C. Martin; Miss Lucy F. Ellis; Mrs. Nannie L. Hickman; Mr. W. Rollie Jett.
March 22, 1979 Mr. Emery D. Ferrell; Mr. Gilbert Hamilton; Mr. Harry T. Thornsbury; Mr. Herman Hamilton; Mr. Allen C. Monson; Mrs. Bonnie Weissman; Mrs. Mildred Tarr Cooper; Miss Julia Marie Hill.
March 18, 1999 Mrs. Berdinia Pugh; Mrs. Vivian Grace (Reed) Hacker; Mr. Leland D.'Red' Moore; Miss Garnette Ogden Duncan; Mrs. Julia Wilhite.
March 26, 2009 March 26, 1959 2009 'From Our Files' repeats the 1959 obituary index in 2004 'From Our Files,' below.
March 29, 1979 --
March 25, 1999 Mr. Jesse Corlis; 'Red' Egnew; Mr. Leonard Shelton Jefferson; Mrs. Vera Berkemeier Rosel; Mrs. Eileen M. Cline; Mrs. Rosalene M. Biddle McKinney Mr. Joe Wilson Slack; Mrs. Ascha Christine Story Redden; Mr. Franklin E.'Frankie' Courtney
April 2, 2009 April 2, 1959 2009 'From Our Files' repeats the 1959 obituary index in 2004 'From Our Files,' below.
April 5, 1979 Mr. Vincent Davis; Mr. James A. Dixon; Mr. Raymond E. Miller; Mrs. Marie White Tabb; Mrs. Blanch Hedgecock; Mrs. Wilma E. Buchanan.
April 1, 1999 Mrs. Ruth Elizabeth (Jones) Litzinger; Mrs. Marguerite Meyer; Miss Samantha 'Sam' Gill; Mr. Keevil Clark Monson; Mrs. Mattie L. Madden Criswell; Mr. Alois Wilhelm 'Lou' Pastor; Mrs. Ella (Hargett) Ware Miller.
April 9, 2009 April 9, 1959 Mrs. Emma Hardy; Mr. Omar Figgins; Mrs. Sylvia Lucas.
April 12, 1979 Mr. John H. Thompson; Mr. Ralph Wendell Browning; Mrs. Mae Wallingford Boyd; Mr. J.S. (Fred) Hutchinson; Mr. Scott Brooks; Mrs. Ethel Griffeth.
April 8, 1999 Miss Mary Della Bauer; Mr. Earl Dudley Waggoner; Mrs. Dora Ellen Haley Hamilton; Mr. John Ware, Jr.; Mr. Thurman M. 'Jack' Hitch; Mr. Keevil Clark Monson.
April 16, 2009 April 16, 1959 Rev. H.C. Wayman; Mrs. Mae Jolly; Mr. Kelly Galbraith; Mr. George Dodson.
April 19, 1979 Mr. Philip Leslie Bradford; Mr. Vean Vester Moore; Mrs. Blanche s. Hinson; Hard Infant; Mr. John Gamble.
April 15, 1999 Mrs. Billie Jean Dotson Woods.
April 23, 2009 April 23, 1959 2009 'From Our Files' repeats the 1959 obituary index in 2004 'From Our Files,' below.
April 26, 1979 --
April 22, 1999 Rev. Roy Thonas Turner.
April 30, 2009 April 30, 1959 2009 'From Our Files' repeats the 1959 obituary index in 2004 'From Our Files,' below..
April 26, 1979 Mrs. Dorothy Hiles; Mr. Dewey H. Parker; Mr. Garrett R. Harrod; Mr. Percy McCane.
April 29, 1999 Mr. Donnie Wilson Gulley; Mr. Chester Omer Fields; Mr. William 'Bill' Thompson Kelch; Mr. Stanley Sparks, Jr.; Mrs. Shirley Jean Inloes.
May 7, 2009 April 30, 1959 2009 'From Our Files' repeats the 1959 obituary index in 2004 'From Our Files,' below.
May 10, 1979 Mr. Orville L. Moneyhon; Mr. Fred White; Mr. Joseph Overstreet Stagg.
May 6, 1999 Mr. William Thompson Kelsch; Mr. Mark Thomas Clayton; Infant Kimbell Hope Laskey.
May 14, 2009 May 14, 1959 2009 'From Our Files' repeats the 1959 obituary index in 2004 'From Our Files,' below.
May 17, 1979 Mr. Wayne Edward Hardy; Mr. Roy D. Kurtz; Mr. Herman Martin; Mr. Seth L. Jordan; Mr. Estill Price; Mr. Henry D. Hamilton; Mrs. Lucille W. Bobe; Mr. Clifford Lacker.
May 13, 1999 Mrs. Retta Nellia Lee; Mr. Arthur Tolle; Mrs. Mildred 'Abbie' Combs; Mr. Elmer Thomas Prather; Mrs. Edith Roberts Woodhead; Mr. Glendonn Dale Inloes; Mrs. Clara Louise Shelton Martin.
May 21, 2009 May 28, 1959 Mrs. Ibba Llytle Maloney; Mr. Elijah Lynn Jett; Mrs. Ora Flaugher Bratton; Mrs. Maggie Gifford; Mrs. Levina Gossett; Mrs. Sarah Bullock; Mr. Charles Hobday; Mr. Adam Wagel; Mrs. Rhoda Smith.
May 24, 1979 Mr. Harold N. Hanson, Sr.; Mr. Ronald Stewart; Mr. Sammy Grant Linville.
May 20, 1999 Mr. Jerry Allen Workman; Mr. Wayne Morgan; Mrs. Blanche Beatrice Colegrove; Mrs. Anna Belle Powers Overly; Mr. Bee Cox; Mr. George Thomas Gill, Sr.
May 28, 2009 June 4, 1959 Mr. Charles E. Hobday; Mr. Gordon Tilton; Mr. Herbert Wilson; Mr. Edgar Pierce; Mrs. Levina Gossett.
May 31, 1979 Mr. James W. Teegarden; Mr. Clarence A. Clos.
May 27, 1999 Mr. Ray E. Meyer; Mrs. Alma Mae Meenach; Mr. Frank Humlong.
June 4, 2009 June 11, 1959 Mrs. Olga Huffman.
June 7, 1979 Andrew Wayne Allender, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Allender.
June 3, 1999 Mr. Paul Junior Smith; Mrs. Juanita Tilton Jett; Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Wenz; Mrs. Margie Kathryn Doyle; Mrs. Ruth Norris Robertson; Mrs. Wilda P. Lach; Mrs. Sonra Bishop.
June 11, 2009 June 18, 1959 Mr. Joseph Leslie Brothers; Mrs. Emma Woodward.
June 14, 1979 Mrs. Zelma Walton; Mr. Hazel P. Moyer; Mr. Leonard Ashcraft; Mr. James E. (Jigger) Insko.
June 10, 1999 Mrs. Violet Louise (Taylor) Allendar; Infant Bethany Dawn Perraut; Mr. Earl C. Gillespie; Mr. Alva Eugene Boothe; Mrs. Geneva (Cooper) Gordley; Mr. Joseph Elmo Workman.
June 18, 2009 June 25, 1959 Mrs. Betty Jane Hause; Mrs. Myrtole Ann Elrod Markwell; Mr. Edgar Mitchell Wallace; Mr. Harmon Showalter; Mr. Omar Claypool.
June 21, 1979 Mrs. Virgie Hagen McKibben; Mrs. Theda Day Berry; Mrs. Julia Schweitzer; Mr. Medley Day.
June 7, 1999 Mrs. Catherine (Black) Pendergest; Mr. James Cook Beckett; Mr. Mervin G. Wood; Mr. Roy Neal.
June 25, 2009 July 2, 1959 Mr. James F. Blackerby; Mr. Andrew Moore; Mr. Bert Elmer Smith; Mrs. Maggie Irene Tucker; Sister Mary DeSales Fox; Mr. Elmo Haley; Mr. Hiram Hause.
June 28, 1979 Mr. Earl W. Barnes; Mr. Emery Allen Yelton; Mrs. Mattie Bell England Moore; Mrs. Ursley M. Ramsey; Mr. George Edgar Appelman.
June 24, 1999 Mrs. Catherine (Black) Pendergest; Mr. James Cook Beckett; Mr. Mervin G. Wood; Mr. Roy Neal.
July 2, 2009 July 9, 1959 Mr. George Harmon Nagel; Mr. Ernest S. Weaver.
July 5, 1979 Mr. Stephen D. Hook; Mr. Earl W. Barnes; Mr. Elmer L. Brown; Mr. Othis L. Courtney; Mr. John E. Carmony.
July 1, 1999 Mr. Carlie F. Fields; Mr. Theodore Plummer; Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Whirles.
July 9, 2009 July 16, 1959 Mrs. Sarah Blades; Mrs. Gertrude Case Ruf; Mr. Lytle T. DeMoss; Mrs. Edna Hull Tuttle; Miss Anna Blanche Wilson; Mrs. Cora Combess Reed.
July 12, 1979 Mrs. Mae M. Cooper; Mr. Estell A. Florer.
July 8, 1999 Mrs. Donna June Carmena Cooper; Mrs. Lillian A. Hart.
July 16, 2009 July 23, 1959 Mr. Harry Southgate Ellis Mr. William J.B. Blades Mr. Lydia Lloyd Poage Mr. James Ashcraft; Nr. Harry S. Tucker; Mrs. Ella Berry Linville Mrs. Caroline Ann Welte; Miss Mildred Duncan.
July 19, 1979 Mr. Robert Clay (Tom) Youngma; Mrs. Ruth Hamilton.
July 15, 1999 Mrs. Dorothy Dickson Kalb; Mrs. Ora Hook; Mr. Albert Louis Poe.
July 23, 2009 July 30, 1959 Mrs. Nannie B. Snapp; Mr. J.T. 'Tommy' Reed; Mr. Justin McNamara; Miss Anna Moore; Mr. Ben McCracken; Mr. Roman C. Albrecht; Mr. Jacob F. Clos.
July 26, 1979 Mrs. Ruth Elrod Hamilton; Mrs. Eva Lina Thornton; Mr. Cleon E. Florence; Miss N. Alberta Kelsch; Mr. Thomas G. Jackson.
July 22, 1999 Mr. James M. Melvin; Mr. Louis Dimmitt LaMonda.
July 30, 2009 July 30, 1959 [Names repeated from July 23, 2009 edition.
August 2, 1979 Mrs. Geraldine Cracraft Conley; Mr. Dewey M. Daughtery.
July 29, 1999 Mr. James Edgar Appleman; Mr. Donald Lee Galbraith; Mr. Robert Woodruff; Mrs. Lela Lucille Snider Meads.
August 6, 2009 August 6, 1959 Mrs. Elizabeth Moneyhon Pickrell; Mr. Thomas Moran; Mr. William E. Howard.
August 9, 1979 Mrs. Bonnie Smith Welch; Infant Kelsch.
August 5, 1999 Mr. Charles W. Peoples; Mr. Clyde Lundsford; Mr. Charles Ruben Hamilton.
August 13, 2009 August 13, 1959 Mr. Jeff Teegarden; Mrs. Elizabeth Tumbleson; Mr. Charles Bradford.
August 16, 1979 Mr. Shearl Miller; Mr. Albert Hargett.
August 12, 1999 Miss Kathleen (Kaye) Kalb; Mrs. Zella Mains.
August 20, 2009 August 20, 1959 Master Bobby Hitt; Mrs. Jennie Weber; Mrs. Iva Harber Jones; Mrs. Lena McKinney Blades; Mrs. Alice Collins; Honorable Silas Jacobs.
August 23, 1979 Mrs. Rena Edwards Warner; Mrs. Lida King Field; Master Chad Steven Pfeffer; Mr. Roy Lee Sutton, Sr.; Dr. Chester L. Bryant.
August 19, 1999 Mr. William 'Wimpy' McKibben; Mr. Troy C. Hampton.
August 27, 2009 August 27, 1959 Mr. James O'Brien; Mrs. Laura Thompson; Mr. Lewis H. Ballinger; Mrs. Hannah Stamper; Mr. John W. Gleason; Mr. Frank A. Bruin.
August 30, 1979 Mrs. Mattie F. Wachter; Mrs. Marie Ann Bussell; Mrs. Violet K. Courtney.
August 26, 1999 None listed.
September 3, 2009 September 3, 1959 Mrs. Omar Claypool; Mrs. Belle Erwin; Mrs. Osa Mason; Infant Girl Gallagher; Mr. Bailey S. Ginn; Mrs. Fannie Roberts Darnell; Mrs. Sarah Ellen Moore; Mrs. Lois Hargett Crane; Mr. George Walter Curtis; Dr. Jesse Joseph Wheat; Mr. Philip Schadle; Rev. John T. Jobst.
September 6, 1979 Mr. James L. Wenz; Miss Hazel Anna Wood; Mrs. Vircie Stroud.
September 2, 1999 Mr. Joel K. Cummins; Mr. Earl T. 'Tom' Adamson; Mr. Noel Dean Poe; Mr. Alvey Grant Curtis; Mr. Lyle Peter Pribble.
September 10, 2009 September 10, 1959 Mr. Edgar Jones; Mr. Ripple Kearns; Mrs. Eloise Walters.
September 13, 1979 Mrs. Nelllie Davis Branam; Mr. Harry Morris; Mrs. Mary E. Smith; Mr. John Adam Brown.
September 9, 1999 Mr. Pearl J. 'Kit' Hamilton; Dr. Dewey Elwood Cummins; Mr. Alva Eugene 'Gene' Boothe.
September 17, 2009 September 17, 1959 Dr. Austin L. Beckett.
September 20, 1979 Mr. Cecil B. Woodward; Mr. Charlie Allen Held; Mr. Terry W. Smith; Mrs. Sophie W. Newkirk.
September 16, 1999 Mr. Billy Mac Bradbury; Mr. Clark William Thomas.
September 24, 2009 September 24, 1959 Mr. Ed Dixon.
September 27, 1979 Mr. George Gordon 'Hoot' Gibson; Mrs. Mary Alice Boggus Swarts.
September 23, 1999 Mr. John 'Bud' Habermehl; Mr. Richard Leroy 'Cricket' Hill; Dr. Robert Graham Cooper, Sr.; Mr. Vernon W. Moore; Mr. Wilbur A. Creekbaum; Mr. Nelson Perkins.
October 1, 2009 October 1, 1959 Mr. Ellis Fields; Mrs. Della Hall Galbraith; Mrs. Lillie Mae Galbraith.
October 4, 1979 Mrs. Mae Teegarden; Mrs. Josephine MacAdam; Mr. Carl A. Bishop; Mrs. Vida Rudd; Mrs. Effie Shanks; Mrs. Delia Henderson.
Septenber 30, 1999 Mrs. Jane Kinder Kennedy; Mr. Larry Wayne Cooper; Mr. Gayle Kenton Wells.
October 8, 2009 October 8, 1959 Mr. Ellis Fields; Mrs. Della Hall Galbraith; Mrs. Lillie Mae Galbraith.
October 11, 1979 Mr. Calvin Douglas Weissman; Mrs. Julia Elizabeth Meenach.
October 7, 1999 Mrs. Dorothy B. Jarrell; Mr. James 'Bob' Curtis.
October 15, 2009 October 15, 1959 Mr. Willie O. Haley; Mr. Wayne M. Holton; Perkins Infant; Mr. Lee Mannen McKibben; Mrs. Maggie C. Russell; Mrs. Pearl Harris; Mr. Lonnie West; Mr. Roy T. Morris.
October 18, 1979 Miss Ardella Garrett; Mr. John J. Clos; Mrs. Anna Dietrich.
October 14, 1999 Mrs. Patricia F. Boothe; Mr. Joseph Earl Buerkley; Mr. Millard Fillmore Wood Byrne; Mr. William F. Laney; Mr. Richard S. Frederick.
October 22, 2009 October 22, 1959 Mrs. Catherine Myers; Mr. Thomas Colvin.
October 25, 1979 Mr. James H. King; Mrs. Jennie King; Mrs.Lulu Clark; Mrs. Anna Bush; Mrs. Hazel Moyer.
October 21, 1999  
October 29, 2009 October 29, 1959 Mrs. Edith Whiteman Miley; Mr. Mike Brown; Mrs. Sallie Marksberry Bruin; Mrs. Carrie Morris.
November 1, 1979 Mr. Charlie J. Smith; Mrs. Ona Robb.
October 21, 1999 Mrs. Katherine Louise Wright; Mr. Clayborne Wilson Gulley.
November 5, 2009 November 26, 1959 Mrs. Ethel Woods Workman; Mr. Roy Paynter; Mrs. Nina Lytle Stairs Johnson; Mrs. James Bascom Wiseman; Mr. Alvin Newton 'Newt' Elrod; Miss Nettie Philips; Mr. Michael Lundrigan; Miss Melissa Jett; Mr. Charlie Joe 'Dick' Norris.
November 29, 1979 Mr. Marshall W. Weaver; Mrs. Roxie Rudd Appleman; Mr. Robert C. Hayes; Mr. Albert Young; Mr. Hary Fleeman; Mrs. Lillian Cubberly Jett.
November 25, 1999 Mr. Clyde Hubert 'Hubie' McCane; Miss Loretta K. Traugott; Mrs. Eldora Hardin Harding; Mr. Chester Tabor.
November 12, 2009 November 12, 1959 Mrs. Dessie Turner; Mr. Lawrence Allen Routt; Mrs. Mary Lee French Florer; Mrs. Hazel Boone McClanahan; Mrs. Norma Quinn Robbins.
November 15, 1979 Mrs. Cora Showalter; Mr. William (Bus) Randolph; Mr. Alexander F. Perkins; Mrs. Rule Wood Houston.
November 11, 1999 Mr. James H. Haley; Mrs.Velma Teegarden; Mrs. Darlene Faul Mofford; Mr. Alexander 'Bus' Lucas; Rev. James A. Sowder; Mr. Elmer B. Allison; Mrs. Bessie LeeWhite Gibbs.
November 19, 2009 November 19, 1959 Mrs. Mary Claypool Scott; Mr. Clifton Price; Mrs. Ethel Hamilton Cuddington; Mr. Hughie Myers; Mrs. Mamie Cameron Dryden; Mr. Isaac Newton Hamilton.
November 22, 1979  
November 18, 1999 Miss Mae Burton; Mrs. Christine Barnes Fralix.
November 26, 2009 November 26, 1959 Mrs. Ethel Woods Workman; Mr. Roy Paynter; Mrs. Nina Lytle Stairs Johnson; Mrs. James Bascom Wiseman; Mr. Alvin Newton 'Newt' Elrod; Miss Nettie Philips; Mrs. Michael Lundrigan; Miss Melissa Jett; Mr. Charlie Joe 'Dick' Norris.
November 29, 1979 Mr. Marshall W. Weaver; Mrs. Roxie Rudd Appleman; Mr. Robert C. Hayes; Mr. Albert Young; Mr. Harry Fleeman; Mrs. Lillian Cubberly Jett
November 25, 1999 Mr. Clyde Hubert 'Hubie' McCane; Miss Loretta K. Traugott; Mrs. Eldora Hardin Harding; Mr. Chester Tabor.
December 3, 2009 December 3, 1959 Mrs. Myrtle Jones; Mrs. Hattie Moore; Mrs. Chloe Belle McKinney; Mr. Orie H. Price; Mrs. Nannie Cora McKinney Clark.
December 6, 1979 Mr. Howard Moore; Mrs. Catherine Connor Kerr; Mrs. Bettye L. Fralix; Mrs. Sudie Mae Redden
December 2, 1999 Mr. John Valentine Kalb; Mrs. Christine Cushman King; Mrs. Shirley King; Mrs. Vonda Maye Story Schiltz.
December 10, 2009 December 10, 1959 Mr. Slater H. Orme; Mr. Milton S. Usleman; Mr. William Henry Vice; Mrs. Lottie Kane Day; Mr. John Goecke.
December 13, 1979 Mrs. Harold Reese; Mrs. Childress Paynter McDowell; Mrs. Mary Edith Cooper; Mr. Paul Nelson Hester; Mr. John Cook; Mrs. Mary C. Jenkins.
December 9, 1999 Mrs. Cheryl Jean Bratton Bradford; Mr. Kenneth Howard Garrison; Mrs. Marguerie Alfreta Fleeman; Mrs. Virginia 'Virgie' C. Meyer.
December 17, 2009 December 17, 1959 Mrs. Mollie Dee Fox Sharp; Mr. Maurice Danehe; Mrs. Ida Orme Hall; Mr. John Dexter Thornbury; Mr. John Edward Malloy; Mr. William Shelton Henderson; Mrs. Joseph W. Norris; Mr. Fred Kelsch.
December 20, 1979 Mr. Melvin L. Woodward; Mrs. Maggie White; Mrs. Edna Mullins Staton.
December 16, 1999 Mrs. Lucille Yates Unmussig.
December 24, 2009 December 24, 1959 Mrs. Anna Lewis Hanson; Rev. Joseph D. Schultz; Mr. Harry Smith; Mrs. Delilah Elizabeth Napier; Mr. Harvey Bridges.
December 27, 1979 Mrs. Goldie Perkins; Mrs.Julia Bare; Mrs. Ina Jett Grimes.
December 23, 1999 Mr. Clarence Foster 'Boogie' Hamilton; Mr. Joseph Browning Youngman, Jr.; Mr. Frank Earl Appleman; Mr. Alvah R. Moorhead.
December 31, 2009 December 31, 1959 Mrs. Cinda P. Monson; Mr. Adam Pabst; Mr. Frank Cline; Mrs. Oda Adamson Garrison; Mr. Arthur Hitt; Mrs. Katie Traugott Chasteen.
January 3, 1980 Mr. William F. Blackerby, Sr.; Mrs. Mary Lee Hamilton; Mrs. Nellie Mains Hamilton; Mrs. Eleanor Bradbury Marshall; Mrs. Ethel Hornsby; Mr. Eddie Orville Craig.
December 30, 1999 Mr John Ivan Hutchinson; Mrs. Ruth B. Love; Mr. Farrist R. Morgan.

2008 Editions

'Files' Edition Original Edition Names In Obituaries
January 2, 2008 January 2, 1958 Mr. Rufus Welton; Miss Nettie Mains; Mr. Thurman Kurtz; Dr. I.N. Calvin; Mrs. Alice Power Wells; Mr. George Thomas Taylor; Mr. Vester Lee Parker.
January 5, 1978 Mr. Thomas E. (Tom) Teegarden; Mrs. Leora Monson Jett; Mrs. Roxie Courtney; Mr. Henry Elbert Routt.
January 1, 1998 Mr. Robert Oaks; Mrs. Ethel Haley; Mrs. Ruby Jean Jacobs Foerderer Godman King; Mr. Burton Robinson; Mrs. Christine F. Stephens; Mrs. Yuelta Fern Smith.
January 10, 2008 January 9, 1958 Mr. Dan Danahe; Mr. Louis Happe; Mr. Thea M. Chinn; Mrs. Rosa S. Ferguson; Mrs. H. Bramel.
January 12, 1978 Mrs. Lydia Sharp; Mr. James Phillip Bonfield; Mr. Alfred Litzinger, Sr.; Mr. George W. Perkins; Mrs. Elizabeth M. Ashcraft; Mr. Byron Hunt; Mr. Garrett Case; Mr. Robert Linville; Mrs. Edna Murray.
January 8, 1998 Mr. James H. 'Johnnie' Bravard.
January 17, 2008 January 16, 1958 Mrs. Lena Weissman; Mr. Thomas Bruist; Mrs. Catherine Cooper Tabb; Mrs. Margaret Ernst; Mrs. Mary Belle Thackston; Mrs. Jesse B. Colvin; Mrs. Kate Jennett.
January 19, 1978 Mrs. Georgia King Bradford; Mr. Allen W. Miley; Mr. Carson French; Mrs. Mattie Tilton Paynter; Mr Harold Dempsey Workman; Mr. Langley W. King; Mr William F. Laycock.
January 15, 1998 Mr. Gene Baxter Yelton; Mr. Billy Joe Wyatt; Mrs. Ernestine Wiglesworth; Infant Trenton Joseph Morford; Mr. John Eric Blakeley; Mrs. Florine Askins Fields; Miss Marjorie Downard Woodward.
January 24, 2008 January 23, 1958 Mr. Charles Fields; Mr. Thomas Gibbons; Mr. Allen Colvin; Mr. Jesse Marsh; Mrs. Minnie Lee Jones Berry; Mr. Jesse Marsh; Mr. John M. Lucus; Mr. Jesse B. Colvin; Mrs. Julia Galloway; Mr. Raymond Hamilton.
January 26, 1978 Mrs. Lillian Haley; Mrs. Tereasie Reed; Mrs. Maggie Workman Wood; Mrs. Rebecca Jane Kiskaden; Mr. Duard Lee Story.
January 22, 1998 Mrs. Emma Jane Campbell.
January 31, 2008 January 30, 1958 Mr. James P. Jett; Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Smith; Mrs. Minnie Lee Cleaver Simms; Mr. James Howard Kirby, Jr.; Mrs. Donna Holleran; Mrs. Mary Cann.
February 2, 1978 Mrs. Bernice Strausbaugh Workman; Mrs. Beatrice McKibben; Mr. Lovell Holton Mullikan; Mr. Kennon W. Dietrich; Mr. Adron C. Cracraft; Mr. Eugene Allen Ellis; Mr. Vach Meyers.
January 29, 1998 Mr. Stanley Y. Stratton.
February 7, 2008 February 6, 1958 Mr. William Alonzo Black; Mrs. Leah Rees Moorhead; Mrs. Elizabeth Louis King; Mr. Robert T. Jennett; Mr. Richard D. Lane; Mrs. Esther Lea Denton.
February 9, 1978 Mrs. Martha Winkle; Mrs. Carrie Brush Henson; Mr. Cecil Owens Pinckard.
February 5, 1998 Mr. Cecil Thomas (Jack) Price; Mrs. Ethel Blades; Mrs. Agnes Loree McIntyre.
February 14, 2008 February 13, 1958 Mrs. Margaret Stephens; Mr. Elza Barnes; Mr. Howard Lee Record; Mrs. Katherine Duncan Lail; Mrs. Eli A. King; Mr. Augustine 'Gus' Bauer; Mr. George Riley Longnecker; Mr. John P. Colvin; Mr. Albert Kelsch.
February 16, 1978 Mr. William (Bill) Holcomb; Mrs. Kate Evans.
February 12, 1998 Mrs. Dorothy Marie Ruf; Mrs. Urma Poe Lea; Mrs. Christine Mae Tracey Rodgers.
February 21, 2008 February 20, 1958 Miss Katie Miller; Miss Hannah Moyer; Mr. William Wallace Baker; Miss Lucille Murphy; Mrs. Ethel Golden Galbraith; Mr. J.J. Dillon; Mr. John W.. McCord; Infant James Braden.
February 23, 1978 Miss Susan McAtee; Mrs. Blanche West Clark; Mr. John William Holcomb.
February 19, 1998 Mrs. Patricia Audra (Thornton) Nickoson; Mr. Ronald Moorhead; Mrs. Mary Blanch Poe Cummins; Mrs. Edna (Ellis) Bratton; Mr. Ben Gragston.
February 28, 2008 February 27, 1958 Mrs. Lora McClanahan Garson; Miss Tillie Rye; Mrs. Willa Rothacker; Mr. Frank Gibson; Mr. Harley Omar Uselman; Mr. W. Earnest Decoursey; Mr. James Flora; Miss Maggie O. Wiggins.
March 2, 1978 Mr. Walter N. Brown; Mr. William F. Case; Mr. Clyde G. Warner; Mr. Lawrence Corbett Metzger.
February 26, 1998 Mr. William Toliver Moorhead; Mr. Herman R. Vermillion; Mrs. Fannie Bridget Lacey.
March 6, 2008 March 6, 1958 Mr. John Bruist.
March 9, 1978 Mr. Douglas Hanson.
March 5, 1998 Mrs. Jessie M. Quinli; Mr. Martin A. Teegarden; Mr. Kenneth Harold Chamblin; Mrs. Edith Fralix Meyer; Mrs. Kathie Joy Watson; Mr. Howard Lyle Newman; Mrs. Christine F. Stephens; Mrs. Yuelta Fern Smith..
March 13, 2008 March 13, 1958 Mr. Robert Garrison; Mr. S.L. 'Sam' Holliday; Mr. Roscoe McDowell; Mr. John W. West; Mr. Howard King; Mrs. Madge Reynolds Everett; Mr. Russell J. (Jug) Gault; Mr. Clyde French; Mr. Estill H. Flack; Mrs. Mary Jett; Mr. Dimmitt Tucker; Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson Kabler.
March 16, 1978 Mrs. Amy Louise Clark; Mr. Leo (Shorty) Devaur; Mr. Roy M. Scott; Mr. Raphael Roger Todd, Sr.; Mrs. Margarette Clark Kaiser.
March 12, 1998 Mr. Strother B. Ellis.
March 20, 2008 March 20, 1958 Mr. James H. Florence; Mr. George L. Gallensein; Mrs. Cora H. Curtis; Mrs. Hannah D. Ernst; Mrs. Phoebe Ann Cracraft Mrs. Eliza Bell Moore; Mr. George Russell King; Mrs. Julia Ann Wagel; Infant girl Moran; Mrs. Mary Jett; Miss Frances Russell.
March 16, 1978 Mrs. Amy Louise Clark; Mr. Leo (Shorty) Devaur; Mr. Roy M. Scott; Mr. Raphael Roger Todd, Sr.; Mrs. Margarette Clark Kaiser.
March 12, 1998 Mr. Strother B. Ellis.
March 27, 2008 March 27, 1958 Mr. Dimmitt Galbraith; Mrs. Leona Green Benjamin; Mrs. Ruth Staton Sansom; Infant Smith; Mrs. Corry W. Jett.
March 30, 1978 Mr. Lawrence (Dick) England; Mrs. Margaret Asbury Stapleton; Mr. Howard Thomas Fields; Mrs. Louetta Bush Kalb.
March 26, 1998 Mr. Wendell Pope Rigg; Mrs. Helen Ruth.
April 3, 2008 April 3, 1958 Mr. William 'Billy' Reynolds; Mrs. Anna Lucy Meyer Carl; Mrs. Ethel Johnson; Mr. Louis E. Case; Mr. Calvin Haughaboo; Mrs. Ada Shofstall.
April 6, 1978 Infant Tamara Dawn Heiert; Mr. Ray Buerkley; Mr. William E. Davis; Mrs. Golda Jones; Mr. George Kimbrough West, Jr.
April 1, 1998 Mr. Larry Allen Perkins; Mrs. Mabel Florence Anderson; Mrs. Virginia Louise Case Dewitt.
April 10, 2008 April 10, 1958 Mr. Grimes Wallace; Mrs. Mary Ann Richard; Mr. Carl Jones; Mr. Carl Stanley Jacobs; Mr. Angelo 'Brother' Puccini; Mr. Joseph Fountain Bare; Mrs. Malissa Mains.
April 13, 1978 Mr. Chester Pangburn; Mr. William H. French; Mrs. Lucille Young.
April 9, 1998 Mr. Melvin E. Dennie; Mrs. Donna Fern Allender; Mrs. Adeline Stephens; Mrs. Alice Casey Pope; Mrs. Katherine Louise Lewis; Mrs. Deborah Lynn Fegan Gill.
April 17, 2008 April 17, 1958 Mr. Ernest Wood; Mrs. Julia Hayes; Infant Girl Turner; rs. Mary Ethel Rumford; Mr.(sic) Ida Belle Workman Haley; Mrs. Mima Patton.
April 20, 1978 Mr. Henry Monson; Mrs. Naomi Shumaker Mellor; Mr. Herbert Bentley Workman.
April 16, 1998 Mrs. Rosalyn Bay Colvin; Mrs. Loraine Buser.
April 24, 2008 April 24, 1958 No Entries
April 27, 1978 Mrs. Minnie Faul; Mr. James William Bradford.
April 23, 1998 Mr. Johnny J. Poe; Mr. Crit Golden; Mr. Charles W. McNees; Mrs. Ellen (Lawson) McElfresh; Mrs. Alberta Catherine Teegarden Clayton.
May 1, 2008 May 1, 1958 Mrs. Cora Nickson: Mrs. Lena Claypool Kabler; Mrs. Permilla Mae Gross; Mrs. Hattie Mae Hamilton McQuinley.
May 4, 1978 Mrs. Minnie Faul; Mr. Harry Young; Mrs. Alta Poe Osborne; Mr. Kenneth Humble; Mr. Everett N. Douglas.
April 30, 1998 Mr. Richard C. England.
May 8, 2008 May 8, 1958 Mr. Otis Grant Coleman; Mrs. Pearl Mullikin; Mr. Albert Brown; Mr. Joseph Hitt; Mrs. Catherine Nora Wenz; Mrs. Susie Norris Smoot; Mrs. Lutie Collins; Mrs. Bessie Reese Scouten; Mrs. J.F. Kennett.
May 11, 1978 Miss Ann Marie Sticklen; Mr. Roy Fryman; Mrs. Octa S. Jett; Mr. William L. Miller.
May 7, 1998 Mr. James Kendall Beckett; Mr. Arnold Ramsey; Mr. Stanley Poston Grigson; Mrs. Ida Sawyer Hughes; Mrs. Hazel (Ashcraft) Rumford; Mrs. Geraldine (Waters) High; Mr. William Jackson Fryman.
May 15, 2008 May 15, 1958 Mrs. Martha Janes Hughes; Mrs. Nellie Fleeman Meyer; Mrs. Lavina McAtee Haley; Miss Grace Pepper; Mr. Thomas Craig; Mrs. Jane Hester Enright.
May 18, 1978 Mrs. Maude Wilson; Mr. Frzier Stroud; Mr. Earl E. Scolf; Mr. William O. (Billy) Parker; Mr. Dayton B. Linville.
May 14, 1998 No enties.
May 22, 2008 May 22, 1958 Mrs. Lillian Bratton Honan; Mr. Elra 'Rube' Davis; Mrs. Birdie Sheilds Linville.
May 25, 1978 Mrs. Edith Clark Ruf; Mr. Clarence (Pete) Burton.
May 14, 1998 Mr. George Allen Reese.
May 29, 2008 May 29, 1958 Mrs. Jane Baker; Mr. Stanley B. Moreland; Mr. Leonard Fields; Mr. Charles H. Askin; Ms. Jane Hester Enright.
June 1, 1978 Mrs. Mary Biddle; Mr. Roy C. Wallingford; Mrs. Daisy Archibald Owens; Mr. Archie Rubenacker; Mr. Frank Urban, Sr.; Mr. Walter England; Mr. Charles Keene; Mr. Luther Barker.
May 28, 1998 Mrs. Mabel Clara (Feagan) Brothers; Mr. Charles W. High; Mrs. Wanda Marie Reese Poe; Mr. Beuford Cline Turner; Mr. William Browning King.
June 5, 2008 June 5, 1958 Mr. Jesse B. Doggett; Mr. Charles Francis Mulikin; Mr. Thomas Thompson; Mr. Herman L. Mingua; Mr. Richard Cordrey; Mr. Walter Power; Mr. Leonard Fields; Mrs. Minnie Hester Morgan; Mrs. Mattie Kinney Moore; Miss Mary F. Jennings.
June 8, 1978 Mrs. Leona Shepherd Snapp; Mr. Charles H. White; Mrs. Cora Reese.
June 4, 1998 Mrs. Gladys Linn Harbour; Mrs. Odella (Teegarden) Meyer; Ms. Virginia Irene (Wilson) Cox.
June 12, 2008 June 12, 1958 Mrs. Thelma Elrod Hamilton; Mrs. Mary Swanger; Mrs. Nancy Carrie Wiggins Fryman; Mrs. Hannah Gosney; Mrs. Mary Rolie Gault Haughaboo; Mr. Newell Kennedy; Mrs. Jessie Fegan Bauer; Mr. Charley Francis Mulikin.
June 15, 1978 Miss Crystal Starr Free; Miss Catherine B. Parker; Infant Chirstpher (ed: Christopher?) M. Hughes; Mrs. Ira R. Hillard; Mrs. Kitty Hanson Insko.
June 11, 1998 Mr. Charles Thomas Hargett; Mr. Thomas K. Wenz; Mr. Shelby C. Teegarden.
June 19, 2008 June 19, 1958 Mrs. Ida Perrine; Mrs. Richard Price; Mrs. Tina Gillespie Cordrey; Mr. Pearl Courtney; Mrs. Emma Huber Kalb.
June 22, 1978 Mr. Matthew H. (Matt) Workman; Mrs. Mary Estep Pollard.
June 18, 1998 Mr. Lawrence Earl Moorhead; Mrs. Louella Mae Fields; Mrs. Margvaret Sue McAtee; Mrs. Barbara W. Lucas; Mr. Willie Forest Lucas.
June 26, 2008 June 26, 1958 Mr. Everett Beckett; Mrs. Florence Pollack Holiday; Mr. William M. Maxfield; Mr. Mack Arthur Merrill; Mr. Cover Galloway, Jr.; Mrs. Pauline Hayes.
June 29, 1978 Mr. Beverly K. Wright.
June 25, 1998 Mrs. Shirly Joyce Evans; Mrs. Jeanette Christine (Cooper) Fronk; Mr. Estill Thomas; Mrs. Rosa (Case) Cummins; Mrs. Lillian Katherine (Carpenter) Keal; Mrs. Lovella Mae Fields Wagoner.
July 3, 2008 July 3, 1958 Mrs. Lida Burris; Mrs. Joe B. Helvey; Mr. Elisha 'Lige' Garrison; Mrs. Elizabeth Dietrich; Mr. Harry V. Burns.
July 6, 1978 Mr. Frank M. Galbraith; Mr. Byram Owens.
July 2, 1998 Mr. Raymond Bach, Jr.; Mr. Anthony Ray Aulick; Mrs. Lillian Roselee Meyer; Infant Sarah Rebecca Detherage; Mrs. Betty Collings Martin; Mr. Boyd D. Howland; Mrs. Edna Lee Watkins.
July 10, 2008 July 10, 1958 Mr. Albert Howard Bradford; Mrs. Nettie M. Cain; Mr. Harvey Mains; Mr. Narvey [sic] H. McCarty; Mr. Eng Bishop; Mr. G.E. 'Gip Lowe.
July 13, 1978 Mrs. Rosemary Keough; Mrs. Cleo Wood; Mr. Herman K. Stairs; Mr. George E. Meyer; Mr. James O. Hester.
July 9, 1998 Mr. John M. 'Jack' Moran; Mr. Floyd (Bud) Workman, Jr.; Mr. James Scott Crawford.
July 17, 2008 July 17, 1958 Mr. James Oliver Cummins; Mr. Lawrence Corbett Metzger; Mr. Robert T. Bramel; Mrs. Mina Good Moyer; Mr. Sidney N. Morford; Mr. Ed McDowell; Mr. John Robert Rogers; Mrs. Sarah E. Gee Colegrove.
July 20, 1978 Mr. John (Jeff) Miller; Mrs. Elizabeth H. Steele; Mr. Wilbert Cecil Hall; Mrs. Elsie Hill Hanning; Mr. Leo D. Lewis.
July 16, 1998 Mr. Mary Louise Kellison; Mr. Burdetta Catherine (Story) Day; Mrs. Jeanette Christine (Cooper) Fronk.
July 24, 2008 July 24, 1958 None.
July 27, 1978 Mrs. Ruth Laycock; Mrs. Maude Boothe Plummer; Mr. Alfred Moore; Mrs. Gracie Carpenter; Mrs. Mary Jane Hawkins.
July 23, 1998 Mrs. Florence L. Pickrell; Mrs. Jose O'Connor; Mrs. Florence K. Davis; Mrs. A. Marie Persinger; Mrs. Cora (Ross) Hester; Mrs. Maude L. Turner; Mrs. Geneva Meyer; Mrs. Jesse Irene (Howell) Goddard.
July 31, 2008 August 21 [sic], 1958 Mr. James F. Combess; Mr. Charles Otis Carpenter; Mrs. Ida M. Bare; Mrs. Melvina R. Burns; Mr. Nelson Trueax; Infant Taylor; Mrs. Nancy Lee Bingaman.
August 24 [sic], 1978 Mrs. Jessie Waters Hause; Mr. Howard Orme; Mrs. Ludie Mae Parker; Mr. Wilbur Insko; Mr. Romie Francis Gilligan; Mrs. Essie Boone Faulconer.
August 20 [sic], 1998 Mrs. Bertha Sparks; Mrs. Martha Kobmann; Mrs. Jacqueline Doherty.
August 7, 2008 August 7, 1958 Mr. Allen P. Wheat; Mr. Alex B. Thomas; Mrs. Anna Florence Mattox; Mrs. Fanny DeVaughn Turner; Dr. Mark Haley.
August 10, 1978 Mrs. Vivian Bland Lucas; Mr. George William Hardy; Mrs. Mary Margaret Ross O'Conner.
August 6, 1998 Mrs. Marjorie Moorhead Everett; Miss Loretta Clark; Mr. Jess Ervin Reeves; Mr. Charles William Colemire; Mr. Sherwood Merrill; Mr. James Allen Poe; Mr. Albert Slack Thomas; Mrs. Bertha Lee (Collins) Tucker.
August 14, 2008 August 14, 1958 Mrs. Mollie Cummins; Mr. Irvin Cooper.
August 17, 1978 Mrs. Rebecca Vermillion; Mrs. Anna Howard White; Mr. William Otis Penn.
August 13, 1998 Mr. Patrick L. Pendleton; Mrs. Freda (Clos) Fannin; Mr. Chad Cracraft; Mr. Paul S. Snapp.
August 21, 2008 August 21, 1958
[repeats July 31, 2008]
Mr. James F. Combess; Mr. Charles Otis Carpenter; Mrs. Ida M. Bare; Mrs. Melvina R. Burns; Mr. Nelson Trueax; Infant Taylor; Mrs. Nancy Lee Bingaman.
August 24, 1978 Mrs. Jessie Waters Hause; Mr. Howard Orme; Mrs. Ludie Mae Parker; Mr. Wilbur Insko; Mr. Romie Francis Gilligan; Mrs. Essie Boone Faulconer.
August 20, 1998 Mrs. Bertha Sparks; Mrs. Martha Kobmann; Mrs. Jacqueline Doherty.
August 28, 2008 August 28, 1958 Mr. James A. Crawford; Mr. Hervey T. Asbury; Mrs. Judith Ann Fowler; Mrs. Ella Rogers Price; Mr. Archie DeVaughn; Mr.William Hieatt; Mr. Thurman Lucas; Mr. Henry Hall.
August 31, 1978 Mrs. Gladys Feagan; Mrs. Edward Ward; Mr. Stanley Howard (Jaybird) Thomas.
August 27, 1998 Mrs. Rose Annette Kelsch.
September 4, 2008 September 4, 1958 Mrs. Elizabeth Wagel; Mr. Hugh McClanahan; Mrs. Eva Workman Fields; Mr. Clarence Moore; Mrs. Ida Gillespie; Mr. John Nugent; Mrs. Agens Alke; Mr. Herman Weisbrodt.
September 7, 1978 Mr. Delmon Merrill; Miss Lutie Merrill; Mr. Thomas A. Finn; Miss Lillian B. Hancock; Mrs. Kate Hay Jones; Miss Florence A. Smith.
September 3, 1998 n.r.
September 11, 2008 September 11, 1958 Naval Captain Harmon Utter; Mrs. Elizabeth Gosney Young; Mr. tilton McKenzie; Mr. John Henry Walker; Mrs. Leona Cummins; Mrs. Mattie Swann Townsend; Mrs. Rose Linn Galbraith.
September 11, 1978 Mrs. Ann Johnson; Mr. James M. Weaver; Mrs. Gladys Stroud Rogers; Mt. Clarence French; Mr. Thomas A. Perkins.
September 10, 1998 Mr. Andrew Gordon Insko; Mrs. Martha Eliza (Hutchison) Smith; Mr. Ronald Edward Duke.
September 18, 2008 September 18, 1958 Dr. Charles G. Steen; Mr. Orval Fields; Mrs. Caroline Allender Sharp; Mr. James Sherman Benjamin; Mr. John Henry Walker; Mr. Robert A. Dotson; Mr. Walter Records.
September 21, 1978 Mr. William Florence; Mr. Wilbert Teegarden.
September 17, 1998 Mrs. Mary Ann (Cooper) Luman; Mr. Giltner A. Meeks; Mrs. Audrey Jett Paulus; Ms. Blanche Christine McKinley.
September 25, 2008 September 25, 1958 Mrs. Bruce Wagoner; Mr. Bryan O'Neill.
September 28, 1978 Mr. Ulysses G. (Bud) Grass; Mrs. Vera Gross; Mr. Charles Paynter; Mr. James P. Wells; Mrs. Mollie Cushman.
September 24, 1998 Mrs. Audrey F. Jones; Mr. William Ray French; Mrs. Ilene Coleman McKibben; Mrs. Eva Rose.
October 2, 2008 October 2, 1958 Mr. Samuel Workman; Mr. George Edward Simons.
October 5, 1978 Mr. Paul David Tomlinson; Mr. Henry Hesler.
October 1, 1998 Miss Carmen Jett Moorhead; Mrs. Velva Boss Nesbitt; Mr. Christopher Dean Mineer.
October 9, 2008 October 9, 1958 Miss Rella Osborne; Mr. Hurley Lee McCane; Mr. Harry Jacobs; Mrs. Champie Miller; Mr. James Edward Kelley.
October 12, 1978 Mr. Ben H. Johnson; Mrs. Bertha Atherton; Mr. Edward H. Kalb; Mr. Mack Staples.
October 8, 1998 Rev. Woodrow High; Mrs. Mildred M. Hester; Mrs. Loueva N. Jefferon; Mrs. Julia Cablish Woods.
October 16, 2008 October 16, 1958 Mr. Marmaduke Hargett; Miss Anna Blackerby; Mr. Walter E. Martin; Infant Rickey Allen Hedges; Rev. E.U. Dodson; Mrs. Grace Leonard; Mrs. Mary Katherine Morrison; Mr. Henry Merrill; Mr. Louie McElfresh.
October 19, 1978 Mr. John William (Bill) Rumford; Mr. Ben H. Johnson; Mrs. Ann Stewart Carver; Mrs. Samantha B. McCord; Mr. William Allen (Billy) McCane.
October 15, 1998 Mrs. Ella Louise Davis.
October 23, 2008 October 23, 1958 Mr. Twinkle DeLisle; Mr. Holton Garrison; Mrs. Della Crawford.
October 26, 1978 Mr. J. Thaxter Sims; Mrs. Bernice Bratton Trueax; Mr. John B. Workman; Miss Melissa Stewart.
October 22, 1998 Ms. Ruth (French) Sexton; Mrs. Gladys (Moorhead) Downard; Mrs. Violette Pell.
October 30, 2008 October 30, 1958 Mr. Silas Persinger; Mr. William H. Cain; Mrs. Catherine Hayes Wilder.
November 2, 1978 Mrs. Matilda Day; Mr. Chester E. Glenn; Rev. Wilson Lewis Crumpler; Mr. William H. Silvey; Mrs. Alma Teegarden Gill.
October 29, 1998 Mr. E. Winston 'PeeWee' Schlueter; Ms. Genevieve Shonert.
November 6, 2008 November 6, 1958 Mr. James Edward McGuire; Mr. John M. Walton; Mrs. Golda Norris; Mr. Talmadge D. Ballinger; Mrs. Fannie Mains Colvin; Infant Kenneth Gorden Meyer; Master Darrell E. Hitch.
November 9, 1978 Mr. Otis Workman; Mr. James Robert Dimmitt; Mrs. Ida Berry Monahon; Mrs. Catherine Coughlin Ruholl; Mrs. Mabel Bosse Sturdevant.
November 5, 1998 Mr. Louis A. 'Nope' Power; Mr. Michael L. Lewis; Mrs. Anna Lee Aulick; Mr. Joe Welte; Mr. Edward Lee 'Eddie' Wright.
November 13, 2008 November 13, 1958 Mr. Marton Carl, Sr.; Mrs. Emmalue Daniels.
November 16, 1978 Mrs. Bertha Stevenson; Mr. W.J. Whitehead; Mrs. Elizabeth D. Marsh.
November 12, 1998 Mr. Graydon R. (Mart) Heaverin; Mr. Robert E. 'Jack' Lippert; Mr. Rogers Dale Collins; Mr. Thomas O. 'Tom' Tyson; Mrs. Christine Ferrell.
November 20, 2008 October 23, 1958 [Repeated from October 23, 2008, above. Also see the 1958 index in the 2003 edition, below]
October 26, 1978 [Repeated from October 23, 2008, above.]
October 22, 1998 [Repeated from October 23, 2008, above.]
November 27, 2008 November 27, 1958 Mrs. Grace Mofford; Mr. William H. Jett; Mr. Samuel Taylor Thompson; Mr. Charles William Bradbury; Mr. Lucius Clyde Brown; Mr. John Ballinger.
November 30, 1978 Mr. Walter Maurice Hamilton; Mrs. Madeline Childers Groves; Mr. Carl William Gerhard.
November 26, 1998 Mrs. Bessie Louise (Applegate) Meyer; Mrs. Geneva A. (Elrod) Downard; Dr. Demaree Thomas (D.T.) Cummins; Mrs. Fannie Ellis Adamson.
December 4, 2008 December 4, 1958 Mr. Forest E. Jordan; Mr. David Crockett Case; Mrs. Golda K. Norris; Mrs. Beatrice Dotson; Mrs. Stella Childers; Mrs. Emma Hill.
December 7, 1978 Mrs. Blanche Browning; Mrs. Carrie Smith Mr.Elza M. (Doc) Lucas; Mr. Roy E. (Red Cummins).
December 3, 1998 Mrs. Dessie Lorene Perkins; Mrs. Norma Moneyhon Hall; Mrs. Catherine Puccini Adams; Mr. Henry S. 'Scotty' Best: Mrs. Ruth (Field) Royse.
December 11, 2008 December 11, 1958 Mr. Adam Kalb; Infant Terri Ann Teegarden; Mr. Ora Thomas Wagoner; Mr. William H. Crain; Mr. Thomas Nickerson; Mr. James Henry Pengerest; Mr. John N. Buckner; Mr. Lawrence E. Woods; Mrs. Mary Gillespie Hill; Mrs. Bertha E. Smith.
December 14, 1978 Mrs. Olga Bryan Goodwin; Mrs. Margaret Feiler Wilson; Infant James Wiley Woods, II.
December 10, 1998 Mrs. Bessie Kay Sharp; Miss Doris Hinson; Rev. Roy Gabbard; Mr. Albert L. Reese; Mrs. M. Loree (Jordan) Boothe Kessler.
December 18, 2008 December 18, 1958 Mrs. Grace King; Mr. Ernest Rumford; Mrs. Millie Ellis Thompson; Mr. Marshall Howard Taylor; Mr. Frank Chaney; Mr. William T. Moore; Mrs. Roxy Allender; Mr. Adam Kalb; Mrs. Carrie E. Gossett; Mrs. Hannah H.Shay; Mrs. Sylvia M. Vignon.
December 21, 1978 Miss Vinnie K. Ross; Mrs. Miranda Galbraith Howard; Mr. Ray R. Boone; Mr. Mark W. McAtee; Mr. Homer Ballinger.
December 17, 1998 Mr. Orville Ray Gillespie; Mr. Richard Darryl 'Cutt' Teegarden; Mrs. Sue (Feagan) Webb; Mrs. June Carpenter Harsin; Infant Roberts.
December 25, 2008 December 25, 1958 Mrs. Katherine Jones; Infant Vicki Sue Maston; Mrs. Arra Thomas Linville; Mr. Ahab Leslie 'Ab' Murray; Mrs. Ida Berry Disher; Mr. Samuel 'Sammy' Gilligan; Mr. Robert Thompson.
December 28, 1978 Mrs. Irene Riley McNamer; Mr. Clark Cannon.
December 24, 1998 Mr. Jacob William Goecke, Jr.; Dr. Jacob Marion Steen, D.D.S.

2007 Editions

'Files' Edition Original Edition Names In Obituaries
January 4, 2007 January 3, 1957 Mrs. Julia L. Stephens; Infant David Glenn Doyle; Mr. George W. Johnson; Infant Dwight David Hedgecock; Mrs. Maudie Louise Lawrence.
January 6, 1977 Mrs. Vera Poe Hatfield; Mr. Chester A Harp; Mrs. Velma Smith; Mr. Robert King; Mr. Elmo Marshall; Mrs. Viola Habermehl; Ms. Elizabeth Simcox.
January 2, 1997 Mrs. Elizabeth Dice; Miss Tamela "Tammy' Renee Hamilton; Mr. Russell H. Biddle; Mr. Herbert 'Red' White, Jr.; Mrs. Margaret 'Stoney' Ellis; Mrs. Tillie Mae Compton.
January 11, 2007 January 10, 1957 Mrs. Lucille Johnson Caproni; Mr. Jerry Ingram.
January 13, 1977 Mr. Floyd Hamilton; Mrs. Edith Strausbaugh Hinson; Mrs. Maude Simpson; Mr. James Franklin Tolliver; Mr. Robert (Dick) Rumford; Mr. Raymond Egnew; Mrs. Dorothy Casey England; Infanct Brian Robert Moloney.
January 9, 1997 Mr. Thomas Riggs; Mr. Thomas R. Hennessey; Mr. Charles Allen Black; Mrs. Ruth Wright Hargrove Dunn; Mr. W.N. 'Webb' Hamilton; Mr. John Ray Adamson.
January 18, 2007 January 17, 1957 Mrs. Anna Laura Chipman; Mrs. Rosie Fronk Mains; Infant Joyce Ann Baker; Miss Ann Elizabeth Woodward; Mrs. Hazel Lee Galbraith.
January 20, 1977 Mr. Joseph Unmussig; Mr. Raymond Kenneth Egnew; Mr. Paul Thompson; Mr. Arthur Foster; Mr. John Paul Lee; Mrs. Ruby Lee Hesley; Miss Estelle Fagan; Mr. Freeman Wood.
January 16, 1997 Miss Matilda Earle Todd; Mrs. Etna E. Gibson; Mr. Homer Bruin; Miss Edna Samples; Mr. John Lester Bonar.
January 25, 2007 January 24, 1957 Mr. Clark Houchen; Mrs. Tillie Galbraith Jett; Miss Lillian Hope Pleasants.
January 27, 1977 Mrs. Viola Buckley Hedgecock; Mr. Clarence Craig; Mrs. Louise Scharfenberger.
January 23, 1997 Mrs. Anna Lee Bravard Smokey; Mr. Leroy 'Jim' Lippert, Sr.; Mr. Joe Allen Ramsey; Mr. Richard Wayne Jett; Mr. Calvin Wells Henderson; Mr. Charles King.
February 1, 2007 January 31, 1957 Mrs. Lillie Florence Murray; Mr. Benjamin F. Estell.
February 3, 1977 Mr. Bradley Courts; Mrs. Nannie McGill.
January 30, 1997 Mr. Ronald Ray Mains.
February 8, 2007 February 7, 1957 Mr. John Crawford; Mr. Ben Poe; Mrs. Sallie Wells.
February 10, 1977 Mr. Wilbur Cummins; Mrs. Janice Lou Lytle Mitchell; Mr. Robert Moore.
February 6, 1997 Mr. George S. Landen; Mr. George Allen Florer; Mr. Thornton (Ted) Meyer; Miss Betty Jett; Mrs. Alvina Bessler Sallee.
February 15, 2007 February 14, 1957 Mrs. Mattie Smith Hunter; Mr. Jhn Coleman Brough; Msgr. Francis Borgais Lehr; Mr. Lewis Brooks McMath; Mr. George Edward Ross; Mrs. Ida N. Parker.
February 17, 1977 Mr. Henry N. McDowell; Mr. William C. Metcalfe; Mrs. Madie Cooper Gifford; Mrs. Stella Reed Courtney; Mr. Eddie E. Lucas; Mr. Howard Baker; Mr. Ezra Wright.
February 13, 1997 Mrs. Mary Fitzgerald Kelley; Mrs. Bessie Snodgrass Matthews; Mrs. Edith Browning Moore.
February 22, 2007 February 21, 1957 Mrs. Carrie B. Ball; Mr. John Midgley; Mr. John A. Buser; Mrs. Belle Laycock; Mrs. Younger Rice.
February 24, 1977 Mrs. Thelma Bowman Power; Mr. Newell P. Hedges; Mrs. Beulah Clark Hall; Mrs. Anna Mary Jones Bay; Miss Anna Cooper.
February 20, 1997 Mr. William Harbeson Poynter.
March 1, 2007 February 28, 1957 Mrs. George Ann McClanahan; Mr. James Galbraith; Mr. Jevren 'Uncle Joe' Mirkov.
March 3, 1977 Mrs. Norma A. Story; Mrs. Dorothy Bownes; Mrs. Louetta Bay Pearl; Mrs. Lena T. Kennedy.
February 27, 1997 Mrs. Elizabeth Catherine Brooks; Miss Edythe Vayne Fowler; Mrs. Linda Ann Perry Bryant.
March 8, 2007 March 7, 1957 Mr. Lewis Jones; Mrs. Maida Lanham; Mr. Isaac Jett; Mr. Charles J. Wissel; Mr. Omar Clarence French.
March 10, 1977 Mrs. Bessie Lucas; Mr. James W. Coy; Mr. Edward J. Faul.
March 6, 1997 Mr. Elmer Lee Rigg; Mr. Thomas Vernon Wilson, Jr.; Mr. James Stewart Buser.
March 15, 2007 March 14, 1957 Mr. John W. Hatfield; Mr. Omar Clarence French; Mr. Lloyd R. Workman; Mrs. Lida W. McFarland; Mrs. Mary Margaret Riesser.
March 17, 1977 Mrs. Beatrice C. Clayton; Mr. Garrett Hanson; Ms. Goldie Biddle.
March 13, 1997 Mr. Robert Pugh Kinney; Mr. George Edward Gerhard; Mrs. Goldie M. Claypool; Mrs. Norma White Wagenka; Mr. John Marshall Stanton.
March 22, 2007 March 21, 1957 Mr. Ashley Scott; Mr. Harry C. England; Mrs. Lillie Perkins; Mrs. Maude Mefford; Mrs. Maude C. Osborne; Mr. Charles Morrison.
March 24, 1977 Mr. Paul Joseph Carrigan; Mr. Laudie Kabler; Mrs. Gertrude Lauder.
March 20, 1997 Mr. Gary Lee Linville; Mrs. Hazel N. McGovney; Mr. Bennie Ray Faul; Mr. Charles Joe LaFollette.
March 29, 2007 March 28, 1957 Mrs. Dora McKibben; Mr. Charles Hunter; Mrs. Charles Post; Miss Catherine O'Dwyer; Mr. Robert T. Williams.
March 31, 1977 Mr. Carl Osborne; Mrs. Mamie M. Myers; Infant Danny E. Brown; Mrs. Naomi M. Jett; Mrs. Mabel E. McDowell; Mr. Henry (Joe) McDowell.
March 27, 1997 Mrs. Janet Marie Habermehl; Mrs. Maureene Hopkins Collie.
April 5, 2007 April 4, 1957 Mrs. Mary Lou McCann Chowning; Miss Ann Worrick; Mrs. Lula Jefferson; Mr. William Wiggins; Mr. Hugh Gilbert Yelton.
April 7, 1977 Mrs. Lillie Mae McElfresh; Mr. Roscoe Tucker; Mr. John Claypoole; Mr. Raymond F. Hamm; Mrs. Naomi Jett; Mr. Forrest G. (Parson) Kennedy; Mrs. Edith Poe.
April 3, 1997 Mrs. Mary Ann Figgins Clos; Mrs. Audra Jean Moore Booth; Mr. Gary Lee Warner; Mrs. Mildred Jean Marshall; Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Danahe Baker.
April 12, 2007 April 11, 1957 Mr. Edward McNutt; Mrs. Dora R. Faulkner; Mrs. Dorothy Steves.
April 14, 1977 Mrs. Mary Smith Crawford; Mr. John H. Claypool; Mr. Carl Ellsworth Courtney.
April 10, 1997 Mr. Martin David 'MD' Turner; Mrs. Mattie C. Clark Gibson; Mr. Larry Ross Price; Mr. Elmer Earl Landen; Mr. Marvin B. Meyer; Mr. Walter Edward Wagel.
April 19, 2007 April 18, 1957 Mr. Dora Cummins; Mrs. Mary Brockman Flannagan; Miss Minnie Schweier; Mr. Otis 'Tinker' Smith; Mr. John Roy Blades.
April 21, 1977 Miss Ann Asbury; Mr. Albert Burnell Bonar; Mrs. Elsie Jefferson; Mr. Glenn Wells.
April 17, 1997 Mrs. Gertrude Ethel (White) Howard; Mr. Eldon Fleeman; Mrs. Ruth Humble Lacker; Mrs. Donna (England) Green; Mr. Luther Marshall Kinder.
April 26, 2007 April 25, 1957 Mrs. Amanda Lach; Mr. John Scott Cann; Mr. Gus Peed; Mrs. Olivia Johnson Dieterich; Mr. John Roschi; Mr. P.W. Cracraft; Mr. Holton Orme; Mrs. Jerry S. Holleran; Mrs. Stella Wilson.
April 28, 1977 Mr. James F. Toller.
April 24, 1997 Mr. Lansing P. Fossitt; Mr. Elden Fleeman; Mrs. Minnie Lois Stewart; Mr. Roger Allen Hargett; Mr. Fred Habermehl, Jr.
May 3, 2007 May 2, 1957 Mr. William h Phillips; Mr. Anderson Armstrong; Mr. John Insko; Mrs. Mary Erra Seiter; Mrs. Mary Wood Galbraith.
May 5, 1977 Mrs. Gerry Hanson Staton; Mrs. Alice Miller; Mrs. Martha Ann Prather; Mr. Harry R. Hutchison.
May 1, 1997 Mrs. Beulah Osborne; Mr. Edward Kanzlemar.
May 10, 2007 May 9, 1957 Mr. William S. 'Bill' Faul, Infant Robertson; Mr. George Harrison Bradford; Mr. John L. (Buss) Oliver; Mr. Carl Jett; Mrs. Mae E. Smith; Mr. Webster' Webb' Rudd; Mr. Pearl E. Hunter.
May 12, 1977 Infant Pickrell Twins; Mrs. Minnie McKee; Miss Adalene Mattox; Mrs. Ann Bradley.
May 8, 1997 Mrs. Lena Bonar Bay.
May 17, 2007 May 16, 1957 Mrs. Cora Bloch; Mr. Frank Boothe; Mr. George Clephanne; Mr. Edward Breeze; Mrs. Fazee Pickrell; Mr. Audrey King; Mr. Brice Teegarden; Mr. Charles W. Thompson; Mrs. Carrie M. Brandenburg; Mr. Michael Schiltz; Mrs. Zetha Mefford Kirby; Mr. Roy Haley.
May 19, 1977 Mrs. Flora Meenach; Mr. Charles Paynter, Jr.
May 15, 1997 Mrs. Marie Janice Cooper; Mrs. Genevieve O. English.
May 24, 2007 May 23, 1957 Mr. Albert Quinlin; Mr. Thomas E. Cline; Mr. Byron Clark; Mr. Sylvester Workman; Mr. James Michell.
May 26, 1977 Mr. Russell Lonaker; Mrs. Lucy Agnes (Riley) O'Keefe; Miss Hattie Armour.
May 22, 1997 Mr. Vern W. Galloway; Mrs. Bertha (Wagoner) Gaunce; Mrs. Blanche (Stevens) Price.
May 31, 2007 May 30, 1957 Mrs. Hettie Morgan; Mr. Harry Culp; Mrs. Nina Alberta Hamilton; Mrs. Bertha Teegarden; Mrs. Genevieve Rice; Mr. Fred J. Perkins.
June 2, 1977 Mr. Asa Reed; Mr. Francis Ross.
May 29, 1997 Mrs. Irma McCane Haley; Mrs. Helen West; Mr. Corlis 'Jack' Hamilton, Jr., Mr. Harry Lewis Tilton; Mr. William Mitchell Pile.
June 7, 2007 June 6, 1957 Mr. Albert Wells; Mrs. Harry Adams.
June 9, 1977 Mrs. Sadie White Insko; Mr. Harry Barry; Mr. Clarence Curtis; Mrs. Hessie Jane (Hess) Anderson; Rev. Opal Fay Day.
June 5, 1997 Mr. King McKenney; Mrs. Norma F. Schmidt; Mrs. Garnet R. Slater.
June 14, 2007 June 13, 1957 Mrs. Eliza Ann Rogers; Mr. Corlis R. Jones; Mr. Homer Casey; Mr. John W. Wells; Mr. Harry Brooks; Mr. Joe W. Boone.
June 16, 1977 Sgt. Patrick Holleran, Mr. Ernest C. Cole; Mr. W.K. Huddleston; Mrs. Velma Morford.
June 12, 1997 Mr. Jerome Preston Case; Mr. Percy 'Doc' Elrod; Mrs. Judith Ann Black; Mrs. Christine Norris Peddicord.
June 21, 2007 June 20, 1957 Mrs. Eliza Ann Rogers; Mr. Corlis R. Jones; Mr. Homer Casey; Mr. John W. Wells; Mr. Harry Brooks; Mr. Joe W. Boone; Miss Margaret Kelley; Mr. Leo Cummins; Mr. James R. Sellers; Mr. Hamilton Brooking.
June 23, 1977 Mrs. Lutie H. Moore; Mrs. Eva C. Phillips; Mrs. Arta Bosse; Mrs. Ida Haley; Mrs. Alma Lea Showalter; Mr. George Bay.
June 19, 1997 Mr. Carroll 'Curly' White.
June 28, 2007 June 17, 1957 Mr. Sanford Wesley Shoemaker; Mrs. Phoebe Ellis Everett; Mrs. Will Etta Combess; Mr. Andrew Ratler; Mr. Rollie Cummins; Mr. John Vetter.
June 30, 1977 Mrs. Gladys McKibben; Mrs. Violet Davis Boyd; Mr. Clay Cooper; Mrs. Anna P. Hall; Mrs. Florine Krull; Mrs. Vivien Cline; Mrs. Margaret Woods; Mrs. Charlotte H. Appleman.
June 26, 1997 Mr. Eugene Woodward; Mr. Bill Austin.
July 5, 2007 July 4, 1957 Mr. Edward Martin; Mr. William Edward McKibben; Mr. Jesse Hitt.
July 3, 1977 Mr. Lawrence Cline; Mr. Walter E. Cummins; Mr. Edward Clemo Tabb.
July 3, 1997 Mrs. Verla B. Hicks; Mrs. Effie L. Shepherd; Mr. Alson H. Baker.
July 12, 2007 July 11, 1957 Mr. George D. Fields; Mrs. Avrie Brown Stewart Linville; Mrs. Nettie Henson; Mr. Delmar McKibben; Mrs. Anna August Lloyd.
July 14, 1977 Mrs. Rebekah Hord; Mr. John Hancock; Mr. Jimmie Allen Hamilton; Mr. Roy Teegarden; Mr. Quincy Everett Pugh; Mrs. Linda Jones.
July 10, 1997 Mrs. Verona Mabel (Merrill Bradford).
July 19, 2007 July 18, 1957 Mrs. Verna Klenk; Mrs. Marguerite Jordan Barker; Mrs. Mary Ann Welte; Mrs. Etta West Smith; Mrs. Minnie Shapr McAtee; Mrs. Susie Armstrong Ball.
July 21, 1977 Mrs. Bessie Pitts Kidwell; Mr. Jack Edward Doan; Mr. George Schweitzer, Sr.; Mrs. Mary Leap Adams; Mrs. Margaret A. Brown.
July 17, 1997 Mr, William 'Bill' Smithers; Mr. Donald Grey England; Mrs. Mary Virginia Reynolds; Mr. Jesse Elmore Bell; Mrs. Bertelle Haley Woodward; Mrs. Jewel Dean Candy.
July 26, 2007 July 29, 1957 Mrs. Rose Kabler; Mr. Jay Lewis; Mr. Clarence O. Fury; Mrs. Barbara Orth; Mr. Edward Brown, Sr., Mrs. Clara Johnson; Mr. Emery Lee Mullikin; Mrs. Hannah Elizabether Johnson; Mr. James Everett Rumford; Mr. Foley Welte.
July 28, 1977 Mr. Benam Bishop.
July 24, 1997 --
August 2, 2007 August 1, 1957 Mr. Thomas Danahe; Mrs. Cordelia Fronk; Mr. Charles M. Hines; Mr. Clay H. Moreland; Mrs. Lida M. McGurn; Mr. Henry E. Meyer.
August 4, 1977 Mr. John Hitt; Mr. James U. Hudnall; Mr. Donald Dial Johnston.
July 31, 1997 Mrs. Terisa Case Parsons; Mrs. Darlene Louis Roberts Tucker; Mr. Ernie L. Hughes; Mr. William L. Kirby; Mr. Millard Cecil Cooper.
August 9, 2007 August 8, 1957 Mr. Pearl A. Cummins; Mr. Earl Teegarden; Mrs. Clara C. Smith; Mr. Andrew Meyer; Mr. William A. Buckner; Mrs. Lola Jean Perkins Reed; Mr. Asa A. Hiles.
August 11, 1977 Mr. Jesse Dillon; Mr. John W. Smith.
August 7, 1997 Mrs. Mabel (Newland) Taylor; Mrs. Della Florence (Wilson) Guyton; Mrs. Lucille 'Lucy' Thompson; Mrs. Lucille (Hill) Moore; Mr. Herbert C. Dennis; Mr. Millard Cecil Cooper.
August 16, 2007 August 15, 1957 Mr. Pearl Day; Mrs. Mary Woessner; Mrs. Mattie B. Beckett; Infant Kathy Jo Browning.
August 18, 1977 Mrs. Cora Jones; Mrs. Jo Emma Masters; Mr. Alfred J. Weber; Mrs. Elizabeth King West.
August 14, 1997 Mrs. Mabel L. Galloway; Mr. Marvin K. Aulick; Mrs. Emma J. Leicht; Mrs. Yvelta (Barnes) Grigson.
August 23, 2007 August 22, 1957 Miss Lillian Coughlin; Mr. W. Warren Quinlin; Mrs. Lillie Roehm; Mr. Raymond Johnson, Jr.; Mrs. Rosalie Smith; Mr. Robert Mitchell; Mr. Edward Louis Johnsot; Mr. Nolan Lee Beyersdoerfer.
August 25, 1977 Mr. Mike Dwyer; Mr. Edwin A. Monroe.
August 21, 1997 Mrs. Nellie (Gaddis) Howard; Mrs. Gladys I. Metcalfe; Mrs. Anna Crawford Jefferson.
August 30, 2007 August 29, 1957 Mr. Ben Cummins; Mr. Ira Wright; Mr. Alpheus Bailey.
September 1, 1977 Mrs. Irene Blackerby Ross; Infant Mary Beth Griffith; Infant Shannon Lynn Hay; Mr. John Adornetto.
August 28, 1997 Mr. George P. Kennedy; Mrs. Lurie Brown Wells; Mrs. Katherine White Garrison; Mr. George Warren McDowell.
September 6, 2007 September 5, 1957 Mrs. Carrie S. Pope; Mrs. Sallie E. Cummins; Mr. Hubert Brandenburg; Mr. Lossen Meyer; Mrs. Mattie Redden; Mr. William Lamonda; Mr. Earl Ford.
September 8, 1977 Mr. John W. Armbruster; Mr. Fred Buser; Mrs. Edna Scott Slack; Mr. Floyd Purdy; Mr. Lynn Brown; Mr. Raymond Wright; Mr. Joseph Melbourn (Swifty) Insko; Mr. Floyd H. Ballinger; Mr. Robert Kenneth Moneyhon.
September 4, 1997 Mrs. Bernice Mitchell Walton; Mr. Jeremiah Ihli; Mr. Leland Arthur Teegarden; Mrs. Virginia Woodward Wright.
September 13, 2007 September 12, 1957 Mrs. Mayme Perkins; Mrs. Martha Eron Redden; Mrs. Rhoda Adamson Fryman; Mrs. Anna Kathryn Case; Mr. Scott Winfield Insko; Mrs. Bessie Ann Price; Mr. Harry E. Tarvin; Mrs. Anna Belle Warner.
September 15, 1977 Mr. Orie W. Hatfield; Mr. Herbert H. Ballinger; Mrs. Jean Martin Melvin; Mr. Pollitt Graybill.
September 11, 1997 Mr. Charles Robert 'Bob' Malloy; Mrs. Stella Irene Baker; Mr. Harry Clarke Carr; Mayor William Boude Wallin.
September 20, 2007 September 19, 1957 Mrs. Julia Holleran Peirce; Mr. Walter Poe; Mr. Lawrence E. Clark; Mr. Dillard Neal; Mrs. Abadel Weaver; Miss Hortense McAtee; Miss Nora Danake.
September 22, 1977 Mr. John Beckett; Mr. Leslie Earl McCane; Mrs. Amasetta Byrne; Mrs.Edna Parker Kurtz; Mrs. Mae McNutt; Mr. Marion Martin.
September 18, 1997 Mrs Ruby Katherine Scolf; Mrs. Lurie Brown Wells; Mr. Gene T. Curtis; Mrs. Elizabeth Bee Scolf.
September 27, 2007 September 26, 1957 Mr. George A. Woodward.
September 28, 1977 Mrs. Garnet F. Hudson; Mrs. Hycil G. Vanlandingham; Mrs. Mildred Moneyhon; Mr. Claude Lee Burton; Mr. Harley Cecil Penrod; Mr. Garland (Boots) Weatherington; Mrs. Estelle Haley; Mrs. Miriam Ford; Mr. Nathaniel (Woody) Pollock.
September 25, 1997 Mr. Carroll Dean Howard; Miss June Ryan; Mrs. Gladys (Rupp) Armstrong; Mr. Donnie Franklin Creekbaum.
October 4, 2007 October 3, 1957 Mr. W.L. Ballinger; Mrs. Catherine Grayble.
October 6, 1977 Mr. Louie Edwards; Mr. Fred Roschi; Mrs.Estelle Blades Haley; Mrs. Millie Hickman Fryman.
October 2, 1997 Miss Daffie Mae Courtney; Mrs. Chloie F. Willman; Mrs. Twyla Fay (Puckett) McElfresh; Mr. Roy S. 'Dickie' Ritchie; Mrs. Dorothy Raymond Carl.
October 11, 2007 October 10, 1957 Dr. J.M. Blades; Mr. Silas J. Thompson.
October 13, 1977 Mr. Hansford H. Sharp; Mr. Bert Thompson; Mrs. Blanche Cummins; Mrs. Cora Mae Adams; Mr. Charles Hitt.
October 9, 1997 Mr. Earl Walden Johnson; Mr. Wilson Cushman Cummins; Mr. Lawrence Albert Moore; Mrs. Anna Jane Redden; Mr. Glynn William Dwyer; Mr. Marvin Pearl West.
October 18, 2007 October 17, 1957 Mrs. Eva Mae Walsh; Mrs. Nellie Gordon Walker; Mrs. Bertha Pinkston; Mr. Eben Woodward; Mrs. Dessie Lee Moore.
October 20, 1977 Mr. Paul O'Brien; Mrs. Frona Cunningham; Mr. Robert Thompson; Mr. Marvin O. Haley; Mr. Joseph Irwin Bonfield; Mr. Tom Henry Hamilton.
October 16, 1997 Mr. Luther Wayne French; Mrs. Elizabeth (Betty) Reynolds; Mrs. Ruth Tatman; Mr. Wilson Cushman Cummins; Mr. Rudolph J. Browning; Mr. Elmer Paul Cole; Mr. Robert Alcorn.
October 25, 2007 October 24, 1957 William Walter McDowell; Mr. George T. Browning.
October 27, 1977 Mr. Harry Adams; Mrs. Maude Sutton; Mr. Arnold F. Conway; Miss Mary Margaret Brewer; Mrs. Freda Buser Poe; Mr. Jesse E. (Dutch) Rudd.
October 23, 1997 Mrs. Christina Bay Courts; Mr. Jesse Leroy Hal; Mrs. Anna Maude Lippert; Mrs. Jewell V. Ferrell; Mr. Robert Giles Poe.
November 1, 2007 October 31, 1957 Mr. C.D. Asbury; Mrs. Hazel Henson; Mr. W.D. Aubrey Bateman; Mr. Ernest Howard; Mrs. Virgie Adamson Crockett; Mrs. Julia Morford Clark.
November 3, 1977 Mrs. Betty Wagel; Mrs. Icea Lucas; Mrs. Beulah Keene Hamilton; Mrs. Kathleen Sargent Jefferson.
October 30, 1997 Mrs. Altha Aldean Jones; Mrs. Nannie Louis Woods; Mr. John William McGee; Mr. Fred Hatterick, Sr.; Mrs. Virginia Maude Case; Mrs. Betty Lee Kabler McCane.
November 8, 2007 November 7, 1957 Mrs. Lizza Puccini; Mr. Carl Bratton; Mrs. Florence Lewis; Mr. William H. Fields; Mrs. Grace Anderson; Mr. John Knaus; Mr. Chester Workman; Col. Carrol D. Asbury.
November 10, 1977 Mrs. Alice Pabst Barrett; Mr. Garnet M. Smokey; Mr. James Lee Moran; Mrs. Vivena Story Jordan; Miss Ruth Rubenacher; Mr. Lee Francis Tolliver; Mrs. Leola Hiles Flaugher.
November 6, 1997 Mrs. Mary Lou (McAtee) Hedgecock; Mr. Roy Kenneth Bishop.
November 15, 2007 November 14, 1957 Mrs. Lula Jett; Mr. Mannen Odell Scott; Mrs. Carrie Lytle; Mr. William Taylor Charles; Mr. Charles 'Sidie' Donohoo; Mr. Mormo Wood.
November 17, 1977 Mrs. Maude Bradbury Pitts.
November 13, 1997 Mr. Edgar L. Hargett; Mr. Kenneth Lee King.
November 22, 2007 November 21, 1957 Mr. Sidney Sparks; Mrs. Martha Alice Tucker; Mrs. Carrie Houston Lytle; Mr. Roy 'Tim Buck' Hamilton; Miss Crystal Smith; Mr. Joseph Warrick; Mr. Herbert C. Moyer.
November 24, 1977 Mrs. Maude Story.
November 20, 1997 Mrs. Verna Ruth Reiley; Mrs. Eileen McDowell Mosley Courtney.
November 29, 2007 November 28, 1957 Mr. W.H. Fields; Mr. Alfred Hitt; Mrs. Elizabeth Morehead; Mrs. Elizabeth Katherine Adams; Mrs. John Tom Martin.
December 1, 1977 Mr. Lowell Laycock; Mrs. Bessie McVey Palmer; Mr. Ronald Allen Smith; Mr. Arthur R. Bane; Mrs. Emma Quinlin.
November 27, 1997 Kenneth Allen 'Sam' Nickerson; Mrs. Thelma Lee Dwyer; Mrs. Gladys Lucas Bach; Mrs. Naomi Jeanne Kelly; Mrs. Emma Kate (Mains) King; Mr. John Paul Wagoner.
December 6, 2007 December 5, 1957 Mrs. Mollie Thomas Richels; Mr. Frank M. Allen; Mr. Lewis Walter Jefferson; Mr. Maurice J. Murphy; Mrs. Viola C. Haley; Infant Richard Edward Meyer, Jr.; Mr. Joseph H. Federer.
December 8, 1977 Mr. Corbin Scott; Miss Mary Catherine Coleman.
December 4, 1997 Mr. Donald W. Ware; Mr. Lucius E. Tackett; Mr. Marion Carlos England; Mrs. Beulah Cummins Wallace; Mrs. Yuelta M. Brown; Mr. Floyd Darnell Courtney; Mrs. Dorothy Ashton; Mrs. Sylvia Kemp Lowe.
December 13, 2007 December 12, 1957 Mr. Wilbur Conrad; Mr. Winfred Norris Morford; Mr. Wilford 'Will'.Moore; Mr. William Hampton; Mr. William P. Kingsbury; Mr. Frank M. Kabler.
December 15, 1977 Mrs. Callena Jett; Mrs. Bertha Mae Barnett Jones; Mr. Thomas Day.
December 11, 1997 Mr. Lucius E Tackett; Mrs. Bessie Lucille Wells; Dr. Leo D Oppenheimer, Jr., DPM; Ms. Barbara Ellen Cooper; Mr. Donald Norris West.
December 20, 2007 December 19, 1957 Mrs. Mattie Lou Masters; Mr Stanton E. Hamilton; Miss Lettie C. Galbraith; Mrs. Nita Irene King; Mr. Howard Mulligan; Mr. Clarence Chamberlain.
December 22, 1977 Miss Amy Drake Pumpelly; Mrs Lillie Belle Stroud; Mr. Adolf Hester; Mr. Harry F. Kinney; Mr. James Estill Blevins; Mr Edward W. Allison; Mrs. Nannie Hancock Breeze.
December 18, 1997 Mr. Fred Sweeney, Sr.
December 27, 2007 December 26, 1957 Mr. Charles H. Askin.
December 29, 1977 Mrs. Belle Metzger; Mrs. Hycel Gladys Pangburn Eshman; Mr. Garner Wachter; Mr. Henry Routt; Mr. John M. Hiles; Mrs. Christine Sharp; Mr Sterling C. Routt.
December 25, 1997 Mrs. Helen Mae Brown; Mr. Joseph 'Joey' Kremer; Mr. Jesse F. Detisch; Mrs. Ethel F. Haley; Mr Robert Alvin Tuel.

2006 Editions

'Files' Edition Original Edition Names In Obituaries
January 5, 2006 January 5, 1961 Mrs. Anna Archibald; Mr. Wilbur Moorhead; Mrs. Bertha Johnson; Mr. Levi Ben Mullikan; Mr. Miles T. Wilson; Sister Mary Ann Adelgunda Platz; Mrs. Ethel Walder Howes; Mr. John T. Insko; Mr. Warren C. Cann; Mrs. Ethella Douglas; Mr. Fred Smokey; Mr. Dennis Maurice Gillespie.
January 1, 1976 Miss Essie Pepper; Mr. Kelly Highlander; Mr. Fletcher Fry.
January 4, 1996 Mrs. Alberta Crawford Watson; Mrs. Martha Mae Figgins; Mr. Ronald Hall Six; Ms. Mary Sue Weeks; Mr. Leroy Lucas; Mr. Alvin E. 'Red' McKee.
January 12, 2006 January 12, 1961 Mr. Hugh French; Mr. Charles Winter; Mrs. Mary Friel Tierney; Mrs. Anna May Hughes.
January 8, 1976 Mr. Shirley Flora; Mrs. Corinne King Fryer; Mrs. Blanche Owens Brown; Mr. A.E. McKenney; Mr. Walter C. Hardy; Mrs. Anna Goddard Monson; Mr. Melvin Browning; Mrs. Ida Mae Warner; Mrs. Louise Power.
January 11, 1996 Mr. Stanley Sutton; Mrs. Mary Ruth Holmes; Mr. Gary Albert Scribner; Mr. Freeman J. Paynter.
January 19, 2006 January 19, 1961 Mrs. Bertha Workman Jett; Mr. William Staggs; Mrs. Roxie Henson Hall; Infant Glenn Eugene Ware; Mr. James K. Miller.
January 15, 1976 Mr. John C. Tollner; Mr. Willie Anness; Mrs. Della Perkins; Mr. George Kelly Staggs; Mrs. Cora Frances Jett; Mr. Kenneth Guyton; Mrs. Eunice Powell Moreland.
January 18, 1996 Mr. James 'Snake' Pollitt; Mrs. Samantha Allen 'Mantie' Jolly White; Mrs. Betty A. Crawford; Mrs. Anna M. Gunsaulye.
January 26, 2006 January 26, 1961 Mr. Nelson Breeze; Mr. Wiley P. Galloway; Mr. Claude Wood.
January 22, 1976 Mr. Michael Dean Scott; Mr. Henry F. (Pete) Poage; Mr. Harold (Tommy) Bratton; Mr. Stanley Workman; Mr. Ray Jordan; Mr. Otis Lee Miller; Mrs. Mabel Flannery Coughlin.
January 25, 1996 Mrs. Ella Snyder Waggoner; Mr. Roswell Martin Yingling; Mrs. Lucy Jett Ellis; Mr. Jodie Brynt Ernest; Mrs. Cuma (Wells) Mitchell; Mrs. Edna Mae Moran; Mr. Wayne T. Felty; Mr. William Sherman 'Billy' Cracraft; Mr. Chester Arnold Cooper.
February 2, 2006 February 2, 1961 Mr. Jesse Lee Clark; Mrs. Nina McClanahan Tamayo; Mrs. Erla Dungan Jett; Mrs. Pearl McCane Ware;Mrs. Sallie Reveal Deming; Mr. John Mace Howard; Mr. Henry Leonard Mofford; Mrs. Anna Hardin Hill; Mrs. Minnie J. Straus.
January 29, 1976 Mr. Herbie Lee Wagel; Mrs. Martha Mae Phillips; Mrs. Margaret Hiles Stairs; Mr. Otho C. Woodall.
February 1, 1996 Mr. Charles S. Thaxton; Mr. Elswood Cooper.
February 9, 2006 February 9, 1961 Mr. Ernest Moyer; Mr. Aubra Garrison; Mr. Everett Chandler Brierly; Mr. James Edward Sanders; Mr. James W. Usleman; Mr. William Howard Wells.
February 5, 1976 Mrs. Mearl L. Mullikin; Mrs. Zetta Kilgore Cook; Mr. Corlis (Carl) W. Story; Mr. Otho Christoper Wolfe; Mr. Louis H. Wolfe; Miss Icie Belle Neave.
February 8, 1996 Mr. William Riley (Bill) Frost; Judge G.A. (Jerry) Famularo; Mr. Maurice Osborn 'Mark' Boots.
February 16, 2006 February 16, 1961 Mr. Benjamin H. Insko; Ms. Demmie Dogget Kennon; Mrs. Mayme Bratton Hedges; Mr. Benjamin Mains.
February 12, 1976 Mr. Jack Edward Meyer; Mr. A.S. (Jack) Edwards; Mrs. Nettie McGee; Mrs. Mariah Neal Hardy.
February 15, 1996 Mr. Raymond Lee Poe; Mrs. Rosezella E. Florer; Mrs. Irma Hamilton; Mr. Archie William Cunningham; Mr. Ronald D. Thomas.
February 23, 2006 February 23, 1961 Miss Mattie Askins; Mr. Chelsey E. Biddle; Mrs. Anna Bach.
February 19, 1976 S.Sgt. Lloyd Daniel Baker; Mr. Noble Garner Haley; Mr. John W. Ernest; Mrs. Anna Neave; Mr. Bryant McKibben; Mr. Arnie Owen Gulley.
February 22, 1996 Mrs. Lizzie Miley Courtney; Mr. Frank Harris Lawson; Mr. Everett 'Johnny' Black, Sr.; Mrs. Vida L. Colvin Gilchrist; Mrs. Shirley Ann Cunningham; Mrs. Lana Sue Lytle Sweeney.
March 2, 2006 March 2, 1961 Mr. Alvah Logan Monson; Mrs. Lyde Adamson; Mr. B.H. 'Toby' Curtis; Mrs. Lena May Tyson; Mrs. Cora Alice Workman; Mrs. Olive Wilson Kabler.
February 26, 1976 Mrs. Charlie B. Gett; Mrs. Lillie Egnew; Mrs. Clyde McNamer; Mr. Harry McNamer.
February 29, 1996 Miss Susanna Monson; Mrs. Betty Oscar Kinder Estell; Mrs. Helen Butler Bay; Mrs. Shirley Ann Moore Cunningham; Mrs. Mabel Jacquillard; Mrs. Betha Farmer Million; Mrs. Eva Bonn List War; Mrs. Carrie Mabel Redden Wagel.
March 9, 2006 March 9, 1961 Mr. Clarence L. Mains; Master James Michael Mayberry; Mrs. Anna Laura Cassidy Kelty; Mr. William Alfred Berry; Mr. Carlie Perkins.
March 4, 1976 Mr. Billie Franklin Rudd; Master Michael Wayne Burton; Mr. Wilbert Cunningham; Mrs. Louise Hitch; Mr. Jess William Hesler; Mr. True (Bear) Conley; Mr. Earl Poe; Mrs. Clara Klein Curran.
March 7, 1996 Mrs. Dorothy Christine Fryman; Rev. Charles Raymon Konkright; Mr. Robert Lee Commodore; Miss Mary C. Lacey; Mrs. Mary Katherine Mastin Garrison; Mrs. Nellie Adamson Frederick.
March 16, 2006 March 16, 1961 Miss Beulah J. Morris; Mr. Charles F. Hollis; Mr. Benjamin A. Wolfe.
March 11, 1976 Mr. Virgil Haitz; Mr. Raymond C. Mattox; Mr. Frank Bruist; Mr. Charles F. McAtee; Mr. Lawrence Allen.
March 14, 1996 Mrs. Florence Bay Perkins; Mr. Wilson Leo Moore; Miss Wilda Pearl Aulick; Mrs. Pearl Cox Buerkley; Mr. John William Wallace, Jr..
March 23, 2006 March 23, 1961 Mrs. Beulah Turner Hitt; Mrs. Elizabeth Marx; Mr. Richard Barton; Mrs. Elza Spence; Mr. George W. Stevenson.
March 18, 1976 Mr. Thurman D. Norris; Mr. Gordon Roberts.
March 21, 1996 Mr. Ralph Joseph Ketron; Mr. Lenius Dwitt Tune.
March 30, 2006 March 30, 1961 Mrs. Lucy Taylor Howard; Mr. Silas B. Hamilton; Mr. Ralph Waldo Taylor; Mr. Clarence Elsa Davis.
March 25, 1976 Mrs. Ivie Hargett Rudd; Mr. Willie Edward Workman.
March 28, 1996 Mr. H. Flora; Mrs. Teresa B. Skidmore; Mrs. Jessie Alma Berry Plummer; Mr. Kennety E. Best; Mr. James Leo Ryan; Mr. Fred Smith
April 6, 2006 March 6, 1961 Mr. Leo Jones; Mrs. Beulah Mae Bruin; Mr. Homer Workman.
April 1, 1976 Mr. James (Red) Capenter; Mrs. Beverly Thornsbury Edwards; Mr. Thomas O. Wooten; Mr. Garrett Hobart Blades.
April 4, 1996 Mrs. Lula Loraine Powell Hamilton; Mr. Ronald A. Young.
April 13, 2006 April 13, 1961 Mrs. Sue Barnhard Hargett; Mrs. Ella Gilligan Murphy; Mr. Orville S. Jacobs.
April 8, 1976 Mr. Ray Hall; Mr. Charley B.Jett.
April 11, 1996 Mr. Glenn Hiles; Mr. Lawrence N. Winkle; Mr. Philip Tyrone Morgan; Mr. Lloyd Leonard Faul.
April 20, 2006 April 20, 1961 Mrs. Retta Bravard; Mr. Henry Case; Mrs. Emma May Cooper; Mrs. Hattie Boseke; Mr. Orville S. Jacobs.
April 15, 1976 Mrs. Alice Mains; Mrs. Ann Doel; Mr. Stanley Haley; Mr. Walter Kinney; Mrs. Hallie Cummins; Mr. Eugene Corlis Ruf.
April 18, 1996 Miss Hattie E. Casey; Mrs. Juanita Mae Wiseman.
April 27, 2006 April 27, 1961 Mrs. Nettie Boots; Infant Catherine Louise Meyer; Mr. Benjamin Poe Workman; Mr. Joseph Wells; Mr. Clifford Cummins.
April 22, 1976 Mr. Walter Kinney; Mr. Harlan Owens; Mr. J.L. Cummins; Infant Jason Wells; Mrs. Fannie Ethel Clark McClanahan; Mr. Larry Thomas Fearin; Miss Lillian Wallingford; Mr. Lelan Sherwood Hedges.
April 25, 1996 Mr. Cecil B. Hill; Mr. Robert D. Shaw; Mrs. Emma Mae Jones Ruf.
May 4, 2006 May 4, 1961 Mr. Emmitt Carl 'Casey' Jones.
April 29, 1976 Mrs. Jewell Orme Stewart; Mr. Lee Teegarden; Mr. Carl Clifton Sidell; Mr. William W. Casey.
May 2, 1996 Mr. Elden Lynn Norris.
May 11, 2006 May 11, 1961 Mr. William Pearl Moorhead; Mr. William T. Allen; Mr. Walter Case; Mr. John W. Mathews; Mrs. Kate Wells Shepherd; Mr. James Franklin Hippe; Mrs. Carrie Workman Morehead; Mrs. Elizabeth Hicks Hoover.
May 6, 1976 Mr. Clyde Phillips; Mr. Shelton Thomas.
May 9, 1996 Miss Elizabeth Gibson; Mrs. Isabell Wells Kinney; Miss Iva Jewell Bowles; Mrs. Elizabeth Owens Bainum; Mr. John W. 'Dick' Allender, Sr.
May 18, 2006 May 25, 1961 Mr. Robert McDonald Blackerby; Mr. William T. Deming; Mr. Lewis D. Price; Mr. Albert Walker Clark; Mr. Fred Kurtz.
May 20, 1976 Mr. George Cummins; Infant Jeane Sue Mullins.
May 23, 1996 Mr. Porter William Howard; Mrs. Beulah F. Arthur; Mr. Charles Klaber.
May 25, 2006 June 1, 1961 Mrs. Pearl Bradley; Mrs. Susie N. Guerrant; Mrs. Rue Hedges Rudd; Mrs. Annie Galbraith.
May 27, 1976 Mr. Richard 'Dick' Buerkley; Mrs. Elsie Kreisle; Mrs. Madeline Neal Jett; Mr. Hubert Ware.
May 30, 1996 Mr. William H. (Bill) Traylor; Mrs. Carol Jean Ockerman; Mrs. Jean Catherine Wheat; Mrs. Gertrude Schenk; Mr. Gene Adams; Mr. William S. Cline.
June 1, 2006 June 1, 1961 Mr. Johnny R. Carpenter; Mr. Harry Kehrer; Mr. Bert Insko; Mr. Edward Jerome Fitzgerald; Mrs. Lillie J. Thompson; Mr. Charles W. Jett; Mrs. Cecile V. Hall Eads.
June 3, 1976 Mr. Robert A. (Logan) Cooper; Mrs. Dewey Lee West.
June 6, 1996 Mrs. Dorothy Lucille Finn.
June 8, 2006 June 15, 1961 Mr. Walter J. 'Shorty' Neave; Mr. Robert C. O'Neill; Mrs. Clara E. Mohr.
June 10, 1976 Mr. Floyd McGowan' Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson Hull; Mr. Walter Thomas; Mr. Aulick Bowles.
June 13, 1996 n/r
June 15, 2006 June 22, 1961 Mr. Stanton W. Hamilton; Mr. William S. Rankin; Mrs. William Gaddis; Mr. Daniel F. Johnson; Mrs. Lena Reeves Buckner.
June 17, 1976 Mrs. Hazel Clift Bertelsman; Mrs. Martha Johnson Tucker; Mr. Michael Wayne Monson; Mrs. Ina J. Paynter; Mrs. Ethel Brown Fields.
June 20, 1996 Mrs. Frances Ginks Asbury; Mr. Jacob L. Ring; Mrs. Nanacy Lorraine Darnell; Mr. John Andrew Meyer; Infant Jacob Daniel Moore; Master Anthony Dale Moore; Master Christopher Dean Moore.
June 22, 2006 June 29, 1961 Mrs.Ethel Y. Hiles; Mr. Dennis Swinford Burns; Mrs. Mary Lucy Wood Mains; Mr. Charles M. Blades; Mrs. Leona Reese Howe.
June 24, 1976 Mrs. Clara Bay Johnson; Mrs. Edna Barnett; Mr. William Howard King.
June 27, 1996 Mr. Wilburn Insko England; Mr. Elmo Whitehead; Mrs. Jessie Mae 'Mo' Bryant; Mr. Eddie Adams.
June 29, 2006 July 6, 1961 Mrs. Nancy A. King; Mr. Orville Marshall Boone; Rev. David Nicholas.
July 1, 1976 Mrs. Clara Bay Johnson [dup.]; Mr. Shelby Bruin; Ms. Irene Riggs.
July 4, 1996 Mr. Ralph T. Fronk; Mr. Benjamin F.(Frank) McDowell; Mr. roy b. Mulligan; Rev. Robet A. Tittle.
July 6, 2006 July 13, 1961 Mrs. Sadie Whiteman Federer; Mr. Claude Mingua; Mrs. Mollie Dwyer Brothers; Mrs. Pearl Harris; Mr. Albert Meyer; Mr. William B. Fulton; Dr. John G. Carter; Miss Edna Meier; Mrs. Elexina Shockey Winer Kirk; Mrs. Ira B. Pollard.
July 8, 1976 Mrs. Margaret Thompson Kelsch; Miss Genevieve Sweeney; Mr. R. Risk Arnold; Mrs. Ada Frodge Jenkins; Mr. William Rollie Case; Mr. John Fathergill.
July 11, 1996 Mr. Roy B. Mulligan; Mrs. Celona (Reese) Murray.
July 13, 2006 July 20, 1961 Mr. G.A. 'Joe' Claypoole; Dr. Adam Lang; Mr. Paris Huddleston; Mr. John McGerty; Mrs. Cora Jordan.
July 15, 1976 Mr. Virgil Watson; Miss Alice Jennings; Mrs. Lelia Cordrey Gerhard.
July 18, 1996 Mr. Jessie Pete Galbraith; Mrs. Jeannie Rawlings Edwards; Mrs. Bernice French Schiltz; Mr. Cecil Hamilton; Mrs. Fannie L. Burlew; Mrs. Helen L. Ring; Mr. Wilmer 'Woody' Woodward, Jr.
August 3, 2006 August 10, 1961 Mrs. Florence Buckley Darnell; Mrs. Bessie Louise Overturf Moneyhon; Mr. Jonathan W. Bell.
August 5, 1976 Mr. Prentice Hause, Jr.; Mr. Edward Lee (Chuck) Plummer; Mrs. Elvis Clark.
August 8, 1996 Mrs. Marguerite Hughes Weaver; Mrs. Viola M. Neeb; Mrs. Ina Mae Hunt.
August 10, 2006 August 17, 1961 Mr. John R. Flynn; Master Tommy Lee Gordley; Mrs. Bessie Johnson Lauderback.
August 12, 1976 Mrs. Margaret Gross Scott; Mrs. Laura Jane Rohmann; Mrs. Emma Cummins Colvin; Mrs. Agnes Cline Perkins; Mr. Eugene Asbury Boyd; Mrs. Anna Woodward.
August 15, 1996 Mr. Roy Sutton, Jr.; Mr. Ralph F. Lucas; Mr. Stanley (Cotton) Lovelace; Mrs. Florence Bauer McCane.
August 17, 2006 August 24, 1961 Mrs. Ethel Rice Pope; Mr. Ray Leo Gilligan; Mr. George B. Moneyhon; Mr. John B. Brooks; Mrs. Lena Ward Mastin.
August 19, 1976 Mrs. Mabel Willman Shultz; Mrs. Anita Trimble Clark; Mrs. Anna Moore Woodward; Mr. Boyd Higgins; Mrs. Florence White Dixon.
August 22, 1996 Mrs. Maida (Murray) Hedgecock; Mrs. Melinda M. (Felty) Hale; Mrs. Peggy Ann Wiseman Butler; Mrs. Marcella Florence Woodruff; Mr. Marion Lynn Bratton.
August 24, 2006 August 31, 1961 Mrs. Edna Clark Dusing; Mrs. May Rankins Thompson; Mrs. Maude Thomas True; Mr. Alva Lue Courtney; Mrs. Thelma Etta Adkins; Dr. Nelson A. Jett; Mr. Alva E. Mofford; Mr. Kline O'Neill, Jr.
August 26, 1976 Mrs. Ruth Duncan Smith; Mr. James E. Mason; Mrs. Margaret Bonfield Gleason; Mr. Raymond Tucker; Mr. James Keith Adams; Mr. David L. Weiss.
August 29, 1996 Mr. Barry L. Quackenbush; Mrs. Louise Haley Insko; Mrs. Marcella Florence Woodruff.
August 31, 2006 September 7, 1961 Mr. William Leslie Reese; Mr. Andrew Humphreys; Mrs. Kelly F. Beckett; Mrs. Frances B. Anderson; Mrs. Zue A. Morford; Mrs. Christine Bush; Mrs. Edna Clark Dusing.
September 2, 1976 Mr. Louis W. Bloomfield; Miss Addie M. Hanson; Mr. William M. Haley; Mr. Bennie Howard White.
September 5, 1996 Mrs. Cathy Jo Kern Tobis; Mrs. Loraine (Woods) 'Toadie' Litzinger; Mrs. Jessie Poage McClanahan; Mrs. Jennie Belle Crawford; Mrs. Emery Thompson Perkins; Mrs. Annetta Sue Woodruff; Mr. Emery Guy Fields, Sr.
September 7, 2006 September 14, 1961 Mr. Elmo Workman; Mrs. Bessie Hamilton; Mr. Allen W. Delisle; Mr. Wilford Clyde Dixon; Mr. Raymond Zuinlin; Mr. Orville Owens.
September 9, 1976 Mr. William G. McClanahan; Mr. Everett Hampton Reed; Mr. Albert Willis Fields.
September 12, 1996 Mr. Perry Collins Combess; Mrs. Gertie Emminger; Mr. Eugene (Gene) Paynter; Mr. James Benedict; Mr. John William Lang, Jr.
September 14, 2006 September 21, 1961 Miss Peggy Jo Fralix; Mrs. Jane Clinger Messerschmidt; Mr. Alger Francis 'Sam' Weatherington; Mrs. Viola Green Hesler; Mr. Boyd Leslie Scott; Mr. Edgar Morgan; Sister M. Theodore Feldman; Mrs. Lillie Dale Askins.
September 16, 1976 Mrs. Anna Habermehl.
September 19, 1996 Mr. Harry Walter Wagel; Mrs. Margaret June Cline Rumford; Mr. John A. List.
September 21, 2006 September 28, 1961 Mrs. Laura Hill; Mrs. Bertha Browning Insko; Mrs. Lou Tucker Spaulding; Infant Billie Jones; Mrs. Ruby Monroe.
September 23, 1976 Mr. Bill Harrison; Mr. Charles Thompson; Mr. William R. McLaren.
September 26, 1996 Mr. Tracy Hutchison; Mr. Carl Adam Bach; Mr. William Edward Dunn; Mrs. Sue King; Mrs. Mildred L. Linville.
September 28, 2006 October 5, 1961 Mrs. Justis Buckner; Mr. Joel Williams; Mr. Sol F. Kinsler; Mrs. Marie M. Eibeck; Miss Estella Vanlandingham; Mr. Gabe Preston; Mr. William C. French.
September 30, 1976 Mr. Albert Teegarden.
October 3, 1996 Mr. Harold Lynn McKibben; Mr. Charles Carson Burns; Mr. D. Alvin Cummins; Mrs. Katherine Florence Applegate; Mrs. Evonda Johnson Jennett; Mrs. Eara Francis Poe Hedges; Mrs. Marjorie Turner Spangler; Mrs. Linda 'Sue' McElfresh King; Mr. Arthur Lloyd Black.
October 5, 2006 October 12, 1961 Mr. Grover Cleveland McElfresh; Infant Theresa Grigson; Mr. Robert Louis Staggs; Mr. L.J. McConnell.
October 7, 1976 Mr. Isaac D. Poe; Mrs. Alberta Pendergast; Mr. John Thomas Claypool.
October 10, 1996 Mrs. Naomi McKibben Galloway; Mrs. Anna Lillian Poole King.
October 12, 2006 October 19, 1961 Mrs. Alma Jett Kinney; Mr. Frank G. Marquette; Mr. Earl White; Mr. J.M. Brandenburg; Mr. Wesley Wilson; Mr. Lemuel L. Orme.
October 14, 1976 Mr. Raymond Carlos (Twister) Bay; Mrs. Gladys C. Barnes; Mrs. Vida Reinheimer.
October 17, 1996 Mrs. Alpha Compton; Mr. William Kenneth Ladenburger.
October 19, 2006 October 26, 1961 Mrs. Agnes Marie Reed; Mr. Orin M. Reed; Mrs. Lizzie B. Strawther; Mrs. Consula B. Lewis; Mr. Louis R. Nicholas; Mr. Taylor H. Teegarden.
October 21, 1976 Mrs. Gladys C. Barnes; Mrs. Rena Dixon McDowell; Mrs. Gladys Jett Moorhead; Mr. George McGerty.
October 24, 1996 Mr. James P. Hause; Mr. Lawrence J. Pflum; Mr. James Edgar England; Mrs. Reva Jean (Vance) Furness; Mr. Timothy Ray Wallace; Mrs. Betty Nickoson Street.
October 26, 2006 November 2, 1961 Mr. Albert L. White; Mr. John Carpenter; Mrs. Hazel Orme Jones; Mrs. Margaret Wagel.
October 28, 1976 Mrs. Louella Fields; Mr. Grover Cleveland Jones; Mr. Robert W. Ward; Miss Elsie Jean Jones; Mr. Charles P. Houchens.
October 31, 1996 Mrs. Rosemary Mae Hedgecock Cline; Mr. Melville Edie, Jr.; Mrs. Roth Pfanstiel Turner; Mrs. Margie R. Bloomfield Jett; Mr. Wilbur Earl Davis; Mrs. Ida Mae Brooks Gordley.
November 2, 2006 November 9, 1961 Mr. Robert A. (Bob) Poage; Mr. Albert Ware; Infant Gary Wayne Glenn; Mrs. Julia B. Hawkins; Infant Joseph David Hennessey; Mrs. Lena Traugett; Mrs. Cora Bennett.
November 4, 1976 Mr. Earl Hill; Mr. Thomas Allen Kilgore; Mrs. Seamon Rule.
November 7, 1996 Mrs. Audrey Jean Dean Cooper; Mrs. Margie Combess Wolfe; Mrs. Lettie Perkins; Mr. Chester G. Brown.
November 9, 2006 November 16, 1961 Mr. Neville R. Snapp; Mr. Albert Carl Poe; Mr. James Edwards; Miss Daisy Cottey; Mr. Hughie Ramsey; Mr. William A. Anderson; Mrs. Carolyn Taylor.
November 11, 1976 Mrs. Alice Day; Mrs. Delores Mullikin Armbuster; Mr. Joe Bill Dwyer.
November 14, 1996 Miss Rosie Edith Konkright; Mr. Elmer Arthur Ketron, Sr.; Mr. Charles W. 'Chuck' Whiteford.
November 16, 2006 November 23, 1961 Mr. Edward Courtney; Miss Maggie Lundrigan; Mrs. Lora Ellen Broadus Brooks; Mrs. Mary Creekbaum Williams; Miss Anna Norris; Mrs. Lida Hamilton; Miss Lillie B. Cummins; Mr. John B. Murphy.
November 18, 1976 Mrs. Pauline Ware Lee; Miss Mary Helen Hayes; Mrs. Anna Lee Stamper; Mr. William Oliver; Mrs. Nancy Hook Fuentez.
November 21, 1996 Mr. George Newton Fooks.
November 23, 2006 November 30, 1961 Mrs. Viola Moore Marsh; Mr. Howard A. Adams; Mr. William Waits; Mr. Thomas Creed Carrico; Mr. Andrew Jackson Thackston; Mr. Millard Fronk; Mr. Clark Lewis; Mr. Furman W. Case; Mrs. Vernia Bach.
November 25, 1976 -
November 28, 1996 Mrs. Rosemary Helen Boots; Mr. Harry C. Holton; Mr. Heber Jackson Baker.
November 30, 2006 December 7, 1961 Infant Faul; Infant Terry Wesley Bryant; Mrs. Lounora Taylor; Mr. Joe Bachman; Mr. W. Clarence Aulick; Mr. Donald E. West.
December 2, 1976 Mr. Charles (Arch) Teegarden; Mr. Everette Hamilton; Mr. Thomas Green; Mr. Thomas Irvin (Tucker) Owens; Mr. James H. Ginn; Mr. Walter C. Fraysure; Mr. Matt French.
December 5, 1996 Mr. Louie Frederick 'Whistle' Bravard; Mr. Charles Ebert 'Pepsi' Lytle; Mr. Gordon Meyer; Mrs. Joyce Fritz; Mr. Paul B. Norris; Miss Stella Cummins; Mr. Glenn E. Teegarden; Mrs. Kathryn L. Meier Neu; Mrs. Maudie Louise (Lou) Hardin.
December 7, 2006 December 14, 1961 Mrs. Laura Ellis; Mr. James Larue Collins; Mrs. George Thompson.
December 9, 1976 Mr. Michael Duane Howard; Mr. William Alfred Frederick; Miss Mary Louise Finn; Mrs. Marcella Schiltz Brierly; Mr. Paul Garrett.
December 12, 1996 Mr. Emery Calvin King.
December 14, 2006 December 21, 1961 Mr. Hugh S. Young; Mrs. Theresa Hughes; Mr. Sherman Bloomfield.
December 16, 1976 Mr. Kelsie Blades; Mrs. Edith Goecke; Mr. Clarence (Corkey) Lyle.
December 19, 1996 Mr. Russell Lee Bishop; Mr. Chester Cummins; Miss Leola Frances Poe; Mr. Claude Evans Moorhead; Mrs. Hazel McCord Snapp; Mr. Russell Lee Cooper; Mrs. Ruth B. Davis Landen; Mr. Elbert 'Dick' Hardin; Mrs. Jewell M. Hughes Courtney; Mr. Jerry Lee Warner; Mrs. Leah B.Feagan.
December 21, 2006 December 28, 1961 Mr. Ben Johnson; Mr. Garnett Power Curtis; Mrs. Emelie K. Kennedy.
December 23, 1976 -
December 26, 1996 Mr. Karl L. Nickerson; Mr. Elva Demsey 'Jack' Brown; Mr. Stanley M. Hitt; Mrs. Gladys Hause Cummins; Mrs. Mildred Hamilton.
December 28, 2006 December 28, 1961 Mrs. Ocie Wells; Mr. William F. Welch; Mrs. Dennis Flynn.
December 30, 1976 Mr. Bernard Hedges; Mr. Jasper Ernest; Miss Bessie Workman; Mrs. Grace Eagan; Mr. Herman Thomas; Mrs. Lillian F. Goodwin; Mr. Robert King.
December 26, 1996 -

2005 Editions

'Files' Edition Original Edition Names In Obituaries
January 6, 2005 January 7, 1960 Mr. William Thomas Jett; Mr. Dan W. Tucker; Mrs. Pearl Klaber; Mr. J.W. (Will) Workman; Mr. William Sherman Dice; Mr. Edward Perkins; Mr. Joe Thomas Hall; Mrs. Nannie Moore; Mr. Emmitt Swart.
January 2, 1975 Mr. Bert Cline; Mr. Wilfred A. Hyland; Mr. George H. Mulligan; Mrs. Donald Gillespie; Mrs. Lena Pumpelly; Mr. James E. Harrison; Mrs. Calvert Case; Mr. Kenneth Ward; Mr. William Haas.
January 12, 1995 Miss Vivian B. Parker; Mrs. Dora 'Dottie' Linville; Mr. Kenneth Eugene Hardy; Mr. Robert Fowler Cracraft; Rev. J. Kenneth Allaby; Infant Mark Wayne Partin, Jr.
January 13, 2005 January 14, 1960 Mr. Thomas D. Thackston; Mr. Robert Reed True; Mr. Oliver Cottey; Mrs. Nonnie Faber Held; Mr. Eugene Latham.
January 9, 1975 Infant Danny Joe Moore, Jr.; Mr. James E. Moore.
January 12, 1995 [Repeats January 6, 2005 entries]
January 20, 2005 January 21, 1960 Mr. Charles Robert Ruf; Mrs. Katherine Workman; Mr. Aaron Thomas Orem; Hon. Bill D. Cornett; Mr. Thomas A. Duke; Mr. William Orville Ritchie; Mrs. Hattie Maud Mofford.
January 16, 1975 Mrs. Ethel Humlong.
January 19, 1995 Mrs. Julia Sharp; Mrs. Geneva Ruth Brierly; Mrs. Stella Mae Hayes Mapes; Mr. Robert Fowler Cracraft; Mrs. Myrtle Jenkins King; Mrs. Emma Boone Gossling; Mr. Archie Carver.
January 27, 2005 January 28, 1960 Mr. Charles Oliver French; Mr. George Lee Mitchell; Mr. Silas C. Free; Mrs. Lucille Moore Ammerman.
January 23, 1975 Mrs. Ida Mae Lippert; Mrs. Tina Sweeney; Mr. James F. Cottey; Mrs. Birdie McKibben Weisbrodt.
January 26, 1995 Mr. Herbert Hamilton; Mr. Fred A. Welte; Mr. William Quentin (Saucer) Grimes; Mrs. Margaret B. (Peggy) Jones; Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Vandegriff; Mr. Gilmore F. Reinheimer; Mr. George D. O'Connor.
February 3, 2005 February 4, 1960 Mr. William Samuel Florence; Mr. George Cooper; Mr. Harvey Cracraft; Mr. Rufus Cuiton Garrett; Mr. James Garrison; Mrs. Eva Meyer; Mrs. Anna Chamberlain; Mrs. Marie Nicholson; Mrs. Etta Feagan; Mr. Arthur S. Weiss; Mrs. Ida Bruin Ramsey; Mr. Keevil Haley.
January 30, 1975 Mr. Herman Mofford; Mr. William Jenkins; Infant Bruce Lynn Galloway.
February 2, 1995 Mr. James Ray Arthur; Mrs. Emma Galbraith Hester; Mrs. Lina F. Jett; Mrs. Carelou Story Perkins.
February 10, 2005 February 11, 1960 Mr. William John Maloney; Mr. Ralph John Walsh; Mrs. Lena Holland; Mrs. Lillian Wells; Mrs. Rose Hussey.
February 6, 1975 Mrs. Mabel Clark; Mrs. Mary Jordan.
February 9, 1995 Mrs. Virgie Mae Linville Snapp; Mr. John Easton Dawson; Mr. Herbert K. (Bud) Jones; Mrs. Grace Webb White.
February 17, 2005 February 18, 1960 Mrs. Frances Poe Cummins; Mrs. John A. Conley; Mrs. Matilda Boyd Osborne; Mrs. Lillian Paynter Lucas; Mrs. Daisy Riddle; Mrs. Ida Redmon; Mrs. Roy Hargett; Mrs. Cora Jett Smith; Mr. James Pearson Morgan.
February 13, 1975 Mr. Donald Wilmoth; Mr. Harry Lee Perkins; Mr. Herman Hull; Mrs. Mabel Hamilton Brooks; Mr. Walter Allen; Mr. Burrows Lilly; Mr. Joshua (Punk) Cummins, Jr.; Mrs. Zola Wells; Mr. Truitt Wiggins; Mrs. Mary Dora Browning; Mr. Roy Workman; Mrs. Christina Moore.
February 16, 1995 Mr. Raymond Ott Cummins; Mrs. Ella Louise (Weezie) Harrison; Mr. Michael Dale Hamilton; Mr. Herschel Anderson Parsons.
February 24, 2005 February 25, 1960 Miss Mary Rebecca Brooks; Mr. William E. Ringer; Mr. James Groves.
February 20, 1975 Mr. George Lippert; Mrs. Sallie Slack Haughboo; Mrs. Bertha McCloskey Blackerby; Mr. Kenneth Devaur Culp; Mr. William Rial Jones.
February 23, 1995 Mr. Paul H. McKibben; Mr. Allen Day; Mrs. Vivian Thomas White.
March 3, 2005 March 3, 1960 Mr. Harry E. Biddle; Mr. Maurice F. McNamara; Mr. John R. Wallingford; Mr. Eli Lee Perkins.
February 27, 1975 Mrs. Lillie R. Mann; Mrs. Ernest Kelly; Mr. Richard Thomas (R.T.) Baker.
March 2, 1995 Samuel Welch, Jr.; J. L. Combs; Edward Staton Appleman.
March 10, 2005 March 10, 1960 Mr. Charles T. Haughaboo; Mrs. Minnie H. Sharon; Mr. Lawrence Houston; Mr. James B. Brooks; Mr. James Coburn Pollack; Reverend Cleo Purvis; Mr. William Mastens Crawford; Mr. Paul Chaney.
March 6, 1975 Mr. Ralph Dean; Mr. Dexter Pumpelly; Mr. Charles R. Burton; Mrs. Anna Florence Haley.
March 9, 1995 Mr. Bernard 'Sam' Ruf; Mr. Carlos I. 'Shorty' LaFollette; Mrs. Addie E. Kelley; Mrs. Ethel Mingus Hicks; Mrs. Charlene Fields.
March 17, 2005 March 17, 1960 None listed.
March 13, 1975 Mr. Amos Moran; Mr. Walter Carpenter; Mrs. Stella Maude Greenough Tatman; Mr. Clarence H. Ingram; Mr. Albert Lee Meyer; Mr. Walter J. Hester; Miss Angela Raye Courtney.
March 16, 1995 Mrs. Nathalee Jacobs Grigson; Mrs. Melissa Renae Davis Bonar; Mrs. Nora Daniels Tinsley; Mr. Demaree D. Staggs; Mrs. Mary W. Ross; Mr. Clarence Ewell Jones, Jr.; Mrs. Mary Magdaline Ingram Claypoole.
March 24, 2005 March 24, 1960 Mrs. Verna Betty Thompson; Attorney Patrick Michael Flannery; Mr. Elmer Earl Moore; Mrs. Edna Lynn Hughes.
March 20, 1975 Mr. Fred Schneider; Mrs. Thelma Cooper.
March 23, 1995 Mr. Clyde C. Cooper; Mrs. Beryl Insko Hunt.
March 31, 2005 March 31, 1960 Mr. Jack Henson; Mr. Jesse E. Field; Miss Effie Chinn; Mr. Thomas F. Reynolds; Mr. Frank P. Finn; Mr. William M. Wharton; Mr. V. Edward Bush; Mrs. Agnes Mofford; Mr. Gilbert Ott; Mr. John A. Sroufe.
March 27, 1975 Miss Juanita Field; Rev. Carl E. Hill; Mr. Emery Jones.
March 30, 1995 Mr. R. Wilson Johnting; Mr. Harry Clifton Hester; Mr. Hobert McKinney; Mrs. Hazel Marshall.
April 7, 2005 April 7, 1960 Mrs. Marie Reese Bell; Mrs. Louise O'Neill Flarity; Mrs. Mamie Ellis; Miss Mollie Kreidler; Mr. Luch Albert Teegarden; Mrs. Eva M. Marsh; Infant Harold Rice, Jr.
April 3, 1975 Mr. James N. Brooke; Mr. Earl N. Wheat; Mr. Guy R. Cummins; Mr. Charles A. Baker.
April 6, 1995 Mrs. Izora Hinson Cooper; Mr. Merilda Nickerson; Mrs. Christine Houston Brooks; Rev. Emma Jane McDaniel Mattox.
April 14, 2005 April 14, 1960 Mr. Bennie Burton; Mr. Leonard Workman; Mr. Doney C. Curtis.
April 10, 1975 Mr. Larry J. Pope; Mr. Dexter Hedges
April 13, 1995 Mrs. Luezet Tackett Meyer; Mrs. Mary E. (Ellie) Chinault Cook; Mr. Henry Fields; Mr. Floyd D. (Foxy) Haley; Mr. Charles E. Flaugher; Mr. Roy Kenneth Perkins
April 21, 2005 April 21, 1960 Mr. Lloyd C. Stuve [Struve]; Mrs. Lillian Turner; Mr. Evan Kurtz; Mrs. Margaret Wood Lee; Mr. George W. Morrison.
April 17, 1975 Mr. Philip Ware; Mr. Harold L. Henderson; Mr. Wesley Fornash; Mrs. Betty Fryman; Mr. Gordon Thornsbury; Mr. John Vinson Lytle; Mrs. Jesse Faith Hickle; Mr. Richard Kiser; Mr. Joseph Miller; Mr. John W. (Bill) Connor; Mr. Matt Galbrath; Mr. Dan King; Mr. Felix Clark; Miss Bessie McGee.
April 20, 1995 Mrs. Laura Elizabeth Bruist Scheek; Mrs. Pauline Fraysure; Mrs. Hazel L. Harper; Mrs. Lorraine Workman Fronk Bravard; Mr. Clayton Joseph Meyer.
April 28, 2005 April 28, 1960 Mrs. Florence Wells Taylor; Mr. John Pearl; Mr. Leroy S. Shelley; Mr. Roy Marcus May; Mrs. Mollie Cole Martin; Mrs. Jennie Miller Kincaid; Mrs. Dimmie Hamilton; Mrs. Bessie Malone; Mr. Willie F. Egan.
April 24, 1975 Mr. William H. McCane; Mr. Willard E. Miller; Mr.Laben T. Rice.
April 27, 1995 Mr. Harold C. Waser; Mr. George 'Buddy' Myers; Mr. Vernon 'Scotty' Lytle; Mrs. Sylvia McCarty Teegarden.
May 5, 2005 May 5, 1960 Mrs. Katherine Henderson Unmussig; Mr. Charles M. Sparks; Mrs. Sadie Fleming; Miss Lenora Barnard.
May 1, 1975 Mr. Talmadge Hull; Mr. Tim Woodhead; Mr. Roy Henson; Mr. Everett B. Tucker; Mrs. Sarah Alice Boston; Mr. Virgil O. Florence.
May 4, 1995 Mrs. Male Irene Allman Wagel; Mr. Gary A. 'Toot' Thomas; Mr. Lloyd R. 'L.R.' Workman; Mr. Scotty Lytle.
May 12, 2005 May 12, 1960 Mrs. Bonnie Mabel McCracken; Mrs. Nora Lyons Prather; Mrs. Jennie Dillon Day; Mr. Carr Whitley; Mr. Stewart W. Cracraft.
May 8, 1975 Mrs. Flora Williams Woodward; Mr. Malcomb Snapp.
May 11, 1995 Mr. Dale Young; Mrs. Florence Tucker Kirby; Mr. Roger Lynn Poe; Mrs. Helen White Jones.
May 19, 2005 May 19, 1960 Mrs, Lena Maude Vermillion Wells; Mrs. Vina Asbury Dryden; Mr. Thomas C. Poyntz; Mr. Everett Teegarden; Mr. Walter D. Sparks.
May 15, 1975 Mr. Stephen C. Ranz; Mr. William T. Mains.
May 18, 1995 Mrs. Helen Jacob Bare; Mrs. Ethel Pauline Hall Trueax; Mr. Kenneth 'Buster' Kiskaden.
May 26, 2005 May 26, 1960 Mrs. Anna Belle Helvey Brown; Mr. George L. Burke.
May 22, 1975 Mr. John D. McGee; Mrs. Lula Rudd; Mrs. Elizabeth M. Trankler; Mr. James Poage (Jimmie) Davis; Mrs. Alice Lyle; Mrs. Elizabeth Jefferson; Infant Tara Janette West; Mr. Alex Schmidt.
May 25, 1995 Mr. Robert C. 'Fish' Thornsbury; Mr. Ernest Case.
June 2, 2005 June 2, 1960 Mr. Joe Moore; Mr. Swinford Pope; Mrs. Evelyn L. Jones; Mr. Henry Dietz; Mrs. Ethel Ulrich Charles; Mr. Walter L. Henson; Mr. Henry Rinehart.
May 29, 1975 Mrs. Ethel Toleman Colvin; Mrs. Ada Heiss Goeke; Mr. Broadus King; Mrs. Kathleen Barnes; Mr. Gilbert Myers; Mr. Ray Courts; Mr. Paul E. Hart.
June 1, 1995 Mr. Harold D. Redden; Mrs. Janet M. Gussett Smith; Mrs. Martha 'Peggy' Troxell Clemons; Mr. Caryl C. Martin.
June 9, 2005 June 9, 1960 Mrs. Lola Parr Blair; Mr. Leslie S. Walch; Mr. William Henry Garrison; Mrs. Georgia Lou Reed.
June 5, 1975 Mr. Ben D. Browning.
June 8, 1995 Mr. Glenn M. Rees; Mrs. Ethel Lee Daniel Poe; Mrs. Zola Mae Workman McLaren; Mr. Clifford Orme; Mr. Floyd Hull, Jr.
June 16, 2005 June 16, 1960 Mr. George Adkins; Mr. John M. Fannin; Mrs. Evan E. Allender; Mr. Arthur McClanahan.
June 12 1975 Mr. Arthur 'Art' Engnes; Mr. Oscar L. Bishop; Mrs. Bernice Morgan; Mr. John D. Moford; Miss Mary Thoring.
June 15, 1995 Mr. Joseph O'Dell Rogers; Mr. Kent Bucher.
June 23, 2005 June 23, 1960 Mrs. Anville Boothe; Mrs. Blanche A. Hieatt; Mr. Edward Martin.
June 19, 1975 Mrs. Julia Dotson Jett; Mr. Johnnie W. Perkins; Mrs. Virgie Lee Quinlin.
June 22, 1995 Mrs. Gladys Mae McKee Haley.
June 30, 2005 June 30, 1960 Mr. Charles P. Flora; Mrs. Mary Byron Perraut; Mr. Russell Metcalf Fronk.
June 26, 1975 Mr. Millard Clay England; Mr. Donald Thomas Moran; Mr. Earl T. Morris; Mr. Ora M. Biddle; Mr. Bernie Claypoole.
June 29, 1995 --
July 7, 2005 July 7, 1960 Mrs. Bessie Case Paynter; Mrs. Chloe McDowell McDonough; Ms. Emma Courtney; Mrs. Lettie Bradley; Mr. Jesse R. Hamilton.
July 3, 1975 Mrs. Alice Louise Hickok; Mr. Wilbert Parsons; Mr. Arthur Mains.
July 6, 1995 Mrs, Velma Altha Blades Withers; Mr. Charles Long; Mrs. Marcella Cooper Dorn; Mrs. Carrie Amann Frost; Mrs. Ann Hulette; Ms. Elizabeth Staub Bishop.
July 14, 2005 July 14, 1960 Mrs. Violet Grigson Galloway; Mrs. Katharine Clark Smarr; Mr. Henry Gosney; Mr. Daniel B. Coleman; Mrs. Flora T. Ernest; Mrs. Ina A. Hale.
July 10, 1975 Mr. Harry (Bus) Welte; Mr. Arthur R. Fraley; Mr. Archie A. Pangburn; Mr.W.J.B. Worthington.
July 13, 1995 Mrs. Mila Rose Dean.
July 21, 2005 July 21, 1960 Mr. George Newton Owen; Mr. Peter Jett Ashcraft; Mr. Jack A. Day; Mr. Daniel Ray Monson; Mr. John M. Henson.
July 17, 1975 Mr. Alva Roma Fields; Rev. David D. Kennedy.
July 20, 1995 Mr. Hobert Kenneth (Kenny) Peed; Mr. Ivard L. Goodwin; Mr. Gayle Sharp.
July 28, 2005 July 28, 1960 Miss Alice Hanford; Mrs. Margaret Malloy Wanstrath; Mr. John F. McClanahan; Mr. William E. 'Dick' Crockett; Mr. George Howard Montgomery, Jr.; Mrs. Rosie Sparks.
July 24, 1975 Miss Jeanette Teegarden; Ms. Jennie Lou Hoskins; Mr. Earl Leonard Welte; Mr. John Porter Moran; Mr. David E. Toot; Mrs. Catherine Cook Williams; Mrs. Hughley Ray Day.
July 27, 1995 Mr. James Mitchell Finch, Jr.; Mrs. Nancy Elizabeth Hampton.
August 4, 2005 August 4, 1960 Mr. Thomas H. Kinney; Mrs. Carolyn Mains; Mrs. Bertha Lee Cummins; Mrs. Ella Hall; Mr. George W. Stamm; Mr. Albert Sidney Whitehead; Mr. John Walch; Mr. Jack C. Bradley.
July 31, 1975 Mr. Orville T. McDowell; Mr. William Dennie, Jr.; Mr. Paul Teegarden; Mr. Wilson Mineer; Mr. Roy Evans.
August 3, 1995 Mr. Kenneth J. Haley; Mr. Herbert Jett, Jr.; Mrs Pearle Johnson Ware; Mrs. Geneva Miley Moneyhon; Mr. Herbert Milton Nolen; Mr. Willliam Estill Hampton; Mrs. Mary Boone Hinson French.
August 11, 2005 August 11, 1960 Mrs. Helen E. Sumerel; Mrs. Anna Clos Meyer; Mr. John A. Foster.
August 7, 1975 Mrs. Mary Margaret (Peggy) Moran; Mr. Tom Nash; Mr. D. Barnett Casey; Mrs. Lillie Berry Insko; Mrs. Edna Rice.
August 10, 1995 Mrs. Joella Carpenter.
August 18, 2005 August 18, 1960 Mr. Bobby Lynn Hiles; Mr. George R. Baker.
August 14, 1975 Mrs. Mary Kathryn Rawlings.
August 17, 1995 Mr. Howard L. Showalter, Jr.; Mrs. Joan Fegan Kern.
August 25, 2005 August 25, 1960 Mrs. Helen Elizabeth Staggs Sumeral; Mr. Robert H. Fronk; Mrs. Nell Smith Arnold; Mr. Leslie Donovan; Mrs. Merrill Stratton Thompson.
August 21, 1975 Mr. David Buriss Sharp; Mrs. Birdie Hedgecock Klaber; Mr. Morford Elrod.
August 24, 1995 Mrs. Mildred Thompson Feagan; Mrs. Anna Moreland Stevenson; Mr. Donald E. Wright; Mr. William C. 'Bill' Appleman.
September 1, 2005 August 25, 1960 [Repeats August 25, 1960 entries]
August 28, 1975 Mr. William Porter (Billy) Dennis; Mrs. Edna Pearl Clark McClanahan; Mrs. Wanda Louise Conley Nickerson; Mrs. Elizabeth Schweitzer; Mrs. Christine Case; Miss Gertrude Cummins.
August 31, 1995 Mr. Louie Rudd.
September 8, 2005 September 1, 1960 Mr. Clifford Howard; Mr. Matt Thompson; Mr. Asbury Jefferson; Mr. William A. Anderson, Sr.
September 4, 1975 Mrs. Estelle Moneyhon Pope; Mr. Harold J. Marsh; Mr. Thomas Eugene Records; Mr. Russell Black.
September 7, 1995 Mrs. Ethel Mae Case Jennett; Mrs. Syliva Viola Golfman; Mr. Vernon H. Jones; Mrs. Edith Owens Storms.
September 15, 2005 September 8, 1960 Mr. Jesse A. Yazell; Mrs. Martha Hamilton; Mrs. Kate F. Brooks; Mr. Melvin Barnett; Mr. Omar R. Miller; Mr. Kelley Dillon.
September 11, 1975 Mr. Mace Gordley; Mr. William Bravard; Mr. John F. (Dick) Brodt.
September 14, 1995 Mr. Ronnie Ray Wright; Mrs. Elva D. Blades Lee; Mr. Pearl Madden.
September 22, 2005 September 15, 1960 Mrs. Stella White Goddard; Mr. James Thomas Adamson; Mr. Stanley C. Robinson; Mr. Thomas C. Graybill.
September 18, 1975 Mr. Tommy Meyer; Mr. Andrew King; Mr. Edgar Seel; Mrs. Grace Perkins.
September 21, 1995 Mrs. Gladys Wells Cleaver Sweeney; Mrs. Carrie Mabel Cooper Cannon.
September 29, 2005 September 22, 1960 Mr. William N. Power; Mr. Harry H. Russell; Mr. Edwin James Herbert; Mr. George S. Winter; Mr. Earl R. Price; Miss Lula Miller; Mr. Walter C. Seaman; Mr. Howard C. Buckner; Mr. Thomas C. Osborne; Mrs. Anna Bell Cole; Mr. Arthur Davis; Mr. James T. Adamson; Miss Iva Lee Taylor; Mr. Irvin W. Dunn.
September 25, 1975 Mr. George E. Welch; Mr. Robert Cole; Mr. Todd Marlow; Mr. John Clinton Garrett; Mr. Derek Smith.
September 28, 1995 Mrs. Barbara E. Curtis Dunn; Mr. Don Bosse; Mrs. Sarah Lillian Fryman Moore.
October 6, 2005 September 29, 1960 Mrs. Frances Jennett Lea; Mrs. Grace Mains Bravard; Mr. Charles Dudley Hixson; Mrs. Josephine Sharp Pugh; Mr. Woodrow W. Kabler; Mrs. Flossie B. Ingram; Mr. Frank B. Clark; Mr. Perry E. Raymond.
October 2, 1975 Mr. Raymond Mofford; Mr. John E. Browning; Mrs. Ruth Mahr Marquardt; Mr. Charles Woodward; Mr. Walter R. Strausbaugh; Mrs. Ednia Poe Schmidt; Mrs. Anna Maude Hester; Mr. William Sayers; Mr. Todd Marlow Smith.
October 5, 1995 Mrs. Deloris Shepherd Carl; Mr. Elwood F. Orme; Mrs. Magdelene B. Keith.
October 13, 2005 October 6, 1960 Mrs. Merle L. Wells; Mrs. Lucy G. Taylor.
October 9, 1975 Mr. Clarence E. Owens.
October 12, 1995 Mrs. Elizabeth Baker Black.
October 20, 2005 October 13, 1960 Mr. Squire Edward Jennett; Mr. Dana L. Woods; Miss Lilliam Lea; Mrs. Fannie McElfresh Clos.
October 16, 1975 Mr. Jim Moore; Mrs. Ida Mae Warner; Ms. Dollas Martin Workman; Mr. Harlan Elbert Ramsey; Mr. William H. Dickson.
October 19, 1995 Mrs. Goldie Roberta Powell Ransey King; Mr. Arthur Lee Claypoole; Mr. George W. 'Buddy' French; Mr. Paul Purcell.
October 27, 2005 October 27, 1960 Mr. Lloyd B. Montgomery; Mr. Garrett D. Jackson; Mr. Adam Faust; Mr. Benjamin F. Watson; Mrs. Agnes McAuliff Merz.
October 30, 1975 Mr. Ford Tatman; Mrs. Mary Maggie Payner; Mr. Adrian L. Moore.
October 19, 1995 Infant Christoper J. Cooper.
November 10, 2005 November 3, 1960 Mr. Omar L. Cummins; Mr. Clarence Adams; Mrs. Christine W. Moorhead; Mrs. Maude Teegarden Schweitzer; Mrs. Lily Mae Colemire.
November 6, 1975 Mr. Garry L. Mains; Mrs. Helen Mae Martin; Mr. Orville Woodward; Mr. Richard Fehr; Mrs. Ida Schweitzer Hay.
November 9, 1995 Mrs. Ina B. Cox.
November 17, 2005 November 10, 1960 Mr. Charles Wallin Hedges; Mrs. Mirtey Storey Bay; Miss Hattie Schoolfield.
November 13, 1975 Mr. James Bernard Cox, Jr.; Mr. Hobart McDowell; Mr. Cloyd Colvin; Mr. Ora Jacobs.
November 16, 1995 Mr. Allen T. 'Tater' Poe; Mr. George E. 'Big G' Gillespie; Mr. Gus Thomas Sharp; Mr. Raymond L. Gutapfel.
November 24, 2005 November 17, 1960 Mr. Robert Strausbaugh; Mr. W.M. Peddicord; Mr. John Alexander Hughes; Mrs. Marie King Fronk; Mr. Jacob Cleveland Meyer.
November 20, 1975 Mrs. Minnie Moran; Mrs. Alberta Workman; Mrs. Ora Hargett Persinger; Mr. Eugene Slack.
November 23, 1995 Mr. John William Hesler.
December 1, 2005 November 24, 1960 Mr. John Todd; Miss Velliah Hamilton; Mrs. Emma F. Cummins; Mrs. Carrie Mahan.
November 27, 1975 Mr. Adrian Tull; Mr. Chester Smith; Mr. Joseph McCane; Mrs. Anna E. Craycraft; Mr. Charles Waters; Mr. Zack Jarrells; Mrs. Ethel Brooking Brennenstuhl.
November 30, 1995 Mr. Gerald Glenn Sanford; Mr. Jessie Earl Skidmore; Mrs. Eva Leona Grimes Sutton; Mr. Clarence E. 'Moe' Hughes; Mrs. Clara Bell Teegarden; Mrs. Christine Marie Bess; Mrs. Burnette Galbraith; Mrs. Tina Marie Lawson; Mr. Charles L. 'Jim' Niehaus; Mr. Donald Keith Henderson.
December 8, 2005 December 1, 1960 None listed. See entry for December 2, 2010, above.
December 4, 1975 Mr. Elmer Louis Power; Mr. William Bradford; Mrs. Stella Maude Trankler; Mr. Bert Lewis.
December 7, 1995 Mrs. Nora Woodward Kabler; Mr. Stanley Clark; Mr. Willie Lawrence (Larry) Whitson; Mrs. Hortense Browning; Mr. Malcome S. (Mike) Moore.
December 15, 2005 December 8, 1960 Mr. James A. Cooke; Rice Infant; Mrs. Florence Ashcraft Louderback; Mrs. Dallas H. Hoskinds; Reed Infant; Mrs. Lorelle Stoekle; Mr. James Ogden Moore.
December 11, 1975 Mr. Chester L. Courtney; Mr. George W. Jacob; Mr. Fidel T. Orth; Mr. Robert Jennett; Mrs. Beulah Marie Blades; Dr. Harry C. Holton.
December 14, 1995 Mr. Gano Theron 'GT' Harding; Mrs. Anna Hazel (Wood) Tucker; Miss Sandra Sue Mullikin.
December 22, 2005 December 15, 1960 Mr. Gordon F. Stone; Mrs. Lucy T. Marsh; Mrs. Florence Tucker; Mr. Wesley Curtis; Mr. William S. 'Will' Rubenacker; Mr. Lloyd Chinn; Mrs. Retta Bell Guy Strausbaugh.
December 18, 1975 Col. Michael C. Sayers; Mrs. Doris Hinson; Mrs. Ann Myrtle Courts.
December 21, 1995 Mr. Claude A. Lea; Mr. Harry Lee Sidebottom; Mrs. Ann May White; Mr. George Estill; Mr. Lloyd M. Meyer; Mr. Fred L. Harper; Mr. Claude Bugler Mullikin.
December 29, 2005 December 22, 1960 Mrs. Hattie Hitt Wells; Mr. Fred Houston Miller; Mr. Evan B. Tilton; Holton Infant; Mrs. Ida Mae Colvin; Rev. J. Frank Estep; Mr. Robert Teegarden.
December 25, 1975 Mr. Russell Fryman; Mrs. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Arnold; Mr. Wilbur Courts; Miss Helen M. Hamilton; Mr. Lloyd Belcher; Mrs. Eugene Ruf; Mr. Michael C. Sayers.
December 28, 1995 Miss Anna M. Fox; Mr. William Gabriel Stewart; Ms. Evelyn Sharp.

2004 Editions

'Files' Edition Original Edition Names In Obituaries
January 1, 2004 January 1, 1959 Mrs. Annabelle Marxmiller; Mr. Carl Austin Hamm; Mr. W. F. Tune; Infant Pauline Jane Luman; Mrs. Lucy F. Bayless; Mrs. Edna Case; Mr. Victor M. O'Shaughnessy.
January 3, 1974 Mr. Foster E. Mullikin; Mr. Clyde McClanahan; Mr. Oakley Newman; Mr. John Brennenstuhl.
December 30, 1993 Mrs. Bessie Persinger Hull; Mrs. Edna Jean Poe Hetz; Mr. Ben L. Staggs; Mrs. Verna C. York.
January 8, 2004 January 8, 1959 Mr. William Arthur Ferrell; Dr. William Birkenbeil; Mrs. Lula P. Kirby; Mr. John William Bravard; Mrs. Annabelle Hinson Dillon; Mr. John Hildreth; Mrs. Icey Mae Utter Ratliff; Mr. Eugene F. Walker; Mr. William Goebel Forbes; Mr. E. Garrard Hedgecock; Mrs. Zetta Howard Orme; Mr. Estill Clayton Ogden.
January 10, 1974 Mrs. Louise Metcalf Lenox; Mrs. Lucy Mae Faul; Mrs. Rebecca Jane Hedges; Mrs. Anna Kern.
January 6, 1994 Mrs. Evelyn Insko Fryman; Mrs. Viola Toomey Clos; Mr. K. W. Raymond; Miss Ada Taylor; Mr. George William Feix.
January 15, 2004 January 15, 1959 Mr. Joseph Woodward Norris; Sister M. Lucy O.S.B.; Mrs. Oda Linville Burns; Mr. Thomas Browning; Mr. J. Paul Cooper.
January 17, 1974 Mr. Robert Elwood Fields; Mr. J.B. Galbraith; Mr. William Edward 'Billy' Tollner; Mrs. Mae F. Haley; Mr. Wallin Martin; Mrs. Irene Bauer Hamilton.
January 13, 1994 Miss Amy Irene Allender; Mr. James W. Moloney; Mr. Evan B. Insko; Mrs. Joann Bess Linville.
January 22, 2004 January 22, 1959 Mrs. Goldie Linville Rigg; Mrs. Edith Wells Gifford; Mrs. Dove Johnson; Mrs. Minerva Fances Billiter; Mrs. Tillie Rice Beagle; Mrs. Hester E. Hill; Mrs. Elizabeth Hannon Dwyer; Mr. Lester Griffin.
January 24, 1974 Mr. Anderson Tucker; Mrs. Thompsie Poe Robinson; Mr. William Kiskaden; Mr. George Shoemate; Mr. Joseph I. Claypoole; Mr. Willis H. Clark; Mr. Richard Chamberlain; Mrs. Ida Jordan Albright.
January 20, 1994 Mr. John S. Parker; Mr. Robert Henry Fronk, Jr.; Mr. Mell Thomas Stewart; Mr. Ed Cracraft; Mrs. Ada Margaret Coughlin Miley; Mrs. Gertrude Cecilia Dice Schweier.
January 29, 2004 January 29, 1959 Mrs. Harriet Hammens Tritschler; Miss Bess Bradford; General Burbage Kinder; Mr. Harry C. Cummins; Mr. Phillip L. Knoedler; Mrs. Lottie Wilson Rogers; Mr. Pete Jet Mastin; Mrs. Mary DeVaughn; Mr. Joe Hargett; Mrs. Mattie Meyer Lenox; Mrs. Sarah Anna Parker Knopf; Infant Stephone Clay Carpenter.
January 31, 1974 Mrs. Mae Workman Wallingford; Melissa Cox (infant); Brian Allen Askin; (infant); Mr. Clifford B. Lee; Mr. Edgar R. Dorton; Mr. Heber Fields.
January 27, 1994 Mr. Raymond Carl 'Dutch' Meyer; Mr. Ezra T. 'Ed' Craycraft; Mr. Darrell R. Scott; Mr. Charles 'Buster' Phillips; Mr. Stanley Earl 'Lash' White; Mrs. Genevieve Reynolds Wehrman; Mrs. Beulah Jacobs; Mrs. Mary Puccini Turner.
February 5, 2004 February 5, 1959 Mrs. Ada Workman; Mrs. Frances Frazee Lloyd; Mrs. Emma Florence Ward; Mrs. Ida Dickson Featherston; Mrs. Amy McDowell Galloway; Mr. Raymond Conway Cooper; Rev. Robert F. Meenach; Mrs. Catherine Gleason Malloy (Mrs. John E. Malloy); Mr. T. C. Claypoole.
February 7, 1974 Mrs. Beatrice Hester; Erin Michelle Hughes (infant); Mrs. Hilda Marie Ellis; Mr. Frank J. Link; Mr. John Luther Cummins; Mrs. Anna Cox; Mrs. Elizabeth Watson Cook.
February 3, 1994 Mr. Stanley Earl 'Lash' White; Mr. Finley Askin; Mrs. Viola C. Highlander; Mr. Kenneth K. Lyle; Mrs. Ida Mae Todd Chinn.
February 12, 2004 February 12, 1959 Mr. Wainright Lea; Mrs. Emma Lee Case Woodward; Mr. William S. Rankins; Mrs. Grace Peddicord; Mr. Robert Harold Yelton; Mr. W.T. McConnell; Mr. Milton Galbraith; Mrs. Hannah Hause.
February 14, 1974 Mr. Roy (Gene) Gilligan; Mr. Johnson Coleman; Mrs. Naomi Perkins King; Mrs. Ocie Craycraft.
February 10, 1994 Mr. Robert 'Jiggs' Cummins; Mrs. Nancy Wilson Byrne; Mr. Claude Florer; Mr. Hanford Wayne 'Hank' Fralix; Mr. Hurvey 'Red' Ware; Mr. Ralph I. Strausbaugh, Sr.; Mrs. Emily Hill Lenox; Mr. Clarence H. Teegarden; Mr. Eugene Thetford Hampton; Mr. Floyd Boone.
February 26, 2004 February 26, 1959 Mrs. Betty Egan Byar; Mrs. Vivian A. 'Tip' Keene; Mrs. Ora Ward England; Mr. Rollie Logsdon; Mr. Carl Trent; Mrs. Anna Kerns Fulton; Mr. Wallace E. Cleaver; Mrs. Goldie Viola Luma; Mr. Eli Sharp.
February 28, 1974 Mrs. Viola Dixon Haas; Mr. William P. Egerton; Mr. Robert L. 'Bob' Wallington; Mr. Harold (Steve) Colbert; Mrs. Ida May Tyler Corlis; Mrs. Beatrice Haley Strausbaugh; Mrs. Olive Jennett Askins.
February 24, 1994 Mrs. Margaret 'Maggie' Donaldson Cooper; Mr. Nelson King.
March 4, 2004 March 5, 1959 Rev. John Ratliff; Mrs. Margaret Cracraft; Mr. Walter Colvin; Mrs. Delia Ellen Weaver; Miss Lucy Fields; Mr. James A. Staton; Mr. James Cracraft.
March 7, 1974 Mrs. Marletta Simms; Mr. Ray F. Feagan; Mr. Elgan Markwell.
March 3, 1994 Mr. Robert Beryl Casey; Mr. Larry Wayne Cooper; Mr. Henry Joe Appleman; Mr. Carl Gary 'Ol Grizz' Leverentz; Mrs. Louise Rowlette Edgington; Mrs. Alberta Jett Paul.
March 11, 2004 March 12, 1959 Mr. James W. Grimes;Mr. Emery T. Case; Mr. John Owens; Mrs. Sarah Baker; Mr. Jacob Smales, Jr.
March 14, 1974 Mrs. Maggie Puccini; Mrs. Bertha Jane Mains Boothe; Mr. Thomas B. 'Sonny' Cline.
March 10, 1994 Mrs. Blanche Kabler Askin; Mr. Virgil Byrnes King; Mrs. Katherine Taylor Oliver; Mrs. Hazel Golden; Mrs. Helen Chain Hamilton; Mrs. Addie Frances Haley Moorhead.
March 18, 2004 March 12, 1959 Mr. Yancey M. Chappell; Rev. Henry C. Martin; Miss Lucy F. Ellis; Mrs. Nannie Hickman; Mr. Garrett Jett; Mr. W. Rollie Jett.
March 14, 1974 Mr. George Clifford Martin; Mr. William West Metcalf; Mr. William Raphael Curtis; Mrs. Myrtle Tilton Henderson; Mrs. Margaret Delisle.
March 10, 1994 Mr. William Maupin; Mr. Jerry Lee Quinlin; Mrs. Gladys Cracraft White.
March 25, 2004 March 26, 1959 Mr. W.F. Poe; Mrs. Lon Clark; Mr. Coleman McDonough; Mrs. Hattie Smith Jones; Mrev. Paul J. Hazeltine; Infant Dennis Edward Bess; Mrs. Toy Gault; Mr. Lawrence Brockley; Mrs. May Jenkins; Mr. McClellan Bess.
March 28, 1974 Mrs. Rosa Adams; Mr. Harley Biddle; Mr. Asa Hiles; Mr. Frederick Neider Reynolds; Mrs. Erea Orme Case; Mr. Martin Fraysure.
March 24, 1994 Mrs. Patricia Marie MacInnis; Mr. Joseph R. Cooke; Mr. Ralph R. Meadows; Mr. Learning Earl 'Slim' Feagan; Mr. Billy Dale Appleman.
April 1, 2004 April 2, 1959 Mr. Stanley Fooks; Mrs. Stella Linville; Mr. Hobart Free; Miss Nannie L. Carpenter; Mr. Dexter Power; Miss Margaret Bonfield.
April 4, 1974 Mr. George Brennenstuhl; Mr. William F. Highlander; Mr. George Weimer; Mr. Cova Cummins; Mrs. Norine Fields Schneider; Mr. Arnold Insko; Mr. Marvin Fraysure; Mr. Wesley Myers.
March 31, 1994 Mr. Charles Bernard Cox; Mr. J. W. 'Jay' Teegarden; Mr. Donald Ellis Moyer; Mrs. Lucy Herrington Buchanan.
April 8, 2004 April 9, 1959 --
April 11, 1974 Mr. Dan C. Marsh; Mr.John C. Stevenson; Mrs. Irene Wilson Jones.
April 7, 1994 Mr. Virgil 'Bud' Moore.
April 22, 2004 April 23, 1959 Mr. Garrett Pumpelly; Mr. Fred W. Fossitt; Mr. Cecil J. Price; Mr. Thomas Arthur Clark; Mr. Walter S. Boyd; Mr. 'Jack' Slattery; Mr. Fred Nagel; Mrs. Bessie Haley.
April 25, 1974 Mr. Harry Elmo Moore; Mrs. Virginia Heater; Mrs. Mabel Weisbrodt Lenox; Mr. Buchanan Meenach.
April 21, 1994 Mr. Shelby L. Ramsey; Mr. Tilman Bain.
April 29, 2004 April 30, 1959 Mr. Okie Olon Thornton; Mr. Clarence G. Nieman; Mr. Carlton Beckett; Mr. Joseph F. Pieper; Mrs. Martha Nichols; Miss Sarah E. McKibben; Mrs. Martha Kinnard.
May 2, 1974 Mrs. Nell Wittmeier Bradford; Master David Eric Penrod.
April 28, 1994 Mr. Robert Emmitt Rice, Sr.; Mrs Lucy Mae Black Whaley; Mrs. Lola Joyce Thomas.
May 6, 2004 May 7, 1959 Mrs. Lida Keene; Mr. Claude DeVaughn.
May 9, 1974 Mrs. Edna Colemire; Mr Chathan Cummins; Mrs. Elsie Willis.
April 28, 1994 Mrs. Helen Brooks Ware; Mr. Melbourne Hedges; Mrs. Anna Hargett Bruist; Mrs. Louella Brown Poe; Mr. William Franklin Sweeney; Mr. Stanley Earl 'Tommy' Henderson; Mr. Rupert V. Meyer; Mrs. Maymah Jett Louderback.
May 13, 2004 May 14, 1959 Mrs. Lida O. Keene; Mr. Jed Monroe King; Mr. Harry D. Smoot; Mr. Dick McNamer; Mrs. Emma F. Tilton.
May 16, 1974 Mrs. Edna Colemire; Mr. James L. Sosby.
May 12, 1994 Mrs. Irene Taylor Cummins; Mrs. Catherine Taylor Oliver; Mr. Kendall Garland 'Bud' Moore.
May 20, 2004 May 21, 1959 Mr. James Jackson Wilson; Mr. Thomas Corbin Marsh; Mrs. Lucy Moran McAtee; Mr. William L. (Billy) Galbreath; Mr. Edward Egnew; Mr. William A. Dennie; Mrs. Bessie Garrison; Mrs. Ida Wiggins; Mrs. Ora Bratton.
May 23, 1974 Mr. Leslie Day; Mr. Ottie Donovan; Mr. Joseph William Hay; Mr. Troy Fields, Sr.; Miss Deana Mattia.
May 19, 1994 Mr. Elva C. Wells; Mrs. Estill Mae Browning Estep; Mrs. Rita Beahr.
May 27, 2004 May 28, 1959 Mrs. Ibba Lytle Maloney; Mr. Elijah Lynn Jett; Mrs. Ora Flaugher Bratton; Mrs. Maggie Gifford; Mrs. Levina Gossett; Mrs. Sarah Bullock; Mr. Charles Hobbay; Mr. Adam Wagel; Mrs. Rhonda Smith.
May 30, 1974 Mrs. Earl Kernodle; Mrs. Anna Jane Wenz.
May 26, 1994 Mr. Bernard L. Gilligan; Mr. Donald W. Mains; Mr. Frank Patrick Stewart, Sr.; Mrs. Alma I. Field.
June 3, 2004 June 3, 1959 Mr. Charles E. Hobday; Mr. Gordon Tilton; Mr. Edgar Pierce; Mrs. Levina Gossett; Mr. Delbert W. Wilson.
June 6, 1974 Mrs. Pearl Webb; Mrs. Issa Boone Hill.
June 2, 1994 Mr. Joseph Paul Edwards; Mr. Elva C. Wells.
June 10, 2004 June 11, 1959 Mrs. Ola Huffman.
June 13, 1974 Mrs. Bertha Swanger; Mrs. Virginia Wright; Mr. William P. Myers; Mrs. Octavia Insko; Mr. Otha Bare; Mrs. Nell Muholland; Mr. Elmer Konkright.
June 9, 1994 Mr. Charles S. Cooper; Mrs. Sybil Cheek.
June 17, 2004 June 18, 1959 Mr. Joseph L. Brothers; Mrs. Emma Woodward.
June 20, 1974 Mr. McClellan Galbraith; Mr. Charles Parker; Mr. Raymond Jones.
June 16, 1994 Mr. George Allen Lewis; Mrs. Callie D. Nickoson; Mrs. Edna Field Kirk; Mrs. Hilda Whiteman Dorn; Mrs. Mabel Dean Galbraith; Mr. William Nieser; Mr. Johnnie K. Stewart; Mr. Robert Paul Anderson.
June 24, 2004 June 25, 1959 --
June 27, 1974 Mrs. Bess Federer; Mrs. Margaret Young; Mrs. Janie Mitchell Jett; Mr. Robert Mains; Mrs. Elizabeth Cummins Waltz; Mr. Arhtur Waits.
June 23, 1994 Mrs. Ada Carpenter Reeves; Mr. Charles O. 'Chick' Thompson; Mrs. Ruby Louise Kelly; Mrs. Lillian Gertrude Ratliff; Mr. John William Byrne; Ms. Judy Lynn Conley; Mr. Jennings Stevenson Bratton .
July 1, 2004 July 2, 1959 Mr. Andrew 'Andy' Moore; Mr. Bert Elmer Smith; Mrs. Maggie Irene Tucker; Sister Mary DeSales Fox; Mr. Elmo Haley; Mr. Hiram Hause.
July 4, 1974 Adam Shane Murray, son of Mr. and Mrs. Garner L. (Buddy) Murray; Aaron Scott Scribner, son of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Scribner.
June 30, 1994 Mr. George Washington Strausbaugh, Jr.; Mr. James Franklin Chalfant; Mr. Matt Hesler; Mr. Herbert McKibben.
July 8, 2004 July 9, 1959 Mr. George Nagel; Mr. Ernest Weaver.
July 22, 1974 Mrs. Kathleen White; Mr. Marshall Crouch; Mrs. Elota Butler.
July 7, 1994 Miss Hazel Marie White; Miss Joyce Richey; Mrs. Anna Gladys Tucker Workman; Mrs. Jane Carvin Humlong Hutchins.
July 15, 2004 July 16, 1959 Mrs. Sarah Blades; Mrs. Gertrude Case Ruf; Mr. Lytle T. DeMoss; Mrs. Edna H. Tuttle; Miss Anna Blanche Wilson; Mrs. Cora Reed.
July 18, 1974 Mr. Leonard V. Taylor; Mr. Dofford Collins; Mr. Howard Girkin; Mr. Willard Lucas; Miss Ruth Heaverin.
July 14, 1994 Mr. Robert J. Kirk; Mr. Harry Eugene Applegate; Mrs. Eulah Glenn High; Mrs. Dorothy Hunter McKnight; Mr. Edgar Raymond West.
July 22, 2004 July 23, 1959 Mr. Harry S. Ellis; Mr. William J. B. Blades; Mr. Lydia Lloyd Poage; Mr. James Ashcraft; Mr. Harry S. Tucker; Mrs. Ella Berry Linville; Mrs. Caronline Ann Welte; Miss Mildred Duncan.
July 25, 1974 Mr. Frank A. Schadle; Mrs. Maude Moorhead Wallace; Mr. Clellon Cox; Mrs. Sid Harper.
July 21, 1994 Mrs. Hilda Jennett King; Mrs. Sarah Jeanette List; Mrs. Mary Katherine King Bowles; Mrs. Verna Jean Edwards Rohrabaugh.
July 29, 2004 July 30, 1959 Mrs. Nannie B. Snapp; Mr. J. T. 'Tommie' Reed; Mr. Justin McNamara; Miss Anna Moore; Mr. Ben W. McCracken'; Mr. Jacob R. Clos; Mr. Roman C. Albrecht.
August 1, 1974 Mrs. Emma England; Mr. Ben McCracken.
July 28, 1994 Mr. James Edward Sutton; Mr. Harvey Bruin; Mrs. Elizabeth Malone McNamara; Mr. Joseph Louis Heinrichs; Mr. Charles Lewis Tucker; Rev. Meredith H. DeHaven.
August 5, 2004 August 6, 1959 Mrs. Elizabeth Moneyhon Pickrell; Mr. Marqui Thomas Moran; Mr. William E. Howard.
August 1, 1974 Mrs. Emma England; Mr. Ben McCracken.
August 4, 1994 Mr. Louis F. Habermehl, Sr.; Mrs. Elizabeth Thompson Day; Mr. Sam Merrill; Mr. Walter D. Smoot; Mrs. Bertha Ellen Eachus; Mr. Timothy James Duke; Mrs. Mary Ruth Wolfe; Mr. William Edgar Runyon; Mrs. Jane L. Norris.
August 12, 2004 August 13, 1959 Mr. Jeff Teegarden; Mrs. Elizabeth Tumbleson; Mr. Charles Bradford.
August 8, 1974 Miss Anna Elizabeth Vermillion; Mr. George Leslie Grigson, Jr.; Mrs. Margaret Jones; Miss Angela Kaye King; Mr. Roy Haley; Mr. Willard J. Fischer; Mrs. Lillian Kehrer; Mrs. Preston Littleton; Mr. William C. Klee; Mr. Howard E. Marsh; Mrs. Nellie Biddle.
August 11, 1994 Mr. Ralph Emerson Moreland; Mrs. Gladys Faye Cummins; Mrs. Emma Addie Dixon; Miss Alice Fay Hampton.
August 19, 2004 August 20, 1959 Mr. Bobby Hitt; Mrs. Jennie Webber; Mrs. Iva Harber Jones; Mrs. Lena McKinney Blades; Mrs. Alice Collins.
August 15, 1974 Mrs. Mary Day; Mr. Wertie F. Lach; Mrs. Thelma Teegarden; Mr. Marion J. Hardy; Mrs. Opal Hull Glaumer; Mr. Allen Brooks Hinkle; Mr. George Leslie Grigson, Jr.
August 18, 1994 Mrs. Myrtle Irene Craig Shepherd; Mr. Clyde T. Dorn; Sister Eloise Ring, O.S.B. 93; Mrs. Ruth Jett Hanson.
August 26, 2004 August 20, 1959 Repeated August 19, 2004 issue.
August 25, 1974 Mr. Prentice D. 'Pat' Hause; Mr. Albert L. 'Roy' Reese; Mr. Hansel Mains; Mrs. Helen Conley.
August 25, 1994 Mrs. Ruth Jett Hanson; Mr. Raymond Teegarden; Mr. Charles (Bobby) Moloney; Mrs. Betty Helen Johnson; Mrs. Clara Sharp Gillespie; Mrs. Leila Josephine Rees; Mrs. Ola Lorraine Frazier; Mrs. Evelyn P. Cooper.
September 2, 2004 August 22, 1959 Mr. James O'Brien; Mrs. Laura Thompson; Mr. Lewis Ballinger; Mrs. Hanna Stamper; Mr. John W. Gleason; Mr. Frank A. Bruin.
August 29, 1974 Mr. Judson Boothe; Mrs. Rita Becket Eichelberger.
September 1, 1994 Mrs. Betty Louise Hickle Hedges; Mrs. Ella Chloe Schiltz; Mrs. Jean Lykins; Mrs. Fay McKibben Casey.
September 9, 2004 September 3, 1959 Mrs. Belle Erwin; Mrs. Osa Iona Mason; Mr. Bailey S. Ginn; Mr. Philip Schadle; Mrs. Fannie Roberts Darnell; Mrs. Lois Hargett Crane; Mr. George W. Curtis; Mr. J.J. Wheat; Rev. John T. Jobst; Mrs. Sarah Ellen Moore; Mrs. Omar Claypool.
September 5, 1974 Mrs. Nellie Insko; Mrs. Amy Lee Teegarden; Mrs. Nancy Jane (Nannie) West; Mrs. Edna Cummins Kail.
September 8, 1994 Mr. Donald R. Callen; Mr. Herbert Field.
September 16, 2004 September 10, 1959 Mr. Edgar Jones; Mr. Ripple Jones; Mrs. Eloise Martha Walters.
September 12, 1974 Mr. Ira E. Snapp; Mr. James M. Sroufe; Mrs. Justa Ernst.
September 15, 1994 Mrs. Harriet 'Doll' Ashcraft; Mr. Wayne 'Slim' Graves; Mr. Carl H. Fossitt; Mr. Albert H. Smith.
September 23, 2004 September 23, 1959 Mrs. Madge Neider Hook.
September 19, 1974 Mrs. Evelyn Cochran; Miss Mary Hall; Miss Jennifer Teegarden; Miss Helinna Marie McQuilin.
September 22, 1994 Mr. Frederick L. Kelsch; Mrs. Elizabeth Adams; Mr. Sam Todd; Mr. Carl H. Fossin.
September 30, 2004 September 24, 1959 Mr. Ed Dixon.
September 26, 1974 --
September 29, 1994 Mrs. Alta Moorhead Meyer; Miss Bess Kennard; Mr. James J. Harrison; Mr. H. Clayton Lyons.
October 7, 2004 October 8, 1959 Mr. Ellis Fields; Mrs. Della Hall Galbraith; Mrs. Lillie Mae Galbraith.
October 3, 1974 Monsignor Lawrence N. Leinheuser; Mr. William T. Asbury; Mrs. Elizabeth Ruth Slack Osborn; Mrs. Ruth Delaney; Mr. Leo Haley
October 6, 1994 Mrs. laberta Lathern Day; Mrs. Vera Lee Jett; Miss Patsy 'Joan' Bruin; Mrs. Kathy L. Northcutt.
October 14, 2004 October 15, 1959 Mr. Willie Oscar Haley; Mr. Wayne Holton; Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. John Perkins; Mr. Lee Mannen McKibben; Mrs. Maggie Russell; Mrs. Pearl Harris; Mr. Lonnie West.
October 10, 1974 Mr. Ronald L. White; Mrs. Clara Browning; Mrs. Regina Link; Mr. Doinald E. Cummins; Mr. George Gedge; Mrs. Emily F. Monroe.
October 13, 1994 Mrs. Retha Howard Clark; Mr. Guy C. Workman; Mrs. Ruth Anna Brierly Jett; Mr. Abe Thomas Mains; Mr. Ernest D. Hamilton; Mr. Garry Keith Browning.
October 21, 2004 October 22, 1959 Mrs. Bennie Katherine Myers; Mr. Thomas Colvin.
October 17, 1974 Mr. Walter Edwin Pangburn; Mr. Paschal Best; Mrs. Emily F. Monroe; Mr. Leroy Weisbrod; Mr. Bernard Caldwell; Mr. John Wallace, Sr.; Mr. Roy Wood; Mr. Pat Bonfield.
October 20, 1994 Mrs. Margaret Mofford; Mrs. Audrey Bowman Butcher; Mr. Kenneth (Kenny) Moore; Mrs. Doris Jean Hoess; Mr. Melburn Paul 'Whitey' White.
October 28, 2004 October 29, 1959 Mrs. Eddith Whiteman Miley; Mr. Mike Brown; Mrs. Sallie Marksberry Bruin; Mrs. Carrie Lou Morris.
October 24, 1974 Mrs. Bertha Scot Hedges; Mrs. Mamie Bell Wagel; Mr. Ralph Lach.
October 27, 1994 Mr. Clyde Allen Jett; Mrs. Edith Mae Dorsey; Mr. William Carl; Mr. Rolland (Pete) Hill.
November 4, 2004 November 5, 1959 Mrs. Ella Roberts; Mr. Hugh Wright Carpenter; Mr. James Henry Boude; Mr. John Walter Henson; Mrs. Fannie Flaugher Boughton; Mrs. Mae Schweitzer Leming.
October 31, 1974 Mrs. Mabel Moreland; Mr. Earl King; Mr. Chester A. Hagen.
November 3, 1994 Mrs. Laverne Martin Dusing; Mr. Roscoe Lynn; Mr. Estill L. King; Master William Wayne Lang; Mr. William Hargett.
November 11, 2004 November 12, 1959 Mrs. Dessie Turner; Mr. Lawrence A. Routt; Mrs. Mary Lee French Florer; Mrs. Hazel Boone McClanahan; Mrs. Norma Quinn Robbins..
November 7, 1974 Mr. Charlie Cummins; Mr. Emery Earl Dean; Mr. William S. Ruf; Mr. Daniel A. McKinney.
November 10, 1994 Mrs. Doris Rigg Morris; Mr. Levi Glen (Henry) Mullikin.
November 18, 2004 November 19, 1959 Mrs. Mary Claypool Scott; Mr. Clifton Price; Mrs. Ethel Cuddington; Mr. Hughie Meyers; Mrs. Maimie Cameron Dryden; Mr. Isaac Newton Hamilton.
November 14, 1974 Mrs. Evaleen Ashcraft; Mrs. Lizzie Stewart; Mr. William L. Knuckles.
November 17, 1994 Mr. Joseph Edwin Martin; mrs.Huldah King Moneyhon; Mrs. Bessie Lee Keene; Mr. Roy W. Ellis; Mrs. Lula Holland.
November 25, 2004 November 26, 1959 Mrs. Ethel Woods Workman; Mr. Roy Paynter; Mrs. Nina Lytle Stairs Johnson; Mr. James Bascom Wiseman; Mr. Alvin Newton 'Newt' Elrod; Miss Nettie Phillips; Mr. Michael 'Mike' Lundrigan; Miss Melissa Jett.
November 21, 1974 Mr. Garnett 'Beagle' Hause; Mrs. Mary Leota Appelman; Mr. Arba K. Jett; Miss Bonnie Neider; Mrs. Stella Moreland; Mr. Clarence Tabb; Mr. Harry Mains; Mrs. Anna Lucille Hitt Sandifer.
November 24, 1994 Infant Marshall Landon Selby; Mr. Carl William Bush.
December 2, 2004 December 3, 1959 Mrs. Myrtle Jones; Mrs. Hattie Askin Moore; Mrs. Chloe Belle McKinney; Mr. Orie H. Price; Mrs. Nannie Clark.
November 28, 1974 Mrs. Chloe Cline; Mrs. Hattie Work; Mr. Glenn F. Edgington.
December 1, 1994 Mrs. Helen Joyce Miller Parson; Mr. Lewis Workman.
December 9, 2004 December 10, 1959 Mr. Slater Orme; Mr. Milton S. Usleman; Mr. William H. Vice; Mrs. Lottie Kane Day; Mr. John Goecke.
December 5, 1974 Mrs. Irene Heaverin; Mr. William Jennings Woosley; Mrs. Clementine Perkins; Mrs. Nancy Ellis; Mr. Jack Rathburn; Mr. Jimmy Smith; Mrs. Margaret Schweitzer.
December 8, 1994 Mr. John J. Bay; Mrs. Anna Struve Jett; Mrs. Patty Poe Hatfield; Mrs. Doris Mitchell Rayond; Mrs. Gladys Workman.
December 16, 2004 December 17, 1959 Mrs. Mollie Dee Fox Sharp; Mr. Maurice Danehe; Mrs. Ida O. Hall; Mr. John D. Thornbury; Mr. William Shelton Henderson; Mr. John Edward Malloy; Mrs. Lillian Field Norris; Mr. Fred Kelsch.
December 12, 1974 Mrs. Jess Plummer; Mrs. Elizabeth Robertson; Mr. James Kiskaden.
December 15, 1994 Mr. Gary Thomas Sorrell; Mr. Charles Anthony Sumner; Mr. Samuel L. Ellis; Mr. Vern Haigis..
December 23, 2004 December 24, 1959 Dr. Will B. Wallin; Mrs. Anna L. Hanson; Mr. Joseph D. Schultz; Mr. Harry Smith; Mrs. Otis Miller; Mr. Harvey A. Bridges.
December 19, 1974 Miss Anna Belle Moran; Mr. Oliver Bradford; Miss Barbara Kalb.
December 22, 1994 Mr. Chester W. Hamilton; Mr. Howard Evans; Mrs Lillian Gray McFarland Hunt; Mr. Shirley Reynolds Earlywine; Mrs. Rita Nell Howard Berry.
December 30, 2004 December 31, 1959 Mrs. Cinda P. Monson; Mr. Adam Pabst; Mr. Frank Cline; Mrs. Oda Adamson Garrison; Mr. Arthur Hitt; Mrs. Katie Traugott Chasteen.
December 26, 1974 Mr. William R. Dice; Mrs. Mary Unverferth; Mrs. Gus Moore.
January 5, 1995 Mrs. Lillian King; Mr. Clifton 'Doso' Poe; Mrs. Wanda Morris McCane; Mrs. Marie Coughlin Whiteman; Miss Lottie Bell Hardy; Infant John Ross Raymer.

2003 Editions

'Files' Edition Original Edition Names In Obituaries
January 2, 2003 January 2, 1958 Rufus Walton; Lela Galloway; Miss Nettie Mains; Thurman Kurtz; Vester Lee Parker; George Thomas Taylor; Alice Power Wills; Dr. I.N. Calvin.
January 4, 1973 Emma Galbraith Lee; Julia Mae Ruark; Grover Honican; Harold L. Welte.
December 31, 1992 Arnold D. Brown; Martha Jane Workman; Gladys Linville; Jack L. Caldwell.
January 9, 2003 January 9, 1958 Dan Danahe; Louis Happe; Thea Chinn; Rosa S. Ferguson; Hildreth Bramel.
January 11, 1973 Louise Weisbrodt Hiles; Ollie Ennis Wood; Cathryne Winter Dissell; Jesse S. Allen Madeline Haley Creekbaum; Clara Disher Hinson; Lottie M. Insko.
January 7, 1993 Mable Marie Moore Grigson; Luch Edna Fronk; Jane Welte Davis; Katherine Graybill.
January 16, 2003 January 16, 1958 Lena Jennett Weissman; Mrs. Lizzie Rumford; Thomas Buist; Mrs. Catherine Cooper Tabb; Mrs. Margaret Ernst; Mrs. Mary Belle Thackston; Jesse B. Colvin; Mrs. Kate Jennett.
January 16, 1973 Fred Schwietzer; Goldie E. Habermehl.
January 14, 1993 Ann McDowell Moore; Robert W. Gerhard; Herbert Lee Feagan; Gaston 'Slim' Haley.
January 23, 2003 January 23, 1958 Charles Fields; Thomas Gibbons; John Allen Colvin; Mrs. Minnie Lee Jones Berry; Jesse Marsh; John M. Lucas; Mrs. Julia Galloway; Jesse B. Colvin; Raymond Hamilton; W.T. Schiltz.
January 25, 1973 Mrs. Mildred Mary Malone Kinsler; Mrs. Cora Sparks Hicks; Bedord Hagen; Mrs. Mamie Lytle Pettit; Mrs. Jessie Lee Hull.
January 21, 1993 Ishmael Oden Hitt; Charles L. Winter; Virginia Teegarden Story.
January 30, 2003 January 30, 1958 George Bush; James P. Jett; Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Smith; Mrs. Minnie Lee Cleaver Simms; James Howard Kirby; Mrs. Donna Workman Holleran; Mrs. Mary Cann.
February 1, 1973 Emma Elllis Cooper; Easton Y.Miller; Harry Cline; Mrs. Kida Tabb; Louis W. Collings; Shirley Kurtz; Roper B. Woolfolk.
January 28, 1993 H. Carroll Poe; Betty Jean White Henderson; Bert Hall; Harmon Wilson; Joseph G. Poe; John Irwin Federer; Charles Mitchell.
February 6, 2003 February 6, 1958 William Alonzo Black; Robert T. Jennett; Mrs. Leah Rees Moorhead; Mrs. Elizabeth Louise King; Richard D. Lane; Esther Lea Denton.
February 8, 1973 Mrs. Ella Wenz; Lynwell Case; Robert L. Chinn; Mrs. Icie Dorn.
February 4, 1993 Charles Robert Pollitt; Gracie Showalter Galloway; Paul Jacobs; Dominic (Nick) Romeo; Marie Frances Owens; Andrew F. Kelsay.
February 13, 2003 February 13, 1958 Mrs. Margaret Stephens; Mr. Elza Barnes; Howard Lee Record; Mrs. Katherine Duncan Lail; Mrs. Eli A. King; Augustine 'Gus' Bauer; George Riley Longnecker; John Preston Colvin; Albert Kelsch.
February 15, 1973 Silas Kabler; Frank M. Meyer; Mrs. Henry Monson; Mrs. Bertha Dixon.
February 11, 1993 Nicy Ramsey; Donald Hook; Paul William Holton.
February 20, 2003 February 20, 1958 Mrs. Katie Miller; Miss Hannah Moyer; William Wallace Baker; Miss Lucille Murphey; Mrs. Ethel Golden Galbraith; J.J. Dillion.
February 22, 1973 Charles Mingua; George Kalb; Mrs. Ethel Blackerby Grizzell; Mrs. Margarete Story.
February 18, 1993 Helen Robinson Asbury; Clyde Mains.
February 27, 2003 February 27, 1958 Mrs. Lora McClanahan Garson; Miss Tillie Rye; Mrs. Wills Rothacker; Roy McClanahan; Frank H. Gibson; Harley Omar Uselman; W. Ernest Decoursey; James Flora; Miss Maggie Wiggins.
March 1, 1973 John Corlis 'Colonel' Haley; Welzie Bare Browning; William F. Kinsler; Paris B. Donley; Mrs. Elizabeth Hesler England; Mrs. Helen Byrnes.
February 25, 1993 Bart David Braughler; Raymond 'Red' Stewart; James Robert 'Boob' White; Louis 'Joe Bob' Tuel; Delores Hedgecock Curtis.
March 6, 2003 March 6, 1958 Mr. John Bruist.
March 8, 1973 Mrs. Mayme Strausbaugh; Michael Dale Galbraith; Mrs. Marie Holbrook Hook; Mrs. Alice King Varner.
March 4, 1993 William P. Garrett; John Rigg; Carl G. Mills; Richard Thomas Jett.
March 13, 2003 March 13, 1958 Robert Garrison; S.L. 'Sam' Holliday; Roscoe McDowell; John W. West; Clyde French; Howard King; Russell Gault; Estil H. Flack; Mrs. Madge Reymonds Everett; Mrs. Mary Jett; Dimmit Tucker; Mrs. Elizabeth Wilson Kabler.
March 15, 1973 Mrs. Louise Landers; Mrs. Rosemary Hampton Hamilton; Mrs. Kathryn M. Doll.
March 11, 1993 Helen Kelsch Hennessey; Hazel Cleo Turner; Chester Archie McKee; Linda Bruha Free; Gayle Crockett Moran; Neppie W. Taylor; William Arvil Blevins.
March 20, 2003 March 20, 1958 James H. Florence; George Gallenstein; Mrs. Cora Jordon Curtis; Mrs. Phoebe Ann Cracraft; Mrs. Eliza Bell Moore; George Russell King; Mrs. Julia Ann Wagel; Moren Infant; Mrs. Mary Jett; Miss Frances Russell.
March 22, 1973 George Edward Albrecht; Mrs. Gertrude L. Gillespie; Mr. Alvin H. Hester.
March 25, 1993 Mrs. Louise Rigg King; James R. Murphy; Mrs. Russell Lenox; Marguerite Mingua Emmons; Robert L. Schiltz.
March 27, 2003 March 27, 1958 Mr. Dimmitt Galbraith; Mrs. Leona Greene Benjamin; Mrs. Ruth Staton Sansom; Mrs. Corry W. Jett; Wanda Jean Smith.
March 29, 1973 Mrs. Fannie Mae McKinney; Mrs. Hattie Garrison England; Mrs. Anna Myers Gibson; Joseph C. Powell; John C. Delisle.
April 1, 1993 Edna Alora Brooking DeLoach; Christine Wallace Ruf.
April 3, 2003 April 3, 1958 William H. Reynolds; Mrs. Anna Lucy Meyer Carl; Mrs. Ethel Johnson; Louis E. Case; Calvin Haughaboo; Mrs. Ada Shofstall.
April 5, 1973 Rolla Patterson; Mrs. Regina K. Jett; William O. Coburn.
April 8, 1993 Mrs. Delia R. Meyer.
April 10, 2003 April 10, 1958 Mrs. Grimes Wallace; Mrs. Mary Ann Richard; Carl Jones; Carl Jacobs; Andelo 'Brother' Puccini; Joseph Fountain Bare; Mrs. Malissa Mains; Mrs. Chritine Elizabeth Myer.
April 12, 1973 Mrs. Winifred Stairs Lytle; Mrs. Minnie Paynter Workman.
April 15, 1993 Mrs. Mildred Figgins.
April 17, 2003 April 17, 1958 Mrs. Lola Sellers; Mrs. Julia Hayes; Mr. Ernest Wood; Mrs. Ida Belle Workman Haley; Mrs. Mary Ethel Rumford; Turner Infant; Mrs. Mima Allen Patton.
April 19, 1973 Mr. Joe Gillespie; Mr. Roy B. Strausbaugh; Mrs. Cora Craycraft Field.
April 22, 1993 Mr. Frank Fryman; Mrs. Genevieve Correll Simpson; Mrs. Ella Mae P. Jefferson; Mr. Louis Edward Duke, Jr.; Mrs. Catherine (Cathy) Riebel.
April 24, 2003 April 24, 1958 Mr. James Pepper; Mrs. Mary Evans Cooper; Mrs. Margaret Fresch Welte; Mrs. Julia Gibson; Dr. Samuel A. Laughlin.
April 26, 1973 Mr. Richard 'Dick' Hennessey; Mr. Leroy Mitchell.
April 29, 1993 Mrs. Elizabeth Tabb True; Mr. Charles E. Harris; Mrs. Elsie L. Sayers.
May 1, 2003 May 1, 1958 Mrs. Cora Nickoson; Mrs. Lena Claypoole Kabler; Mrs. Permillia Mae Gross.
May 3, 1973 Mr. Everett 'Sparky' McCane; Mrs. Eva Lee Ramey Bradford; Mr. James Edward Dwyer; Mr. Herman E. Crawford; Mrs. Juliana Fury; Mr. Orvel Ernest.
May 6, 1993 Gilbert Sherman Strode, Sr.; Thomas A. Hamilton; Mrs. Hulda Moore Wilson; Mrs. Alma O'Connor.
May 8, 2003 May 8, 1958 Mr. Otis Grant Coleman; Mrs. Pearl Mullikin; Mr. Albert R. Brown; Mr. Joseph Hitt; Mrs. Catherine Nora Wenz; Mrs. Lutie Collins; Mrs. Bessie Reese Scouten; Mr. J. F. Kennett; Mrs. Anna Hart Harrington.
May 10, 1973 Mrs. Pickett Metcalf Snedegar; Mrs. Lorella Hiles.
May 13 1993 Mrs. Hilda Case Moore; Gaston Dewey Reese.
May 15, 2003 May 22, 1958 Mrs. Lillian Bratton Horna; Mr. Elra 'Rube' Davis; Mrs. Birdie Shields Linville.
May 17, 1973 Mr. Edwin Quinn; Mr. Virgil Haley; Mr. Willie Garrett; Mr. Scott Clark; Master Jody Lynn Gordley; Mrs. Elizabeth Flora Kirker.
May 20 1993 Mr. Cecil G. Workman; Judge John A. Breslin; Mr. Norman Dale Smith; Mrs. Madge Poage Keough.
May 22, 2003 May 29, 1958 Mrs. Jane Haggarl Smith Baker; Stanley B. Moreland; Leonard Fields; Charles H. Askin.
May 24, 1973 Mrs. Minnie Day; Mr. Charles Moorhead; Mr. Herman Schweitzer; Mr. Elmer Polley; Mr. Ward R. Taylor.
May 27, 1993 Miss Lizzie Cloud Woodward; Mrs. Virginia Burklow Gibson; mr. Burgess L. Evans; Miss Nancy Reed Fulton; Mr. Norman Dale Smith; Mrs. Joan B. Kelly; Mr. William Russell Fooks; Mrs. Geraldine Haley Quackenbush.
May 29, 2003 June 5, 1958 Mr. Jesse B. Doggett; Mr. Charles Francis Mullikan; Mr. Thomas Thompson; Mr. Herman L. Mingua; Mr. Richard Cordrey; Mr. Walter Power; Mr. Leonard Fields; Mrs. Minnie Moran; Mrs. Mattie Moore; Mrs. Mary F.'Mayme' Jennings.
May 31, 1973 Larry Gene Hamilton; Miss Louise Kelsch; Paul Collins; Ethel Figgins.
June 3, 1993 Charles Nickolas 'Nick' Colvin; Lee Porter 'Pete' Morgan; Miss Lizzie Cloud Woodward; H. Albert 'Hack' Cummins; Keith Ryan Turner; Lloyd Thomas Cumber; Mrs. Heneretta 'Retta' Wenz Pfeffer.
June 5, 2003 June 12, 1958 Mrs. Thelma Elrod Hamilton; Mrs. Mary Swanger; Mrs. Nancy Carrie Wiggins; Mrs. Hannah Gosney; Mrs. Mary Gault Haughaboo; Mr. Newell Kennedy; Mrs. Jesse Fegan Bauer; Mr. Charley Francis Mullikan.
June 7, 1973 Mrs. Elsie Hinson Moyer; Mrs. Mary Ashbrook Jacobs.
June 10, 1993 Mr. Cecil B. Colemire; Mrs. Helen Kabler Staggs; Mrs. Nellie Ward Mofford; Mr. William Grady McCay.
June 12, 2003 June 19, 1958 Mrs. Ida Mae Osborne Perrine; Mrs. Mollie Jefferson Price; Mrs. Tina Gillespie Cordrey; Mr. Pearl N. Courtney; Mrs. Emma Huber Kalb.
June 14, 1973 Mr. Lawrence Taylor; Mr. Wayman Russell Smith; Mr. W. W. (Bill) Winter.
June 17, 1993 Mr. Elwood Hazel; Miss Julia A. Bosse.
June 19, 2003 June 26, 1958 Everett Beckett; Mrs. Harry Greely Hilliday; William M. Maxfield; Mack Arthus Merrill; Covey Galloway, Jr.; Mrs. James Hayes.
June 21, 1973 Mrs. Dora Watson; Brian Jason Dwyer; Mrs.Lela Colvin Stapleton; Mrs. Massie E. Jones.
June 24, 1993 Mr. Robert S. Ashcraft; Mr. Gary L. Hampton; Mrs. Laura Ogden French; Mr. Clarence Hurst; Mrs. Wilma McClanahan Dincler; Mr. David Lynn Crawford.
June 26, 2003 July 3, 1958 Mrs. Audrey Staton; Richard William Schiltz, Jr.
June 28, 1973 Mrs. Audra Peed; Mrs. Rowena Crockett; Mrs. Rettie Florence Hiles; Mrs. Besie Harrison.
July 1, 1993 Matthew C. Hennessey.
July 3, 2003 July 10, 1958 Albert Howard Branford; Mrs. Nettie M. Cain; Mr. Harvey Mains; Mr. Narvey McCarty; Mr. Eng Bishop; G.E. 'Gip' Lowe.
July 5, 1973 Mrs. Ida Edwards; Samuel Otto Cooper; Earl L. Johnson; James Pearl McClanahan.
July 8, 1993 David Anthony Rose; Mrs. Ruie N. Hutchison.
July 10, 2003 July 17, 1958 Mr. James Oliver Cummins; Mr. Lawrence Corbett Metzger; Mr. Robert T. Bramel; Mrs. Sarah Colegrove; Mrs. Mina Moyer; Mr. Sidney Morford; Mr. Ed McDowell; Mr. John Robert Rogers.
July 12, 1973 Mr. Bernard A. White; Mrs. Julia M. Kern; Mr. Fred Iseringhausen; Shannon Lee Hays; Mrs. Marian Lynn.
July 15, 1993 Harvey Eugene Ware; Haviland Jennett; Mrs. Janice D. Marshall Hamilton; Mrs. Sarah Ellis Habermehl.
July 17, 2003 July 24, 1958 Mr. John Edward Clos; Mr. Elmer Gosney; Mr. Stuart Martin; Mr. John Henry Galloway; Mrs. Mary Etta Schadle; Mr. Walter Caim.
July 19, 1973 Mrs. Anna Osborne; Mr. William Sanders; Mrs. Thelma Beckett; Mrs. May Downing; Mrs. Cynthia Hamilton; Mr. Fred Kelsch; Mr. John Hays; Mr. Lawrence L. Cummins.
July 22, 1993 Mr. William Carl Henderson; Mr. Hurvey Eugene Ware; Mr. Jesse James Moore; Mrs. Anna B. Polley .
July 24, 2003 July 31, 1958 Mr. John Kalb; Mrs Martha Ashbrook; Mr. Edward Eugene VanDeren; Mrs Alice D. Peterson; Mrs. Mary Huley Rice.
July 26, 1973 Mr. Elda Hester; Mrs. Bertha Thompson; Mrs. Bertha Linville Kurtz; Mr. Milton Nelson; Mr. Leo J. Federer; Mrs. Effie Mae White; Mr. Virgil Morgan.
July 29 1993 Mrs. Rhoda Case Lyle; Mr. Joseph C. 'Joe' Ross.
July 31, 2003 August 7, 1958 Mr. Allen P. Wheat; Mr. Alex B. Thomas; Mrs. Anna Florence Mattox; Dr. Mark Haley; Mrs. Fanny DeVaughn Turner.
August 2, 1973 Mr. Elmer Hitt; Mr. John W. Martin; Mrs. Mathilda Meyer; Mrs. Mary Cordray; Mrs. Grace Hesler; Mr. Lloyd Cummins
August 5, 1993 Mr. Clyde W. Smokey; Mr. James Browning Crawford; Mr. Michael Elmo Haley; Mrs. Helena S. Wilson; Mr. Leland V. Barnes.
August 7, 2003 August 14, 1958 Mrs. Mollie Cummins; Mr. Irvin Cooper.
August 9, 1973 Mrs. Mary Cordray; Mr. Lloyd Cummins; Mr. Howard R. Slack; Mrs. Anna Bauer Heckmiller.
August 12, 1993 Mr. Eugene Earl 'Gene' King; Mr. Leland V. Barnes.
August 14, 2003 August 21, 1958 Mrs. Elizabeth Meyer Holton; Mr. Charles Otis Carpenter.
August 16, 1973 Mr. Raymond Reed; Mrs. Pauletter McKibben Youngman; Mrs. Mollie M. Hurt; Mr. Herbert White; Mr. Homer L. Hargett.
August 19, 1993 Mr. Lisle Brumley; Mrs. Tona Bowen Youngman.
August 21, 2003 August 28, 1958 Mr. James A. Crawford; Mr. Hervey T. Asbury; Mrs. H. F. Fowler; Mrs. Ella Rogers Price; Mr. William Hieatt; Mr. Walter Thomas Baker; Mr. Henry Hall; Mr. Thurman Lucas; Mr. Archie B. DeVaugh.
August 23, 1973 Mr. William Linn Staton; Mrs. Fannie M. Coleman; Mr. Carroll Gibson; Miss Jacqueline Hodge.
August 26, 1993 Mr. Edward L. 'Eddie' Florence; Mr. Walter Russell Case; Mrs. Elsie Mae Hickey; Mrs. Helen L. Redden; Mrs. Blanche Lea Meyers.
August 28, 2003 September 4, 1958 Mr. Jacob Wagel; Mr. Hugh McClanahan; Mrs. Eva Fields; Mr. Clarence Moore; Mrs. Ida Gillespie; Mr. John Nugent; Miss Agnes Alke; Mr. Herman Weisbrodt.
August 30, 1973 Miss Louise Bauer; Mr. Vannie Flora; Mr. Calvin Weisbrodt; Mrs. Altheria Hinson.
September 2, 1993 Mr. Lawrence Thomas Lenox; Mr. Leon Everett Plummer; Mr. Tom McCane; Mr. Charles Edward Mains; Mr. Harold D. coy; Mr. Clyde Nelson Vermillion.
September 4, 2003 September 11, 1958 Navy Captain Harmon Utter; Mrs. Elizabeth Gosney Young; Mr. Tilton McKenzie; Mr. John Henry Walker; Mrs. Leona Cummins; Mrs. Mattie Swann Townsend; Mrs. Rose Galbraith.
September 6, 1973 Mr. Charles Kurtz; Mr. Stanley Stroud; Mr. David S. Bell.
September 9, 1993 Master Lester Thomas Weiss; Mr. Timothy Gene Hartley; Mrs. Linda Mae Hensley; Mr. Lewis Davis Traugott.
September 11, 2003 September 18, 1958 Dr. Charles G. Steen; Mr. Orval Fields; Mrs. Caroline Sharp; Mr. James S. Benjamin; Mr. John Henry Walker; Mr. Robert A. Dotson; Mr. Walter Records.
September 16, 1993 Mr. Bill A. Gordley; Mrs. Laverne Hall Six; Mr. Raymond Burr.
September 18, 2003 September 25, 1958 Mr. Bruce Wagoner; Mr. James Bryan O'Neill.
September 20, 1973 Mr. Leroy 'Perk' Perkins; Mr. Charlie A. Hall; Mr. Jerry Wayne Castro; Miss Matilka P. Norris; Mr. Arch Church, III.
September 23, 1993 Mr. John W. Bonfield; Mrs. Ida Mae Jordon; Mr. Walter Russell Case; Mr. Lawrence I. Lenox.
September 25, 2003 October 2, 1958 Mr. Samuel Workman; Mr. George Edward Simons.
September 27, 1973 Mrs. Lorena Cline; Mrs. Ernestine M. Simpson; Miss Margaret Coughloin; Mr. Elmer L. Bishop; Mr. Harold S. Ward.
September 30, 1993 Mr. Travis Michael Hargett; Mrs. Ida Marie Thompson Douglas; Mr. Archie H. Brown; Mr. Garnett Wood; Mrs. Ethel Ellis Seel.
October 2, 2003 October 2, 1958 Mr. Samuel Workman; Mr. George Edward Simons.
September 27, 1973 Mrs. Lorena Cline; Mrs. Ernestine M. Simpson; Miss Margaret Coughlin; Mr. Elmer L. Bishop; Mr. Harold S. Ward.
September 30, 1993 Mr. Travis Michael Hargett; Mrs. Ida Marie Thompson Douglas; Mr. Archie H. Brown; Mr. Garnett Wood; Mrs. Ethel Ellis Seel.
October 9, 2003 October 9, 1958 Miss Rella Osborne; Mr. Hurley Lee McCane; Mr. Harry Jacobs; Mrs. Champie Miller; Mr. James Edward Kelley.
October 4, 1973 Mrs. Ella Belle Johnson.
October 7, 1993 Mr. Woodrow Clark; Mrs. William R. (Helen) Hause; Mrs. Yuelta Earlywine; Mr. Fred Woodruf; Mrs. Hazel Paul Tucker.
October 16, 2003 October 16, 1958 Mr. Marmaduke Hargett; Mrs. Anna Blackerby; Mr. Walter E. Martin; Rev. Ernest U. Dodson; Mrs. Grace Leonard; Mrs. Mary Morrison; Mr. Henry Merrill; Master Rickey Allen Hedges.
October 11, 1973 Mr. Garrett H. Hester; Mrs. Lois F. Cross; Mr. Charles Cummins; Mr. Elva F. Harper; Mr. William Ward Hedgecock.
October 14, 1993 Mr. Francis Marion 'Bill' McDowell; Miss Bessie Faye Bell; Mrs. Elizabeth A. Dent; Mrs. Virginia Butler Ruark.
October 23, 2003 October 23, 1958 Mr. Twinkle A. Delisle; Mrs. Della Esther Crawford; Mr. Holton Garrison; Mr. George Welsh.
October 18, 1973 Mrs. Delores Jordon; Mrs. Blanche Browning Walton; Mrs. Nancy Ellen Brooks; Mr. John A. Moorhead; Mrs. Mary Christy Marguet.
October 21, 1993 Mrs. Teresia Kay Stafford; Mr. Eugene Jacobs; Mr. W. King Stevens; Mrs. Florence M. (Toadie) Houston.
October 30, 2003 October 30, 1958 Mr. Silas Persinger; Mr. William H. Cain; Mrs. Catherine Wilder.
October 25, 1973 Mr. Ernest Moore Clark; Mrs. Minnie M. Harper; Mrs. Cyrena Mills; Mrs. Anna Edgington.
October 28, 1993 Mr. Marvin Cooper; Mrs. Clarise Marie Insko Asbury; Mr. Rupert Smith Rees; Mrs. Lida M. Danahe.
November 6, 2003 November 6, 1958 Mr. John M. Walton; Mrs. Golda Norris; Mr. Talmadge D. Ballinger; Mrs. Fannie Mains Colvin; Kenneth Gordon Meyer, infant.
November 1, 1973 Mrs. Nellie Hill; Mrs. Emma Bachman.
November 4, 1993 Mrs. Etna Quinlin Welch; Mr. Paul M. Puccini.
November 13, 2003 November 13, 1958 Mr. Martin Carl, Sr.; Mrs. Emmalue Daniels.
November 8, 1973 Mr. William E. Crawford.
November 11, 1993 Mr. Edward Lee Cummins; Mrs. Julia Welch Cooper; Mr. John C. 'J.C.' Conney; Mr. Albert Moore; Mr. Clarence W. Brooks; Mr. James Edwin 'Dickie' Davenport; Mrs. Doris Jean Cooper Trueax.
November 20, 2003 November 20, 1958 Mrs. Katherine Gormley; Mrs. Panolia Mowery; Mrs. Semmie Reese McKibben; Mr. Oral M. Galloway; Julia Ann and Jeannie Lou Barton (infant twins); Mr. Lee Ramsey; Mr. Flave J. Taylor; Mrs. Ninevale Colvin; Mr. Willie T. Moorehead; Mr. Leslie Insko; Mrs. Mollie Hayes; Mrs.Maude J. Cecil.
November 15, 1973 Mrs. Neil Barker; Mrs. Beulah Perkins; Mr. Robert McCann; Mrs. Bertha Goddard; Mrs. Edna Woodruff; Mr. James Ray Cobb; Mr. Walter L. Kiskaden.
November 18, 1993 Mr. Hobert Lewis Peed.
November 27, 2003 November 27, 1958 Mrs. Grace Mofford; Mr. W.H. Jett; Mr. Taylor Thompson; Mr. Charles William 'Billy' Bradbury; Mr. Lucius Brown.
November 22, 1973 Mrs. Bernice Sparks Workman; Mrs. Flora Baker; Mrs. Emma Jolly; Mrs. Helen Asbury Worthington.
November 25, 1993 Mr. Donald Wayne Hedges; Mr. William L. (Bill) Brodt; Mr. William Tony Fuller' Mrs. Ruby C. Henson Fronk.
December 4, 2003 December 4, 1958 Mr. Forest E. Jordan; Mr. David C. Case; Mrs. Beatrice Dotson; Mrs. Stella Childers; Mrs. Golda K. Norris; Mrs. Emma Hill.
November 29, 1973 Mr. George Wachter; Mrs. Edna Williams; Mrs. Ella C. Thackston; Mrs. Marie Ellis.
December 2, 1993 Mrs. Elizabeth Bradford Dent; Mr. Manville H. Fryman; Mrs. Louise Tuel Hinson; Mrs. Myrtle E. Horsley; Mrs. Hazel Mastin French; Stevie Nicole Williams (infant).
December 11, 2003 December 11, 1958 Mr. Adam Kalb; Mr. Ora Thomas Wagner; Mr. William H. Crain; Mr. Thomas Nickerson.
December 6, 1973 Mr. Ollie Jennett; Mr. Charles G. Wilson; Mr. Almar T. 'Yank' Towler; Mrs. Clarence L. Mains; Mrs. Margaret E. Lucas.
December 9, 1993 Mrs. Clara Frances Jacobs Brown; Miss Ethel King; Mrs. Ruth Kenner; Mrs. Margaret Hinson Insko; Mrs. Jeanne Case Griffin; Mr. Hurley Halford Meyer.
December 18, 2003 December 18, 1958 Mr. Ernest Lee Rumford; Mr. Frank Chaney; Mrs. Mollie Ellis Thompson; Mr. Marshall Howard Taylor; Mr. Roxy Gosney Allender.
December 13, 1973 Mrs. Marguerite Flannery; Mrs. Rena Lee Poage; Mr. Raymond Flynn; Mr. Paris M. Mitchell; Mrs. Nettie Askins.
December 16, 1993 Mrs. Fannie Maud Showalter; Mrs. Mary Evelyn Lovelace Lucas; Mrs. Alice Ann Hargett; Mrs. Rosaline Caldwell; Mr. Pollard K. Moore; Mr. Chester Wood.
December 25, 2003 December 25, 1958 Mrs. Katherine Jones; Maston Infant; Mrs. Arra Linville; Mrs. Ida Berry Disher; Mr. Ahab Leslie 'Ab' Murray; Mr. Samuel Gilligan; Mr. Robert Thompson.
December 20, 1973 Mrs. Mary Etta Mains.
December 23, 1993 Mr. Adrian Earl Hitt; Mrs. Marie Moyer Fenner; Mrs. Aldine Cordrey Weaver; Mr. Garrett Lee 'Spider' Howard.

2002 Editions

January 3, 2002 January 10, 1957 -
January 13, 1972 Benjamin Smart; Sam Lucas; Mrs. Elizabeth Catron Beckett; Tim Vandergriff.
January 9, 1992 Fern Cummins; Russell L. Wilson, Robert Poe Jones; Nellie Hamilton; Jesse Freeman Groves; Leonard Childers; Thomas W. Cummins.
January 10, 2002 January 17, 1957 Mrs. Anna Chipman; Mrs. Rose Mains; Infant Baker; Ann Elizabeth Woodward.
January 20, 1972 Mrs. Pearl Woodward, Charles Brewer; Napier Infant; Richard Paynter; Grace Schroth; Agnes Williams.
January 16, 1992 Hazel Gibson Case; Lillian Fogle; Victor L. Reeves; James T. DeLisle; John I. Green; Laura Hay.
January 17, 2002 January 24, 1957 Clark Houchen; Mrs. Tillie Jett; Mrs. Lillian Pleasants.
January 27, 1972 Ada Richardson; J. D. Woodward; Mrs. Emma Fryman; Mrs. Rosa B. Haley.
January 23, 1992 Ashley Burgoyne; Melvin Fields; Christine Moore Etzel; Glen Hester; Dexter Thomas Fossett;
Fred Donaldson.
January 24, 2002 January 31, 1957 Mrs. A.L. Murray; B.F. Estell.
February 3, 1972 Willie Moore; Mrs. Fannie DeMoss; Wilburn Meyer; John Miller.
January 30, 1992 Katherine Moneyhon; Joseph Litzinger; Mabel Haley.
January 31, 2002 February 14, 1957 Mrs. Hugh Hunter; John C. Brough; Msgr. Francis B.Lehr; L. B. McMath; George E. Ross; Mrs. Ida N. Parker; Mrs. Younger Rice.
February 6, 1992 Garvice ‘Bill’ Woods; Margaret Browning Schulte; John Walter Trinsley, Jr., Rev. T. Duke Williams.
February 7, 2002 February 21, 1957 Mrs. Carrie B. Ball; John Buser; John Midgley; Mrs. Belle Laycock.
February 17, 1972 Mrs. Bessie Hughes; Mrs. Mary Ellis.
February 13, 1992 Mrs. Catherine Fulton LaMonda; Annabelle Morford Hall.
May 16, 2002 May 23, 1957 Albert Quinlan, Thomas E. Cline; Byron Clark; Sylvester Workman.
May 21, 1992 Mrs. Edna Edwards Perkins; Mrs. Phyllis Stewart; Mrs. Ruby Adams; Mrs. Christine (Tinnie) Cooke.
May 30, 2002 May 30, 1957 Mrs. Bettie Morgan; Harry Culp; Mrs. Nina Alberta Hamilton; Mrs. Bertha Teegarden; Mrs. Genevieve Rice; Fred Perkins.
May 28, 1992 Everett Lee Lovelace; Rebecca Lee Jennett; Chloe Routt Moore, Joseph E. Lathem, Maude Cracraft Brown; Clint Hall, Chester M. Lucas, Sr.
June 6, 2002 June 6, 1957 Albert Wells; Mrs. Mary Adams.
June 1, 1972 Gilbert Ware.
June 4, 1992 Estell Flynn; Reese Russell Kirk; Christena Johnson Lundrigan.
June 13, 2002 June 13, 1957 C. R. Jones; Homer Casey; J. W. Wells; Harry Brooks; Joe W. Boone.
June 8, 1972 Mrs. Florence Dugan; Governor Douglas; Mrs. Ada Orcutt; Fred Howard.
June 11, 1992 Harold R. Bradford; E. Davis Lean; Glenn Yelton Jett; Edward G. Schmitt; Harold Wesp.
June 20, 2002 June 20, 1957 Miss Margaret Kelley; Leo Cummins; James R. Seller; Mrs. Mary Litzinger Bruist; Hamilton Brooking.
June 15, 1972 Louis Goecke; Lloyd Poe; Mrs. Mollie Lucas.
June 18, 1992 William L. Cummins; William Lester Whitehead; Anna Rawlings Struve.
Thanks to Mary Ann Case Ashworth for contributing the above 2002 issues.
June 27, 2002 June 27, 1957 S. W. Shoemaker; Mrs. Warfield Everett; Mrs. Will Etta Combess; Andrew Ratler; Mr. Rollie Cummins, John Vetter.
June 25, 1992 Mary W. Sweeney; Cecil Dillion McGary; Pete McHugh.
July 4, 2002 July 4, 1957 Edward Martin; William Edward McKibben; Jesse Hitt.
June 29, 1972 Elizabeth Ginn; Maxwell Ward; Mrs. Emma Rigdon Huddleton; Mrs. Julia Cottey.
July 2, 1992 John G. Hancock; Willie Varner Bertram; Hearby Lee Hause.
July 11, 2002 July 9, 1992 Christina Smith
July 18, 2002 July 18, 1957 Mrs. Verna Klenk; Mrs. Alva Barker; Mrs. Mary Ann Welte; Mrs. Etta Smith; Mrs. Albert McAtee; Mrs. Susie Armstrong Ball.
July 13, 1972 Mrs. Marry Etna 'Molly' Buckler; George E. Craig.
July 16, 1992 Sidney William 'Bill' Bishop.
July 25, 2002 July 29, 1957 Jay Lewis; Clarence O. Fury; Barbara Orth; E. W. Brown, Sr.; Mrs. Hannah Johnson; Everett Rumford; Foley Welte; Mrs. Rose Kabler; Mrs. Clara Johnson.
July 20, 1972 Mrs. Roxie Henson; Mrs. Sallie Rice.
July 23, 1992 Rev. J. Dan Thurston; Richard Ashcraft.
August 1, 2002 August 1, 1957 Auretta A. Taylor; Thomas Danahe; Cordelia Fronk; Charles Marion Hines; Clay Moreland; Lida Maxfield McGurn; Henry E. Meyer.
July 27, 1972 Clark Cannon; Ada Frazier.
August 8, 2002 August 8, 1957 Pearl Albert Cummins; Earl Teegarden; Clara Clos Smith; Andrew Meyer; William A. Buckner; Asa A. Hiles; Lola Jean Perkins Reed.
August 3, 1972 Arnold Insko; Josie Duncan; Martha McKibben Hightower; Gracie Frances Powell; Linnie Pumpelly; Shelby Meyer; Anna Meyer; Albert W. Woodruff.
August 6, 1992 Esther Hancock; Darrell Kenton Owens; Robert Earl Spence.
August 15, 2002 August 15, 1957 Pearl Day; Mary Woessner; Mattie Beckett; Kathy Jo Browning.
August 10, 1972 Clarence Hay; Leona Norris; Jennie Hill; Mary Walter; Frances McQuinley; Robert Glen Wallingford; Daisy Horne; Alberta Gallagher.
August 13, 1992 Ruthie Belle Blevins/Littleton; Harriet Hord Cartmell; Dee Lonzo Pollitt.
August 22, 2002 August 22, 1957 Lillian Coughlin; Warren Quinlin; Lillie Deering Roehm; Raymond Johnson, Jr.; Rosalie Smith; Robert Mitchell; Edward Louis Johnson.
August 17, 1972 George Toleman; Robert L. Dickson; Katherine Mains Usleaman.
August 20, 1992 Maude Moore Raymnd; James Howard Turner; Helen Marie Hedgecock Adams; Mildred Ginn Opferman; Alberta Richardson English.
August 29, 2002 August 29, 1957 Ben Cummins; Ira H. Wright; Alpheus Bailey.
August 24, 1972 Guy Lowe; H. Keevil Galbraith; Roy West; Gertrude Batte Finn.
August 27, 1992 Mildred Alma Routt; James Corbin Woodward, Perry H. Dickson.
September 5, 2002 September 5, 1957 Carrie Sandford Pope; Sallie Elizabeth Cummins; Hubert Brandenburg, Lossen Meyer, Mattie Redden.
August 31, 1972 Kimberly Hamilton; Oscar 'Dick' Haley.
September 3, 1992 Isadore Middleman; Dorothy Mae Campbell.
September 12, 2002 September 12, 1957 Mayme Jordan Perkins; Martha Eron Reddon; Rhoda Adamson Fryman; Anna Kathryn Case; Scott Winfield Insko; Bessie Ann Price; Harry E. Tarvin; Anna Belle Warner; Walter Poe.
September 7, 1972 Ona Courtney; Lucia Reynolds Asbury; Elizabeth Florer; Walter 'Jeeze' Bradbury; Charles Elmer Jett; Mary Rachel Rarrieck.
September 10, 1992 Elsie Mae King; Caryl L. Hall; Cora Myrtle Rudd; Freeman Smitson.
September 19, 2002 September 19, 1957 Julie Holleran Pierce; Walter Poe; Lawrence E. Clark; Dillard Neal; Mrs. Abadel Weaver; Hortense McAtee.
September 19, 1992 George J. Kelsch; Marie Kruer Sticklen Konen; Christopher Smith.
September 26, 2002 September 26, 1957 Augustus Robbins; William Lester Saunders; George A. Woodward; Oscar M. Linville.
September 21, 1972 Thomas Connor; Margaret Groh; Carl Marshall Smith.
September 24, 1992 George L. Gibson; Louise Bradbury Gault; Stanley R. Blackburn; Charles Augustus Browning; Plezant (Plez) Hester; Earl Randall Curtis.
October 3, 2002 October 3, 1957 W. L. Ballinger; Catherine Grayble.
September 28, 1972 Helen Marie Day; Abbie Holton Woods; Elizabeth (Betty) Simpson.
October 1, 1992 Robert L. Kalb; Mae B. Reed; Neva Sawyer Brown; Russell Bryant; Carolyn Southard Penderson Minton.
October 10, 2002 October 10, 1957 William Felix 'Phil' McGuire; Mrs. Mary Catherine Power Grable.
October 5, 1972 Clarence Pinkard; William A. White; John W. Metcalf; Elizabeth Kurtz; Harvey Lee Hull.
October 8, 1992 Henry Courtney; Joey Thompson; Mrs. Merwin King McCane; Louis Wilson Woodward; Herman Gamble; Clancie Jacobs Caudill.
October 17, 2002 October 17, 1957 Belinda Jean Perkins; Mrs. Elva Mae Walsh; Mrs. Nellie Gordon Walker; Mrs. Bertha Pinkston; Eben Woodward; Mrs. Dessie Lee Snedaker.
October 12, 1972 Frank Scales; Mrs. Alta M. Barr.
October 15, 1992 Charles E. Toleman; Joseph Saunders.
October 24, 2002 October 24, 1957 Dickie Wayne Egnew; William Walter McDowell; George T. Browning.
October 22, 1992 Leroy Curtis; Esher Gilligan Grove; Dr. Allen Meyer.
October 31, 2002 October 31, 1957 C. D. Asbury; Mrs. Hazel Hinson; W. D. Aubrey Bateman; Ernest Howard; Mrs. Virgie Adamson Crockett; Mrs. Julia Morford Clark.
October 26, 1972 Mrs. Judith Kaye Meyer; Mrs. Florence Russell David; E. Emmett Milward; Mrs. Sudie Johnson; Fred William Mains, Sr.
October 29, 1992 Daryl Wayne Tucker Ward; 'Buck' Wallingford; Mrs. Lydia Youngman Mastin Cly; Edward E. Reynolds.
November 7, 2002 November 7, 1957 Mrs. Lizza Puccini; Carl Bratton; Mrs. Florence Lewis; William H. Fields; Mrs. Grace Anderson; John Knaus; Chester Workman.
November 2, 1972 Leland Kurtz; Mrs. Fannie Holmes; Ms. Alice Neal.
November 5, 1992 George W. Lee; Theresa Federer Ross.
November 21, 2002 November 21, 1957 Sidney Sparks; Martha Alice Tucker; Roy 'Tim Buck' Hamilton; Crystal Smith; Joseph Warrick; Herbert Meyer.
November 16, 1972 William Jordan; David Bruin.
November 19, 1992 Philip Clos; Ina Bennett Moneyhon Perkins; William Earl Poe.
November 28, 2002 November 28, 1957 Mannen Odell Scott; Alfred Hitt; Mrs. Elizabeth Morehead; Mrs. Elizabeth Katherine Adams; Mrs. John Tom Martin.
November 23, 1972 Mrs. John W. Metcalfe; Adgie Brooking Brennenstuhl.
November 26, 1992 Edsel Floyd Cummins; William Newt Monson; George W. Thompson.
December 5, 2002 December 5, 1957 Mollie Thomas Richels; Frank Allen; Lewis Walter Jefferson; Maurice J. Murphy; Hanson J. Brooking; Mrs. John Tom Martin; Joseph H. Federer.
December 7, 1972 Walbert Tatman.
December 3, 1992 Norma Gail Burton; Carmen Browning Grimes.
December 12, 2002 December 12, 1957 Patricia Kay Teegarden; Fletcher Ruf.
December 14, 1972 Mrs. Kemper Metcalf; Mr. Asa Holton; Verda Monroe Cummins; Mrs. Cecil Audrey Gillespie; Mrs. Ethel Stoufe; Joseph C. Dennis.
December 10, 1992 Elizabeth Clinger Thompson; Mattie Anna Haley; George Edwin Doel; Howard Dale Murray.
December 19, 2002 December 19, 1957 Mrs. Mattie Lou Masters; Staton E. Hamilton; Howard Mulligan; Clarence Chanberlain.
December 21, 1972 Edith Osborn Myers; Mrs. Gertrude Thompson; Carney Elsworth Hampton.
December 26, 2002 December 26, 1957 Charles H. Askin.
December 28, 1972 Carrie Herrington French; Olivia Goecke Jones.
December 24, 1992 Diane S. Perkins; Helen Lorene Kreisle Black; Ella Smalley Penrod; Ermaline Colemire Cady.

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