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  • Birth Certificates 1911-1920 Child's Surname Index
  • Birth Certificates 1911-1920 Mother's Surname Index
  • Birth Certificates 1921-1930 Child's Surname Index
  • Birth Certificates 1921-1930 Mother's Surname Index
  • 1854 Bracken County Births, KY Vital Records File #994029

Links to Mason County Early Marriages -
Mason Is A Parent County of Bracken

  • Abstracted Marriage 1, 1789-1805, Mason County, KY
    Groom's Surname - Bride's Surname
  • Abstracted Marriages 2, 1806-1817, Mason County, KY
    Groom's Surname - Bride's Surname
  • Abstracted Marriages 3, 1818-1826, Mason County, KY
    Groom's Surname - Bride's Surname
  • Abstracted Marriages 4, 1827-1837, Mason County, KY
    Groom's Surname - Bride's Surname
  • Abstracted Marriages 5, 1838-1845, Mason County, KY
    Groom's Surname - Bride's Surname

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