Bracken County 2017 Obituaries

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Compiled by Marla McCullough, Coordinator - Bracken County KYGenWeb

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2017 Obituaries in The Bracken County News

Surname Given Names Age Residence Edition Date
Bailey Lisa Ann 48 Maysville, KY 03/23/2017
Baker Hildreth Teegarden 84 Bracken Co., KY 02/23/2017
Bertram Janet Harney 78 Mt. Olivet, KY 03/02/2017
Bowling Betty Stephens 84 Brooksville, KY 01/05/2017
Bradshaw Steven Ray 38 Brooksville, KY 03/09/2017
Bridges Raymond D. 93 Maysville, KY 02/16/2017
Brockman Jacob Tyler 4 Mt. Olivet, KY 03/30/2017
Carl Carla Ann 39 Augusta, KY 01/19/2017
Carrington Dora Belle 81 Minerva, KY 02/23/2017
Cheesman Robert Lee 60 Maysville, KY 02/16/2017
Clos Edwiard, Jr. 80 Bracken Co., KY 02/23/2017
Colemire Clarence "Dale" 54 Highland Heights, KY 02/23/2017
Collins Johnny Lee 66 Robertson Co., KY 03/02/2017
Cox Chanis L. 76 Falmouth, KY 02/23/2017
Cummins Kenneth E. "Bud" 89 Bracken Co., KY 03/09/2017
Daniel Sharon K. Eckert 66 Chicago, IL 02/16/2017
Davis Brian E. 49 Chicago, IL 02/16/2017
Doyle David Earl 63 Bracken Co., KY 01/26/2017
Fathergill Ronnie L. 64 Maysville, KY 02/23/2017
Flack Raymond Douglas 60 Mt. Olivet, KY 03/02/2017
Flinchum Marcus Frederick 90 Brooksville, KY 01/12/2017
Fullenkamp Janet Burke Leet 78 Sardis, KY 02/09/2017
Garrett Chandra Darlene 38 Mason Co., KY 03/30/2017
Glasscock Judith 75 Cynthiana, KY 02/02/2017
Hammond Katie Leandra 27 Maysville, KY 02/16/2017
Hargett Nora Florence Rudd 104 Bracken Co., KY 01/26/2017
Hargett Shirley Ann Clayton 81 Minerva, KY 03/23/2017
Hoover Ruth 92 Mt. Olivet, KY 02/02/2017
Hopkins Joseph William "Joe Bill" 54 Ft. Thomas, KY 01/26/2017
Kalb Wilbur Adam 91 Bracken Co., KY 03/16/2017
Kinder William Earl 89 Flemingsburg, KY 03/16/2017
Mason Betty Hawkins 87 May's Lick, KY 03/16/2017
McCloud Naomi Roark 80 Mt. Olivet, KY 02/02/2017
McCord Logan Keith 89 Brooksville, KY 01/26/2017
Meyer Shelby Lee 82 Bracken Co., KY 02/23/2017
Moran Roy 63 Bracken Co., KY 02/02/2017
Nickerson Robert Allen 50 Bracken Co., KY 02/09/2017
Parker George Matthew 62 Maysville, KY 03/23/2017
Randle Eddie Doyle 45 Mt. Olivet, KY 03/23/2017
Reffitt Cynthia Lee "Cindy" Poe 53 Mt. Olivet, KY 03/16/2017
Sandy Curtis Ray 68 Cynthiana, KY 02/16/2017
Scott Cheyenne Renee 25 Germantown, KY 03/30/2017
Scott Earl Keith 83 Augusta, KY 01/12/2017
Sellers Ruby Lee 92 Augusta, KY 02/23/2017
Sosby Judy Kaye (Case) 67 Augusta, KY 03/02/2017
Stutzman John Henry 57 May's Lick, KY 02/09/2017
Sweet Judy Applegate 64 Maysville, KY 02/09/2017
Teegarden Angela Elaine 51 May's Lick, KY 02/09/2017
Todd Raphael Roger, Jr. 73 Bracken Co., KY 03/30/2017
Tollner Rev. John D. 72 Derry, PA 01/12/2017
Tucker Darrell Kenton "Tuck" 82 Tollesboro, KY 02/09/2017
Wright Catherine E. 84 Foster, KY 02/09/2017

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