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  • Family Group Sheet of Caleb Biddle of Bracken County, Kentucky
  • Partial Troop Roster War of 1812, Listing Caleb Biddle in Company of Captain John Martin (Clark County)
  • Caleb Biddle's Pension Application and Widow's Pension Records-War of 1812
  • Photo Headstone of Caleb Biddle
  • Transcribed Cummins Family Records

Calep (Caleb) Biddle was born around 1790 in North Carolina. He first appears in the Clark County, Kentucky records before 1814, the year he married Sarah Cummins. Having an award of land for his service in the War of 1812, Calep moved his family to Pendleton County, where his first child was born in 1820. The land holdings of the Biddle family, and the related Cummins family, extended across the county line into Bracken County. The result was that records arbitrarily identified the two families as residents of either county.

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Biddle-Cummins Family Group Sheet

Biddle-Cummins Family Group Sheet

Caleb Biddle War of 1812 Service

Caleb Biddle appears in the Roster of Troops, Captain John Martin's Company, 5th Regiment, organized in Clark County. The roster shown here is published in the book, "Remember the Raisin!: Kentucky and Kentuckians in the Battles and Massacre at Frenchtown, Michigan Territory, in the War of 1812.", by G. Glenn Clift (2009).

Partial Troop Roster

Following is a transcribed summary of information gleaned from Calep's military records:

War of 1812 Pension Application Files Index, 1812-1815 about Caleb Biddle
Soldier: Caleb Biddle
Widow: Sarah Biddle
Marriage Date: 1 Sep 1814
Date Enlisted: 15 Aug 1812
Date Discharged: 25 Mar 1813
Soldier's Death Date: 2 Sep 1861
Soldier's Death Place: Foster, KY
Pension Number - #1: WC 5185
Pension Number - #2: WC 5185
Bounty Land Number - #1: 8620 80 50
Bounty Land Number - #2: 5326 80 55
Roll Number: 8
Archive Publication Number: M313

Application for enlistment states that he is 5'9" with blue eyes, light hair and complexion. 26 yrs. old, a farmer born in Pasquotank, NC. (Also listed as Caleb Bidweel in some documents)

Applied for and received a Land Grant for 80 acres in 1853 (from U.S. for service in the War of 1812)(Land Warrent #5326). According to his Pension application, he fought in the Battle of River Raisin: (below from Wikipedia).

The Battle of Frenchtown, also known as the Battle of the River Raisin or the River Raisin Massacre, was a series of conflicts that took place from January 18 to January 23, 1813, during the War of 1812. It was fought between the United States and a British and Native American alliance near the River Raisin in Frenchtown, Michigan Territory (present-day Monroe, Michigan).

On January 18, 1813 the Americans forced the retreat of the British and their Indian allies from Frenchtown, which they had earlier occupied, in a relatively minor skirmish. The encounter was part of a larger plan to advance north and retake the city of Detroit following the loss of the city in the Siege of Detroit the previous summer. Despite the initial American success, the British and Native Americans rallied and launched a surprise counterattack four days later on January 22. Three hundred and ninety-seven Americans were killed in this second battle, while hundreds were taken prisoner and dozens of them killed in a subsequent massacre by Native Americans the following day. It was the deadliest conflict ever fought on Michigan soil, and the casualties included the highest number of Americans.

Bounty Land and Widow's Pension Records, War of 1812

Caleb Biddle was awarded a penson and bounty land warrant for his service in the War of 1812. Pertinent files are attached here as links:

Caleb Biddle Bounty Land Affidavit, Page 1

Caleb Biddle Bounty Land Affidavit, Page 2

Caleb Biddle Affidavits re: Lost Land Warrant, Page 1

Caleb Biddle Affidavits re: Lost Land Warrant, Page 2

Caleb Biddle Affidavits re: Lost Land Warrant, Page 3

Caleb Biddle Caleb Biddle Petition 1850 Bounty Land Act

Sarah Biddle Widow's Pension Folder Sleeve with Notes

Sarah Biddle R.S. Foster Affidavit re: Pension Eligibility, Page 1

Sarah Biddle R.S. Foster Affidavit re: Pension Eligibility, Page 2

Sarah Biddle Widow's Pension Claim Sleeve

Sarah Biddle Widow's Pension Summary Card

Sarah Biddle Widow's Pension Facesheet

Sarah Biddle Widow Pension Declaration Form, Page 1

Sarah Biddle Widow Pension Declaration Form, Page 2

Biddle Land

James Biddle, Calep's eldest son, inherited most of his father's property including the land. The 1884 Lake Landowner Maps of Bonars Precinct in Pendleton County and the adjacent Bracken County Foster Precinct clearly demonstrate how the property of Caleb Biddle straddled the two counties. "Jas Biddle" is identified on both maps at a point just south of Lenoxburg town:


Bonars Precinct, Pendleton County, Kentucky

Foster Precinct, Bracken County, Kentucky

Caleb Biddle Headstone Photo

page 1
Caleb Biddle Headstone

Headstone Inscription reads:
Caleb Biddle
Sept. 1861
Aged 77 years

Calep is buried in Demoss-Fisher cemetery in Bracken Co. Take AA Highway to south on Rt 1019. First driveway. Turn left. Follow the end of the driveway. Walk 200 yards. This cemetery is on private property. The headstone was photographed and transcribed by Suzan Taylor.

I have always thought that Sarah is buried there too, but there is no stone for her so don't know. Have requested lookups in the Bracken cemetery books but there is no information.

Cummins Transcribed Family Files

The following Cummins Family Records were transcribed and contributed by Suzanne Shephard.

Will of Christopher Cummins, 1778-1855

Last Will and Testament of Christopher Cummins, written on 23 Feb 1854 leaving his estate to his wife, Susan, after the disposition of any debts. He signed the will with his mark. At her death, the estate was to be divided among his three sons Joshua, Noah, and Elijah. One of the witnesses to the will, F. P. Chalfont, filed the will with the Bracken County Court during the June Term, 1855. That filing states it is the will of Christopher Cummins, deceased, and was placed before the Court on 28 May 1855. Proved by the oath of Wm A. Chalfont, subscribing witnesses thereto, and the same was ordered to record. Att R. J. Hughey Clk by Francis T. Hardin DC.

Christopher Cummins Inventory of Personal Estate

Christopher Cummins - A true and just inventory and appraisement of all the personal estate of Christopher Cummins decd

1 old waggon 11.00 1 yearling filly 30.00 1 yearling calf 8.00 1 mantle clock 2.00 1 cupboard 4.00 1 bureau 3.00 1 looking glass .75 1 grinding stone .25 1 lot of wheat 10.00 1 scythe & cradle 1.00 1 half bushell .25 1 li? Sieve .25 1 broad axe 1.00 2 iron kettle 2.00 1 for breeching 2.00 1 scoop shovel, fork & rake .50 7 augurs 1.00 5 planes 1.00 2 Fr compasses .50 2 saws & chisels .75 1 foot adz .75 2 drawing knives .75 1 harrow 1.00 2 ha?s 1.25 1 log chain 1.00 1 chopping axe .50 1 mans saddle 1.00 1 lot vegs 10.00 total 95.25 I do certify that the foregoing inventory contains all the personal estate of Christopher Cummins decd which hath come to my hands. J. P. Chalfant We do certify that the foregoing appraisement was truly and justly made of the personal property of Christopher Cummins deceased which was produced to us by his administrator to the best of our judgement, all of which we respectfully report to the Bracken County Court. Given under my hand this 19th July 1855. A. H. Lee, W. J. Irwin, J. P. Chalfant, Appraisers State of Kentucky Bracken County Clerk

Inventory: Susan Crawford Cummins 1820-1865

Sale Bill, Estate of Susan Cummins - An account of sales of the personal estate of Susan Cummins decd made of the 16th day of September 1865. Viz: Joshua Cummins: feather bed 7.50, bed stead 2.00, feather bed & bed clothes 15.00, bed stead & bed clothes 5.00, set chairs 2.00, bureau 1.10, table 3.00, cupboard1.50, looking glass 1.00, lot cupboard ware 2.10, oil can .90, lamp 1.30, jug.10, coffee pot & jar .35, clock 1.00, sugar desk 1.25, bread tray .05, table clock .15, ? barrels .10, lard keg .10, large spinning wheel .01, old churn .10, horn 1.00, tea kettle .45, skillet .15, two buckets .20 old bedstead & table .05, wagon wheels 1.00, milch cow 45.00, nine geese 1.80.

Isaac Pitts four bottles. 10, coffee mill .10, old trunk .05, pot & oven .85, large kettle .15, pot ? .55 Gabriel Ginn small spinning wheel .65, large kettle 2.20 Joseph West saddle bags 1.80, washing tub .30 Polly Hill wash pan .50 Total 102.40

Bracken County - Patrick H. Clayton, administrator of the estate of Susan Cummins deceased, do certify the foregoing list contains a true list of the personal property belonging to said deceased on the 16th day of September 1865, and said list contains a true list of all the personal property which has come to my hands, belonging to her estate. Given under my hand this 16th day of September 1865. P. H. Clayton Bracken County Court November Term 1865. The foregoing account of sales of the personal estate of Susan Cummins decd was produced in court and being examined and approved by the Court, the same is ordered to be recorded. Which is done. Witness my hand and signature. Rich. J. Hughes by H. C. Weaver

Marriage Bond of Christopher Cummins and Susan Crawford Cummins

Know all men by these presents that Christopher Cummins and Wm Jas (?) Davis are held and firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the just and full sum of fifty pounds current money of the United States, to the payment of which will and truly to be made, so bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, and administrators, jointly and severally firmly by these presents, sealed and dated this 1st day of May 1843. The condition of the obligation is such that whereas a marriage is shortly intended to be solemnized between the above bound Christopher Cummins and Susan Crawford. Now if there is no legal cause to obstruct said marriage, then this obligation to be void, else to remain in full force. Witness W. G. Armstrong Signed Christopher Cummins (his mark), William Davis

All files contributed by Suzanne Shephard
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