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All transcriptions and photographs were taken by Suzan Taylor and contributed for use by the KYGenWeb. Suzan has undertaken a project to record several Bracken County cemeteries and add them to this site as time permits. We all owe a big "thank you" to Suzan for sharing this important resource with family historians.

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Blackerby Cemetery, Bracken County, Kentucky

Cemetery Overview

The cemetery is located at the junction of Haley Ridge Road and #10.

Blackerby, Ann

Ann Blackerby
Jan. 3, 1803
Dec. 2, 1884
Wife of W.O. Blackerby

Blackerby, Benjamin

Benjamin F. Blackerby
June 28, 1834
Oct. 13, 1843
Son of W.O. and A.W. Blackerby

Blackerby, Bennie

Bennie Blackerby
Oct. 23, 1851
Nov. 25, 1860
Son of J.M. and S.A. Blackerby

Blackerby, G.W.

G.W. Blackerby
Sept. 9, 1866
Aug. 15, 1862
Aged 33 years 11 months 6 days

Blackerby Infant

Infant Blackerby
Sept 7, 1852
Sept. 7, 1852
Son of Jed O. and S.J. Blackerby

Blackerby Infant 2

Infant Blackerby
d. Feb. 12, 1855
Daughter of Jed O. and S.J. Blackerby

Blackerby, James

James O. Blackerby
June 4, 1871
May 27, 1876
Son of F.B. and M.E. Blackerby


Jeduthun Blackerby
d. Aug. 29, 1829
Eldest son of J. and J. Blackerby
Supposedly 75 or 80 years old.

Blackerby, John M.

John M. Blackerby
Oct. 29, 1872
Feb. 1, 1874
Son of Dr. Jed O. and S.J. Blackerby

Blackerby, John Marcus

John Marcus Blackerby
June 6, 1785
March 15, 1833
Son of J.M. and O. Blackerby

Blackerby, Judeth

Judeth Blackerby
No dates
Daughter of ? Blackerby

Blackerby, Lida

Lida Blackerby
Aug. 26, 1859
Aug. 19, 1870
Daughter of Dr. J.M. and S.A. Blackerby

Blackerby, Martin

Martin M. Blackerby
Oct. 25, 1831
July 15, 1861
Son of W.O. and A.W. Blackerby

Blackerby, Mary O.

Mary O. Blackerby
Oct. 16, 1820blackerby
July 14, 1830
Daughter of W.O. and R.A.W. Blackerby

Blackerby, Matilda

Matilda F. Blackerby
Aug. 1, 1837
Oct. 13, 1843
Daughter of Wm.O. and A.W. Blackerby

Blackerby, Sarah

Sarah A. Blackerby
d. Dec. 7, 1874
Wife of John M. Blackerby
Aged 46 years

Blackerby, Thornton T.

Thornton T. Blackerby
Apr. 8, 1828
June 23, 1861
Son of W.O. and A.W. Blackerby

Blackerby, William B.

William B. Blackerby
Nov. 30, 1822
July 13, 1856
Son of W.O. and Ann W. Blackerby

Blackerby, William O.

William O. Blackerby
Sept. 7, 1791
April 16, 1870
Son of J. and M. Blackerby

Bradford, N.J.

N.J. Bradford
Apr. 27, 1842
Oct. 13, 1868

Buckner, Lucy Mary

Lucy Mary Buckner
d. Aug. 29, 1855
Wife of William Buchner
Aged 73 years 23 days

Buckner, William

William Buckner
d. Jan. 27, 1854
Aged 73 years 7 months 8 days

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