Pleasant Ridge Cemetery

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Tombstone Transcriptions and Photographs Contributed by Suzan Taylor


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All transcriptions and photographs were taken by Suzan Taylor and contributed for use by the KYGenWeb. Suzan has undertaken a project to record several Bracken County cemeteries and add them to this site as time permits. We all owe a big "thank you" to Suzan for sharing this important resource with family historians.

Pleasant Ridge Cemetery

Located at the junction of 1011 and J. Wilson Road.

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Items in [brackets] are transcriber notes.
Entries are displayed in alphabetical order by surname.
Some transcriptions are not verbatim.

Barker, Katie[Inscription (No Image)]
Lie here dear babes and take thy rest
God called the home he thought it best
[Only one 'e' on thee]

Cline, Laura C.
Laura C. Cline
Daughter of M.C. and Mary Cline
Died Apr. 18, 1877
26 yrs 7 days
Let our Father ~

Courtney, Arthur B.
Arthur B. Courtney

Courtney, Dicie Bell
Dicie Bell Courtney

Courtney, Emma F.
Emma F. Courtney

Courtney, George E.
George E. Courtney

Courtney, Joe M.
Joe M. Courtney

Courts, Mary F.
Mary F. Courts
Dec. 10, 1897-Dec. 21, 1930

Donovan, Margaret M.
Margaret M. Donovan
Daughter of J.A. and M.J. Donovan
Nov. 15, 1854-Dec. 15, 1878

Ellis, Icie Marie
Icie Marie Ellis
Nov. 6, 1897-Nov. 25, 1973

Feagan, John
John Feagan, Died Sept. 3, 1876
Aged 65 yrs. 23 days
Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord

Feagan, John [footstone]
John Feagan

Feagan, John W.
John W. Feagan
Died Dec. 18, 1884
Aged 37 years 6 mos. 13 days

Feagan, Sina
Sina Feagan
5-1816 9-1904
At Rest

Feagan, William
William Feagan
March 20, 1838-July 15, 1909

Gillaspie, Edward
Edward Gillaspie
Son of J.E. and Alcy Gillaspie
Oct. 11, 1870-Aug. 20, 1871

Green, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Green
Wife of John Green
Dec. 6, 1835-Jan. 15, 1893

Green, John
John Green
Co. A 18th Ky Inf.

Haley, Ethel
Ethel F. Haley
Joseph R. Haley

Haley, Genevia L.
Genevia L. Haley

Haley, Sol
Sol Haley
Emma J.

Haley, William
William Haley
Co. D 15th Ky Inf.

Hedger, Ruben
Ruben Hedger
Died June 27, 1860
Aged 31 yrs. 3 mos. 10 days

Hiland, Infant
Hiland Infant
Stillborn Sept. 19, 1872
Daughter of William T. & C.C. Hiland

Houston, Carrie S.
Carrie S. Houston
Daughter of C.H. and M.E. Houston
Aug. 26, 1868-Mar. 19, 1873
We loved this~

Houston, Rachel
Rachel Houston
Dec. 9, 1806-Aug. 18, 1882
Aged 75 yrs. 8 mos. 9 days

Houston, Rachel
Rachel Houston [base of stone]

Houston, Robert
Robert Houston
Sept. 30, 1790-Jan. 16, 1872

Johnson, Joshua
Joshua Johnson
Died Aug. 31, 1879
Aged 68 yrs. 6 mos. 15 days

Lendrenburgh, J.S.
J.S. Lendrenburgh
Co. E 7th Ky Cav.

McClanahan, Albert I.
Albert I. McClanahan
May 1940-Sept. 1940

McClanahan, Alvina H.
Alvina H. McClanahan
Feb 9, 1908-Oct. 12. 1984

McClanahan, Annie
Annie McClanahan
George McClanahan

McClanahan, Charles A.
Charles A. McClanahan

McClanahan, John G.
John G. McClanahan
Georgiana 1883-~

McClanahan, Missouri D.
McClanahan, Martin A.

McClanahan, Neville M.
Missouri D. McClanahan

Moore, Eliza V.
Eliza V. Moore
June 11, 1855 Nov. 11, 1858
Aged 3 yrs 10 mos

Moorhead, Lawrence
Lawrence Moorhead
Nov. 20, 1858-Aug. 17, 1949

Moorhead, William
William Moorhead
Aug. 11, 1856-Dec. 21, 1870
Aged 22 years

Morris, Hellen Elloise
Hellen Elloise Morris
Born Feb 28, 1883
Died Mar. 12, 1893

Nivens, Eddie R.
Eddie R. Nivens

Pearl, John
John Pearl
Died Nov. 28, 1878
Aged 81 yrs.
He is not dead, but sleepeth

Perkins, Albert E.
Albert E. Perkins
Sept. 21, 1886-Apr. 8, 1907
Gone but not forgotten

Perkins, Angelina
Angelina Perkins
July 19, 1861-Jan. 31, 1946

Perkins, Benjamin
Benjamin Perkins
Died Oct. 24, 1889
Aged 37 yrs. 4 mos 23 days
~To angel form thy spirit~

Perkins, Cola M.
Cola M. Perkins
Sleeping in Jesus

Perkins, E.F.
E.F. Perkins
Feb. 27, 1824-Aug. 14, 1890
Aged 66 yrs. 5 mos. 17 days

Perkins, Edgar M.
Edgar M. Perkins
Feb. 29, 1880-Dec. 24, 1884

Perkins, Jennie B.
Jennie B. Perkins
Wife of J.R. Perkins
Died May 3, 1882
Aged 24 yrs. 2 mos. 25 days

Perkins, Jennie B.
Jennie B. Perkins [alt. view]

Perkins, John
John Perkins
Oct. 10, 1845-May 23, 1894
Call not back the dear departed
Anchored safe where st~

Perkins, John M.
John M. Perkins
Dec. 6, 1817-June 1, 1873
My husband

Perkins, Lenard Stanley
Lenard Stanley Perkins
Son of J.T. and L.A. Perkins
Apr. 28, 1882-Jan. 15, 1886
3 yrs 8 mos.

Perkins, Nancy
Nancy Perkins
Wife of John Perkins
Jan. 29, 1842 April 30, 1888
Aged 46 yrs 3 mos. 1 day

Perkins, Nannie J.
Nannie J. Perkins
Died July 4, 1902
Aged 53 yrs. 1 mo. 19 days
Our darling one has left us
A vo~

Perkins, Roy W.
Roy W. Perkins
July 17, 1889-Mar. 15, 1910
The heart we loved so fondly
Beats no more
It is at~

Perkins, William T.
William T. Perkins
Apr. 8, 1850-Feb. 23, 1923

Powell, Margaret
Margaret Powell

Riggs, Hester Perkins
Hester Perkins riggs

Robison, William C.
William C. Robison
Son of J.A. and M.C. Robison
Oct. 11, 1869-June 20, 1871

Smith, John Thomas
John Thomas Smith
Alice Courtney Smith

Sroufe, Bennie M.
Bennie M. Sroufe
Son of J.A. and A. Sroufe
July 3, 1872-June 3, 1881

Watson, George
George Watson
Died Aug. 8, 1877
Aged 68 yrs. 2 mos. 8 days

Illegible 1
Broken Stone

Illegible 2
No Writing

Illegible 3
No Writing 2

Illegible 4
Stone buried face down

Illegible 5
Stone by the church

Illegible 6
Worn stone; cannot read

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