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Every effort has been made to ensure that the pages on this website can be opened and viewed. Page code and links were validated at the W3C Website and tested on the five most popular web browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and MSN Explorer. Minimal web resources were expended on backgrounds, dancing .gifs and other web goo-gaw.

Nonetheless, many data files and document images on this website are over 300Kb. Abstracted records are displayed in table rows exactly as they appear in the massive ledger books from which they were taken. Your computer must be able to scroll horizontally to see the entire row. It is not possible to re-format these files for slow browsers without destroying the integrity of the information they contain.

If you connect to the Internet on dial-up, your connection may time-out before a file is fully loaded. Adjusting your connection time-out setting may help.

If you use MSN TV as your web browser, you will be UNABLE to open these files. This is not a defect in the website. It is a limitation of your web browser that I am unable to resolve.

Accuracy of Data

Every effort is made to ensure that the data submitted for this website is formatted to be TECHNICALLY correct as displayed. It is impossible to verify the FACTUAL accuracy of materials submitted to this website. Good genealogical practices dictate that you never take an index or abstract as genealogical proof. Think of the information you find here as a pointer to the source document.

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