The Apprenticeship Bond of Joseph Howard

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Apprenticeship Bond of Joseph Howard, 1803

Transcribed and contributed by Lois Fullington

Researcher's note:

It is interesting to note that this apprenticeship takes effect on Joseph Howard's fifth birthday. Who is John Howard, Sr.? What is his relationship to the 5 year old apprentice? And what is the Act of the General Assembly of Kentucky entitled an Act Concerning the Poor?

Joseph is my gggGrandfather.

Deed Book C, Page 237, Bracken Co., KY

Apprenticeship of Joseph HOWARD

This indenture, made this third day of April, in the year of Our Lord,
eighteen hundred three, between Jesse B. Thomas, Clerk of the County
Court of Bracken, of one part, and John HOWARD, Sr. of the same County,
of the other part, witnesseth, that the said Jesse B. THOMAS, for and in
consideration of the covenants herein expressed, and by virtue of an
order of the Worshipful Court of said County, made in pursuance of an
Act of the General Assembly of Kentucky, entitled an act concerning the poor, doth
bind Joseph HOWARD, an apprentice to the said John HOWARD Sr., him
faithfully to serve and obey in all lawful commands from, and after, the
date of these presents for the full end and term of 16 years from the
27th of August next, and the said John HOWARD, Sr., for himself his
heirs, and doth convenant, and with the said Jesse B. THOMAS, agree that
he will well, and truly, teach the said Joseph HOWARD, the trade and
mystery of weaving, and will cause him to be taught to read, write, and
cipher to the rule of three, and during the term aforesaid, shall find,
and provide for him, the said apprentice, with good, wholesome meat,
lodging, clothing fit for an apprentice to have, and at the expiration
of the said term, to pay to the said Joseph HOWARD, three pounds, ten
shillings, current money, at it's present value, and one decent new suit
of clothes.  In testimony, whereof, the parties to these presents have,
hereunto, set their hands and seals, the day and year above written.
Signed  Jesse B. Thomas

John Howard, Sr. (His Mark
Bracken County Court 4th April 1803

This indenture of apprenticeship between Jesse B. Thomas and John
Howard, Sr. was at a court held for said County on the Day aforesaid
acknowledged by the said parties and is duly recorded.

Jesse B. Thomas, Clerk of Bracken Co.,KY

Submitted by Lois Fullington

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