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imageThe Doutty Utter Jones Family

Generously compiled, transcribed and submitted by Sherida Dougherty.
Pictures courtesy of Dan Hamm.
Thanks Sherida and Dan!


Doutty Utter and Serelda Smith Jones with their grandson, Benny Ray Jones.




(Compiled by Sherida Dougherty)


(*This is the spelling according to Doutty’s pension papers and is spelled as he himself signed those papers.  Other spellings include Doughty, Douty, and Doudton.) 


          The ancestry of Doutty Utter Jones is a history of America.  Both the Utter and Jones families had arrived in America by the mid-1600s.  The Joneses originally settled in Massachusetts (before 1632) and the Utters in Connecticut (mid-1650s).  Doutty’s great-great-grandfather, Joseph Utter, served as a private in the New York Militia and New York Continental Line during the American Revolution.[1]  It was Joseph who brought the family to Ohio, and his son, Joseph Jr. settled on land originally owned by George Washington.[2]

           Doutty was the firstborn of Timothy Ellis and Hannah Utter Jones, and named for Hannah’s father Dowty Utter of Clermont County, Ohio.  Dowty Utter was instrumental and influential in the growth and development Ohio.  He served two consecutive terms as a representative to the General Assembly and three terms as State senator (1837-1841 and 1845-1847).  During a term as senator, “he kept and succored in his house overnight a poor, bleeding fugitive slave, and filled his purse the next morning, to continue his journey northward, which incident is related in “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, but with no name given.”[3]

          On June 10, 1861, Doutty Jones enlisted with Company C of the 12th Ohio Volunteer Infantry and was wounded on August 27, 1862 at the Battle of Bull Run.  Due to the severity of his wound, he was discharged on December 28, 1862 but in August of 1864, re-enlisted with Company E of the 175th Ohio Volunteer Infantry and was mustered out with this unit on May 5, 1865.  His papers described him as 5’6”, with a fair complexion, grey eyes, and light hair. [4]  Doutty Utter Jones came to Bracken County in 1866.

The following is a compilation of information collected during my research.  I want to thank Mary Ellen Jones and Dan Hamm for their generous contributions to this project.


Descendants of Doutty Utter Jones


Generation No. 1

1.     DOUTTY UTTER9 JONES  (TIMOTHY ELLIS8, HENRY7, JOHN ELLIS6, DOUGHTY5, JOHN4, EDWARD3, JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born April 26, 1843 in Neville, Clermont County,Ohio.  He was the son of Timothy Ellis and Hannah Utter Jones. Doutty Utter Jones died February 4, 1916 in Johnsonville, Bracken County, Kentucky.  He married SERELDA (SARELDA) SMITH July 18, 1866 in Brooksville, Bracken County, Kentucky, daughter of GEORGE SMITH and REBECCA ALEXANDER.  She was born June 9, 1844 in Higginsport, Brown County, Ohio, and died 1924.


From The Falmouth Outlook, February 18, 1916 (second page):

     Doudton U. [sic] Jones, familiarly known as "Doudt" to his friends, died while seated in a chair at this home at Johnsonville Friday, Feb. 4th, from a sudden attack of heart failure.  Deceased had lived in that vicinity for many years, where he was held in high esteem by a large number of friends.  Had he lived until April he would have been 73 years of age.  He served the Union as a gallant soldier in the Sixteenth Kentucky during the war, and was a pensioner.  His wife, three daughters and two sons survive him.


Burial: February 6, 1916, Fairview Cemetery, Bracken County, Kentucky

Occupation: Carpenter


2.        i.    ELLIS BRYANT10 JONES, b. November 3, 1867, Kentucky; d. February 16, 1954, Bracken County, Kentucky.

3.       ii.    EDGAR CLIFFORD JONES, b. February 13, 1869, Bracken County, Kentucky; d. June 10, 1941, Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky.

         iii.    ELLEN C. JONES, b. March 26, 1871.

         iv.    ELMIRA FRANCES “FRANKIE” JONES, b. April 6, 1872, Bracken County, Kentucky; m. Unknown TEAL.  They had a daughter, Fannie B. Teal.

Fannie B. Teal
Granddaughter of Doutty & Serelda Smith Jones


          v.    LAURA MAUD JONES, b. December 30, 1875, Kentucky; m. JOHN W. CLOS, June 9, 1892, Bracken County, Kentucky; b. Abt. November 1869, Bracken County, Kentucky.  Laura and John both died near Brookville, Franklin County, Indiana.

4.      vi.    ELMER ALSON JONES, b. April 1, 1879, Kentucky; d. Abt. 1945.


Generation No. 2

Ellis Bryant Jones

2.  ELLIS BRYANT10 JONES (DOUTTY UTTER9, TIMOTHY ELLIS8, HENRY7, JOHN ELLIS6, DOUGHTY5, JOHN4, EDWARD3, JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born November 3, 1867 in Kentucky, and died February 16, 1954 in Bracken County, Kentucky.  He married CHARLOTTE CATHERINE "KATE" BLUM November 4, 1897 in Bracken County, Kentucky.  She was born March 5, 1880 in Kentucky, and died 1950.


Burial: Johnsonville, Bracken County, Kentucky


           i.    CARRIE MAUD11 JONES, b. March 8, 1898; d. August 24, 1968, Fayette County, Kentucky; m. CLIFFORD HOBART ERNEST, Abt. June 1918; b. Abt. April 1897; d. October 7, 1971, Mason County, Kentucky.

          ii.    FREDERICK FRANCIS JONES, b. October 16, 1899; d. July 19, 1968.

         iii.    MARTIN LEE JONES, b. August 29, 1901; d. February 14, 1967, Bracken County, Kentucky; m. HARRIET ELIZABETH TEEGARDEN, January 10, 1929; b. February 22, 1912; d. March 13, 1963, Mason County, Kentucky.

         iv.    JOHN GILBERT JONES, b. October 11, 1903; d. December 20, 1968.

          v.    SERELDA MARIE JONES, b. January 17, 1906; d. January 5, 1956, Campbell County, Kentucky; m. JOHN WALTER DEMOSS; b. Abt. 1900; d. September 14, 1949, Campbell County, Kentucky.

         vi.    HARRY B. JONES, b. January 21, 1908; d. July 30, 1966, Bracken County, Kentucky.

        vii.    ELLEN FLORENCE JONES, b. January 19, 1910, Kentucky; d. May 30, 1987, Campbell County, Kentucky; m. EDWARD LOUIS DEMOSS; b. Abt. 1906; d. Unknown.

       viii.    ROBERT CLAY JONES, b. October 17, 1912; d. December 28, 1913, Bracken County, Kentucky.

         ix.    FANNIE CATHERINE JONES, b. October 14, 1915, Bracken County, Kentucky; d. January 26, 1972, Kenton County, Kentucky; m. JOSEPH TALF DEMOSS; b. Abt. 1909; d. June 30, 1953, Campbell County, Kentucky.

          x.    EMMA MAE JONES, b. January 31, 1917, Kentucky; d. April 21, 1996; m. CLYDE FORREST RUF, March 6, 1949; b. October 31, 1908; d. September 10, 1983, Mason County, Kentucky.


Burial: Johnsonville, Bracken County, Kentucky

         xi.    CHARLES ELLIS HOBART JONES, b. January 12, 1919, Kentucky; d. January 14, 1984.

        xii.    LIVING JONES.

       xiii.    CATHERINE FRANCES JONES, b. July 23, 1925; d. February 8, 1994; m. (1) ANDREW R. FAUL; b. Abt. 1920; d. June 6, 1953, Campbell County, Kentucky; m. (2) CHARLES STEIDLE; b. Abt. 1920.


                 Occupation: Catherine and Charles Steidle owned and operated a grocery store in Ross, Campbell County, Kentucky.

3.  EDGAR CLIFFORD10 JONES (DOUTTY UTTER9, TIMOTHY ELLIS8, HENRY7, JOHN ELLIS6, DOUGHTY5, JOHN4, EDWARD3, JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born February 13, 1869 in Bracken County, Kentucky, and died June 10, 1941 in Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky.  He married (1) UNKNOWN Bef. 1895.    He married (2) LUCY WATSON Bef. 1898.  She was born 1880, and died April 20,1973.


From The Cincinnati Enquirer, Kentucky Edition, June 11,1941, Page19:     EDGAR JONES

imageLong Illness Is Fatal to Aged
Resident of Covington.

          Edgar Jones, 436 Johnson Street, Covington, died yesterday at St. Elizabeth Hospital, Covington, after a long illness.  He was 72 years old.
          His widow, Mrs. Lucy Jones; two sons, Franklin Jones, Covington; four daughters, Mrs. Frank Goodpaster, Aurora, Ind., and Mrs. Arthur Schietz, Mrs. Sever [sic] White, and Mrs. Jessie Baker, all of Covington; two sisters, Mrs. John Close, Brookville, Ind., and Mrs. Frank S. Theele, Owensboro, Ky.; two brothers, Elmer Jones, Brooksville, Ky., and Ellis Jones, Covington, and 16 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren survive him.
        John S. Radel, Covington, is in charge of funeral arrangements. 
        Services are to be held at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon at the John J. Radel funeral home, Covington.  Burial will be in Linden Grove Cemetery.  
From The Kentucky Post, June 11, 1941, Page 2:  
Edgar Jones 
     Services for Edgar Jones, 436 Johnson street [sic], Covington, who died Tuesday at his home at 2 p.m. Thursday at the Radel funeral home [sic], Covington.  He was 72.
     He leaves his widow, two sons, four daughters, two sisters, two brothers, 16 grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.
     Burial will be in Linden Grove Cemetery.  

Burial: June 12, 1941, Linden Grove Cemetery
Occupation: Carpenter


Child of EDGAR JONES and UNKNOWN is:

           i.    BENNIE RAY11 JONES, b. May 1895; d. October 27, 1918, France; m. VELMA H. TOWNSLEY; b. September 17, 1900, Bracken County, Kentucky; d. Unknown.


Bennie Ray Jones entered the U.S. Army on March 29, 1918 and sailed for France on June 16, 1918.  He was wounded in action on October 24, 1918 and died three days later.  His body was initially interred in a U.S. Military cemetery in France before being moved back to Bracken County.


                 Burial: September 25, 1921, Johnsonville, Bracken County, Kentucky

Children of EDGAR JONES and LUCY WATSON are:

          ii.    LILLIE MAE11 JONES, b. 1898; m. FRANK GOODPASTER.

         iii.    WILBUR JONES, b. 1900; d. 1903.

         iv.    BERTHA MARIE JONES, b. 1902; m. ARTHUR SCHEITZ.

          v.    SERELDA JANE JONES, b. 1905; m. C.P. DUNCAN.

         vi.    EDGAR CLIFFORD JONES, b. 1907.

        vii.    LEROY JONES, b. 1910; d. 1910.

       viii.    JOSEPH DOUTY JONES, b. March 6, 1911, Covington, Kenton County, Kentucky; d. December 28, 1982, Florence, Boone County, Kentucky; m. FLORA HELEN RABE, March 31, 1937, Blessed Sacrament Church, Ft. Mitchell, Kenton County, Kentucky; b. May 29, 1913, Ft. Mitchell, Kenton County, Kentucky; d. April 2, 1998, Woodspoint Nursing Home, Florence, Boone County, Kentucky.

         ix.    CHARLES FRANKLIN JONES, b. 1913; d. 1952.

          x.    THELMA RUTH JONES, b. 1916; d. 1917.

         xi.    ALBERTA JEAN JONES, b. 1919; m. JESSIE BAKER.


4.  ELMER ALSON10 JONES (DOUTTY UTTER9, TIMOTHY ELLIS8, HENRY7, JOHN ELLIS6, DOUGHTY5, JOHN4, EDWARD3, JOHN2, WILLIAM1) was born April 1, 1879 in Kentucky, and died Abt. 1945.  He married FANNIE BIRDIE JETT.  She was born 1884 in Kentucky, and died April 20, 1964 in Mason County, Kentucky.

Children of ELMER JONES and FANNIE JETT are:

           i.    CALLENA M. JONES11, b. 1907.

          ii.    VAN W. JONES, b. 1911.

         iii.    ADRIAN E. JONES, b. 1914.

         iv.    GEORGE N. JONES, b. 1915.

          v.    EVAN L. JONES, b. 1917.



[1]        Sons of the American Revolution approved applications for Nelson Philip Heizer (March 1954) and William B. Utter (February 3, 1936).

[2]            Bulletin of the Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio, Volume 10, 1952, Cincinnati, Ohio, pp. 249-250.

[3]        History of Clermont County, Ohio, “Distinguished Men”, pp. 191-193.  [This was a copy of the pertinent pages only; complete bibliographic information not available.]

[4]            Pension Papers for Doutty U. Jones, Bradford, Kentucky, #89544.

[5]        Mary Ellen Jones, correspondence via e-mail.

[6]        Dan Hamm, correspondence via e-mail and information previously posted on Rootsweb World Connect (by the Smith-Taylor and Allied Families Association - STAFA)  


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