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Bonnie and Beau's Pendleton County

Atlases and Land Owner Locator Maps

Bracken County 1871 and 1884 Land Owner Maps (in progress) - Contributed by Nikki Nickell

1871 Map 1-Full Size
1871 Map 1-Screen Size
Note: This map is presented upside down (north is on the bottom) to enable reading of owner names.

1884 Map 1-Full Size
1884 Map 1-Screen Size

1884 Atlas Patrons - Contributed by Bonnie Snow

Bracken County 1884 Atlas - Contributed by Bonnie Snow

Place Names in Bracken County

lat 384618N
long. 0840021W
lat 384141N
long. 0840945W
lat 384317N
long. 0840548W
lat 384706N
long. 0840844W
lat 383542N
long. 0840112W
lat 384057N
long. 0840357W
lat 384255N
long. 0840108W
lat 384305N long. 0840618W
lat 384757N
long. 0841247W
lat 383917N
long. 0835753W
lat 384422N
long. 0840317W
lat 384512N
long. 0840854W
lat 384433N
long. 0841330W
lat 383454N
long. 0840924W
lat 383851N
long. 0841208W
lat 383727N
long. 0840802W
lat 383924N
long. 0840644W
Rock Springs
lat 384603N
long. 0840532W
Santa Fe
lat 383416N
long. 0840718W
South Higginsport
lat 384640N
long. 0835800W
lat 383709N
long. 0840041W
Stoney Point
lat 384555N
long. 0835523W
lat 384617N
long. 0840613W
lat 383956N
long. 0840909W
Willow Grove
lat 384718N
long. 0841019W
lat 384358N
long. 0840601W
Walcott Covered Bridge Bee Run
lat 384511N
long. 0835806W
Big Run
lat 384513N
long. 0840717W
Bracken Creek
lat 384640N
long. 0835944W
Butcher Run
lat 393203N
long. 0790056W
Camp Creek
lat 383636N
long. 0840331W
Chalfant Creek
lat 384603N
long. 0840455W
Charley Branch
lat 383518N
long. 0841144W
Coleman Branch
lat 383502N
long. 0840923W
Garrard Branch
lat 383259N
long. 0841232W
Goose Creek
lat 384404N
long. 0840607W
Grovers Creek
lat 384207N
long. 0841045W
Holts Creek
lat 384813N
long. 0841256W
Indian Creek
lat 384604N
long. 0835529W
Kincaid Creek
lat 383935N
long. 0841231W
Lick Run
lat 384758N
long. 0841258W
Licking River
lat 390530N
long. 0843013W
Little Bracken Creek
lat 384615N
long. 0835926W
Little Snag Creek
lat 384703N
long. 0840829W
Little Turtle Creek
lat 384607N
long. 0840122W
Locust Creek
lat 384629N
long. 0840651W
McCarty Creek
lat 384305N
long. 0840623W
Mill Creek
lat: 383449N
lon: 0841243W
North Fork Licking River
lat: 383457N
lon: 0841219W
Opossum Trot Branch
lat: 384218N
lon: 0840608W
Pipe Creek
lat: 383458N
lon: 0840827W
Poe Creek
lat: 384246N
lon: 0840646W
Raccoon Creek
lat: 384510N
lon: 0835735W
Rush Branch
lat: 383418N
lon: 0840912W
Snag Creek
lat: 384726N
lon: 0840942W
Stone Creek
lat: 383725N
lon: 0840340W
Sunny Fork
lat: 384009N
lon: 0835936W
Sunny Fork Locust Creek
lat: 384141N
lon: 0840127W
Turtle Creek
lat: 384607N
lon: 0840205W
Willow Creek Road
lat: 384714N
lon: 0841037W
Wrangling Run
lat: 384559N
lon: 0840410W
Whippoorwill Branch
lat: 383537N
lon: 0835930W
Willow Branch
lat: 383614N
lon: 0840406W
Yellow Willow Creek
lat: 383538N
lon: 0841059W

Bracken County Cemeteries

Asbury Cemetery
latitude: 383956N
longitude: 0840248W
Hillside Cemetery
Town of Augusta
Overlooking Ohio River
Baker Family Cemetery
Hwy 19
3 mi. so of Augusta
Biddle Cemetery
Loc-area northern
latitude: 384406N
longitude: 0841302W
Blackerby Cemetery
Loc-area central
latitude: 384148N
longitude: 0841005W
Cemetery Chapel Cemetery
nr. Oddfellows Cemetery
Coleman Cemetery
Loc-area southern
latitude: 383523N
longitude: 0840855W
Doggett Cemetery
Loc-area southern
latitude: 383603N
longitude: 0841141W
Downard Cemetery
Loc-area central
latitude: 384151N
longitude: 0841224W
Eden Ridge Cemetery
Loc-area northern
latitude: 384505N
longitude: 0841208W
Hamilton Cemetery
Loc-area central
latitude: 383955N
longitude: 0840510W
Hook/Poe Cemetery
Loc-area central
Hook Lane / Dutch Ridge Road
Johnson/Myers Cemetery Parina Road
Maple Grove Cemetery
Meranda Family Graveyard
  nr. Augusta
Neave/Wesley Chapel Cemetery
Oakland Church Cemetery
Oddfellows Cemetery
latitude: 384429N
longitude: 0840956W
Ogden Cemetery
latitude: 383444N
longitude: 0840945W
Showalter Cemetery
latitude: 383626N
longitude: 0841209W

This is by no means a comprehensive list of all Bracken County family burial plots and active cemeteries. Additions to this list are welcome, as are transcriptions of old grave markers, which will be forwarded to the KyGenWeb Tombstone Transcription Project. Thanks!

Old Bracken County Churches

Belmont Church
latitude: 383617N
longitude: 0840710W
map quadrant: Mount Olivet, KY
Bethany Church
latitude: 384310N
longitude: 0841051W
map quadrant: Berlin, KY
Concord Church
latitude: 384311N
longitude: 0840547W
map quadrant: Brooksville, KY
Forest Hills Church
latitude: 384122N
longitude: 0841026W
McKindree Church
latitude: 383559N
longitude: 0840045W
map quadrant: Mount Olivet, KY
Mount Zion Church
latitude: 384352N
longitude: 0840315W
map quadrant: Brooksville, KY
Pilgrim Church
latitude: 384342N
longitude: 0840851W
map quadrant: Berlin, KY
Pleasant Ridge Church
latitude: 384238N
longitude: 0840955W
map quadrant: Berlin, KY
Sharon Church
latitude: 384210N
longitude: 0835931W
map quadrant: Germantown, KY
Triumph Church
latitude: 383841N
longitude: 0840214W
map quadrant: Brooksville, KY
Cemetery Chapel
latitude: 384507N
longitude: 0841254W
map quadrant: Moscow, OH KY
Click here for names and addresses of active churches in Bracken County and vicinity.

If you know the names and locations of other churches, whether active or extinct, please forward them to me so I can add them to this list.

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