Bracken County Photos

Class Photos of Bracken County School Children

The Brooksville Elementary 5th Grade Class
1st Row L - R
Marshall Hamilton, Martha Harrod, Adelene Haley, JoAnn Cummins, Evelyn Disher, Donald Hamilton, Durward King, Lorena Dorn, Marvin Cummins, Wanda Flynn

2nd Row L - R
Ottie Earl Case, Kenneth Cummins, Hope Hamilton, Rosemary Haley, unknown, Wade Dean, Norman Turner (first name questionable), Bob Haley, Virginia Coleman, Blanche Appleman

3rd Row L - R
Edna Curtis (teacher), Helen Honan, Eileen Mains, Corlis Earl Jordan, Adrian Hinson, William Benson, Clark Fraysure, Marcella Mains, Kenneth Mains

The Elementary School at Neave, Bracken County - 1938.
The teachers were: Alma Fields grades 1-4, and Bertha Wagoner grades 5-8.
This school no longer exists.

Church Bible School Class held at the Neave School.

The above three pictures and information were generously submitted by Adelene Mullins.
Thanks Adelene!
Please contact Adelene if you identify the students.


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