A Branch of the Teel Family

(transcribed just as she wrote it in a notebook; all dates and places as she listed them)
Contributed by Patricia Taylor Bader

Great Grandfather David Teel 1st was born in Ireland, died in Bracken County Ky age 65 on his farm at Locust Creek.

Grand Father David Teel 2nd was born in Bracken county near Brooksville Ky June 6, 1833 was married to Lucy Ann Srouff Dec.18, 1855. He died Oct. 11, 1905 on his farm 2 miles east of Whitesville, Ky. On Litchfield Road. Buried in Kate's graveyard East of Whitesville, Ky.

Lucy Ann Sroufe Teel was born at Dover in Mason Co. Ky. March 16, 1835. She died at her home on farm 2 miles East of Whitesville, Ky. Feb 24, 1911 at 75 years 11 mo. 9 days old.

Children born to this union are as follows-
Millard Filmore Teel born Dec. 4, 1856 died Sept. 26, 1858
Markus Adam Teel born March. 26, 1858 died May 14, 1931
Nannie Hellen Teel born Sept. 16, 1861 died 1929
Betty B. Teel born Feb. 2 1864
Amos George Teel born Dec. 14, 1865 in or near Maltoon, Ill died Apr. 22,
David William Teel born Feb. 4, 1868 died Feb. 16, 1868
Jessie Veach Teel born June 2, 1869 died Aug. 4, 1909
Mary Lou Ella Teel born Jan. 19 1872
Lucy Kate Teel born May 18, 1876 died March 28, 1935
Markus A. Teel married Margaret I. Haynes Oct. 16, 1884; no children
Nannie Hellen Teel married to Walter Carpenter and one daughter Sarah was born to this union after his death. She married Louis Fay both were from New York State. Sarah died before her mother.
Batty B. Teel married Cllifford McCollie---no children
Amos George Teel married Elmira Frances Jones (born Apr. 6, 1872) June 9, 1892 and six children were born to this union.
Fannie Barrett born May 2, 1893
David Doubt born Aug. 26, 1896
Olive Annie Dean born May 22, 1901
Nora Nell and Dora Dell (twins) born May 12, 1903
Georgia Helen born Oct. 18, 1909
Fannie Barrett Teel married Archie Otis Taylor on Dec. 24, 1913, and 5 children were born of this union:
Juanita Louise Oct. 10, 1914
Nina Frances Apr. 11, 1916
David Gordon Dec. 2, 1917
Archie Otis, Jr., Mar. 23, 1921
Henry Amos Oct. 15, 1926
Birth Certificate
Fannie Teel
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