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William Jasper Arrowood and family

The young man is George Washington Arrowood, the son of William Jasper Arrowood, Sr. The lady behind George is his sister Sarah, and the other lady is George’s wife, Rosa Fugate. The 3 children are George & Rosa’s children, Melvin, Vincent and baby, Delmar. 

Andy Baker and Betty Amis
Children left to right: Robert Horton Baker; Cora Baker (died, aged 11 years); Andy Baker, Betty Amis,
baby John D Baker (died aged 2 years); and right, Laura Baker (later married Butler Reynolds).
Baker Breckinridge family of Grayson Co Va
Children of H C Breckinridge Baker and his wife, Susan C Stewart.
Left to right .. Wm 'Roscoe' Baker, Jim Baker, Milah (Baker) Crowe, Lydda (Baker) Allen,
Daker Baker, Sr and Olney Baker. H C is s/o Isaac,
who was s/o Elijah (married to Sarah 'Sally' Jones
The 'Baptism' of Charlie Roberts after he had shot and killed George Baker's mule
in a shoot-out in May, 1915  Dawn Comes To The Mountains from Oneida Institute.
 Hugh Baker Family 
Hugh 'Huey' Baker was the son of George W 'Baldy George' Baker, a Clay County, Ky attorney. George W was assassinated and Hugh and his brother, Tom Baker were accused of being
involved in the fued. Tom was assassinated in front of the Clay County Courthouse
B June 18, 1861 on Cow Creek or Wolf Creek, Owsley Co, Ky. Jane is the
d/o Robert 'Black Bob' Baker and Zilphy Sandlin. (Source: Shelby Taylor, Jr now deceased).Jane md Joe 'J J' Jackson. They moved to Gladesville, Va. Jane had a son
named Jim Jackson.
Shared by Shelby Stephens, great granddaughter of Jane Sandlin and 'Black Bob' Baker
 Marg Baker (L) and Hannah Fields Baker
Marg is holding twins, Elva and Ethel Turner; Hannah is holding Marg's son, Letcher.
Hannah is grandmother to the children.
 Nathan Baker Descendants
Left to right ... Roberta Baker; Nora Baker King; Sophia Baker King, Bertie King; and Mattie Baker. Roberta Baker and Mattie Baker are sisters. Nora, Sophia and Bertie King are sisters.
All five ladies are descendants of Nathan Baker, s/o Robert 'Boston Bob' Baker
 Rejoycie 'Joycie' Baker and her four children
 Left to right ... Lucy, Mae, Alsom and Roy Baker. In this picture, she is widow of
William 'Will' Baker; s/o Andrew Jackson and Betty Amis Baker.
Will was killed in a sawmill accident; leaving her with four children.
Sarah 'Sal' Sandlin Baker Bowling Baker and children
Children are by Isaac 'Ike' Bowling. Children standing left to right: Elisha,
Eliza Jane, George and Andy.
Children seated are Doshia, Mary, Hannah and Jim. Sal is the d/o Huriah 'Huey'
and Jincy Colwell Sandlin.
 Front left to right sitting .. Bethel Baker, Margaret Baker.
Back left standing .. William Frost and Dora Baker Frost, his wife.
 Baker Sisters
Bottom left to right ... Susan, Emma and mother,
Mary 'Widow Pol' Gabbard-Baker
(w/o Robert 'Black Bob' Baker) .......
Back left to right ... Mary Alice (md 2nd Rob 'Fox' Baker)
and Margaret 'Marg' (md Charlie Turner).
 Tom Baker and wife ... and 11 of their 12 children
 Front row, left is 'Widow Pol' Gabbard. Back row standing on the left
is Hannah Fields Baker (w/o Daniel Boone Baker; and daughter-in-law
of 'Widow Pol'. Next to Hannah is Pol's daughter, Susan; and next to
Susan is a granddaughter, unidentified. Next is Daniel
 Will and Mary Jane Baker Baker Family of Laurel Fork of Buffalo Creek in Owsley Co, Ky
Left to right standing: Nannie Belle; Mary Jane; Will, Rose and Louise ___
Child in the front of Will is John William (the youngest child).
Left to right front: Andrew, Leroy, Fred, Kenneth and Kelly Baker.
 William 'Bill' Baker and Margaret Allen Baker family
Left to right standing .. Rhoda Baker; Luke Baker; Seif Baker and Keenis Baker.
Left to right seated ... Tom Baker (holding unidentified child); Mother,
Margaret Allen Baker and Bill Baker (holding unidentified child)
 Left to right ... standing .. Nancy Ann Burton Blanton, Mary Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Blanton Howard,
Rebecca Mann Blanton, Dora Little Blanton; Doshia Howard Blanton, Eva Treadway Blanton,
Roberta Blanton Cockrell.
 Baker, Jason Walker Bowling and family
Jason / Jacient Baker, born Dec 11, 1849 on Buffalo Creek, Owsley County to Susan Baker,
d/o John H and Lucinda Amis Baker. Jason was adopted out to his father, Jesse B Bowling,
on Jan 11, 1850 by John H Baker, his grandfather at Nicholasville, Fayette Co, Ky
 Breathitt County Funeral
 Far left is Missionary / nurse, Thelma Johnson from Faith Hill (played music with
Ezekial Gilbert and family). Ezekial 'Zeke' is on the far right.
Children of Greenberry and Martha Baker Burton
Greenberry is the s/o Robin Burton and Mary Jane Deaton of Breathitt County.
Martha is the d/o Robert 'Red Bob' Baker and his wife, Margaret Baker. ______
Left to right .... Virginia 'Ginny' Burton (md to Norman Johnson); Ruth Burton
(md to Harold Miller); Om
 James 'Dutch' Burton and wife, Evoline Deaton and ... all their children except for one.
Breathitt County, Ky
 Roxie Burton and five generations
1 - Standing left to right .. Roxie Ellen (Vitatoe) Burton (md to Kash Burton), her daughter,
Janet (Burton) Bertsch; her daughter, Denise 'Dee' (Bertsch) ---; and seated is
Elizabeth (Skene) Vitatoe - Schneider; and holding Dee's daughter,

Burtons of Breathitt Co Ky
2 - Left to right .. standing .. Nancy 'Nannie' Burton Adams and her sister, Lillie Belle Burton.
Left to right .. front .. Frank Adams (husband of 'Nannie' Burton and Harlan Burton.
William 'Dutch Bill' and Rosa Howard Combs with their children and Bill's mother,
Juda Ann Dobson Combs .... widow of Wayne Combs, Breathitt County, Ky
 Allen 'Tad' Combs and Mary Martin
Standing in the back is Allen 'Tad' Combs. Seated left to right are Mary Martin,
wife of 'Tad' Combs; Judia Ann (Dobson) Combs and her husband, Wayne Combs.
Wayne and Judia are the parents of Allen. Front row left are Roscoe, in the middle (unknown);
and on the right, _______
William Combs and Sophia Barker Combs
Sophia was born ca 1870. She was the d/o Samuel, Sr Barker and Christina Baker,
d/o Boston Bob Baker and Sarah Rogers Baker. William and Sophia met while working
at the Oneida Institute. They lived near Oneida. William Combs died of TB.
 Deaton Family Members
in front of Fred and Pauline Combs Deaton's home on
Burton Fork in Breathitt County
John P Deaton and Ella; and family 
 Lee Deaton Family
 Brandenburg Family
 James 'Cann' Turner and wife, Rachel Herald Turner in the center. A son on each side.
 Left to right: Luther Owen Vitatoe; John Vitatoe and Ellen Marlow Vitatoe;
and Clarence James Vitatoe. John and Clarence are
Larry Burton's great grandfather and grandfather.
Grant and Nancy Baker Gabbard
Shared by Vicki Robinson of Franklin, Ohio
 Gabbard Nancy Baker and family
Shared by Vicki Robinson of Franklin, Ohio
Family gathered outside of Gabbards Store .... location unknown 
 Gary Myrtle and Don
 Theo Hensley; wife, Lucinda Baker Bowling Hensley and dau, Lucy
Second marriage for both Theo and Lucinda.
 Alexander Herald and wife, Charity Mays Herald
 and standing is the son in law, Andy Roberts. Breathitt County, Kentucky
 Alexander 'Coon Man' and Aggie Hall Herald Family
Left to right standing .. Aggie Hall Herald, Alexander 'Coon Man' Herald, Malinda Herald
Left to right in front .. Tommy Herald, Armina Herald and Roger Herald.
Two other sons (not pictured) are buried at the Buck Herald Cemetery.
Sam Watts preached both funerals.
 Constable Jim Herald (Rev) and wife, Lizzie Deaton Herald
Rev Jim and Lizzie Deaton Herald. Standing in the back is Spicie.
Children in front are Floyd, Tommy and Eva Lee.
John Henry 'Uncle Doll' Herald
John Henry was born 1865 (brother of Thomas 'Pap' Herald, Big Ballard Jim Herald)
and married to Jemima Spicer. He is the tall one (with the moustache) in the middle.
 Ned and Linda Hall Herald and family
 Sons to right: Elliott, Jr and Albert. Mack Arthur standing in front ___
Daughters standing back left to right .. Rachel Armine (md a Herald); Polly
(md Elmer Herald). Front left is Sarah Herald (never married);
Mima B (front with arms crossed). Standing in front, ________
 Three Herald Sisters
Left to right: Armine Herald Watts with dau, Lizzie. Polly Herald Cole with dau, Sally;
and Sally Herald Hall with dau, Linda Hall. Armine, Polly and Sally were
d/o 'Pap' Thomas Herald and 'Mother' Malinda Deaton Herald.
 Thomas 'Pap' Herald and family members 
Left to right .. Allen Herald and Will Herald. Seated in front is their father, Thomas 'Pap' Herald.
On his lap is Jemima. She died at the age of 13; and is buried at the Buck Herald Cemetery.
 James 'Dutch' Burton and wife Evoline Deaton and family
Family Picture: Back Row; L-R :1) Orlena Turner- Sandlin; 2)Easter Turner,b. April,1885; md. Lee Deaton; 3)Elizabeth"Lizzy" Turner,b.Sept.,18880;md. Johnnie Herald;
4)Berry Turner,b.Feb.,1888, md. Chaney Stamper; 5) Henry Turner,
 1 -  From Dennis Johnson of Beattyville, KY ... 1st pict: Anderson D. Johnson; America(Merky) Johnson-Blanton and mother & wife of Anderson is Delora Bell GABBARD-Anderson.
From Dennis Johnson of Beattyville, KY 
Martha Baker Burton; and nephew, Zack Gabbard; with Nancy Baker Gabbard.
2 - Martha and Nancy are daughters of 'Red Bob' and Margaret Baker Baker
Zack is the son of Grant and Nancy Baker Gabbard.
 Family on front porch stoop: Lee McIntosh Family (in the hat) . Small boy is David McIntosh;
and the baby in arms is Anna McIntosh.
  From Buffalo, Owsley County, Ky ...
Goldie Morris and two sisters... and a neice.
 Ca 1958 .. James Bryan Murray with granddaughters, Sue Sinex and Claudia Stacy;
and great granddaughter, Terri Bullock (held by Sue). James was the s/o David Reese
and Lucy Margaret (Hensley) Murray.
 Left to right standing ... Sarah Patrick and Ellen Patrick. Left to right seated .. Margaret 'Peggy' Combs and husband, Martin Patrick. They lived on Big Branch in Knott County, KY.
The child in front is Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Patrick. Lizzie was crippled;
 Back row: Butler Reynolds, brother to Malon Reynold's and wife,
Laura Baker, sister to Abner C Baker. __
Middle row: Left, Mother of Butler Reynolds ..
Nancy Moore Reynolds; Right, Betty Amis Baker ..
mother of Laura Baker Reynolds. __ Front row: Left, Baby
 Front seated are Huriah 'Hughey' and second wife, Isabell Couch Sandlin.
Standing are Nance (behind Huey); Rose (middle); and then Ett and Attie Sandlin.
Hughey's first wife was Jinsey Colwell of Perry County.
Huey and Jinsey are parents of Sarah 'Sal' Sandlin
 Daughters of Huey Sandlin ...
Left to right ... Rose, Etta and Attie.
James 'Big Jim' and Sarah Sally Turner Turner
James 'Big Jim' Turner (brother of John 'Tabby' Turner). James was b Feb 25, 1859 - d Feb 11, 1946.
___ James was s/o Samuel 'Saul' and Sarah Herald Turner. Sarah Sally was born 1861; died 1943;
 Children of Charlie and Margaret 'Marge' Baker Turner
 Standing left is Letcher Turner; right is Price Turner. Front is the set of twins,
Ethel and Elva.
 Left to right .. Lucy, Hattie, Minnie Mae, Edna, Dora, Elsie, Nettie, Helen and Helen's grandchild, Ricky.
These are the d/o Robert Turner and Isabelle Deaton Turner of Burton Fork, Breathitt County, KY
 James 'Cann' Turner, Arminda Herald (his wife, d/o Wm 'Buck' and Rachel Turner Herald) ; Beulah Raleigh (granddaughter) and Hazel Turner (daughter) ... James and Arminda had nine children: Elizabeth, Mary, William H, Rachel, Dave R, Grace, Martha, Jenny and H____
 Left to right .. Mammy 'Gracie' Mayes Turner, wife of Daniel Turner. Mose Turner,
s/o David and Gracie Turner; and America Turner Turner, d/o John 'Tabby' and
Sarah Herald Turner.
Shared by Hazel Turner Herald of Jackson, Ky
Back row left to right ___ 1 Etta (Burns) Turner; (w/o Willie Turner);
2 Dora (Turner) Amis; 3 Helen (Turner) Turner;
4 Edna (Turner) Begley __ Second row left to right ..
5 Lucy (Turner) Mayse; 6 Minnie Mae (Turner) Deaton;
Front row left to right .. 7 R
 Sam B Turner and Family
Numbered __ 1 Albert; 2 Willie; 3 Sam B Turner (Father); 4 Sally; 5 Kathryn; 6 Easter;
7 Mandy; 8 America; 9 Margaret (Mother); 10 Mima; 11 John; 12 Nancy; 13 Dan;
14 Hazel; 15 Jesse; 16 Elizabeth; 17 George; 18 Flossie
 Wiley Turner driving a team of horses.
 1 - Mark A Whittacre and Karen Caudell / Mark is s/o Earl and Minnie Whittaker;
Karen is the d/o Arthur and Ethel Caudell
 2 - Tony Whittaker, Marg Baker Turner and Karen Caudell
Shared by Tony Whittaker
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