Front L-R
Joseph & Ruth Wooten Deaton, dau, Malinda (we think).
Back L-R ___________, ___________, Jane Deaton

 Family of Malinda Deaton Raleigh & Sam Raleigh

Back L-R
Joe D, Rutha, Martha Ellen, John D "Dunk", Jesse B

_ Sam Raleigh holding Lizzie. Malinda died April 1905; and infant Billy died around same time.
Both buried at Stidham Cemetery at George'
John Tony "Jackie" Deaton, Jr. and twin bro, Joseph Deaton b. 1846
to John and Malinda Watts Deaton at Crockettsville, KY
Cousins "Neddie" Deaton and John D "Dunk" Raleigh.
Neddie was son of Brant and Sallie Raleigh Deaton.
Dunk was son of Sam and Malinda Deaton Raleigh.
Sam and Sallie were sibs.
?______(girl in door), Lizzie Deaton Raleigh( m. Joe T. Raleigh) w/dau. Lacy,
Sarah Herald Turner (m.Johnny Turner, sis/Sam Herald, Martha Ellen Raleigh Herald( m. Rev. Sigel Herald)
holding to son Wilburn, her sis, Rutha Raleigh Herald (m. sam Herald) holding dau. Malinda w/ son Wilgus
between her and her sis Lizzie Raleigh Herald (m. James "Krip" Herald), Sarah Turner Raleigh
(m. Joe D. Raleigh, bro to Martha, Rutha, & Lizzie, & Jesse) holding son Woodrow w/ dau. Mary Lizzie
standing in front, Jeanette Burton Raleigh (m. Jesse Raleigh) holding son Roscoe.
Pic taken ca. 1920-21. (Wilburn was born 1918).
girl ?____, Mary Lizzie Raleigh (d/o Joe D & Sarah Turner Raleigh), ______(may be Garfield,
son of Joe T & Lizzie Deaton Raleigh), Joe T Raleigh holding dau, Hazel, boy?______, boy?_____,
John Henry Herald (f/o Sam Herald & Sarah Herald TurnTurner) w/grandson Wilgus Herald, Bill Raleigh
& bro Sam Raleigh, Sam's grandson Wilburn Herald in front (son or Sigel & Martha Ellen Raleigh Herald),
Johnny Turner (m. Sarah Herald Turner).
Pic taken ca. 1920-21 maybe at coal camp at Wolf Creek.
John D "Dunk" & bro, Jesse B Raleigh, bro-in-law Sigel S Herald (m Martha Ellen Raleigh),
bro-in-law Sam Herald (m Rutha Raleigh), in back is bro-in-law Jimmy "Krip" Herald (m Lizzie Raleigh and
is nephew to Sigel), uncle Bill Raleigh, Joe D Raleigh
in back (bro to Dunk, Jesse, Martha, Rutha, Lizzie),
Jerry Raleigh (son of Jim Raleigh--bro to Sam & Bill), Henley Mayes( in front), Sam Raleigh--
father of John, Jesse, Joe, Martha, Rutha, Lizzie
Family of Bill and Serilda Turner Raleigh.

Back L-R
boy___?, Joe T. ?, girl____?, boy____?
Front L-R Serilda holding dau, Aggie m Tom Herald, son of Buck & Rachel), boy____?, Bill holding girl_____?
(Help would be appreciated)
Front Alexander McDaniel Herald holding son Kelly (Kella?) , Gemima Deaton Herald.

Back L-R
John McDaniel, ____Spicer, William McDaniel, Edward McDaniel Herald.
Baby boy Pearl died (buried at Buck Herald Cem.). William (W.M. Herald) was father of Odessa.
All of Alex' s boys carried the name McDaniel as middle names. Will could remember his grandpa Dan
coming to visit occasionally. I have found pictures of Dan's relatives but not Dan himself.
Alex and Gemima are buried at Crockettsville, KY
 Family of James & Linda____Raleigh

Front L-R
Armina, James(seated), Cinda(m.____Thomas), Linda

Back L-R
Mary, John, Liz ?, Sam "Tood", ellen, Jerry. James was bro to Sam, Bill, Joe, Rachel, Sallie, Aggie
  Will & Nancy Ann Turner Herald's son "Neddie" and wife Elizabeth Raleigh Herald.
L-R children William, Sam B. ,Kash Elbert and James Ed in Lizzie's arms. 1938
Buck, Elliott "Fud", Rob & Rutha, son Jesse Brownlo in front, Alpha (holding sis Linda's dau, America)
and husband, Joe Herald, Anna Herald Baker holding dau, Sylvia with sons Robert (L) and William (R).
Taken in Breathitt Co. on Middle Fork R. across from Lick Branch.
Not pictured is son Matthew and daus. Rachel, Linda and Burnetta. Arizona died as infant.
Sons Tim, Sigel, Tom, and Rob. Woman is Rob's dau, Burnetta Herald Baker.
Unidentified child is undoubtedly one of Rob's grandson.
Sigel, Tom, and Rob were Baptist ministers. Pic was taken in Campbell Co, KY where Rob and Rutha moved.

Edward "Ned", Arminda Herald Turner, Tom, Sigel, Tim Herald (in front)

Will, Sigel, Tom, and Tim Herald

Aophir, Astor, Odessa, mother Fanny w/ baby Beecher, Flora. Taken Laurel Co. circa 1930-31

Aophir, Flora Herald Amis Pudas, Astor, Fanny, Odessa, Beecher. Estill is missing.
Late 1940s at the mouth of Long's Creek, Breathitt Co.

Woodrow, Bryan, Merritt, Alice, Mary Lizzie, and Edna Raleigh -
children of Joe D & Sarah Raleigh. - Only son John D not shown.

 1935 schoolmates at Crockettsville grade school.

Ada Riley, Odessa Herald (12 yrs. old), Daily Belcher, Ida Riley, Mattie Riley
 Front L-R
Daily Belcher, Mike Duff, Lester York, Edwin McIntosh

Back L-R
Edna McDaniels, Odessa Faye Herald, Jessie Patton, Geneva Duff, Dorothy Baker.

 Back L-R
Aophir Herald (bro.); Bessie Combs; Sam Turner, Jr. (bro to Helen Jackson);
Callie Johnson; Astor Johnson; teacher Odessa holding_______.

Front L-R
Jalia Deaton, Helen Jackson, Bessie Deaton, John Lewis Dair, Georgia Deaton, Beecher Herald (bro.).
Latter 1930s

Back L-R
4. Odessa Faye Herald 11. Burton Herald Middle L-R 12 Daily Belcher

Front L-R (none)
Would love to hear from anyone who can fill in the blanks.

 L-R Granville "Junior", Celia Raleigh Herald & Tim, Rachel. In front, son Dee (in front of Tim)
and baby Mahala (in front of Celia). His bro, Sigel's dau, Rachel Herald in back on porch.
This is Sigel's house on Middle Fork River across from the mouth of Lick Branch. 1940s
 Back L-R
Jenny Turner Griffith, James "Cann" & Arminda Herald Turner,
Grace Turner Stamper, Hazel Turner Herald.

Front L-R
Betty Turner Raleigh, Rachel Turner Deaton, Mary Turner Herald, and Martha Turner.
Sons Will and Dave not shown.
(Golden,you've got a pic of the boys w/ Cann & A.)
Best friends and neighbors, Fanny Reynolds Herald and Mandy Keen Combs,
wife of Nathan "Curly Head" Combs. Mandy lived just across the Middle Fork River
at the mouth of Long's Creek. In the background, the new road that is now Hwy 315.
Circa early 1950s
Beecher and mother Fanny. This is the back (facing the hill) of the
house by the river at the mouth of Long's Creek and the Middle Fork river.
Circa late 1930s

Bertha Boggs Herald (wife of John McDaniel Herald) and sister-in-law Fanny Reynolds Herald
in Jackson Co., KY. Alex and Gemima Herald moved their family there for awhile, perhaps
following her brother Johnny Wells. eventually, all would move back except John.
Pic. circa late 1950s.
Wilburn and Odessa Herald with baby dau. Imogene and Fanny Herald in 1952

 Front L-R
Alpha Herald Herald, Rob & Rutha Turner Herald, Jess B. (front),
Mathew "Arnold" (white shirt), Burnettie Herald Baker, Elliott "Fud"

Back L-R
Rachel Herald Turner, Annie Herald Baker, Buck and Linda Herald Turner (half hidden).
Taken in Campbell Co where Rob moved in late 1940s.
 Back L-R
Roscoe Herald, Burton Herald, Will Herald & wife Nancy Ann Turner Herald,
son, Cash Herald (between them in back), daus Sarah Herald , Ida Herald Spicer.

Front L-R
son Robin Herald, grandson ____________; (son of "Neddie" who was deceased).
Also missing from pic is son James "Krip" Herald.
 Front L-R
Sigel, son Tommy, Martha (strokes left her partly paralyzed and bed-ridden).

Back L-R
Rachel and husband, Reuben Turner; Odessa F and Wilburn Herald.
Dau-in-law Emma Turner Raleigh (2nd w/o John "Dunk"), Sam Raleigh,
daus Rutha Raleigh Herald and Lizzie Raleigh Herald
Malvery Johnson Combs and husband Alfred Combs.
Alfred was the son of Mahala Herald Combs and "Deck" Combs.
Mahala was also the mother of Will's father Alexander McDaniel Herald.
Alfred was Will's uncle.
Circa mid- 1950s.

Flora Herald Amis would re-marry in 1952.
Flora, son W. R., and new husband Francis Pudas. They moved to Duluth, MN.
 Well-loved missionaries at Morris Fork. On a card sent to Wilburn B. Herald overseas during WWII.
 Bachelor party for Estill before his wedding in 1958.

Father Will, brothers-in-law Wilburn Herald (m. Odessa) and Fran Pudas (m. Flora),
Estill, and probably Aophir on the right end of the pole. At Will's home on the hill across
from the mouth of Long's Creek. The flood of 1957 drove Will and Fanny from the river
bank to higher ground.
 Back L-R
Imogene Herald (dau. of Odessa & Wilburn), W.R. Amis (son of Flora and Mitchel Amis), Estill Wayne Herald
(in front of W.R., son of Estill and Betty), Susan Maple Herald and husband, Jimmie Herald
(son of Zelia and Astor Herald) holding Rebecca Flora Herald(dau. of Beecher and Glenna), Will Herald.

Front L-R
Fanny Herald holding grandson William Buster Herald(son of Estill and Betty),
Joy Elaine Herald (dau. of Beecher and Glenna Herald). Estill's son Anthony David not yet born.
Circa 1965-66.

Robin Herald, grand-niece Imogene Herald and wife, Rutha Turner Herald Newport, Ky.
Late 1960s

 Aophir Herald married Hazel Turner, dau. of James "Cann" and Arminda Herald Turner in 1946.
Aophir, Estill, Will, and Beecher Herald. Longs Creek, Breathitt Co. 1940s
Zelia Dugan Herald, son Jimmy Herald, Astor Herald.
Circa 1950, at Will's house at mouth of Long's Creek.
Beecher Herald with two young daughters; Rebecca Flora and Joy Elaine,
Odessa Herald, Fanny and Will Herald, Flora Herald Amis Pudas.
Circa 1965-66.
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