"Humpy Tom" and Polly (Mary?) Johnson Turner were the parents of Rachel Turner Herald;
(wife of "Buck"). Tom b 1812 Polly b 1815 or 16, d 1855

 Elliott & Susan Turner w/ son John D Turner.
Elliott was a son of "Humpy Tom" Turner.
 Pic taken ca 1906.
He d Oct 21, 1920 and she d Apr 22, 1920.
Both are buried at Raleigh Cemetery at head of Wolf Creek, Breathitt Co.
Their children - Sam, William, Joseph, James, Sallie, and Aggie. (Not in birth order)
"Tabby John" & Sarah Herald Turner. Sarah is sis./o " Buck" Herald

 "Buck" b 3/1859 m 2/26/1878, d 9/1934 Rachel b 7/20/1853, d 3/19/1933
They lived on Middle Fork of the Kentucky River across from the mouths of Turner's Creek and Lick Branch.
Both are buried at Buck Herald Cemetery.
They were the parents of:
Arminda Herald Turner( b 6/25/1879, d 3/7/1964),
Elliott (b 3/15/1881, d 1/15/1914), William (b 12/28/1883, d 11/15/1974),
Edward "Ned" ( b 2/19/1885, d 8/22/1963), Sigel (b 11/19/1886, d 12/22/1974),
Thomas T (b 1/2/1889, d 8/18/1973), baby Johnny (b 3/15/1891, d 3/26/1891),
Robin (b 5/8/1892, d 2/13/1976), and Timothy (b 7/18/1897, d 6/11/1984).
All are buried at Buck Herald Cemetery in Breathitt Co., KY
Mahala Herald, sister to William "Buck" Herald, married "Deck" Combs.
Before that, she had son Alexander McDaniel Herald by Dan McDaniel

Wilburn and Burnetta Tompkins Turner.
Wilburn is the son of "Humpy Tom" and the bro/o Rachel Turner Herald
 Elihu and Sallie Ann were the parents of Jeremiah "Jerry" Reynolds;
and paternal grandparents of Fanny Reynolds Herald.
James "Krip" Herald (s/o Will and Nancy Ann Turner Herald) and wife, Lizzie Raleigh Herald 1957
James "Cann" & Arminda Herald Turner at their home on Middle Fork River
near what is now Sebastian's Branch in Breathitt Co.
Martha Ellen Raleigh Herald and Rev Sigel S Herald. Early 1950's,
Grandma had already had one stroke.
Anna Gross Herald and Ned Herald.

Sam Raleigh and second wife Lizzy Combs. Marriage was brief w/ no children.
Apparently, she and his children did not get along so he divorced her.
Pic taken after 1905

 Sammie was brother to John P. Turner. Somewhere on Turner's Creek?
Sarah Turner Raleigh and Joe D Raleigh (s/o Sam & Malinda).
Moved from Breathitt to New Lothrop, MI
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