Michael Reynolds, born 1900 and died 1902,
the only whole sibling of Fanny Reynolds Herald.
Born Oct. 1889 to Alexander McDaniel Herald
and Gemima Deaton Herald at Crockettsville.
Died March 1971, buried at Buck Herald Cemetery.
Rev Rob Herald baptising son, Buck Herald with aid
of son-in-law, Rev Alfred Baker (m. Burnettie).
Grandson, Rudolph Turner (s/o dau, Rachel) is to be next.
1950s Licking River, Campbell Co, KY
Just baptised
Jesse B (son), Rev Rob Herald, Elliott Herald (son),
son-in-law Rev Alfred Baker
Licking River in Campbell Co, KY
My grandmother, Martha Ellen Raleigh Herald
had these unidentified pics. We guessed they
might be Deatons as her mother was
Malinda Deaton. Help?
My grandmother, Martha Ellen Raleigh Herald
had these unidentified pics. We guessed they
might be Deatons as her mother was
Malinda Deaton. Help?
 My grandmother, Martha Ellen Raleigh Herald
had these unidentified pics. We guessed they
might be Deatons as her mother was
Malinda Deaton. Help?


 Back L-R
Jerry (Jr.), Hugh, Robert Reynolds.

Front L-R
Martha Turner, Lizzie Johnson, Fanny Herald,
Ethel Brown. All except Fanny are by 4th wife,
Lula Deaton. Fanny was by 2nd wife Cordia Lewis.
Back L-R
Astor, Flora, Estill. Front L-R Odessa
and Aophir. Beecher not yet born
Aophir (at edge), Odessa Faye, Beecher, and Fanny. 1937, Long's Creek, Breathitt Co.


 Jerry was born Dec. 1862 in Owsley Co., KY and died Sept. 1918 (buried on Cow Creek). He was father of Fanny Reynolds Herald.  Bill, son of Elihu and Sallie Ann Wilson Reynolds,
was brother to Jerry
 Johnny never took the name Deaton although
Breathitt Co. marriage records erroneously listed
him as Deaton. I think he did not get along with
his father Jackie. At one point census records
list sister Gemima in Jackie's household and
Johnny in someone else house as help. His family
would move to Jackson Co. (or Laurel).
Daughter Ona Wells Turner (m1 Sam Turner)
remained at Crockettsville.
 Husband of Gemima Deaton (married circa 1885?). Born April 1868,
s/o Mahala Herald and Daniel McDaniel.
 Gemima was born 1864 or 1865 near Crockettsville
to Polly Wells and Jackie Deaton.
Polly raised her and twin Johnny until about the
age of 9 when Jackie took them.
I'm not sure when Gemima took the name of Deaton
but brother Johnny always went by the name Wells.
Polly is said to have walked back to relatives in Virginia after that.
Merrit Raleigh and John D "Dunk" Raleigh.
They met as penpals during WWI.
He visited her in Michigan and they married.
Had one dau, Dixie before Merrit died of flu.
Dunk went back to Breathitt Co for 2nd wife,
Emma Turner.
Jeanette Burton Raleigh & Jesse B Raleigh
holding baby Roscoe.
Jesse was son of Sam & Malinda
Bros-in-law, Sam Herald (m Rutha Raleigh)
and Joe D Raleigh (son of Sam & Malinda)
Woodrow, father Joe D & John D Raleigh
 Joe D Raleigh - oldest son of Sam and
Malinda Deaton Raleigh
John D "Dunk" Raleigh,
son of Sam and Malinda Deaton Raleigh.
Lied about his age to enlist in WWI
Rachel, Sigel, Tommy and Martha Ellen Raleigh Herald. Son, Wilburn was serving in WWII.
Home on Middle Fork River across
from Lick Branch
 Ned and Annie had no children of their own;
but largely raised his sister, Arminda's dau,
Martha Turner. 1940s
 Son of John and Elizabeth Turner Raleigh.
Married Malinda Deaton in 1891
Jane Deaton helped raise sister,
Malinda's children after she died in 1905.
Here is nephew Jesse B Raleigh.


Emma Lewis Davidson (dau. of John B. Lewis) &
niece Fanny Reynolds (b. July 1897 Canoe, KY),
d/o Cordia Lewis Reynolds (m2) and Jeremiah Reynolds. Fanny married William McDaniel Herald Sept. 1915
A. J. Baker and John B. Lewis, father of Emma
and Cordia Lewis and grand-father of
Fanny Reynolds, mother of Odessa Herald.
 Back L-R
Elihu and Millard Reynolds (mother was ?)

Front L-R
Fanny Reynolds (mother Cordia Lewis) and father,
Jerry Reynolds and wife (m4) Lula Deaton Reynolds
Aophir, Fanny, Astor, Will (W.M.), Beecher,
Flora, Odessa, and Estill with Jimmy (s/o Astor).
At the mouth of Longs Creek, Breathitt Co.
circa mid-1940s.
Aophir and wife Hazel Turner Herald, Zelia Dugan Herald (wife of Astor), Will and Fanny,
Astor (in back), Flora Herald Amis, Odessa and husband Wilburn B. Herald, Beecher, Estill.
Astor and Zelia's son Jimmy Herald in front.
1946 or later. At Longs  Creek in Breathitt Co
L-R Back
Astor. Aophir, Will,
son-in-law Wilburn B. Herald, Estill, Beecher.

Front L-R
Jimmy Herald (son of Astor) and
William Robert (W.R.) Amis
(son of Flora Herald Amis and Mitchel Amis).
Circa 1946-47 at the mouth of Long's Creek
in Breathitt Co

Dau.-in-law Hazel Turner Herald
(dau. of James "Cann" & Arminda Herald Turner,
m. Aophir), Odessa Faye Herald,
Zelia Dugan Herald (m. Astor), Flora Herald Amis. Circa Oct. 1947
(Wilburn and Odessa's 1st anniversary).
Fanny Herald, grandson William Robert (W.R.) Amis (son of Flora Herald Amis and Mitchel Amis)
and Fido, Beecher Herald. Barn by the river at the mouth of Long's Creek. Mid-late 1940s.
William McDaniel Herald, grandson,
William Robert Amis, Fanny Herald. Late 1940s.
 Odessa attending U.K. circa mid -1940s Dau. Flora married Mitchel Amis
(son of Robert and Martha Amis) in 1939.
Pic may be in Hamilton, OH. Circa 1942-43
 Flora Herald Amis with son, William Robert Amis 1940 in Breathitt Co.
 Mitchel married Flora Herald in 1939.
Son William Robert was born in 1940.
Mitchel was killed in 1944 in WWII and is
buried at Rose Hill cemetery in Hamilton, OH
Brothers-in-law Wilburn B. Herald
(M. Odessa Faye Herald) and Aophir Herald
(bro. to Odessa) went to Flint, MI to work
for GM. Wilburn was working to pay off the
farm he and Odessa bought in Breathitt Co.
They stayed with Wilburn's uncles (Raleighs)
Fanny Herald with son Aophir Herald and wife,
Hazel Turner Herald in Hamilton, Ohio.
Grandson W.R. Amis (son of Flora) in front.
Late 1940s-early 1950s.
Wilburn B. Herald married Odessa Faye Herald
in 1946 at Odessa's home at the mouth of
Long's Creek. Wilburn's father,
Rev. Sigel Herald officiated.
 Estill was the last to marry in 1958.
Wife Betty Begley Herald holds second son,
William Buster while first son Estill Wayne stands
in front of Estill. Third son Anthony David would
be born later. 1965
 Beecher would marry Glenna Anderson Turner
from Canoe, KY in 1950.
Son Astor Herald studied law at U.K. circa 1930s.   1935 schoolmates at Crockettsville grade school.
L-R Ada Riley, Odessa Herald (12 yrs. old),
Daily Belcher, Ida Riley, Mattie Riley.
Odessa Faye Herald and Mahala Morris
1941 Buckhorn High grads.

 Son Woodrow Combs. Mother was Lilly Belle Combs.
Woodrow married Dora Deaton, dau. of Lewis Deaton.
John and Martha's son Reuben would marry Rachel,
the dau. of Rev. Sigel Herald and Martha Raleigh Herald
Sons of Elliott and Polly Combs Herald - Ned and Will Herald. Elliott died in 1914
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