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 John Baker and
Elizabeth Terrell
 Richard Bauguess and
Nancy McCarty
 Jesse Bowling and
Mary Elizabeth Pennington
 Edward Callahan and
Mahala Brock
Jerry 'Chunky Jerry' Combs and Cynthia Sumner 
 William Jesse Cornett and Mary Everage  John Deaton and
Isabella Spencer
 John Gabbard and
Agnes Boger
 Alexander Herald and Elizabeth Turner  Thomas Hornsby and
Elizabeth Rogers
 Newton Jett and
Elizabeth Cloud
Samuel Johnson and
Sarah Pennington
 Allen Moore and
Margaret Lewis
 John Moore and
Elizabeth Rice
John Haton Morris and Elizabeth Ramey 
 George Washington Noble
and Phoebe Campbell
 Robert Reynolds and
Agnes Hall
John 'Gransir' Riley and Elizabeth Williams  Patrick Riley and
Nancy English
Stephen Sebastian and ? 
 Joseph Spicer and
Margaret Sullivan
Roger Turner and
Elizabeth Bryan
George Washington Watts
and Emaline Noble
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