"This record of the families of Morris Fork, is a result of my great love for all my Kentucky folks. I have attempted to answer a question asked of me as a child on Morris Fork by visiting adults. They never ask my name but instead asked, "Who's boy are you?"

After learning my father and mother's name and maybe all of my grandparents names, they would
then ask my name and say, "Yeah, I know you. Howdy."

Our families lives and times have changed more and more and faster in recent generations than they have since the beginning of recorded history. The knowledge of our rich Kentucky heritage is being lost and forgotten as we move to
all parts of the country. Our people have lived in Eastern Kentucky for nearly two hundred years but I have first cousins, whose parents were raised on Morris Fork, that have never been to Breathitt County. ...................... preface of
Morris Fork, Kentucky by Leon Morris.

Sadly, Leon passed away a few years ago. How I miss my dear friend, cousin; and fellow researcher.

 You cannot think of Breathitt County without thinking of Morris Fork, Kentucky. Morris Fork is like a small
hidden treasure! It has always been and continues to be today a tightly knit community....... and you cannot think of
Morris Fork, Kentucky without thinking of the book, Morris Fork, Kentucky by Leon Morris.

Leon and I have been friends for a few years; (and cousins for much longer....:-). It was only when I came across
the book and started asking my mother questions that she told me that she had gone to school with Leon's mother.
She also told me of an occasion when I was a toddler that Leon's grandfather had come to my rescue. Small world!!

To one of my 'favorite' cousins; and a dear friend .... I dedicate these few pages to you!! Leon, I love you!

**note .... most of the information in the book, Morris Fork, Kentucky has been entered into my
Stamper Family Project database. I will be working on these pages periodically making genelogy reports for each
household name. If you would like to submit family information or pictures for the site, they are so welcomed.
Everyone loves looking at the pictures. They contain such memories!! Check back often...
any questions, feel free to email me directly.

Golden Combs Ferguson .. golden_ferguson@msn.com

Morris Fork Households Circa 1950

Elijah 'Lige' Stamper md Amanda Amis

Enoch Stamper md Cindy Allen

Harlan Stamper md Ollie Johnson

Hobert Stamper md Oma Spicer

Jackson Stamper md Alice Turner

William 'Willie' Turner md Jane Riley

James Cornett md Lily Deaton

Edward Riley md Tressie Baker

Robert 'Rob' Riley md Lula Helton

Sam VanderMeer md Nola Pease

Joel Turner

Mary Barger, widow of Robert 'Bud' Thompson

Price Turner md Hester Collins

Ervin Morris md Mary Sandlin

George Riley md Martha Baker

Lee Morris md Armine Begley

Amerida Morris md Mary Jackson

John Smith md Claire Morris

Roy Sandlin md Alphe Smith

Robert 'Rob' Sandlin md Lula Riley

Richard Riley md Amanda Thompson

Betsy Smith (widow of Ed Sandlin) md Leonard Smith

Steve Turner md Pearl Morris

John Morris md Nan Sizemore

Hobert Morris md Lilly Ingram

Jefferson 'Jeff' Morris md Mary Beard

Susan Brock (widow of William Morris) md Charlie Deaton

Jerry Sandlin md Amanda Riley

Washington Miller md Betty Riley

Edward 'Ned' Johnson and Jess Riley

Greenberry Baker md Myrtle Rice

Hargas Baker md Lottie Barrett

Ray Morris md Ella Sandlin

Charles Turner md Margaret 'Marg' Baker

Letcher Turner md Minnie Gabbard

Harvey Smith md Letha Mosley

Arch Smith md Doshia Bowling

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